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Shoot: Katelyn

okay so you guys have been paying attention what do we have to do again anyone recalibrate recalibrate and what else I s so we've got to switch our eyes so we have more light over here so I believe we were at I s so one hundred uh what was our anybody remember aperture over here five point six or eight close I actually I think I did go to a five point six after I got going but we're gonna start at eight I'll take a meter reading um and just for fun I'm gonna meet her out with a real meter handheld meter sandy you talked about adjusting your white balance are you custom white balance all the time my what custom white balance all that custom white balanced every single time I switched sides this is daylight balance that has a blue cast to it this studio strobes so it's gonna have without balancing its gonna have that yellow tones so we're creating creating a neutral balance taking it to a neutral gray point and that way we're gonna have a good clean exposure now I'm just we're exactly wh...

ere we were this is it five this is an faa this is at four point oh remember because it's something I would normally not do is this umbrella scenario so please note that this is this is macgyver here and what would this be at if anybody's paying attention is that fate five six thank you so one stop less therefore yep it's five six point one we're good to go so nothing really changed which we knew um how old is this show huh you look like a princess how are you gonna take your picture today I'm so happy what is your name getting kalen you're beautiful I like your dress what color is it what's that is that pink pink what's this you know is that white that's pink on what this one is this blue cool and where's mom your mom could she have a t r e a t when we're done okay she certainly doesn't need it now when they go and call your name and you've never seen them before you're kind of in so oh I'm her sister that's also wear we're gonna play games you have beautiful eyes and these eyelashes are to die for she's in so we're done there will be no candy and this went on the end so take your picture and play games you wanna play games and then we'll have a treat do you like do you like candy too like lollipops oh gimme five we're gonna have a good time okay well let's get to work then already let's take that out we're going to go all right we're just doing a standing shot here okay all right and miss helen you've spent time with the right look at her she's like lining up this's good all right all right so let's talk about light so she's a little older typically these a real quick tips because I don't want to wreck nous but typically the base of the soft boxes located about between the elbow and the shoulder is what I'm deciding so so just a quick tip there since she's a little older I can start giving some better tips she certainly isn't gonna find this is not gonna take and I could get a little more creative too because we are on short time frames were shooting on every twenty five minutes um two thirty minutes so that's very quick this is a test I already know my lights out of place but we've got good shadow and good detail on the side of the face so I'm not gonna lower it to much more because I got love that background oh my gosh that's a whose background is that silver like a swell that's awesome all right caitlin what's this take the lor your ride shi are you a photographer yeah okay I was like that was good who am I gonna tickle with this I think you're right ready I got it should I try you should I try you okay I'll try you all right are we going to get your nose are we going to get your ear okay hold on to the chair I'm going teo teo did she go ok let's hide mean where to go once three pick up pick up can you pop up pop up but he went todo yeah good girl okay very good can you hold on again hold on because you know what mike on my cue rp the quicker this place is loose you want to stay okay hold on I'll help you okay because I think we broke that a little bit of got a little broken shipping and I don't want you to fall over and hurt your nose is it broken where tio this's gonna be it this is perfect by the way way to go teo there's years oh she's hiding don't bump your head when you come up all right ready oh you know cute down there can you sit you want to sit on the chair I need a let's have mom come over here I'm gonna put your legs appear now in her age we can follow the rule of tummy away knows towards the light because she's old enough to take a little direction biggest thing is safety here cause she could topple often it would be over so mom you're going to be this close don't worry about lights or anything whatever you do do not take your eyes off of her if she hits the floor it's over k crash your legs this is the age where they can't how old is she is she three she has three at three they can start taking directions so she can cross her legs but she won't keep him there forever okay put your hand here but see she starting to take posing decker direction she also has a mom that's a photographer that helps don't move I don't know oh did you go to sleep wake up wake up wake up do I have to get you I'm gonna get you one I think you had a few there we go are you awake oh um I got to get you because you're a wig now you have to be really careful because that's an awesome shot because she's on a very small chair I'm not gonna come at her with this if she leans back she's