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Social Media Marketing

Sandy Puc

Tots to Teens

Sandy Puc

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4. Social Media Marketing


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Social Media Marketing

stock a little bit about marketing structure and how we actually build up our business social media is an incredible tool and it's funny having been an instructor through the entire social media evolution has been really fun because the original I mean we were early adopters so the original social media things that we were trying to teach people it was like there's no way they get it you know and then little by little people evolved and they took hold of this and now it's for an instructor it's hard to keep up with what's going on I love this quote social media isn't the end all be all but it offers marketers unpopular unparalleled opportunity to participate in relevant ways it also provides a launch pad for other marketing tactics so this is what I love social media is not an island it's a high powered engine on a larger marketing ship I think the thing that I see a lot of photographers you know they say things like I do everything through facebook that's I had a discussion with a pho...

tographer once and she was actually on the forum so hopeful I'm not calling her out but it was early three years ago when I first started and she really kept putting out there I do everything I get all my business from social media and really got the from facebook it wass and she's like I get all my business from facebook and first I was amazed because I was struggling to get business from facebook and so I kept asking her questions on the form and going back and forth and finally it occurred to me I I wrote her a message and I said okay so you do everything on facebook well how many sessions do you do and she said well I do anywhere from two to four a month well it made sense all of us yeah I could run a business off two to four sessions a month I have tohave you know forty a week to pay my bills and so sometimes you have to be very careful that what you're hearing is you do your homework because just because somebody says that I get all my business off facebook well how much business do they need do they have a full time you know somebody at home that's paying all the bills and this is their fund money well then that may be worth and there are other photographers who are fully running their business on facebook so be careful with statistics and what people say because you really need to get into a little more depth and find out how does it work for you that's why I feel like I really want to promote social media is not an island sometimes people just look at it is like this is what we do there so many marketing resource is print marketing is not dead I'm a big believer in postcards and I'm a big believer in in male actual physical mailing campaigns because what they do is create a connection a tactile of physical connection between your clients there has to be consistency it's never been that you send out a postcard and get a hundred percent return in fact the percentage is three to five percent so if you send out one hundred cards you might get three to five phone calls and so you need to understand that and you need to understand that your first cards probably not gonna be the one that you get the phone calls on its the second and third and it's that consistency of when a client we're not an urgent need when a client gets our postcard that oh my gosh I need to call right now usually it's like oh that's cute and then the next one oh that's cute and in the third one oh christmas is coming I need to get holiday cards and that's where that connection is made so so staying president staying visual is important we'll talk a lot about that couple social media fax you guys know I'm a statistics girl these are all new eighteen point three million internet users are moms who read blog's at least once a month ninety percent of mom's air online versus seventy six percent of women in general that are online so understand our market is online our target market is there if women had to get rid of one digital device fifty eight percent with toss their tv while only eleven percent would ditch their laptops that just goes without saying I don't think people are ever going to use tv's in the future because I know for my children they watch everything on their laptops they don't ever I mean tv is such a strange thing to them so they are the future of the world and pretty soon I think the way we received media is really truly going to change there are downsides to social media and I'm just gonna throw it out here and put my my own business on the line here because the most painful thing you khun go through is negative review of your work in the past when I built my business I would get a letter in the mail and it would be a client saying that they were disappointed with something and they were upset and they wanted a refund I would be horrified I would just I would be scared to call them I would be uncomfortable and I would I would address these things and deal with him and I would just take care of it well now fast forward to the world we live in today if somebody doesn't like you and doesn't like your policy the first thing they're going to do is go make a nasty report somewhere and stick it out there for the whole world to see and it is like a million times the humiliation that you suffer when you see it publicly like that posted on a forum or on a yelp or something like that it's horrifying this has happened to me on day I'm going to show you one and this one crushes me it literally crushes me to the core because I'll do a