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Tots to Teens

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Shoot: Young Siblings

Sandy Puc

Tots to Teens

Sandy Puc

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Lesson Info

26. Shoot: Young Siblings

Lesson Info

Shoot: Young Siblings

all right we're gonna jump right in because today we're doing double time I should explain the attire I actually thought we were shooting in the night time so I had some shooting clothing available and yes I know it's a big shout out to s for you all my students but it wasn't meant to be I do want to discuss theeighties and the knot on the role I'm tryingto like relive the eighties and that's what we're going for this is actually my nightshirt but it's the best I could do so I apologize for the entire however honestly in my studio I mean business dress is important we try to look classy but I don't think I ever let yesterday is the first time I wore shoes in one hundred thousand sessions so I decided to go all me today and I have my feet out so today we have we're talking about sibling groups and special needs our first sibling group are young siblings and this is probably where most people struggle because you know when you have three children under the age of six this is where you're...

really gonna have a hard time figuring out poses and masterminding control and so we want to show you that we have three beautiful children here but they are little and so hopefully you'll see a little bit of of what would really happen in a session as well as how I solve the problems like yesterday and then after that I believe we're going to go right into older siblings and this is kind of a unique when I believe we have two older and then one younger so in eighteen sixteen and six this was one of the hardest challenges I had when I was starting out is what do you do with a little person with big people how do you create a composition that flows well so that the little person doesn't look like they're not really part of the imagery so we're gonna cover that and then I believe we're gonna handle special needs with siblings and individuals as well and in all of the sessions that we're going to do my goal is just show a sellable session so we want to show the group as a whole and individuals now normally we're on a very tight thirty minute twenty five to thirty minutes schedule for these kiddo so this is not a normal session in the sense that normally I'd have a full hour and fifteen minutes I would use he's forty five to an hour of that the one pose I'm going to dio with the kids together or variations of it and then I'm going to individuals that we're going to switch backgrounds and clothing and do one post variations in my studio I would be two to three different poses on a background and two to three on the other background so there would be four to six different options so we're gonna be a little short on the options but today it's really about working with those ages and stages so we should be able to get out but because we're on a time limit we're gonna go right to work so I think we already covered all of the equipment yesterday if you pay if you were here and we're watching these air continuous lights with west got we're also going to be using photogenic studio strobes um I use both in the studio when I have little ones lot multiple little ones or I know there's some movers I tend go towards the photogenic because they stop motion have more light to work with continuous light I love the natural look and feel of it but I would I would probably shy away from it if I had three very busy active kiddos I want to make sure everybody's and focus today we're gonna do a little bit of both and we're gonna hopefully compensate that by changing our apertures so same x pattern we talked about I have a background light I have a kicker light I have a main light and a reflector we're gonna have that on both sides of the room and not much is gonna change there and I'll just call out my exposure's apertures are not exposed my aperture shutter speeds and everything as we go so let's go ahead and get our little ones in here they're beautiful by the way and I need uh it's brielle believe jimmy charlotte is a little bit okay that was something else all right you guys you ready do you remember what we talked about yeah three guess what do you remember we talked about candy way talk about having a treat do you like lollipops to me what color do you like what you don't know you know what color you like yellow you yeah no I like yellow too because your baby this charlotte like lollipops see you later she likes to see that's being a third child right you've given up with us charlotte is a smiley buck these kids are gorgeous brielle are you going to get a yellow lollipop all right green lollypop that's cool yet something I'm sure I'm gonna get that off got it okay so we're gonna go and we're gonna do some pictures and we'll play some games and then we're gonna get a lollipop okay all right so already and I can't talk very much during this but already I can tell the personalities jimmy's really focused on we'll do real briel is actually the one that we're gonna work the hardest with