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Happiness and Health

how does happiness affect your health well if you have a positive outlook on life you are less likely to get sick this is really one of the most important things as we get older when we're young a cold or flu you got a whole lot of people there to surround you and take care of you and you kind of have those big teddy bear arms but as we get older especially at that middle age where a lot of us are you know things start to hurt and things start to bother us and I have an injury on my hip that absolutely caused me a lot of pain but it's something that you know as I get older it doesn't get better it gets worse and that's where you have to really look at your health is it's not hopeful it's imperative that you take care of yourself because you're talking the difference of exercise and putting putting some time and effort into your life could make the difference of actually being mobile when your later years of having health of not being will chair bound of not being on oxygen I mean it's ...

just simple things that we should be doing right now and it doesn't really matter your age whether you're seventeen or forties or your sixties if you started making some changes right now you would change the entire dynamics of the rest of your life and sometimes it's hard to see the big picture is there things their habits and addictions and things that are hard to overcome but as soon as you do I think you realize that you are literally putting years days minutes hours on your life and it does make a difference because what happens is when you live longer the people around you live healthier because they have more happiness so it is something that I'm huge out of get for health and fitness I've always been sort of ah crazy girl spent years in the martial arts and that's where my injury came from the fund yeah that finally took me out of a competition I had a very serious injury I had my leg shattered in a way fight which was it was it was a good fight so but it it took me out of competition and that was really hard for me because I went to this very deep roots depressive side cycle if I had been training to fight in the world's for many years and I wanted to fight before I hit thirty five because that would be the last year I could fight in the younger division and the injury was six weeks before that competition so it was tough because it took an entire lifetime of work and just took it away from me and uh so I went through that whole cycle of gaining weight being frustrated of being sad and eventually I turned it around and tried to say I I took my own life in my own hands was actually after the bellies of babies tour that I said you know I'm just chunky and miserable and not happy and I started to really push myself and to make it a point and it's not easy I mean it's really hard to keep up the schedule I have let alone to try to stick some health and fitness and things in there but I don't want to be a sad sick old person I want to be a happy healthy old person I was in a theater once and I met this I don't want to see a little old lady but she was she was the epitome of a little old lady just adorable and I happen to be in new york city and went to see a play and I know she was put next to me for a reason but she of course was so sweet and started talking to me and she she just told me that she had just gotten back from I don't remember what country she was in and she started talking about her world travels she was in her nineties and was traveling the world she had a bungee jumped in her eighties and she just was telling me all this if she'd been alone her husband passed away thirty forty years before and she refused to let it get her down and I wish I would have got her name I know I was supposed to it's one of those things where I chickened out and for the rest of my life I'm gonna regret not reaching out to her and knowing who she was because she had an incredible story just on the breaks during the play we would just share things because I had just left in fact it was asia that she had been because I had just left china and the long and short of it was in a very short in a in an intermission she gave me a life story that literally changed the path drink uh change my path of the rest of my life every time I think about my hip I think I'm going to be her I'm gonna be that cute little old lady and I'm not gonna let this get me down so it really your outlook does make a difference because this is an injury that I could say you know I'm just not going in get up I'm not gonna bend down I'm not going to chase those kids and I just don't and it's it's just one of those things that you each of us has that thing that we need to change so what really makes us happy this was the other study I was reading last night and it is not money it is absolutely not it doesn't matter how much you have some of the most unhappy people in the world are the most wealthy people in the world look at the suicide rate look at the look at the stars that people this is what I was reading last night the people on tv that you know look at their lives and how messy they are and how miserable they are and they have everything and I always wonder what I look at people that air that wealthy and I'm like why don't you just stop working I mean for us and I'm assuming you're all kind of in my boat here and he independent billionaires in the room because I don't want o you know infringe or embarrass myself here but honestly I look at all that money and I think that if I could just have one million dollars in the bank I would stop working and spend all my time with my bubbles you know I would just be hanging out with them and I never understand that drive to just continually just pursue the mighty dollar because at the end of the day what does that really get you where I mean they're not not any happier uh than any of us so it's not money so we have to go back when it comes to our businesses in success we have to always come back to the fact that we have to make money and I get I do not believe that money is tied into happiness but I know that time is tied into money and to have the time with the people we love we do have to make money so the entire process of when I build a show is how do I make people money so that they can get the time that they want what is the best way to make money to get the time that they want but I would never want somebody to think that I'm money driven I mean I'm a born cells person when I was young I sold worms by the time I was eight we sold worms to fight I grew up on a very big farm we sold glady eliza ls your flowers door to door vegetables fruit from the time I mean my whole life was picking cherries and selling you know I would trade in my lugs of cherries for money and and so I get selling and I'm like I said I'm not ashamed that I sell things it's just that there has to be balanced you don't want people to think that that's what you are but I also know that some of the things we sell help a lot of people and some of the things that I created shoot and sell affect people's lives some of the charity week work we do although it's not sales there is the there is still the necessary step of creating that opportunity and there is a process to do that and those also changed people's lives so so happiness is not wealth and it should never be considered wealth now what you say matters what you put out in the universe matters it it makes a big difference there is a social media site out there that was pretty cruel they are they beat up a lot of speakers and this particular person just every day daily goes and has I just mean things to say about uh sorry this one hold on drink just mean things to say and it's kind of like watching a train wreck you know you don't want to go there and see it because you don't want teo to know what people say I turn it I was promised I'm gonna eat this this will help me and our country but you know you go there because you just have to know and you see this stuff in the point is it hurts people get hurt by that stuff and it's funny that it's adult we cyber bully and we do things that we don't realize in the status thing is the sheep a ll that we call them people because the people who somebody put something negative out there and then you got thirty people that will back him up