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Online Guest: Molly Quigly

Michelle Ward

Create Your Dream Career

Michelle Ward

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22. Online Guest: Molly Quigly

Lesson Info

Online Guest: Molly Quigly

So I'm really excited to say that we have molly quickly here with us for an interview oh my god talking about discovering your truth I am in love with her she went from luxury goods retail sales online dating profile writer and coach at the online dating cheerleader dot com she's just x truth owner I've talked about her before a few times when I was going to talk about her again we just wrapped up our sessions a few months ago and during one of our first sessions we were just talking shit so many ideas right shit so many creative interesting ideas as to how she could make money and one of them was I could write people's online dating profiles because as she said, I found both of my husbands online and I enjoy doing it which is like that both of those things right? Like you enjoyed online dating who does that? She said no, I really think that I could help people not on ly express themselves to better show off who they are and have a more authentic profile but to help attract the people ...

that they want teo extract and so she's able to kind of see things both ways how to make sure that the person whose profile she's writing puts off their authentic self and how they can get the type of person that they want to be meeting so what she did was something very scary we're talking about. Should I go on social media and talk about this things? Yes, you should, because molly quickly went on and said, um, anyone interested in having me right there online dating profile? I just would love to do it for someone, and she got not one person, not two people, that I think three or four people raise their hand and said, yes, me, me, me, me, me! And by working with those people, I think she worked with all of them over the course of, like, a week or two, she came back to me and said, michelle this's, it was easy and it was fun, and I love doing it, and I think this is what I want to keep doing it, and I want and I want to keep moving forward with this. We said, ok, let's, try it right let's, try it. So she got some clients still through facebook. She was telling people now unavailable, you baby this much money, and she was getting clients through her personal facebook page that led her to launch a business facebook page that led her to launch a blogged that she got a professional logo and that turned into a website just some offerings she's taught multiple classes locally. Now this summer is really interesting. And she went from charging fifty dollars for a package two packages that go up to five hundred dollars and she's had multiple people take the bait so and you could find her online dating cheerleader dot com somalia are you here with us I am yeah we don't have the video of molly other she a la e oh my god you're amaze balls I love you thank you I love you thank you for joining us you were so inspirational you are the truth owner thank you I've been enjoying watching you oh thank you. Thanks for washing okay so you know this is like the first big questions and easy question molly you know how did your truth and personal experience lead teo becoming the online dating cheerleader what was that process like in your words I just gave him the overview the process was easy once I started working with you because I kept a notebook and I went back in two days ago and looked through it just to kind of see what I could tell people about it and the very first thing you asked me to dio was what you already mentioned which was the income part know what could you dio and then you told me something really important pick anyone on the list and we're just going to develop that so you know okay so I sat down to write the curriculum for the class I was going to teach and I did it in four hours I knew right then this is something I need to be doing on I'll just figure out streams of income till this becomes my main stream of income um thank you I didn't remember that detail I did not remember that detail so hopefully there is like some pressure off and I remember okay if you were to teach a class on this it wasn't the online profiles first it wasn't the getting pig first it was if you were to teach a class on this what would you say let's act as if you're you have a class on this what would it be? And I remember now that you mention it that's saito flow that you said you felt and it was just like you you sat down at six pm and left a ten pm and like couldn't believe all that time had passed they had so much to say and you also told me for one of my exercises write a bio for myself then write a purpose for the class like what would you and so by the time I have the class ready for leisure learning by the time I met with them I had the class I had the bio I had the purpose of the class and I felt so confident because I have really worked on it with someone else like cheering me on don't make a big difference and we talked about bios, right? So writing your bio as if do we see these like important words were acting is very helpful we're writing our bio as if were teaching this class what do you bring to the table? Why would people want to come to molly's class listen to her now you know you were able to pinpoint this is why you come to my class and listen to me but you don't have a writing degree you don't have professional copy writing experience so who are you to teach this class? Molly, how did you get over all of that? Well, I think I knew it was a good writer I was confident in my writing I had a b in english, but I guess what through working with you I found out wass you feel like you need these credentials like I felt like I needed a psychology degree or he needed to be a social worker or I need to be something. So what we sort of decided on is I can't write a book because before I become an expert I'd be better doing my job just doing it so instead I focused on writing the class and that would be my credential so now when I meet people and I've had fifty clients now wait, how long have you been? When was your first guinea pig july july of this okay so july august september okay, so three months that's a ninety days and I'm already booked through september you got the last twenty percent I said yesterday said she's booked eighty percent she said on facebook eighty percent for some time yeah and then in october and I just didn't realize the flow of it I was so focused on how I was going to make money yes I dropped all that and just focused on doing it I remember I hope I don't get in trouble for saying this but I think I will remember our last session and I said what was your biggest takeaway and you said you know I did not trust you at all michelle that this was something that was going to make me money and so you told me to write this class and told me to do this thing and like and I was like, okay, michelle, I'll do it but I'm never going to make any money and you didn't actually say that to me at that but like we definitely talked about how can you monetize this? What are the