because she's seeing everything around here and it's very normal and she's you know a little overwhelmed so it's going to be a matter of reining her in now we're very lucky charlotte super happy this girl is just radiant smile so it's gonna be a lot of fun but she's just eight months so she is sitting up well but there still is a safety issue she could get bumped by a sibling and topple over so we'll get to work all right let's go ahead jimmy come on in I mean you could be my big guy because you're gonna get the big lollipop hold on I'm gonna move this out of the way a bit right there all right jimmy now I'm gonna put you right in the middle here can you sit down right here criss cross applesauce you know that right oh and we've got good news because little sis I'm gonna turn it this way a little bit uou can you go down again criss cross applesauce can you switch your legs up crisscross applesauce you know how to do that I bet you do because you're pretty smart won't looks painful sit on your bottom there you go so you're going to get green lollipop right and brielle you're gonna get yellow yellow cake real come sit right over here and you stay right there but oh you look so pretty sit down now this agent to we're gonna talk later about the poses at two they cannot do a traditional girl pose I wouldn't even bother trying to force her legs into it so stay right there and jimmy don't move because we're gonna get you a candy and helen if you want to just compose that drop it down all the way okay stay right there okay don't move now remember we talked yesterday about putting the little one closest to the life look ahead on bring him also mom I'm gonna have you kneel down right over here you're gonna play guard in case she decides to take off um or we're gonna turn it all the way in for safety we're gonna go this way epps aerial oh good job jimmy and already okay here we go so you can stay pretty question bringing he's in a little closer all right ready charlotte we're good to go helen reddy you already did that one what's this do you know what this is it's a tickle there am I gonna get you uh oh should get daddy so I get oh you gotta sit up yeah sit up to me can you sit up for me it was crossed out stuff that's ok did she pull you over it's a crazy baby huh heading in a slider and get ahold of her again one two here we go ready starlet charlotte but I come getting teo good we're done that was perfect just kidding e no no no no no oh yeah can you sit up real top should tickle daddy again take o right here one and go ahead and let go over for him and I know she wants to take up but at that age if an older sibling hold on too tight the little one will get upset especially when they're eighteen months to two ready I'm gonna get you what's this wait for the baby one two three get ready what you don't get it here no don't get that way you ready e jimmy said april tell your big guy one too wait don't have to push that any further now go ahead let's trot it out so good to me can you lay down on your tummy oh good job the nice thing is a two year old is gonna do everything he's here for he's bored to your okay jimmy's good over here so we've got a little there you go get close together but I'll get close and jimmy there you go criss cross your arms and set up till there you go now we have to make sure she doesn't get lost soul jimmy I'm gonna slide you back a little bit but state every o stay right there you're gonna get a lollipop now the baby is not going to sit she's not gonna lay on her tummy at this age in fact I'm gonna separate since she's in pink I'm gonna separate I'm gonna put your sister right here the baby's gonna go in here okay this is a great way to get their heads on the same plane so that the baby's not lost so she doesn't look so small this is that one of my favorite shots and it's a huge seller telling her we're gonna be able to master mind shooting from up above way probably should show them that pose so mom I'm gonna have you plopping her wipe her mouth so quick wait here we go guys right in the middle are you ready slider forward and jimmy scoot back a little bit right there oh good job you're gonna get two embryos it close to your baby came I won she can't lay down lay down I'm sorry you're a good listener lay down great listening scoot over close one nobody move ready here we go oh I get it get u e o u o I scared charlotte hold on oh did I scare you that was too oh it's okay it's okay I saw that charlotte ready ready ready one two I got to do to get one so I gotta reset give it a second weigh take it real slow because I startled or get a little loud pretty keep your toe should I get your nose you bring your hand and again once you get mommy oh watch e o it's ok one and I've got a fix really oh I'm sorry baby I don't mean to scare you get I know it's okay it's okay it's okay ready ready patty cake cake hey hey ready guys can you give me five can you give me five give me five and she's missing her mom so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna stop because I know I have awesome shots pick her up and give her some love you're doing great I scared you huh she's like halfway in between I want to smile and I don't know so now