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- Critiques of Students' Pricing Presentation

I think what we have is let's see here is this uh genevieve is jennifer w come on up sit down! We're not going to sit here and redo it we're not going to make it, you know, bummer of we're not going to make it too rough on you anything like that, but what I'd rather do is just hear from you what are some things based on the presentation that you just heard? You know? You're priceless way better than I do I just saw it for the first time last night. What do you think are some things you could do to improve it and also talk about the things you're doing well, right? Well, mine is based on a mme potential commercial shoots a slightly different but the same time for a lot of things I thought we covered that were highly applicable, especially the ala carte menu and one thought I had was, um just talking and we talked about the dynamics of how people work when they approach a price, a price sheet and I hear a lot in the commercial world discussions about if if a photographer bids, if the und...

er bidder overbid, they're considered to be not educated enough or or not at the level of doing that job because they just don't know how much it should cost, which seems to fit perfectly and with the fact that people want that middle ground on the person that you're art director is looking at it is looking for that that middle price range that seems to really target exactly what they're looking for which seems like that means you need to really know your client and everything that's involved yeah then comes the alec are almost it felt like almost I would be the one picking the ala carte for them yeah well and you know that's a technique that you can utilize I know a lot of people when I did ala carte pricing and right now I do I'm on the past system but when I did a car pricing oftentimes when I was working with a certain type of client that I knew a lot about already I would go through and pick the different things in the l a carte price list and I would present them to him as a pack I would say very sir exactly is very someone of course warren I would say I put together this package for you based on what I've heard you tell me already exact and then they would you either say it looks great or let's take one thing and move one thing around so what would you do about your the way you listed out here? Is this how you would send it teo you know potential well initially when I created it that's what I would send them after sort of what we talked through with the alec, the ala carte I would wealth are leased, the layout initially, I would just like to get down the words quite a bit. I created a little more of the top just to give you an idea of kind of the shoot I was envisioning because that would obviously come with the assignment. You ask all the right questions to try, figure out what they need, the talent, whether you need stylist things of that nature and so forth, but in terms of this stuff that we talked today, the style cutting it down quite a bit, maybe creating more headers, getting more white space in there so it's easy for them to just quickly brush, because they probably see a lot of these, you know, you guys are going through, and if you can figure out a way to make your stand out a little more, exactly the more easily interpreted, you know, they that's their thirties when they've looked at today it's like, oh, I read all the text, you know, it's, so you could probably make your stand out a bit more. I didn't like the fact that I, um, had the estimate close the top because in right in their head they pretty much have a ballpark figure for what the shoot should cost and so I need to kind of hit in that and that'll kind of get you in the a pile are the nape ill or the, you know, negative and then having my contact details. So it's really easy to define that's a common complaint I hear from art directors of photo editors when you listen, when you research them, you hear them over and over again say photographers don't put that information he's a success, right? Oh no, I you know, I have to say, what are the first things? If we're going to be reading from the top down, we see we see your name, we see your contact info, we see the shoot you're going after old text, you know, stands out and then we see the s and so I think I think you're exactly right, I never even I still have yet to get down below the ground, you know? I really haven't, and it looks like the stuff you put down there is if I'm really concerned about, you know, it's like, if you if you're here, you're really going to go make it that far down, yeah, that's kind of fine details and you don't wanna put that stuff up at the top because why would you ever want to read that logic is covered by the client first the way we do that and so great job not doing that I think that looks great also like you bolden to shoot concept in the licensing because I know that if I need to find information about those two things it sticks out a little bit quicker great job good for sharing well I think it's great who do we have next looks like hannah I think you're up next it's going to hand itself remember you get a chance there it is okay great that's ok, we have portrait up here now I want to make sure we include everyone as much as possible so we haven't talked much about portrait yet what do you think? And we're just talking about design here I just want to talk about what you think stands out you know what you've learned and we can kind of go through and talk about more about and you can also have some questions by the way did not for that t j if you wanted to but we can also go through some questions you might have yeah actually I kind of mentioned this to you earlier jared that I was I'm kind of leaning towards doing portrait more ala carte on dh keeping weddings is packages I think that will probably work better for me but I'm on the way one it doesn't matter we can look at projects I think just design wise uh but you know there's the flowery fun a little bit and then I think that it's I don't know there's nothing that's really catching your eye so I think the information is there it can definitely be come a little more concise but I think that there could definitely be help with directing where things were things should go and I you know, I actually agree with you I think that I think that thought can work because it's not that it's unreadable the only word that I have a really hard time with his treasured yeah, I was like what's that doing up against that, um treasured coffee actually collection ok, so that was hard collections hard for me but you know, I think that you're right I think they're really think today is just a bunch of orange on the paper and I don't really know where to go on dh so I think that's something that