little of sort of preface it by saying this particular session I had to do a lot of research to figure because she had an alias and didn't use a real name and it took me a while to figure out who this person I was but I did a charity event and we had incredibly low prices for this was like twenty five dollars and it was for the military it was a a pinup charity it was really incredible fifteen minute sessions you were always supposed to get one back and you paid twenty five dollars you got one background and you got a digital valentine the idea was for military personnel to send that valentine to their loved one so sexy and sassy and and so we did this incredible thing and we worked with the military bases and we've got some incredible incredible sessions but any photographer you know that when these people come in I am not a even though I can shoot in ten minutes once you get this beautiful woman that's all dressed up in her hair is done and she's looking sassy I can't just do one background it's impossible so I'm like triple timing and doing multiple backgrounds and trying to get people the best of what I can and they're only paying twenty five bucks and all the money is going to the charity so it's not even it's just one of those like back breakers you do because you love and you love what you d'oh so this particular person comes in they do this they bring their sister who was she was fifteen all dressed have been pin up and so I looked at her and even though she looked older in my head I'm going to choose not old enough so I finally had to ask her to hold her and she said fifteen and I said well just so you know I'm not going to do overly sexual pin up here we're gonna do some fun stuff but not you know I was glad I asked because the way I would have went if I didn't no she was fifteen was very different than what I did when she knew she was fifteen so on top of adding a sister and adding four five backgrounds and multiple choices and giving them the moon you know when she left I thought she was totally happy and life goes on well meanwhile a few weeks later I see this horrible review that went up on I believe yelp or one of these places and I'm posting up here so that I mean everything about this crushes me it just very misleading I did not have a good experience from the start if you're looking for a photographer do your research yes I will admit sandy is a great photographer she's very friendly and that's why she gave me one star however the experience overall kept me from using her again coming from a service industry myself I do not like how they contact conduct their business prices are extremely high at twenty five dollars for poor customer service prices very day today that's because it was a charity and my regular prices are high make sure you get before before you get started and get excited about your pictures that they tell you how much it's gonna cost you if you decide to purchase on a different day anyway you can see going through I'm trying to see I mean she was upset with our timing on dh that clients came in after her we had ended this particular day at twelve and some girls from the military called and they had been in military practice that they said is there any way we could squeeze in so we I opened up some extra time so just because she saw them come in she was upset that I had told them it ended at twelve and we let more people I mean just it's it's the way she looks it from her perspective we lied and from our perspective we're trying to help military wide so it's it's one of those things that the long and short of it is she said read the fine print they could charge you an arm and leg for prints and also use your photos for to see splay advertising I will not let them advertise in my salon ever again this is coming from a very frustrated customer to your search so when you see something like this I mean you know that melty feeling that you get where you're just like so upset like tears come to your eyes and you can't get it down you can't collins they take that off it's not true I mean there are ways you can dispute it and you can try to but it's a very long process and now this is just publicly out there and everybody that wants to look for macon see this and it's really hard now it's funny I had a lot of clients contact me and said oh my gosh did you see I mean it's even worse when your clients see it you're like oh but they would call and say I can't believe that we're gonna counter we're gonna write you a nice letter well we probably had thirty or forty clients that wrote and I believe this was yelp I could be wrong but wrote nice reviews to yelp to counter this and help won't publish them because unless I don't know how it works but you have to have a certain percentage of something and you have to be an advertiser the more you advertise the more chances you are to get people in it it really broke down teo even though I know thirty people said really nice things about me this is the one that is top front foremost and there's not a thing I could do about it so so this is gonna happen to all of us and with the world we live in today just expected happen now there is a couple that are good that are up there as well this is a client who said I've been working with sandy after and her staff since my son's birth ten years ago no sandy has taken all my family pictures and we're thrilled with him sandy oh gosh now hold on standing is not arrogant at all she's an amazing artist and has taken hold on wheels on the bus amazing artists and has taken unique photographs of each of my three children from birth on up anyway I can read it cause I'm too emotional so you get the gist of it when you see this she's the best line for me is yes she's