and it's really sad to see that happen it does hurt and it does matter now it doesn't change ah who we are but can you imagine sorry living your whole life hurting people I would be horrible it just doesn't even make sense so you have to be really careful because every little thing you do and say matters there's a lot of times where in life we we say something and there's a miscommunication like even here yesterday I said something and then somebody came back and asked me a question I thought oh my gosh I didn't even mean that but sometimes my biggest problem is my face no offense but I have this very focused face and people read it as mad or upset or angry and it's just if you knew how much I think and how much time my my head is literally exploding at all times last night I could not force myself to sleep because I was thinking about life and people and and things and it's it's amazing so sometimes I have to step back in brandon I don't know if anybody caught this but way we break up little cough drops so that I can help my throat but you know first day brandon brought this in there and he's like here you know because he knows that I have this very intense look about me and I think it the honest truth is it's scarce people and people are very intimidated when I'm coming through because I'm like got to be here and I forget to stop and say hi hey how you doing good morning you know I just seem like I'm like this and so ah lot of people completely misread that so a simple thing like a smile and when he did that it's kind of funny because he put that there the entire day I was like smile smile you know I just kept telling myself oh yeah smile because I could feel that I was kind of melty mean you know and I'm not if you know people I think one thing but I am so not that the people you should interview are the people that surround me because they know I mean I have employees that are up to sixteen years with me so I can't be that intense because most people would quit so just keep that in mind what you say does matter it does hurt and it also helps you could help a lot of people just by using certain words so so be very very careful you know I have to I just like most people it's you know it's like the train wreck you don't want to watch it but you go there even on the chat rooms you know I go there and I'm like my feelings get a little hurt because people are silly and say things but ultimately if it's in you know there's a lot of things I do that you could make fun of believe me I'm definitely I'm definitely a target but make sure they're things that are really deserving of that on dh that that really would help so my goal is to remove all negativity from your life because if you reduce stress you become a happier person and a lot of times we bring stress on ourselves it's something that we don't necessarily want but we allow it to be stressful and it's a simple as as I said you know twenty three month old walks into your studio the last thing in the world you should do is panic because if you panic they're going to panic and it's going to go through doing good deeds does make the difference this was probably one of my favorite things that I read happiness comes not from your own achievements but from helping others they did a study and it shows that philanthropy gives us a better sense of well being than any other achievement period and this was something I read for forty minutes last night on how people who do good things have good lives period and they fight they have true happiness because they understand that it's not what you give our excuse me it's not what you get it's what you give that makes a difference so I challenge we're gonna end this show on a piece on charity and um I have the ones that I love you all have your own and I want you guys to really think about if you could just put more time into giving back how would that affect your own happiness happiness has a direct impact on your well being and your longevity and I want you to keep that in mind it really does make a difference happiness is something that you don't get it's not given and you can't buy it it's something that you have to choose from and it it if you are happy you are successful and that's really what I want for everybody so my big challenge today before we get into the shoot because after this it's gonna get hot and sweaty and crazy I want you all everybody out there to write the ten things in your life that could be changed to make you happier and then the ten strategies that you could do to actually make it happen to make this your reality so if you took a piece of paper made two columns and rid the writ writ if you get rhythm down if you could write down the things that the ten things that are the challenges in your life that you could change that would actually bring you happiness what would they be and then once you write those down right the strategies how could you these air simple changes in most cases they're not like you know massive life changes these air just really really basic if you have that list and if you trust me on this because I started this a while ago and I didn't I didn't actually go for ten I went for three because I was kind of I'm a little pieces person and if you could only do three that's fine too but I wanted to make sure I accomplished those things so if you every morning and every night review that list and you could assess your progress because it's not just writing it I am big advantage advocate for if you write it down it happens but it's the progress report it's checking with yourself every day what happens is way all know the rule twenty one days to become a habit so if you were every day for twenty one days to look at that list what's gonna happen is it is going to chemically and emotionally change your opinion when you are faced with that conflict you will actually make better choices you will make better decisions and that will slowly without it's it's not like you can say today I'm gonna quit this it has to be something that you entertain in your mind for a while that you address that you massage that you build that you that you it's like it's like building uh a bridge if you start with the centre you can't do it you have to build a really strong foundation and some of the hardest things that we overcome our very much like the keystone in a bridge because you can't get there without mathematically figuring out how do you drop that last stone in how do you make that bridge stay together on dso that keystone is really important the keystone is that final overcoming of that problem and we all want you know we have to build that foundation so in thirty days let's see what you changed I would love it if some people would post that up on creative life I would love to see some of those things I'm not trying to embarrass anybody or make people you know call anybody out most of us have the same problems I bet if we went around this room five of the ten issues would be the same probably more time with our families etcetera life changes like that so if I don't know if you have any you want to share yet or if anybody supposed it's funny I was just asking kate tio take that slide and posted on our facebook page love and then have people list they're ten I would love that and again if it's personal you certainly don't have toe throw it out there but a lot of it doesn't have to be super personal these air just things little things that could make if there's just the thing that bugs you every day you know like I don't know somebody who's just crabby every day they just every time you go to work you just just fire no I'm kidding just say something to them you know maybe reach out like I said it like my face is a good example of everybody is intimidated and we know that I mean I know that when I walk in a room I have a really hard time remembering to say hey how you doing good morning here's a hug you know and I have to really work on that so that's actually one of my things right now is being a softer person I'm just have always been a very driven person and I realize that being driven sometimes mean you it means that you barrel through people and forget that you're just you know knocking people down as you go and that's not who I am it's just how I how I am and I want to change that so so keep that in mind

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