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Invaluable Marketing Lessons

I am so excited to welcome back to creative live sarah petty sarah is an author of this amazing book worth every pani which is best seller it's incredible she has worked in corporate marketing and now has her photo studio for twelve years I think and is in based in illinois she is a children and family photographer but what I love about sarah is her marketing background and she is going to bring you today three invaluable lessons about marketing and that my friends is worth every penny because if that she could boil it down to the three things those are going to be what you need to know so everybody please help me welcome back to the stage miss sarah petty well I am excited to have you back hear today sarah how are you doing this morning? I'm doing awesome are you gave us the best I know your audience of all the rooms I checked him out the others were sleep I'm not saying anything about that and I looked really sleepy. Well, I know you have a lot of content to cover in this short ninet...

y minutes so I'm going to let you get thank you you can it is one of my favorite things about being here it creative live they sent me a survey what do you love most said gonna so it's not can into my room truly everything here is first class is it not I feel a little oprah ish. I literally say something in my mike and I have a personal assistant who shows up through a magic door bringing me whatever I need and hair makeup and go home with such a big head no one's gonna want me around think they actually are always glad when I leave, so let me let go your bag so we have so much to cover today, but I didn't want to start with a little bit of an oprah moment. No, you're not all getting a car, but you are. I know, but you are all getting some really cool things. So you guys at home, you're getting some cool things too, so you might want to stick around, see what cool things we have, and then I'm going to share with you what we're going to cover in the next ninety minutes. So you know, if you're in the right place, I know you have choices today. What room? You guys are stuck with me that we're going to cover some really, really good things first here's, what you guys are getting today but my clicker no, there we go, okay, we have a brand new twelve month coaching program at the joy of marketing, and you guys all get it for a year yeah, so just it we're about two weeks away from it so by the time you get home and get organized but what you're getting monthly videos teaching you all of the things they're going to be teaching today you get database software and I'm going to show all of you guys and all the guys at home what a database is and how to use it to build your business ah marketing calendar people are I think I wish I knew what to do we're going to tell you exactly what to do how to do it when to do it every day we've got some accountabilities do we know if you're not doing it we will track you down we've got weekly activities we've got scripts of what to say to co marketing partners what to say to the media all that kind of stuff templates over twenty thousand dollars if you add it all up and you guys all get it for the whole year you guys at home get to try it for two weeks so you can go and you get all of the content for two weeks you get the database to get the marketing calendar get all the goodies so joint marketing dot com forward slash pretrial yea also everyone gets one of these lovely books how could I not ringing out how can I come all the way to seattle and not bring you guys a book so thrilled hit the new york times best seller list and it's really a high level on how to do business in a different way. All the things we teach it joy of marketing, and it really helps you look at your business differently. You've ever studied with me or know anything about me, I'm very anti discount if we attract people with discounts, then we're getting the wrong people, you know, because somebody else has a discount down the road tomorrow and they're going to leave us and we know other businesses compete with cheap, but we compete with free, right? Everybody has a digital camera, so we have to do things better and what I've learned in the years of teaching business and running a business, people that are struggling in business could cut their price in half and we'll still be struggling. It's not about price it's about all these other things, so hopefully today it'll open you guys up and you'll see some of the things that you need to be doing differently, something really cool for you guys here and the guys at home you guys here get to choose one of these awesome products from white house custom color now I don't work with a lot of different vendors very picky I work with a small few I know these guys are like a alright but I literally when I first started, I went went through about four labs trying to get somebody who would who would help me get where I needed. When I met these guys, I was sold, I was joking it. If I were stranded on a desert island, it would take my family a volleyball and white house custom color, I figure, you know, we've got a phone on our camera, so we're good there, maybe our mac products, I'm sure I would need those, but they now have backgrounds, this poking up background behind me. What I love about on this issue, you guys, how many of you guys are I don't have a retail studio, so your location only most of you, these backgrounds are not huge, and they're made of the nastiest polyester she'd never want an outfit made of them, but you literally can wrinkle them up, throw them in your trunk, I duct tape them to a wall or to a barn, and I've got a gorgeous studio look outside. So for all of you guys at home, three hundred dollars, in my favorite vendor goody so you guys can go to join marketing dot com forward slash photo week here's just a quick glance of of my favorite vendors who have thrown in stuff over three hundred bucks all of you can go hop in, I'll be showing you cool things from these guys as I go through a couple that I won't be have time to talk about today post upper right hand corner outsourcing your editing if you guys you know, especially wedding shooters, you don't have tohave employees, they weather the seasonality for you success where my financial management software, how I make all my decisions, ok, if you guys are not using financial management software, yes, you can get quick books, but I found it to be very overwhelming that's how I make all my decisions getting ready to break ground on a brand new studio and I'm totally confident because I know my numbers success where gives me those reports and then pro select on the right to my fail software got to be selling in person if you want to charge what you're worth so a lot of goodies for everybody at home. I know everett holmes like you can't you can't beat that awesome, right? Yes, I love free things, so I went out to him and I'm like, I'm gonna be oprah on creative live can already said I don't get to jump on the sofa that's for the heads of the wrap up party there were some people jumping on the sofa last night I got in late boss and sofa jumping so let me tell you guys what to expect so you can decide if this is the right place for you I'm to be sharing three and valuable marketing lessons and they're not what you think they are I'm teaching some things that I have never talked before and I think it's something that everybody needs and it's something that everybody hasn't doesn't even know it I want to talk about how to attract better clients and I'm going to show you what to do in business is slow that does not involve discounting okay? That's everybody's knee jerk reaction is only got your nominee clients and go on facebook into half off sale anybody guilty of that and we'll make you admitted ok, we have one honest person but what that does is it attracts price sensitive buyers teachers are good clients to wait for a sale and it devalues what we're doing and then we don't have any margins to do all the cool things that we want to dio to really give our clients love ok, so we're going to talk about how to get that business when you're slow and that doesn't include discounting let me sure who this classes for okay, I'm teaching marketing in business so if you want a profitable business this is the place for you doesn't matter if you're a part time if you're full time no matter what you're shooting pets beauvois kids family wedding seniors all the things were teaching are applicable to all of you you're tired of competing on price again, we're competing with free, so you're never going to be cheap enough if you're trying to compete on price, this is not for the shooting burn business model, okay there people teaching that what I mean by that is you're shooting a ten of images you charge your client to with three hundred dollars, you give him a cd of images that's not the marketing that I'm teaching for you don't really need marketing because you're a attracting people on price. Okay, so the things I'm teaching could help you, but that's not really the business model that I teach, I want people to be able to charge what they're worth and make a profit and have a successful business and it's tough for the hobby photographer if you're just looking to pick up some photo skills and have fun, what we're talking about today is how to create a marketing system that keeps clients coming in for you. And again, I started my business part time, I have new baby twins and I was able to be home with them a ton, so this isn't where I'm saying you have to want to have twenty five employees in a huge studio it's not that way at all you could be profitable very small or very big okay you guys excited all right I got we got such a great group today way dio for sure well I want to start by sharing a story about my daughter catherine last year katherine's teacher gave her the assignment to write a persuasive paper to her paris is to persuade us to do something that we say no to you know good teachers in this day in age so all the other kids are writing you know want to stay up late I want you tv in my bedroom no my child goes just shy of the sun moon and stars and asked for a puppy now my niece did this paper year before I have twins and I said don't either of you even think of writing for a pop because you are not getting a puppy absolutely not when my husband I first started dating we have this huge elaborate I did love