this is a good chance where I already know I have a shot this is a good example of don't push it because if you d'oh you're gonna lose her all the way so let's give her some love time and now I can work on individuals so let me grab something here okay guys stand up can you stand up for me so remember whenever we're selling gabriel staying up uh whenever we're selling we're shooting we're thinking of items things that we can sell to a client so way want to do collections thank you you look so cute jimmy you want to go standby mommy for a minute and brielle you stay there can you stay there he looks so pretty here we'll put you with set up on this very minute we just want to get you covered near something I do want to mention is this's happened when I started cake routes criss cross your legs thiss happened a lot when I was young shooter um let's say you had three kids and one of them decides to crash and they're just not gonna come back it's really important if they're siblings not to leave one out I've seen photographer sale this one just wouldn't play so I took these two if the bomb has three children she doesn't want one of you know she's not gonna want an image of just two of the three so you have to work really hard and not give up all right bri l guess what guess what what's this now we're looking for art pieces what's this is that a light oh where did it go where does it go oh there it is yeah ready oh you're so greedy are you princess hangout we keep locking up here I don't know if that's a delay of somebody let me know if that's just the way I have to wait for do you like candy I like candy do like tickles tickles you d'oh never I gotta get her nose back there you go good girl do you like do you like tigers o you do what is the tiger say you got me oh no why didn't you oh beautiful and when you see me do that I'm turning her nose and they'll pull it back quick so just her eyes comeback so that I'm getting the nose away without and they only do it for a tenth of a second all right give mommy a hug okay jimmy your turn alright but crisscross applesauce up here you know how to do that right crisscross applesauce cool scoot back turn this way good job still having issues ok all right buddy using for siri's alright jimmy no hold on whoa we're sliding stay right there oh jimmy you know what I think it's broken is it not working what are we gonna do do you think yeah he's like your ball of it oh it is broken oh no can you put your head like this it's not working I'm gonna try to fix it okay hold on that's pretty common head tilt what's that right there this is how you fix it do you see that is there a lady but oh my goodness there is a bug right there hold on let me get her so to get a chin down you just have to go where you neither chintu go okay now hold on I got her can you see her hold on I'm gonna put on the light okay right there just hold on to call her back okay hold on big guy we'll get it right there just pull it back do you see do you see her jimmy can you do me a favor can you blow on that ladybug oh my god is she almost got you are crazy jimmy look right here and say you're crazy so I'm not and now look right here and say I want candy now you do you really want candy yes all right well I think in order to get candy you have to get tickled once I do it he pulls his chin back so you're gonna constantly see me bring this down because I got to keep bringing this you can hear me ready what's this it's coming to get you you better look at it oh no there it is so that's just a way to control the chin and I do that a ton if you hear me say that helen bring their chin down we'll touch the floor or tell them to look at their toes or say there's a ladybug something in order to get that done good all right buddy you can't see me I'm hiding you can't you can't see my arm I'm invisible ok I care oh that I could see your toes here it comes you better look at it got it okay again so that's just controlling his chin good job buddy give me five okay hot down let's get your baby sis in here mom you're gonna stay close neil really close you're not in the frame if you're nearly right here watch her do not take your eyes off of her if she falls it's over okay we got some dual hate me because I'll be quite honest I know your brother sister love you just watch her there you stand and bree can you stand but how can you stand behind mom down I'll have you come in and just kind of help a little bit too oh very just pick her up for a second yeah just get daddy big hugs you'll be right back and so this's a little just whatever you do do not take your eyes off her list fluffer dress up a little bit so what I don't want to do is come in with the tickler cause she's gonna lean back and she'd go right over it's really important we always tell mom it's her job to watch the baby I know you're in a high note that I have to work too hard uh charlotte charlotte bless you is a funny smile issue oh no where'd she go watch your watcher watcher where did she go with teo can you clap your hands hey started yeah very nice you know the drill huh charlie oh charlie oh no uh oh uh oh I'm getting this one to be serious might not happen I need the chicken actually wear we go I got it