expensive but all professional photographers are she's worth every penny for the beautiful heirloom she creates creates for your family in the end so I mean this is the kind of stuff that you could cry over one thing and then you see this and you know that hold on me bring it down here you realize that you do even though there's some bad out there there's a whole lot of good out there so I got my five stars back and you kind of have to do that and and to be honest with you we didn't have to go on solicit people to say nice things about people actually saw it and called us and said hey we're going to do this but it's it's okay if you see something negative to contact a few of your friends and good clients and say look can you go counter this because this is very the negative things are very damaging to your I don't know how many hundreds of people go to that and read that one thing and make a decision not to come to us and if people realized how powerful and how mean they're words really work this woman didn't even ever take the time to contact me in the old days I would've got a letter in the mail and I would have at least had the opportunity tio to discuss it with them and try to make it right where this person never bothered they just said something mean and just stuck it out there so so it happens to all of us and you kind of have to be prepared for it and the biggest thing is don't take it home to bed because it's unfortunate you could have fifty people tell you you're awesome the best photographer in the universe and in the one nasty person there the one you're gonna lose sleep over all night long they're the one that you're going toe internalize and they are going to take time away from the things that you should be doing so don't let it get a therapist uh don't be a turtle engaged in an authentic meaningful conversation with consumers engaging in a meaningful conversation with consumers will be the key to marketing success and growth even if that means acknowledging negative feedback transparency is paramount and I totally agree if I could have I would have had a conversation not to get her to change this or to make her change her mind but really just so that she would have understand the variables what she didn't understand is that this was charity and that yes I am expensive but these prices were only available that day what she didn't understand is even though I had to be somewhere else I opened up more time to do the right thing for people and so I get her point it's just shouldn't give me the opportunity to get you know give her mind so so when you're given the chance don't hide your head no matter how bad it is and no matter how embarrassed and upset you are go head on because the sooner you d'oh the sooner it becomes your past and that's really important okay websites I absolutely have to have a website there's no excuse not to the formats of websites have completely changed when I first got my first website it was incredibly expensive incredibly tedious and an incredible waste of money now anybody can create a website I mean we have created in literally a half a day websites that we're proud of popular features are minimal designs dynamic typography oversize icons and responsive interfaces such as drop down menus inside many's clean open fresh simple content is important good galleries are what get people what what get people to pick up the phone I mean you really have to have good strong imagery it's the pretty pictures that sell us you can write a thousand trillion pages of text nobody's gonna read it I mean none of us read we just like the pretty pictures and that's where you make that connection uh flash is still popular but make sure it doesn't take too long to load I always beat this one up we did a lot on this last time you have to be very very careful you also have to make choices because flash is uh it is something that creates dynamics but if it's slowing down your sights so much that you can't really utilize the people are going some round to have to be careful we recently rebuilt a lot of our sites this is our current studio site completely redid everything one of the things that right out of the gate that I've looked at that I want to change I think the the the menus are too small I think they need to be bigger and that's just again these websites have gone up very these air closer to the size I think this should be this is our high school senior websites you've seen different look different field we market differently to different types of experiences with us this is the tour website so you can see we've changed that and clean that all up and this is sandy puts dot com most people who search for me whether it's a client or a photographer typically googles my name and this is what comes up but we have so many unique websites that we sort of had to give a window to get to them all and so that sandy puts dot com all of our sites are with photo bids so a little shout out to those guys great job I think they provide an incredible service this is something where we built the first photo biz website we did was the senior when you saw and we actually created that unless we started after lunch and by four o'clock at night had a finished website there were a few pieces that we wanted to add but when you can build a professional website in half a day and that was two people working on it so if one person could do it in one day there's honestly no excuse not to have a good strong website you also have to be careful with what you put on the internet because obviously the copyright is important when you stick your workout there you are basically giving it to the universe you don't own it anymore anybody khun take it anybody could you can do what they want