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Create Your Dream Career

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Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Michelle Ward

Create Your Dream Career

Michelle Ward

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Lesson Info

26. Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Lesson Info

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Okay, so we're finally at the point that we've, like, been kind of getting out naturally, which is a passionate career idea generator. So by now, especially if you've been with us through the majority of these 2.5 fish sessions, you are gonna have an idea that we need to kind of expand on to see how you could possibly monetize it and making a career, cause that's why we're here. So we're doing a really fun exercise that I called peanut butter jelly time and I named it after the mean that I think was probably the first mean ever invented. And if you guys don't know it, go on Google or go by the workbook and the link is there and just type in peanut butter jelly time and you're gonna see this like animated banana. It looks like that eighties like video things. And he just got singing peanut butter jelly time over and over again, and it had, like, millions, tens of millions of it. So I named it this partially because we're going to smush our interests and our skills are intriguing interes...

ts and our skills to pay the bills together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But I also named it that because that name is so silly and weird and stupid. And why do a 1,000,000 people want to do it? And we're here to come up with silly dupe it out of the box ideas along with the realistic one. So I'm gonna wear my silly hat. Um, go watch Bob's burgers. This is my Louise hat from Bob's burgers. So you see me with this hat, And now we're not afraid to come up with the silly ideas. Right? House? Look, my hair still looks OK. OK, fabulous. So we're going to need are intriguing interests on our skills to pay the bills. And you're gonna take that information that you have. If you were here for those set those segments, hopefully you were on. And you could you speak to 97 on the workbook? Kind of. We're transferring them right? So it's a little bit of, you know, re copying what you already have. But if you weren't here for those segments, don't leave. Right? Well, purchase the course, then you could go back to those videos and do that work for yourself. But you could also do this just in kind of your gut reactions and what you already know about yourself and still be here and work along with us. So we first want the defined interests from your intriguing interests exercise. So not all the interests that you mentioned, but the ones that you define the ones that are intriguing for you now. So could I put someone in the hot seat right over here? Standifer smiling at made up. Come on. I'm going up because I love to do this. Right. Hat on the show. You have your book. Oh, sorry. I should've told you. Bring about, um I always spell intriguing wrong every single time. I've been writing it for years. Trading interests. Hey, here's a Okay, go find the in treating interest. Or if you kind of remember way go Well, that's those are the skills were gets that in One second of the interest came, I think right after the skills after you hear the ringing dressed? No eso What were the intriguing? Your intriguing interests you find intriguing now today that you define for yourself. Intriguing. Do they have to be work related? No. Okay. I mean so, like, is empowering people. Yeah. Okay. So okay. And empowering people making beautiful things. Blogging. Okay, be This is where I start singing things. Blogging. Okay. What else have you got there? That is intrigues you now that you define for yourself. Hmm? Writing, writing. Fantastic. Okay, there's not a ton o. I mean, it's Yeah, it's hard to say. I need to know a few steps ahead what I'm gonna be doing with this, but that's what we're smashing the interest and the skills together. So we're just we're looking at What are the interests we wanna have a pool of your intriguing interest to work with and then a pool of your skills that you want to pay the bills, and then we're gonna smush them together to make, like, a whole new possible career ideas for you. So empowering people making beautiful things. Blogging, writing, maybe like one or two more. So we have some stuff to work with. Okay, um, if you got it, how about reading? Uh um, no inspirational stuff. Like, I love quotes and, uh, inspiration. All material. Sure. Original materials for lack of a better inspirational quotes. Inspirational quote, quotes, Nickleby will probably think of more This stuff in Fantastic. That's totally okay, but this is a great place to start right now. So now, as I write this title skills to pay the bills but we really want to focus on are the things that air in the 1st 2 rows, depending on the things that you think are amaze balls and are awesome. Wait, let me get advanced. This live. Because that's what we're looking at right now. Here we go. What's in your This is amaze balls. And this is awesome, Rose and the skills to pay the bills excess eyes. And if it's like a lot, a lot, then let's just do like the first row. Okay? Okay. Um, so this is awesome, and I'm awesome at it. Basically, this is baseball's. Yes, is amaze balls. And I'm good at it. Okay, So relationship building, you're not just reading my example, I Yeah. So this is what I want. I know, But I also feel that I complete that because I, as you will notice, I tend to focus on others more than I focus on myself. So I generating everybody will say it. Say it with me? Because I'm because you're a coach. Yeah, okay. But I like So you're you're taking my example and seeing what's true free. Is the relationship dying? What allies? E. I'm a researcher. Haas Researching? Yes. Evaluating brain storming, creating I e connecting with all. I like the base you're going at