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Shoot: Special Needs Child and Sibling

Sandy Puc

Tots to Teens

Sandy Puc

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Lesson Info

29. Shoot: Special Needs Child and Sibling

Lesson Info

Shoot: Special Needs Child and Sibling

right now we can go to questions I have a question from a soldier from vermont who says how on earth or heaven would you ever shoot this alone just like you saw I mean honestly I didn't need helen behind the camera that tripod is king without that tripod I would be at a complete loss by the time I picked up the camera try to focus on the kids they'd be like this so an assistant is great but I did it for thirteen years without an assistant so it absolutely can't be done it's a matter of that tri pi that stability still gonna be hard but it's gonna help a lot sorry a question from a cushion from jenny do you always use a summary of absolutely gold reflectors were really big with portraiture with film because you could get that gold cast but with digital digital sees light differently and color differently very hard to get a good clean gold reflector unless you're doing like beach swimwear or something where you want that really brandi tone thie other problem is shadow fall off if you go ...

from if you have a reflector and the majority of the reflectors gold and it's hitting this side of your face there's gonna be a shift in color as it goes gold thio more bluer cool tone so you're gonna have actually a color shift through through the image so silver gives that light bright it also matches continuous light it matches cdo strobes and it also compliments natural light very well so you don't have to deal with color ships which is a big deal toe when you're dealing with digital work so yes next water I saw water so I saw you water makes up his mind would you like to take another question says your name but I'll take it next next question waiting they will be out any second oreo sixty one from orlando is asking do you prefer to pull in and out with the camera mercy is using the zoo no I used zoom the reason I pulled in with those little ones is that they were moving so fast I needed to get closer that's another thing with the little ones that age I wouldn't be using a seventy two hundred I used twenty four two one o five so that I could have been within four feet of them then I would have that control to keep their attention and uh play with him that way so so yeah it's the lens choice and and I'm sacrificing dissed I'm gaining the distance in the okay but I'm working really hard for it so that's something it's a choice all right so we're going back teo continuous light so we're going backto s o four hundred we're gonna start at four five I need a great card if you don't mind we'll see this is beautiful I love this wall I don't have the red curtains like shooting in that way would be cool to what's my time like are we it twenty minutes fifteen minutes what I have left oh awesome hang on I had a flash with got it yeah it's pretty cool but we'll start that way this is pepper right and pepper's brother is here as well his name is coming your name again why that's right how could I forget that are you ready I see you brought an arsenal of dali's holy cow what are their names I know this is coffee and who's this clock off what is a chocolate santa claus I love it and who's this lucy said lucy let me give lucy hung she's pretty cute wow it's almost you can see the love fest here we we started with the coffee right on we've worked our way on down the loo see huh they are beautiful looks like you love them a lot all right all right we're going to start doing your pictures that could we start with you together is that okay and we're gonna have some fun right and then what are we gonna do we're gonna have a treat yeah is that all right I know you have all the candy hidden in the back I can convey I think it was cash right we decided large quantities of cash would be good yeah yep what do you think can your cash oh she's smart too she says cash alright khun mommy hold the babies to start all right mommy you hold the babies take care of them all right come on out watch your step don't want you to follow okay can you make it there you go well why your big dude you do this all right so this is fun this this set here has sort of like a fifties kind of retro feel to it and your dress is amazing and you look fantastic as well now the question is do we want to tuck in the shirt or untucked shirt the shirt's pretty big on you did you steal this from your dad maybe know it's yours that's pretty long alright let's see I would normally say tuck it in but because it's so long it might get all bunched up in there have you run to mom real quick and just have her tuck it in and we'll see if it looks okay if not we'll go down that's no problem too all right you ready princess yes I love your name by the way thank you you are welcome all right so first let's see I think we are going to sit you up here so can I help you get up here alright ready one two three jump there u go good job we're gonna swing you this way and cross your feet all right here you go are you comfortable are you safe okay can you sit up real tall that's a good listener you are and now glasses air always an issue so I'm glad that she has them on because can you look at me to see how beautiful you are very beautiful in this case you have to ask you do they wear them all the time because if they always wear glasses or if they have a night condition that's gonna move the eye way have to keep them on many times my preferences if there can be if eventually they're gonna wear contacts