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Tots to Teens

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Tools and Techniques

Sandy Puc

Tots to Teens

Sandy Puc

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13. Tools and Techniques

Lesson Info

Tools and Techniques

okay so let's talk about the tools these are the things I use every day I will always use uh come hecker high water they're going to save me every time these are the things we're gonna cover independently but we're gonna talk about the candy box using the particular the chicken how it works why it works where it came from we're going to talk about changing techniques and how you really have to be almost like a monkey just constantly movement and then games using imagination those air really truly the things I d'oh there many versions of them but the things I do to get through the session so first we need to talk about the candy box because I told you bribery gets me everywhere now the way it works first of all they're like two candies that we use we use smarties and if you're outside the country it's not the chocolate ones in canada so it's the hard candies I think they call them rockets in canada and I believe your oppa's well so I just want to make sure you're not giving you kids cho...

colate that's the worst thing you could dio the hard candy smarties rockets is what we use and we also use lollipops we use dum dums the little hard dumdums and that's it my I have a giant tree box full of those so when a child walks in the first thing you need to know about bribery is never tell them anything unless you have to do so if they walk in and they're engaged in ready to go go to work don't talk about candy there's no reason to bribe if you don't have to but if a child walks in and they're really shy and they're uncomfortable and they're nervous you know I might get down on my knees and I'll say something like hey did I tell you I have the biggest candy box in the hole world and doesn't even matter the age their eyes will get really big and I'll say do you want to see it and honestly I'll just take my hand I could walk him anywhere it's kind of creepy actually out just talking about candy a kid will go anywhere they want with you are anywhere you want them to go so usually I'll say that they'll get engaged all right let's go looking candy box okay let's go see so if I have tio I can't draw them in that way but I tried not to honestly I don't want to start with candy it's just that there are some kids that I have to break that barrier and that is literally the fastest way to break a wall down is to talk about candy so I can lead them into the studio mom comes along if they forget about it on the walk we're not going to talk about it I don't purposely go to the candy box I'll walk in the room and say hey look oh my gosh there's you know a toy or something that they're interested in so they get off the candy thing but that gets him in the room and creates that connection so as I get started if a child jumps in we're good to go if they're reserved I may mention it if I have to I'm a pointed out and show them it's a big clear tub sitting up on a high enough shelf that they can see it but they cannot reach it because child under five will just reach in and take a candy for and under and obviously the sooner they get the candy in their hands the bigger the problem it's so so we don't want to go there if we don't have to now I will typically start the session without the mention get going where this works is if I see a child starting to disengage they're starting to get tired or frustrated all I'll turn it on I'll say hey did I tell you we have the biggest candy box in the world are also hey remember I said we had candy hey we're supposed to have candy right that will re engage them and I can't talk about candy forever I could just keep bringing it up and bringing it up and that really does help me keep the thing you know keep the session going but there will be a time where you can kind of see in their faces they're kind of like you're a liar you know it's like it's not happening and so when I see that happening I'll turn to them and say okay you know what I forgot we promised you're gonna get candy should we have some treats right now and they'll say yes and so at that point I may walk over to the candy box and I may grab little package of smarties now there is a I wish I had a rapper here but there is a sound that I use all the time so when I pick up one of those candies I will actually I will grab that candy and I will take it and I crinkle it in my hand like this so you know the sound of a rapper that kind of crackly sound and I will start to make that noise and I'll walk over to them and repose them the whole time making that sort of crackling noise and it's funny it's like you know if I go to a child and I move them around and I'm doing this they're like this wherever that noise goes there goes so I can now say sit up straight okay you got me open these okay well I'm gonna open him but you gotta stay right there okay so you sure you want me to open these alright well they look right here look here look here and say candy and of course they'll say candy and they're looking at the candy they're engaging in the thought of the candy so that brings out that smile so I can usually go back and forth and set them up and do that several times just making that noise and that noise honestly wherever it goes their eyes are going to go now at