Basics of Lenses


Everything you know about lenses is wrong. Well, maybe not everything, but with an endless amount of gear options in today’s world of digital photography, there are far too many misconceptions.

Join John Cornicello to make sure you know the most up-to-date information. John will take you through the basics of lenses, including focal length, aperture, crop factor, perspective & distortion, depth of field, and more.



  • First, if you're a snowflake just move on. This guy isn't going to try and lay everything out for you nice and neat. He opens up and says it flat out that there's millions of way of doing things. He just put the info on the table, it's up to you to take what you need from it. It's right between the eyes, he's not smooth like others.
  • Terrible presentation; don't waste your money. I think he knows his material but needs a lot of practice in presentation skills. Also, sounds confusing at times.