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Posing Theory

opposing theory I think I show this today I mean helen is an extreme planner it's a list it's a plan and it set out I am not but I am opposing theory planner when I walk in we talked about crocodile yesterday I shoot wide tighter tighter horizontal tighter tighter tight and I will always do that just always remember this it's always that crocodile mouth because we're going to close in and then he saw today with a thirteen month old another thing is if we're doing multiples we do the two of them together and then we take one out closer closer closer and we move in when we put the other one and we start close and go backwards so that we're not going you know we're not resetting the equipment so there is something to be said about efficiency as well our goal is to create multiple poses without moving the subjects that's the most important thing the reason we are a sufficient as we are is when I put children and oppose I actually changed the camera position so much that I don't have to mov...

e them and yet every shot will look very different this is full body wide with the background full body close move the camera up move the camera up head up the ladder and without moving the subjects they look dynamically completely different and I don't have to the more you move children the more closer you are to them falling apart every movement everybody turned and squish in squeeze that you do is just it's adding to your time it's taking time off of your clock so be careful now there are all kinds of poses we have the traditional standing poses there's the male and female and I'm not sure if I put the seat curve and the s curve in here so we can kind of talk aboutthe body here um in photography there is the s curve and the seeker so for a female the s curve obviously this is the last thing you want to do to a chick I mean wide hips wide by nothing really attractive going on here so we know the rule of this where our main light tummy away knows towards but the body dynamics a really important the s curve comes from changing the body here and changing the body here so when I do this you can see that there is an s in my body so this is the female version there's lots of things that we can do but we're keeping that feminine till now one of the things with women the way I try to remember is that front shoulder drops down for a male it's the sea curve so with a guy it's leaning in this way so you're getting a dominant shoulder so their chin is going back towards the higher shoulder and it gives them a stronger so you can see the difference between that and this that secret is important and I struggle with that for a long time so seeker of an s curve or something that you're gonna want to search and make sure that you understand because that body mechanics works in every pose I could grab all five of you get you up here we look if we had more time and we could do an awesome dynamic feminine and masculine imposed their now way also have the poses the floor poses the boy and the girl there when I should probably have thrown in the chair poses as well there's standing pose is sitting poses and um you know what I'm still somebody share for a minute and I will atleast this one's too high to show you what I want so thank you melissa okay so what we're talking and this will be the part three when I come back for family photography only I refused to do that until we can shoot outside because I would want to do like you know like family location work because that's really studio work squeezing people in would be a little bit complicated so when building family dynamics if we're using the elements of esque urban seeker there is a formal seating pose for women and for men with a female remember body away uh bunny way knows towards so let's say our main lights over here so for a female I would say you're going to sit down on your hip so all your weight goes down on the hip legs to the side so our body our chess is going away from the main light and then of course we're turning back in so we're creating shadow across the body therefore making her thinner so this is the formal female pose the male version you taking my picture one more time ready get it all right I'll do it for you later how's that now the guy version when sited seated on a chair uh what you're going to do is it's still the c version but what happens with the legs as opposed to this which is very feminine never at the camera so we're turning away but need is up the toe closest to the camera's up the second leg because what happens if I do this is now I've got this cut off field my body looks very short correct it looks like especially from a low camera angle it's gonna look like I have nobody so this leg drops down and what that does is create a very strong masculine lien does that make sense I'm leaning into the higher shoulder with the female person here a turkey with a female version I'm leaning I'm turning into the lower shoulder so remember those shoulders now I'm going to make you since you're taking pictures come on in here I need a guy so you're gonna be the guy post you this's our token guy by the way we forgot his token guy t shirt but you're gonna actually hit the floor you saw the supposed today so he's done and got it the biggest thing is making sure his center section swing your knee we never want to chop parts ofthe aim towards the camera fingers don't go towards camera toes elbows nothing ever goes towards the camera so his need turn back out so your knees towards the camera this is an