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Create Your Dream Career

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Writing Your Career Fairy Tale

Michelle Ward

Create Your Dream Career

Michelle Ward

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11. Writing Your Career Fairy Tale

Lesson Info

Writing Your Career Fairy Tale

We're going to write our career fairytales, it's going to be amazed ball on these balls is write and count okay, so we're going today we're going to use these proudest moments as a guide and you're going to write a career fairy tale with you as the main character, so I'm going to read mine first and if you have the workbook, you're going to see the wonderful illustrations that go with it, but I can't put them up on the slides because copyrighting and laws and legal things, but I created this so easily with the wonderful state site called story bird dot com, where you just plug in your text and they have a whole bunch of approved illustrators for you to pick teo illustrate your pages and so it's just like a bunch of copying and pasting and pitching, picking the pictures that you like and it ends up being a beautiful storybook. So for those of you at home, you could go to bit dot ly slash career fairy tale or you could follow along in the workbook and see the illustrations I chose is fro...

m an artist called the dreaming giraffe and she has such great work here's my career fairy tale once upon a time there was a little girl, name's michelle, who lives on long island with her parents and younger brother when she was little she loved singing dancing, acting and reading hours would go by well, she pretended she was a waitress, travel agent or teenager I love playing teenager really knew what that was as she got older, all she wanted was to be on stage. She went to a performing arts high school for half the day her junior and senior years and got accepted early admission to an iou for musical theater. She was so excited to start a career as a performer, she got her buffet and just three years within five years, she realized her priorities and values had shifted. Will she still love performing? She didn't love the business side that came along with that. After much denial and grieving, she decided to figure out a grownup career that she could be passionate about. It was not acceptable to spend the next thirty years in a job she didn't love hearing about being a life cooking treat her and then became exciting when she realized that she could coach chri of pipes to help them discover their passionate careers are communications skills, enthusiasms, sense of humor, desire to help people find their passion and our people loving relationship building personality made this the role that she was born to play. She worked in nine to six job is an executive assistant for two years and seven months while she got her life coaching certification and built her business she became the one I grew up coach full time in march twenty ten after realizing she had confidence in her coaching skills and business growth. Now she spends her time coaching, writing and speaking helping creative women get out of there still sucking jobs and into work that feels like play on this happily ever after in brooklyn with her husband and baby girl the end so nice but I didn't want to leave you with just my career fairy tale because it kind of wasn't fair because I wrote about it after the fact so I wanted teo showcase some people who wrote their career fairytale in the midst of my group career change program, which is called career camp so the fur first when I'm going to read is called the travels and trappings of a magical girl name's cheryl, I made a little book because gonna be fun and I'm going to read it to you guys on and it's just like my book she created a non story bird they're these wonderful illustrations I go with it if you go to bit dot ly slash cheryl fairytale, you'll be able to read along with me and see the illustrations but I love this okay, so this is right in the middle of like our career camp and she's gone to the same point that we have gotten too and so she's talking about her background on what she I thought you know, it was important to this journey and then she's baking up the rest making it up so the travels and trappings of a magical girl named cheryl there once was a magical girl named cheryl. She had a big imagination and could keep herself busy for hours. Cheryl loved to play outside and make things inside. She dabbled in everything and was decent at all the things she tried when she was ten her family went on a two month track across the u s and canada and back again they visited so many states and cities and national parks and saw tourists from all over the long trip encourage her wanderlust. She knew there was a huge world out there and she wanted to connect with it, so cheryl kept going twelve she convinced her parents to send her to boarding school in canada for a year. At sixteen, she went to germany to finish up heights high school, and at eighteen she moved to west africa for six months. They're all this language and cultural exploration. She learned skills of empathy, which led her to strive to understand global issues in the context of what she'd experienced. Cheryl felt strongly that the purpose of her life was to help bring about social trance formacion, and she knew she had special abilities that could help the world if she'd only just let them out she thought about pursuing work with the united nations or joining grassroots initiatives for the education of women in developing countries, but these ideas seem like too much of a structure for her, so charl determine that she would focus on bringing beauty into the world. She decided to get a degree and interior design and use it to beautify the spaces people spend the majority of their time indoors. Over the next three years, cheryl earned an mfa. She sought out the biggest, bestest, most impressive design firms and did internships to learn her new train. Along the way she made a best friend, someone equally magical but with different powers and insights, and they decided to get married. She and her hubby moved to china together, where she landed a gig with the top firm. It was very impressive she worked very hard and saw others working very hard around her, but cheryl started to wonder if this stress and these long hours were right for her. While in china she met droves of other magical people and realize that the world was a very small place, full of possibilities. After two years abroad, cheryl was called back to america. She and her hubby moved to the west coast, close to extended family. Though she missed the constant surprises of living in china, she was content with life in her new city until one day when cheryl realized that she still had so much more beauty to share, she wanted to explore possibilities beyond the structure of a corporate design gig turned out her buddy was ready for exchange too, so they moved to a beautiful old wild west town outside a national park where she could pursue her craft. He could continue his work from home job while spending weekends out