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Create Your Dream Career

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Dream Job Posting!

Michelle Ward

Create Your Dream Career

Michelle Ward

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18. Dream Job Posting!

Lesson Info

Dream Job Posting!

This is your dream job posting and this is a mad lib style fill in the blank worksheet so it's like a career fairy tale but it's it's mad lips so really I want you to envision a job hosting let's say on craigslist, right? And you were going to go on craigslist and you're gonna be mad about it because you're on craigslist looking for a job and you're gonna come across this listing you're gonna go oh my god this is everything that I want I want to do that so let me give you my example here's my example of what would make me go I want to do that high energy, overly optimistic relationship builder with great communication skills and her life coaching certification I wanted to help creative women discover their dream careers must want to work for herself be self motivated manager in time not trust salary or benefits be a leader for her team and an example for her clients she must withhold judgment in our client's goals and dreams and believe in them wholeheartedly she could work alone on pr...

ojects or decide to collaborate with colleagues or freelancers to create new offerings unlimited income to diggle bonus if you formally pursued a creative career and get the struggle but I've come to terms with and have learned to incorporate your creative passions in a new way thank ukulele players who loved jokes judy are welcome apply now here is the button I mean like this would be the biggest no brainer for me so what we're going to dio is obviously everyone goto take seventy one of their workbook and fill this out but I want to put someone else in the hot seat so who wants to sit right in the hot seat and tell us about your dream job posting johnson yeah it out okay I haven't thought this through at all fabulous even better right gut reactions work who fancy sharpie don't know they don't really sit sit right there as I drop everything okay so our first mad lib style fill in the blanks all right three different character traits so what are the three character trades that you know you have you could own and you love using what what were the things in that first box for you your traits in the first box little yeah personality traits or transferable skills confident huh? Empathetic I remembered you saying strategic love that um uh uh oh there's four carry so another one is he good probably but hey you know I think it's funnier tio not tell you the context of this as we go along and we're just gonna do a mad lib style personal or professional experience so what have you done in the past um make up artists uh c at like the least of my work experience but it's my favorite to say fabulous like a sharpie matches your dress you know thank you to whoever uncreative live made that happen uh wanted teo wait I'm not reading this general or specific group that you would want to help the type of person or people you would want to help um yes I'm very passionate about this I'm not sure how to put it uh I guess it's women in need um yeah it's more for I think physical protection women self defense well, I like this because wait so women in the is the general group and you want to do something with them so you wantto you want it help women and need thio our them huh? Power my whole job by hold gold shifted dramatically so and chills fabulous yeah ah work valley an important three important work values for you loyalty no reliable and diligent um an axe review of this job that you know would be, uh exciting for you two of them actually to attribute, huh? Rewarding uh actually, you know hold on let me say this another way. Okay. Um what would this what what would you do in this job? Okay that's what I should say what or maybe that not the attributes but like the responsibilities or the task yeah, okay um tio educate women, huh? And tio build confidence build their confidence, yes um do you want to be working alone or you want to be working with other people at other people as a community uh I like that better as a community and what type of um what's the structure of the work do you want to be freelance wannabe entrepreneur you want to be a full time employee part time employees something like that I think entrepreneur to start because it needs some backing in cem cem a strong voice but then hopefully would be more of a community driven project fantastic I think there's more than this isthe hole this's great I haven't thought this through to this level of details theo the money that you want to make have a little ok throw out a figure all right well it's just be comfortable here in the bay area. How about just a hundred grand okay okay perfect just that um what are the tangible or the intangible benefits so what is this job giving you in terms of benefits from my personal like my personal time or anything anything that you feel would be a benefit that you would be like this is a benefit that I need in the stop okay okay um and see ah well it's like kind of like pride right? You're helping other women's so it's it's it's camaraderie it's kind of feeling like you're part of something bigger huh? It's um it's uh god it's almost like making up for your own memories it's almost therapeutic I got uh yeah and uh loving it's it's spreading love I think that goes back to connecting people but it just shows other people that they're not alone on that helps them believe that oh, spreading love and I feel like community is our buzz words right now yeah, so connecting spread connect sayings fronting loving connection yeah connections really important that we're really lacking that right now I think in general um as the people I hate to say it I work in the technology industry and it's absolutely contributing to it interesting anything else to put us thes tangible or intangible benefits? Um yeah be