then we of course would see if we could take them off so mom and dad dad does she wear them all the time and would you prefer them to stay on okay both of them both of them need to keep them on ok because sometimes that's if that's who they are and mom and dad want to keep them on that's fine too because glasses are beautiful alright and you but you have that on your arm you want to keep that on you have a price you throw in a pocket or something hey that doesn't look too bad tucked in so can you pull that out just a little bit with us will make it quite so tucked you did a good job there who helped you mom she's good all right so we're gonna put your hand right here can you take this hand and just put her out of here instead of really tall because we want you to love your brother so look over there because that's where I'm gonna be all right leaning close all right now posture is something that's hard so what we're to do so I'm gonna try to sit you up like this can you sit up like that there that's beautiful you look like a princess who's older out of you two she's older so she's twelve you're twelve right and elder you nine oh you're pretty close in age so why move forward just a little bit right there and hands here good and just keep it low on her back so we can't see it and put your heads together and thank you pepper for sitting up talking gonna stitch up again and you can see just a gentle help there good job all right you ready all right we're gonna play some games don't move so you're doing good let me just check the lights roll quick good that's awesome looks good I need a tickler alright guys ready you're doing a good job sitting up I'm gonna have to give you guys extra treats today what if I gave you extra cash oh my goodness can go home all right do you guys know what this is did you see what it is what I use that for this particular good ready do you think I could tickle your toes or you better say boo and scare me away say boo good why do I have to get you to retool you better stay where are sarah oh that was pretty weak I don't know I might have to come get you a little bit more already better get loud one building you say rarr that was better you scared me on that time good job now can you look at your brother look at your sister look at your sister hold on and look at each other on and look at each other and say you're cute oh can you one more time we could each other's eyes what color eyes do you have blue both very nice looking each other and say blue eyes good job now big hugs can you wrap your arms around your sister and look over the camera can you look that way paper they go let's get this hand down and come out we'll wait to go there you go you're hiding can't hi that's crazy all right get up told get tall again you're the big sister and lean over like that let's get your head out that way you're doing great all right I gotta get a smile out of this guy you only get cash if you get a big old smile huh meaning close again and pepper in your head this way all right everybody look right over here and can you guys say you're crazy good there you go let's get go allright hold on coming in all right now we're gonna get crazy look right here sort of really elegant and why I don't want you to kind of lean er this way so pushed her over that way little don't fall off girl don't you fall off there's no falling a load gonna just turned her head towards the light a bit more good that's awesome right there chin down we've got it what nose down to slow down so I could see your eyes ready every look right here and say we want candy good and eyes right it may do you guys want candy say we want cash wow that works just gonna put that into your session feed it works out great okay now I'm gonna swing you go ahead let go for a minute cause we're going a little swing this we're gonna turn you I thought that turned there you go now sort of real taliban you said a real tall I know that's hard work up and you buddy you're gonna come in close you gonna stay on that side you were good gonna wrap your arms all the way around her and you're gonna hold on tight to your hand you're gonna grab his hands you know how to do this turn your tummy into the light that way sit up real tell princess I love your dress it's amazing heads together right there and I'm just gonna get right there I need a ladder in a second care really touching heads we're gonna show you the different difference of the ladder you're awesome sort of tell princess all right right there look right here and say monkey face I have a monkey face you can't say that to me sit up real tell like right here and say yes you do good oh I think somebody needs a tickle somebody's getting serious over there who's getting tickled hu and I know her eyes are a little sensitive to this light oh can you see it down here where did it go one teo you better smile teo look right here and say no way I have a good idea how that's gonna get the ladder first told that um dad comes down right behind you when I get back to the camera I'm gonna get up on the matter and you're gonna look at your daddy and you're gonna say daddy wears diapers okay yes she's talking to you craig swanson don't thes air craig's wants this children the cofounder of creative live in case anyone did not know that so all right so he's not going anywheres diapers were gonna trick him don't tell him okay don't how him set up a real tall princess I know that's hard get in tight you're gonna get extra treats heads in right there good don't tell daddy where's that does your dad really wear diapers okay doesn't we're gonna trick it all right hang on okay ready dad come right up over here okay eyes