brainstorming, but my my, my hands keep brainstorming, creating, connecting, writing, writing. See? Look at this. Writing is an interest as well. It's a skill that could totally happen. So I'm just gonna leave it, leave it, You know, I'm gonna write it again. Um, it's interesting. I have that two skills that our interests and interested are skills that kind of work together sometimes. Uh, great. Anything beautiful things in creating beautiful things are creating, so creating, right? That's all because I have some ideas. Okay, I'm excited. OK, so we have Jennifer's intriguing interests. We have her skills to pay the bills. Now we're gonna combine them to make our pain of butter jelly sandwich for a list of potential careers. Let me just, like, yell it out so that it's extra emphasis potential careers that Jennifer could do Could dio So we want to write down everything that goes together. I'm wearing a silly hat because we want the silly ideas and one business that I didn't mention earlier and Oh, my gosh. I wish that they gave me permission, uh, that they signed the release so I could show you their website. But if you go to my shreds dot com, someone invented fart filtering underwear. You guys okay? Fart filtering underwear and talk about an idea that, like, had to a stem from an exercise like this, Like, must be someone that, like perfume and is really, like, interested in personal hygiene and wants to help people I don't know, maybe be romantic and smushed up together. Probably got Fort Filtering, underwear seller and inventor thing that I've heard a lot around this that it's it's just find a need and make make it solution. Yeah, yeah, absolutely clear example of that e externally. Or you could do that internally. I mean, that might have been someone's personal. Yeah, I need, you know, online dating people thinking of Mali and that she's going to start, like, kind of ghost writing. These guys responses to women like you got hurt. She could probably sell a package with the fart filtering underwear way for your first day. There's a bar filtering underwear here. She could probably do a Cyrano thing where she's, like whispering in their ear. And I think we've all eyes are on a piece. Yeah, Molly, I hope you're listening. You're coming with a lot of good ideas for you. So here's something. Here's an example of of my skills and interests, right? So here's do what you love. That was an interest of mine smushed together with teaching, which was the skill of mine smushed together with public speaking, which is a skill of mine. Career possibility being a creative life teacher to help creative types discover their dream career. Yeah, that's a good realistic thing for me because here I am nontoxic living. I actually didn't have this in the intriguing interests slide when we went over it. But this is this is a new, intriguing interest for me, something that I've really started learning about more recently. So we take that interest and we pair it with the skill and an interest in song writing kind of both of those things and the skill and interest that I haven't playing ukulele. And I could write and perform songs about parable if I could. Yeah, you could do that. And I have a feeling there might be people that would be interested. I could go to different conferences of, like, you know, hippie. We mentioned so quality deodorant, which I love nontoxic. I could like, I don't know, make her theme song or something. That that right? And old suds. Yeah, Old town right Nation's destiny earlier. Absolutely. I could do that. Real estate is an interest of mine. Yoga is an interest of mine, and collaboration is a skill of mine and a possibility of something I could do. Bless you. It's helping put on a day of yoga classes and practices in an apartment that's on the market. I could do that. I could do that if I wanted to, but I I could do that. So these aren't like this is kind of a silly a silly suggestion, But, uh, you know, I did a one woman show based on my boob cancer. So, like if I made songs about that and I promise you it was a good time, then I could dio I could do that. So we want to do this for Jennifer. We want to take. Did I write big enough? I tend to write really small on this. Yes. Okay, so now we want Teoh Dio. Jenna. Photo is I have a feeling that you guys, like, are just gonna kill this with the skillet. Um, Jennifer's peanut butter jelly Time. Right. So this could be all my examples had had three different things, but you could make it four different things. You could make it two different things. You can't make it really less than two different things. Otherwise, it doesn't work. So if we're gonna take one interests and one skill and then we're coming up with something that it leads to what's popping out at you guys? Jenny making beautiful things, inspirational quotes, being like a stationary designer, or like a planner designer, or making some sort of, like, physical paper object. And then with the reading and analyzing and blogging, maybe have a blob where you review books are offer suggestions. Or you could write, like for the four company that sells books. Maybe you could work with them in some way. That's something at something. Waiting status And so I got the beautiful things plus quotes plus really creating also eyes. Piece of it equals a stationary line. Or like a products line, um, based around beautiful things and quotes. I mean, how easy, right? You could photograph the beautiful things and then overlay the quotes on top of them. And, yeah, get into any number of things. Yes. Tell me of the other suggestion. Oh, I want to say one more thing now, though. Yeah, with helping people. If it were like a planner, that maybe helped you through, like, a difficult time, it could have quotes in there. So you're kind of working through it. While you're, like, keeping your calendar. I don't know that one. And I also thought about maybe like, greeting cards that have inspirational quotes and stuff. Yeah, you know that You give out to people maybe, like, you know, you