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we are good to take questions and go are ready to go all right cool let's take a couple questions cora willis king asked or said I was so inspired to here sandy say that she began her career using a piece of cardboard covered in tinfoil as a reflector speaking as someone who is using a car's sun shade as a reflector I can truly relate my question for sandy is what was your first major purchase for your home studio probably I mean lighting equipment with something and this was way back apartment studio it was I had to have some sort of lining because being a natural light shooter I think there's some advantages very natural beautiful but there's some disadvantages I'm in colorado in the wintertime you got six months that you cannot go outside and get beautiful images and so lining equipment was really the first thing that I invested in back then it was strobes you know and now I would get continuous light as well but I would say lighting equipment so that you can control the variables a...

nd then from there take it easy as much as I have great vendors and sponsors I don't want anybody to go in debt as a photographer the economy we live in is just too scary and everybody should really look at what they're doing on this is how it was because I was poor when I started it was get one thing and pay it off and then get another thing there has to be justification you don't you don't need anything in photography you need you and a camera honestly he's a white wall is a reflector if I need to sew sew really don't look at all the sparkles and diamonds and things that we offer his things you have to have um they do improve your sales they do control the elements but you know take it easy don't get yourself in debt because if you do that that's again it takes time away from people you love and ultimately takes the happiness away too so just be careful so question from photos by johnny we saw earlier you're set up and we're going to see that in action with being on the tripod but she wants to know or he wants to know and she's from mt gilead north carolina do you ever use a wireless shudder wireless trigger to great quest so that you you can interact or you don't have a real bad be behind with phil I had a wireless remote it was awesome but with film you manually focus you set your camera again this is back to where you only took one picture propose it was sit on this chair one shot it might be a smile and a serious move to this thing one shot so back then I could use a wireless shudder when I went digital we were early transition early adapters and so we went digital there were no options for wireless shutters in fact for the first seven eight years there were no options and the early ones that we came out I invested the money they were terrible they didn't work just wasn't a good thing eventually I have now since they've come out with some that are okay uh what I found is using auto focus which I do use auto focus you know if you're using a wireless shutter and your camera lose that child moves and also they're out of focus arranging that camera's searching and you're standing over here you know trying to get them to smile you just lost a shot your focus is an issue so because I didn't have a wireless shutter for so long I released for so long I trained myself not to do that I could do everything you could do with a wireless shutter with that particular aiken touch the light and they look up I could throw it in the air they look up I can control where they'd go if I want them to look across the field I'll take something so okay watch it and all like a teddy bear and whole hurl it across the field and they all turn and watch the table fly across the field I got the shot and I'm still having the control of the focus so yes they're great ones out there we will be testing a few more butt I doubt I'll ever switch back because I just spent the last eight years learning how to neil and I love the comfort of hearing my camera and focus so that later I'm not like I cannot believe I lost that whole entire siri's there so I doubt I'll ever switch back but I'm saying if if you're not used to it um wireless shutter is definitely a good option okay now that's another question from madison carrie do you find that if you work with children from birth on up that they will warm teo easier because they're used to you and they know you are does it really all depend on their personalities as they age I would say personalities of the age however miss sandy um and I'm directly tied into candy candy sandy uh you know I don't think kids remember me they remember the candy box period that first five or six years that's all they remember but we have a great relationship so for me it's actually easier you know I mean I have clients when I see nate no knee coming in I adore them you know when I see the moments kids come in that's just like the best day ever and you know so it's like I know those kids when I look at my schedule and I'm like oh I haven't seen them for a year you know to me it kind of warms me up but every child that walks in is a potential long term relationship so even if they're five or six and I've missed all those golden years um I still want to create this kind of relationship so ages and stages do matter because you know you could have a child and I could name some but I won't that one year they're amazing and the next year they're the most indifferent honoree little children in the world and they're the same child but something has changed them you know so it's it just depends

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Sandy Puc' returns to creativeLIVE for her Tots to Teens workshop! Sandy covers all aspects of creating a successful photography plan that spans from the young toddler years to the early teens. She shares her creative marketing ideas and practical business sense to attract and keep happy clients, and you'll learn how to create repeat customers—and stable income—by continually bringing clients back to update their child's portraits as they grow.


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