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Segment 24: The Importance Of Play

Michelle Ward

Create Your Dream Career

Michelle Ward

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24. Segment 24: The Importance Of Play

Lesson Info

Segment 24: The Importance Of Play

this segment is called The Importance of Play, and it's really is important to create our dream career, figuring out what we enjoy doing. Imagine that, like that's a really strong, foundational piece of doing work that we love. But before we go into it, let's just kind of do a little review ist everything we've done so far. Session one. We had true stories of grown up career changers along with like crazy, ridiculous careers that people are actually doing like Lego artist and teacher and pizza fire truck owner. The importance of dreaming. So now we're talking about the importance of play, but dreaming is also so, so, so important. Teoh clarify what it is. You see for yourself how you want your days toe. Look your own goals in your wishes. External clues to your dream career. Hearing what other people have to say about you, what they come to you for help on, um, their own views on your own personality traits, things like that that could really give us a window into what it is we want to...

dio on. In that vein and that segment we spoke Teoh style writer and correspondent Megan Collins of style. Girlfriend dot com on our entire business started because she told everyone that she knew she wanted to write. Give me writing projects, give me writing projects And one of her friends said, Could you write something for me? That is a female perspective on men style, and she was not like a big fashion person. And she goes, I can't do that. I don't have any experience with that. And he goes, No, no, no, Just like I just can't just from an any woman point of view And she said, Oh, I could do that And her business was born, Um, we weren't actually able to talk to Alexandra France and we had technical difficulties, unfortunately, But her story is unbelievably amaze balls, a business that she's created for herself to go to. Alexandra franzen dot com She's like the true story of career changers. That's that's her on. We talked about what pride has to do with it. I never got my Tina Turner wig, but we had it in spirit. We talked about our proudest moments on and how that is connected. Teoh, when we feel joyful and what matters to us. Ah session to. We felt the career fear. And we are doing it anyways. I'm already hearing from my studio audience and from the people who are in my closed Facebook group, the Dream career creators, which you could join if you go to when I grow up. Coach dot com slash creativelive. We have people in there from Latvia, the Netherlands, Tunisia, Portugal, the States, Canada. There's almost 100 people in their currently It's really exciting. But, you know, we're talking about our fears, what we're doing to get over it. Jenna, could I put you on the spot is to what you did last night? Sure. Um so I thought through some of the ideas that I have been having, and I went back to one I chose in the very first session, Huh? I'm about analyzing swag, and so I woke up this morning and I went and I registered for you, Earl on WordPress. And I know it's really easy to put things together, so I think tomorrow will be able to start something. Yeah, I love that. Fantastic. I'm clapping with my would. I think we love to hear in the chat to, um for those of you who have. You know, this isn't your first time tuning in whatever you've been taking away so far in the course, and whatever you have done to start getting these wheels in motion, we want to hear it. It's been really exciting to hear of of all of the tangible action steps that have already occurred, and we're not even done with this course. It's super thrilling and fulfilling for May, uh, then we talked about what you want to do to pay the bills, not only the transferable skills that you have that you have your education in, that you have experience in, but the ones that you like using because it's transferable skills you have you don't like using. That is not a dream career make, so we don't care about those. Then we honed in on our Myers Briggs type, our personality type I, and then we connected. It's like magic and was so like that chick when we had our to studio audience members come up here and go through what they're type means in terms of their career satisfactions and crews that they could do. That's just so I opening and discovering your truth. Owning your own life lessons and your personal beliefs and making your own manifesto is really exciting. And we had interviews with the retreat leader and writer and future career coach Paula Jenkins. She's the excuse, Buster. In my book, she came to be with a 3 to 4 hour commute to a job she did not like and a toddler at home. Teoh. I'm doing all of her homework each and every week. It was like I was the one making excuses kind of for her, and she was the one busting through them. And now not only is she getting ready to start her life coaching training in January, but she found a new job in an environment that suits her so much better. And I think her commute now is like under an hour every day. And so she's just really turned things around for herself. And we also got to talk to the online dating cheerleader Molly Quigley on Oh my gosh, Molly, someone that I recently wrapped up our one on one sessions with um she told me, and I didn't realize this. She has worked with 50 clients on writing their copy for their profiles since July since July. So that is just three months ago. There's been 90 days since July. She's worked with 50 people. She's taught, um, different classes locally. She's gotten a lot of clients that way. She's now being hired by men to write the responses to the women that email them through these dating sites. It's like turning into such a business. But she did that by discovering your truth. And Molly is at online dating cheerleader dot com and Palla Jenkins Is that welcoming spirit dot com? I think or maybe dot net. But today we're here at the importance of play. This is gonna be a really fun, hopefully eye opening segment. Then we're gonna jump into the passionate career idea generator. So we started. We couldn't help ourselves yesterday, right? We started coming up with ideas for each other as to how our business ideas could actually translate into something, or how are puzzle pieces could translate into something that we could monetize on. This is just a really fun exercise. I'm gonna wear silly hot, so that'll be right after the break today, um, help my multi passionate. It's gonna be our third session, and we've just We've talked about this. I feel like ad nauseum. But I know there's still so much more to say about this on. And I can't wait to shine a light on being a multi passionate person and and having a career you could thrive in and building that into your career so that, you know, you're not going to get bored and I want to drop things like it's gonna feel more expansive for you and then we're gonna put it together, and that's gonna include our magnificent manifestos. I call them our mission statements, and we could use them as elevator pictures and we could use them as scripts. When someone asks us So what do you to Ah, and that really allows us kind of put it all together and give everything we've been doing some some really great words. Ah, in this segment, a little later, we're gonna talk to spiritually travel writer Jeanette Gorney. She's at travel and Light in l I g e x t dot com. She's gonna be joining us from Bali because she just walks her talk on then in the help by multi passionate segment, as you could see. We're talking to model and artists and polarity therapists and misusing training. Leslie De Santis about making sure our heads don't explode and how you could have a career that consists of all of those things. So to kick things off with the importance of play for those of you who joined us for the very tail end of yesterday session, your homework was to play for 30 minutes. Just it does not have to be productive now have to lead to anything in the shot. We would love to hear what you did to play. If you weren't here with us, then you could talk. Now in the chat about what you want to do to play, what is it that has been calling you? That, like, probably doesn't have a purpose, probably won't lead to anything productive. That is probably just for us. It doesn't serve anyone else, and we've probably been denying it to ourselves. So we'd love to hear not only what you did last night if you were ableto be here and do the whole mark, but what you've been denying yourself, and I want to know to How did it feel when you heard you had a play for 30 minutes is