with your images your risk every time you post a picture online you have to understand your rights and you have to know the risks ironically and I'm not trying to humiliate this person but I do want to make it this is so funny to me because when I was in asia all the seven there's this big blowup on facebook that you guys caught that somebody had stolen my work and um there was a link to the website it was mine and super rice and another photographer and and I purposely took their name off this because I'm not about embarrassing people but these are all my images here and so this is somebody else's website and those are all my work and it turns out that the copy all the writing was somebody else's website um this is the gallery of maternity portrait's all all but a few of those air my images this is also the gallery all of those almost all my work I mean this entire website was built using my work their glamour portrait was super rises work their whole but the irony is we couldn't figure out where they got all these images and finally when we saw those little versions over there it occurred to us this is actually my creative live presentation they must have got the pds and they literally screen capped because I started to realize these air actually slides and so and I realized that this was creative live they had taken the entire creative life present obviously purchased it and they built entire website their entire website with our work um of course people recognize certain I mean sue my work I mean there's certain images that are very very our work and so people called this photographer out and in a very short period of time there was literally hundreds of photographers writing nasty emails and it's stealing is wrong so please don't think I'm condoning what this person does but constantly people kept saying what are you going to do are you going to sue him we're gonna go after them and here is my theory right or wrong you have to know how I feel about this yes legally they have done something really bad and yes I do have lawyers that could pursue and go after this person but the time it would take to do that and the time away from people that I love it would take to do that it's just not worth it to me I have had infringements on my work that were bigger than this I mean I found my work on everything from a coffee cup to another a lab that I don't use has it in their displays and some of those I will pursue because to me it's ah ah marketing issue that they're they're stealing in this case this is really wrong with this photographer did and what's interesting is they're excuse for it what he said is that somebody hacked his website and did this who does that like would you hack somebody's website and loaded with professional images and really nice copy I mean it was one of those that it was all so embarrassing the answer was so embarrassing I thought just go with I stolen you know honestly it actually makes you look smarter if you say that so so ironically enough it came down really quick in this photographer I'm sure is very embarrassing very humiliated as should be because stealing is wrong but as faras pursuing it I know that there are photographers out there that copyright their copyright and trademark is everything but to me it's a shame on you and I truly believe in karma and I think it's one of those things that it will come back when I mean this guy has been so humiliated and I think it's enough I hope he learned his lesson and I think a lot of other people did too so the point is just realized that it can happen to you when you stick stuff up there my name had been removed off of a lot of this and you know it so people can it's not you can stick the word you know proof across the front of it but that doesn't sell your work you put your name small anybody a mom with the camera knows now how to remove your logo out of there so just understand once it's up there it's not owned by you blogged images are very important most readers won't stay engaged in a post without at least one or two images that's so important you're a great writer put images up every time even if it doesn't even if it's just a pretty picture like have a have a collection of great images that you have that just your sort of filler for if you need something because people like pretty pictures and they like story lines but they won't read it unless there's something that engages their attention readership when it comes to blog's it's expected to go to one hundred twenty eight million per month in two thousand thirteen so a lot of people have said blog's or dead uh research is my thing I'm addicted to knowing why things work and I actually was a believer in the whole block was like a one hit wonder it the early bloggers really had this tremendous growth and then I thought it was dying I am I was dead wrong blogging is still and will always be a tremendous resource because of the evolution on how people receive their media when you're blogging you need to avoid excessive pitches and try to maintain a broad topic of conversation that's relatable for your greed reader so it's not sell sell sell sell sell its relate relate relate how can you relate to people how can you create those relationships how can you emotionally connected people if people love to hear about you and your personal life it makes a lot of fun I found that when I was in asia I started posting the trip because it was one of those every bad thing that happens every funny thing it happens and all of a sudden I realized halfway then the trip that there was a massive amount of people following what we were doing and I felt bad when I didn't have internet and wasn't throwing up you know and to me it's like do you why are you