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Personality Pie

Michelle Ward

Create Your Dream Career

Michelle Ward

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19. Personality Pie

Lesson Info

Personality Pie

This by far personality type pie is what I hear from my client's it's, their favorite exercise not gonna build this up, but I think this could be a really eye opening segment for a lot of us, so here it is personality pie, it's all about pinpointing your myers briggs personality type, but in a way that won't have you slaving over questions or for hours or sending in answers and getting something back, we're going to be kind of just going again on gut reactions like I really like and first responses is to our own personality types it's also about what your personality type has to do with the career that you thrive in it's really connected it's really eye opening and it's going to make you realize you're not a lost cause. We talked about that in the last segment because you are part of one sixteenth of the population so there's sixteen personality types s o whatever you are there's so many other people like you, hopefully it makes us feel last like, oh, I'm a lost cause I'm so weird and ...

so different here in I mean you are you are different, you're in unique snowflake, but you're also part of a bigger group so before we dig into this and especially if you've done this type of work before and has found have found your myers briggs profile just know that right now when we do it a it's a new day, a new month new year since you've done this make sure that you are talking about the here and now, okay, I'm always talking about the here and now this is who you are now not who you are I think you're gonna be in five years not who you aspire to be in twenty years we're staying away from what you you think you should say which response you think is b better from the next colonel point of view like I think this type this scene it's better than this type? Who cares when we're not talking about the idealization of who we think we're going to be? We're talking about who we are in the here and now and we're embracing it there's no right or wrong when it comes to this work so our personality pie is made up of four different ingredients energy, environment, judgment and perception so we're going to start with the energy peace now this is interesting because it's all about whether you're an introvert or an extrovert right and some of us right away we know where we said o r it's sometimes the piece of the pie that people get stuck on the most and we think that it's based around whether we like to be with other people or not and that's actually not true I think it's safe to say that even the biggest extra vert needs her alone time and the biggest introvert needs to leave the house and be with other people so it's not about what you pay for it's also not about like I love to be part of big groups uh it's where you get your energy from so do you get your energy from time by yourself and kind of being in your own inner world? Or do you get your energy from being with others whether it's in a big group or a small, intimate setting on dh focusing on more of the outer world? So if you are someone who focuses on gets their energy from alone time, then you're an I and if you're someone who gets their energy from the outside world and being with people your e for extra burt and again gut reactions right gut reactions if you have the word book, then you also have a whole bunch of other links that are going teo give you more in depth at descriptions of what it means to be an introvert in an extrovert and, you know you could also just cool it all right? Like what's a different screenings were an extrovert myers briggs types and hear more about it, but again, gut reactions is to who, how, how you are, where you get your energy from writing either I or e on pig seventy three of the workbook now the perception piece the perception involves all the ways of becoming aware of things of people, of happenings or ideas. How do we become aware of it? That is our perception. So if you're someone who's, a practical type who relies on common sense, who wants on lee really the facts? Who wants to, who usually figures out the big picture from the details? Then you are an s for sensing if you're someone who considers all the possibilities, who figures out the details from the big picture who enjoys working within your bursts of energy and creating new ways of doing things you're an end for into eating. I know into eating starts with an I, but they say and I guess because they don't want to get us confused with the introverts, and you could write that down on pick seventy four of your workbook. The next piece of pie is judgment. This is not about whether or not your judgy picture person and actually involves all the ways of coming to conclusions about what has been perceived. So how have you come to the conclusion of what you have been perceiving? So if you are someone who is a debating type, you want to focus on results and justice and fairness. Like my hero judge judy she is definitely a tea for thinker might also be someone that's like could be a little blunt in their comments as they're talking to people and you probably naturally so see the flaws and systems and things like you're able to hone in on this is what isn't working um I am in f I'm a feel are for feeling so I'm someone who makes decisions based on my feelings and I also naturally see the way to please others so that's a big thing that's what I actually go teo and I like to avoid arguments don't like to debate s o I'm f you could put that down on your workbook on page seventy four and again the workbook also has links to all of these pieces of the pie and how you could find out more information on and if you want to read more about gut reactions are the right reactions the last piece of pie is environment so in dealing with the environment the outside world do you prefer to stay open to new information and options or would you rather have it be decided so if you love structure and schedules and appointments and deadlines and outlines if you're the type of person who this is me likes to start things weeks before it's due then you are a j for judging for some reason it doesn't mean you're a judge a person but you're j for judging p is for perceiving and I have a feeling stacy said she just talked about how you love to like you know you're you love those deadlines and being really close to those deadlines perceiving uh is the opposite of everything I just spoke about so you want freedom you want open space you want vision you probably really on ly need your intuition and your ideas to start a project and you tend to work by letting things go until the deadlines really looming then you know you get it done done done done done um and that's it that's that's your old personality by so I am an e and f j and there's these pieces of pie in your