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Shoot: Trevor

trevor hi we're gonna play a game do you like to play games do you wanna play would you like a treat today do you like candy you dio know what you want a lolly pop yeah you wanna play a game can you give me five now I'm mommy give me five fast and mommy can do it can't do it no way can't you let me out god is is really long huh okay jenna can you put this on and I'll get you a treat would you like a candy all right let me put this on I'll get you a treat okay would you like a treat just bring away from your real quick cause he'll change his mind mighty quick if I'm not quick all right should we get a candy for you so we get a street okay let's go over here in candy now notice I'm not getting the candy I'm gonna hold out as long as I can but let's go ahead trevor come here so we get a treat oh look what I have I have a toy do you like towards you like cars like ours come here why did it come off and that's a gift the bow tie the boats I actually goes with the sweater that we're not gonn...

a put him in so if it looks a little odd we'll just take it off yeah I need to switch back so let me just do that okay trevor I have the car I already meted out I could just go back to l a so one hundred let me catch it real quick make sure nothing's changed but it shouldn't have okay I'm re white balancing now for stroh's because it's a different color temperature hey look what I have in mom you can stay right out here with him because I don't want him to ever feel uncomfortable and he jumps off in once you just give big hugs don't push don't push him back in all right can you sit right here we'll play with the car sit down and we'll get a cheat you like candy I can't yeah big huh alright ready sit down to uh the car go get it uh oh what's that let's get the little fedora or something do you want one of those now watch this can you sit down right here and I'll open it you want me to open it okay got to sit down right here and I'll open it okay want to sit down do you want a pink one or blue go on blue ok come sit down and I'll get you on should we get your blue notice I'm not gonna grab him he's thinking about it okay that's good now he's moving and sit down and I'll get you a blue one ok ready buddy can you hold this for me and I'll go open it what is that is there a bug where's the bog is there a bug in the old emeritus sarah bog where did he go where did they go those a little off the side may have to move them over that reflect their is not in all the way as well yeah I'm gonna push everything this look what I have I have a candy we're gonna just go this way go what's this what's this hey do you know what can you give me five give me five give me five mom eastern fast give me no you give me no mommy give me hey you got any particular real quick I see you got me drunk driving here oh do it again oh no is it broken and he could see a little bit of movement too but we'll just have everybody hold real still oh guess what I have now watch how this goes let's see how he reacts oh I'm gonna get you see he doesn't like it okay I'm not gonna get should get mommy tickle mommy beginner yeah I said I'm going to get mommy now I'm gonna get him serious first cause he's not sure should I get her one teo I got her own ice down to get her again one two oh trevor I'm gonna get her seeing he can seem some movements have already hold real still o'shea do it again should I throw it what to stay go go I got it I'm gonna get mommy I get it now let's see if he's ready to engage yet should I tickle you know can you clap your hands covered hands no you don't know how uh oh oh no good job oh where's there doggy where's our dog did he go bob I is that the teddy bear can you pick him up where's the bear can you give him a hug no you can't get in no way she would get him oh gina what trevor I think he's broken I think he's broken look does he have a now we oh look oh is he dirty because he dirty look right there he has an owie can you hold him broke and so should we fix him should we fix him okay say bob I bear ready one o what's this what's this what is that oh should we open it ok I'll open it ready hold the bear and I'll open it hold the bear I'm gonna open it one and see how that works one o knows I did you hear it oh I'm gonna get you one oh oh look here's a green one do you want green you want green so he won't hold the bear on his own so I gotta bribe him into it guess what is this broken hold this and I'll open it for you I'll get you a big treat you on a big one doing a big ones are okay here comes a big one hold on oh I've got it to do it again oh oh did it break okay ready one all I'm looking for is a serious teddy bear shot uh oh look there's a bug now we can go back to happy I'm going to get mommy we've got a fan on the background somewhere I got to get mommy ready I got to get her again oh god trevor stone right oh no did I get him uh oh here comes I want to travel the same route no she would say mommy say rock ready let me say rr got me beautiful all right now you can move in and play a little bit trevor oh guess what hey trevor where's the doggy first dog did he go bob by beautiful no that's cute ready oh you know what do you know what can we look I'm gonna go for serious watch the tone ality ready oh guess what trevor look it's broken oh no what are we gonna to show we fix it so we fix it alright I'm going to get it going to get mommy I got a show to do it again should I get mommy's nose yeah get her nose here comes one two I got a nose beautiful that's awesome okay hold on you want stand up