following this this cheesy little trip I'm on but people at the end when I finish the show finished the show finished the trip I could not believe how many people send me e mails and personal facebook messages and posted it that they loved being on this trip with me and it was so emotional to me that I had had these like we had like a hundred people in my suitcase the whole time and and they love the monkeys and the elephants and the snorkeling and you know that was it was sort of a mini vacation you know people were telling me they were checking every day just to see what I was doing and they were on vacation with me and that was pretty cool so there is a lot of power there you should encourage feedback asked for comments ideas prize giveaways or huge give people a reason to come back to your site you want to make sure that they're engaged with what you're doing giving is far better than getting I promise you when it pays off much much better we do have an active block we actually have two we have the studio blogged that is specifically just studio information and then of course we have the more the sandy pushed you know keep track of our lives this next tour that we're going out we're actually going to do ah video blawg well hopefully have a videographer there that's just capturing all the cast because after seeing asia and how interesting it was people you can imagine I live on a tour bus a good chunk of my year now we're putting six adults that way have a crew that were very tight and you know we are a family and when you sleep on a bus three months straight with somebody you get to know a lot in fact I'll tell you this between them I have a room in the back and then there are twelve bunks and then there's a door here so there's two doors and we call this area here fart obeah because imagine you know eight people on a bus through the night you know how that goes I have a door and I have to literally hold my breath and run through the door to get to the bathroom because there's just that that twelve people you know essence that lives in far topia so I just imagine these speakers you are from all over that you know they I think they're looking at is the glamour of the bus and I'm like man wait till you wake up one morning and roll out of your bed and you get to see what paradise is really like so so we're going to kind of document that and have people kind of see what it's really like because it it is very engaging in a lot of fun so well hopefully you guys will follow that facebook is still the ever present entity I really talked a lot last time hopefully a lot of you caught it on really not making face facebook is a pusher it's how we get people to hear like hear about what we're doing but we want to get them off of facebook facebook is a non controlled and see they could shut it down any time they want they can shut you down any time you want it happen to me I had my sight completely deleted um and I lost every person following me in it blink of an eye so I understand that as much as I have you know twenty one thousand people following me as of today I wish they were following my block because that way I would control when they you know who could see me when they could see me and and it would not ever be shut down so just be very careful with facebook this was a quote by kim bowser and he said the secret isn't growing a huge fan base they have one hundred thousand facebook fans but those fans have all come to us organically we believe the most we believe the more organic the growth the more loyal the fans the more likely they will be to be repeat customers organic growth is so important when it comes to building your social media presence in fact um I think that uh creative live is the best example of organic growth because creative live has virtually built this company off of people sharing information how do you get people to share that's the hardest thing is I always want to create something so amazing that people I love it so much they share I never want to ask please share this with your friends because I feel like I personally feel like that's begging or it's too obvious uh but then I post some things and they don't get shared and I'm and I'm disappointed so it's it's that fine line between being a good marketer between asking and dynamically organically getting that kind of attention and that's that's kind of what we're always going for so I wanted to give you an idea of an organic weird it's show somewhere this later but an organic idea doing something that makes people go oh my gosh that's so cool last year we taught you about timelines and several ways to use them as an example let's say you do a session and this is how we do it in our studio when a client picks up their order we do a follow up email and in that follow up e mail all we've done is taken one of our templates and we take our favorite images from that it might be one and we have templates to just have one image sometimes two and three but we take our favorites from that siri's we put it in a timeline those air premade template so it takes two seconds basically the client comes in they check out our receptionist then goes on and just so you know we pre make the timelines in the workflow process they're actually made when the client orders and everything is going to the lab you're already there you might as well just make your timeline there because you know that later on you're not gonna have time to do it so that's an important work flow issue but so our image artist is doing the artwork on the file she sent it to the lab takes two more second it makes the timeline and it's done now the receptionist checks out the order thanks the client and now she's going to send a follow up email and she's