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Wedding Photography

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Final Thoughts

Joe Buissink

Wedding Photography

Joe Buissink

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30. Final Thoughts

Lesson Info

Final Thoughts

I feel like I've been in a three day wedding it's kind of how I'm feeling right now so I really appreciate you guys having the patients that to sit here and listen and have maybe a little verbose at times about things and I know I get up on soap boxes it's really important for me because I love this industry so so much and everybody in it, I just want us to all try and keep lifting it up just keep building this thing back up, and the best way we can do that is educate ourselves and be the best that we can be and like I said, it comes back down to the most important thing in photography's who you all are every last one of you, including you out in the world as well. So, um, we'll start with this wait oh, wait, wait, wait, theo, wait. Okay, so that was the digital stuff um, moments I wanted teo show one more slide show of what got me started a long time ago, which is my black and white film uh, there's several portfolios to that, but I'll show you this one in it, you're going to find six...

images and, um it's of a little boy, a ring bear, and when the bride saw these, she said those six images that was the heart of my wedding and it's a little boy gifting these bright something that was his little ring bear when he went into the bride getting ready room he was shuffling his feet and his favorite on the bride looked over her shoulder and said what's the matter honey he's anti do I have to wear a tuxedo? Well yes sweetie you need to wear a tuxedo you brother is wearing one your two sisters air the fur flower girls they have their beautiful dresses they're gonna throw pedals why don't you want to wear a tuxedo? I don't like the way it feels. Ah, sweetie, what do you wanna wear? He says can I wear this? She looked up and down to seconds sure, honey, you can wear that knickers little white shirt, tennis shoes and white socks. So here comes his little brother with one of the sisters proud and his tuxedo walking down the aisle and then there was the little sister throwing the petals behind and then he showed up ring pillow in hand with a little step, a little attitude. He was so proud in his little knickers that after the event we went outside of the then you the tent where it was held beverly hills hotel and this was in the ballroom and he went outside and he started cutting roses off the bushes and I'm taking five minutes off I'm there with my long lens and I'm sitting there and I'm watching this guy cut roses and he had a butter knife in his hand and he's yakking off these rosy had three big juicy bob's when the staff of the beverly hills hotel came over tombs that you can't do that he was reprimanded he was scolded he sat dejectedly down on the ground satis khun b until the guy left and then he looked over his shoulder as the guy was leaving and he smiled and I said, oh, I love this boy and he started peeling the petals off the rose is until he had a bundle off petals he ran into the ten came out with it a little drinking goblet filled it up put it behind his back, peered into the tent with his butter knife still in his hand and then the next six frame is what you see the bride has all six of these framed on the wall and when people come over and ask her about her wedding she points to the six images speaks about what those six images said are about and says does that was the heart of my wedding take a peek at this wait wait wait wait wait wait no that's okay, thank you did you like the six images that you saw the boy would it have mattered had I said nothing about it before I think about it for a second I think it might have you see I put you all of you into those images first I pitched you I pitched every one of you because those pictures by themselves were cute but until I told you the story of what this was about you wouldn't have known to connect those things but I took your heart and I stuck it right in there when those images came you felt them because of the story that I told you this is the power of the pitch the pitch is my feelings about the image my feelings about the moment not just the moment but my feelings and the conviction I have to explain that presented to you to my clients so that by the time they see the photo they placed themselves in it and it makes a huge difference if you want to separate yourself from everybody else in the world come from your heart do it with passion speak from this place that no one else can speak from on ly you and that's what you pitch who you are is the most important thing in photography find out who you are go home find out look at your photos fall in love with those photos again and then try and figure out what it is you love so much about them sometimes it takes a little time. Other times you'll get it right away, but there's a reason that you smile when you look at that photo, it connects with you somehow who you are, why you took that picture, learn, continue to learn, be here in this arena, get educated, bring up the level of the industry, bring up the level of your craft, so don't stop. Don't look for an easy way out there isn't one, you'll only find closed doors, but the more that you invest in yourself, the more doors open up, so go home, find out who you are and come from that place, and I'll tell you right now, that place is your heart and your passion for what you do with that camera. I tell you, every one of you that have the camera in your hand, you're doing it because you love it, connect to that place, don't forget about it in pursuit of the almighty dollar don't forget, and I know we have to pursue that. I know we need to make a living at that, but do not forget the reason you started this to begin with, which is the love of the camera and the love for expressing who you are through that camera, because that ultimately is what you're doing, you're expressing who you are with a tool, the camera thank you so much for being here. Thank you so much for allowing me to be here with you. I appreciate it. Love you. Thank you. You're welcome.

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Joe Buissink is coming to creativeLIVE! Joe will show you his award-winning photojournalistic approach to weddings. He'll teach you how to find your own style and bring your own personality out in your images, because the most important thing about photography is who YOU are! Your clients want you for your passion, and Joe will help to bring out the artist in you. Joe will also get into the technical aspects of his business, talking about how he designs his contracts, packages, and prices, and why he designs them that way. Joe is an internationally sought-after wedding photographer who has shot weddings for celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey, Christina Aguilera, Katharine McPhee, and others, and now on creativeLIVE he'll share the passion, knowledge and skill that makes him such a success!

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Carlos Zaldivar

Joe, This is a amazing course so much information. I am a wedding photographer that loves your ways. Your self and Dennis Reggie are my favorite photographers. This course is the best. Thank you for sharing all of your great information. God bless you for being such a great person hope some day to meet you so that I can thank you for everything. I look up to you every day and have also read your book wedding photography from the heart. Your a great inspiration to me which makes me love being a wedding photographer from the heart. Thanks again for everything you share. Carlos Zaldivar, New Jersey Carlos Zaldivar Photographers-

a Creativelive Student

I feel like this course with Joe Buissink is a basket of gems. Several times already I have been tearing up, because Joe is validating each one of us, as artists and professionals. Being ourselves, selling the experience, and knowing what we offer artistically IS enough. Of course we have to do the work, know our craft, and have good business sense...But what has been the most valueable to me is the sense of joy that happens when Joe says something that I have felt myself, him sharing so much with us makes reaching our goals real, because he has been there.... when he said he pitched in Dunkin Donuts and still made it an experience..I cried, I have done that myself. (And booked the client:) I remember wishing I had a studio at the time, but now I day I will! To hear him say he tears up at clients weddings...I do that, and felt so silly, but now I feel proud! This is a morale boost...a shot of joy in my arm. Thank you Joe Buissink for offering up your help and advise and for being so willing to share yourself with us. You are inspiring so many...and Thank you CreativeLIVE!! To anyone who is not sure if they want to purchase this workshop...DO IT!!! It is a gem.


I always feel so grateful to have Creative Live in my life, which, in turn, has given me the opportunity to have this wonderful source of information, Joe is one of them, he made find myself as a person when it comes to dealing with yourself and with the client, he vibrates in every thing that he does, every step from beginning to the end, that is the essence, put your passion in everything you do, we love what we do, It was so touching when he said that he tears up with moments of their clients in their weddings, I do too and I thought it was wrong, show our sensitivity it only proves us that we are human, and we can break barriers created by wrong schemas letting us be who we really are and then we can be free to feel and create, and do what we like to do, thanks JOE, thank you also for all the technical information, is PRICELESS. Your course it was my Birthday present that I give to myself, and I have not regret, thank you.