your own boss uh that's a great one, huh? Anything where you personally that you know would be a benefit for you that you personally would need I love that you that you kind of put it outward, but if we put it in words yeah, I mean it's healing for me, it's because you know, I'm middle eastern I come from a specific type of upbringing and t think that I can actually help someone in a similar situation in a much worse situation um it just it seems to heal something inside of me so it's kind of my that's why I said therapy before it's kind of like my own way to balance out some of those demons fabulous and tie this end to something you've done before that ties into everything that you mentioned here okay, well wow something you've accomplished something you've yes sued something you've done this is my first job ever was I was like fourteen years off off I had teo I would call elderly people to make sure this sounds really morbid but that they were still alive because they didn't have a lot of family so the people would sign them up for this program and you call them and sometimes they'd be so excited to hear from you because it was like there one call of the day and then other times you couldn't get a hold of them and sometimes for good reasons and sometimes for not so good reasons wow, but that was really something that showed me how to connect with people even if I had five minutes a day with each one it was uh it was really special to feel how you could make so much change with so little effort for so many people oh my gosh okay, I'm so glad this is recorded because like that's the phrase that we need zero in on and I won't remember it right? I love how you said that so much ok, the very last thing what's a lesson that you have learned in your life that you could bring into this work I've learned that you can come from a really weak point or place and really build yourself to be something more magnificent than most people want you to be and and you just learn how to stand tall and be proud and realized how easy it can be to kind of make a difference yeah, I mean, I was really chubby little kid might my nickname is the baby was grump me and harry what? Yeah, and then I got up to two hundred twenty pounds at one point, so I really kind of just you had that realization if you can be whatever you want to be I always tell my friends like write your personality in a book like everyday everyday your character write it down and if you like what you're doing and who you are than be that and if you don't then change it you have a fascinating story I have to tell you and I could promise that all of you and all of you have equally fascinating story that's fascinating. Thank you and amaze balls it's amaze balls. Thank you. Okay, so here's your dream job posting we might need to do a little finessing with, um with how it reads but confident, empathetic strategic and bubbly candidate with makeup artists experienced wanted to help women in need be empowered must want teo be loyal, be reliable, be diligent she must educate women and build their confidence she should prefer toe work as a community and or on a entrepreneurial basis salary starts at one hundred thousand dollars with benefits including the feeling of camaraderie and pride spreading, living connection, being your own boss and contributing to your own personal healing bonus. If you formally works with the elder worked with elderly people to make sure they were alive, they a like all those beautiful things you said about connection and taking care of people and that beautiful thing you said that I couldn't retain, but I've learned that you could that you can build up to your magnificent wow that's amazing! Yes, I am so I'm gonna put that up in my cube oh my god he's gonna fit yeah, yeah, I have a nice big q. I'll take down some my fillmore poster I love will work get like a little I don't know it's very flexible their new age places they don't care has a debut jasmine I feel like I don't know you just want to cont there's something I e love to hear some other dream job postings that were written. Anyone fill theirs out? Yes, they say you give it, um, fund friendly and july candidate with the family since the style wanted to help women embrace and enhance their natural beauty must want toe work hard but play harder she must love to create and left the shop she would prefer to work with a small, dedicated team on a part time basis salary starts to eighty thousand with benefit it's including work life balance making her own schedule being her own boss bonus if you formally have earned a master's degree but have learned that no piece of paper or amount of money can bring to usually yeah I mean I do it it's in the universe I know this is tough in the chat so like have everyone posts their stuff so if anyone's giving us a little snippets of what they found our police please please you know you have the workbook easy enough to go and fill this out and scan it and upload it to the student work section of the page of this course I love it let's hear one more from the studio audience jennifer smiling at me so I'm gonna call on you. How are you doing with yours? Yeah, I am so funny. Positive, approachable and creative um with the crazy analytic skills and a fascination fascination with inspiring others on personal growth who's also a an evaluator wanted to help girls and women feel stronger and more empowered and fearless um must wanna work with others right and spread the word must be able to interpret interpret things interpret people and their and what may be holding them back and help them work through that. Such a coach it over and over again. A and and in power, people. She must prefer toe work, sometimes alone and sometimes with others, and do it on an entrepreneurial basis. Salary starts at one hundred thousand. Just just a line with a work life balance and being your own boss and it's a bonus if you have formally had hardships yourself, so that you can relate. And but you've learned that anything is possible. Yeah, on daz.