a grown up person, right? So let's let's leave with that question. How did you guys feel when you heard? Like the homework is minutes of playing. What was your reaction? Yes, Desmond excited? Yeah, to play. Okay, that's how I picked my career. Like I actually wanted to be a video game developers. I wanted to build gameplay. And then I got into the career that I'm in now, which is helping innovate and provide more of that type of play for people electronically. So I like to innovate on how I play now. I also like to shop. So I went playing and shopping, but with the with the mindset of, um I figured out kind of this path I want to take with your guidance and I want what I love to do is style myself for that person that I want to be on what I see. So it was playing with that whole concept of the future that you gave us us a little work, but it was still really fine. Well, I love that, and you're kind of getting ahead of us a little bit in a good way because I think that part of our play, while it is important, I think to have a lack of purpose and start in that way. I think when you connect the play activities to the possible career that you're interested in and that's the way to try it out, that's the way to try it out. So I love that you kind of want Oh, I'm not only gonna go shopping, I'm gonna go shopping with this in mind, you know? Yeah. You got to do that last night. I did, and I found some really good thing. A little too much money, but really good. Thank you. Do you have your hand raise? Last night was the estuary art walk in the town. I live and so I plan to go to three galleries. So go see some exhibits. But before that, I just took my camera and wandered around a really nice A neighborhood that has water and mosaics on buildings and took pictures was great. It was great, right? It was great. I love hearing that. Thank you. What a great night. Lovely. Fantastic. Yes, Jennifer, It might not necessarily sound like play. But it is for me. Yes. Police. So no excuse like right? No, it's no apologies for what play is for you. It's different for everyone. Totally valid. Yes. So but it's a good build up like you, but I don't, but Okay. So, um, I had already kind of told you a little bit, but so I started this blawg and just started it right. Start like I have. This is my fourth post, and why they were out. Okay, it's Jen and company dot com. I love it. It's w w W. Because the's ladies the ladies out there that I hope to reach their my company. Um, and that connects to your co? Yes. Co collaborator of Awesome. Is that what, Coco creating awesome. This awesome. Yes. And there will be profiles of awesomeness. There will be, Yes. So? So what did you do to a pageant of inner beauty? Like there's just a 1,000,000 ideas because I'm a little a multi passionate. So But anyway, so I went home and I wanted to do a post about this. So I wrote about it, and I put a printable together, which I put in the Gallery today. This morning? Why not me? For safety? Air Stacey's brilliant concept. So hopefully people printed and love it, and it was fun. Good. I see. That's part the No apologies for that. That's such a good time, right? And I thank you for bringing up the gallery. So if you go to the course page on Creativelive and just growing down, you'll see you'll see a button that says, like, submit your work or student work and then you'll see the student work that's been uploaded. Eso It's been so great and saw a lot of vampires. Yesterday I was seen. More vital values come up. So I'm seeing what you guys are doing, and it's been really exciting to see that come to life. Anything in the share? Yes, You got great responses. People actually, again, they're feeling a little bit embarrassed about what they're playing with. You shouldn't be. No, pray, actually, because Sarah was asking Do video came games count? Yes, Why not? That's playing. Yeah, absolutely, Winterbourne says. I totally colored in four pages of my kids coloring books, and it just felt awesome. Got lots. People played with a play doh Ah, about played. I think if you have kids, you probably have it lying around the house. It might be this this activity, this homework might have been easier from people with kids. Be like, Oh, wait, do we have here? That's awesome. Now Nina's saying, I felt excited, but I kind of felt guilty taking time to do nothing. Eso went up the street to my sister's house and played with my nieces, who were three and four. They're the funniest kids, and I haven't laughed so much in years. So that's perfect. It's perfect. It's perfect. And we're gonna talk about this rate. So one. And I'm glad she brought up such a good point. What was the name of that person? Dean. I mean, I'm sorry. Mean, mean on. And that's a good point, right? Feel guilty. We feel embarrassed, you know, waiting to hear like it felt really silly. Maybe we felt released do bid because we've been conditioned as grown ups to be like OK, you know, especially our precious time out of work that it needs to be. We need to be doing these Aaron's. We need to be cleaning the house. We need to be doing things that serve our family or our household, the people that we love and care about. And that's great. But there's their ways to that while still making sure that you're serving your own needs and just enjoying your day. And I love to the examples that included other people that, you know, she went to go play with her three and four year old niece. A nephew like that's what a wonderful family time. Right? Um but hopefully we're gonna be able to alleviate that guilt in the feeling of the beings silly and whatever. When I tell you how important play is, So we're gonna dio a little tiny anybody. I don't love this little girl. I love her. My designer found her. Uh, we're gonna do a little itty bitty happy Did be visualization, like, really short. Okay, really short. So close your eyes. Close your eyes shaken out. Shake out where the tension as the sake 68 to get the shakes. Six a. Uh, good. I need this right Saturday morning. It's like a different energy, right? In a good way. Um, okay. Close your eyes. Tickety breath. No censoring. Let whatever comes up come up, no matter how silly it feels. But I want you to take yourself back to a time in your childhood when you were playing your favorite activity activity. So I'm literally I have Lucille with me. Give yourself one minute to go back to then and see your five or eight or 10 or 12 year old self in your mind's eye doing your favorite thing and don't only see it, but try to feel it. Try to feel it on and verbalize what that feeling is. This should be really enjoyable, right? E Wrap it up. I hope this was just section wonderful memory and it was so fun. Can open your eyes, Open your eyes And for those of you with the workbook, which should be everyone because it's so amaze. Balls uh, you could write on page 86. What did your 58 12 year old self do for fun? Why was it fun? How did it feel? OK, so we could just jot this down super quickly right now for you guys and we want to hear it in the chat. We want to hear what people saw, how old they were what they were doing. You could also include who you were with and why Was it fun? How did you feel? Can we hear from someone in the audience? Jenny, you're already writing. I'm gonna call in. You made me tearful. And my sisters I know it's not terribly. Were playing with your sister. Yeah. So, um, the thing that I'm vision does when we were little, the house we grew up in, we go up on the street and play jump rope. We had the jump rope that had, like, a little beads on it. So with click and like, I just I could see it all. It was really neat. Wow, that's amazing. And how did it make you feel? Um, I think happy, but also, like, more than that, Like content or like excited. Yeah, that we were doing something that we really liked. And we were kind of like all together, like, just having funds. Good, right? All of that down, right? I know happy. Such a good emotion, but I feel like it's a little too general and broad. So, like knowing that your happiness felt like content and felt like excitement. That's also a really great indicator for us as we go through this work. That that's that's That's the feeling that you want to have the o time. So great. Jennifer, you're nodding a lot. O um, yes. Oh, it's funny, cause I I actually consider myself kind of shy and I don't know, I know, right? But I actually going to do so. But when I was little, I always performed, but only for my family. I wanted everybody lined up and I wanted to seeing, but I didn't really know how to sing. So turn on the record and I would make my brother act things out with me, like Annie and I would like put the record on. And then I would be like this like and like a voice. I have been sinking it for my