some point you're gonna get that disconnect again and they're going to start to it's kind of one of those you're lying to me and at that point you have to give them the treat so usually at that point I'll say hey you know what we better eat some of this on they'll say yeah so I'll open it up and this is funny you have to really this works in fact it may happen today if you open the candy and I'll usually also ok do you want one of these ok and open up and I gotta hand it if the child's three and up three to six and you try to have them a piece of candy nine out of ten times they're going to say no no what's weird is the whole time they've been excited about candy and then you got to try to give it to them and it doesn't they don't connect to it took me years to figure out why that was and it finally occurred to me this whole time during the session I've been pointing at the candy box or kind of making reference to it and saying you're going to get a treat and of course when a child and a child's world it's all about picking your own color they wanted they want to be in control of that that's their job is to pick candy that's all they have to do so when you try to hand them a single piece of candy there is thinking I want my own I don't want the one that you're giving me so when I realize that and I caught that connection I always say okay now here's the deal thes air extra candies okay you gotta have these and then when we're done you gotta pick your own is that okay and so that's that connect then they're like okay I'll take it now smarties we use the smarties or the rock it's a little hard candies because they break up very quickly they leave no flavor in the mouth they're very easy to disappear and so they're there quick and that's and again the bigger thing is they don't change the color of the mouth so we will use that the entire time the lollipops are the big reward at the end never give ah lollipop mid session I'm if they're young it's gonna be a drool issue if they're older you're just not going to get it out of their hands so lollipops are the big reward at the end so just keep that in mind a couple other things that we do to control kids and you may I don't think you'll see it today as much as tomorrow but especially with little boys if I get a set of brothers that are you know three kids under six that are all boys they can be pretty rowdy and that's their lifestyle and so they get in and they're pushing and shoving and joking and I'm having a hard time I'll turn to them and I say hey do you know what you get a big treat when you're here but do you know what you can have one two or three how many do you want and usually they'll say three or five or ten or some ridiculous number and I say okay you want three well you know what the problem is it's really hard to get three most kids that come here they get one but if you're really good you might get too but you have to be like amazing to get three do you even think you could do that and of course they're all like yeah I could do that so now there's thinking numbers and so then I'll start playing with them and I'll see all right you know what we'll get and I'll say well there's only one more problem and they'll look at me you know kind of big guys what's the problem and I say well here's the deal when you're getting the candy you have to earn it so if you're a little bit good you're going to get a half a treat and then you get one and then you get one of half a cent but if you only get if you only get one I'm sorry if you only get a half a treat then I get the other half and I get to bite it first you don't want that right that's gross right and I know it sounds terrible but it's like all the sudden you could see it in their faces like that's gross and some local then you better be really good cause I'll get the first bite and the like okay you know and they're not gonna want me to eat there gandhi so it's funny that we joke about all time but half of what we do or scare tactics because for a oh boy that's not something they want to do and so they will so when I'm shooting I'm like all right the job europe attaf a treat but I get the first but you better be good you know and then they're like okay they don't want me to touch their candy so that's kind of how it works there are other things we do and you'll see me do that you can play kids against each other and it's not in a bad way but I'll say something like okay who's ready who's gonna get a tree ok you're ready you're definitely hope you're up to a half a treat ok you're ready you're upto let's see who's gonna get tau one and then I'll say something like you don't want your brother to get all the candy you better sit up to because he's going to get all the treats and of course there is they are always competitive brothers are very competitive so they they want a win and that's kind of for them what it's about it's about the challenge and me finding that way so there's just a lot of ways that I could use candy to manipulate sort of the situation and it uh you know it works so just make sure that they understand they're going to get their own at the end that they get to pick their colors there are some children that cannot have treats and that is really important before every session when they walk in the room it's been addressed in consultation so usually I know it but if I don't see it I'll turn a mom and privately say is it okay if they have treats usually it's yes no problem they've been with us before