the dog but he was so much work he shed everywhere giving him a bath it was literally like wrestling an alligator and the amount of food I mean good gosh I was like ok should we have groceries or dog food and so I just was like no no dog so she said but mom you know you talk you taught us that we could do anything if we just set our mind to it I know great when that parenting advice comes back to bite us right so I'm like ok go on do it you know we'll get we'll get you ah maybe we'll get you a tv in your room when we say no because we say no to that too so the neighbors started with us having to write ten reasons that we say no which is kind of cool you know our clients if they just give us their reasons they say no up front would make our life a lot easier so my husband I really wanted to set a good example for her so we came up with a hundred nineteen reasons it came really easy to I mean we're like got bit by a dog when I was a kid and mailman and just one after another so she took took her several sheets of paper and went off and we did hear from her for a few weeks and then one night after dinner we were summoned to the family couch just like you are right there we knew my husband I knew you know it was coming but it was ok because we you know we were prepared for it we were you know sitting there all winking at each other the parental how we know we have nonverbal communication we're like ok honey you know share with us and she starts with her you know presentation she comes up mom and dad when you were a child did you have a pet right there were like ok, well ok, so we're started pit out at this point you know we're like we're looking at each other and that confidence we could just see it going away and both of us are thinking the whole time what are we going to dio what are we going to do how are we gonna deal with this situation what are we going to do so she gets to the end and she's like sincerely your wonderful fabulous creative amazing daughter catherine as we're both like laughing clapping clapping so here is katherine's paper her one page paper went to a five page paper and the whole time we're sitting there trying to decide how we're going to deal with it luckily at the end we were we had to sign it and there was a yes box and no box in a maybe box thank goodness we bought herself a little time with the maybe box signed it clapped put the kids bed and we stood there saying what are we going to do about it well here's how we dealt with it this's lola yes my small child actually sold us and convinced us to do something that we said no in capital letters to yes the reason I'm sharing this story though is because I had no idea there was this kind of dogs called a shit suit which is kind of getting to say naughty word in the main with bonus for my kids but it's like a cat but it's a cat dog but a dog who likes us and I'm allergic to cats so I can't have a cat. So the purest young, this little thing sit on our lap. We're like one big dog food. Last like a year bath is like a little try set dip, schooi path back a got my workout in clean the dog. We're all good. I had no idea that I could have a dog and not have all the work. It came with it. So when it comes to your business that's my challenges let's look at our business differently, okay? We everybody thinks ok, I get to be a photographer. Coolest job ever, right? People pay us to hold a camera and take pictures like a gift, but because of that, you know, I have to give up the good salary and benefits and vacation with the job I left. But I get to have all this free time I get to go do with and be with my kids, I get tow, have flexibility and create my own schedules. We convince ourselves that we can't have both. What I learned from my daughter and losing this argument about the dog is that there could be a different way to do it. And I think in business too we always think we need more clients we need more clients and panicking in many more clients you know what you don't and you're going to look at your business very differently when we're done here today okay and raise good with that came opening your minds to something different when it's here just a little bit about myself I have a photography studio in springfield, illinois specialising kids in families and reduce high school seniors also have a second photographer who runs my studio and photographs high school senior so I literally in my studio I do the consultation in person, I do the session and I do the sales presentation I don't touch the images anymore and I know for my business to be profitable that's we need to be doing is marketing I do the marketing to marketing, shooting, selling that's where I'm profitable here's kind of a little peek this is the front lobby where you walk in, we try to change it once a year we have to show people that were creative, we can't just put up photos and leave them for five years that doesn't excite people my camera room at the bottom where you can see a lot of bright colored paper rolls have a fun ring light I have my lights amount to the feeling so I can shoot on all four walls very quickly when you have three kids under three you've got to be fast so it's funny when a session last twelve men if you're like all right I got it and now like all three kids crying melting down and to know that I got it barely but got it this is my family and the reason I'm showing this is because this is a reason I do everything you know we all have that what motivates us this is what motivates me even though my husband looks a little grouchy is really a nice guy hopefully he's watching his photo day I'm like dragging him I have to trick him bring the sofa meet us in the field no way to have a romantic bob low lying together oh sit quick someone but I have three kids they're now an intermediate school in junior high and they they're in sports and I love that I want to be in every single thing some really very selfish with my time as I should be I don't work I don't schedule clients nights and weekends I just don't if people want to come and have a family session they come during the day then take off for golf they took off for a lot of things so it's not a problem e again is laughing you know they dio I always asked women when they say they can't do it I say what did your husband ever golf reading well yes even coming here, they were great. They let me fly in last night and flying out literally when we're done. Because I'm in and out in twenty four hours. My family hardly even knows I'm gone, but this is the wife for me, and I know that all of you have a why, but that's, why? We have to look at it differently because we can be successful and do what we love. Okay? Three invaluable marketing lessons. I easily breathe marketing. So you guys don't have teo. I absolutely love it. I do. I can't. I can't stop turning my brain off when I go into any business I always in, like, you know, they could do this better. That could do this different are. Look how cool this is being here and like, how they feed me all day long. Maybe I should do that at my office. No, we would not be happy there. So, let's, start with these three lessons. First, build your little black book. Remember the fonz and more recently, insects in the cities? Samantha, they're both players, right that day to generationally. We'll just let you pick which one, but they if they needed to get books, what would they do? They would go to their database, their little black book. And they would look through and they'd be like, ok, I need tio samantha, I need to go to a formal who do who, what guy could go with me? She literally had a whole roll index of guys that she could choose from based on the activity in business. The biggest asset that we have is our database think of all the people you've done business with over the years who love you and refer you and you know, some of you are new in business, but you still have a database everybody you know is in your database, and I'm going to talk a little more about how we segment that database and how we market differently to our database. I don't treat everybody the same in my business because people are different, they've come to be different ways some are great clients, vips, clients, some just try a little of this or a little of that and they only come every few years so you can have a database that's literally a roll index. It could be index cards I've seen people with index cards you could do a spread sheet. I know that word scares a lot of photographers like, oh numbers and charts I prefer elektronik super easy database ours is nice because its web based so we can access it from our phone or anywhere so literally as soon as the client calls if they call my cell or they call my studio I pull up there their information and I can immediately talk to them because I have their information and I'm a very boutique business model so clients may not come to me for for several years and I remember about a year ago I had a girl called she said syria came to you back in two thousand two private remember me as I'm pulling up her information I'm I totally remember you your kids are blah blah and we did this and she was like, oh my how do you remember that? And we instantly had a re connection just like it had been yes today we all want to be remembered don't when you walk into a business and they say your name they say hey sarah and you're like on important to them they remember me so a database allows us to not only do that and connect with them but then also identify future sales opportunities so we want to collect those contacts you guys just curious how many of you have been elektronik database that you use? I wow, what did the rest of you do say may have index card or you just don't have that you have in your head hey, we have a year to work on you guys I'm gonna fix them all okay? So good. This is going to help you guys so much, so what's we collect them, then we put them into categories so we can talk to them differently. Ok, this is when that panic comes in. People are saying, oh, my gosh, I'm looking at a january happens to me too, because I'm out. You know, we come off the holiday season, I kill myself, then I go traveling to speak to photographers dinner. I come home and I'm like crickets. I gotta stir something up. I don't ever go out and do sales never had a sale. I go to my different categories in my database, so I put them into categories, and I talk differently to them. Some people get everything like my holiday