were awesome. When you're having a rough day, I give Jenny a You are awesome car. No, I want that card card. Freaking great. Tell me just the other thing. Really? Um, something mixing like reading and blogging and writing and analyzing with maybe working for, like, a book company or doing a blogged about books or writing a book. Yeah, I would love to write a book, right? Absolutely. And do we see that some of these like they not to be so specific? You know, like reading, blogging rating analyze and could be writing a book. And then, obviously, I don't know, talking about it on your blogger. Maybe you're making your block posts into a book. Um, so writing a book or, you know, maybe you're reading other people's books in your talking, analyzing or you're analyzing your reading their blog's and analyzing them, and you're writing suggestions as to how they could do better. Yeah, Yeah, that's definitely one possibility. Or like, um, I was also kind of thinking about like I love reading. I my friends kind of tease me, but I love self help, E. But ah, you know, I love personal growth books. And so I read them anyway, So I would love to review them and tell people, you know, if this is something you're going through, this might be a book that you might be interested in or, you know, hey, here's a bunch of cool resource is and just little you know, snippets about each book and you could say, Oh, I'm sorry. It was a self help. Plus reading. Plus writing equals self help review self help book reviewer. Yeah. And you know what? Blogging to a self help book and blawg review her and how could be so helpful. Oh, yeah, yes, e was Go ahead. I was thinking about something a little more practical and basic. Um, looking at your analyzing and, um, and researching and evaluating. And you're talking about your office. So people always need things to help either Cuba, their office be more organized and a little more playful to get the dull stuff done. Yeah, and sometimes were not so good at coming up with how to go through evaluating and researching and analysing information quickly and easily. And when you come up with colors and an organizational tactics and surefire easy ways to, like, highlight things, tag things and flag things so that they can actually go through them quickly, like you would be great at taking your, um your kind of love for beautiful things and making it sort of fun and playful in an office environment while still getting actually the serious work done? Yes. I love the idea of glam ing things I do. I love that I didn't turning your cubicle or your office into something adorable that you love. Yeah, I'm so happy that everyone else talked ahead of me because it just dislike the Legos. Like they just kept building as everyone was talking. Um, like, I'm a total hippie. I went to UC Santa Cruz. So please forgive me, but, like, the universe is like calling Sim seeing you somewhere. Um, So I know I was kind of getting a little aggro when we were writing out your interest in your skills, because nothing spun in there like it's all practical on. So I was like, I was gonna jump in and say something like you. Maybe, but maybe not for no, she's being safe. I can tell because I can tell because of her outfit. Like, that's why I know I know fashion and she is sassy, and I look at her toes and the sparkle right. I be dazzler yeah, excess to be able to pull those off. Okay, so we're skill. We're going to stay like you're a glamorize. Er yeah. Yeah, Yeah. Glamorize. Er, yeah. And I wanted to put fashion and intriguing interest because that didn't just fall on her. She picked that nice outfit out, and it looks very good on her for her body time and everything. So where that took me? I apologize. This is my process. I want to get you there. I'm excited. Eso Where it took me then was that you could have what I'm thinking about doing for myself that I have learned from Michelle's amazing tips. Um is I am looking at making a cohesive offering of the things that I'm good at, and I'm looking at the cohesive offering that you could do. And if you build a Web presence because I start thing about stylist, a stylist could really use a coach. What about a stylus coach that teaches someone to get a little more confident, how they are and build their confidence into the clothes that I select for them and we could talk about their personality and engage. That's I starting on my business with you? Yeah. And then from there, when people were talking about stationary, I was sitting there going Well, we really need some digital um, some digital stationery, you know, and really see cool things to build overlays and outlook. You could manage something like that and then even Do you like in your advice column? Like, all in a web presence. Right. So you have all these different things because you like to write, and you like to connect with people you like to analyze all those things in there made me think you could totally be like an ask Annie, But a much more feisty and like, call it out like it is kind of I during the break right now, yesterday, I think of you being like But I know I owe, like, drop the act and just do their thing, and they're not gonna wanna, you know, like, listen to right. I'm not quite that like your friend that, like, I'm not gonna Teoh Com. Oh, my gosh. Yes, right. I'm not gonna be o Donnell him. It's a one way advice back and there, That's it. Like I don't know You don't talk back, I e Oh, no, you need to do No. I think what this too is like But the style izing is your thing, girl, Because the coach. I don't want to coach people I need. Yeah, you could stylized them because I don't necessarily have Um yeah, the I don't I don't necessarily see it quite the same way. I don't think that as you dio you know, I think that you've got more of the passion in that area. The other thing I wanted to point out that I had been thinking about is, um, a Web presence for entrepreneurial women. Because I think that I have never even thought about entrepreneurship before. Okay, because