parents, who would have to sit there straight face because they wanted to burst into laughter that I was so silly. But I was just like, yeah, and I was like, Wow, that I actually maybe like Teoh talking because I think public speaking, this stuff that you do that's scary. So it is scary, but it's also kind of makes you feel alive, scary and exciting and exciting. Your society. Hopefully, if you kind of think that maybe that's a window into what you want to be doing more right there waste kind of baby stuff into that. But hopefully you'll use your own voice instead. Or you could become like a right. Yeah, I think that's no. No, I mean about a lipstick number could kill it like the beginning of the talk. I mean, you know, that would be freakin fantastic. How did that make you feel? How did you feel? Yeah, definitely that in the in the flow kind of feeling where it's just like you're totally absorbed with how fun and, you know, relaxing and just like free feel like you're just totally absorbed with what you're doing. I think that's what I see in my kids And what I remember about being a kid. You didn't think about time or responsibilities. It was just fun. I love it. Vague you for sharing that anyone else want to share with these mind? Surprised me. Yeah. You know, I was thinking when you asked for the activity that it would be something that I did a lot because it was my favorite thing. But immediately, like one memory popped into my head that I've thought about a lot over the years. And it was just I think I was nine. And I was with my best friend, Lisa, and she was Australian, and it made me think Australians were the coolest people. She was so nice. And she had a tree house and the tree house was amazing. Well, no, it wasn't. Actually, it was kind of crap. But when your kid three kids are amazing, right, which does he something about perspective. Right? And she gave me a key chain. That was a big key, and it was purple, and it had an iridescent pink heart on it. And I can't remember what I did yesterday. So the fact that you remember stuff like that, right? So that was really special. And I'm writing five year gold plan as a part of your of course. And one thing I just added to it was go to Australia. Yeah, that's fantastic. How did that make you feel? How did you feel? I felt safe and loved and cared for. I liked she was a good friend, but being in trees is really good for me. I just started watching that show. Treehouse Masters. Have you seen it? No. It's like this amazing guy who builds these epic tree houses like one was even a sound studio and Cee Lo came in and it's amazing. So now I'm gonna also put on my 10 year plan. Get an epic trio that my DVR less treehouse Matt right? Someone's job not only build the tree houses, but the TV show came calling when they build the tree houses like this is why I love doing this work in 2014. So exciting, what's going through? And then the chats, What people see and how did it make? Well, I'm just checking in, Mariana. So they really want me to read this out. I'm just asking because it could be a little bit embarrassing. We're not. We're not absolutely sure, but it's amazing how we've had some really strong reactions here. Actually, a lot of people saying Winterbourne, I saw myself at about eight years old. I've created my own little world, drawing the people and writing about them, including background stories and everything. It really made me smile. Getting back to the basic of that world on a state with me throughout my whole life. Wow. Coming to gumball machine is saying when I was seven or 12 we used to set up a camping tent in the backyard. You in the summer. We sleep there overnight that I just love that tent the way it smelled, the colored with blue that itwas the design of it and have fun to have our own special place in the backyard. I really want to fight with Jenna. Jennifer. Sorry. Not to be confused with Jenny. Joanna. Justin Jackson. I'm surprised I was allowed to teach us because I will. I still do that. Actually, I still think in the mirror, but But I did that as a kid. I mean, I've seen every single pop star on the face of the one point when I was very, very young. Like when Abba were really big. I was all four members of ABBA. So I'd have to look, think with song once is beyond. Then I'd have to lip sync. It is Benny And then yes, I admitted I Then I have to do it again. I need your freedom. Drug drove my Brothers, Sisters, MCAS. They hated that kind of music. That was just last night. I was hilarious. You know, I think we all exhorted, Did this the kids with this performing that at least I know. Oh, my gosh, So many plays that I put on for my family and music videos I would make, like me and my little friend music, video toe Lucky Star by Madonna. And I know that it's somewhere in my house taunting me. But yeah, we choreographed dance and it was like when MTV still showed videos. That's how old I am. Never, ever. Apple came out the new video I knew the routines just from one eyes is amazing. But yet you got lots of Barbies coming up a lot. Lots of people. Interesting what it would be like. I have a feeling that, you know, playing with dolls at this point would probably be one of the silliest things to feel. But if that's something you love to do, is a kid, I would encourage you toe pick up that Barbie and kind of see what happened when it's time to play with them. Now it's fine. Yeah, right. Like I like style Barbican be style. My God. There's so many different kinds of Barbies. It makes it really easy to work with skin tone and hair color. And you don't even cut the hair. I love that. That you could do. You hear the grown up now and you're allowed to cut the hair. You don't use the state. Exactly. Uh, yeah, they actually have. I just read an article about entrepreneur Barbie. Oh, no, I love I love that love that there's also I know that's something. I think it was just on Kickstarter. That was, like, really life, Bart. Like a Barbie. And yes, we got the other one to that I d also really great for, But now we're getting off track now. Fast forwarding were fast forwarding, right? We're keeping that memory alive. But now we want to write page 87 of our workbook. What do you last remember doing just for fun? And for those of you that did the homework, it was just last night. Really, really easy memory for others of you, you might have to go back a few days, a few weeks, a few months, a few years, and we want to answer the same question. What were you doing? Why was it fun? How did you feel? Um and I really want toe just as a hopefully comfort for those of you that are really having trouble with this, just like dreaming is a muscle playing is a muscle. And it's something that we, you know, has grown up women we neglect for a long time. So if you really, really, really, really struggling with this, if you really can't remember the last time you played, then that's OK. Could leave it blank for now and know that, like you're gonna fill it, you're gonna fill it out for the end of the day, you're gonna start getting into the habit. You're gonna take those baby steps, you're gonna set a timer for 15 minutes and go color in your kid's coloring books or go buy a jump rope with the little Clickety clacks on it. And whatever it was that you used to do for fun, do that again. Or you could listen to the little whisper. I know for me with the ukulele, there was no productive reason for me to go play the ukulele. There was none on. I talked myself out of it. I don't have time learning instrument, but there is something that was telling. May go pick up the ukulele. And finally, just one day. I mean, in vehicle alias 30 frickin dollars. I went past a hole in the wall music shop and I saw that pink ukulele and and it's plastic. And, you know, other ukulele players been like, Oh, if you don't want this to sound like a toy, you should do that one thing. Um, but, you know, it was what I needed to just kind of start, uh, get my cell phone track. And then, you know, I was able to teach myself, and then I took lessons. And then I started writing songs, and that, to me, seemed to be out of nowhere. But once I started doing it and saying, I don't know where this came from, I've never written songs before. I had a flashback to me Oh my gosh, this is how old I am me and my bedroom with my typewriter that I used to have in my bedroom that I would write stories on and stuff because that's what I did as a kid and I would write songs and song lyrics and so I wouldn't write music, so I don't know how to do that. But I would I would write on my typewriter songs. I was like, Oh, actually, I have been a songwriter. I just haven't done it for 20 years. But it's something I used to dio So it's interesting. And now I still play my ukulele for fun. I play it with