going over should I throw it should I throw it ready you stay stay go whoa I got to do it again so I've got my smiley shot now we're thinking about now we're thinking about different poses that we could do a collection so have mice money shot oh no you know what cross your feet guess what cross your feet christofi I think it's broken oh no what are we going to do look at its broken crate here she thinks we're talking about her feet look right here is my tickle er broken oh no what are we gonna do to you should I fix it's broke and I'm sad oh you know what I can fix it guess how I'm gonna fix it guess what I'm gonna do I'm gonna get a chin down that's what I'm gonna dio I'm going to fix it beautiful do you know how I'm gonna fix it I'm gonna tickle your mommy is that a big zit no I know that's awesome good girl okay shake I'm coming closer I'm gonna tickle you ready can you look right here and right you are silly how can you look right here and say say candy can you cut your hands when you clap your hands hey can you look right here and say you're crazy am I crazy really no I'm not now we're gonna watch this we're gonna go back to sirius okay put your hands together okay ready oh guess what it's broken again its not working what are we gonna do should my camera is broken oh no that's sad huh how are we gonna fix it can you see the light can you see it where is it can I fix it do you think I could push this button and then fix it alright look right here can you go did you fix it let's try it again but I think you fixed it did you get it you didn't get it hold on ready I think you fix my camera here it comes oh beautiful guess what hey do you know what you came to have it it's caitlin correct kalen do you have a puppy do you have a doggie you d'oh you have a little kitty doggie what is ginnie dougie what's his now what is this kiddie doggie's name nana no I like non that's um so mom we gotta pick up a kitty doggie good luck with that would watch her carefully all right ready bring that hey guess what can you give me five no fast oh uh mommy can do that out out out out crazy can you do it again just watch her okay yeah you are so silly oh my goodness guess what oh I like that face let's see she's a little young for making faces but I bet we can pull this off watch this okay kaylin can you show me show me happy happy can you show me sad should you show me angry are look at me can you show me can you show me so I like that one your own version can you tell me scared oh no can you show me said can you show me silly if a silly face can you sticking your pr there you go good like that do it do it do it all right now you cover your eyes hide your eyes hi drives anyone to teo what you what you do yeah that's awesome I just need one that is awesome so what we're selling here I wanna show you this later is make this is very young to do it making faces by the way I just need some variety what's this what's this oh there's a tickler oh look it's going up here to get the ladybug beautiful and anyone down and we got it what's this down here I just want the eyelashes and make sure she stayed in the frame one more oh you wanna get down I'll help you win minute one minute one minute get the ladybugs got to get her get her beautiful okay so what I just did is a serious of about five or six images ok come down and I need a standing one to go with this serious so I'm gonna have you you sure can just give me a minute we have to do some more pictures cannot a teddy bear something she could hold but boop oh that the umbrella would be awesome for this all right baby girl oh look I have something for you to hold what is it ready one two three blow blow blow cough for well uh oh you know how to use it okay come over here right there it's raining stay there it's raining don't move let's move her forward just a little bit so she's not out of that pickering's come right here okay it's going to rain stay there stay there it's going to rain it's gonna rain oh no what's gonna help that light's a little hi it's raining oh no it's ready are you getting wet are you getting wet can you go stand over there ok come over here okay stay right there because I got to get you a treat so don't move stay right there because it's raining don't move so we can get a candy okay don't don't move we've got to get a big treat look right here and can you stay can you say you are a big girl can you say candy please good hold on with two hands good and look right here and say right now good in the pregnancy wrath good let's try particular going that was awesome by the way okay ready I'm gonna come get you and you say there are we'll stay there stay there stay there I'll tickle mommy should get mommy okay stand right here I'll tickle mommy and she'll say rar and scare me away do you think she can scare me ready here I come ready mommy what two it's not raining is it all done okay you fix it that's okay oh no that's ok don't worry about it should be close it mommy will help close it go ahead and let her let it close in just hand it back to her can you go stand there and now she's a little embarrassed but she's doing good come back it's okay if you want so feel their expressions you can kind of see like that startle her love but can't hold it right here well there were two hands because I have to ical mommy and she's gonna say rar and scare me away okay here she comes already have the shot I need the o r where'd she go there's one two three grating where'd you go I'll go over there