going to say thank you so much it was so much fun working with you by the way here's a special little gift uh that we wanted youto have and it's this timeline client didn't know it was coming didn't expect it what's the client going to do with that they're gonna post it in a heartbeat you have now given them your digital images now later I hope to get to the conversation about digital capture and are the you know the images and do we sell them or do we not but I understand the money is being collected we've the client's picked up their order I'm not hurting or infringing my cell by giving them this however I'm creating buzz and I'm creating that organic growth now my client takes this she throws it on her facebook she's so excited it goes up she tags us in it now all of her friends are going oh my gosh that's so cute your logo is present on that it is a marketing piece for you so now all the sudden all of her friends and it's gonna stay there for a while I mean it's going to be up on her facebook page for a while so all of her friends are going to be seeing your name and your logo on that's gonna create organic growth so organic growth is not uhm force feeding marketing it's honestly a backdoor almost like a secret technique how do you get things into clients hands where they're bragging about you without you asking for it so this is this is a great idea of trying to get people to push your name without being too pushy now a couple things when it comes to facebook there is a new promote button isn't have any of you guys use that at all you have used not not at all if you're making a post now you'll see a little window our little box down there that says promote if you click on that it's going to give you some options it's going to say you want to spend some money we'd like to get more of your money and you have options for ten dollars it'll hit five hundred people and for twenty dollars it'll hit a thousand people and for one hundred dollars it'll hit you know nineteen thousand people so what this is doing is it's actually what it's doing is it's putting your post up in the feed where people can see it so that you get visually you're guaranteed to have people see your post I have been testing this and frankly I've been very impressed now I've tested it on ly twice with my studio and nominal success is very hard to track even though it says five thousand people see it well half those more than most people that follow me even on my studio pager photographers so I know they're not going to book a session where I've tried it on like with esp you memberships and like the tour we launched a tour I purposely didn't launch the tour in an email blast the first place I announced the tour was facebook and I did a promotion because I needed to separate it from any other marketing and I was actually pleasantly surprised that people that promotion didn't make a difference so again hard for me to guarantee anything with the studio because most people have followed my studio are photographers they're not gonna book but I would be really I do believe that it does create a present and it does have options for budgets you go as low as ten dollars and as much as one hundred dollars but just keep in mind that it's something that that could give you that little kicker I mean if you're if you're paying for it and it's easy it's literally promote they take your money and ten seconds it's not even it it's amazing how fast you can spend money so I would say tested I'm not saying that it's successful I'm saying tested I have had success with it on a different business level but I I think there's something there so I would love to hear some feedback eventually on that all right facebook etiquette etiquette don't say anything online that you wouldn't want plastered on a billboard with your face on it um I think that's really important because I think that on any level social media blog's forms people can become very dominant forces I know that there's one girl that I follow that's just super pro america but almost everything she says is very negative about everything else so as much as you you first want to go wow go fight win you know love america but then on the other side it's it's kind of offensive to everybody else and so I'm not sure I could put my name on it as much as I believe what she's saying and I'm very proud of who I am in my country I don't think that you need to step on other people to do to be that way so and again I'm not trying to pick on anybody but I'm just saying like she's made a statement she's saying this is what I believe and I will get in your face and tell you what I think and that's you know and that's how she is and to me I look att every statement that I make as a potential crush meaning that you khun one one statement could actually crush your business that it could affect a lot of people and it could I could maybe make people turn away for a very long time so I'm all about being happy and friendly and positive and making that happen now we're gonna finish with this is um you know social media a gimmick and honestly it's no longer a gimmick this is how the american people want to receive their news and they want to hear from us there's a lot of things out there with social media that are incredible that our great tools to work with one of them this's this is one that I consider gimmicky things like group on and living social and some of those this has been the funniest battle of my life from the day I saw a groupon I thought it was tacky I thought I hated there the explanation you know they write those really campy cheesy things so I kind of turned my back on it but then I started hearing photographers that were having tremendous success doing this thie averages