every once in a while if they're a little younger they'll say what is it and I tell them what it is and even children with allergies typically dumdums and smarties air okay for most allergies for kids so that's usually not issue but our bigger problem is the mom who it's not allergies it's the child's young you know if if it's the child's between close to two to three years old and there the first child they probably have not had a lot of candy and so that's really the changeover is when I have a first child come in there you know twenty months or a little older and I turned him on to see is it okay if they have a treat sometimes I'll get the oh no she doesn't we don't give her candy just like oh great there goes my day but usually I'll say something like you know uh she'll say something like we don't give her candy and you should I'll say something all right we're gonna go ahead and get started and um if you know if it any point you feel like you want me to try to give her a little treat let me know and honestly about a third of the way through our half of the way through there like okay let's try the candy now and I tell them why you know if she says that we have never given our candy before usually I'll say you know what it's today's a good day to change that we should probably you know break that out so sometimes I could get mom to you know put her guard down and I explained it's very small I'm gonna give him very small amounts so if you're not come from with it that's fine but very rarely is that a problem but we do have other things on hand like fish crackers cheerios we do have like a big kid's box that has bigger treats in the past they used to have like little boys that they could pick out a prize but I have issues with you know choking hazards and a lot of the little dollar store toys I'm concerned that for safety so so there are a lot of things that you can do but the biggest thing is you know first child syndrome if it's a first channelled you're probably going to get some resistance by the third or fourth child like the fourth child birth there like just give her a lollipop should be fine it's good so there's a barrier that sort of breaks down as the children age as well now this next video clip I'm going to show you I want to show you eight techniques very quickly and how rapidly because this is a good example of changing kit techniques very very quickly and this is how I do think so what you're gonna be looking for is um how when the child wants the candy I tell him okay do you want some that's okay we gotta hold the flowers before I'll do that and then you'll see the crinkle rapper rapper trick watch how he follows me I throw things all the time throwing is it's a startle techniques so when I throw things up in the air it catches their attention when it lands in my hand I've got that focus I do some trickery with like where did it go you know what we do tons of little children reading books and I always get asked how do you do that we stick candy in it every time and it's a technique where in this case I'm showing the technique but if I have somebody at the camera but a lot of shooters will say well I don't have an assistant well I didn't the first thirteen years either and I don't currently so it's one of those things unless helen and I get to work together so it's one of those things where I just learned how mom could do that I would have her kneel down by the book and I'd say okay now when I get back to the camera on account of three drop this piece of candy in the book and I would show her one time and then so she could be a great exist assistance they're certain words that are very prominent at certain age is this is a big one toddlers have they hear the same words over and over like for instance mohr when I'm giving a child candy with a toddler could do you want mohr and most kids know sign language and so when I will usually sign it'll say do you want mohr and of course they'll say mohr and mohr is a focus word if I say do you want mohr they will focus on me give me five game you're going to see that here going to see the book trick another word that we use all the time we have phrases and then we have words and the words that we use things like uh oh oh no if you say that any two year old what are you going to get you get this really serious like what happened you know when that works all the way up to two or three years old so you're gonna hear me all the time so oh no and I could take a child from really happy too instantly concerned just by using the totality of my voice so you will hear me the way we control children it's not with what we do it's with how we speak really busy child I'm going to talk really quiet a really quiet child I might engage them a little bit more so watch this video and see how many of those techniques you can pick up okay you hold this and I'll open the candy hold it for me hold it right here and I'll go open it ok hold it for me hold it ready ready one okay hold my flowers and I'll open it I'm gonna open it ready one so you are you ready we're going to give one to you hold on I gotta throw hold on hold that one simple but he liked to do it again do it again let's get looking away hold on ready one oh where did he go back there right here this is him one beautiful you want to eat one let me give him one first yeah well go eat this one this one mmm mmm good would you like more that one you don't know okay here's what I have more from standing in my flowers and