in nature. Cheryl made lots of new friends in her new town and she tried everything she prentice out of print shop studied under a famous local furniture designer, received begging tips from a retired pastry chef and developed her guitar skills through lessons with folk musicians in the town. She became an excellent seamstress and grew her knitting skills so well that she could yarn bomb a park banks in a single night noticed creative months a passionate person yes with all these new skills cheryl started projects that led to businesses I love that piece projects that led to businesses she made a stationary line with greeting cards and calendars she penned in illustrated a children's book siri's and she cut a couple cds and released them online. Charles means it got so popular she took to the road and went on a musical tour across north america, which in turn led to an international tour. She always knew she the magic in her she just had to release that cheryl loved the travel and meeting new people, but there was no place she liked being more with them, her buddy, so after her wonderful set of businesses were well on their way, and once the musical tours were concluded, cheryl in the hubby set out to grow their family and they did, and all the hard work cheryl had put into learning different crafts and developing her own businesses allowed her more time to spend with her children as she raised them and taught them virtues and all about life because she wasn't working a standard forty to sixty hour work week in an office somewhere far away. Through her long, rich life, cheryl is able to bring joy to our closest friends and family, as well as two strangers with her gifts and products in music. She moved hearts and stirred souls with her song, and her creativity and light shined in the beautiful thing she made and shared, including her children. The end says you could see this's, a much longer version of my crew fairy tale, and you guys could expand, you know, on your aversion, but in the workbook, we're goingto have a fill in the blank kind of mad, loose style version version, and I'm going tio. Um, bring someone up here, we could switch the easel now we shall be great to show that, but I just want to give you guys an update on cheryl because she wrote this uh probably and like march, she was in my most recent career camp group and that just ended in june. It ran from, like february, february, march, june um and she says, I'm currently starting my first playfully serious foray into the world of entrepreneurship, taking my background and interior design and parlaying it into a graphic design effort. I've recently quit my day job in seattle and moved to livingston, montana to develop products for an online shop, the focus of which is in keeping with the concept that major social, political, economic change can only happen through the spirituals transformation of the individual. For starters, I plan to develop coloring books for little people and greeting cards with inspiring quotes as well as wrapping paper, maybe not so transformative but still fun. Um, I love this and I hope this shows you you know where her mission statement came in what's driving the projects that she's deciding to dio how she followed through on being able to support these efforts by picking up and and moving someplace else switch might be a really viable thing test was part of my first career camp back in september to december of twenty thirteen and she's now a designer, she's, an art lover, she's a shop owner, which she was not this time last year, she's, a shop owner of belarus tico, which means beautiful rust for your home, so she finds two core and furniture with lots of character, and tells a story about you and your home. So if you go and and read her story, which I hope you do at bit dot ly slash test fairy tale, you'll be able to see how she came up with that idea, and I think it's still worth shining a light on her take away from this exercise than how things are, you know, nine months later, I'm taking pieces of it and already doing it. I'm also realizing that some pieces don't fit exactly as my story unfolded, but still supported my must haves and core values. So it's, all good stuff, so I just want to highlight like this does not turn into a guidebook for what you're supposed to be doing. This is just for you to bring in the dreaming, bringin the proudest moments, bringing your values, and just get more clear on what your future could be on what just feels important to you in the here and now, so with that you could go to biggest forty two forty three of the workbook fill this and you could also please go to storyboard dot com and do some writing and do some illustration stuff and then share the link with us in the chat room on social media with the dream career live hashtag but for now I'd love to have one of you lovely ladies take the hot seat while we fill this out for you live to do again thank you andrea okay so we could already fill out this first once upon a time there was a little girl name andrea who lived and where did you grow up in saratoga sarit say I'm going to say that I don't look like a serial killer but I'm not gonna do that saratoga with her family family when she was little she loved to this does not have to be limited to one thing doll huh um roller skate uh right by by uh huh um played jack's shows my age and I love that uh hopscotch cool anything else? Yeah um fight with my brother but I oh my god how many brothers did you have? Three three brothers did you have any allies were there any sisters there is one sister but she came after all the three very nice to share a lot of help oh my gosh, that was a very nice ok love this already so when she was little she loved tio play with dolls and jax and hopscotch fight with her brother's roller skate and ride her bike as she got older all she wanted was to feeling and for you guys at home obviously was hard for me to create a one size fits all template so like feel free you're crossing stuff out you're adding stuff your whatever you need to make it your own please do it as she got older all she won was to act so she got a roll ha in the san is a civic light opera you could just breathe on jose too late alright e big light bright and then he got uh you got your degree in theater from window and then got my degree right and then got my degree in theatre it s oh it's a theater my finer or whatever yeah. Oh, yeah b f a ce o yeah okay from you say like you still lie that was major um but within exteriors she realized her priorities and values had shifted uh fifteen years, huh? She gotten away from what made her fulfilled. What made you fulfilled so performing, huh? For me. She wished and dreamed that blank even though she told herself it wasn't realistic or responsible do anything that fits this temple anything that you've been telling yourself you can't do uh um we'll be performing that like she wishing dream that she could make a stable loving as you could be a successful action even though she was told it was unrealistic right? Absolutely a successful actress okay, she talked yourself out of it for a long time until she realized