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Capturing Story in Portrait Photography

Kelly Brown

Capturing Story in Portrait Photography

Kelly Brown

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Class Trailer
1 Class Introduction 14:28 2 The Power of Portrait Photography 06:52 3 Introduction to Newborn Portrait 08:30 4 Find Inspiration for Newborn Portrait 11:09 5 Create The Scene for Newborn Portrait 05:58 6 Prepare & Pose Newborn for Portrait 18:03 7 Shoot: Techniques for Photographing Newborn 08:58 8 Newborn Image Review 08:57
9 Introduction & Find Inspiration For Child Portrait 13:03 10 Create The Scene for Child Portrait 05:17 11 Prepare Set for Child Portrait 05:48 12 Shoot: Capture Child Portrait 11:40 13 Image Review for Child Portrait 11:45 14 Introduction & Inspiration For Teenager Portrait 09:05 15 Create The Scene for Teenager Portrait 06:15 16 Building Set for Teenager Portrait 14:01 17 Shoot: Portrait with Teenager 10:43 18 Shoot: Pose Teenager for Multiple Looks 14:23 19 Image Review for Teenage Portrait 08:11 20 Introduction & Inspiration For Adult Portrait 11:31 21 Creating The Scene for Adult Portrait 06:25 22 Lighting for Adult Portrait 04:51 23 Tell Your Subject's Story 04:38 24 Shoot: Lighting for Double Exposure 16:22 25 Introduction to Senior Portrait 08:39 26 Create Storyboard & The Scene For Senior Portrait 10:26 27 Connect With Client to Create Portrait 16:06 28 Shoot: Lighting for Senior Portrait 08:10 29 Shoot: Be Creative on Set 15:09 30 Image Review for Senior Portrait 14:23 31 Portrait Shoots Recap 04:08 32 Global Adjustments in Camera Raw® 05:37 33 Editing In Photoshop® CC: New Born Portrait 24:41 34 Editing In Photoshop® CC: Child Portrait 15:35 35 Editing In Photoshop® CC: Adult Portrait 11:32 36 Editing In Photoshop® CC: Teenager Portrait 11:28 37 Editing In Photoshop® CC: Senior Portrait 13:46 38 Introduction to Entering Print Competitions 02:14 39 Process of Print Competitions 06:17 40 What to Consider For Print Competitions 17:00 41 What Judges Look For Overview 07:14 42 Image Impact 03:42 43 Creativity, Style & Composition in Images 14:04 44 Entering Photography Competitions Q&A 22:50 45 Image Lighting 05:43 46 Image Color Balance 03:56 47 Technical Excellence in Images 07:56 48 Photographic Technique 10:15 49 Storytelling & Subject Matter 09:28

Class Description


  • Brainstorm and develop concepts for creative portraiture
  • Turn a client's story into a unique portrait
  • Design and build your own props and sets
  • Take great portraits of subjects at any age
  • Shoot and edit portraits with confidence
  • Increase the odds of success in photography contests
  • Move beyond traditional portrait photography


Tired of the traditional, overdone portraits? Dive into creative portrait photography by turning a client's story into stunning portraits with substance. Learn how to brainstorm concepts for a unique image based on a client's story and personality. Explore options for building your own unique set and props. Working with techniques like Photoshop composting and in-camera double exposures, learn how to turn abstract ideas into portraits with meaning.

Join Kelly Brown, a nationally recognized portrait photographer that's captured several awards for her storytelling abilities, and go behind the scenes for five live portrait shoots. Create portraits that span multiple age groups, with a behind-the-scenes look at portrait photography for newborns, children, teenagers, adults, and senior citizens. From brainstorming to editing, weave a meaningful story in front of the camera.

Following the live shoots and editing, Kelly shares insight into photography contests, from the submission process to tips for wowing the judges. Learn how to prepare an image for a print or digital competition.

This isn't the beginner's class on creating a good portrait with basics like depth of field and properly lighting the subject's face -- this is the portrait photography class for photographers ready to go beyond the basics to capture their best portraits yet using creative storytelling techniques. Stop regurgitating the same tired traditional portraits you've seen hundreds of time and capture creative portrait photography that inspires.


  • Intermediate photographers looking to break out of the norm
  • Professional photographers in a creative rut
  • Environmental portrait photographers


Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Camera RAW


As one of the most awarded portrait photographers, Kelly Brown is known for her knack for capturing creative portraiture. The owner of Little Pieces Photography in Brisbane, Australia, Kelly is most known for her work in the newborn genre, though her portraiture spans all ages. With a straight-forward, easy-to-follow teaching style, she's taught newborn photography and posing classes in more than 20 countries. As the judge for international print competitions and the winner of highly reputable contests such as the WPPI Photographer of the Year, Kelly also shares insight into photo contests with her students.



Among a sea of wonderful teachers here at CL, Kelly is the cream of the crop. All of her classes are outstanding and this one is no exception. Amazing teacher. Amazing class. Amazing education. If you are hoping to stretch yourself to create deeper more meaningful stories in your images, or are feeling the pull of print competition but need some direction, this is definitely the class for you. Thank you Kelly!

Melissa Soto

Kelly Brown is a true inspiration. She has been my idol in this industry since I began. This class was amazing. I love how honest, authentic and genuine she was. But most importantly I loved her wise direction and teaching style. Kelly brown thank you for this gem. You helped light a fire in me. I’m so excited to start telling amazing stories with the skills I have learned from this class.

Marjorie Stevenson

Just loving this class! Kelly is one of my favorite instructors. She is very good at articulating her ideas and carrying them to an absolutely wonderful end product. Her images are always stunning. I love that she always puts safety first with her models. Thank you Kelly for sharing your creative visions with us.