workbook you'll see minus z n f j and then they'll be blank ones so write down the letters that you have had we want to hear it also in the chat what your personality type is you could share it online to with the dream career life hashtag uh write it down and pick seventy five of your work book oh good I'm seeing a lot of completed pies do we have anyone feel free to ask this in the chat to anyone released a duck that they don't know if they're one thing or another thing on a piece of the pie? Yes jenny it's hard for me because I am a people pleaser I think I'm also like and it might come from proof reading like I'm blunt and critical and things like that I can't decide between the two if you think of how you make decisions does it come from your head you want to see things kind of logical and you want them to make sense and or do you go based on your gut or your heart or how you feel about something sometimes hard to pick one or the other is probably more the logical one fabulous your a t let's so much yet let's just pick it fantastic someone else yes jasmine so for perception that one's a little hard if your practical type realizing common sense wants the facts and figures out the big picture from the details I'm very detail oriented to a flaw but then I'm also if you're the type who wants to consider all the possibilities figure out the details from the big picture and enjoys working with bursts of energy and creating new ways of doing things all of that applies except the energy I'm slow to roll kind of I kind of here like the s makes more is more you okay so and by the way I'm not like a meyer spriggs certified person so I'm certainly not the expert on dh we're gonna be able to see and what's so great about what we're going to do next is it's so easy to find the information on these types and we could always do more work as too like oh you know what you might want to write down um e s f j e n f j and look at both of those types and see which one appeals to you more but feel like you know with s for sensing with the common sense in the fax that to me also speaks really kind of like a logical like don't tell me at any other information is that how you kind of want your information given to you know I want logic absolutely but I want it from everywhere and it's oer again it can be every kind of organic just if you can make sense in some way on that what I gravitate towards but it could be very artistic ways tio right right right that totally makes sense yeah just needs to make sense to me in some way right I think maybe we write down both and we kind of just explore and see what speaks to you on we'd really get into this car that frank here I'm did someone else have their hands raised yesterday yeah because I I do really like just the facts but at the same time although I I don't see myself is someone who's great at considering all the possibilities actually do work within my own burst of energy and I do have my own ways of doing things you know I think this is a let's bring it back to the initial question of what perception is right how do you become aware of things and people and happenings of ideas how do you become aware of them so is it by getting the fax is it about getting the details if so that's an s for sensing if it's about getting the big picture to then get the details if it's about working within this creative burst of energy that's how you become aware of things or people or happenings or ideas that then that's n for intuition today and gas tickle I pretty much decided on each of them but I still feel like a little piece of the opposite when I still have so is that ok just to kind of go with the majority but still know that I have little piece oh my gosh yes and thank you for bringing that up right? It doesn't mean that like if you say I am an expert like it doesn't mean you don't have a little introvert inside of you are you know it's just for the purposes of this exercise we're just looking at what kind of feels like more of a majority for you and again I mean for anyone that kind of wants to dig deeper into the links that I give you an into this book that we're gonna work with soon call do what you are it's a wonderful book uh you know, you'll be able to go and look at the different types, and you'll probably be able to recognize yourself quickly, slash easily, uh, with, you know, one or the other. Um, so what are the personality types here in the room I want here, joanne. Uh, I n f j oh, fantastic. Were similar. And, uh, nicole I s f j a little fantastic. Stacy I n f p oh, I wonder. C it's. Interesting. We're all different so far. Jenny e n tp f for he s t j wow. Jenna e and t j what? Did anyone else read it? The anti j. We heard that. Yeah. Okay. Interesting gens. I am a p wow. Yes. What? Stacy interesting. Yes, jasmine, I did I slash and figure it out. Fancy I s t p did anyone else has that too? That it's a really interesting right? So, like, we're all here because we're creative. People are passionate people that yet within our personality types are all really different. What are the types that are coming through the chat? We've got so many good, you know, it's. Really? Just now, joanne, you said you, uh okay your same as amanda elizabeth I n f j but there's every e n f p e n f j I n f j I n th e everybody's coming up with something different terrorist ft confusion because people are saying that you know they're they're split between one of the other on they just can't decide you know get the workbook you'll get the lynx or do a google search and you're just gonna you know you're gonna find just more of a description than we have time to get into here that could help you doesn't matter because there's something on facebook saying it's what I think I I am an I and an e can is that possible? You really yeah just work through it you know, I think it's like it was it nicole, that just had this like you just because you're picking one thing doesn't mean you're not the other in some way it's just what you feel more john to um and what you feel is more reference representative of what you like the maja already of the time. So again, like for me personally, I'm a really big extrovert but hoof man, I went back to the hotel yesterday and, you know, ate sushi bet myself my hotel room and I couldn't have been happier like I knew I needed that time to decompress so you just have to really kind of be honest with, um, where'd you get your energy from, uh, what would you want to engage with? How do you want to engage with the world when you rather kind of being your inner worlds, or do you want to be out there with other people in some way? So I hope that they could kind of see that that majority, or if you're really on the fence, then write down those two types and, you know, you could look into both of them and see which one speaks to you a little better. Fantastic. Uh, so how does this relate to my career? Right here about saying this great found a personality type and, you