the thought is totally terrifying. Teoh. Yeah, OK, But some people I feel act as though, um, you need to Your job description needs to look like I'm a self starter who likes to work alone and create my own products out of scratch from the world, because I'm so brilliant and able to generate ideas constantly, and it's like, really intimidating, you know? So how about if it's if it's being a career coach to people who women entrepreneurs has? The thing is that I also have a strong passion for social causes, and I feel like I'm not sure if it was focused more on the creatives I don't know exactly what constitutes a creative necessarily, but I wonder if I wouldn't be missing out on some of my social justice people. And, you know, I'm told it's adding puzzle pieces. It's immune the Legos. So I love that because, um, to add to that same thing that I already said and you pick and choose, of course what you like and what you don't like. I just like showing that package that you can off Ah, in those different segments. Like, how nice is it to go get advice somewhere specific and know someone's doing it? So for that piece of it, um, I'm sorry. Like, this is really cool in its opportunity for me to s. So I am excited. Um, I totally agree with you on entrepreneurship for women in a real problem that, I find, is that women don't have confidence. Yeah, a lot of that can easily be solved by, in my opinion, easily by a bit of ah, like making yourself a little shiny er and a little more proud of who you are, because that gives you that confidence. But I can't then help people learn how toe maintain that knowledge and confidence, that's where, like you would do that psychological piece of it on. And then those people are going to be co creators. Awesome, obviously, testimonials for them to help them get those jobs to help them start their careers. And that's why I went one step further. I you know, I'm tied in with this group, for example, called my Tie, and they're an amazing group of I don't know if anybody knows about them, but it's a group of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists that air here, and they really support local entrepreneurs. And you know they Now Richard Branson's in on it and they're pitching to Richard Branson and doing get togethers. So I'm so sorry. Then you could tie that train, bring them in. So just its its great. This is a cool eggs. Right? So here, this here. Okay. And was so we're not saying Jennifer. Now it's time for you. When you go home tonight to launch a stationary line. Your product line, you're helping plan or your digital product line. You're gonna write a book. You're gonna be a block analyzer. You're going to be a self help book or block reviewer you're gonna be a fun office interior designer. You could also be You are also going to be a coach for stylists and advice columnist and an entrepreneurs coach. No, no, no, no, no, no. These are just the idea that we're working from. And it seems like what we're just kind of talking about with being the entrepreneurs coach. Maybe it's kind of more closely intertwined with everything we've been talking about. And yes and no, though. Okay, great. There been Yes, but I just I just want to show that, you know, being an entrepreneur is Coach is a nice little tied in a bow title. Being the co creator of Awesome is a nice tie it in a bow title. But as the co creator of Awesome As the Entrepreneurs Coach, you can make a stationary line and a card line and helping Planner. You can write write reviews for self help books. You can talk to them about designing their office in a really fun, creative way. So, like, some of these are gonna be potential projects that you could do within a business idea and some of them you're just gonna throw out the windows you don't wanna freakin write songs about parabens. Yeah. Yes. Thank you. Do you want this? Yeah. Hey. Okay. So I hope everyone at home is doing this for themselves. I hope. I know you guys have been listening, which is so super great. Um, we'll make sure that you do this to, but really, you're the winner. You're our winner today. Thank you. Um, but you might see right that Jennifer came up here and we helped generate these ideas. Now, Jennifer, if I put you on the spot first and said, What do you see? We might get some stuff, but it's really hard to do that for ourselves. Really, really hard. So what we want to do on our only time is to dio the peanut butter jelly time swap. So what's great? We're about to come up on our lunch break, which is great. So here in the audience and for you guys at home, you guys, you have it easy. You turn to the person next to you and exchange your workbooks, and you just make sure that they know your skills in your interests. You have the list there for them and that person is going to come up with their own two eyes and see what else they see that you haven't come up with again. Silly out of the box thinking ideas, fart Filtering underwear is more than okay. Um, And for those of you at home, you know it's nice. Maybe like your silly husbands at home. Or maybe you could get in touch with your mom, like you probably have the person in your life that you know, is an idea person and could kind of think of stuff like this and brainstorm like this. Go tap them on the shoulder. Give them your lists of these skills to pay the bills and your intriguing interest and see what they come up with, Um, Or if if you want. You know, what's so great about the chat and creativelive is that some of you guys have been here for 2.5 sessions, and I know you were getting to know each other so well, you go in the chat right now, you could raise your hand and say, I want a peanut butter jelly time swap, buddy, and you could just exchange your email addresses and send it to each other on the break and do this so quickly. So I really encourage you to do that. It's gonna give you so many more ideas big time. Or actually, you could go to when I grow up. Coach dot com slash creativelive. Put in your information so that you