she could no longer um that she no longer could have a career that she wasn't excited about that didn't make her feel authentic which is why you're coming with us now ah that's she looked into being a blank advertising director, huh? Okay and director and discovered that uh she hated it, huh? Oh, no, I'm supposed to be excited about this person. Oh, yeah she lives into being blank and discovered that. Okay, so what is it that, um she looked into being a health coach, huh? And discovered that? Well, what? What is she had a passion for fashion and it excited her because, um she could help people be here. You know, health just comes up over and over and over again. And I think if we really pinpoint how we feel we help people that's just sochi and what we're doing people feel healthier. She knew that it could make her feel off authentic um I'm trying to write and read at the same time because it brought together so many of her skills and values what is the call on that we've already touched on today you being all the ones I've already listing okay like in any of that we're goingto be talking about skill skills tomorrow but teo um uh caring mmm mmm mmm helping huh? Educating uh coaching I love it coaching anything else? Um uh passion a moment can that be? Yeah that's okay perfect in order to feel confident transitioning to her passionate career she got to do in the future I got my certificate her shavings forget anything else. Um uh e mean to feel confident yeah, yeah went to a shrink doesn't count way true I mean, we talk you know, a person here gunboat you got coke god help with god uh career coaching I'm fabulous is that way. Well, listen, I think that therapy we're bringing it back to whoever was depressed and has that place like sometimes getting therapy is a really important part of having your dream career so got career coaching it took some time but she made it happen in let's pick a month and a year in the future not to distant okay, just out of made it happen uh by the way by march of two thousand fifteen wow, girl okay, now she spends her time blank hey spends her time doing what she loved, huh anything else with, uh, on her own schedule, right? Huh and live happily ever after in where do you live or where do you wanna live in sandra fell okay, this is where I start really thinking the killer this is actually better if raphael with with my darling husband darling husband okay, let's read this back okay? I feel like such a teacher this is like my first teacher lee okay? Easel and once upon a time there was a little girl named andrea who lived in saratoga with her family when she was little she loved to play with dolls and jax and hopscotch roller skate rider bike and fight with her three brother is too many brothers as she got older all she wanted was to act she gotta rule in san jose civic light opera and then got her b f a from the villa but within fifteen years she realized her priorities and values had shifted never too old never too late that's just point that out she had gotten away from what made her fulfilled performing she wishing dream that she could be a successful actress even though she told yourself it wasn't realistic or responsible she talked yourself out of it for a long time until she realized she could no longer have a career that she wasn't excited about or that didn't make her feel she looked into being a health coach and discovered that she had a passion for it excited her because she could help help people feel healthier she knew that it could make her feel authentic is it brought together so many of our skills and values authenticity caring helping education, coaching and passion in order to feel confident transitioning to a passionate career she got her health coaching stur certificate and got career coaching slash therapy it took some time but she made it happen in march of twenty fifteen and now she spends her time doing what she loves on her own schedule was happily ever after in san rafael with her darling huh? Thank you. Thank you for being with us. Uh anyone else want to review their career fairy tale? You guys able to fill in the blanks? What? We were kind of talking and doing it. Oh, I like this everyone was paying attention and that's so great anything going on I would like to fill one in with with showing the big great opportunity what do you think we could do it without actually the writing? So does someone just want to like, talk to me from their seat as we fill this in? I'll do ok fabulous let's abandon time there's a little girl named jennie who lived in uh drunk some pennsylvania with her mom and dad and two sisters it's good you don't have any any of those pesky brothers I have one of those two when she was little she loved tio uh, do crazy stunts, uh, cover my little ponies with croquet and draw cartoons. It's okay to who you are now. It like they actually got older. All she wanted what's too, right? And make jokes and do weird crafts. Uh, I mean, is this, you know, I mean, here we are. So she got a degree in journalism hot and then got anything going after that a serious, terrible job way we've been. How many years she realized her priorities. Values interested? Uh, sexual say, ten ish, okay, tennis. Years she got away from what made her fulfilled, uh, making challenging creative projects, she wishing dream that she could sell her own projects and work with others on craft. Uh, even though she told yourself it wasn't realistic or responsible, she talked yourself out of it for a long time. So she realize she no longer could have a career that she wasn't excited about or that didn't make her feel authentic. She looked into being a I wrote croce guru and instructor. Uh, guru man is such a good word, and people just get so scared of it. I love having you. Yes that my friend is called me that before and I like always go don't do that don't call me no I've never met someone who's like yes I'm an expert in this thing with oh you're an expert no no well I'm not a next no one thinks they're in that they're an expert or if they do no no no so I love it I love that you're owning and try will be so she looks to be a christian kangaroo and discovered that uh doing multiple things could work and keep her happy it excited her because she could help people and challenge them to be creative she knew it could make her feel authentic brought together so many of our skills and values creativity, challenge and helping others in order to feel confident transitioning to a passionate career she uh looked in to teaching groups or kids uh branched off with new projects and build a group of crafters around her it took some time but she made it happen in june twenty fifteen yes now she spends her time uh crafting with kids and adults challenging herself with new ideas and enjoying enjoying her creativity I think it's so cool and she lives happily ever after in new jersey with of her husband my best friends and their kids yea fan friggin tastic I love it so please this is a really good thing to do tonight to expand on this go to storyboard dot com. They make it so easy for you to have a beautiful career book and be able to share the link to it online.