know, everyone could have fun, teo in the workbook and online there's so many fun, like pop culture things. Now with myers briggs personality types, you could find out your harry potter character, and you could find out your downtown abbey character, and you could find out what type of wine you are. So sometimes, too, you could even just go to those fun quizzes online and see, you know what, star wars character are you and see, like what it says for each of those types and what you relate to more, but I promise you that it relates to your career so we're going to spend some time kind of looking up the attributes of your type and how they relate to your career so here are some re sources do what you are this has been a staple I think of career counselor isn't career change work for like a million years this is the most revised edition most recent edition and see what you are to discover the perfect career for you through the secret of personality type revised and updated and creative life scored an autographed copy you guys so exciting uh but if you don't have this book on your bookshelf and you probably don't I would encourage you not too got this yourself on amazon your local bookstore go to your local bookstore and I guarantee you they will have it and spend an hour and get a cup of coffee because on ly one sixteenth of this book applies to so it's pretty easy to just sit down with the book look at your son section of the book write down the things in the workbook that we're going to talk about what we're going to ask you for on dh then you know, put it down and put it away until you might need it again you could have another bookstore date could also go to these places online so personality page dot com slash hi dash level dot html I made these intimately length to make it a little easier bit dot ly slash ball state m bt I and bit dot ly slash ut s a m bt I those are both sites all of those are sites that are gonna bring you two like a landing page that are going to show you the sixteen different personality types and you click on the one that you are you think you are where you want to decide between and it's gonna give you a one sheet or a two she like it it's this book but summarising it and each type and like two pages that's going to give you some more information about the attributes of that type and which careers fit best with them and so what we love to dio right now is to focus on the career satisfactions that are in this book and the career options that this book talks about that you guys find most satisfying sze so who hasn't been up here yet wants to come up here? Yes come on up down a bank you putting you in the hot seat? Tell me again you're tight uh e n t j okay, so let's just say that the anti j chapter is subtitled everything's fine I'm in charge does that sound like extroverted, intuitive thinking judging see? So this book has a bunch of profile, so they profile ten don't talk about this and this is why this career works for ted and jane and this is why this career works for jane, but here are common threads. Okay, so I'm just gonna read this although tending jane of different backgrounds, experiences and careers there are certain common threads woven through their stories. Um blah, blah, ba blah ba blah. What follows is a list of the most important elements the formula you will for e m t j satisfaction. Okay, so let's like yes, this is helpful, it's not necessarily the bible, so let's not make it tio important. Um, so what is it that auntie j is near to need to be satisfied? So listen to this list and kind of, like, raise your hands when you hear something that you think applies to you. Okay? Um, as an anti j crew, satisfaction means doing work that lets me lead, being control, organizing and perfecting the operating systems of an organization that runs efficiently and reaches this goal on schedule. Number two let's me engage in long range strategic planning, creative problem solving and the generation of innovative and logical approaches to a variety of problems definitely as much as the first one. Um, maybe more of the first because of all the structure, huh? But I like the creative approaches and fantastic. Um, so again career satisfaction means doing work that number three is done in a well organized environment where I and others work within a clear and definite set of guidelines yes yeah juliette's cell or something uh organizing challenges and stimulates my intellectual curiosity and lets me work with complex and often difficult problems. Five gives me opportunities to meet and interact with a variety of other capable interesting and powerful people yes, yes that's important to you? Yeah, okay, working events, that sort of thing cool six gives me the opportunity do to advance within the organization and to increase and demonstrate my competence. Yes. Seven is exciting, challenging talking about challenges like the whole time I feel like and competitive where I am in the public eye and where my accomplishments are seen recognized fairly compensated. Yeah that's been an interesting one for maybe because especially I feel like being a woman sometimes like the competitive um nature is more like a challenge for myself but it's sometimes hard with other women or so you know it's not very like feminine quality her that's injured is that a should know that I think is that I should know I think it is like over the years I've just become adjusted to the fact that like everyone has their own opinion so uh you take some of it and adapt a little but right, so I am right. Love it. We lean in, I get I haven't read the lean in book, guys, I admit it. I'm something on that, but I'd like to say sure. I learned about the queen bee syndrome, huh? I don't know if you have that thing, that thing worried, allergic, teo something, I think, spearing's tonight, workforce, teo and it's like that sense of women moving up and it's, hard to move up a za woman and some environments. And so when you do kind of some people get this sense of entitlement, and then those women tend to be a little bit harder on the women underneath, um, and that's, kind of that queen bee syndrome, it's a real thing, there's been some studies on it and stuff. It's, interesting, it's, a hard thing to combat nowadays. I know it sounds like an excuse, but it is like a real actual tangible thing and that I mean it's great it's not great I mean it's a great thing but I think it's great that these air being brought slate and there's resource is and things to help you for this so if you're going through a specific challenge at worker really kind of noticing these themes or things that happened you could do some research online and find something that could help you just great um where were we number eight lets me work with other intelligent creative ambitious and goal oriented individuals whose competencies I respect yeah nine lets me set any goals and implement my organizational skills to keep myself and others