I want to stand up do we have chairs for this side or just sitting on this all right let's get that big red chair actually let's just throw that in there for fun we're gonna take him out mom and you take that bow tie off I think without the shirt way go we take this off I'm done now he doesn't need candy right now I'm a give him a piece just to keep him engagement he really is not asking for it say bye bye if he were running around which at this age it's very possible way are going teo I would pull in a chair say bub I bear we're gonna try to get a head on this one so we're going to sit him in here hey trevor look what I have helen you wanna re composed this chair hey guess what I found trevor agreed one do you like green come here let's get a green one should you wanna help me open it now do you see how like I am going in five ten minutes now and he's not even carrying about actually opening it he just likes to be in charge we open and get a green one all right hold on we get a green tree we brought the hat all right do you want one of these now hats are difficult in this age so there has to be bribery that comes with it okay I'm going to give you this pink one just put your hat on and I'll give you a pink one oh you want a bite should give one to mommy should give one to mommy here I'll give it to her oh you want to give it to you go give it to mom yeah we get one for trevor sit down right here I'll open one for you now watch what I do here because he's expecting one so I got to make sure that I say something that's gonna throw him off do you want one oh it's dirty oh no it's dirty should I clean it so I'm going for serious there oh no it's dirty oh you know what now we're just shifting gears should I throw it won to rock out how I got through to him can you give me five give me fine you are crazy oh guess what guess what ready I'm gonna throw it again a little more light in his eyes ready I'm going to get your nose you better save no don't no no no no no why didn't you go I'm gonna get your ear no no no get your mommy take it mommy no get you that's awesome no should I get her nose uh teo teo give me five again give me can you stand up can you stand up and any time he doesn't want to do something I'm gonna offer treats but again as little as possible mom I'm gonna have you come on this side so if he bails it's gonna go that way I'll guess what guess what I'm going to throw it and who's going to give me five you better or not this like concerns me well just go for no I guess what where's dad what are you doing let's wait for that tongue one o should I throw it oh I'll guess what we need more candy anymore candy should we do it all right we're gonna open it oh but first I have to hide no did you uh get a watch that tongue just wait oh just grab him any time you need to I don't want anyone following ready who's gonna give me five too fast no hey did you give me oh I'm gonna get mommy again so when I do that his tongue comes out oh I'll watch him oh guess what is it broken yeah I'm going to get you that do that light's a little all right ready uh who's gonna get you who's gonna get you one teo teo right ugo you got me where to go one two three I get to watch him no o does it did a break was it broken now yes so I give you this way for that tongue ready oh who's going to get me mommy's turn to get you do it again oh oh oh no what isthe that way for it oh no see how can you clap your hands is that the chicken you wanna have it you want to throw it should I throw it say but by oh no throw it oh there you go one two I got all he's going to get your toes yeah he's been watching because he's going to smile and the tongue is gonna come out ready no she get mommy's toes hey trevor should get mommy should I he wants it should get mommy's toes I'm gonna get mommy you want to see it see and that's the downside of chicken but I want to get one more smile ready you know oh whoa don't you go anywhere I think your smile is attached to that tongue huh can you throw this money you're gonna throw me the chicken ready one tuesday okay mommy's gonna catch one teo and he wants it so we're gonna have to take a break because he don't wear no switches clothes anyway so let's go ahead and change if you want to give it in the hug yeah so he's very true to form exactly what we said the minute we pull the chicken out he any toddler is gonna want it and uh ellen's gonna pull a chicken shop all right let's take him out and change his clothes we can ask questions in between we're going to switch back tio that's cool it's cricket that backgrounds cricket it's just a little bit all right so we're switching lights therefore we have to re white mallon's um there are two ways you can do that you could do that in camera or you could do it after post and our choice is always in camera we don't wantto mess around I mean we're here we're working on that as well do it right the first time way had to change our s o back to I believe we were at four hundred again I could re meet her um but nothing has changed other than the light temperature so I do have to white balance again have that great card that's good I'm warm thank you get up on top thank you I'm looking for it okay so we're still good and a custom white balance way should be good I'm gonna look at the color a lot of light in here should be good now just for fun since we've had all these lights on I can't really deal with the overhead lights but I'm gonna just shut down the background like just to see if that makes a little bit of a difference um but do we have any questions until that absolutely um sanders photography I