tell you that if you're going to sell a ton of cheap things you're gonna get a ton of people that are gonna take the freebie but you are going to get some gyms in there and is it worth the risk so finally about a year ago I'm not I thought I didn't really need to do it but I wanted to tell if I'm going to teach this stuff I got to know sort of how it works so I thought I'm going to try group on I did sort of a high price groupon I didn't really want to do like a ten dollars kind of give away so we did the baby program knowing that it would do a few things that would limit how money if I just did a family session it would be hundreds of them I did a baby program because you'd have to have a baby b I put out price point higher than anybody else so that it wouldn't get a ton of people cause I just wanted to see what type of people would do this this went out and I thought it was the end of the world I was reading on forums and post all these photographers just went after me and said oh her business must be so bad if she's resorted to group on I mean this is um most hateful stuff out there I was dying over you know people saying that obviously things are bad for sandy she's group pawning it now you know I'm like I just was why not try what if what if it was really successful well then I'd be totally fine throwing it out there but just so you know how it worked out I mean these are the things that I think or gimmicky I know lots of students that are very successful with ease I know some that have completely had failures it's so random why you would succeed and write why you would fail that I couldn't even give you the analytical reasons it's super random in my community there's a photographer every other week so I'm competing against the universe where some people maybe they have a stronger hold their butt out of this we book seven baby program to follow through for basically took their freebie and walked would I do it we've actually tried to others that I'll teach later in another program but I would do it again but I will constantly refine it until I find the thing that work I'll never do like a super cheap freebie give it away because that in the long run I think does hurt you but to me try everything there's no reason not to your best client in the world we did get one client out of this that was a very good client and will be for a lot of years so what I say it's tremendous success no but that's a client that will spend hundreds and thousands of dollars hopefully over the next few years couple reminders and then we'll close with that it is a mobile world so everything you have that social media related you should check it on your phone and make sure that it's working that it loads fast that it makes sense that your format is working and my theory is always if you know me it's a marketing renew of theory if you could market it you can sell it to so everything you know if I know that everybody is it's a mobile world and heck let's put phone covers on everything and sell those too you got a good job so so my theory do you know how much fun I've had with this people constantly pick it up and say where did you get that and I could tie it into my studio I want this in every client's hand that I could get and my logo is nice and big and prominent on the top and this is the kind of stuff we just did a whole campaign it's got to come up on sandy puts university by the way I haven't done the phone campaign yet you haven't got that yet right so we just tried it in ours we tested in our studio first we just a whole campaign where free phone cover with the session and blah blah blah worked really well people love the concept it's a loss leader it was a way to get them to go a book a session and it's been brilliant and I just want every client I have to have that phone cover because that is like the best business card it is a solid hard not going toe be thrown in the trash business card you can't lose so it's a mobile world sell it I feel I can we can we ask you a few questions before we go to break okay first question shannon I apologize in advance shannon cars off ski asked from phoenix arizona um about your name as your brand what do you do in your last name is one no one I can say or spell my name is but yeah a couple other people would ask that timewise says my first name is not pronounceable at all I constantly have to tell people how to say it it worries me to name a business something that can't be pronounced what are your thoughts on that and then photo beam said sandy stated that her name is her brand and she uses it for all of her work what she do if your photographer who shoots different genres of photography having the same name on all the work might confuse clients or is it the other way around let's start with the first one as faras the first conversation there are people who have really long rap because you have to consider the signing of your prints and things like that so there are ways around that it's it's branding so if you're going to stick with something stick with it if you decide to not use your name then really work your whatever your studio name is but be very careful in the choice because honestly I see some and I don't want to say any of them because I would offend photographers out there but I've seen some really hokey business names that don't really apply to photography and they kind of don't make sense to me obviously there are personal thing but try to find something that at least emulates the the style that you want to be if you're going to be you know in this I'm making this up silly cakes photography well that gives me the feeling of little kids and fun and playful if you're going to be you know grand gallery I have this vision of formal