Class Description

Does your work feel soul-sucking instead of fulfilling? Are you ready to transition into a career that excites you? Join Michelle Ward for an exploration in uncovering the skills, passions, and strengths that will help you create the life you’ve always aspired to live.

In this course you’ll learn how play can (and should) inform your career choice and steer you towards a career you love. You’ll explore how personality and lifestyle can guide you towards the career that’s right for you. Michelle will help you identify the fears holding you back and devise strategies to prevent them from stifling you in the future. You’ll identify the core skills you already have and target opportunities for cultivating new strengths.

Whether you’re unclear about what your true passion is, feel like you could never pick just one thing, or are simply unsure of where to start, this course will put you on right track to creating your dream career.

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This class was sooo incredibly fun and inspiring. It was wonderful to meet Michelle and interact with her in person. She is warm, kind, approachable and genuinely passionate about helping creatives find a career they can love. Having been raised to believe that the only route to a secure retirement was to find a job with a pension or, at least, a good 401k, this class gave me the courage to believe that I could do work I love and still finance a fabulous life in retirement. It also put things in perspective because it helped me to see that I deserve to be happy as much as anyone else who has carved a successful niche for themselves doing work they feel good about. And, it reminded me that if I try something and discover it isn't the right fit, the worse that can happen is that I go find that job with a pension at that point. So what? Why not me? Amen! xoxo, Jen


My dad used to tell me, "You don't get to do what you love. You just learn to love what you do." For years and years, I've been wandering from job to job wondering why I just wasn't feeling the love, no matter how much I learned to be good at what I do. Although, I tried to resign myself to the idea that work would always be something to dread day in and day out, I couldn't help but day dream about the elusive "perfect" job! I searched for years for tests or counselors who could help give me some direction as to what I would be good at and just before I lost hope, I found this class. I snuck it in during work on my cellphone (shh don't tell lol) and was running back to my desk when I had to be pulled away. It's nice to know someone understands what I've been going through and Michelle's energy is just so positive and motivating that I know that I can make things happen! I watched the free live broadcast but even before the end of day 1 I knew this class was a resource I'll gladly pay for! I would and have recommended this class to many people I know feel the same way I do! Changed my life! We're not made to fit into a mold so why not create your dream career! My review in one word? Amazeballs!


I purchased this course and made sure to finish it before 2015 started. It was so easy to go through the course and I made sure to be diligent in actually doing the activities and homework. I never knew there were other MULTI-PASSIONATE out there like me! I thought I was just a confused human being who needs to figure out her life! Haha! Michelle's energy and passion to help others are so eminent in the way she presents and guides us. I love the setting of Creative Live as well because I felt involved with the studio audience despite having to watch these sessions by myself. :) I learned so much about myself, about how I can incorporate my multiple interests into a unique ball of career perfectly molded for me, by me. All thanks to the help and wisdom of Michelle's experiences and talents. What a great end of 2014 and a great way to start 2015! THIS COURSE IS WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY. :)