hey guess what kenny but guess what I'm gonna throw this out out you got a hard on is it getting you uh what are you gonna d'oh guess what I see a bug I see a bug there he is appear do you like you want to get it oh thank you you got those she's good at this game she's got the bug you you're a mommy but can I be a baby bug okay you be the funny bug and I'll be the bit standard here oh stand up those stand up hold this I'm going to be the mommy but no you're the mommy bug right I'll be the baby but oh I'm gonna go find my mommy stay there stay there where's my mommy oh no where did she go right here beautiful all right we've got plenty there let's give let's bring her out we're actually going to change her clothes so come out we're gonna change the clothes I'm gonna try to get her change without giving her a treat but she's very aware of the candy so we'll see where this goes questions yeah we definitely have questions okay sorry right uh photo girl had asked how do you handle a child it is very talkative actually talking is good but you just have to get them engaged in saying what you want them to sew that's where it with mommy's a monkey daddy wears diapers that's where you don't want to shut them down never say be quiet or shit or anything like that no negatives all positives but really just engaging them in conversation I mean she's very thes kids so far have been kind of unusual but it's kind of cool because she understands what we're saying I said there's a ladybug she went over and got the invisible ladybug and was interacting with it so she's very smart little girl mom's got some skills in the fifth ta gra fi world too okay these were like the coolest backgrounds I have seen these air all news may so I picked him but they looked different today was awesome when you're big so that's cool but super fun there is a new one to sandy quick question how far are the kids from those backdrops would you say currently there about four feet on my studio would be with continuous light about four to six feet honestly the further you pulled him off the more you can throw that background out of focus you can see I'm pretty far away from her I could change lenses and be with him three feet of her but I don't mean to me it's worth the extra effort you see we're sweating bullets here but it's worth running back and forth to get that look that we're going for so I because of her age I'm gonna have been on the tripod a lot more than I would be at home so I'm gonna go ahead and pull off the tribe didn't do a few for mom and then I'm gonna pull off the tripod and do a few more we get a great about to get a last shot was awesome cute things and then I'm gonna hand hold a little bit more okay this outfit is from mabel's cottage and that's for on etc so you can find it there I'll wait until mom I mean have you pushed back the tide of it so we could get that uh it's important to have your great card exactly where your light is going to be so down right where the chair is all the way back he's gonna put it in front of her a little bit thanks just because you want to make sure that if you're using it as a meter that you're get whoa I forgot what did I forget to dio anyone I esso and I think the aperture was down to five six so we went from f eight to five six s so one hundred or four hundred we're gonna repeat it you can just put it there we go all right so now we're re meeting and looking at the history on this time since she's getting dressed what's going on I'm gonna white balance first then I'll pull up the history ma'am so that uh it's a little under exposed so you can see it's slightly under so we're going to go ahead and make some decisions here I could push my eyes so up or I can change my aperture eye because she's not moving very fast I could definitely change my aperture I'm gonna open up to four five so we're going only that history in one more time and now you can see we're still a little bit under but we're getting closer uh so I think in this case I don't really want what did I lose I have my background light on so I never lose anything so I don't know if the sun has changed a little bit I mean there's a little bit I know there's not a lot in here but it does make a difference I don't really want to go pass for five so we're gonna go to five hundred and see where that takes us that's probably going to be more light on the background that I want but history comes looking better let me take a look at that without a history I mean without the meter yeah I think that's good to go sometimes when working with busy children I don't get all the time in the world to look a quality of light and I just have to go go go and that's where oh you look beautiful you're like a princess oh my oh thank you are you ready to go are we going to eat our treats way didn't eat them yeah how did we get some candy yet no we need some hush we sit down and get a treat okay we'll start with the chair okay sit right here and hold on we're going to get a treat hold on right here you put two hands right here nash again she's opposable that's not always the case at this age I'll bring you to the light good ready uh uh here's the uk hold onto the chair ready are we gonna get hold it with two hands on this is your own pose version keep your hands right here what color candy do you want you want pink okay put two hands right here and I'll get you pink stay there do you want a big one or a little one kalen do you want a big one or a little one little one later or big