card. Pretty much everybody who knows me gets a creative holiday card. But then other things just certain groups get so let me share with you a couple of these groups, I have ten groups that you guys will all get with the database program that our pre populated so you can already go put your people into these different categories. You can add your own categories, but I'm going to show you a couple of them, so you get a feel for what I'm talking about, so clients that's an easy one. Anybody has given you money is the client these guys are your most important because they've come to you I'm going on the assumption that they loved you you thrill them you hugged they thank you they gave you money and then they went on their way so we want to talk to them differently we want to keep in touch with them we want to send them notes this is where facebook base marketing comes in people are say how you use facebook to market my business well if you guys just go home you make a list of those clients you go on facebook and you find them and you see what's going on in their life and writing a note see that somebody just got featured in a newspaper right now I would say oh my gosh that's so awesome that this happened you received their birthday or their anniversary you can put that on a trigger in the database so that you can actually just schedule those cards birthday cards go out to your clients and it's just done automated think how nice that is find those reasons to reach out top of mind awareness have you ever heard that phrase toma? It was back when I was working in an advertising agency that was our big thing was keeping in front of clients keeping them on the top of our mind think about it we think about her business every day but have you ever run into a client that you had years ago and they say, oh my gosh, I've been meaning to come to you but life's been so busy and so and so got his tonsils out in the summer just went by there just there they forget you know so our job is to just not intrusively drips a little drips in their life just keeping in touch think about your favorite store like I have a favorite jewelry store some of my jewelry I get there it's all handmade and they're real artsy and creative and I think of them often whenever I need a gift I go and I buy a gift for someone else and I buy something for myself but if they were reaching out saying, you know, even sending me an email or a note sara we gotta holding stash of jewelry that we just made we want you to come in and see it first I'd be all about it so we're serving our clients who love us and we're looking for opportunities and we're letting them know that those opportunities air there I've already identified that I love the jewelry in this store if they send me a note telling me they have new jewelry in that nobody else has I'm going to be thrilled they're doing me a service so by keeping in touch with our clients where we're doing them a service they want photography things photographer sometimes think of sales is being pushy, pushy, pushy, it's not it's just like a friend we're keeping a friend relationship another category business associates everybody you do business with should be in here now I have to business groups one is business associates one is co marketing partners those air where I put people who I want to do business with these air people who I literally do business with you guys can all go home and sit down look their checkbook or your credit card statement and you'll see how many people you give money to orthodontists car dealer you know harris the law and dry cleaner alteration person you have a lot of business people that you do business with why are you not mailing them a super creative holiday card that blows them away? Super creative christmas porter summer portrait opportunity that blows them away they know you they have a relationship with you they're vested in you succeeding because you give them money so they may not be direct clients of yours but they surely can refer you there's pride thirty people each of you could add to your database maybe fifty people depending on how many kids you have and how many braces you're buying just a quick question about the database people in the chat rooms are asking what is this database is this something that you have created is that and another product or what is that base? So this our particular database that I'm showing is what we use this is a part of this marketing program that people can get this access to this database free so they can try it for two weeks or it's a part of this program program is that ninety nine bucks a month for you people want to join in but its software so they can access it from their computer or from their cell phone and you just input your clients you consort them by category and you can work close to being able to offer where you can do auto cards that send out to people so a lot of functionality but it's a way to easily very easily that's I want people to try it so easy to have a database in this is your biggest asset that you have a look in our little sample room here ninety percent of them do not have it in elektronik database so that just shows me how much this is going to help and tell us again where the pretrial joy of marketing dot com forward slash free trial perfect. Thank you. Yes, thank you. Okay, business associates this is the one where kind of a cool and temporary okay if you're this is these air prospects who you don't have a relationship with I have another prospect category for people who call in I am interested I add them but temporaries where I just put people who I want to mail to once or twice a I'm co marketing with a salon and they shouldn't ever give me their database but if I mail to it once I put him in this category when people respond they go into client or prospect so I send them one or two really awesome mailings and then they respond if they don't respond they let them go I could look up the neighborhood they find four clients from one subdivision I can go to the library to the reverse lookup phone book type in everybody in that neighborhood maler than once or twice and prospect from then you see people in the paper and you write a note to a stranger you just see a really inspiring article about a family who did something really cool I sent him a note just say hey that's so awesome that of what you're doing for the community if you rent a list or you have a co marketing partner I don't keep them forever I mean it isn't about let's make our database bigger I literally just cleaned my now barely at a thousand and I have a bunch of photographers in there other speakers who I keep in touch with my studios probably seven, eight hundred and I've been in business almost fifteen years so you don't want a big database you want a quality database another one I do friends and family I ran into when my husband and so like a distant relative that I don't know super well, about a couple of months after I opened my first photography studio and, you know, we eat, breathe and sleep our business, we've been working on our logo and we're getting samples and we're talking about it and I read it to her and she said, how are you? And I said, well, you know, I have by photography business is so fun, and she said, well, I thought you were at the ad agency, I'm like, oh, my gosh, my own family doesn't even know what's going on so that's, when I realized ok, shame on me. No, they're probably not going to be my clients that's what I thought, you know, I'm not going to market to my own family, but we have to communicate with our family because they love us, they want us to succeed, we want to be on the top of their mind, so when they're out of party, they can, you know, when someone says, I need a photographer, they go, oh my gosh, you know my knees or whatever, so you know birthdays, anniversaries, keeping them updated, just keeping them in the loop here again miss kennedy is the free trial address for anybody who wants to give it a spin I want all of you guys to be building this database you can even put your all your people in in the next weeks and then exported and you'll have that spreadsheet for any of you math geeks out there like me, eh? So then you have it ready you know to use before I go to number two does anyone here have a question and kind of if you want to jump in if we have any from the chat room? So sara, what about someone who maybe is maybe more of the editorial or commercial realm is trying to build relationships with people but it's a bit more distant you may be meeting them on the fly at a trade show something you want to send more personal than maybe don't have their you know, a deep connection yeah them is there a way that we can be memorable or continue to kind of stay on their mind sending e mails without it sort of seeming very impersonal? Yes great question so I would create segments based on what you're doing so commercial might be an ad agency he might be whoever put him into different categories and then build that relationship so yes an email but look how many e mails I get about today I'm going to pay the price for being with for ninety minutes because I'm probably gonna have about three hundred e mails waiting for me, but this next part that I'm going to talk about is what's really going to help you because you're going to impress them with what you do not with just spanning them with email it's writing them a personal note was so great to meet you and hopefully when you met them you found an affinity and you found some little thing about them that was really interesting so you send them an article that you read maybe you have a box to promote your work with that's really created that they open it they're like whoa, who is this person? They're not going to forget you and then like three times a year they're getting something really cool from you a holiday card with card with a personal note the holiday card like jumps out at him and sings and dances they're going to be thinking of you that top of mind awareness that's what a database does it gets you top of mind awareness with without being intrusive and obnoxious calling hey just want to check in people don't want to hear from you on the phone every week ok we're good okay, okay I know database so much fun so much fun okay number to sample your lobster okay suppose we'll do you guys remember chick fil a I love chick fil a they used to be my market and they left at the mall right love what would they do? They would stand