focus on the larger goal these air so wordy while accomplishing all my objectives in a timely and efficient manner yet and ironically I'd probably like write that and as many words uh because that is your type ten let's be managing supervised others using logical and objective standards and policies that utilize each person's strength but without having to deal daily with interpersonal squabbles yeah I like makeup rules and systems that I then follow really interesting so every single one of these every single one of these speaks to you think in some way yeah that's really interesting to anyone else like here every single thing speaks to them now so interesting right it's like the mind blowing stuff okay so what I would love for us to dio is um right now I'm gonna leave you with the book right here I'm right down. Um jenna most important career satisfactions so we're taking from this list that's what you are and some of these other sites have come up with um it's nice. You know, this is also like kind of external clues to our dream career also in a different way and we're gonna pin point like there's ten on that list what the most important five and feel free to say it in your own words okay, um I think again this is something that could be negative but I feel confident in now, huh? But the leading being in control organizing I love like it goes along with the problem solving but taking chaos or like some huge overwhelming of them or something after have cute and then going down to the details and checking off the list and getting it done fabulous saying leading organize being in control pleads to getting it done you know that that needs to be a piece of the puzzle and then I really liked the one um about connecting with intelligent people cause behind like I'll go teo um conferences and all sittin on sessions that may not have anything to do with my skill set, but then I'm inspired and I wantto go do that for a living or going a renaissance oh yeah right connecting with intelligent people so it seems like that that's what gives you inspiration? Yeah motivations and just meeting people learning from them I got the last that sums it up so meeting meaning learning and connecting with intelligent people what else jumps out from that list that seems kind of more important than the others I'm all of the problem solving hmm I'll fix problems that people don't know they have a thing for example um my writing too small you could see this well, I think all of us pick on this about my mom but she makes so many facial expressions and I think I've been making them a lot lately so but you know, just being like you mean this so you're saying mr like completing the sentence because I can read the face you know right right? Right that's really interesting on dh then you're able to kind of solve the problem because it is a thing that all the all the clues yeah okay, give me two more that seemed to like really pop out at you that you say yes this is me this is really truthful for me um I like the word logic and objective standards uh guidelines interest me um it's an objective standers it's a logic and objective standards and guidelines yeah and can't find it but there is one about uh, moving up and I the next step and I think that something in my marketing career I've identified like I've seen what people are doing that I want to do and then my next job or two jobs later I have that position so I know the goals right so you want to see where you could go with and I think too that ties into the challenging challenge part two that's important to you because you want to meet that challenge and then go to the next one and go to the next one next one lotte wait stay where you are we're not done yet because now and I love this book now popular occupations for ian tj's and oh my god it would take me all day to read them so um this is what I love about this book to you know I said yesterday that I don't think there's such a thing as a career dictionary and this is not in any way shape or form a complete career a dictionary but it's two full pages of different careers and it's interesting so it just says the follow enlisting occupations that are popular among aunty j's it's important to note that these are there are successful people of all types and all occupations they kind of give the same disclaimer however the following our careers aunty j's may find particularly particularly satisfying and some of the reasons why I uh okay so they took it as business here's some business careers the worlds of businesses often enjoyed by n tj's because they prefer to be in positions of authority, control and leadership then they list finance uh, positions and tj's often excel in the field of finance. They enjoy making money and enjoy working with other people's money to is that you? Yes. Yeah, I like volunteered to budget and like people higher up than me. Wow, I budget and then they turn in the budget. Oh, my god! It was amazing. This is like, this is a crystal ball story that we really are right. You've been following me around a person this book, um consulting in training the variety and independence offered in careers I'm consulting appeals to auntie j's gives auntie j's the chance to satisfy their entrepreneurial spirit, work with a variety of people in a variety of business settings and be compensated in proportion to the work they put in. Yeah, so variety um, I put in the puzzle piece hard because some of the values didn't come up again today when we're going through the other words, but but variety is right here professional that's kind of a weird topic, a weird vale professional thes professions offered the degree of status and level of influence and tj strive for in their careers and then there's some technology positions listed many aunty j's are ideally suited to a whole raft of new computer related careers that have evolved from the explosion of personal computers and the use of the internet. So I'm gonna leave you with these two pages kind of give it a quick scan and I'm going to say jenna's uh, ten what's this type again and t j t j careers so these air like from that list, these air, the ten careers that would seem appealing, teo and again, this is not where you're committing to dio this is not what you're saying and doing this is just like, oh, if I had to pick a career based on these two pages, this is what I would be interested in looking into, okay, no it's weird that I noticed. So like a lot of what's in here, um, is the career I have now, like a lot of what I've discovered is like, um, hobbies that I can turn into a career part time that I think aren't these, I don't know if it is that we are no introduction, you know, it's great andi, I think you've just, like, proven my existence, right? So if this was the complete list and we weren't are the creative, multi passion it's cells that want, like, authentic, fulfilling careers than we could do this exercise don't pick up this book like a career and