my daughter. I play it for my own joy. But I bring it into my business and I could bring it up on stage. And so, like, there is this weird productivity thing with it when I want there to be really exciting. So what do you guys last remember doing for fun? I want to hear from those that didn't tell us about what they did last night. Yes. Um, so the last thing I remember, my mom and brothers came and visited me here in San Francisco, and one looked really bored there, 21 didn't want to hear this. Um uh, lecture about trees when we're at Mir, would. So I saw him, and I was like, Okay, let's go walk around so he loves to hike. And we started out on this hike and I didn't realize a mile is extremely long when you're hiking uphill, right, O r. So we're up there. We lose cell reception, we see people. But I couldn't tell my mom and other brother where we were as very nervous. And then I didn't want to run into, like, a cat, a wildcatter, I snake or something. So I know I cut the play short like I was having fun, taking tons of photos. And then I was like, This is really not practical reason about my mom's going to get worried responsible. It's not the responsible. Yeah, exactly. So we started walking back, and it was sad because I could tell he was bummed. Yeah, um, started walking back, and then we bumped into my mom, another brother, which was so funny because they weren't looking for us. We're like, hopefully she's not looking for us, but we're going to go on this like so we all continued the hike together, but, um, just thinking about that I can see how I talk myself out of going into play. Um, and then it can impact other people as well. So that was a happy accident. We ran into them. Yeah, well, and that's sexually. I feel like that's the most perfect example. Like, I couldn't ask for a better story because you're also able to see how it impacts other people and the example we had with going over to play with the three and four year old knees, knees to nephew like Look how happy that made them and then look how happy it made view. And so sometimes I think we think that our play is selfish and that it's only going Teoh impact us and therefore it's not worthwhile or it's not productive or it's not responsible. But really, if you are a happier, playful, more joyful person, whether you bring other people into your play activities or not, you're gonna be a better mama. Better employees, a better business owner, a better person toe work with, because you're gonna be filling your own tank with things that make you happy. Just so great. Justin, I'm hoping you've seen Yes, man, because you like so additional, I think. Yeah, I saw it a few years ago. Yeah, so yes, Man has been one of the best examples of like why? To play for me. Like in the movie the Jim Carey. He goes to the seminar where, like you can't say no to anything any more, and he starts to say yes to everything, and it looks like it's just going terrible at first. But then he starts toe, have fun and what it makes me think is that you can you meet people you wouldn't have gotten to meet before that way, like I've gotten connected with some amazing venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and didn't want to start a business before. But now that I'm thinking about doing it, it's like because I went kiteboarding with these people. You know, that play that I allowed myself to Dio opened up those opportunities for me as well, and that's a great example. We touched on this a little bit yesterday, but the things that we need to do to get the dream careers that we want, some of them were just gonna have to do. We know we don't enjoy it. We don't like networking. Have you had to meet someone That's like I love networking? It's a funny thing. Dio Oh my God, that could be a frickin but I mean completely unrelated to my industry networking events. You literally are like one in a 1,000,000. I think even the the most extroverted person and I'm still like I don't want to go to one of if I don't know anyone and I'm walking in a room full of people. What am I gonna say? Like, yeah, you way, you bring up a good point, you bring up, you know, you could do an activity. Could say it's not about it's not about Oh my God, I have talked to this person and give them my business card and talk myself up. It's about making that connection and having that relationship, and you could bring it back. Teoh, who will be playful and fun. What kind? Maybe invite them to do. What can I organized? What can I lacks onto? I could find out what they like to do for play what they like to do for fun and go on an outing. And and so I think play is also really good. Way to make the things that aren't so enjoyable for you Mawr enjoy, like though is really, really good their stuff coming in for the chat about more recent play time. You know people are still playing. You know, people are signing up for musical classes. A lot of people saying they actually play a lot with no Lego because then their nephews, the nieces, but red scorpions saying their nephews obsessed with it. I actually love Lego must, but I don't actually have any. So I was working in Copenhagen earlier this year. I've been there twice and I've never been to Legoland. I really wanted to go. Just didn't have time. But it's a It's a great therapeutic toy, actually. Well, your mind you hook up with your Lego artist? Yes, yeah, absolutely Well, And I know they make tons and tons and tons of Lego kits for grown ups of, like, buildings and architecture and whatever. And it says on the box, you know, like ages 15 plus their science and not a teacher friend of mine does encourage adults to absolutely very legal movies, all about breaking down the perception of Legos. So that's what now I really want t o for many reasons. Lego movie. Everything is on these falls the way tallying today Yeah. Uh, OK, so now what's the difference between playing as an adults and playing as a child could write it down a workbook on page 88. We want to hear what you think. The differences in the chat you could always share everything with the hash tag Dream career live. I'm all over that. Um, what do you guys think? The differences, John, we haven't really heard from you today, and I see you writing immediately. I thought about money are expensive. When you're in adults, playing is more expensive. Toys are expensive when you're you have grown up toys instead of Legos and the well, and you don't pay for the Legos in the Jackson, everything like that when you're a child. And I also I thought, I think you know the stage like when we work this hard, especially if you're in a non profit a corporate job where you really are working those long hours, that free time when you allow yourself to do something, it's like I've just spent some money on myself, and I'm gonna do something I wouldn't normally do. I mean, that time is so precious. Uh, you know? Yeah. Also, a bubble bath display and treating yourself. Teoh. You know, a new album on ITunes for $10 play like So we said, I'm still think about the little things right? And we when we feel so pressured about the time they got and what I realized, because when I made a shift and I had much more free time, I mean, it was so much easier for me to be like, I don't have to spend that money because I'm so much more relaxed already. I can enjoy the little things in life and slow down. But when I didn't have that time, it was like, Oh, my God, like I had to, you know, really make the most of whatever weeklong vacation I had are, like, sort of. And I realized I'm working so hard. Okay, can, you know, spend on whole day at the spa? Yeah. Yeah, if you start a playlist. Playlists, right. Not like a music playlists. A play list. It could also double as a celebration list, and I actually, this was an exercise in my book called The Declaration of You Under the Celebration Theme. And I have this jar on my desk at home, and I decorated the star with washi tape. It doesn't look too great, so I'm not too good with it. But that's OK. And I have slips of paper and at that represent different ways that I celebrate things. So there's, you know, Bubble Bath. And there there's when I want a new album or some music or something. I write down the name, um, go to the movies by yourself. Then there's, you know, Broadway show a nice dinner. There's go to Brooklyn Bridge Park and work there. There's like the things that are free Aaron, easy on. Then there is the bigger things, and I end every time I kind of hit a milestone. I'll pull out something from the celebration jar, and I think that it that really allows us to be present in the moment and acknowledge what it is we're doing. But it works so well with play also, that if you start just writing down the things that to you are playful, you could put him in a jar, and