Bokeh 101


Bokeh lends depth, beauty, and interest to photographs – learn the art of capturing it from fashion and portrait photographer, Jeff Rojas.

In this class Jeff will guide you through the process of creating different bokeh shapes using both available and artificial light. You’ll learn about the lenses that are most effective at capturing bokeh and you’ll learn some creative solutions for creating bokeh on a budget.  



  • Really good course and well-presented, especially the spherical aberration section. However, I agree with some of the audience members that there IS a difference between bokeh from full frame vs. crop sensor vs. micro 4/3. In a rough comparison as Jeff did, yes they look very close and nearly indistinguishable - although I can tell the difference by the subject-background compression which of course is much greater with longer lenses. But in a controlled comparison as many have done (see Cambridge in Colour, borrow lenses, etc.) no question there is a difference. See especially on BL that to get same bokeh, they needed f/5.6 on 5DMkIII, f/3.6 on Fuji X-E2 and f/2.8 on Olympus OM-D1. Crop will give you decent, acceptable bokeh in most eyes. But if you are a stickler who needs the very best bokeh, sorry but full frame is what you need.
  • Jeff is probably a great photographer, but not the best of teachers. The course was too uneven, not a lot of substance.
  • Expected a lot more details than what was provided. The example shooting in studio was good, but I felt his knowledge of the subject and really breaking down what can be complex to a beginner or even intermediate was very lacking. His method of teaching (seemed extremely casual and high-level/brushing over the topic) was lacking and thus my desire to engage was very minimal. Okay for a somewhat beginner, but definitely feel I need a new course from someone more detailed, knowledgeable, technical and experienced.