I'll open up more hold it got a little cooper's good could you give me five hey do it again hey did you get me oh do it again I did you get me there you go good okay you know what dad ready it's you know it's hold your flowers I gotta throw it ready can I throw it up to you that's beautiful got it okay we're gonna sit down and read a book that we read a book one more time and have more candy ready for more candy I need a full body and what do they do sit down and I'll open it ready to open it don't open the candy you go sit down do you like what you want open it more way do you have uh give me a horse on a lot of that is well that looks a mess uh both hold my book and I'll get you more candy can you hold it ready hold on this whole mess to be fundamentals of auditing it's a good read here you want this you win a big o your car bring it over here sit down good listening right there okay ready now put that down because I'm gonna put a candy in your book you want another tree watch old magic candy where is it where is it excellent where did it go in there go get beautiful okay it goes up like this one that one ready to do it again give me five again all I need is a tight shot okay I'm not ready yet are you ready good blend that you're gonna get me what did you give me good I'm gonna get teo what no where did he go oh oh oh you good that's really cute ok you are all done can you come out you give daddy a hug you did a good job all right so you saw a massive amount of techniques they're almost everything I do I used in that little session couple things I want to note though is did you see when he got up he went picked up a car never try to take something away from a toddler if I would've said no don't don't touch that put that down he would have I panicked and it would have been the big deal so you saw me bring him in totally I said bring your car don't try to take it away I said I sat him down it was a trade off I said you know he was holding it was playing with and I said do you want another treats you want to treat okay well I'm gonna put this treat in the book okay put your card down and you know when he saw that kandi came out candy trump's car and I stuck it in the book and shut the book which engaged him he was like okay why'd you do that so of course he had to take the book he had to open it up but a lot of times if you're paying attention I kept saying do you want more do you want more and then as soon as so in his mind he's saying okay if I do what she says I'm gonna get this if I hold these flowers I'm gonna get more soon as he held the flowers and said give me five and he re engaged with the game and forgot about mohr so and you'll see that the techniques are just it's trickery honestly it's hum buggery is what it's called because we constantly try to trick children so that we get them engaged in a thought toe lock into what we need them to do and then move so quickly change direction so quickly that they're trying to keep pace with us and they forget about what it is they want it is important when you give them candy they have to completely to it swallow it so that's why smarties they're great but they're still they still have a process you cannot photograph a child when there whenever anything in their mouth they locked down and you'll see the candy or they just have a really awkward you know cheesy smile so so I understand when you hand them a smarty it's break time don't just stop and say okay go ahead chew it ok do you want mohr okay if you want more hold these flowers you also should note he's just barely I don't think he was too at that time I never knew the whole time you spoke to him do you want more okay we'll hold these flowers if you want more you have to hold these flowers if you want more you have to sit down they completely understand what you're saying it's just a matter of is what you're offering worth it to them and that's kind of how it works so keep that in mind particular is huge I mean that's something that I live and die by this it's one of those things that it was a happy accident when I found it and obviously it's something that I will always used because it works now with the little ones we taught you last year you know you can't come in quickly with a six month old and tickle the hell they will fall right over it it's it would scare them so we take it really easy I start very low and kind of creep in a little bit I'm totally watching their expression a child at any age especially that eighteen months two three as I'm watching them if I'm moving in and they lean back like this or their face get serious I stop don't keep going they're they're concerned if they're smiling of course I can go in and give them a tickle but if they're concerned usually I will stop but I'll say oh she would tickle mommy all right I'm gonna get mommy and I'll give my vertical as soon as you do that you engage what you do is you break the wall of nothing's gonna hurt you if mom smiling and laughing then I can go back to the child and usually that is the wall however if that doesn't work and I still can't get it they don't have the tickler to mom and I'll say okay you know mom you go give him a tickle and mom can play that doesn't I don't even shoot during that time because they're never gonna look the right direction I just let mom play from a nice okay it's my turn and then I take back over so it's what it is is it's barriers your take in one wall down at a time and you're trying to find what is that what