then it's fun, right When it's time to play, take it out and it could be something like planned that trip, Teoh Australia. Or it could be, you know, by that jump rope and spend 10 minutes number Ping. I know hula hooping is now like a really trendy thing. Travel whole. We Oh, babe, also like, you know, that's something that's just so playful That brings us back to that time. And it's cheap and easy and you could bring it with you And you know So So if you want to do that sort of exercise for yourself, it will allow us to not be so fixated that like, Oh, my gosh, we have two weeks of vacation every year. Like, where am I going? What am I doing? It's gonna cost thousands of dollars. It doesn't have to be that way. So that I feel like that is really important what you just said because yeah, yes, I have been talking to friends about this and actually really thinking about this in terms of making the shift into writing and doing something that's more freelancing, creative. It's this idea, actually, of celebrating the small winds. So Okay, so I gotta freelancing job for a month, right? That was actually a great gig, especially for me to sort of expand my skills and I realized the first thing I really needed to do was like, Awesome girlfriends and just celebrate, organize something and just say, OK, I got a small wind because there's gonna be a lot of projection along the way. There's gonna be a lot of different ups and downs, but we don't necessarily give ourselves credit to sort of enjoy when Oh my God. OK, I took that first step in. Something happened like there was a response I got. I got positive feedback from the universe, you know, on then and so for me, it's like actually being with people like I need to call somebody else and say, Okay, I just did this great thing. It's a big thing for me. Like let's go, Yeah, do whatever. Let's go for a drink. Let's have a glass of champagne like let's go for a long hike. Let's just do something. All those things are your playful things, all of them, all of them. So you could put on that play Leicester and not play jar and have it be part of the celebration, too. Call a friend and go for Brian. Got a glass of champagne and go for a hike. Go to your favorite spot near your house. Like all of these things, I'm hearing you say it. So I guess that in that in that and that it's kind of a hard thing to do because people are busy, right? And you think nobody's really, like didn't really have time to celebrate my small winds, you know? But it makes a big difference. It does, and I think do when you called your girlfriends where they like all in or where they like Oh, that's really nice, Jen. But I'm no, they were all in and I just didn't know organizing. They're like, yes, this We talked about this a lot. I think just in terms of the age that we're at still being single When a lot of our friends have kids, it's like we actually need to support each other about the things that happened outside of getting married and having a baby. Yes, way because we just started talking about how what we do like correlate correlates and we wouldn't have met outside of this experience, and we were, you know, I think we're close enough in age, but still we probably wouldn't normally meet each other. She lives in the city, and I live in South Beauty of this, like I mean, how I'm standing here in San Francisco and reaching thousands of people all over the world. I mean, I'm not. I'm not able to be in the chat in the chat room in real time, but my eyes were so open when I saw the people coming through my Facebook group, which you could join at when I grow up, coach dot com slash creativelive on. And they were introducing themselves as being from all over the world. Literally. Someone with you know, our an Arabic name and I was like this person speak English. She spoke English beautifully, and she's in Tunisia and in Portugal and a Mafia and in the Netherlands and like everyone's now able to connect and support each other. And even, actually, there was someone that said, Oh, I'm from Texas. Someone else said, I'm from Texas to where in Texas are you? And it turns out that there close together so kind of amazing that they might not meet under any other circumstances other than the fact that they're both tuning in Teoh this right here, right now and then they're able to connect with each other. Then Jennifer also back on the lines of fun stuff. The one thing that is like a revelation to me in the last few months is that even when something is work, I it's Oh, I'm actually allowed to have fun, you know? It's it's like, Oh my gosh, I put I bought highlighters that looked like nail polish, right? And I put them on my desk and so many people have come up and be like, Oh my God, what are these are like, dare my highlighters. They are more fun than regular highlighters is like Oh my God! And I can put this on acute printable that I could put my to do list on this adorable little prince. Like I didn't even know I was allowed to do that. I'm in a serious work environment here. This feels like cheating or something, but it makes my day better. It makes me happy. Thank you. And this is such a good point, right? Because and I've heard this a lot from people, actually, at an email recently of someone who like she knows what she wants to transition into. And she's stuck in a job that, like she kind of feels bad that she doesn't enjoy it more, and she's not a better employee. But she knows like, OK, she's going, She's going to stick through it because it gives her the money and all the things that she needs from a day job but eventually gonna leave. And she's like, How could I just be a better employees and enjoy my work more? And so hearing you say, like by those highlighters, do those cute principles by maybe the five. Don't take the free file folders from the from the office supply like Go Teoh, See Jane work, which is execute site and by the ones that make you happy. Like things like that, I could just add to your overall happiness, especially when you're in a situation Ah, that you know, you have to kind of stay in and it's not me want to do like, what is it that just day to day could make you happy? Is this so great? So great? Ah, what's coming And anything else coming in on the on the chat? And what's the difference between playing as an adult and playing as a child, that's that's the question. We kind of got a little off track from that. Well, the interesting thing is, I think people are really recognizing the importance of play as a child as an adult. Andi, I think they've got a little bit nostalgic feeling. Yes, I did used to people saying they used to play with Matchbox cars on they used to play. You know that we talked earlier about Lego and played on all those things I think people are feeling. Gosh, yes, Why don't I do that now? You know, and I think that's why I like eBay exists, right? So go find those matchbox cars on a big go to garage sales and, like, pick up stuff that you don't have to spend a lot of money. And yet, you know, my gosh, I could get those Matchbox. I don't know it's still the case, but I think a few years ago game nights became very popular. Oh yeah, it would invite their friends around, play balking. Yeah, there's also now actually businesses that that are just like board. You go and you play board games and that's their business. And they might have, like, a bar or coffee or whatever, but But you do. So you could probably find a place if not that sort of business. There could be. I just I just want somewhere with Justin, my content producer, where it was a restaurant like sandwiches, salads, coffee teas. And there was a whole bunch of board games stags up that they encourage people to play. So, yeah, that's another cheap way toe. Have a really good time. Um, so why is play important? Right? I'm glad that we're already seeing the benefits of play and why it's important, but this is a This is a must watch or a must read. I love how Ted talks, uh, just give you the transcript of what's there. But Stuart Brown is a medical doctor, a psychiatrist and a clinical researcher. Um, totally, you know, like left brain, serious, smart sort of person who founded the nonprofit the National Institute of Play and literally wrote the book on play called Play. So he is a dead dog on why play is important. You go to bit dot li slash Stuart brown. Ted, if you have the workbook. The link is right there in the workbook, and he makes a lot of great points in his 20 minute or so Talk us to Why plays important, But two of them really stood out For me that I want to touch on today first is lack of purpose. So as adults, as women, we deny ourselves the things that don't serve a bigger purpose that don't give us the money that don't serve someone else's needs. But when we're