here now heads together good pepper bring your head down a little bit what's your face and what you lean in a little closer and what come this way a little bit and head down we got some light flare so if you could just bring that light up helen just so that we're not getting it in their glasses they're going turn it and just a little bit okay ready looked right up in me what good that's better alright look right here and say daddy wears diapers hey did you get it oh no I wear diapers no now can you look at your brother and look at your sister and take a limb you can't take him good now heads together uh good job can you look right back up here good girl right there hang on I'm gonna get relaxed she her eyes are definitely sensitive these these lights it's making it hard on you said your dad wears diapers you are crazy kids let's go and let go you got squished in there didn't you come on that chair for him and actually let me get you alone we'll step right over there for just a minute I want to get my sexy girl you know what I bet you could dance though come down for a minute there you go you stand right here I want to see you be a princess come up here a little bit more right there good and can you just hold your finger like this just like that you got your great listener turn this way and just like a princess put your toe out like this can you put your toe out this way just like oh you're a good listener stay there all right so we're gonna listen her up just a little bit later play a bit alright did you guys pull that letter I'm gonna come right back where you were all right pretty girl alright so were you a dancer do you like to dance let's get that light back down now as well and uh that kicker light if we could get that pulled out too so I know I'm gonna just checking the exposure here pretty girl can you see that yeah that way can you see me over here did you fall asleep do I have to tickle you know you better not be sleeping on me good luck right here and say you're crazy there you are now he's getting away credit great here and say I want kenny good oh where's your doll I think we better get one of those dolls or you could stay there you stay there let's see if we could play with coffee right okay because coffee looks like she's the most loved of all of them coffee already coffee going to give you a kiss helen pop behind the camera if you can give you a kiss oh no here see cause you better savor our and scare her you scared her oh my goodness you got it ready here's comes you better scare go over their whole like goodness you've got coffee all right princess now can you put your hands out like this now we're with continuous light so we have an issue with you put him down for a minute cause I don't want to make him tired way want to see your spin but we potentially could go out of focus we're only at one twenty fifth of a second right now so we want to keep her in focus so what I'm gonna do is I'm in above my eyes so five hundred but my shuddered at one sixty and this is dirty shooting here know me during all right pretty girl can you put your hands out can you spin in a circle can you dance show me how you dance spin spin in a circle can you go around in a circle but if you do that around around around and around and around and stuff around and around and around and stuff good that was beautiful now do you know how to jump can you jump oh you like jumping can you jump and spin pretty hands up she's flying she knows well where did she go okay you can stop that was amazing you're like the best jumper in the whole world but I'm gonna tuck your hair this time cause I see what's happening here okay that was the best jump ever so we're gonna do it again don't go yet I'll tell you when ok ready where is my jumping queen ready go there you go spinning circles and jump and stop and put your hands on your hips like this and say you're crazy crazy did you say I was crazy catch that hair helen real quick well she got it thank you click right here and say I want candy oh I think coffey wants a kid stay there hands on your hips again ready here so um are you gonna say where are and scare her away again oh my goodness you're gonna get it that's awesome good girl okay come on out of here and give daddy a big hug and let's get you brother in here all right but he's like oh did you see those eyes roll this's terrible come stand right here you're doing an awesome job thumbs in your pockets just be cool all right take a step back now what I want you to do is just with your front foot just take a step forward you're cool right there don't move that's awesome all right right there it's gonna get a couple quick shots all right now this age can be definitely I have to be very careful what you say we talked about that yesterday because we don't talk about girlfriends or anything like that there's no way right no way look right here and just say I don't think so uh how do we get a go ahead pop back here cash is king right how about if we have coffee come visit say I don't think so all right I need you just look right in here for a second stay right there good and you're pretty serious you have to go tickle your dad sure what's that hang on so she sees a little glare in the glasses so we're gonna go like that that's awesome okay now I need some smiling here so we've got to get you to be a za loud as you can let's see how loud you could be so look right here on the count of three I want you to give me the biggest rar you've ever done one two three oh you could go harder than I want you to bring down the roof I want it in that's nice right there I want you to score a let's see if you could do it let's see if you could say