could get the link to my close Facebook group with the other dream career creators. If you're in there right now, then just raise your hand and say I want a peanut butter jelly time swap partner and just pair each other up. You could friend each other, message each other, all that other good stuff. They're people. They're doing this work right now, though, with these ideas in mind, we are moving on to four your consideration. I could take off this hat, although I kind of love it. I love Louise from Bob's burgers. Um, so, for your consideration is gonna help us narrow things down a bit, right? So some of you. So I just have, like, one really strong idea, and you're committed and connected to that idea. That's great. You could still participate in for your consideration. It's going to really kind of bring to light the things that we have done leading up to this, we're gonna be able to see on paper what makes the most sense for us in terms of kind of pitting this career idea against our skills, to pay the bills and are intriguing interests and doesn't fit within our personality type I But for those of you that are trying to kind of choose between, what is it that I want to start exploring next, you're going to be able to also pit these ideas against what you've already discovered and uncovered about yourself and see what comes to life. So before we begin for the next three minutes, I'm gonna give you all of my really, really big important tips as to what's gonna help you come up with your dream career. So just just get ready for the right. This is the goods right here. This is that Here, my reminders here, the big things I have to say about what it's gonna take to do this work. So before we begin, it is really scary. This is a woman listening to the little voice inside of herself on this woman. We can't really tell from this picture. This woman's terrified of that little tiny voice. It's really scary to listen to that voice that's inside of our heads, whispering What could be our passionate career. That is something that seems silly or cookie or irresponsible or risky or something our family won't understand. Jennifer just said it. I'm really scared to be an entrepreneur, that Zoe's Gary. That's probably coming from a very, very small voice, and I want to remind you guys about my resistance to being a life coach. When I first heard about being a life coach, I went, Oh, no, not only is that not me, that's not what I want people to think that I am or what I'm like or how I talk to people are approach things. I don't want my identity to be wrapped up in like this hippy dippy life coach title, but I was I don't want to be an entrepreneur. As an actor, I was kind of an entrepreneur and I wanted to find everything against that. So I was like No, no, no, no, no. It's time for me to be a grown up and I have to find something stable and that means getting this paycheck from another person. And so both of those things lead to commitment to be a certified life coach because I was so passionate about being the career coach that I needed at the time, being the career coach for creative people and realizing that being an entrepreneur fit into everything I wanted for myself. So for me, it was an oh crap balls moment. It was not lightning striking. It was not. This is the idea that came to be from the heavens, and now I'm enlightened. It was not angel singing choir hallelujah sort of thing. And it wasn't me dancing in the field like Snow White with adorable pugs in hankered Hank in Kirk Chiefs dancing along with me, right? So I think we get this idea in our head a lot of times a year for my clients. But Michelle, they say to you that I have. It doesn't make me want to go sing in the streets and start my own musical number. It doesn't it's not. It wasn't something that just made me shoot up in saying This is what I want and it doesn't fill me with excitement and actually probably fills them with Drudge and fills them with fear. But we have to listen to those whispers because they're telling us what we want to be doing. And hopefully all the work that you've done up until now will allow you to build that trust as to how you can move forward, despite the fears and how they could actually point you to the things that you need to work on in order to get where you need to be. Yes. So we're not expecting lightning striking angels singing. We're expecting ochre apples or we're expecting, actually, maybe sometimes a logical thing, right? Maybe. Sometimes it's like, Oh, this makes sense. This makes sense. So we've been talking about this so far. We talked about our careers like, What is it that you're considering? We talked about that in in session number two, but I want to know right now, draw these exercise. What are your career contenders? What's like? What, what is the contender? What's what's going into the ring? And I want to hear this in the chat to as well. What are your career contenders If it's the same or different than what came up in session number two, then that there's no right or wrong answers here. What's the career contenders that you want to really be considering at this point? Andrea, Welcome back and she's writing away. What are you writing down? I see a few things. Well, actor slash host, because we start talking about host I would. That was a dream I had when I was younger, and I kind of let it go. I tried it for a little while, but nothing happened. So but thinking about this and in my skills and sales and marketing and liking to public speak and all those things, I think, well, maybe I could try it again, you know? And even if it's in the small scale, doesn't have to be Hollywood and right, you know, right, Fantastic. What else? Uh, well, I put down so amazing. Nutritional product was really interesting. One of the reasons I wasn't here yesterday was I went on that interview about selling raw chocolate, which is totally different than selling advertising, something I could be interested in on. The thing is, it's a very small, upstart company, kind of, but