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Shoot: Teenagers with a Young Sibling

devon dylan and owen owen do you like having your picture taken yes hey do you like candy yeah okay the first thing I'm noticing right away is the girls have hair band so we're gonna lose those and owen has uh bracelet on he has like a little piece of street you want to keep that on normally would be up to mom but it's tied on and we don't mind keeping it on ninety nine percent of time they'll remove them but if it's something really special don't try to take it off if it's he's ok he could leave it on he wants it so that's okay we're not taking it off you know what we're gonna do we're gonna get to candy's or three or four how many do you like one hundred perfect you will get a tummy ache and that would be terrible if you want to tell me no way too maybe three if you're really good but you have to be really good to get three so we'll try that okay so let's go through the names six okay sixes maybe a possible you'd have to be all six because your six that makes sense well you have to b...

e really good to get six how many should the girls get six to are they six to their big for six oh you don't want them to have a cz many as they are old she's eighteen on I'm sorry one more time names again devin dylan is dylan ok and devin dylan and owen got it alright so devon dylan owen come on out here first way we're setting up over here too yeah absolute well let's go with something lighter way have a lot of past ellie things which I might not normally chose choose for owen but way higher limited here so devon come on over here we're gonna have you stand she's tell me away knows towards the light so you're tommy goes this way nose back this way dylan you're gonna come on over here and you're gonna come in here and you're gonna be more like this so just kind of lean in and oh and my awesome dude you're gonna kind of come right in the middle so what we're showing here is what we don't want we have a huge separation here but go ahead and hold your arms if I were doing a session go ahead and hold your arms my dear little sass nice and tall you're gonna pop the front leg you're gonna pop the front legs which good tall backs posture is important and you gonna kind of twist your shoulder not your body so your hip stay that way twister shoulder that way and twist your shoulders only that way and you thumbs in your pockets dude now even though I know this is not going to sell us a wall portrait I'm gonna do it for variety because we're very limited with these head sizes with the body sizes I should say in order to bring them together we're gonna get that one here out of your eye can and I'm gonna touch your hair is that okay good girl right there stay right there man so makes everybody has a little lights I gotta check that kicker light to make sure it's not too hot turn off the strobes so like I said if I was just breaking the ice this is the kind of shot I would do because I know it's not gonna be you know anything that okay we're pretty good just got a little kick your madness there and I think I'm gonna shut off the background light I know this is not gonna be a wall portrait but it might be a nalbandian shot and more than anything it might just be an icebreaker to get everybody to see where everybody's gonna go we'll talk push those figures out a little bit more I want to see those awesome no polish that you guys did that so cool hide those fingers push those figures up and out a little bit more oh and keep being awesome ready look right here everybody look right here and say way love us ah good job beautiful like right here and say way candy good job one more look right here and they were are a good job that's awesome okay so simply we have a nice shot but if I were to crop it any tighter I'd lose everybody now we're gonna start more olding everybody together so dill dylan correct our devan dylan and owen devon you're going to go down like this facing your knees that way so you need a little close for your brother you just like that turn indian and when you're gonna come right in front of your sister so take that me and pointed out that way way back in good now you my dear keep your knees together you're gonna come right in here I got to see how tall that makes you cause that's even a little short on me good now leading up you can stamp on your feet though this one hurt come down you can crash all the way down so you're sitting on your legs just like that but scooch in you've got it all right but you're gonna come over here now set up real tall or somehow you got the hardest part you to set up a super tall and lean in you put your hand on his waist and he could just kind of grabby there and let's see how tall does that make you cause you're almost a little too low very nice good stay right in there go up on your knees instead and you go up tall so go all the way down on your knees you had it right the first time I see your smart on what you want to dio is hand here wrap around your shoulders out a little bit more and heads together so your chins way want your nose is all in the same row here there you go stay tall you got it so lead you're gonna lean this way to make it happen good listening gosh that's perfect and you buddy because you're tough go like this some attitude yeah okay girls nice and tall it's all about the girls so lean in real type you want your noses to go towards the lights were pretty light in your eyes that makes you look so gorgeous and model like one looked this way but I mean in a good stay nice and tall alright oh