out front and what would they do? They would sample and you'd be like I'm not going to eat I just ate lunch and you know you have when you're walking on mall like you cannot get that taste out your mouth suppose you walk by the gorgeous boutique lobster house just every time you go there the best of everything picture the guy standing out front little squares of wonder bread with a pat of grocery store margarine on it standing out front sampling that what would you think would you be like that's crazy that you had clearly get that they're not sampling what they sell? Well, that's what I see business people doing when we're going out there and we're marketing with cheap, ugly postcards that we designed it's like the fancy lobster restaurant sampling bread and butter it's not representative of who we are let me just get on my soap box you have a box of soap, aiken stand on wear photographers and as a whole that we all complain a little let's be honest that everybody's a professional photographer they take their own pictures, they don't even know what they're doing then why why do we have bonds and think that we are professional graphic designers? Why we are not I I love fonts as much as the next guy and I can lay out something probably better than average person but it's still not as good as a professional graphic designer khun d'oh. So my philosophy is do fewer things better. That's, how we get the right clients came to show you a lot of ways where I am able to attract the right clients and so are you. But just a overview. This is a mailing for high school seniors. It's literally a sheet of paper. You guys can do these in low quantities and get out there with them. It's folded up into it. Looks like this really expensive book. This piece came for marathon press, where they do a lot of our elaborate pieces with di cuts that twist in turn there in the goodie packet for anybody that wants needs something really creative. It spins so you get engaged and you get this cool thing that we play a little game with our fiancee. You know, we ask questions and we giggle in there engaging with each other over something so emotional and were that glue connecting them together? Business card, our appointment card spins, so when people leave with their appointment written down they they're not going to throw that away, they have that this is how we attract fewer, better plans a lot of people come to me this anymore client anymore clients, if you just need more clients, you can go put half off in the paper and you'll get more clients you can do group on and you'll get more clients and then in six months you'll be calling me crying because at first to be like you worked out of these clients, I've had friends doing, they say syria wrong and just called me a couple months every single time they call me and they're like speakers people have been a business years someone talked him into it may call and they say, sarah, oh my god, it worked and you were wrong and it worked, but now we're doing everything wrong were overpriced, our products are wrong, we think we need to get rid of our studio and it might stop of you know what you're doing. You just got a crop of the wrong clients. I want you guys to get fewer, better clients that doesn't mean few but that's our choice fewer better arm or not better how about that for probably grammatically correct. Let me show you a couple pieces in that business. I have twenty one things that I do to build my business, which are all in that marketing database you guys are going to try, you can check him out but I'm going to show you in detail a couple of them so you can see what I'm talking about. I built my business on this new birth piece again. This is marathon press. It folds out four times. I could customize the inserts to different groups, but I didn't talk about price. I didn't make any offer. I just said I had yummy copy that really talked to an emotional new mom about what she loved and what I loved, and I literally would look new bursts up in the newspaper not I know not everybody does this in their in their city, but in my city it says, you know, susie and john smith had a baby girl, and I looked them up in the paper, and then if they're named smith there's three hundred, and if it didn't say susan, john, I just couldn't mailed to them, and I would cut out these out of the paper from about july to december when I was busy and then in january would mail this out and it got me through winter after winter after win because people came in, they were the right clients, they invested what I needed them to invest in, it got me through the winter all because it was the creative right piece. For seniors, we did this little site we called it a shine seeker, but many of you know it is a cootie catcher remember those in your little pick a color picking number back to oh, I don't think I haven't with me but really interactive so we picture these high school seniors you know, pick a color picking number and on the inside it had four different personality styles were all about celebrating the inner personality and inner beauty of the students not just what you look like but who you are and it really launched our senior business what's cool about some of these more expensive the the custom pieces is that we can print enough to use for two years now the cootie catcher the cool thing it's literally an eight by eight sheet of paper and a third grader is all you need to get to do one of those you don't need a big fancy budget or anything you can print twenty off on your printer, fold him up mail not with a note to kids in your target market maybe meet him at the pool the lifeguards you send him a note about your business see how easy that is and then you add them to the database you work you you hit him a couple more times every fall I do a mailing at my studio something kind of fun an interesting with vellum around it. If you're bringing you and you have literally no budget, print this out, sit with scissors and cut it out had the vellum it's not hard, okay, it's about being creative every fall, I mail a mailing to my entire local database, so I take out people out of town mail to the local market, letting them know hey, we're getting booked up. Holidays are coming if if I have anything time sensitive, I've inserted, I print a separate peace and inserted overrun, and then I'm going to show you how I use that piece all year to make the phone ring when I'm slow doesn't have to be a discount. I have other pieces, we some of these we used in some, we created a template, so I don't want you to look at and go ok, but that doesn't look like my business, or I would never do it that way. All of these pieces, you can take the idea and customize it. So this piece we did for actually did it first for a holiday card. For my family, it was the twelve days of christmas, then we did it is the senior mailing says, what's your shines. You can take the personality quiz. We did it for the engaged couple to play a little relationship game. And then we did one for families to play in, connect with their kids. And then, as you spin it, you see cute photography again pictures someone opening that in the mail and picture them opening a postcard with a bunch of ugly starburst in twenty five that goes in the trash. This one's like, oh, kids, come sit around let's, play this game. What this does is this ax is a dog whistle. I remember when I got engaged, it was what, nineteen, ninety six I started getting flyers for lack of a better word from vendors like photographer. I don't know if it was photographers back then, but different, you know, djs, literally a yellow piece of paper with a bunch of fonts folded in three, taped and mailed to me. And I, like, you know, every bride like this is going to be the best wedding ever. I can't hire someone who sends me a eight half by eleven sheet of paper. Terrible. So I want the dog whistle that attracts the right people. I was in a party, um gosh, a couple years ago was a sports party, and I did know most people and meeting new people, and one of the mom said, so what do you do? You know, when I said I'm a photographer she's only dash, I need photography, and right then I get a little nervous because I'm like, I'm a different kind of photographer we specialize in kids everything's, archival, e framed I'm not just like a pose big group photographer, so I always have one of these pieces in my purse. I don't keep business cards because I want to say I don't have business cards because that I look like I'm trying to sell something, but I go all I do have this, whatever it is that I've printed recently, maybe it's a ah ah holiday card or I brought a whole stack you guys can play with them, but you know I'll pull something out of my person go, but, you know, we just printed this here, I just haven't extra and inevitably there may be four women in the group. Whatever couple will go that's nice and one will go oh my god, that's awesome! That is my clients this is the dog whistle that attracts that client so do I want all those people on my database, no I just want that person and then I you she will take it running around the whole party and identify the other person who should be gone my database so I add them to my database I write a note to them saying oh my gosh it was so great to meet you maybe I put another creative little piece in there and then I make notes in my database I met him at this party she freaked out over this piece mentioned she loved to do something with her her baby when he turns three so then I put on the calendar that's march of two thousand fifteen to make sure to reach out and then I reached out I just got a client okay that's with the power of a database but it's not on its own you have to be feeding the database you've got to show them your creative again this is my kids we do a fun holiday card every year because I wanted wow people I can't just be like oh I'm such a great photographer you should come to me that just sounds so yucky but if you get my holiday card and you're showing it to everybody you can brag on me a lot easier than I can brag on myself when summer literally in july ran into a client not a great client I have done a family portrait and she was just the sister of a client and she I ran into her she literally pulled my christmas card from six months earlier out of her purse all tattered and torn she's a kind show this to everybody I can't pay for a sales person that good so you have to show them your creative I'd