is that kicker what's the thing that's gonna help this child so tickling mom first especially with toddlers eighteen months to two and a half that's usually you're going to see that every time older kids we have there are games so I will say all right I'm going to tickle you on when I come to you you say were are and you scare me away you're going to see that for sure today that will work with the top with the you know four to six year olds so all comes sneaking in and of course they say were are and I come back running to the camera like I'm a afraid and that engages them that's really funny to a child in that fantasy age and so we'll play that game over and over and it's endless I play that a thousand times a day it is never wears out kids don't get tired of it so you know what I could do it if they're shy because I'm gonna take a long mommy better scare me and she'll say were are and that's how it works so that's just you know one of those things that is endless and keep in mind this is years of figuring out what works if I tickle a child and they say we're r and run back to the camera they're completely engaged everybody smiling everybody's doing the same thing most important thing with the tickler is wherever the tickler goes their eyes go so if you tickle him and put it down this way they're all going to go like that so the tickler I gor are and bring it right back over the camera every time it's gonna be right back over the camera fact that's one of my big pet peeves with assistance is you know when I say right over the camera I mean right over it has to end right here because they will be looking their eyes will track that not you the whole time so particular is a huge huge thing in our studio the chicken is also a big deal to us um I have to tell the history of the chicken again because it's really kind of funny how this all came out when I was young the in fact to this day in my elementary school photography there was a photographer called the chicken man and he his m o was that he would take kids and uh kind of have to do a visual here you know how it works you're all lined up in the gym and you're kind of waiting for your picture and you know it puts you up on a stool he would run back to him cameron did say he'd be ready to have this chicken in his hand and he looked right at me go don't have mr chicken and he'd hit himself in the head and that's all he did he would literally put a kid on run back and tell him mr chicken bam hit himself in the head next shot I mean a thousand times a day this guy would well himself in the head with this chicken and honestly I was terrified of this guy I didn't I was just so scared in that age anyway so it's such an introvert and I I was so uncomfortable with this and I remember I mean we don't remember a lot of stuff about being little and I absolutely have a very vivid memory of the chicken man and so I would be so nervous getting closer and I was you know I was a crier believe it or not so back then so I can feel myself warming up in about years ago and I was getting teary eyed and you know I get closer and closer and I remember feeling so afraid of this situation and of course by the time he put me on the stool I was pretty much a wreck and he drove back to the camera and this is what's amazing if you took every picture that was ever taken of me when I was in elementary school through junior high and line them all up I honestly look like the happiest kid in the universe because as much as I remember being terrified every single time I was smiling so whatever he did worked it was something that it was magic a ce faras I'm concerned that stupid chicken technique was mind blowing so meanwhile I grew up and I forget the chicken man I don't remember you know this is something that literally I was walking in the mall I was with my oldest she was then probably thirteen fourteen that very uncomfortable age and we're walking down the mall and also out of the corner of my eye I see this chicken and the whole memory came flooding back to me right in the mall I was like oh my gosh the chicken man and I grabbed her we go running in this store and I'm like oh my gosh katie this's like the chicken man there used to be this guy that was our photographer who's the chicken man it was like he was like you know explain it you know he sent you up there and hit himself in the head and the chicken and here I'm squawking this chicken and my mom and my daughter is like mom knock it off you know what I'm like squeaking this chicken and freaking out and she said mom knock it off and I'm like katie you know your sentences the chicken manage his mom look and of course I look up but also I realized I'm standing in the not so nice section in spencer's you know for all those special toys are and so I'm like ford she's horrified like I'm squeaking a chicken and drawn all this attention to this area and she's dying and so of course I look at the chicken and I'm like I don't actually know what this is for but I'm buying it so to this day I don't know what that chickens for but and if you do shame on you honestly so I don't want to know because five concern it's just a chicken so of course I'm so excited I have the chicken I go running home and very next day I had this mode I'm going to do the chicken man things put the kid up on a stool run back to the camera like alright don't mr chicken back here myself this is not the chicken he used this one's hard as a rock you well yourself with this thing