go along your merry way. But but there's more to this whole dream career puzzle. Which is why we're here for twenty one hours together for the three days. So I love it. Thank you for that. Okay, let's. See what pops out at you? Um, I mean, I'm a marketing director for a tech company. So what? I'm locating consultant. Be something you turned that into, like an entrepreneurial story to thank you. Finance is a little boring to me. Okay. Um, business consultant, I think it would give me, like, the opportunity to shape something like I get interested in business development projects. Um, and psychologist said this is weird. I ended up going to art school, and I haven't art degree, which is interesting. I thought I could always go into psychology. And then I think I marched into marketing because that's a form about behavior is in thinking. So I thank you, sir. Saying psychology really interesting. What else pops out? We don't have to do ten. We could okay. Ten uh, no pressure. And I offer something. Yeah. Um, so, you know, I'm in the tech company to you would be a really good project manager or even in e pm because you like the logic in this structure but it like has a lot of rules and supposed twos and you have to match it to the right thing yes it sounds like that might be fun and it probably easier to do an internal transfer to try yet right yeah that would be good I have that to the list that here is that him so there is like management management's a project manager and specifically in this in this in the silicon valley experience with engineers and being able to talk after them um they're they're a special bunch and I I went to school to be a video game developer myself well yeah I got I want to talk to everyone's face off for hours no fascinated by everyone's have yes I think that's it takes someone like this specifically to be ableto work and communicate with engineers well so that's an added skill set to just a project management role worth more I love that and I'm glad you brought up that internal transfer piece right and I have had clients that you know it's not about jumping ship and sometimes they really like the environment that they're in or there they feel fulfilled by the company that they're working for but not really their position on I think when you do this work and you're able teo, give yourself the vocabulary to talk to your manager about oh, this is what I've discovered about what I'm passionate about, what I'm interested in what I'm good at doing this is what I wanted transition into that becomes a really powerful thing and I have had a client comes to me about a year or so after we finished our sessions her name is joanne and she said michelle they created the joanne position for me and my work that's what they called it they didn't have a title for it, but she was able to say and her meetings and her reviews this is what I want to be working on this is what I want to transition tio and finally they kind of were like, okay, you're valuable we you have experience here we don't want to lose you let's try this out and so it is possible to create your dream career within a more structured non entrepreneurial environment so thank you for bringing that up so we could make that now yeah it's true ideas you know, there are some environments that like it's not possible I mean, I do say this to my clients. You know, if you wantto move departments is that going to be feasible? Is this something that's good and people know like we know we know how our managers are we know how the higher ups work like we know if if that's gonna be feasible and sometimes I can't manage you're so great and she's really rooting for me and I have the support and other times like no no no no no no anything else pop out of you so internet national marketing I mean that's something I've done um but I think that's also part of my interest in travel um and then one thing that specifically on here is event management which is quite a bit um okay, so we see all the common threads here if things that really manage management demanding an economic manage well and I like to like the you know, you're able to pinpoint some of these careers and connected tio your values connected to your experience connected to your passions or knowing no psychologist makes sense because I'm so interested in the behaviors of people in international marketing please upon your passion for travel and your own experience here so this is a really interesting so this feels true yeah, it feels true to well, I am doing huh? I still feel like that's not that weird enough, you know, like because I have this whole art side and I kind of ditched it and undergrad and added marketing to that and like maybe I just didn't get enough of the play out then, right, right it's interesting, so if you know that like okay, these are kind of on the money, in a way, but it misses the mark in terms of taking into account your creative side in your art side, then we could start asking ourselves that question of, well, how dowe I incorporate this? How do I smash some of this stuff into my art? My creativity and I could be really great brains spurning, shoving off plane. Thank you, thanks. Oh, good, I was just going to say, jenna and I were talking a little bit because, it's first I thought project manager to, like, almost yelled it out and stuff, but then we had been talking about how she wanted to incorporate more travel, and I was saying, like, travel blogger, like, so to take the marketing and sort of take the places that she goes and the pictures of the food from there and everyone kind of, like, wrap up marketing style and her desire to travel on those kind of love this, and I can't, I'm excited to tell you that we're gonna have a whole segment where we're having the passionate career idea generator. So we're going to take these things and smashing together and come up with all these different out of the box ideas, some crazy, some not so crazy, but that's, a great sea place to start, right, and sometimes for this stuff international marketing might just be enough that you know oh I'm travelling with international marketing so whether you want tohave corporate clients and go to different you know, corporate businesses or maybe you want it to be working with solo preneurs and you're gonna you're gonna pair up with paula who's here who's retreat leader and say I'm gonna lead eh marketing retreat in indonesia and that could be your international marketing so it's all again about what you want for yourself and see for you and your boyfriends and this is always a good thing the myers briggs stuff is good to do with your partner and then you read more about your type then how you can relate to each other which is so great uh I'd love to hear in the chat if anyone is point is honing in on their career satisfactions or any careers yeah yeah we've got a few absolutely miss nikki is saying freedom for sure is a number one and the ability to be creative and