rather you do fewer things better, same budget I'm not saying triple your budget, same budget doing digitally and you guys seem things mad live and then the inside was just paper and I have been filling the adjective adverb of for the christmas greeting, which came back inappropriate from my brother in law's I know the lessons we learn, right? Okay, also to sample your lob, stirring to get out there and attract those right clients, you build your database by playing with others. Keiko marketing have a whole category of my database of co marketing opportunities and partners some I know somebody don't even know. So on a slow day I go in there who do I not know that's on this list? I'm gonna go meet them. We decided that I wanted to build a pet business because you know, expert now saying, but I wanted something in our slower season for my other photographer to shoot keep cash flow coming in on something I didn't have to do, so we partnered up with the local that the groom are a couple key people who their target audience has dogs we are their pets and we're wanting to photograph pets all this stuff digital white house custom color press printed cards you can do twenty five so doesn't look like we specialize in pet we went out we gave lovely photograph the pets at the the clinic so we became experts because we learned really quick can't you salad at the field on a real big dog knows I'll just tell you that way we're used to that with humans but our first dog session we were like oh okay my dog has got that little flat nose you know? So we learned a few lessons practice worked out all the kinks and we got a look in a feel stickers little bag tags, bookmarks, posters boom we had many event on a very small budget they introduced us to their clients they got great images for their website it was a partnership that was fabulous for all of us and I added to my database now we have a pet owner database how awesome is that? So anytime we're slow we could put up a little press printed offer during the month of march it's pet month we're going to donate to the animal protective league the one hundred dollars session t come on in and you'll get some kind of bonus the animal protective league promotes that you promoted and boom you have clients see how far that is glad they're in the market and speak another very low cost at marketing activity you're slow you don't need to go have a discount you need to go talk to somebody people and I don't mean big groups like although I love talking to big groups I'm talking about little groups if you do business portrait's go speak to the rotary about why how to create a business portrait that's proper for your brand meena doctors can have a different business portrait than a musician than a a lawyer a real estate agent tell them the pros and cons and how what to look for and how to get a good portrait I speak to the new mom group at the hospital about about how to photograph their new baby get one you know I hand out my cool promotional piece have a little one z that says get your booty to sarah petty photography get one client from that mom group wildfire okay, one new client if you look at the lifetime value of a client they come back every year every two years one client is a really big deal. One right client is a really big deal give love to your best clients all clients are not created equal. We know this eighty percent of our business comes from twenty percent of our clients so what are you guys all doing to make those top clients feel really awesome you know, my favorite jewelry store, they these gals and own it or just awesome, and they paid furniture in a way that you never have seen and it's so awesome that they don't do it much have a garage sale once a year. They called a garage sale like a parking lot feel where the clearance out all their old stuff and they put some of their own furniture and some things they've done out there. Will they text me last year before it went out? They sent me a picture? They're like, do you want this? And that was like twelve hundred bucks, but it was the coolest piece of furniture ever. How do I feel like I am v I p client I got first dibs on a one of a kind item huge, loyal love them love them love them money wasn't important cause they know to me I don't want a piece of furniture that everyone if as so it was fabulous, so we pull in our success where then it here we pull our our clients by what they invest, their clients who brag on us or people who love us, we give them this one a little ornament. We have a little local artist makeup, leaded glass ornaments for clients they freak out middle one what cards from white house no brainer, because what happens is clients right note cards all year and they're promoting us basically on the right sticky albums you guys heard of sticky albums okay? They're in the goody goody bag of goodies but they're like a little app that you can gift your clients to put on their phone to show off their images so they can't print on but they have them remember in the day a proofs people would brag like crazy with those proofs and when I took it proofs away and went to projection I was kind of sad because I knew that brag factor was taken away this totally replaces it and people I'll pull it out of ballgames to show people my kids are like how they got even act of your kids and they're all freaking out I'm like yeah pretty cool so sticky albums really really fun but treating those clients the best so in my database I have a v I p client category so I can put people in there if somebody like I simply sends me a huge client I need to thank them on putting them in v I p because I want to give them extra love what's that cost me for someone sending me a huge clients now I can get him a basket of fruit or a gift basket or something but what good does that dio you know that doesn't promote my business I try to do things that they can't buy you know we do sell cards but they can't buy that ornament they can't buy that at that cool sticky album it's a gift and so they feel special those right buyers feel special just like the jewelry company made me feel so special and I got something nobody else could even buy felt made me feel awesome if you're going to attract the right clients and sample your lobster you've got to make a great first impression so website you gotta have a good clean easy to navigate functional website and when I first started I did I hired a custom company and I'm like I'm gonna have a cooler website than anyone else and I went through years of like painful you know would load slow and it wasn't it wasn't fast and it wasn't functional and then I tried a couple again tried some companies with some temple it's nothing worked I was frustrated they were like put on their web site you know do not call we don't want to hear from you you have a problem figured out until I met a company called photo biz you guys haven't if you need a website cost effective there on our our vendor goody list too but they're campbell it's that you can customize you would never know this is a temple it so he pulled in our own background and what's really cool with them is they have all these different templates so you could you could just go in there and take your graphics and just see what you can just change whenever you want now, I don't recommend that most of the time, but for seniors we do a new campaign each year, so our designs next year will look different than the designs this year and we might want our site to navigate a little different we want those kids to feel special so it's kind of a fun little thing for us and their customer service that's a lot of the companies I've shared with you today that's the number one thing if I were to talk about them is their customer service we're all alone we need you to hold our hand you signed up with them they will start calling you ok we set your side up let's do it let's do it my my staff was like I love them I don't know anything about them I just want you to know I love them I'm going to show you next video company called an emoto anybody not hurt him and moto okay you're gonna love this here's what hatamoto does for us and can do for all of you guys it's a way to make a cool video that makes you look cooler then you really are a hundred kidding that's my story that you can pull in video clips still images words whatever you want put it on your website give it to the clients have been put it on social media and it's this amazing presence so if you can put this on your website to promote what you're doing it makes you look so cool so let's watch this fun little fun little video you mean like division I wasn't expecting crew will my to tell you where it's supposed to go with it don't you think your way got around to just love it leaving you find it keeping gives it and every day you get a chance to see oh wait e found weighted better believe treated better than anything wait and everybody needs to get teo I think these guys at home mr dance and I said oh come on ellen like ellen and oprah dancing but not on the couch that's true I did not dance on the couch for sure for sure I want to share a success story with you because I know it's so easy to hear people talking and going yeah but it you know is that going to help me is that anybody ever been helped by this information I was talking about eileen who was the coaching client of ours and like probably many of you she was rocking good photographer she had business clients and shoes rock and shoot felt like she's working all the time she came to me and she's like I just don't think I'm keeping any of this money way all feel like that sometimes we're paying you know we were making money so like lou but then we pay the bills were like what there's nothing left here so we sat down and we regrouped and and switch her over to doing fewer things better to attract the right clients she sat down with me and she said, ok here's what I just need to make here is the minimum that I really want to make because her husband is a school teacher and she wants to be home with him in the summer she has three kids and she doesn't want to go back and get a regular job so she was doing it for lifestyle reasons and her goals were very modest I said eileen we can do this so she did all these cool things and started changing you know how she was talking to people and putting them into categories and treating them differently and she she called me in september of that year and said I have doubled my goal of what