you're a big girl can you look right here and save big candy yes that's awesome can you look right here and say say right now yeah you look right here and save rar you scared me I'm gonna come get now should I come get you uh oh guess what I'm going to come get you one oh you scared me good girl you are scary oh you are crazy all right guess what guess what do you know what I think it's broken oh no my camera's broken oh that's awesome what are we gonna do what are we gonna do oak we fix it do you think oh you remember how to fix it yes oh don't touch that oh that's pretty mommy fix it a little bit more so we fix it alright guess what this time if you want to fix it sweetie you have to clap your hands can you clap your hands pretty fixit oh is it working is it working does this one come with a hat that's okay we've got a hat person too so I'll try that let's see just cause that's bothering her alan do we have a hat with this outfit yeah this is one of the little sets from mabel's cottage and it comes with most of their sets come with the gloves that had the shirt the shirt the hat and a headband so kind of covers there was a hat is it well then we might not have that there is definitely I had here but it might be in the other room so let's put the bull back on if we can and if she really hates that we might find the hat by then you found the hat oh god it must have been so is there a bow for let me see that thing for me is that clip yeah so we can take this one as well so this is what I love when I get a little uh clothing that I couldn't switch kind of play around with oh that's pretty hold on guess what way have to tickle you again you know she took a mommy should take the money okay ready get her guess well oh guess what I'll see you later bye I'm going away good look right here and say no way yes way that's awesome good girl nowhere you sure go behind the chair and play peek a boo go behind the chair go on you can get down go around the chair go behind where's cannon oh she's where'd you go where'd you go you are crazy one more word to go where to go ready go I can't find her there she is good girl where you I think you okay guess what now what are we gonna do she go down on the floor let's get rid of the chair we haven't way haven't done a whole lot on the way we do a lot of work on the floor so sit down come over here good girl you want to do a princess pose this's a tradition traditional this is like the little mermaid this would be the traditional girl pose we're gonna talk about tomorrow I'll put your hand right here stay like that okay don't move because I have to get the big candy oh where is that candy hold on I want the big one now since we checked it like oh I want a big big big one do you want a lolly pop okay stay there and we'll get you a lolly pop hold on don't move get the stripe another way already whoa all right ready go guess what are we going to get a big lollipop look right here and say we're are hey can you look right here and say candy please ah good girl can you oh where'd she go where is she there she went away by sea later oh theo you scared you scared me uh we're tio where'd she go you skinny this's how you get pounced on by the way okay go back go back go back good girl okay ready stop stop stop stop be really careful by the way these fake backgrounds lots of kids especially little ones think they're real and they will go ryan to them thinking they're going to stop and they go right through the whole okay go stand in the middle mom you could just kind of lined up in the center go stand there ready we're gonna play a game ready can you put your hands together put your hands together ready oh that's a good one can you look right here and say I like candy yeah can you tell me how you dance dance uh uh uh you love me there you go spin I actually want to switch her back to the little hair because I just she's got shorter hair and I'd love to see more of her hair so okay ready we're gonna dance again you're gonna put your bow on hey kanna what color lollypop are you gonna have a blue blue and pete you want to okay put your bow on and we'll get to should we get to wait we're gonna get to lolly pops it's gonna be me so just kind of lined up in the middle yeah I like that just cause she's got such big eyes okay ready who's gonna get to lollypop stand right there ready I think it's broke and hold your hands clap your hands together okay now stop hold it hold it and put him on your tummy good good listening look right here and say say hey lady hi can you look right here and say candy yeah do you like candy ready look right here and say uh oh should I tickle you I'm gonna get you know I got tio okay go back go back go back ready oh guess what guess what that's beautiful guess what look ready oh I just said show me happy face happy if that's not a happy face that crazy thing's still maybe that's not a happy ah guess what I see you say okay you're awesome okay what time can you come back all right let me have a smarty real quick helen or somebody guess what I'm gonna get to treat now oh here it comes now she's kind of over the candy thing you see in the beginning she was totally engaged doesn't believe me anymore it's not important so hey guess what we're gonna do the candy wrapper noise trick see how long we could pull that off oh look what I have somehow like what is this what is it that can be okay I'm gonna open it ok you want kids will do anything you want them tio if you put your hands like this and