it caught me excited like I hadn't felt excited about a potential actual job in a long time, even though it's small. And I'm thinking, How am I gonna make enough money? But my brain started spinning about like how I could make it work. I love this. Thank you for shedding a light on that. And I know the interview went super great. Knock on wood for you. You want to take it. But I love this because if you kind of know Oh, this company mashes up with what I'm looking for in a career environment or the types of people that I want to work with, and I'm actually selling something that I believe in on a bigger basis, and that's so great. And if you know that maybe the money isn't there, then sure, the insurance isn't there. He want to do so many other different things that I I also wonder, like, how can that cooperate with potentially doing acting jobs? Could it? You know, that might be something you would want to bring to the table as a negotiation tool. Sometimes I think like we're so fixated on money that there's other things we could ask our potential bosses for that might be, you know, something else to consider. So Well, I was thinking even, like, what? If I were a spokesperson for this company that would sort of pull everything together. I love that. So that's something that you can bring up and talk to them about. What do you bring to the table? And now you're like, Now you've made yourself really a linchpin Steel. Seth Godin's term. You made yourself invaluable to them because you're coming. You're coming with all your different skills. And what a great way as a multi passionate person. Do not hide the fact that you're a multi passionate person with lots of skills and interests and talents are not hiding. You know, all the years that you spent as an actor, Instead, you're bringing them to the table, and that's gonna make you a better candidate for the job. Yeah, I just had a career thes opportunity, like a coach to know you don't want to do coaching, but like this sort of stuff is gonna end up naturally. Playing into you're styling work or whatever you decide to do next. Being were a natural at this. It comes really easily Thank you and it's pretty like I see these pretty pictures and then I'll like I love pretty things. I just I do, Um so when I see something like that sparkly, that looks fun for someone I feel like I have to share. Uh um, and I was just, you know, I like I have a lot of problem with chronic pain and I started somebody reached out to me through Tony Robbins Conference about helping and they have a product line, and it's it helps naturally with, like, organic, non GMO stuff. That's like beats that use for anti in flint inflammation in. The promoter that I worked with was so awesome, and she had a great background and confidence in the product, and she sold it really well and ice. And I found that was doing two things that was not only using your charm and your your charisma and your sales skills that are really valuable. And not a lot of people have that, um, but also you're getting to really help people and do it naturally and make them really Pete like I feel better and that's a testimonial to her, and you'd be spreading kind of more like that. So that was just an idea. I thought you might be really great at with that nice personality and you're pretty And like you could totally make it look great, too. Yeah, Jennifer, I remember Andrea that you said that you wanted to be some type of health coach, so that totally ties into that. You know, I wear the career contenders. That's saying a lot of people, by the way, already identifying with Jasmine and they really appreciate all the thoughts that you gave to Jennifer, there s Oh, thank you for that saying, I love the idea of being a woman's confidence stylist Coach and I could tie that into my block that came from Steph Christie on Ks. Now is saying I want to build how to empire for a new generation of women on rock n roll, Martha's rock and roll up version of Oh my gosh, I would I would be there in a second. So we're like, coming up with these ideas were honing in on things, and then we're also, uh, filling them in with the with the companies or the clients that we know we want to be helping And, you know, even if you see on creative Lives website, they're not looking for close captioning people. You send your stuff in any way when you have those skills and introduce yourself and you start that connection and that brings up a question. I think that's come up more than once. And I know I saw on Twitter yesterday what happens if you're not in the location that you feel your industry is in, like you don't have to be there like Jeanette talked about? You go to San Francisco to go to a conference, you meet people, you make sure to follow up with them into your own sort of traveling. You wanna work with creativelive, you could send them your letter and your anti resume and everything else that you need, and then and then and then see what happens and then see what happens if they offer you a job. Is it worth moving to San Francisco or Seattle? But at least just you're putting yourself out there. You're taking the first step. So who hasn't been in the hot seat yet, Johnny? Okay, you have you I don't think no. OK, e come up with your book? Yes, me. Um and we're we're going todo this chart is on your workbook. I think it's like I think it's on the workbook, like, on its side career to consider which amaze balls. Awesome skills. Does it hit which intriguing interests are included, Which of your vital values are included? Does it fit within your personality pie? What don't you know about it that you need to know? So this this columnist for, like, new questions or maybe questions that have just come up. You've done this work, but we're pitting this stuff against these other pieces of the puzzle that we have already looked into. So we're gonna do this. Where you? Right. Okay, So could you give us the career that you are considering? I wrote down 12 so Okay, Okay. Ready? This is where you start. And