already never mind she let me just do it just to get her toe go real serious this is what I would do if I needed a watcher I need a serious face you're not even scared already oh you don't like your crazy girl there it is I'll take it I got it okay you could live around there okay let's go ahead and change their clothes we're gonna switch the lighting and we'll keep going what's that okay brandon switch on the motor way can answer questions whether changing have a question from mama sarah who says I have a six year old a four year old in a two month old all girls what would you do differently if the youngest was not able to sit up yet I mean pot's wise what would you do there is an incredible pose that we do from up on a ladder where we lay them down and shoot from above what that does that's the very strongest pose and it's the biggest seller because uh all of their heads are proportionally the same when we lay when you shoot from above it compresses the facial features so instead of being three d they're more flat is a good word two dimensional so of course when we put their heads all together we said that we could make a nice triangular composition composition and we can make the baby the focus so I will try that it requires pillows and blankets and I think way could make an ugly version of it in my studio we have all white material are all cream material and so we can we can do that but I'm not sure we'll get time to do that but it's something maybe I can find an image and throw it up in the show later uh basically it's laying them down shooting from above the question is how do you get them to lay down that's the part that I wish I could show you but we're just a little short on time today so we'll see if we could make that happen if not I'll throw some images in the show all right and we have to go because we don't have a ton of time so I'm gonna reset the camera we're now gonna goto s so one hundred over here we were it I so four hundred we're gonna go backto also one hundred were at a sixteenth of a second and I believe any of the great card but I believe we're gonna be great who dance party alright and I can answer probably one question because there still dressing any questions from our audience right just push just a little bit further back on the guy go ahead and grab her maybe you need a meter I can answer questions uh in a typical like our forty five minute session in your studio how many background changes an outfit changes do you do with little ones this stage probably two to three with older kids maybe four helen is closer to five so it really just depends on who's shooting but three with a minimum of three our goal is to always give the clients three options but honestly that's not always gonna happen because um because of the you know the situation if they're if they're if they only give us two that's fine if they only gave us one that's fine but it's not our preference that's what it is all right hang on one more time what is this all right if you guys slide that way for two seconds and I'll just catch this real quick go ahead thanks all right so I could meet her out properly we're f ate here we want to make sure this kickback here is not gonna really affect anybody ok five six that's a little hot way this back a little bit so it's not spilling out onto these guys like I said this is kind of our rig macgyver style background line not would not be my normal choice um on our kicker where four oh I really want this to be a little lighter because the kids I don't a lot of a lot like a strong ticker because they're gonna move a lot and I don't want anything to blow anybody stays all right good we're good to go oh you're still ready I'm gonna just start with the chair we're out of time so let me just have the chair oh did your hat come off oh to do it again so like these outfits are all us and we love it because we can totally control the final outcome k stand up stand up stand up three all right it's almost candy time who's gonna get a big treat free do you want to you want teo okay bring look at me see how she just goes to the chair she's like right back to the candy she's thinking alright too I'll do anything all right jimmy come stand up can you stand over on this side and you stay there every year a pretty princess let's fluff your dress and you still don't know he's gonna stand up you sit right here because the baby baby charlotte's gonna go right here so we'll put your legs right here criss cross applesauce can you bend your legs can you bend your legs let's see if you could do that but you're falling over was just let it hang down can you put your legs like this all right and this is a tough age they can't really fold their legs they can't do um you know across the feet usually for very long I gotta sit up this year's kind of small on you up there you go okay ready let me stand right here because we're gonna get those candies turn your tummy this way and put one hand up here right up here and one hand right here just put in your thumb in your pocket you look so cool all right ray stay right here okay we're gonna get a lollipop so she's got the wiggles so I'm gonna show you how we're gonna get her back okay we're gonna get a yellow