that's beautiful so now see we're bringing them together a little bit more uh let's see dylan turn your nose that way a little bit more good eyes here seven lean in a little bit more let's do and lean forward a whole lot more there you go and oh and let's do no smile so everybody relax good head in just a little bit more or devon lean in and forward a little bit more eyes here ice here and owen just real action of spree this is right there beautiful nobody move look right here and say yes good now we can it's a creepy smile now let a little smile out just say yes lean into your brother good job little closer look right here and say candy now big smiles like right here and you're crazy if you go now I gotta get up above because I'm shooting straight on I want to show you the difference between a ladder and not on a letter I would never shoot the shot not on a ladder because what I'm looking for dynamically are those big eyes and you have beautiful eyes so real tall again girls lean forward noses towards the light heads toward your brother good listening so look at the difference between that shot and difference up on a ladder heads together no smiles beautiful now just look at those two together what that does to the structure of the face how much less let's see if we can get them up together you see what that does all of the sudden owen is not small in the shot he looks like he's proportionate to the girls ok nice and tall lean together heads together that's beautiful no smiles eyes here look great appear mr I'm good now look right here a little smile say hey lady you got a big smile ready and I wouldn't bring your head back down you can fold your arms again don't pull your head back like that bring your nose down sexy you're good at your beautiful eyes there it is look right here and I want smiles like right here and say you wear diapers do you know that because I don't really wear diapers now girls real tall close your mouth and just tilt your head into your brother and lean forward so your way out where their culture has no close your eyes turn your nose in toward your brother okay keep your eyes closed hang on we're gonna go for a little work and stay right there ice close owen no smile right there good job buddy that lighting looks like one more oh and little smile say hey god that's beautiful one more lick right here and say no way there you go good job okay now let's get you guys down on your tummies right where you are straight down on your tummies this is the second version of how I would eliminate the head problem had the body size problem this's the perfect shot because it does the exact same thing it's going to bring them all into proportion with each other so that owen won't look so small and I'm kind of doing all the poses over here so we're probably gonna repeat some of them over there but I do like a speed shot version or something just to give mom a little right actually I'll do the tummy the laying down shot over there since we didn't get to do it with the little ones even though they're older it still applies so I'll finish one shot here and then we'll switch over okay fold your arms hands are important girls you did this before but one hand up we want fingers and the other one down you got it oh and actually scoot back just a little bit right there doesn't it got right there and owens get back a tiny bit girls your job real tall head keep your arms in there your heads toward your brother so your back a little far step forward and give your shirt to talk if that's okay just give it a tug on the back you got it and let's see um devon took your hand in a little further oh and by the way this's a trick if you can't remember names but you remember them but you don't remember who's who I was put my head behind the camera and call somebody's name out and that way whoever goes ok I'll move you're like oh yeah that's right so so now I have it but I just wanted to make sure people knew that when I forget names all say somebody's name and wait for somebody to move and then I know who it is but I don't know you all are devono wanna dylan right got it just got it no all right right there now oh instead of a little taller and scoop back that's where I want just a tiny bit right there good now girls lean your bodies in towards him and let's see devin turn your nose a little bit this way and dylan turned you knows quite a bit that way there it is right there and chin down a little bit I wanted to look too much like a barbie doll get all right you guys pull that ladder back just a tiny bit on I'm getting that yellow tape is and shut don't move you're so perfect sorry sorry sorry sorry not that one that one yet because we're tied out there get exposure okay hold on I gotta make some changes here with my exposure because we're all across the board alright let me check the lights okay owen put feet down that's much better okay eyes right here and dev knows towards the light a little bit dylan oates was light there you go everybody look out here no smiles for the first one and devon scoot in a little bit more you almost put your arm behind your brother let more that there you go that's better and dealing to the same thing we are behind you brother that's gonna change it up quite a bit good noses down heads in toward your brother you're doing great listening by the way eyes here beautiful everybody look right here and quietly say no way good now in a little bit of happiness that look right here and say you're awesome now move forward just a time it's day their own right there dylan actually you're fine devon move forward a