I'll open it can you do this put them right here under your chin and I'll open it don't move I'm gonna okay I'm gonna open it but I think it's stuck stay right there and I'll open it don't move don't move oh I think it's stuff should I get a big one oh look right here and say now we're gonna go for the smile say candy please for good girl put your hands back and say ross god you crazy go always there a ladybug in the light don't move where's the ladybug k one more gonna get rise up where's the all hands up we gotta get the candy hands up put your hands on under ten are we done with that let me give her a treat now that was awesome comeere pink here's a blue one eat it helped me ok go back over there we'll get more stop right there hands up I'm just missing the smiley one look out and wait for her to choose can't do anything don't touch it to attention we got to get more candy put your hands up hands up like this put your hands like this can you do that and look right here and stay say you're crazy you know that can you look right here in st rock ah she's she's still chewing you could see her teeth or doing weird being she's moving her job stay there stay there ready oh did you eat it all gone did you eat my candy I'm going to get go stay back there scoop back I have to have by the same right there stop stop stop stop hopeful back are you ready for two candies do you want to know what's our time on her we good we're at thirty okay good because we can finish and we've got lots of stuff all right one more time she's got little string that came off I think what is that ok ill done are we done I'm gonna do one more lay down shot because I just want to show you at this age she's three now she she seems older than this just closer to three and a half three left so she issue first child to second so she's really really articulate and very smart honestly not that the second child is not smart by the way any second child's in the room so yeah I'm sorry but first I mean we all know that the first child tends to be the time of the one that we spend the most time on so I'm gonna do something that I wouldn't normally do with this age but she's very good listener oh you're doing so good they want to help me I'm gonna lift it up lift it up up up up up up up good girl but I just want to show you the versatility of this light so what we can do here this is really hard to do with a camera stand actually can't be there with a light stand don't move her out of there just went to get her were okay but that's what my oldest name is so now again this is not a three year old pose but I think we're gonna even though we're at the end we're gonna try to pull this off but I think it will be fun just add a little variety for the session good girl ok do you want more candy uh let's have you and I normally and put her on a soft drug but we're just gonna go for broke here can you sit right here we're gonna lay down can you lay down and I'll get you a big candy just watch your head lay down we're gonna get you a big treat you want a big one okay put your hand right here two hands they're gonna stay there and I'm gonna go get you up big lolly pop do you want a pink lollipop okay don't move don't move I'm gonna get you a pink lollypop do you want a pink or blue blue and pink should we get blue and pink that is awesome we've already nailed it one more it's a little hot so we're gonna bring it down a little can you look right here just checking the light quick look right here and say blue good and keep it right here in st rock beautiful and I already got the serious one so let's give her a round of applause she did great kitty you can stand up let's get a treat want candy come here I got a big hug to because that was awesome can have a hug yahoo oh oh thank you there's candy what do you want oh do you want a lolly pop to it this good girl give mommy a hug now to make a low alright sandy wanted to let you know that uh mrs joe robertson is saying my three year old is saying candy please can aunt carla is also please is also one of the words we use a ton because please is the same thing is she's it puts the mouth of the same position so please but in connection with the candy it's it's something that they'll smile for so good one more sandy carmen strong photo says my twenty one month old is watching with me and she answers all of sandy's question she's just went funny she said she just went oh on that's what's funny is I'm not kidding I have a ton of the target out there that say my kids love your dvds logic is nodding her head it's the weirdest thing but I think it's that childlike connection they just like to watch me because I'm kind of a goofball and I relate to them so it's kind of funny I have more photographers post on facebook my kids love watching your dvds then I have photographers saying I love you maybe I should become like a gymboree that clown or something just start a whole new business I don't know

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Sandy Puc' returns to creativeLIVE for her Tots to Teens workshop! Sandy covers all aspects of creating a successful photography plan that spans from the young toddler years to the early teens. She shares her creative marketing ideas and practical business sense to attract and keep happy clients, and you'll learn how to create repeat customers—and stable income—by continually bringing clients back to update their child's portraits as they grow.


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