playing, we just allow ourselves the space and the time and the energy, even if it's 15 minutes to do something just because it's fun, that's when we have our ah ha moments also right, so there could be a lack of purpose going in. But I guarantee you that something's coming out of that playtime. Whether it's something connected to your dream career, maybe it's an idea for a new project. Maybe it's gonna give you insight into a new offering, or or something that you want to do business wise. It's just gonna make you a happier Bors then. So what makes life enjoyable and fulfilling for you are things that makes this makes us feel pull a full, and I've said it many times before. I'll probably say it many times again before the end of the session. What we're looking to do here is just wake up in the morning and think about the day ahead and look forward to 75 to 80% of the things that we get to Dio and when it's wrapped up in play and things that feel like play and work, we do not have to buy in any more to the fact that work is work and it's called work because it's not play. This is really something that I've just laxed and on also. And if you if you go to when I grow up coach dot com If you sign up for my V I P newsletter, you're getting a video. Siri's top ways to discover work that feels like play. That is what we're all aiming for. So that's what makes life enjoyable and fulfilling. The other point he makes is that curiosity and exploration key in play, and that is so connection connected to what we're doing here, right? So exploration was actually our theme for yesterday. It's about exploring and it's about remaining open and curious. I think it was Molly quickly yesterday who said that I told her she is to be a career detective on. Do you have to continue being a career detective throughout your career, right? It's not over. Once you decide on what to to, it continues by being curious and allowing yourself to experiment and explore. So we need to think really out of the box when it comes here. Grown up, passionate careers, and that can't happen without curiosity and without exploration and much like dreaming, it's a muscle that needs to be flex. So again, If it's not something that comes easily or naturally to you, then just keep practicing it. And I promise you'll get better and stronger and playing. Or you could bring in your accountability buddy. Or you could hire a coach that you really resonate with to help you get there and stay accountable if you know that's what you need in order to succeed. But let's now just brainstorm, right? Let's come up with that playlist brainstorming on the things that would be playful to you as a grown up. Obviously, we could incorporate that memory that you had or the other things you know you love doing as a kid, but just like every single other freakin exercise that we have done throughout our time together, we want to go with their gut reactions. We want to do like as much stream of consciousness as possible. We don't want to censor ourselves that this is done. Oh, I like playing with Barbies, but I want to play with Barbies. Oh, there's something that's maybe grown ups. Don't play with Barbies if you want to play with Barbies and you write down Barbie. So it's not about how you make these activities productive, it's not about how and if you could monetize them. It's just what seems fun for fun sake right now. What is in your head that you want to try? What are you denying yourself? Because it's not for a bigger purpose. We want to hear it in the shot. We want to hear it online with the dream career live hashtag, there's space on page 89 of your workbook, Teoh, write this down to call. I feel like we haven't heard from you and you're writing away. What are you writing? What's in your head. Um, it seems kind of silly, but there's like these, um and we used to do it in school a long time ago. We'd have, like, this little 30 minute period, or where you'd get our colored pencils, and we pick a certain amount of colors that we love to go together. And there's like these little geometric designs that are like blank and you just kind of like color him in different ways and different patterns with your colors. So I loved it. It was like I would just and actually found him at the bookstore the other day when I was there. They have a book of blank ones, but it just kind of put you, you just everything goes away and you're just like making these colors. That's that's really cool. Yeah, that's really cool. I've never seen that before, you know, like what it's called, what I would go for, You know, I can't remember. It's like they're just, um it kind like if this rug right here had, like, just black lines and it was just outlined, it was like that. I don't know what their I can email you. I had put it on your life hash tag. We can all see what it is. That sounds really Yeah, really fun. Fantastic. Who else? Who else? Stacy bubbles. Bubbles. It's blowing. Forget bubble blowing, bubbles blowing bubbles So super fun. I've done a lot of craft beers, and I think that it would be good to have, um, one of those automatic ones. Yeah. Always draw people, especially the ones that are more like outdoor festivals or a family for a friendly event. It always draws people kind of in there. But I love I love Stacy. Well, we're on your business ideas here. When I went to the Disney Institute for Training on Customer Excellence, one of the things they took us backstage and they were talking to us about, um, the different products they sell from the vending machines and what the requirements are. And they said that the bubble blower there's the automated little gun it sells out, like sometimes before the sun goes down and people are angry and they demand there bubbles. So it just tells me there's a market for it, and even your into your accessory and fashion line. What if you made like cool bubble blowers. There used to be necklaces. Nineties right? But even if you decide not to make a bubble blower at the craft, there's where you're selling your jewelry. You you can bring in a bubble machine and know that, like that's what you're doing for marketing. Or you could take adorable pictures of you blowing. Put him on your wife like but But I don't want to go too far into the productivity peace, how to bring it into anything. I just 11 bubbles. Fun, fun. What's coming in the chat? What what's in their head that they want to try? What have they been denying themselves? Because it's not for a bigger bar. Bad. Well, some people are saying that they wanted to take hip hop dance classes, actually map Panda saying that. But their friends aren't interested. So I have to go by myself by myself. So far, I've chickened out every week. But no, don't again. You absolutely do it. Do it. You know what purchase that course in advance. I know sometimes with dance studios in yoga, stuff like you just walk in and you pay. But you could go online and you could actually purchase it in advance or something. So try to do something like that if you can't find your accountable about it. Absolutely red Scorpius saying, I want to the paint a picture, but I got I put it off for the longest. There's nothing to do with my business. But I finally just did it and it felt so great. Well done. Red Scorpio. She's been here in the studio with us, actually. Yeah, thank you. Read Scorpio for tweeting your face off about this court on Amanda's who is saying dance classes in general. Actually, I wanted to take a dance class so bad as a kid, but my mum painted this horror story of having to change clothes backstage and people of both genders. And so it's seven. That was super creepy, so she didn't do it. Do it now. Do you know, right? It's interesting. I think that she brought up such a good point, right? So, like, what was it that we wanted to do that maybe we were talked out of doing right? So, like, if we think back on that, what have we wanted to do in the past that our parents or our friends or like it wasn't cool or it's great that such a funny thing to say, right? I figured she was going to say like, No, you're gonna ends up with an eating disorder and like to figure But no, you're gonna have to change backstage and they'll be people around Mixed gender, mixed gender When your stuff me probably not. That's kind of freaky. It Well, you know, I did every single high school musical, and the director would have a talk with us right before the show where he would remind us to wear deodorant, and he had a talk that said, A boob is a boob is a boob because he just knew, even though there were separate dressing rooms, you could see things with quick changes. And, you know, that's what you want to dio anything else. What's in your head that you want to try? I think they're still coming in. Great. I don't think it seems