express herself yeah comedy comedy gumball machine is saying freedom to create have flexible hours they like a solitude toe work on but having said that they said like minded coworkers there's a bit there but also fair pay I think fair pay something we talked about earlier is not on dh they're also went on to say I've got a lot of bosses that have discouraged ideas and suggestions now that's something we talked about yesterday is meant everybody feels that well you've experienced them firsthand absolutely on imagine it's the same eyes light minded and enthusiastic coworkers freedom, flexible schedule on dh on idea generated environment flexibility seemed and freedom seems to be to things that are coming up yeah do you feel that you're only gonna achieve that when really you pursue your dreams and work for yourself? I do and I don't write um I would say that probably about eighty five percent of the people that work with me end of doing something entrepreneurial uh but probably only fifty percent come to me saying that they want to do something entrepreneurial I think the other thirty five percent are scared to admit that they want to do something entrepreneurial and I don't think that everyone has to dio something entrepreneurial in order to be happy I think only you know where you're getting that satisfies satisfaction from um and what environment that's going to be but I think it's huge I think when you're a creative person, I think when you know that you're a self starter and you see something really specific in your head and you have a passion or dr tio do something fulfilling um you know, when you were after at the helm of that and you're the decision maker I know for me that's one of the biggest things that I love about being my own boss and I don't have to worry about you know I'm getting a tattoo and you know well the boss be okay with it or I'm wearing blue nail polish to this you know, business meeting and am I going to get in trouble or in my loud voice you know what I'm gonna have to tone myself down so for me you know I could have worked a bit more to try to find the environment of where I would fit in er and I have clients that are really happy and they're more corporate jobs where the people fit in with who they are and they're enjoying what they dio but I think it's I think it's less and less these days unless you find a really cool company to work for like creative live doesn't think you're same logic applies with the corporate sensation because in the corporate environment there are a lot of people that take comfort in the regular salary it's a good amount of money it sze come it's consistent good benefit fitz there's things that come with it so some people that's what their happiness is it's giving up there need to be actively doing are working hard about something that they have to drive so much they can like go in do something specific and check out at the end of the day so but your logic still applies in that universe where people are happy in that you can find things within the same company like I mean, I completely changed the universe, but I worked five years in one department and moved to another department it's like working for completely different companies, right? Right that's a good point suitable to know that, like, still lose all of these tech techniques and you can usually find something you love within the same company. Yeah, and you have to know yourself, right? So I think that, you know, I think there's still a myth that, um, their stability and a job where you get a paycheck every two weeks, I think there's nothing that's stable anymore. I think people who were in those types of jobs should treat their jobs is if they're entrepreneurs and they should really set himself up with, you know, in about dot me page or a website that kind of shows them off and they have to take control of their careers because if the axe comes down there ready and they know how to articulate what makes them unique and why they're better than the next candidate and what's important to them and their passions. So I think that that, you know, is really key, but I know people that are like, oh my god, michelle, I I don't want to ever deal with the pressure of having to fight figure out where my next dollar's coming from like I don't want to take that on for myself and if that's you on you don't want to be an entrepreneur than like, hell yes, you know go follow your own saying um ignore all the pressure from the creative community teo stick it to the man and you know there's nothing wrong with that that all in any way shape or form yes ten over could you do everything that you want to do and then just have somebody send you a paycheck because that's what I would like wear and there's two words for that it's called sugar daddy uh, trust fund you can have either of those things you might not need this because we spoke about yesterday, you could sit and have a glass of wine and watch tv and get your paycheck or ago like be on pinterest all day and drink your hot chocolate and then get your pay check and like, you know, I was not that looking lucky I still say to my parents like, you're not waiting until I'm forty to give me my trust fund, right? Like they're not you're not like hiding it from because I could use it now and I don't know you don't have a trust from uh I'd love to do it one more time just to make sure it wasn't a fluke because jenna that seemed to work like two well, almost a fake about yes, yes, yes. Okay, so tell us your type my type just forgot there was no one who was an enemy today, huh? I'm an I n f p ah alone and chain. Okay, um if I could get teo chapter heading, that would be fantastic. I n f p the subtitle is still waters run deep. Does that resonate with you? Basically so that makes you think I'm lazy and showing years still water still waters run deep. Okay, so profile one. Emily why this career works for we don't care about that right now. Profile to dan. Why it works for dan a profile three an and and dan, I hope they're friends. Okay, um, common threads. Here we go. Ah, okay. They're certain observations we can make about the needs of many I on f piers. All right, so here we are, let's. Say, um, are you stacey with an e or yeah, with the stasis is my handwriting is getting better. Teo say seize um tough I an f p correa satisfactions! I just don't have patience for this writing. Well, nothing else is happening it's curvy here today, right, okay, so let's, go down this less and let us know how it fits with you so as anti enough pete career satisfaction means doing work that is in harmony with my own personal values and beliefs and allows me to express my vision through my work up to that sounds like you gives me time to develop substantial depth to my ideas and maintain control over the process and product yeah three is done autonomously with a private work space and plenty of uninterrupted time but with periodic opportunities to bounce my ideas off