I want to make and in addition I didn't tell you originally in addition to what she wanted to make she said, my other goal is I want take my family to walt disney world and I was like that's awesome I mean and she kind of was embarrassed and she laughed and like a look we should all have a goal like that because that's what we work for right we want to be able to take our family the disney mean yes, we need to make money to live but it's the fun things that we work for saris get emotional when I tell this story because it it makes me so happy I was out working in my yard a couple months later in my phone buzzed and look at the picture that was texted to me I know she got to take her family to disney and I was like this is why I do what I d'oh this is why I come and get on flights and fly across the country and why do everything that I do it joined marketing we create so much free content out there because of people like this who now forever will be able to run a successful business it's like figuring out the answers to the test and then all you got to do is figure out how to get them and then you forever no math we know math right? We can add we've got it so I'm so proud of her and I just I love sharing that because your goals don't have to be I want to make three hundred thousand dollars this year could just be that I'm doing this for fun I want to take my family on vacation and we all would like that! Yes ok before I go to number three any questions on the lobster and creating that we have anybody skeptical are saying no I don't believe you are well when you said like is anyone skeptical I think something I'm seeing is like ok that's looks great for you and then then I guess I'm just looking into sort of how I'm operating and what I'm doing and then just trying to ask myself questions like well what would somebody who's my client want yeah what what would they value and I guess then I guess I don't know if I have the answer because it was a little bit of that you're like I don't know if that would work for me I see how that works for sarah petty but then you have to put it through your own filter what do you specialize in um mostly I do I'll do like a venture like kind of portraiture but like sort of journalistic okay stuff okay so I mean my style is very bright and colorful and whimsical so you'd have to put it through that filter of like you know telling this story and having just that commercial look very photo journalistic advertising very cool look and feel so I could see what those pieces look like and people who who hire you for events what are you doing? You know they're a segment in your database so then you go back and you go ok I've got I mean how many people may be thirty people that higher maybe even five people who hire you consistently how are you treating them differently? You should be treating them differently even if it's you know a box of chocolates or a stop in visit or tickets to a ball game or you don't even have to go that nuts just a creative piece a mad lib of you know what event has gone wrong and then the blank event playing you couldn't have fun with it where they fill in the adjective or the blank photographer you know and you could even write words and fantastic and say let me help your next event you know you're staying top of mind if you want creative photography here's what I can do for you yeah there's I mean just even like identifying I guess who I'm looking at and I'm like ok because I've done that job to what I want what would be cool for me to show up in my mailbox what would impress me yeah exactly there's no magic it's all of that and we could all do something cool that's completely different so that's why when I teach I don't just show you what I do but I try to teach why I do it so that you can go ok so that's why she did that so why would I what should I do and why and then you take it through your funnel and you get to your answer so good. Now go back and think about what categories do I need in my business? Like if your wedding photographer? Gosh, you need to have, I think, a category for the vendors. You know, the florist, the baker I meet, I'd be all over them with cool things and have a plan and implemented throughout the year. Thank you. That's. A great question. I've got another good question from pro photographer online. Okay, do you solicit feedback from others to find tune all of these marketing pieces? Are you doing any testing? Are you? How do you know what's working? Well, it works because I make my studio grows every year been profitable since the day I started. I think for b I don't. Because it's subjective it's like saying, do you like this color? I mean, you might say yes, you might say no, I mean, does it? It doesn't help me any. When I worked in an ad agency for about seven years, I think and we had clients from it upscale women's clothier to a price driven pizza chain to pension funds softer. And the common thread with every single client was when we did something creative. That had impacted got results no matter what it was, no matter what clients if we went to a correct database but that's what we did with every single client. So I guess I had enough experience doing it to know that it works over and over and over again and when we get a client who wanted to water everything down like we present them with this bam, bam bam peace and maybe I okay, but I want to take out the dye cut and I want to put it on cheaper paper and I want to just use black and white and kitchen it's like, ok, it's not going to work, so I like to start without a budget like, okay, here's my idea and then we figure out how to make it work, and if I can't do a second piece, I don't do a second piece because I don't want a water that first piece down I wanted to be so impactful and again, I'm not saying go out and spend a thousand trillion dollars you know the cootie catcher, do it yourself google go on pinterest be creative, you guys, your creative people, you're selling of the creative lobster you're not red lobster not like take the lobster, take it home and cook it and make it yourself you need to show people that with your marketing awesome maybe one more question because we're seeing this a lot and we do see this question a lot on creative live misty m photo as well as danny loria is multiple genres how do you manage all of your multiple genres? I want to market to the pet genre what happens to the prospects that air on that land on your website and see only kids? Does it deter them? Do have different sites for the job is great questions, so I'll try to answer this is sort of generically as possible because everybody has different I like to have that one on one conversation person and somebody else has wedding photography, family portraits, family event, senior portrait station the big thing I would say first is trying to do too much all at once if you're bringing a new and you're like, I'm just going to put everything out there because someone will come to me you expand by contracting, so pick what you're great at what you're passionate about and start there. So my was babies if people come in with three kids under three like I am fired up where most people are like that's what I love because I don't want to post someone in a beautiful way and get an expected image I want like flying through the air, you know siblings like in a pile up I want I want really wife, I have three kids, I want real life, and I need that energy and craziness. Well, once I treat that birth piece I showed you I got that out there in the market for years, so people knew me knew I specialize in kids, and I would get people that would call and say, oh, my gosh, syrah, you are so awesome! You're so awesome! Can you photograph my horse? And I'd be like, what makes you think that I can photograph your horse in your barn, noon in the open sky by looking at my studio portrait of babies, but it treats first when your expert in one thing, they think you're an expert in others versus trying to do everything, and then you're spreading your budget really, really thin. The pet part we expanded in a little budget without anybody knowing we didn't do tv ads or math advertising. We found this little group of people who have pets, and we just did a digital pre pieces. The businesses promoted it for us, and we got some business out of it. We added to our database so that's a little that's, a little one off niche that you khun dio now, if you're doing commercial and you're doing weddings, those air, two different target audiences, I would say two sites because you're you're going to devalue bride goes there and they see your commercial work that may impress them, but the commercial guy sees your wedding photographer, you know, the ad agency guy hiring you? They may be like their wedding photographer. Same thing with our seniors. We want those high school kids to feel like, oh my gosh, she specializes in high school seniors she's often. So when you go to sara petty dot com, you can break off this sarah petty seniors, if you click on seniors, you go to its own site, so so we make them feel super special that's kind of a branding strategy that everybody has to decide that kind of in a nutshell. Um, I would start by looking at your target markets if they overlap like you do babies, kids and families. Well, you know, they're going to all overlap. Your baby client will turn into a kid client, family client, that kind of thing, but if they're completely separate, I would say separate sites. The thing I just see is people trying to do too much often I'd rather see you focus in on one thing that you do great, you're still going to get the other job. Like I get a lot of family portrait business with a little more traditional you won't see it anywhere you won't see it on my site you see it hanging in my studio it's not what I'm passionate about it's not what I want a book but it's cash flow you know keeps me keeps band bills so you can still do other stuff people still think you're great and other things, but if you teach them you're really great at one thing it transfers over one more quick question because he just mentioned commercial in different terms audiences question was from dave twenty ten as well as j ellie what would you recommend as promo products for a commercial photographer? Yeah, so commercial photographer I'm assuming targeting like ad agencies buyers, that kind of thing or even small business owners in big markets you know you're john deere caterpillar