tiny bit good tall backs again oh and get up tall girls leaning towards him and I want great smiles like right here and say mommy's monkey they go good job and look right here and say so are you good that's awesome I am not ok real quickly since I wanted individual so that I could do a panel or something girls just roll out wednesday right there this is gonna be a super quick we're going to a whole lot here all right but he looked right here feet down like right here and said here lady good and one more like right here and say I want candy good and look right here you got a smile's where's my tickler I might have to tickle this guy are you ticklish oh no you're gonna get it look right here and say can't get me okay see he's locking his lips down so I used this thing I can keep his smile going ready you know this is right you better say were are and scare me away hey there that's the difference right there okay roll out all right sis you roll in but you're gonna go on your tummy and your legs are going out this way if you watch what I'm doing if I were to create a composite I would want one coming in from the left one coming in from the right and one in the center so when your legs straight out all the way out criss cross your arms good you got it my dear we're just keeping it basic here fluff your hair sorry perfectionist here and knows towards white gore just let's do just a little soft smile a little bit of happiness right there and now radiate joy think beauty right there good real tall if I had to look right here and say I'm gorgeous good girl got it okay rollout sister going on in your feet go the opposite way always think composition if we're gonna frame this there you go all the way on your tummy flat there you go fingertips up weaken define this and touch that hand in that's keep going back that was good fingers out on that side on the other hand tuck it in you get nice and tall and just pull your shirt down a little bit there you go you can have it thank you my dear okay right their nose down got one hair hanging down on your neck cool it's not a necklace you're wearing a necklace right kind of see if you can center it a little bit sorry and I would have if I had an assistant that would be there joe you definitely have a necklace it's gonna fall off the wrong way so I'm wondering yeah just put it all the way around will be a choker right now they because it'll be less obvious if it's not hanging off the wrong like they're you know they're you know the drill okay you got the fingers down nice and tall shirt looks good can you do it good now slide back that way hair now keep in mind member we always said tummy away knows towards the light in this case we have to break the rules because we're looking for a composition for a folio our frame beautiful little soft touch those fingers the back fingers in a little tighter good there's one good no smile nose down beautiful and I'll just tighten it up a little bit right there good relax your regular over there that's okay that's okay chin down a little bit more good real serious that was it now look right here and say I'm gorgeous you are beautiful chin down a little bit more you doing a great job that's what I was looking for you are done my dear coming up out of there we're gonna go thanks were switched to this side so we're gonna go back to photogenic alright where's the uh where's the green couch close fires a gun let's just throw that in there for a few shots so this is like not posing I just want them to be young and just plop on the couch and get cuddly this is actually closer to what I would normally be shooting in my studio is just just casual fun scooted up we have a very short floor you know what's great about this is this is the average studio sides most people have to deal with you know six to ten feet so I can pull them all the way off the background I can't have all the control that I would want in a bigger studio but this is honestly where I started so I just want to make sure we're not blowing anybody out I need to switch my camera back way going from I s o four hundred toe so one hundred um probably gonna be a f ate is my guess and this time I'm just gonna meet her I'm gonna read my history graham off of the car and turned on my receiver okay looks awesome but I'm gonna white balance it okay you guys have been awesome so let's see dylan in there first and I want you actually know what devon I'm gonna throw you in first since you're the toss just have a seat right here and throw your legs back that way can just throw up on the couch and bend your knees and just kind of took him up there you go all right brother hope you're in here too we're all coming in we're just gonna throw you in where should we throw you over careful don't break yourself perfect so now roll right up in here can you put your bottom put your bottom down here and put your body right here so lean way up over here because we got to keep it there you go that's awesome but this arm behind him just you know your job is to kind of keep him up nice and tall and scooting closer to her so get as close as you dare without hurting her you my dear just gonna pull up in here too so just get cuddly and we'll see what happens or tried to do is get you close enough together so that I don't like those is your cunning good legs were gonna hide those up a little hey but you know what come sit here insist you're gonna pop back up in there so we're gonna see you here that's that's pretty awesome can you curl right up in here to spring that elbow in here and then you could put that hand back behind her