people I feel rich guys big time for is done within a flexible structure with a minimum of rules or regulations letting me work on projects when I feel inspired five it's done with other creative and carrying individuals in a cooperative environment free from tension and interpersonal strata a k drama drama drama free if I wrote this book will be like five drama free if I wrote it when they say the drama for your mama collaborate a six lets me express my originality and in which personal growth is encouraged and rewarded yes seven does not require me to present my work frequently in front of groups of people or be called upon to share before it is completed to my satisfaction right right before that I saw you hesitated way and then we got to the end before completed to my satisfaction eight allows me to help others grow and develop and realize their full potential nine involves understanding people and discovering what makes them tick allows me to develop deep one to one relationships with others my gosh, this is kind of freakley be really ten allows me to work toward fulfilling my deals and not be limited by political, financial or other obstacles. Okay let's let's narrow it down and seriously could I guess right? Save the drama for your mama yeah save it. Okay, so we're coming up with five what if I feel more most important and and tell me in your own words in harmony with my own personal values and beliefs on me with person off values is this where I start singing and believe that they don't like the quiet uh I have to finish writing save the drama for your meat is it yo with a thing? Yeah, right? Yeah. Yo, mama that's something else? All right. Okay. All right. Um, uh autonomy but ability to interact with others mostly, uh on s with collaborative opportunity, right summarise that way opportunities full. I allows me to help others grow and develop their potential. How others do you feel you do that now? Yeah. How? Um well, I'm a teacher s o and it's kind of the mental health field for the past ten years, so my students have emotional issues, so I was like oh my gosh all day every day do you see how that relate to your fashion or your jewelry or the other things that you've been talking about plans like say, oh you're really good at doing this and I'm like I don't know and one of my friends in particular just like help me put this together help me do this and then I'm like she's lost a significant amount of weight so she like trying to figure out yeah she like so she's like yeah you're really noticed the things that people come to you for especially the things that you don't ask them to do for them like they're coming they thought of you she needs some styling she says stacey has style I'm going hard five um let's see anything else understanding what makes people take in the deep one on one relationship eso c one on one and there standing your relationship builder like me that's been really important him up in my career fantastic well and that comes along with helping others develop me their potential you need to have that understanding so let's see the popular occupation for ryan if he's okay let's see? Okay, so there's a creative slash arts one here there wasn't one for you jonah like you're a personality type gonna rewrite it I love it right I love it creative slash art so the appeal of the arts high enough pieces the ability to express themselves and their ideas and creative and personal ways then there's also education and counseling like both teaching and counseling our career career areas that enable the I n f pito work with others to help them grow and develop their human potential I enough peace could be truly noble and their desire and efforts to improve the quality of life for others oh then there's a religion peace for many in f peace the commitment of a religious career is rewarding stay enjoy helping other people develop their spiritual side and receive pleasure from striving for and attaining their vision for themselves and others. Does that ring true to you? I can see that health care the appealing aspects of health care fields for many I n f piece is the ability to work closely and intimately with clients or patients make sense of what we talked about yeah and organizational development. Although I enough peas are not usually satisfied a business career is there is some selective feels that offer potential for success and satisfaction some I n f peace and joy in corporate setting when their work involves helping other people find jobs that are right for them um they often enjoyed jobs and personnel are human resource is development so it's interesting like the helping professions within a more structured environment and then technology gee with the proliferation of technology I love every every sentence like we have the internet now on computer they have been here that long use them there is a rapidly growing the four people who understand technology but also have good people in communication skills. So I guess that you ae with this list that, like, starts here and goes over to the next page and as I'm right, eh? Um how do I phrase it before? So you're tough, I an f p career let's call career ideas or career suggestion because these are just the things that you like so let's do up to ten, but it doesn't have to be that many. Okay, I'm going to go ahead and put entertainer in there. Yeah, do it because still about that a little bit and artist, huh? What do you do now? As an entertainer? I don't do anything, but I'm just I have it, I have it and we have to be out there and, like, sing and act I love it. Yeah. Artist to artist um let's see special education teacher, which I am slash counselor. Is there a part of that part of you that wants to continue that? Yeah, yeah. And, um sorry there's not much more that's perfect casey so that's, really interesting, so every single one of these career satisfactions hit for you, but yet the little limited list that's in the book. Like there's? Not a lot. That's exciting you. So this is where we have to smash stuff together and kind of create our own dream. If only it was this easy, right? Right. Wouldn't you be upset if you were like michelle? Why am I here? If I could just by the sea. Stupid e that's. Good. I love it, babe. You this is like it's. I swear, this wasn't a setup. This wasn't a magic trick, right? But really, like, based on your type, you're gonna find things that release it's, who you are. Thank you. Yeah. She's taking up all the time. I know you have something to like. You get inspired in these settings and yeah, sure, I guess I'll let you know if we're yeah, we're time thing what I just thought with all the things that you liked in your little pop of fashion and you're cute accessories with your shoes in your earrings and I love your hair style like that beta nombres. So cool you I just thought, like, what if he did something like an inspired accessories? Line that was like the art of the people that you helped