you're going to know so literally I did at one time and I'm like well that's super didn't work so I sense then learned how to use this in my style and what I found is it's a startling technique it's it's the scaring of a child now what happens is this actually stops the child in their tracks but it's a technique if somebody can grab the chicken I will kind of show it to you because it's not what it is it's how you use it that is so important and this took me a lot of years to figure this out but if you have found it if you have you know you're going to show you a video I showed this last time but this one I want people to understand first thing you're never going to do is just shove this in a kid's face because it's it's very concerning looking but what happens is its technique there all those videos like on the free videos you're going to get if you join us for you you will see this over and over again and it's kind of the running joke in our studio because if you ever hear in a video may say all right I'm gonna go ahead and get the chicken now what that means is I have had it with this kid and I'm gonna end this right now so the chicken tow us is struck down it's like we're done this I'm gonna get the last shot and then we're gonna call it so you're going to see it in his next video when I say ok but go ahead get a chicken now that means my assistance going okay this is over right now it's a technique I will pick up the chicken and I will put it behind my back and then usually like with a toddler a busy toddler I'm gonna have a chair or something on I'm going to say okay mom do me a favor I want you to hold him for a second see this chair right here when I count to three I'm gonna have you sit him down on this chair don't do it until I count to three so I go back to the camera it's behind my back and I'll see all right ready what I'm totally ready one two three and as soon as his little feet hit the ground I'm gonna do that you can imagine what happens to an eighteen month older we're wiggly wiggly wiggly and all of sudden that goes off and they're like and you get that like super serious you know somber looking like passive child that's a chicken shop right there that's that hole shut him down stop their feet from moving kind of a thing and so of course you know that's how we do this now it's the chicken is a one hit wonder you get that one shot and then usually they'll kind of startled for a second and then they might go to move I could try usually at that point I'll pull it out go like that and catch another shot because then I get that second startle one of two things happens after the second shot either they're going to smile because it's funny they see it and they engage in it or they're gonna want it and that's usually what happens is that they actually want the chicken so the chicken is the last thing I'm gonna do when we pull out the chicken because what's happening is I need toe end on a high note um here we go I need to end on a high note because I want to make sure that the last shot I get is a great shot because if it's been a difficult like those video I'm gonna show you a difficult session I want to show mom that image I'm not a big fan of showing everything on the back of my camera but if mom is going oh my gosh I don't think we got anything I could show this beautiful little somber and then the second one is that smiley shot I'll say oh my gosh look how beautiful and as students I captured I'm going to say oh my gosh did you see that that's beautiful oh my gosh that's your wall portrait and then I've locked in mom's mind we got it we got a wall portrait we're good to go so the chicken is really important you have to definitely use it with caution I mean it's something where you can I mean you have to be careful if a child's really nervous you don't want to scare them older kids think it's they think it's hilarious so it ends up in pictures and you'd be surprised how many chicken pictures I've sold because it's kind of a part of the way things work this is the actual chicken man so you don't think I made that up the chicken man actually the original chicken man started in the eighteen hundreds the late eighteen hundreds I believe and then our early nineteen hundreds and then his this is thie grandfather the great grandfather the grandfather this is the chicken man that I grew up with this one right here there is actually his daughter in law contacted me because she heard I actually gave his story in salt lake city which is where I was from and she contacted me and they just did a documentary about him now you can see his chicken is a nice little stuffed one that he had custom made so if you're going to use the chicken technique I think he should patent that and just use it but he literally is the same guy on dh his son is now the chicken man and his son son is also a chicken man so the chicken man legend lives on but it was really exciting when she sent me these pictures kiss I'm like that's the guy that scared the crap out of me so it was fun to see that that's just been I mean that is just an incredible piece of history but there is a real chicken man and if you go to youtube and look for the chicken man uh there was I watched a little piece of it and it was just incredible like it just brought back so many feelings when I actually saw this guy and the history that uh he actually has gone through so we're going to show this little video this is the one we should last time but I feel like it best