anybody squeeze and good can you get in there oh my goodness that's hard work you're doing a great job really tall now one of the problems here she has no arms so we have to bring one of them forward so because you never wanna have an armless person so this is the one that I'm gonna have you slide up in here and just kind of let your brother hold onto it and then you can wrap your hand around her and just that way we're linking and eliminated some of the length of the arms and this one can just kind of tuck in hold him up can't know you're uncomfortable but sort of feel tall there you go hold up good and lean your head and towards your sister when you gotta set up a real time made me with his legs in just a second let's get one shot this way just to see how crazy it looks and then yeah hang on stay there stay stay problem is she was so prominent that I twisted it so she's now out and he's got a little bit more um he doesn't have the torque is next so much all right you guys look like you like each other what's that about stay there you're perfect I'm not who very get comfy here I just was seeing some of the background so all right let's see what the lights doing to us though it is just a test to bad owens in a hotel you're the important one here and I'm just gonna roll you a little bit this way so kind of twist your body around without hurting anybody just a little twist cool and keep your legs you cried keep him down here cool right there look him in and you're good and your hand can go down that way I don't know way real fast I'll go real fast and then get extra candy how's that ready here we go concentrate nice and tall sisters lead together a little bit more and lean forward just a little bit that's perfect right there everybody looked right here and say this look right here and they could be done you know where you kidding me you're too cute stay there ready you know what this is right hey lazy photography I can see this and I just don't want to move it all right here we go several talk you better not scare me I heard that girls leaning a little color you're thinking of really scaring me for sure I'll just be faster and you won't be able to do it then okay hang on what tio thank you good awesome one more lick right here and say candy good now take owen and I'm gonna lift you up and throw you in this way so let me give you a big and girls watch out you don't get hurt for cross about it so late crest the girls just kind of grabbed him this is cuddle time let him roll over a little bit more roll this way way girls and put this arm now behind your sister and all the way down so you're gonna lean forward storm goes all the way down real tall and cut it with your brother get us tight as you can oh brother that's awesome can you get him up there and shirt way okay girls nice and tall let me check your hair and sometimes with this type of posing is just a matter of moving it around until we find a good job I know it's warm huh right there no it's not crazy it's better like that much better now I've got some cute things going with the toes so let's go no smiles girls real tall lean forward and heads together a bit more good devin pull your fingers back just a little bit right there and dylan pull your fingers that are under his head hide them the ones that are just a little bit more okay here we go no smiles when can you lean forward this way a little bit up her neither it is girls super tall lean together no smiles noses down ladies you're doing great one let's see devon knows towards the light to look right here and say ooh la la now big smile say your stinky no good now look atyou brother laugh at him oh I look right here tickle him give metical okay one more says hold on for a second just let your knees I don't love this to let your knees come down and out this'll soften that it now put this foot up here to just cross him thank you always lost his head spot slide that leg up just enough to hold his head up there you go because I think I like real tall one more time I just want to get her toe out you're gonna see a big difference with those knees soften it up a little bit there's one no smiles girls tall lean forward noses down dylan knows towards the light devon knows towards the light right there there's one and no one come this way a little bit and too and a little bit of happiness whoops gotta lipped uh wouldn't bring your head down a little bit too there it is right there there's one eyes beautiful look right here and say we want candy big smile say daddy wears diapers good job now tickle your brother no way that's awesome we got it all right you guys are done come on out of there much time do I have left any time after she waved okay I haven't anyone life shot that's super easy so pop out I don't do this with older kids although this is what I would do with the little ones the differences they would be on pillows gonna do from a ladder of the bumps if you could just get this out um I just wanted to answer that question on how would I handle you know what our other poses that you could do with little ones um technically they're not little ones but you'll get the idea here and I will try to post if somebody asks me in a week on facebook I'll try to post some samples of thiss on how it would work with little ones because it's a great shot typically we'd get lots of pillows and lots of bribery to get them to lay down what I have in the way of pillows part not a whole lot of anything so let's get you guys over here we'll just do a really simple one alright you my dear gonna put your back here and feed out that way so