could be improved upon for sure and I think that when you look at it the orange you might want to add to their contrast in culture you know you could add another contrast in color nowhere what are some things you think he did well in here? I think that it's it's pretty it's pretty streamlined in the information being presented I you know the details are there it's in kind of that list that scannable format um and I think that if tells people what's included yeah and what's not but like I said, I do think that it could be a little more condensed and that some of it some of the information is included but I'm talking to people anyway, right? Yeah, exactly well, you know, I mean, you know, and I think that it's a very simple and clean priceless, you know? I mean, we can talk about adding colors and allowed, but you know, we could go too far with that well, then we're at the point where we wave were cluttering it now, you know, so it's like there's a slippery slope there, we don't have too much to think you have a nice, clean white background I like that I don't necessarily need to see a photo on the personally speaking I don't for the wedding when I think I would like it, you could put one on there. Obviously I put one image on there what we don't want to see is twenty five images on there, we don't want them to start studying your work again when they're just trying to come in book you on the prices are very easy to read that might also be a you know, you could argue that it's a strategy that the prices are so easy read especially up against some of the other things, so anyways you know, I think that also what would you could you know what? Whatever they like is obviously I'm just stealing this from from my prices. But, you know, you do the very same thing down the bottom where we kind of give them that footer text that gives them the all the pertinent contact details on that they could get ahold of us, that they need to it's a little different in genovia situation, because she's bidding on a job and that's how commercial tends to work more. She needs her information very accessible at this point. They know you, and they've already come into contact with you. They've already they have probably have your imad received in their in their female file or whatever it is so it's not as important that goes over the top, I think it's a good distinction to make, you know, taking advantage of the presentation theories, but how they apply to each individual niche, you know, it's different for commercial. Then it is for something like portrait. So anyways, great job. Thanks for coming up. I appreciate it started from the spot. Okay, who do we have next? It's, nice to have those two side by side. Just see two completely different ways that he has to say for the type of photography and just that how that can very well what you're doing, we've had so many different types of photographers that are tuning in and watching and it's the same theories, you know, it's, what I've been saying all day is the same theories, but at the same time, it's how you apply them that does different, you've got to think about it for you, what's most of the most important attacks is your information before even necessarily potentially the quote, you know, those are the two most important things, and for somebody who's already had a lot of contact with their client it's a little bit less important contact information, and the other information is a little bit more important the details of what you're presenting to them from a pricing standpoint, yeah, of course on this is probably more for weddings, but at this point would you recommend definitely having the extras on the same page? Because at this point, what I do is I have my wedding looks very similar to what the other one was, so has the collections, but then I do include there's, a page to that's, basically the extras, and so it feels like after the discussion today, it would be beneficial and more advantageous to get it down that one less is more if you could include, if you can take two pages of way to design it that way that's better that's far better is just it's about clear and I don't have to sift through teen pages I want to sit through one page so yeah it's a little bit clear oliver come on up. All right, wolf so what do you think so far after you know kind of sitting through a little bit this what do you think I mean this is what what you have for pricing this is for wedding photography and you know, let's just talk about just design and talked about a lot different things today but let's focus on design well, mine I kind of put my packages more on the left side of the page. It's funny enough I did read part of that city and looked at where people look so I thought it would be best to put it one of the left tire and then I like how I simplified it. I think it's straightforward and easy to read on and you know, it doesn't clutter and I think I have a lot of texts on there in terms of explaining what my products are hopefully, you know, my clients when they see it you know, it's self explanatory and it helps, you know, get the process through so therefore they're not feeling overwhelmed and they tried to simplify that yeah I mean I think you've done a lot of the different things that we've talked about here look at how you've let her box I believe that's what they call it actually might be using that to run but you put it the outline the border around for the border around your packages and you're kind of telling clients again hey read this first e I want this to stand down I want this to stick out just it's a small tactic but it works really well that's where my I want to first is is your packages you've clearly identified his packages you have the prices it's very easy to understand and you know I think that um I think you've also did a good job in the way you've laid out the text because look at how it flows in the first package it says wedding day full wedding full day wedding coverage to photographers and then as we go down in the next package I don't see full day wedding coverage but that's because you're introducing something to me that happens before the wedding and so I get that okay and then I go on and you continue full day wedding coverage same exact burbage to photography so another that's another great thing there what do you think? Are there any things we could improve upon here? Um I kid you know both maybe a few more things just highlight more things that it will stick out to my clients to see okay this this back that these air the big bold like they're one items so therefore they know that was there there um and maybe, you know, play around with the text more but yeah, I think I think you could play a little bit of texas you got here. The bottom line is that twelve by twelve kind of runs on the second line we're talking really minor