really loud pretty say that well that was pretty do you think you could top your sister she's pretty good lets see how loud you could be one two three a much much better I think he needs a tickle when we come in ready you do have teeth in their right all right let me see you smile and say your your smell there you go now keep it out we're articulate out of you ready look right here and say no way can I just don't want that big loud I think I scared you big lout okay you're getting better that's much better okay now relax I need you to jump I bet you're good jumper turn and face this light and I want you to jump like crazy so hang on we still are in a good shutter speed carry my friend now keep in mind to the reason they're a little serious is there in an age where they are affected by everything around them they can see people they know they're in the spotlight and that makes it a little bit harder but we can break that very okay ready get ready to jump put some arms into it let's put your arms up in the air okay turn sideways thiss time I want you to jump but when you do it I want you to go feed up and hands back like that you're in a fly this is like superman takeoff ready gets that go that was perfect now what more time that's excellent now can you square head jump one two three that was oh my gosh that was an awesome one now what I want to do a spin in a circle with your arms out fast and smile when you do it it's not painful nobody's getting hurt I promise now stop in the middle fold your arms and say are you kidding me there you go that's much better to get a close up look right here and say oh yeah right uh okay we're gonna work warming him up I think he's getting their all right a little bit of movement helps to when they can kind of release and not be so stressed by everything what you are very handsome when you're serious too so here's the deal don't smile always concentrating don't do it look at me oh I think he's gonna break ready eyes right here he's pretty good don't smile see you won't even look at me look at me and not smile that's pretty good all right right there look right here okay now I want you to say you wear diapers who got serious so that now you can smile let me see your smile again there's half of it let me see the whole thing where those teeth you don't have any teeth there they are look right here and say move good and bring your nose down that's much that's a very handsome shut I'll take that one I won't torture you too much today one more side time look right here go rodeo you have a longer tongue than that come on where's that time was like a lizard are you a lizard now I didn't think so ok that's beautiful I'll let him go because I'm not gonna push him too far come on out of here you're doing a good job I got a half a smile out of you that's worth fifty cents how do you want to get to five dollars how we gonna do that let me see let me see if I've we'll take any oh there's a five dollars smile right there not tickle it out of you are you ticklish are you one of those tough guys let's see a ten dollars mao all right if you get that out then we will definitely there are we switching to this side with the same outfits way switching her out okay let me get a couple of him alone and then we'll let her switch because we were going to make her princess we threw him in today by the way he wasn't so we didn't plan on him being here it was just gonna be miss pepper so he was a superhero and was willing to jump in and do this so thank you very much I'm going to a couple of you alone so we have you on this background you my dear are going to go with miss holly we're gonna change your dress I love your dress by the way though that is very beautiful now if we had more time I certainly would have taken time to do an interactive shot we would have done something with the two of them playing together reading a book doing something like that on dh with pepper we would have done a lot more interactive reading playing looking at a flower something that would give her a chance to uh relax a little bit her eyes are super sensitive to these particular lights I could see she was tearing up quite a bit and so I would probably change the lighting scenario my studio either go to natural light strobes can help because the modeling lamps aren't that bright and if I have to I could turn them off a cz well all right so this is the big money shot you've got to give me some extra cheese do you have to see the ten dollars well that's it let's get that kick your light on all right my friend just sit down here right here your bottom right up here you got it good and just go crisscross applesauce we're gonna talk later about poses and I'm just gonna do a quick breakdown since this is not really um look a dad though hold on cat where were you five minutes ago dad's got it going on dad's pulling out the big bucks here he's done a really good job this was a little literal surprise to him so the fact that he's even in there at his age I am not worried about it all but for mom and dad I'd love to give them something that they could have uh to keep oh yeah we've got the cash mala going hey let's get the lights going to ok I'm just waiting for that kicker light nice cash works I know what we need to do we just need to get a whole bunch of money and throw it up in the air right that would make you sing and dance that's beautiful all right but okay so later adam's gonna light test again with that kicker coming out and I'm gonna clean up the background a little bit with our sort of modified background light give it a little more light since this is a lighter background I'm just gonna give it kind of a wash their