would like to know how you decide on the camera height when you shoot we're gonna talk about that tomorrow but a ce faras the levels that your camera should be but with children there down I'm down and so pretty much you'll see when I hand hold that I haven't done a lot of that about twenty percent thirty percent of what I do is hand held and when I do that I'm usually typically above the subject in fact I will be up on a ladder which will probably happen pretty soon um but that's really just to create different dynamics when somebody looks up their eyes open up they tend to be more somber so that's just also to give us a lot of variety but normally you'll see my heights will go with the child but for variety I will climb up things and uh and mess around with things as well ok another question folks are wondering again where you're getting the outfit aren't they awesome adorable lot of the ones today or design revolution we've got mabel's cottage which you find them on etsy design revolution is um design running fine just online yeah hi's online and let's see I think that's about it for some of these things like a couple of these things are thrift stores that we just found this is part of our little rascal siri's so it has a big sweater and it's in this case it's usually a mod podge of stripes and patterns because we want to go black and white and color not as popular as it used to be but we're just kind of going with a little bit of ah a tough guy look now we're gonna switch to that in the studio we also have a lot of like little motorcycles and cool things that go with this here were kind of limited to chairs and floors but I still think we're we switching floors on this crackle four no let's let's switch I mean I'd rather use it so can we switch this war all right if you want to throw out more questions that's fine if we could get some help with this particular floor and go what's your camera there okay have a question from david soto photography from puerto rico who would like to know which is more effective or desirable if a female or male interact with children meeting photographer parent photographer they don't say they just say is it more desirable have ah woman are male absolutely does not matter that is a huge issue with I hear that all time guys come up and they'll say you know it's just so much easier because you're a girl I know guy photographers that are hilarious that toddlers absolutely adore it is a matter of letting go and being childlike if you act like a child they're gonna accept you as a child so unless you're willing to let down your guard and have fun with it it's not gonna work few female or male by the way women it tends that nurturing tends to come more natural or and I think it's even perception with the child it feels more natural to a child and I mean if a guy big tall guy comes at a child no matter what how friendly they are they're still going to be a fear factor there women have a softer fluffy or look is that a good word for fluffy um but I absolutely I've had die photographers that come walk in a room and in thirty seconds engage with a child and they do awesome but they're honestly they're monkeys I mean they go in there and they just make fools of themselves just like us and it works so it's it's you you have to want to do it and uh the sooner you learn to do it like I know brandon assist me all the time and he has a hard time being a monkey because he just it's not natural to him but little by little I've watched him over time and he knows all the techniques and little by little I'm seeing that he's starting tio you know shift over to the dark side to the monkey side so just you have to let go all right one more question I think and then we can jump into some of the cheque sure on this one awesome a quick question from cat the tanker sly photography and plano texas would you do anything different if you knew the child like a niece nephew sent him to another snow no not at all I mean I would definitely do the exact same things uh when a child knows you the berry the walls come down faster and in some cases that means your time limit is shorter your own children have the shortest time limit and almost have no time limit usually because they know you there's no surprise bribery is not gonna work close relatives people like that they also know you but there's the engagement there's that very quick coming on and getting them empowered and excited very quickly they're going to get over you because of your aunt sandy you know they're gonna they're gonna want to see right through it so be ready to get your session done pretty quickly oh all right I need another thing with smarties alright let's see did I I white balanced right I did tonight okay we're good all right let's go ahead and bring him back in smarties they're somewhere over there there we go all right just so there all right let me have the flowers I'm just going to stand here we're not gonna sit him up there don't let him see that let's do the whole boat bunch with a little tight around now he sounds like his age that's the uh the infamous no no no and no trevor no no can't say no all right guess what I have do you want more of those yeah come stand right here oh I broke it ono happened gonna stand right here we'll open it up you want me to open it can you help me come here can you help me no oh look I have a green one color is really part do you want a green one come here over height guess what here's a green what do you want to eat it how many pieces of candy have we given them so far by the way any way to paying attention you know the answer