ways you could make money but you didn't express to me like all right michelle, I don't really I'll go along with it but and I was so surprised to hear it that you were proud of yourself for not trusting that and doing it anyway and look where it's led you yes, and now the leisure learning people approached me and asked me to come up with another class because my class has done really well. It's had good participation and something that I never realized that michelle was kind of telling me I've had thirty to fifty percent of my class members hire me, so I didn't really see that it's the income stream, I saw it more as a marketing tool and a credential, and yet it's ended up I mean, I get the money from teaching the class, but then I get the money from the people hiring me. Then I get a newsletter base because all the people give me their emails. It's had more flow, then I actor would have thought possible, and a lot of that was based on your experience, like how do how do you start something like this? Well, I love this too, because what you're talking about teaching locally, it's almost like an old school sort of thing. I think we put out of our minds like we have to be on the internet if we're teaching something. If we want a long something want to do something, we have to be on the internet, and you obviously have a really great webb. President you have a website you have law you facebook page you have places where you are but when it comes to teaching your phase one is leisure learning and you really excelled at these classes I know you knock some of that and I love it I mean it was really fun you not only do you get to meet people but I also get to get all kinds of information from him about like questions that they ask and then I do that thing you told me where it's like I think this needs to be a blonde post because I keep getting the same question over and over again or you know I need to add the service and my pal because people are asking about it it's been the most clever way and something I never even intended it to be thank you please so that's our catch twenty two and that's why I like we want to figure everything out before we start but the easier way to do it is to just start just get your toe in the water and then pay attention pay attention to what people are asking you for paying attention to the questions you here all over again I just said this morning like what my big realization yesterday after teaching yesterday session was I've heard everything before like I'm not hearing anything new anymore thinking may six years got to get to the place of like oh, I know this work and I know what people are gonna ask, and I know what I'm gonna tell them and like, I haven't felt like that before and it's me and I'm still listening. What are people asking me for? What other questions? What are the new things I want to be writing about? What is it that I want to offer? So and you're still into beer detectives? Yeah, you know, I really like, you know, there's times in your business where people aren't booking you uh huh. And you're kind of sitting there thinking we'll have. Last week I got three clients and this week, nothing's going on and since it's a new business, you don't know when your peak periods are going to be yet and when your months where it's not going to be busy and since there aren't that many people that do this for a living, at least there's no one in houston, texas, I don't really have anybody toe ass. So I think the thing that's been kind of interesting about that is doing exactly what you said like go back to my facebook, go back to my block close and look to see what I was doing differently that week when I got business. There is there some times it is lek, but sometimes there's an actual reason absolutely and when you're tracking these things and I have a business date with myself every month toe look at the last month and I and I write down here is the money that I made and here's how I made it on what offerings and here's the block post that got the most traffic and hear the facebook post that got the most clicks and um here is just my impression of the month here's why I think this launch went well, here's why I think it didn't and so you know, if you're looking over the long term it's interesting because when I love that you brought that up, especially when you're doing this new you don't know your patterns and so you might end up having a killer december every year but in march it's really dragging you have to get yourself to december to find out that you have a killer december usually that's a case with the product based basement business or with the service based business. I know that from like early to mid december to mid january nobody wants to have any sessions and nobody wants to do any work and now it's not about me pushing for new work then it's about that my time, my time so like start a new project or to do more, I like doing the business planning, brainstorming stuff so once you sort of know and control us that okay, this isn't a slow period, which means the death of my business and all I've worked for it just means oh, this is a time of year that that people don't invest in coaching is they're buying gifts for their family. Is that sort of thing, right? Fantastic. And I can't go ahead. No, no, no, please in please, I can't express how important it wass for me to have followed michelle a number of years before I hired her. I never thought that I would never give myself the investment in money on trying to figure out what I was supposed to dio like I just kept kind of following are, but one thing I learned is she had another job before she had a job. I'll tell you what that's been the sameness thing I ever did because I don't worry about it, I don't obsess I quit a forty hour week job, I had a ten hour job a week that provided excellent money, so I decided to get rid of the forty and stay with the ten and I think you're I don't make it, I'll get another part time job, but I've been just fine well and you enjoy that job. I love her I mean, you love women they work with you're happy to be there the fact that it's ten hours absolutely so even though you were going get I mean tio here that you have had fifty clients since july is like my most mind blowing thing ever in the world. And so even though you can start looking at leaving that job, you might decide like you know what? I love that structure I love that interaction I'm using a different part of my brain and there is nothing wrong with that. You have no intention of leaving that job. There is nothing wrong with that. Um, are there any questions coming in for molly from the chat or yes, jenna, I have one. Actually, I'm wondering it sounds like at first you just asked people on facebook and you did it for free. How did you oh, no, not even at the beginning. No, I have been doing it for people a bunch for ari and I will tell you that everybody I did it for found someone that they married. I can't predict I can do for everyone, but I knew I had a pretty good track record among my friends and, uh no, that was before july yeah, that was before july, but I would just like for friends, but the minute michelle told me that