all right let me see what's going on here that's all right all right nice and tall let's get yu could just lean forward good and nose down good eyes right here and say I want cash their guy see some teeth you do cash with an awesome shot okay one word lick right here and say cash is king god and last one look right here and said you were crazy good and I want you to last go a great laugh one more lick right here and thank you for the pen to have a dog or a cat or anything no no pet do you have a goldfish or a turtle or a clown fish you have a cloud fish oh that's really cool I love fishes good tall back again nose down and look right here and say uh good job make sure we got you before you blink we did okay so this is a very casual full pose and it's actually against the rules you're not supposed to go crisscross applesauce because you haven't intersection at the need however a traditional book boy pose and we're gonna show this later can you bring this knee up good and this foot goes through the whole good now this is a traditional boy post set up real tall way use this all of the time when we're doing family portrait it's a great way this's the casual version I could show you the formal version but this is a great way slide your foot out a little bit it's in there you have some long legs there but so I can get everything from this which is a head shot right there look right here and just say fifty dollars oh yeah right gonna go broke working here alright one work now I'll show you the other version you could see that gives me a nice head shot but for balance because that's not a natural position his back is hunting I just shot this right here and this was a nice angle but if I wanted a full body this hand would go here fingers away from the camera back nice and tall and that gives him a little more stability and again this is a very formal pose I would only use this primarily in school portrait ce or family portrait if I needed it for a build on regardless I'm a perfectionist we gotta get the wrinkles out alright but all right one more click right here and just say can you say you're a monkey there u go good job we'll tall back nose down again and look right here and say hey lady good right there beautiful you're doing a great job with your smile I think you're thinking about money aren't you I think so okay now I think all I need is a close up of your face so I think I'll just come in and do it from there we could have him stand up again normally I'd actually khun stay there normally I'd pull in a chair and do a whole lot of poses but way really were supposed to focus on his sister today and he's my lucky break I got a handsome boy to work with okay one more ice here you look amazing chin up a little bit more good I'm gonna watch that glare stay there you're doing great I just I'm gonna control the glare a little bit more by raising the light right there look right here and say no way ben and I want the cash smile so chin up a little bit more and say big money there is good I even saw some teeth in there I'll let that go okay pop out but you are done for the day and let's get back to your sister yeah he did great give him a round of applause he's awesome way girls yeah the way to the couch again to just so that it's it goes all right princess come on over wow you look amazing now twenty twenty I probably should have photographed her with her dolls with the blue polka dotted outfit because that would go more with the style but I don't want to let her go without photographing the dolls because they're very much a part of her life you can see in succession who was loved first who's her new love they're so adorable you could just hold them sweetie I definitely want them to be in a shot that's awesome the's air the girls come up here a little bit up up up up up stress is a little big on her but she's open do we lose your hat your grief but you look amazing I need a book we're gonna do something formal and just something playful okay stay right there and I'll do that in a second to okay ready king and point your toast that way good listening in state and then just turn your dollies so don't move your toes just turn your dollars she's a really great listener and completely understands everything that I'm asking her to dio so it's very easy to work with her you're catching that backlight because she could take direction super well and it's not always the case so keep that in mind every child is unique and they'll each have their own ways that they handle situations this could be very very stressful for certain children and so you have to keep that in mind if you see stressing you could see it in the face first there's still light test so you really want to watch expressions if there's fear if there's concern don't push take a break make sure everything's a game right alright princess stay right there now I need that best smile because this one is for me I think you're so beautiful I want to have a picture do you know I have a little girl too I have two girls but I have a little one and her name is juliana and she loves making friends on I bet she would love to be your friend do you like friends good good girl all right then look right here and say sea because you're on tv say hi juliana that's a hard name uh there you go all right that's beautiful good girl and can you look at your little girl's look at coffee and say hi coffee there you go you love your girls and you can kind of see where her priorities are because she definitely loves her baby's all right one more can you look down at your little girls right there go where'd you go you know I lost that I was adorable hope I got it I got it we need to