whatever again look at your target audience it's a person who's sitting there in their office they're overworked, they're stressed they're going to get all this drug to get all these postcards they get, you know all this annoying stuff and then they get something unexpected I don't know what that is is it a boxes that box that opens? Is it a ah foldout story that spent told through images? Is it you know it could I think that's where the creativity comes is a cootie catcher you know and then then when you open it up it has your name and phone number inside all delivered in a big box just that little cootie catcher sitting there okay? So it's putting them in the target audience for putting them in your database in a category and then thinking about how often am I going to talk to them? You have a slow day go in there'll be like I need some coursework you go look at the thirty people in there and you sure looking through them haven't talked to them haven't seen them lately I'm gonna reach out it's not just email and phone calls it's sampling the lobster, showing them your creative showing them your reliable whatever your position is, you're the super creative photographer maybe you do a paper airplane and you know and you send it to them in a box that they open and all the messages air on it. All right, let's, keep going. I got one more really good thing that I want to share and this one might be a little bit unexpected for you guys. Okay? You don't need more clients, let that sink in a little errands like all right, she's really lost it now if you have a database which you all do and you have relationships, you don't need to constantly go out there and getting and get more clients when you need business here's how you get business when you need it you go to the database you have basic information name, address, email, cell phone, occupation but then when you're meeting with your clients you get more information, you get their kids names, you find out how they heard about use you know their friends you find out things that you have in common interesting facts, sales opportunities my database is jammed full of notes in the winter months I can go back from convention and book myself completely on my database. I find a new product I love white house always has like new metal. They have some new meddlesome acrylics. I go back and go through my database and I see who the contemporary clients are who haven't been in a while. I send it note they come in it's the craziest thing because they've been thinking, oh my gosh, we've been into sarah petty in a long time and then I reach out just the right time let me give you an example and you may not be able to see this scream if that's okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna go through it and explain it to you okay, this is the hypothetical family, the smith family this would be what I keep in my database this's why databases the biggest asset you have it's like a gold mine that you guys are not even getting the gold. Adam, you just stepping over looking for new clients? Ok, so I would make a note they have a jack the full baby we photographed he's to the mom is due with a baby in spring and she's not finding out if it's a boy or girl what she shares that with me, I should never have to ask her again because when she comes back in aiken, say, oh, I'm so excited to find out if it's a boy or a girl when you email us will look on facebook and we're able to have that conversation without me going now, I can't remember you're going to find out I mean, we're good friends that's how I treat my clients like their friends. The mom mentioned she wants one more after that, and what I know is that this mom wants a campus painting at two of each child she just bought one for jack. So what does that mean on my calendar? In two years when that baby is born? I have I've sold a campus and then when she has that third baby, I mean, when I do that session and she'll probably pregnant again, I know that in two years I've sold another campus and of course then you need the two kids together and I have all these other products maybe start a book and we need to do holiday cards we have all these sales opportunities just sitting there I know that she lives in her dream house she mentioned they just bought a dream house and they're never moving they love it well, that tells me that martin at next session I need to go to her house for the consultation or she's going to get into the sales appointment of like, I don't have any room, so I need to go there and say, oh my gosh, look at this wall unexpected we could do a series of, like, really horizontal panoramic images down that wall of the kids jumping on the trampoline and she says, oh my gosh, I love that I just sold that, but if I don't keep notes on this stuff, I'm not going to know um, let's see, dad has lots of room in his office he's, a dentist in my co marketing category I know go ad that dad is a potential co marketing partner. Maybe I can go by his office when I'm out driving around and look around and see that he needs some artwork let's do that picture of his kids or maybe we should something extra of his little boy like you know, mugging for the camera at one dentist really great dentist client who did mustache is I was here last year actually ended the three day at creative live, and we had big ones on the back wall of the the kids with the mustache bottom huge. I mean, what who does that? Until how cool for him is the dentist. People come in, they're nervous, they're scared. And you, you see, the dentist kids with moustache is on. Then there are lightened up there laughing. It gives him something to have a conversation with them about. So fewer sales opportunity for the dentist p p a does the big time with operation smile every october. When that comes up, who am I going to the dentist who's on my database? Look at all these opportunities I've just created from one client. She is super contemporary taste in love's, new creative ideas. So maybe jack came in in in june. I go to conventions in, you know, first quarter I come back with some really cool contemporary thing. I sent her a note I go oh, my gosh. You know that guest bathroom on your main floor I just found this cool metal artwork I had this idea that we do this and that with jack peeking out of something you know, because you have all earth tones and there could be really rustic and cool and really contemporary she would call me like oh my god, I love that I do have to have it so I just made a state like a mini sale january and then make other notes like the mom is a twin why have twins? So when she comes in I can immediately have a connection with her life. My twins are turning thirteen in a month. Help me. I need a party. Do they want it together? Like what? You know, give me twin advice. I love what I have to incline because they can they always give good advice that if they have a brother, you know their boy girl like I have. So did you see how robust this is from one client how much information I have and then that clients done and I forget about her? I always think I'm going to remember and andrea who works with me god love her she'll take these notes like things that are mentioned in the session should go right in and adam in and then the client comes to pick up in sugar don't forget they're leaving for vacation next week teo you know hawaii so I walk out and go oh, are you all ready for hawaii? Like she totally teased me up because she keeps she knows to do this inherently it's not something that we are like, oh, we need to ask them like we just do it, we just do it naturally is conversationalists, but I always think I'm going to remember and you don't like she's going to call in that babies born or I'm gonna put it on facebook toe watch you know, the baby's due in july, I'm gonna be watching on facebook so I can reach out. Maybe I give her a gift of one hundred dollars gift certificate get her in if I know anyone in her family, maybe I'm suggesting they all go in together for the baby shower and gift her portrait session isn't that cool? You guys feel it? Does that get you excited about how one client? I mean, look at the look at the sales and I'm not being pushed your obnoxious I am I am I'm serving her like she's already said she wants those three campuses, so I'm helping her create really core work I'm going to her house and planning some things that she never would have planned we see things differently than our clients. They can't just look at a space in their home and visualize, you know, four campuses stacked with words on or whatever, like that's our vision that's where our gifts lie and that's what we need to take the information that we have in help create stuff for them, I'm not going to send her if I say find a really traditional product, she's not the first person I'm gonna go to that I might just leave her out of that mailing, say, mailing something I might not even go to her because it doesn't apply to her. The white database marketing is so much fun, and the more categories you get, the easier it is on a slow day to just go make business question kind of leading from that. Yeah, do you have key words then that you type in so that you can type into the database like, say, dentists front, for instance, can you go in and type in dentists? And then the smith family will pop up? Do you get when you know I don't get what you're saying? How do you know who to go to there's a book called hug your customer, I think it's called hug your customer. Awesome book about a guy who owned a furniture store. And he had all of his names and contacts on index cards and that's what the staff did when there was no one there is they just went through may memorized everything about every client. I have almost a thousand people on my database. And you could ask me about any one of them clients, not prospects that clients and I could give you not everything, but I can give you enough facts about them. You should know your database. You should be going through your database and you should be like I could tell you who? My I have, like, five dentists clients. I can tell you who they are. Ok. Okay. So, it's, just a matter of you going out again and again. So we give you activities to do. And I do these activities that you guys will be going through this year of go to your database and go through and see if there's any information you can get. So say you put all these co marketing partners in a category one one afternoon. You