just lay all the way on your back good girl all the way back keep going down on your back I know it's crazy but just like that but keep going that way I think they're just tall girl good you got it right there okay you're perfect I'm just going to move your head over here where my toe is so just move your whole body just kind of slide in there I got you to heart and even further out sorry gonna be kicking a stand keep going sorry you think I'd know these things by now ok you my dear I want to do the baby version first so what we're gonna do is oh and we're gonna put you exactly when you're gonna go on your back I do need pillows somebody give me a background and just roll it up that black one will work this is gonna be ugly those work that's perfect thank you normally we would have big pillows um so that we can control lift up your heads but this will help me show you what I would have done with the little ones okay okay lay your head down now you have to have their next on something otherwise it was called the back lot but otherwise they're gonna look like they're pushing up from their next your head needs to go over by your sister so squeeze squish whatever it takes and tilt your head in towards him and you sis he needs a more pillows huh uses air coming over here and we're gonna use this last pillow to try to get you in put your hands up you guys are gonna get your heads your head should be touching each other so cheek to cheek as much as possible and chins up your nose is gonna go I'm gonna lift your head if that's okay gonna lift it in and lift your head up for me I'm gonna get your hair tucked in there is your here there you go this hand go straight down this one's good this one's gonna touch her brother's oboe that hand straight down this one's gonna touch her brother's elbow because we're focusing on this spot right here okay and I'm not gonna worry too much about artistic lighting today because I would want a little more time you guys are gonna be looking that way so look over that way and now I need you to scoot your head in toward your brother lift your head up I'm gonna fix your hair okay and you little guy needs something underneath his head somebody raided the pillows another one okay one lift your head up and now lay down okay and get your head real close your sis right there good now you're gonna get all the way in there and fill that gap can't on his elbow whoa we're sliding got it okay chin up you're almost done guys it's almost candy time girls air like a lolly pops that's awesome okay now I wish I had my studio light stand here it's man photo what number two three one be on the stand because I can have this safely locked down and not be levitating a very heavy camera over some very cute children but let me get a light test that's awesome okay relax this'll light is not perfect but we're just going for a look so chin up a little bit owen girls lean in your nose is gonna go down actually since I'm shooting into your nose and I'm gonna go this way you'll shoot in your nose that's gross right e had to go over her a little bit more all right right there good no smiles eyes here owen chin up a little bit good right there I've just got the foot of that stand in the shot good right there and bring your nose just down it feels weird fact turn your head that way just there it is now lean now take your whole head in their perfect don't move good right there one too bad on the light we just gotta work on k chin up don't lymphoma he's perfect girls leaning again I see you're no smiles there's one a little bit of smiles don't look mad at me and you say it's just bring your hand closer to his elbow up there so I have a connective piece there your hand right on his elbow down they're gonna turn your head and knows that way a bit more there you go right there owen squishing toward your sister more than and then you'll close up the gap there there it is and nose down a little bit more she needs more pillow under the top of her head that's why your head's going back so far bring her hair and there there you go like a barbie doll yet doing great and her hair is just missing we got to get it all perfect it's all about the hair you guys boys er props and it's all about the hair right there we're almost there good that's perfect don't move don't move that's awesome I love this let me just check the light I'll take it it's a little you know turn that one off just to see if I can really don't move your perfect do not move do not breathe don't move don't move I gotta get can you gotta hold still owen chin up a little bit no it's miles I just want to see what that does eyes good and last one little bit of happiness a tiny bit good that was great and a lot of happiness say ooh yeah you got it you're done all right let's give a round of applause way forgot aboutthe where is the shower way talk oh yeah we got some good times here candy I don't know but you guys there is candy and make sure no one gets somewhere we're gonna have somebody find the candy you guys were awesome thank you

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Sandy Puc' returns to creativeLIVE for her Tots to Teens workshop! Sandy covers all aspects of creating a successful photography plan that spans from the young toddler years to the early teens. She shares her creative marketing ideas and practical business sense to attract and keep happy clients, and you'll learn how to create repeat customers—and stable income—by continually bringing clients back to update their child's portraits as they grow.


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