stop right there with the dollars check that one out that's called a happy accident um I almost left my camera and almost missed it but that's actually a stunning shot that's probably the strongest shot so far alright the ladies are going to sit over here and watch okay they're your cheerleaders on and they're gonna clap for you when you're doing a really good job okay where's the players we'll do fires and then we'll get a chair for the book all right ready you're a princess and princess always have flowers so gonna point you tell me that way again good can I see a princess token used to get princess toe out not too far just a little just so your balance good stand up real tall and look over that way and bring those flowers down so I can see your pretty face those flowers are pretty but you're way prettier right right all right I just love you you are so honest that I love that I write there now any day um tickler for a second actually I'll just have you popped back here just for a second high pepper can you do me a favor I think there's a ladybug right there do you see it it's right there I'm gonna catch it I have it do you see it what's its name what's this ladybugs name is it I got him okay look right up at him he's gonna go away beautiful should we blow him can you blow so you put a ladybug on my head did you you're not supposed to put lady bugs on my head you are silly grab your flowers and your going all three quarters in already oh that's pretty look down is that ladybug did she land on your flowers hang on did she go I think she is right hold on I see her hold on well crazy here look right here I think the ladybugs right in there is she there is she there she's right there is she gonna kiss your nose can you smell that flower although skillet again you say ah beautiful good girl and I'm assuming you've got three quarters and titan good come in stay there baby girl you're doing a great job could you put those flowers up by your nose oh that was beautiful too are you playing peekaboo with me it's awesome bureau that was really cute ready right there look right there can you smell it uh look right here and say I'm cute are you so cute you are that's beautiful okay we got that for sure let's get a chair in a catch and we're into little book reading and then we're gonna go from there now pepper is wonderful to work with and she like I said she takes total direction that's not always the case so if that were not the case I would try to find things that she could do to keep her active so can you stand over here because they're gonna get a big couch in here and we don't want that dress is gonna make you fall stay right there so I would find anything from blocks a book a flower um something for her to look at melissa's in she's hired street this can so we're gonna go with the same tummy away knows towards the light the chair keys off so that her body's going this way her head is gonna go back this way with the book you're not gonna really do that so we might turn her in a little more all right princess you're almost done so come here we'll do one more I know we have a beautiful portrait for mom and dad absolutely so come come over here this's where the princess goes you're the queen now ok wait don't sit down turn around turn around so I could see you turn turn turn turn turn good and hold your hands out and let's scooch back so you don't fall and hold the dress out and sit down like the queen very nice hayes and you always want to fluff the dress out before they said because if they say you can't get it out from underneath so that just gives it a nice shape crashed your toes good are you ready this is the last one and then we're gonna go party right way gonna dio should we go to the beach I want to go to the beach do you have a beach around here do you ever go there can you hold on to that book for me now let's go ahead and go set a really tall good girl and I'm gonna go a little more contrast with the lighting I haven't this is not a creative lighting class so obviously I don't always put my care are my lights in the exact same position and uh keep them there uh absolutely not in fact this lighting I would say this's just a test and there's no light on her face lighting we've shot today I would say is the most basic lighting in last two days that you could possibly shoot but I'm looking for streamline by pushing the light back I'm now causing there to be more shadows which is how I shoot at home I want those shadows but I also know now there's no way we have a very um split light hatchet light almost even worse than that so what I'm trying to do is to create something really dynamic so uh helen I'm gonna have you shoot so I could get her head right where I need it we're almost instead of real toe okay it's real tell this way they're seeing is no turtle back right turn your head this way hold your book up notice on we're gonna play a game hold that book right there just right out here like you're going to read it and we're gonna play a game and this is the game looked right at my fingers right here how many fingers is this good and how many is this oh here's a hard one how many is this I can't believe it that's awesome I'm just see if that's doing what I wanted to be there should be a strong kicker like going down the side um so that and again I didn't check first but it's looking pretty good so we have some nice shadow on the side of her face that creates a lot more death and a lot more elegance I can't scroll through these they're kind of tiny right now so what's that oh good we can see him okay so I like the face like I like the mask of face I don't like the hair light on the back she just got lost