lollipop right mom I'm gonna have you being stranded on this side don't move because it's candy time okay this's my fear I don't want him to blow out and get rid of this before I'd let him blow out same thing do not take your eyes of whatever I'm doing just watch her turner in this way so she's less likely to fall hey I know you're getting tired of this uh ready helen go ahead and jump in but since we're out of time we're just gonna do a partnership here ready okay jimmy scoot forward a little bit right there stay right there ready ready brielle I'm gonna get your toes I'm gonna get your toes one to jimmy I'm gonna get you no way beautiful to I'm gonna get the light oh knowing tickling the night beautiful am I gonna get gonna get priest owes I got good job alright when I come get you you say boo one to say boo good job all right now take charlotte out for a second and I'm gonna sit him down so let's scoot you over breathe it's a little bit and jimmy sit right here let's go vertical keep your hand let's put her in this way ok good alright instead of real tough can you sit up real tell jimmy you said we'll tell you gotta hold everybody up stay up there okay we're gonna try to put just keep your hand on the ground cause it to they do not like to be touched tall those stepped all this's for the lollypop if you stay big like that you get to lally pubs stay right there and you get to write and charlotte's gonna slide in here you could hold her feet cause we're gonna go with a uh panoramic right across middle we're gonna let her get settled ready here goes well and just keep her out you just hold it right up in there I'm gonna try to get okay ready you're falling off that's okay turn this way a little bit and then put your hand out ready teo you got your way above on a ladder ro quick drive a ladder oh okay come stay there jimmy sit up tall ready ready ok breezy I'll tell you what you go and bring her up with ken what you're armed though maybe that's the last one jimmy and then we're gonna take you by yourself ready one theme noises we make we do it on purpose you can hear their attention getters with multiple children you find off again well let's get you a lollipop set up real tom will you just hold on tight and bree put your arm behind your sister right there just like that ready here goes stay right there jimmy get close to three ready this is it quick did she get me jimmy look up here can you say boo I need the chicken real quick I got to get their eyes all the way up oh you're okay hold this for a second I'm gonna I'm gonna get this thing very reality here are you finding three where's the smarties can I get some smarties you stay there oh no it's okay well I think we get it real quick I just have to get you have to get everybody's attention on me so we're gonna use the crinkle trick you ready for candy ready ok it's just a matter of getting them to concentrate so these two were hand we've got them locked sit up tall because we're gonna open that candy okay stay right there what's this what is that okay sort of real tall jimmy do you like these kind of candies you don't want a lolly bob you want okay I'll get you set up real tight okay briana and open it sit up tall real tall up here they're embry you sit up tall ok ready I'll get it stay there ready one stay there stay there I'm gonna hold open it won can you say say candy she's feeling very pushed here goes ready charlotte sure but I need a new toy hang on take his hat off try another one okay ready in my studio by the way I have a studio tightening camera stand this would be all locked down on the stand which makes it much easier pulled that so that I don't have to keep grabbing the camera this is what's killing this show okay stay right there you go again where's that where's that candy we lost the candy you have to go find him yeah what she's mad at us she's being pushed away from her mom okay put your hand down ready one to sit up real talk we're gonna get this kenny should I throw it want to do it again what two they're engaged now I got it okay breathing over by shot and I'm gonna throw it again you it's okay just lean over and then I'ma throw it once in a real tall jimmy real tall one oh no oh no here you throw it and just hold it up one jimmy lean over by bree to spread over the camera that way I'll take it I'll take that last one ok let's relax because I want to torture I'm gonna get one shot of each of them alone you can stand up for you stay there okay jimmy you stand right over there by dad right there pre where to go let's get her hat back on actually that rose looks cute right ready I gotta check the light it looks like you got a little hot somehow so I think something got bumped in the yeah did somehow we got bumped teo this's why we like to have a tripod it controls everything for better already free uh oh here comes helen she's going to get you a beautiful can you clap your hands clap your hands okay okay hold him tight but you have together stereo you know I got it for sure all right jimmy come here buddy let's get his hat on its right there just warm okay but you're all done go give mommy a hug it's treat time for you jimmy you can stay right there because you're cool dude