to be a really strong thing, cause ballerinas are now speaking up. It's interesting. What about students? Stamps, rubber stamp on And in fact, when I went through a move and I purged everything, I kept one shoebox of rubber stance. And I've been finding myself going back to the stationery stores and checking him out because it's just fun. Yeah, I have no purpose, but I always like Why do I still have these? You know what? And I would encourage him instead of buying money on more rubber stamps, go to the rubber stamps that you have in your shoebox and just start playing with them and seeing what's coming up so great. Jennifer. Yeah, that's a good point, too, because I go to Scrapbook Expose and I sit there and I do paper crafting all day long, and it's like, Oh, my God, it's been hours. I didn't know I barely got up, you know, and my friends and I, we sit at a table, the four of us, and we just, you know, talk and work on our little cards and, you know, our scrapbook pages, and it's just like you're so in the zone with it. So I love stamping love paper crafting just cannot get enough. And there are there so many things you could do with it. You know, when there is a lot of I'm so glad you brought that. I'm so glad everyone's bringing everything up, but there are now a lot of places with, like, adult nights at kids places. So I know, especially in New York City, you could go do your pottery, like at a paint your own pottery place on a Tuesday night. And they they have wine and beer, so it's like you could find out. There's also art classes. I know that you could join and you get one. And it's like crafting ing drinking comes together means that it's a result. But there's a lot of offerings like that now, which is super super grain. So we're just kind of looking not to kind of bring it back to productivity. But Jasmine got a head start on this. What activities go with your career ideas? You could put this in the list as well, and these are things you could come up with that, um, it will be interesting for you when you write it down to kind of do a gut check as to whether or not that seems like play for you, right? That could be really good window into whether or not that's a career you want to be doing so. For example, if you want to be a surface designer, creating a pattern, uh, could be an activity for you. If you want to be an interior designer, you could do a mood board for an act as if you're designing a room and put a mood board together. If you want to be a sitcom rider, you could sit down and write a spec script, which is basically a new episode of a show that's already on the air that you would need to cement. So it's just it's play stuff. It's not anything that anyone's gonna see. You don't have to put the mood board on Pinterest. You don't have to submit this spec script to it writing agent. You don't have to do anything with your pattern design. You just have to see like if that's something that is related to what it is that you might want to do, and that's probably a big part of the stuff that you're gonna be working on, you're trying it out. You're trying it out. So just like Molly yesterday, oh my gosh, like, let's just try it out and see if we like it and we could talk about whether she'd like it all day long from here until, you know, the year 2030. But until she does it, she's not going to know at all. So what activities go with your career ideas? We got straight off Great comedy. Gumball Machine has been with us for the entire. They are looking at creating a greetings cards business. So they do a lot of playing with paper. Great. I love that. Do a mock reading card, right? So even go beyond playing with paper, which I think is a great, just playful activity, but actually make a greeting card. Be fantastic. Love that about you guys. Johnny, I will have a couple I wrote down, um, writing because although I write for my blawg used to really like just writing like, how you said just for myself and just about nothing on this typewriter when you're 10 in your room. I wrote it with a pen. Hey, right, 400 years. But you know, just kind of getting more on a habit of writing for no reason so that I'm kind of practicing that and getting new ideas instead of destroying the same boring. Yes, yes. And then I also wrote down, you know, playing at the park. I was thinking back on the last time that I played and I went with my friends kids, and I was like, Try going down the side face first and I'll catch you. Or let's try this thing on the swing. I used to always twirl around like, kind of teaching them and like, giving them different ideas. And I mean, that's totally like what I want todo Thank you for that. Okay, so one goes at this idea of interviewing creative people about the creative process. I always want taken improv class dio that that, like, helps you in life. That's like, helps you in life in so many different ways. My husband has been doing improv for years. It's just really fun. So I've always wanted. And then I've always wanted make postcards and so, you know, kind of like that. Yeah, Like what? What you showed us before. Did you upload that to this day? I voted that I have done that on my own. Like it was easy for me to do that night because I've actually already done like, six of them at home randomly. Just cause I wanted Teoh. Oh my God, it's great. It's great. And how easy would it be? Just kind of, I don't know. Tie that into, um, the interview. Siri's by knowing you're taking quotes that you hear people say you're just is an idea. We'll talk more during the passionate career idea generator. That's why I just thought about like, the river stamps. Actually, kind of a cool idea. Absolutely else. Joanne, Um, one of the things that I haven't done I have a whole collection of visual objects, bottles that distort or reflective kind of objects. And one of the things that would be fun and that, you know, perhaps could be monetized is to just taken afternoon to set up photographs with abstracts. With those objects, it would be complete play charades, great love that anything else coming up in the chat? Yeah. I mean, people saying, you know, um, Winterbourne was saying candle making, costume design and comment. Mangus script, writing all things that she's dug does for activities of helping her build her business. Absolutely. Yo, yo is saying she's going. She wants to do an interior design mood board on, but she wants to create the family story and created for them because then sheikhoun to use that part of our interior design things. I love that. That's a fantastic idea. I don't know. Sam is interesting what the generals saying and other people are saying here, and I don't give a shameless plug here for creative life because if you check out our craft channel, so many of these things we've covered recently and we're going to be covering to check out the calendar. There's so many courses we have. We have a stamping course coming up. We did a wonderful kids toys course of my alos Aaron, our catalogue. So they're all available for abuse. Lovett. Fantastic. So you know, if you're still kind of you know of a lot of ideas, you're still kind of stuck. You could also just ask yourself if you add an hour every day, an hour, every day to yourself to play right, let's pretend that, like the president of the world is there one of those, the president of the world has said every day from 10 to 11 a.m. Everything must stop and everyone must play otherwise you go to jail forever, something terrible happens. What would you dio? We want to hear it in the chat. We want to hear it on hashtag dream Career live. And I think it would be interesting to to look at that list that you already have and say like, Oh, what would be what would be the thing that I would do if I had to play for an hour every day? Jasmine. I have to say this part out loud cause I came up with some great ideas for myself. But this might help everyone else. I was sitting there thinking, Wouldn't it be fun to have a makeup party? We all bring her make up over and we play or like the style. But then I thought, Well, anyone could make a party of the things they like. You could have our stamp party and like then you bring people together that have similar interests and like I have some rubber stamps, I never thought about going to rubber stamp party, but if I was invited, I would totally go right in that in the help spring collaboration and ideas. And I think it's kind of ah white boarding in a really sense, without a whiteboard of people's passions and their ideas about things. It's just it really helps open up my mind, Teoh. Other opportunity. That's great. And I like to that. It's something that you can connect to a business and even monetize or not. Right? So I spoke in instruction to or session one about my Brooklyn