I and you could go home tonight or during the break and write down all 12 and do this for all 12. If you want to really see what makes the most sense right, you're gonna be able to see it. You're gonna be able to see this career has seven skills, but this career has 10 skills in this currently has four skills, and this has two things that's has 12. So you could kind. This is like a visual way for you and logical way for you to really see what makes sense. But tell me what you're most equally excited slash scared about right now, that's on that list. That's what we want to dio. Um, let's do Croce teaching. Uh, okay, so crow Shea teaching. Now let's do some flipping. Of course, there's not a table of contents in the workbook, cause that would have made it too easy. But the amaze balls awesome skills. Doesn't have to go back to your skills to pay the bills. Fantastic. Tell me what's in that. Those 1st 2 rows that work with Croce teaching. Okay, So crow Shea, huh? I also wrote teaching that seems like cheating, right? It's not. It is. I'm cheating. I wrote down working with kids, so if I would teach kids, that would be something. Huh? Uh, I also wrote down, and I don't know how this fits, but making things for others and doing charity behind kind of noodling around the idea of teaching people how to make things that they might give away or, like, give away the things as they're making them. So absolutely, that could go in a few different ways. Either you're donating proceeds. Or maybe you're crocheting a hat to give a hat or your teaching other people Teoh do that And making that pledge like, yeah, charity, you know, is in there. Yeah, fantastic. Any other amaze Balls are awesome skills that are in there that fit within croquet teaching. I don't have any on here. Fantastic, but intriguing interests are including. So the ones that you define for yourself that you're intrigued about now, uh, like I wrote down social justice, helping other people charity, uh, I wrote quirky is an intriguing interest. I I don't want to teach in a way that I think is boring or teach boring things. It would be fun if I could teach something that, you know, maybe would be an art installation or would be something really different. Yeah. Losing nights with art. Like what if Croce? I'm sorry. God, I'm sorry. I don't think I do right. You want, Like, I find myself jumping a lot in my sessions. I e No, I'm rude. and it's terrible in It's your show. And I'm so sorry. I would go to that. I look for things to take my mom Teoh about you would be perfect. Give the perfect personality and the demeanor and your nice and like having a social party with Mariah. Yeah, but it's so great. And I'm glad that you notice this, right? So it's crushing teaching, and you're now kind of defining, like you probably don't want to get in front of a classroom, traditional and be like here is how you Croce It's another. I went wrong before. Yeah, s So we think that, like, I don't want to be a teacher in that way, But I could be a teacher and and this is something that I've gone through, too, especially as a coach when you are all about not telling other people what to do. I was like, I can't I don't want t I'm not a teacher. Don't tell anyone what to do, but I don't want to be in that classroom setting. But I could be here and all of you guys and have this be, you know, a different different style of teaching. So this is gonna be a great segue way for the next thing. You're gonna thing after intriguing interest. More? Uh, no, not really. Great. Which of your values are included? Sugar? I forgot my value. No, no, no, That's OK. We'll dio So I remember my challenging. Uh huh. Do you think it was challenging? Yes. Yeah. Um, I know I had, like, accomplishment or whatever, like, uh, you know, seeing other people finish something or like learning. I think we're great for me. Great for them. Great. I don't remember the rest of my values. That's okay. Could use that flipping thing. I want Tiu. That will be right in the beginning of the workbook. Because that was the very first things that we did. Creativity right on helping. Oh, and collaborating because we'd be doing so every single value, it seems like a bad fit. Healthy. And what was the other one? Uh, did you have collaborated? Collaborating? Does it fit within your personality tie? OK, so I looked up the tight last night, and when they think that stuck out is the garbage jobs that I've had, uh, they've I keep getting promoted to manager, but I don't like to manage. And when I read my first Nellie type of said you like to lead, but you don't like to manage and almost like Doug like I do. Like, uh, but I don't like that kind of teaching were or working with people where it feels like I'm the manager. I like that idea of like, I'll lead you, but we're going together. So yes. Now, what don't you know about being a crush a teacher that you would need to know in order to kind of make a better informed decision? I know this part and not this part th shake. So how did t How to teach style that you want addiction? Yeah, absolutely. I Yeah, I know what I don't want to do, but I don't know how I dio style. She's got a good idea. I can feel it. Yes, it's a short idea to I think, um, like, crushing takes so much time. And I was talking to you about this yesterday that if you just set a tripod on you and have people watch you do that, that would be like such good therapy or zone out time for some people like me who wouldn't know how to crush a even from that others would learn from it. And then if you do the whole thing, you could probably make another YouTube video of, like, speed crow shaking. I wish it could be. And then you have two or three. I mean, maybe 10 videos of it takes a while, and then you're teaching people and you see what people like most. Yeah, totally. Oh, yeah. You could use this paper to fill in the rest of your 12 if you want. Teoh, I'm going T o. This is, uh this is a sneak preview hold on of later. Don't look at that. Um, this is fantastic, right? And