amputation we don't do that so this needs to swing this way he's got it a little bit more there you go slide that out you just like that out so uh fist we don't have droopy hands for guys so but they don't also they also want a locked fish so we fish take your locked fish home locked this so it's a closed fist and then a relaxed this we just say just relaxing a little bit nice and tall through the back so this is a traditional guy pose and he's even got his fingers away from the camera fingers don't go to turn them into the camera to see what happens it's called foreshortening what it does is it looks like his hands or amputate his fingers are amputated so away it feels uncomfortable so this is a guy pose but I'm gonna come in we're about to be a couple here and if I go into the female vs hi honey tell the kids it's nothing personal so if I come in I'm going to do the female version which we call this the little mermaid pose so of course just so you know it's a leg issue the top leg goes over the lower a leg knees never go towards the camera needs go away so legs out and my hip hurts unfortunately so this is a little harder for me but hand down and then of course I have lots of options here as a nice and tall sweetie and let's say here's not now I'm getting in a family portrait so I'm kind of blown it here but last thing I'll say about this and then we'll go to break is if I have a female with a longer torso then what I will do is I will drop her down here so dad dad always wants to be the more dominant but this works with siblings too um if there's older boy he needs to be the stronger more dominant so I will drop him down as well so is that cool so that's the boy boy and girl version you're good thank you the boy and girl version standing sitting and floor poses and you can take your chair back my dear sorry um for posing and as I said I would seriously love someday to do a family workshop to bring little kids and big kids and kind of what we did today and those I want you to study the heck out of them because they will become very prominent I'm gonna finish up here portrait styles we have classic traditional formal which is I did a lot of that today which is not the norm and it really was bothering me but there are some limitations here relationships a lot of that is the black and white the cuddling the tight the depth candid is what we didn't see a lot of which is movement laughter playing tickling I tried to throw in a bit but again time takes that away I my brain blocks down and to just get her done kind of a thing and then of course storybook would be more the theme of portrait's limited editions and things that we script out and they're a little more expansive posing rules a couple that with children you should know criss cross applesauce I did that a lot today that's actually against the rules because you're cutting off the knees but children especially six and under little boys you know across leg like this adorable and you could get away with it little girls that feminine girl pose you saw read it around three years old they can handle it under two it's wherever their legs go try to turn them away from the camera but there is no little girl post for a two year old you can do ah masculine pose on a girl you can get away with a tough girl but you really can't do the c curve on a guy it's not something that they would be comfortable with and that's uh yeah I mean the s curve thank you can do the seeker of try to avoid the s curve whenever possible and I have photographs some guys that it's very natural to be into a nascar but if I see that body movement and I know it's a little bit more about who they are then I can work with that too but that's uh personality type and you just kind of work around that too all shoot both if I feel like I need to horizontal lines where do they really go there is a rule in photography the only rule is they should never intersect the neck and head she shouldn't have things going through the neck and head however they could land anywhere else if you want to eliminate them you go up if you want to eliminate them you go way way down so but if you're going tohave a horizon and I purposely put the next light as one going through the heads do you have kind of an idea what I'm talking about but there's not a rule the best way to lesson them is to throw them out of focus to use your aperture and focus control to like this make it disappear but there are times we want a strong line and you want it to be out so in this case here's the blue couch and the infamous blue couch and you could see the line of the couch is going directly through their head but in this case it falls into the background and it's so it's not like it's an arrow through the head and in this case it works but for the most part the only image I could find with you know where I'm kind of breaking the rules here so it's not too bad but on the other side if there's a street or mountains or something that's like literally coming through your neck or head it's becomes it creates a dynamic that does not work for the images

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Sandy Puc' returns to creativeLIVE for her Tots to Teens workshop! Sandy covers all aspects of creating a successful photography plan that spans from the young toddler years to the early teens. She shares her creative marketing ideas and practical business sense to attract and keep happy clients, and you'll learn how to create repeat customers—and stable income—by continually bringing clients back to update their child's portraits as they grow.