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This class was sooo incredibly fun and inspiring. It was wonderful to meet Michelle and interact with her in person. She is warm, kind, approachable and genuinely passionate about helping creatives find a career they can love. Having been raised to believe that the only route to a secure retirement was to find a job with a pension or, at least, a good 401k, this class gave me the courage to believe that I could do work I love and still finance a fabulous life in retirement. It also put things in perspective because it helped me to see that I deserve to be happy as much as anyone else who has carved a successful niche for themselves doing work they feel good about. And, it reminded me that if I try something and discover it isn't the right fit, the worse that can happen is that I go find that job with a pension at that point. So what? Why not me? Amen! xoxo, Jen


My dad used to tell me, "You don't get to do what you love. You just learn to love what you do." For years and years, I've been wandering from job to job wondering why I just wasn't feeling the love, no matter how much I learned to be good at what I do. Although, I tried to resign myself to the idea that work would always be something to dread day in and day out, I couldn't help but day dream about the elusive "perfect" job! I searched for years for tests or counselors who could help give me some direction as to what I would be good at and just before I lost hope, I found this class. I snuck it in during work on my cellphone (shh don't tell lol) and was running back to my desk when I had to be pulled away. It's nice to know someone understands what I've been going through and Michelle's energy is just so positive and motivating that I know that I can make things happen! I watched the free live broadcast but even before the end of day 1 I knew this class was a resource I'll gladly pay for! I would and have recommended this class to many people I know feel the same way I do! Changed my life! We're not made to fit into a mold so why not create your dream career! My review in one word? Amazeballs!


I purchased this course and made sure to finish it before 2015 started. It was so easy to go through the course and I made sure to be diligent in actually doing the activities and homework. I never knew there were other MULTI-PASSIONATE out there like me! I thought I was just a confused human being who needs to figure out her life! Haha! Michelle's energy and passion to help others are so eminent in the way she presents and guides us. I love the setting of Creative Live as well because I felt involved with the studio audience despite having to watch these sessions by myself. :) I learned so much about myself, about how I can incorporate my multiple interests into a unique ball of career perfectly molded for me, by me. All thanks to the help and wisdom of Michelle's experiences and talents. What a great end of 2014 and a great way to start 2015! THIS COURSE IS WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY. :)