like, the fits mentally challenged, or if it's educationally challenged, maybe they have some art and in, like, you could take proceeds towards their charity something I haven't thought about, right? And like that you could use their art as an expression to explode into accessories because you're so stylish and then still get to style. People like this just like a whole. I think that I just saw that. And I was like that with you. Do you know what stacy is doing? No. Tell her hearing things. You shouldn't even know that. Yeah. This is the charity for you, the people that you care so much about you to be doing something that you believe strongly about. Thank you. And you could use even art therapy to help them if you wanted to, you know, showing them how to make jewelry and using that as a school in a therapeutic methods they were going to do all of this in the passionate career idea generate are so we're gonna have a whole segments come up with these ideas. They can do it now. Is there anything coming through online with questions or I'm hoping people would volunteer um some more of their career satisfactions or or careers that they find in these left absolutely we should keep those coming definitely lovely mess is saying that they think stacy or you and her are the same person wait identifying jennifer, you have a question? You know, it was almost the exact same along those lines too, and I know we're going to talk about it later, but just like jasmine, I couldn't resist because it's like totally see her doing things also that inspire people and her jewelry being away for people to express themselves feel good about themselves in howard I'm glad to see and I think that to that highlights kind of the underlying reason why we do things so you know, you don't have to put out there that this is why you create jewelry or this is it but it's in your own inner motivation it's how you're making the world better and it's just like the woman who uh, laos calls dot com goes to people's homes and picks out the lice from the children when you think who would want to do that as a career? But she says, I love getting to meet new people and I love helping kids get back to school and that's why she does it so if we pinpoint the why of what would be fulfilling for us it's not about styling people are making jewelry or you know motivating others necessarily it's about croce it's about what that thing does for you what it brings to you how it how it helps others I think that's that's just a really commonality with the people that I work with they want to know how they could help other people in a way that's fulfilling for them I think sometimes you get caught up on like we have to have a really big way to help people we could only help people by curing cancer we'll help people by you know, saving the entire rainforest or something and it doesn't have to be that you could help people by bringing joy into their day through your stylish accessories you could help people by raising money for the cause is that you care about yu could help people by building their confidence by making them feel good on the outside about what they're wearing so it's all tied together before we move on anything in the cab nothing good yet they were really identifying there with stacy but it's great to move on great um now that I found my clicker ok so here is like I wrote this is the expansion for those of you guys at home and I know that here in our studio audience you don't have the computers to look at the lengths and you didn't have the book so make sure that you come up with the five or ten career satisfactions that air most true for you, and choose up to ten careers that your personality type thrives, and you could also right the why it appeals to you. That could be a really great thing to put with it. So it's. Not only ok entertainer. Why why's an entertainer, why's it special ed teacher. Why is it artist?

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This class was sooo incredibly fun and inspiring. It was wonderful to meet Michelle and interact with her in person. She is warm, kind, approachable and genuinely passionate about helping creatives find a career they can love. Having been raised to believe that the only route to a secure retirement was to find a job with a pension or, at least, a good 401k, this class gave me the courage to believe that I could do work I love and still finance a fabulous life in retirement. It also put things in perspective because it helped me to see that I deserve to be happy as much as anyone else who has carved a successful niche for themselves doing work they feel good about. And, it reminded me that if I try something and discover it isn't the right fit, the worse that can happen is that I go find that job with a pension at that point. So what? Why not me? Amen! xoxo, Jen


My dad used to tell me, "You don't get to do what you love. You just learn to love what you do." For years and years, I've been wandering from job to job wondering why I just wasn't feeling the love, no matter how much I learned to be good at what I do. Although, I tried to resign myself to the idea that work would always be something to dread day in and day out, I couldn't help but day dream about the elusive "perfect" job! I searched for years for tests or counselors who could help give me some direction as to what I would be good at and just before I lost hope, I found this class. I snuck it in during work on my cellphone (shh don't tell lol) and was running back to my desk when I had to be pulled away. It's nice to know someone understands what I've been going through and Michelle's energy is just so positive and motivating that I know that I can make things happen! I watched the free live broadcast but even before the end of day 1 I knew this class was a resource I'll gladly pay for! I would and have recommended this class to many people I know feel the same way I do! Changed my life! We're not made to fit into a mold so why not create your dream career! My review in one word? Amazeballs!


I purchased this course and made sure to finish it before 2015 started. It was so easy to go through the course and I made sure to be diligent in actually doing the activities and homework. I never knew there were other MULTI-PASSIONATE out there like me! I thought I was just a confused human being who needs to figure out her life! Haha! Michelle's energy and passion to help others are so eminent in the way she presents and guides us. I love the setting of Creative Live as well because I felt involved with the studio audience despite having to watch these sessions by myself. :) I learned so much about myself, about how I can incorporate my multiple interests into a unique ball of career perfectly molded for me, by me. All thanks to the help and wisdom of Michelle's experiences and talents. What a great end of 2014 and a great way to start 2015! THIS COURSE IS WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY. :)