actually you stand up for me mom way don't go without that come stand right here jimmy you ready for your candy well stamp tell thumbs and you're gonna stand up you get stand up right there thumb in your pocket because after this you're getting candy right okay turn your tummy that way stay right there buddy don't move stay there so I'm going full body three quarter three quarter vertical three quarter horizontal on we're done check that light again okay what's happening what's going on you can't do that what is going on that's ridiculous all right ready could bring a shin way back way one more jimmy you forgot to tell me how old are you your four ru four hundred no my four hundred look right here and say you're crazy all right we're done why don't you go give your dad a hug you get them kenny we're gonna do our little one with her I'm definitely getting one trip in and she is done by the way the reason she's so agitated is we spent too much time trying to force her into something which I would never do um you know for her let's throw what let's grab bree skirt as well and throw it on her way to get the shot but we just have to tow I just want to give her a little more fluff weight loss right sana all right so we don't want to push her away we're gonna take it really is because we're gonna finish this I don't know you'll have to get to the middle and find out okay go stand over there we're gonna take it really easy just get a couple shots I'm gonna do full body I know you've had it I wouldn't even attempt to do this but I know I could get her back so all right charlotte oh oh paddy cake e you which way to go radio waves mission hi good and then I didn't take over yet you play hockey let's try to set her up a little bit but I'm wondering if she might get mad but try to lay her on her tummy with their heads facing this way if she's got another go it just might break it up a little bit for her alright might really make her man she's like okay take her up she's not gonna like that what you're doing you know what she does she hold herself upon things that all she could have a little bit okay ghost and my daddy for just a minute oh you've got an owie someone's gotta now we go show daddy she's like you gotta be tough to get two more thank you thank you she still looks like she's a little lean back so let's fix her let's try let's see if she'll stand if I have an idea pull her out of there let's see you shall face this you can hold under her skirt wear you down with that bullet out see if she'll sit on the floor let her do whatever she wants to skip her own space way have locks or what choice you have weight watcher don't their fullback dropped that light way just to get a thinking about something else and she's just had it so we just have to get her out of the torture mode way go she doesn't know that's a very nice shot okay you're still a miss helen now mom's not gonna want to buy a picture with toya but leave it alone for a second oh what is it okay ready helen put back there I just need two more shots of full body and then a tight hordes on what you ready one two I do it again one two I got you okay to close up wars I don't u comes can you get it e oh so if she wants it I'm gonna give her a second with it you do it again she didn't get it can have it for anyone to do to get one too I got a good girl yea sure you're such a big girl uh what's this what's this what is that way what what is it oh there goes kay will take it alright she's done

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Sandy Puc' returns to creativeLIVE for her Tots to Teens workshop! Sandy covers all aspects of creating a successful photography plan that spans from the young toddler years to the early teens. She shares her creative marketing ideas and practical business sense to attract and keep happy clients, and you'll learn how to create repeat customers—and stable income—by continually bringing clients back to update their child's portraits as they grow.

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Sandy Puc, I have attended a few of your events, in person and now on Creative Live. You never fail to deliver the gift of sharing your expertise and more. I am always amazed at how you have juggled a large family, your photography business with the university added, the teaching events that you do & the genuine donation of your love and time that you give with your foundation, NILMDTS among other things. You're an impressive & inspirational lady. Each time I see you, you refuel me, as this economy has been trying. Thank you. I bought the 3 day workshop, because it is a little hard to sit for 3 days straight without life and business distractions. I will watch again, and reference back as needed. I also bought your display kit for doctor offices/hospitals & malls. Thank you again for your amazing workshop and all that you so unselfishly give of yourself. Diana Brown Photography


This is by far the best photography class I have ever taken! Sandy does an amazing job at what she does!

Christine David

This is an absolute must have course for anyone who works with children. Watching Sandy work her magic is worth the cost alone. Fabulous workshop Sandy! Christine David Photography