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Tots to Teens

Sandy Puc

Tots to Teens

Sandy Puc

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1 Who Am I? Duration:25:44
2 Your Journey Duration:13:10
4 Social Media Marketing Duration:39:44
5 Creating a Working Calendar Duration:13:22
6 Displays & Referral Programs Duration:32:11
8 More Marketing Ideas Duration:40:04
9 Limited Editions Duration:30:52
10 Video Fusion Duration:59:37
11 Working with Kids Duration:27:05
12 Ages and Stages Duration:53:59
13 Tools and Techniques Duration:34:54
14 Common Challenges Duration:25:41
16 Morning Q&A Duration:05:04
17 Shooting Introduction Duration:14:24
18 Shoot: Paige Duration:33:44
19 Shoot: Trevor Duration:26:51
20 Shoot: Katelyn Duration:29:45
21 Shoot: Sasha Duration:34:05
22 Senior Marketing Duration:36:23
23 Happiness and You Duration:16:00
24 Happiness and Health Duration:15:31
25 Finding Yourself Duration:14:02
26 Shoot: Young Siblings Duration:36:33
28 Shoot: 13 Month Old Twins Duration:20:00
30 Locations and Session Fee Duration:08:53
31 Equipment Duration:53:52
32 Posing Theory Duration:10:07
33 Sales Duration:32:56
34 Credit Structure and Pricing Duration:13:38
35 Giving Back Duration:07:22

Class Description

Sandy Puc' returns to creativeLIVE for her Tots to Teens workshop! Sandy covers all aspects of creating a successful photography plan that spans from the young toddler years to the early teens. She shares her creative marketing ideas and practical business sense to attract and keep happy clients, and you'll learn how to create repeat customers—and stable income—by continually bringing clients back to update their child's portraits as they grow.



Sandy Puc, I have attended a few of your events, in person and now on Creative Live. You never fail to deliver the gift of sharing your expertise and more. I am always amazed at how you have juggled a large family, your photography business with the university added, the teaching events that you do & the genuine donation of your love and time that you give with your foundation, NILMDTS among other things. You're an impressive & inspirational lady. Each time I see you, you refuel me, as this economy has been trying. Thank you. I bought the 3 day workshop, because it is a little hard to sit for 3 days straight without life and business distractions. I will watch again, and reference back as needed. I also bought your display kit for doctor offices/hospitals & malls. Thank you again for your amazing workshop and all that you so unselfishly give of yourself. Diana Brown Photography


This is by far the best photography class I have ever taken! Sandy does an amazing job at what she does!

Christine David

This is an absolute must have course for anyone who works with children. Watching Sandy work her magic is worth the cost alone. Fabulous workshop Sandy! Christine David Photography