details. Of course, the one thing that stands out to me is that I see a big picture of an album I don't see anywhere you list album prices so you might want to put you might have a second page of albums but if you knew then what? You have a picture of an album right here you have a picture of a gallery campus, so that would be one thing that stood out to me to me. I was a little confused when I saw that my son there's a picture album so we're no image box. No gallery can't know prince where oh, ok, actually start me off a little bit. Okay? Definitely something about this. Thanks for coming on appreciate before we you know, before we kind of get to the point where we start wrapping up with our day how's how's online feeling what do we have coming from online people really interested about this section and again I think what jennifer was saying it's so great to see two different styles of actually three different completely different styles of pricing guys, you know, in terms of color design everything and presentation so it's just really phenomenal put it side by side and seeing how we can approve ourselves yeah, I was actually showing cathy j my light current price she and I'm like, oh man have way too much coffee and that I was going like, strip that down making more simplify yeah, absolutely that's good. Well, it's, always great with you know, I think we could all make adjustments and modifications and that it was so great about having each if you come up is that you know none of you were doing everything wrong none of you were even doing a majority of things wrong, but there's always little tweaks we can make you know it's always good to re examine and reconsider and think more about how we can fix things or just make them better make them a better version of themselves that they are you are all right. So a question from jose photo do you recommend using photo on your price list or is it ok to just have a priceless without a photo? Just text it is totally fine to have just a text priceless that's my opinion, but I think that again, what you're doing is you're not trying to convince them that you're a worthy photographer. At this point, you're not trying to showcase your work on dso you don't need to put an image on the price she there's nothing wrong with putting a new image on the price. She I think it's nice. It kind of reminds people that you're a photographer, it kind of gives them that appeal. I mean, you know, our pictures are generally nice and so it can work really well, but you don't have to by any stretch of imagination people are looking at the price she toe by, and so they don't necessarily have to have a photo on there just because for photos, you know, just a photo for photos sake, wait a couple questions about morse specifics, so oh, margie had jared, what are your thoughts on using a credit system in one's pricing? So the system in which products are assigned to credit value and clients purchase packages with increasing number of credits and increased savings? That sounds really confusing to me. I understand what the concept is, and I understand that as you go, you get more credits and like, kind stuff. But it sounds to me like it's a client. I now have to not only understand how it relates back to the package how many credits I get all that but I also have to now go and understand the currency with which your studio operates. I have to understand how this credit system works and I have to become detailed and I have to become knowledgeable about this credit system and that sounds like more work. Then I would have to do if I go meet with somebody else who's got it very simply laid out who already knows the different combinations of things that I actually want rather than having to make me figure out what I want. I would rather you figure out what I want for me so that what im a client and I come and I arrive it's already laid out there for me. Yeah, I find that in general, when people try and do in currency is like there's a site debits or or whatever it is it's like you have to get your head around an entire new system of thinking about money and payment and think back to that example I gave from danny really study of the doctors where we just introduced one more decision point one more thing that we had to think about is a simple thing to think about do you pull them back from surgery or do you give them ibuprofen or paradoxical but that added level that added level of complication caused over from one hundred percent of doctors to pull them back it caused fifty percent of doctors just send him on a surgery and that's something as serious as as surgery you know and so I think that's a great reminder there about how man the more things we introduce that cause we will have to reconsider the harder it is for them to move forward and by so since we're talking about kind of the psychology of the presentation for your pricing structure american has a interesting question is it better to put the price before the contents of the package or after on do we include a dollar sign I know that might seem like a small detail but like getting down to the nitty gritty and the psychology of like closing a sale like those of all things can make an impact you know when it comes to little things like that I would go back to I am all about personalizing your list I think it's fantastic I think it's fantastic you could add a little touch especially when it relates back to that authentic you you know and so if your brand if you kind of stand for something that does things like not put dollar signs that does things like you know what some others you know cool interesting fonts that are very very branded I think that's wonderful because it helps again define maur about you. I don't think necessarily that there's any psychology behind as long as it's not confusing, if not putting our sign there all of a sudden makes it so that people have to question how much it is then that's not a good idea, but if you can clearly presented without a dollar sign and that helps to fit in with your brand awesome go for if it doesn't get in the way of the book and it was already supposed to happen, go for it first or last doesn't really necessarily matter. Again, we talked about do we put our top package first? Our bottom package first, probably a little bit of a problem with the question of what kind of market you're looking to serve. I would I would recommend to think about it more in terms of that, but from a psychology standpoint, it really you know, we're not giving them so much that matters when we tell them, you know, we're not going and that's the thing we're trying to make that listing of pricing short enough to where they can digest it one quick glance, and so when you put it first or last, doesn't have a huge bearing on that.

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