portrait's in a nice gallery so so if you're gonna name your business I understand that you're creating a personality and your name should relate to your personality that you're trying to create number one number two if you do have an incredibly difficult last name I've seen a lot of photographers that you know if it's you know uh juliana jankowski's then she might be jake a photography but she sticks with that all the time I've seen photographers that have very long difficult names that uh commercially they use a shortened version of it so like giuliana you know my daughter has an incredibly hard to hurt name is juliana but it's it's polish is j u l j m so people say jewel janna so she goes by jules so it could be jules I mean you can change it but just understand that the closer to me the closer you get to your own name I think the more your client's khun relate teo you personally so if you could be a j or jewels or you can shorten it I think that's a great thing to consider I would rather see a j photography marketed for twenty years then go through an evolution of expressions by sandy push expressions you know of colorado etcetera so so there is no right answer because I get the point with the name I just think that you have tio you have to consider your brand and if you can get it right the first time it's a lot better now what was the second question I'm sorry the second question from photo being wass what if you have many different genres are they shoot would you use the same name for all you know what I wouldn't in the sense that we have had that in the past they used to have an event company and we had a wedding photography wedding photography company and those did have different names I wish I could remember him it's been that long but and I wish I could remember them but they were separate because thie event company was like lo and low price and I did not want it to relate to my portrait studio and the wedding company was really something that the reason I separated it is I wasn't sure I was going to do weddings forever so I kind of wanted it to be his own unit which worked out brilliantly because eventually when I dissolved it it didn't effect it wasn't that sandy wasn't doing weddings anymore it was just that side of my company closed so I'm okay I think I'm okay with that but I would say that your signature brand the the peace that your that's most prominent whether it's studio work the thing that has I think you should attach your name to the most branded elegant dynamically designed a piece of your company does that makes it so for most people it would be your studio is your name and then your side that the side things like events and weddings would be that separate entity does that make sense it's also maybe one more little question before we go to break is from a bruce f um and the question is actually now this question is from sarees does facebook promote option on facebook do you know what does that uh push promote the status to your current fans and friends or is it extended to a global audience see and that's what I was wondering because I'll give you my my short answer is yes it pushes it to other people because like my fan base in my studio is twenty five hundred people and it gave me the option to promote to five thousand people so in other words it's either doing one of two things and I have not got that answer but I would love to get that answer it's either molt posting with my within my fan base multiple times so it might be that comes up twice so that they for sure see it or they are promoting outside of that ring but I don't know how they would do that so my guess is that it's just a multiple post within the people that you're already that are already your fans because otherwise how would they choose who they send it to so I'm going to get that answer before we get this thesis this three day over but that was that was a question I had what I can tell you is that it worked for us I mean whatever it was it definitely definitely sit and saw an increase in sauce um phone calls from it so it's worth a try

Class Description

Sandy Puc' returns to creativeLIVE for her Tots to Teens workshop! Sandy covers all aspects of creating a successful photography plan that spans from the young toddler years to the early teens. She shares her creative marketing ideas and practical business sense to attract and keep happy clients, and you'll learn how to create repeat customers—and stable income—by continually bringing clients back to update their child's portraits as they grow.



Sandy Puc, I have attended a few of your events, in person and now on Creative Live. You never fail to deliver the gift of sharing your expertise and more. I am always amazed at how you have juggled a large family, your photography business with the university added, the teaching events that you do & the genuine donation of your love and time that you give with your foundation, NILMDTS among other things. You're an impressive & inspirational lady. Each time I see you, you refuel me, as this economy has been trying. Thank you. I bought the 3 day workshop, because it is a little hard to sit for 3 days straight without life and business distractions. I will watch again, and reference back as needed. I also bought your display kit for doctor offices/hospitals & malls. Thank you again for your amazing workshop and all that you so unselfishly give of yourself. Diana Brown Photography


This is by far the best photography class I have ever taken! Sandy does an amazing job at what she does!

Christine David

This is an absolute must have course for anyone who works with children. Watching Sandy work her magic is worth the cost alone. Fabulous workshop Sandy! Christine David Photography