shows not just the chicken technique you're going to see that but listen for the tone ality of my voice the oh oh no is it broken that's the one that really that's the isn't broken is a shutdown that's the one where they're like oh no you know and then I could say oh it's broke and I have to fix it completely locked into what you're doing so let's go out and take a look what happened what happened beautiful way throw it again here mommy throw it to me too I got to do it again one teo is gonna go way give it to mommy oh we're gonna give it to mommy you want to turn huh you gonna hold actually mom walk over there and just let him hold on to your hand stand right over there and let him grab onto your leg hey whatever will wear not take your watch off on that one side over here on your leg everybody come over here now actually get impinging on your leg uh huh and I wouldn't go for it uh let's go the other leg just because the light on best leg there you go that's beautiful just keep your hand on the side of his head all right they're ready okay do you ready oh no what happened what happened I'll fix it oh look I found another one another one stay there I'll fix it ready I'm gonna fix it right there beautiful hold on a mommy hold mommy oh one I'm gonna get you I'm gonna kid to throw it throw it one two three catch it actually just holding hands and caring and throw it against a there stay there one good job go home mommy okay what happened you know what hang on one second I'm gonna grab a chicken go ahead let go for chicken I'm gonna get something to keep him still hang on getting chicken ham over here what alright already so get going stand up this will get him to hold still what's that okay go ahead and stand up wait coming just gently just even hold his hand come what is a that always works beautiful one more series that chicken there you gotta quit that was beautiful I got the shots trying one more even just put into the side of his head comes a chicken oh no has he broken all right that's beautiful stepping forward into the light a little bit more and then you step behind that face again you just want to come see that chicken huh very go ahead let him go let him get it come here okay I hear you want all this oh there you go we'll give it to mommy there you go good job do it again try it for one more just holding his hand right there okay oh look okay does he have a now we is he broken I'm gonna fix it I'm gonna go oh stay there I'm gonna fix it oh it's broken ready on the they're where's mommy do you see mommy where's mommy's nose look at mommy where's her nose mommy's nose oh where's mommy's eye beautiful way got it ok ok we take a break all right so you get to see um those techniques obviously when you heard me get the chicken that was kind of my call out okay we're just about done and I could have ended with that chicken but you saw it came back into the o is it broken and just watch their expressions they get all serious stop and ponder what you're saying and so it kind of takes you through that little mode of ending that session when mom came in for that session she actually had specifically requested for the little child hanging onto her leg that's what she wanted that guy never stopped running that was the end of forty five minutes that was one of those oh my gosh is out of control session so if you had forty five minutes to see the chaos by the time we got to that point he was exhausted he was tired but he was not you could see he was everywhere he just wanted to be anywhere but on her leg so that chicken technique gave me that one shot and then of course the o gave me that little serious shot so it's definitely a great technique the totality and that chicken worked really really well

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Sandy Puc' returns to creativeLIVE for her Tots to Teens workshop! Sandy covers all aspects of creating a successful photography plan that spans from the young toddler years to the early teens. She shares her creative marketing ideas and practical business sense to attract and keep happy clients, and you'll learn how to create repeat customers—and stable income—by continually bringing clients back to update their child's portraits as they grow.

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Sandy Puc, I have attended a few of your events, in person and now on Creative Live. You never fail to deliver the gift of sharing your expertise and more. I am always amazed at how you have juggled a large family, your photography business with the university added, the teaching events that you do & the genuine donation of your love and time that you give with your foundation, NILMDTS among other things. You're an impressive & inspirational lady. Each time I see you, you refuel me, as this economy has been trying. Thank you. I bought the 3 day workshop, because it is a little hard to sit for 3 days straight without life and business distractions. I will watch again, and reference back as needed. I also bought your display kit for doctor offices/hospitals & malls. Thank you again for your amazing workshop and all that you so unselfishly give of yourself. Diana Brown Photography


This is by far the best photography class I have ever taken! Sandy does an amazing job at what she does!

Christine David

This is an absolute must have course for anyone who works with children. Watching Sandy work her magic is worth the cost alone. Fabulous workshop Sandy! Christine David Photography