could spend forty five minutes and you're gonna go on facebook and you're going to see what you can add to that they just got a new puppy named rover. Boom it's in there so next time inside on facebook so next time they're in, you can say, oh, my gosh, I was on facebook I saw you got a puppy rover that is the cutest thing. So you need to become intimate, not littering your constant, adding teo and I'm going through every time I do a mailing, I clean out the database, I go through, I look at prospects and I go, oh, my gosh, they're client now I move them over so I keep it very clean. It's a it's, a marketing, a tangible marketing activity that you can do go look in that database and see what activities you can stir up become maybe a question from home. Yeah, absolutely. This one is from guinea sec photography and with regard to the dentist example and adding him as a potential business toe work with she's curious about how you keep them as paying clients and also network with them as a business. So just that relationship the business owners? Yes, the dentist. Yeah, well, a lot of it is a business relationship like my dentist, the dentist that came in and did those mustache is and fell in love with him he's like, if you want, you know anything you want to put out in my office so we did our next mailing and we featured his kids and we stopped him in his office because we knew he'd be like oh my gosh you gotta have this you know were photographed a ceremony but are we looking at all okay again we're arming sales people were looking for those opportunities I don't typically have a personal type relationship with most of these people but I love them I mean we are all doing the same thing I talked to them about about doing holiday cards I mean wouldn't it be great for dentists to do a funny holiday card every year to his clients I have a real estate agent who rents a mailing list of like I think forty five hundred people and we do all the great images and she males it out and she books like five hugely expensive houses every year from sending your holiday card and I we could probably do that but you know I want to help these business owners sixteen so I want to keep those conversations going can you? And this isn't in the regularly scheduled program here but can you talk a little bit more to your holiday card marketing strategies for photographers because one of the first webinars of yours that I listened tio was about how to make five thousand dollars at the end of the year through your your network and offering holiday cards to your clients yeah for their clients yeah so we offer holiday cards we do those two white house you know the the five by seven cards for our clients but when my client is a small business owner I want to get them to do something cooler maybe an accordion fold or something that spins or twist because I knew now if they just do it one time what happens they get that huge response they get all that love you know all this stuff people can pull it open you know we have all these templates they could easily you know I could easily sell this to a dentist I don't have to mark it up is much if I don't want and they're mailing it I've got them every year it's promoting them but it's also promoting me so holiday card marketing is I mean I can I stay for the day I mean we could just keep going forever I just thought that was brilliant and I was at a point in my in my photography business at the time where I went ahead and bought your template and it was just like it was such a brilliant idea oh good yeah I mean that's what we do so many template that the joy of marketing because you know design can eat up our budget so you have to take everything and put it through your filter so your things where I should be able to give all of you a template and you should all make it look completely different different images of course different images but different emotional words different colors, different style different look okay, so I want tio I know I wish I could keep going. I want to remind you guys of our program that you guys are all going to be going through with the next year with us template includes template so you can use those scripts so that you can that you can know what to say to these co marketing partners. I hear a lot of people say, but okay, star right now, what do I say? You know, to the media, to co marketing partners to people you see in the news, all of those kind of things. So really, you know, the databases included the videos, the marketing calendar, the accountability, all of that to keep you guys on track. Are you guys excited? Awesome. Yes, very, very excited. The thing is, this program is to help you when business is slow, you're going to be proactive instead of reactive, you're not going to panic, you're not just going, teo, you know, go out there and put a discount. I mean, if nothing else, go spend an hour with your database and you'd be amazed at what kind of fun, cool, crazy things happen, you know? Very cool way still have a few minutes and I'm wondering if we can take more question we could take one or two more and then I want to share one last one left. Okay, we're for everybody to get you in the right mindset perfect. So we have a range of photographers okay? Online who are different stages in their careers? Okay? And so dragon mama says this is awesome advice for how to continue marketing to clients that you already have. What do you do to get those first client bring your photographer? Yeah, so those were some of the things I went through, like the co marketing for the pets, right? So we took we did all these digital things that didn't cost us a lot of money. We partnered with the pet people who share our target audience that's groomers I mean, we had a maid who had pet insurance find a charity to partner with. We teach charitable marketing in this program, you guys will be doing a lot of charitable marketing and donate to auctions you know, you generate publicity's, you speak to small groups, so you're out there sampling, showing them educating them because people who teach our position does experts, so if you're out there showing them how to hold their new baby and how to photograph their baby or how to decorate their home with photography but you're not seen as the expert when they need photography there like she was smart, she knew how to do all that and I have no idea how to do anything so kind of kind of leave a lot of different things mean that's why you know again, if people want to hop into this course, we show you how to use that database in some of those ideas a little more each month you get like an in depth way to take that data base and make you're living and that more advanced people I know I always think of it from a new photographers perspective because I'm just starting where what would I do that's where you start with friends, family, people, you do business with some targeted neighborhoods and some things like that but you guys who even if you're like second third generation business or you've been in business back you remember film, you guys have such an advantage because you guys have this database that you baby neglected for all these years start rick rekindling those relationships, finding products, talking to people and filling that that database in yeah, they really different note for someone who's an editorial photography or have you ever come across databases that either you can pay to join our other groups where you can get access to some of that contact information so you can start figure out who you need to meet where they might be at start building that list especially what's not on the masthead of the magazine sure do you know who are you targeting companies all over magazines all over so I checked with a list broker marathon press does some of that I would check with them but I would just google and find you know, top magazine you know, start compiling that database any database you can compile is better than any day base you can rent so if you go out there and you dig up these people in a magazine I might I might mail the five people something really cool because you don't know who that decision maker is and just start building those relationships very well I want to leave you with one one last thought before we have to part and I'm so going to miss all of you guys I feel like we've become best friends volkswagen the volkswagen beetle you guys are aware of the vote the slug bug right? I've been spent the last thirty years not paying attention to slug bugs when they drive right in front of me and now I have some preteen children who are doing what you love bug sundberg so now I'm like I'm driving I mean I'm seeing every slug bug on the way here I had to slug my little driver who brought me for hotels like sorry just have to stay in practice because I'm gonna get home and I'm to be you know, in the slug bug game so all these years the slug bugs have been driving by me and I never paid attention because it didn't matter to me marketing is the same way hey everybody can be taught to identify these marketing opportunities that are just right in front of your face every single day just like that client I just showed you her husband's and dentists use having more kids mean those opportunities have been there all along and you've never added them to your database so the good news is that everybody can be taught to play that flood but gave no one's going to slug you when a marketing opportunity comes in front of you ok you have to train yourself to do it but that's the good news every single one of you can identify those opportunities it's about thinking about it a little bit every day five minutes having your radar up when you when you meet someone new add them to your database put notes about them help them introduced them to someone do business with him have to business owners and be there you know say I think your business could help him I just want to put you guys together even if nothing ever comes of it for you be a connector be a leader you cannot have a business in a vacuum okay so thanks love bugs marketing opportunities air out there everywhere, just like slug bug, so when you start seeing them, I want all of you to be like, ok, I need to think about my marketing that's going to be our trigger. So thank you all. I feel like we should all group hug. Come on, come on, god, everybody, let's grew. How can we group hug? Go ahead and goodbye.

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