zero we have not given I'm gonna give him one now because first he bought into the candy mom actually ate the only piece of you've done a good job by the way I haven't given him any but I've lost his interest in the candy so now by giving up he said I'm gonna have you break it in half that flavor is gonna bring him back so uh I'm just gonna take a bite oh mommy ate it trevor stern mmm hey watch what happens now because now that he has flavor to go with it what he wants he's gonna come back in do you want more more more you in a big win but a big one k stand up then we'll give you a big one when a big one okay let's bring your car over here stand up we got to get a big one you want a big green one okay let's get a big green one come over here and I'll open it can you see the difference just the flavor hold that right there ready and let's get the hat on okay guess what you've got to give me five you're ready you're gonna give me five already give I give check that real quick good job just taking it a little dark switches that all right okay ready we're gonna drop down to five o just because we're a little dark they're called ready let's cropping a lot tighter doesn't actually make it quick ready here goes hiking already very go know guess what uh um I got to come get you know where to go no way no how that's not there where's the doggy we're cid doggie oh no is it broken what did the doctor go did he go bye bye did he go bub I guess what is there a bug in there where is it can you find it where's the bug is it in the flower uh oh you found the car I'm gonna get you know are you gonna give me five so you're gonna give you five one forty oh no are you gonna get me can use a rod no you can't say where are my ladder uh oh here comes one uh no uh um I'm gonna go up I'm gonna go up in a particular way to go where did you go uh trevor where's the dog did he go about by beautiful oh I see your year can you see my air where's the candy I got it I got it do you want some do you want some I'm gonna get you a treat one two uh oh no good guess what one more mommy teo oh who should I get now should I get mommy I'm going to do it one oh mommy say rather did she give me oh I'm gonna get you uh guess what where's the chicken where did the chicken go did he go bye bye uh oh oh no that's awesome so you could see that oh is that very serious shut okay I'm gonna try to get up on the chair for a second now you could just see the minute I get on t a handhold mode all of a sudden I'm struggling to hold tick alors and candy I don't mind it but hey guess what can you sit up here actually gonna go stand chuck okay stand up let's see if we can get him to hold the flowers because it's it's unlikely but remember he's tasted candy do you want more more yes more how do you say more can you hold this hold it hold it right here and I'll get you more do you want a big one you win a big one oh look look it's dirty oh should I go get a new one okay stay there and I'll go get a new one oh no it's thirty oh what are we gonna do what do we get to and if you just listen to what I'm doing I'm keeping him in a story line it's thirty otherwise he would have thrown those what like that right on cue here I've trained him to do this o c u and I lost that because I started talking to you so as soon as I disengage he does too okay I cleaned it it's all clean are you ready let's get some more it's all clean come here let's get to do you want to case down right here hold the flowers this time I'm not gonna talk to anybody I'm gonna get you to but if you want to big ones okay here it comes ready two big ones oh nu o there's no blue I'll go get a blue one stay there I'll get a blue one oh no there's not two beautiful look right here one should I throw it y oh no teo say bye bye oh I got him to do to get one areas too I got a beautiful ready here we go again oh no here goes wine oh he's coming ross where's the bear look he went bye bye hold it with two hands he's gonna go one I'll say bob I think I got what I needed let me check it real quick oh that's awesome we will end on that shot guys give him a round of applause all right he is done that's beautiful so if we go back to one of those standing shots holding the flowers well that's a cool background that's a new one that's awesome okay we're switching out to what now three old girl which I have not met at all so we're just gonna keep rolling um but I really want you to focus on the engagement that we talked about I mean I assume is like getting a child to hold something at that age is almost impossible but it's the storyline it's telling that story and telling them you can see I went from do you want one hold the flowers oh no it's dirty broke and get back to the camera I have to keep him in there and as soon as I broke that wall and talk to you guys he just turned and I even called it so that engagement is really really important that's why you don't want distractions who don't want you know other people in the studio are moms you need that mother buffer as much as possible to keep mom's busy

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Sandy Puc' returns to creativeLIVE for her Tots to Teens workshop! Sandy covers all aspects of creating a successful photography plan that spans from the young toddler years to the early teens. She shares her creative marketing ideas and practical business sense to attract and keep happy clients, and you'll learn how to create repeat customers—and stable income—by continually bringing clients back to update their child's portraits as they grow.


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