people are more committed if they pay for a service than if they don't and so I did one person in june I think that didn't pay me and she was not she was only client I've ever had who wrote the profile and was like, yeah, I think I'm gonna not date for a while it's like what e that was hard, right? That was a very first person and I remember there was you know, there is a piece for you that you were like, oh, uh, part of your joy of doing this work is seeing your clients go put it up and go find love and going today to report back to you and it was it was a letdown to be like, oh, she's not gonna use what I know okay, so then I just went ahead and just yeah, just charging and it it is so true and the war money, you're smart, the more committed teo about talking about your different offerings right now. So how could people besides the leisure learning class? How could people work with you? Oh, sure, uh, so I have, like, one basic package if you're computer literate, you get herself online, you know, mimi, I interview you I sent a very lengthy questionnaire before that interview, so you know you could basically right the own profile just from filling out the questionnaire that since most people can't write about themselves right because it's hard to sell yourself you know, we meet and then I write it for him and then they put it online but then I have these other clients they're too busy and they're not computer literate, so I do everything for him from editing their photos to getting them on the sites on then now I started out in mr viscous guys started hiring me teo right? The revised women I swear so then I added that because they didn't like ten guys and what they hired me for it what order to do a profile evaluation to look at their profile and say these air the things that are not working and well, I would suggest that you change about it maybe they don't really want me to write it, but they want my opinion um you see that I'm stopping you there, right? Okay, so in the course of three months like where molly started was I looking people, right? They're they're online dating profiles and I could teach a class on it so you plan your class out for the future, but you were still working on the curriculum, so those were kind of the phase one talking about phase one then she had people that were rick shin's enough time and said, I'll give you what was it? Five hundred dollars? I'll give you five hundred dollars to write everything and put it online yourself, right? And she had multiple people do that and then you notice and then that are hiring me want me to write the responses and I could be a consultant to. So look at how this is a renaissance old friendly career wrapped up in the tidy little bow of the online dating cheerleader. Yeah, and, you know, people want me to take their pictures because they don't have current pictures, I'm not a professional photographer, but I can take it good enough picture to get them online. I promise you, you know, I'd love to be able to style people. It was a personal shopper for here's just to help, you know, figure out what to wear for the picture they need help with that. Your pictures are a major part of why people click open that could also be a collaboration piece rights. If you see that news like that, you have the interest you have the experience, especially with the personal shopping, but with the photography, too. If you see that need but you have no interest in being the photographer, you're not a good one, you could find the photographer in your town and say hey, could I refer khalid's going on a package together? I'll pay you after this client comes pays me or I will give a referral see something like that? I mean here's there's just infinite revenue stream possibilities with something like this. So before we wrap up the last question I've been asking everyone oh my gosh, is this suction recent transition for you? What would the molly of today say to the molly of january twenty fourteen? Oh my god, you could do it on, so do it take a chance it doesn't matter if it works or it doesn't because this job everything I'm learning will take me to the next job it does not matter, win or lose I didn't set her up for that. She didn't know any of these questions I know I'm gonna give twenty dollars that's a lot of twenty dollars I telling people give him twenty dollars, you are gorgeous and wonderful and an inspiration and I can't wait to just keep seeing your online dating star rise I know that it's sexual winner and you are sexual winner and I can't wait to see it. Thank you for joining us! Thank you. Nice scene here I thank you again online dating cheerleader dot com she's also on twitter for it I think it's like online cheerleader on twitter and she's on facebook and she's someone two that's at the beginning of a journey just like paula so even though things have kind of gone in a rocket pace and and I think that she's a really good example of the fact that my timeline isn't her timeline isn't your time line and you know, things happen at different paces and there is no right or wrong thie only thing that's wrong is to not do it at all, but I mean, you could see like you start following her now you're going to see what she's building you're going to see what she's offering, you're gonna have a really great insight into her business great comments as well because some of the views thing I did online dating I don't think there is I think sorry I think there is such a need for molly because I'm an artist I'm not a writer I could have used molly for sure to bring the right man into my life didn't happen there on actually that this question came into late unfortunate but they were wondering if molly's ever approach things like match dot com and whether she can partner with them something they could click on the say you need help your profile, click here yeah, you know I think she's three months in but another great and for ninety a right we talked to megan collins yesterday of style girlfriend about her corporate sponsorship such a natural fit for molly, it could be a great scream and come for her could be a great marketing opportunity for her if she wants to approach mac shin se let me block for you let me teach courses for you I mean, you know, it could be a great collaboration, so again, you know, we're not focusing so much here on how you can do what you want to do because it's just it's infinite possibilities so like, just pick the thing that lights you up that equal nervous and excitement then pick the way you want to go about that that's the easiest you what I love, molly said actually was about to interrupt her with that, so I give them a questionnaire and you know, they could actually write their profile based on the answers you give me an inquest in there, but they don't I do it and she does mate like to her, and I remember her saying this to me just like michelle just take their words and I just connect them in a way and it's so easy and I don't know why people do it to her and so easy and she gets I don't understand when people were paying me for this because it's so easy so that natural ease and talent and skill set for her like that's where the speak spot lives