in this we're gonna just bringing this kicker light clean it up a little bit more a little more you're almost done princess do that same thing again just popping off so that before I start shooting we don't waste her time politis so I could have turned up the lighter moved it in just papa test it doesn't matter what she's doing so you could see that side of her hair was just kind of lost it didn't have any depth to it was a little flat so let's see if we could just make it a little more beautiful white for it that's not the shot is it thiss one here okay so come and do a three quarters so I can see what the lights doing real quick just a test this's the last one and they were gonna have some lunch almost there waiting for the shot to come up did you get a three quarter it'll come just second all right well I'm gonna assume I could see it on her shoulder on that wide shot so I'm gonna just assume it's there if it's not I don't wantto have her fall asleep you're not sleeping over there are you know way wait here we go one more time we're gonna hold the book up last time we look at her she remembered good job and hold it way out here like you're reading it and now what I want you to do because I want you to play this game again look red appear grete appear on lee now it's the tickle fingers you better say where are you did it good now we're gonna turn your book over this way good and look right here and hang on what's that right there hold it up what's that right there is that a number sarah number there no much better we have a little more hair light they're a good girl okay now all I want you to do is come over here stood over here you get your bottom over we'll get one more smile we'll be all done lean over you could set up a little bit tall though last one princess waken call you princess pee right because that's the letter of your name right how do you spell your name her p er very good how many pieces do you have in your name you have three huh that's a lot huh all right so tall again like my princess is the last one right there just give me a light test on that because I moved that in it's going to be a little low hang on did I walk into that sorry alright pretty girl last one I need some smile so I think we're gonna have to get give your back straight and I'm gonna get coffee to come help me out so sort of real tall again right there and I want to make sure looks a long comfortable so I may switch you out here oh here comes coffee this is coffee right no that's not coffee I'm crazy this is coffee right alright here's this is coffee right all right look right over a coffee hey coffee's riding my camera that's not cool she's like a horse let me to sit her up it's just to uncover okay several top we'll just do a different version of this in a real talker she's just leaning and it looks uncomfortable so put this hand here and this hand here you could just actually we'll just put it down like that good nice and tall husky sit up tall where time let's go see if coffee khun right do you think all your dolls could ride my camera they hope not don't be crazy okay ready set upto let's see if they can do it oh my gosh somebody's gonna fall off look right here ready I say go get him cowboy good girl here they go oh no oh who's this I forgot who's this close so she's gonna fall off oh no say don't fall don't fall oh no she's gonna come kiss you ready just give them all a big hug it will be done ready one two three because I pushed you really got grabby babies gabby babies hold him tied and look right here and hang on hang on hang on it's all about the hair right sort of real tall look right here and put your head down so you can cuddle with them they're well what I was really far down where'd you go you were leaving me what is going on you are so crazy oh my god it's like right here and say can I be done o and say way got it that's done alright yeah princess you're all time good thank you

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Sandy Puc' returns to creativeLIVE for her Tots to Teens workshop! Sandy covers all aspects of creating a successful photography plan that spans from the young toddler years to the early teens. She shares her creative marketing ideas and practical business sense to attract and keep happy clients, and you'll learn how to create repeat customers—and stable income—by continually bringing clients back to update their child's portraits as they grow.

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Sandy Puc, I have attended a few of your events, in person and now on Creative Live. You never fail to deliver the gift of sharing your expertise and more. I am always amazed at how you have juggled a large family, your photography business with the university added, the teaching events that you do & the genuine donation of your love and time that you give with your foundation, NILMDTS among other things. You're an impressive & inspirational lady. Each time I see you, you refuel me, as this economy has been trying. Thank you. I bought the 3 day workshop, because it is a little hard to sit for 3 days straight without life and business distractions. I will watch again, and reference back as needed. I also bought your display kit for doctor offices/hospitals & malls. Thank you again for your amazing workshop and all that you so unselfishly give of yourself. Diana Brown Photography


This is by far the best photography class I have ever taken! Sandy does an amazing job at what she does!

Christine David

This is an absolute must have course for anyone who works with children. Watching Sandy work her magic is worth the cost alone. Fabulous workshop Sandy! Christine David Photography