brunch business. Babes. Hi, guys. If you're watching on, we get together every month and host brunch in each other's houses. It's also a really great way to celebrate that. It's free, right, because since there's about, um, seven or so of us, we only host every seven months and then we have to cook. We have to buy the brunch for that time. But all the other times we just come with ourselves, and I have thought like, Oh, maybe this is something that I could put together and like, teach other people how to do this, and I'm not interested in I don't want to do it, but I could connect that to my business pretty easily and be able Teoh, I don't know, write a workbook or come up with the training video on how to put together your own brunch babes group. So it's great to kind of know that there's that idea to monetize or not. Yes, Jennifer, or just the thought to like just throwing it out there. How you were saying how you've been so committed to the time that you're coaching takes. But what if you hosted a brunch every once in a while? That was like a little snapshot in time, like quickie. You know, um, happy hour kind of shore. And I could write, and it could be about way do or just, you know, to get people in the right direction. People are not or are getting thing. Yes, yes, yes. I like the ideas are flowing. I think their next segment that we're gonna kind of use all of these. Um, so here's a little a little chart. That's on page to 91 of the workbook. What might stop me from playing? So we want to kind of preemptively tell the vampires in the roadblocks to go way, way what might stop me from playing and how I might be able to stop it before it stops me. So an example talking about money example. I don't have enough money to get the materials I need to do anything aren't related. I want new rubber stamps. I don't have the money to get new rubber stamps. How I might be able to stop it before it stops me. Here's an idea. And actually, Molly Quigley, who is just so on it, she did this. One of the very first thing she did when we started working together was that she had, um and like, an estate sale of things in her house that she got rid of in order to bring in money to help fund her website and working with me and all these things so I could have a garage sale and use all the proceeds towards my art supplies. Or maybe it's, you know, I could just use the things that are in my at first, you know? So we want to be able Teoh, come up with the excuses that we kind of know we're already gonna use. And then we want to come up with, um, some ideas as to how to counteracted Jenna. What are you writing? Um, so I'm kind of having other ideas. Some job Okay, but, um yeah, thinking one thing that, like, stops me from doing most of his time, huh? Like that's a huge range. So what might stop me from playing? I don't have time. And how would you be able to stop it before it stops you? I guess. Just rationalizing it. Okay. It's good. Teoh, what would seem like waste time and said invested in crying, Cause I think of a good ideas when I'm not supposed to be thinking of them or know myself. Yes. So having to remind yourself of the importance of playing and and actually from what it sounds like, how productive and fulfilling it is for you. So for me, if I want accomplish something, I have to put it in my calendar. I made, like, a re occurring, um, event or something. So it was 1/2 hour on the weekend. I think I would do it more often because something else is telling me too. Yeah, yes, yes. We're actually like jumping ahead will come back to this, but I have to show you expansion put play on the calendar for a minimum of 30 minutes each week, and I swear we did not plan for the next month, right? And I say to that semantics are really important here. So if you know that, like you're going to see that play window on your calendar and you're not gonna know what it means and you're gonna procrastinate or it's gonna feel like full of pressure, they were calling it something else we're calling it are crafting time. We're calling it Croce Fund. We're calling it a postcard party. We're calling it whatever we want. That's gonna be motivating and want us to get there. And I would also encourage you also were such visual people, right? I have my clients a lot make reminders for themselves, but there it's just right time to play. And maybe they're drawing a little thing of o'clock or, you know, if they're more talented than that, they're coming up with some visual image that they're posting in their space. That'll remind them this is what they need to be doings. That's a really, really, really great thing. What are some other excuses that are going to stop you from playing Jennifer? You know, sometimes I think, Oh, I not only do I not have a lot of time, but I'm watching the kids, huh? And then I think they love paper. They love in Boston machines and everything. They're fascinated. What if they're working on their card? Well, I'm working on my card and we're all kind of sitting together, so this someone might stop me from playing. I'm watching my kids. How I might be able to stop it before it stops me. Bring my kids into the playtime activity. Right? And it might not be as perfect. Her director is fast, but that could actually be a really great thing, right? Sometimes there's just ah ha moments and beauty and fun in the mistakes and the imperfection. So I love that. Bring your kids into the play your people into the place. OK, so you talked about experience, Shin, Uh, this is also how you make play into a habit. We want to make it into Abbott, especially if you're one of those people that just knows that, like, I don't know what I like, and I don't allow myself time for myself, that sort of thing

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This class was sooo incredibly fun and inspiring. It was wonderful to meet Michelle and interact with her in person. She is warm, kind, approachable and genuinely passionate about helping creatives find a career they can love. Having been raised to believe that the only route to a secure retirement was to find a job with a pension or, at least, a good 401k, this class gave me the courage to believe that I could do work I love and still finance a fabulous life in retirement. It also put things in perspective because it helped me to see that I deserve to be happy as much as anyone else who has carved a successful niche for themselves doing work they feel good about. And, it reminded me that if I try something and discover it isn't the right fit, the worse that can happen is that I go find that job with a pension at that point. So what? Why not me? Amen! xoxo, Jen


My dad used to tell me, "You don't get to do what you love. You just learn to love what you do." For years and years, I've been wandering from job to job wondering why I just wasn't feeling the love, no matter how much I learned to be good at what I do. Although, I tried to resign myself to the idea that work would always be something to dread day in and day out, I couldn't help but day dream about the elusive "perfect" job! I searched for years for tests or counselors who could help give me some direction as to what I would be good at and just before I lost hope, I found this class. I snuck it in during work on my cellphone (shh don't tell lol) and was running back to my desk when I had to be pulled away. It's nice to know someone understands what I've been going through and Michelle's energy is just so positive and motivating that I know that I can make things happen! I watched the free live broadcast but even before the end of day 1 I knew this class was a resource I'll gladly pay for! I would and have recommended this class to many people I know feel the same way I do! Changed my life! We're not made to fit into a mold so why not create your dream career! My review in one word? Amazeballs!


I purchased this course and made sure to finish it before 2015 started. It was so easy to go through the course and I made sure to be diligent in actually doing the activities and homework. I never knew there were other MULTI-PASSIONATE out there like me! I thought I was just a confused human being who needs to figure out her life! Haha! Michelle's energy and passion to help others are so eminent in the way she presents and guides us. I love the setting of Creative Live as well because I felt involved with the studio audience despite having to watch these sessions by myself. :) I learned so much about myself, about how I can incorporate my multiple interests into a unique ball of career perfectly molded for me, by me. All thanks to the help and wisdom of Michelle's experiences and talents. What a great end of 2014 and a great way to start 2015! THIS COURSE IS WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY. :)