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This class was sooo incredibly fun and inspiring. It was wonderful to meet Michelle and interact with her in person. She is warm, kind, approachable and genuinely passionate about helping creatives find a career they can love. Having been raised to believe that the only route to a secure retirement was to find a job with a pension or, at least, a good 401k, this class gave me the courage to believe that I could do work I love and still finance a fabulous life in retirement. It also put things in perspective because it helped me to see that I deserve to be happy as much as anyone else who has carved a successful niche for themselves doing work they feel good about. And, it reminded me that if I try something and discover it isn't the right fit, the worse that can happen is that I go find that job with a pension at that point. So what? Why not me? Amen! xoxo, Jen


My dad used to tell me, "You don't get to do what you love. You just learn to love what you do." For years and years, I've been wandering from job to job wondering why I just wasn't feeling the love, no matter how much I learned to be good at what I do. Although, I tried to resign myself to the idea that work would always be something to dread day in and day out, I couldn't help but day dream about the elusive "perfect" job! I searched for years for tests or counselors who could help give me some direction as to what I would be good at and just before I lost hope, I found this class. I snuck it in during work on my cellphone (shh don't tell lol) and was running back to my desk when I had to be pulled away. It's nice to know someone understands what I've been going through and Michelle's energy is just so positive and motivating that I know that I can make things happen! I watched the free live broadcast but even before the end of day 1 I knew this class was a resource I'll gladly pay for! I would and have recommended this class to many people I know feel the same way I do! Changed my life! We're not made to fit into a mold so why not create your dream career! My review in one word? Amazeballs!


I purchased this course and made sure to finish it before 2015 started. It was so easy to go through the course and I made sure to be diligent in actually doing the activities and homework. I never knew there were other MULTI-PASSIONATE out there like me! I thought I was just a confused human being who needs to figure out her life! Haha! Michelle's energy and passion to help others are so eminent in the way she presents and guides us. I love the setting of Creative Live as well because I felt involved with the studio audience despite having to watch these sessions by myself. :) I learned so much about myself, about how I can incorporate my multiple interests into a unique ball of career perfectly molded for me, by me. All thanks to the help and wisdom of Michelle's experiences and talents. What a great end of 2014 and a great way to start 2015! THIS COURSE IS WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY. :)