so many ideas. And I love, too that you brought up Jenny like I know how. I don't want to teach, but I don't know how I do want to take, so that could also be a really good place to start. I know. I don't want to teach, like in an after school classroom setting. I know. I don't want to teach by writing e books. Okay. Well, then what does that leave us? Maybe it's a podcast. Maybe it's a video serious. Maybe it's an E course. Maybe it's a published book made like wood. How do you want to take people on Jenna's idea with super great? But you know, to make sure now you know that you need to see the results and you you need that tangible feeling that you're helping someone, that you see what they're doing, all of that good stuff. So how do you work that in two at? Maybe you're coming up with your own flicker group where people are posting things of their work or that happens in any course or whatever. It iss super great. So and then a great idea. So Jessica, just bring it home. I've said this a 1,000,000 times already, but I have to end this segment saying the biggest tip that I could give you and choosing your dream career is to do what feels exciting and scary. It always leads to clarity when it comes to your hashtag dream career live If you want to tweet the career live are your dream career. So, um, well, it's great to see things on paper, right? We we could also just do a gut check. And that's why I asked you like OK, I have 12 ideas. What seems the most equally scary and exciting? So it could be great to see things visually and logic logically. Oh, this this has the most things written in the box. So therefore, that's what I should dio. But sometimes it's just not that easy. So really, hone in on what career careers feels scary and exciting for you right now. And that I guarantee you, is the Blaze Teoh star. Yes, big time. That's what we need to be doing. And I'd love to, uh, hear from you guys in the chat and on social media as to what that is for you and what you think you're moving into because oh, my gosh. Our next session, where we only have two more sessions left. So we're gonna be really looking on putting things together. And like we said earlier, the only way to do this work is to just do it. So we want to be ableto hone in on what you need to do for your own personal homework with the career idea or ideas that are most scary exciting for you right now. But we have two segments. Teoh, come. So what are we gonna be doing after next is the famous segment that I have been teasing about because it keeps coming up over and over and over again. Health. I'm multi passion. It's eso. We're gonna be talking about how to be a creative, multi passionate person and have a thriving career. And put that into your dream career. And we're going to have an interview with Leslie DeSanto, who is an artist slash model slash certified polarity therapist slash masseuse in training about how she does it and still has a head on her shoulders.

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This class was sooo incredibly fun and inspiring. It was wonderful to meet Michelle and interact with her in person. She is warm, kind, approachable and genuinely passionate about helping creatives find a career they can love. Having been raised to believe that the only route to a secure retirement was to find a job with a pension or, at least, a good 401k, this class gave me the courage to believe that I could do work I love and still finance a fabulous life in retirement. It also put things in perspective because it helped me to see that I deserve to be happy as much as anyone else who has carved a successful niche for themselves doing work they feel good about. And, it reminded me that if I try something and discover it isn't the right fit, the worse that can happen is that I go find that job with a pension at that point. So what? Why not me? Amen! xoxo, Jen


My dad used to tell me, "You don't get to do what you love. You just learn to love what you do." For years and years, I've been wandering from job to job wondering why I just wasn't feeling the love, no matter how much I learned to be good at what I do. Although, I tried to resign myself to the idea that work would always be something to dread day in and day out, I couldn't help but day dream about the elusive "perfect" job! I searched for years for tests or counselors who could help give me some direction as to what I would be good at and just before I lost hope, I found this class. I snuck it in during work on my cellphone (shh don't tell lol) and was running back to my desk when I had to be pulled away. It's nice to know someone understands what I've been going through and Michelle's energy is just so positive and motivating that I know that I can make things happen! I watched the free live broadcast but even before the end of day 1 I knew this class was a resource I'll gladly pay for! I would and have recommended this class to many people I know feel the same way I do! Changed my life! We're not made to fit into a mold so why not create your dream career! My review in one word? Amazeballs!


I purchased this course and made sure to finish it before 2015 started. It was so easy to go through the course and I made sure to be diligent in actually doing the activities and homework. I never knew there were other MULTI-PASSIONATE out there like me! I thought I was just a confused human being who needs to figure out her life! Haha! Michelle's energy and passion to help others are so eminent in the way she presents and guides us. I love the setting of Creative Live as well because I felt involved with the studio audience despite having to watch these sessions by myself. :) I learned so much about myself, about how I can incorporate my multiple interests into a unique ball of career perfectly molded for me, by me. All thanks to the help and wisdom of Michelle's experiences and talents. What a great end of 2014 and a great way to start 2015! THIS COURSE IS WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY. :)