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Create Your Dream Career

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What Do You Do?

Michelle Ward

Create Your Dream Career

Michelle Ward

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Lesson Info

31. What Do You Do?

Lesson Info

What Do You Do?

What do we think? Right? So here we have like like the big pieces of what you want to talk about what you feel is most important for someone to know when they ask you so what do you what do you want to say? I don't want to say uh help me you guys wait right here right what do you do? So what do you do? Jin ok, so I help people help people get their blogging website site started by providing photography and some writing about me pages so people can really get their essence and their personality can come through something like that like the word branding I don't know if that sounds good to you or if it doesn't but I love that that whole idea of it stopping women there are you know, whoever it is helping people develop their personal brand and you know, express their you know what I like I like your house I like how you put it yeah yeah you are yeah you're not someone that's throwing around the buzz words it's a great jumping off point but great but something about okay? So brand isn't yo...

ur word but it's you're trying to get their eyes senses my yeah so tell me again I help people get their blogging live st started through photography oh, that captures well through photography and writing that captures their essence on like personality comes through captures their ass sense like a play on the word genius generally genius jenny is their personality shine yeah sign there you go that's beautiful did he say anything else? No, I don't mean that and you know what? All this other stuff about connection and about personal transformation and like if someone's interested and you sparked someone you know and they want to know more they're gonna ask you follow up shins but this is like this is a fan friggin tastic so what do you do say a lot of proud okay, so I help people get their blogging website started through photography and writing that captures their essence and allows their personality to shine through okay do you want this? You want this right on then I could do my my creative interviews too because I can provide that service really? How about your creative process and I'll do a podcast and we'll put it on your site. Yes and yeah, if you helped people do a page about their creative process to great interview about their creative process on then that could be something that you could include in this answer or not right? So as things go maybe you're gonna decide a year from now you know what it's not about photography for me anymore it's about something different and you're replacing the word photography was something else it's gonna blow it's gonna be alive this is gonna be a live live live life like it's alive so you know, tuck this in your pocket teo and like not teo you know practice saying this it's gonna feel really stupid talk about feelings stupid like infront it doesn't have to be in wear anything we don't have to recite it like a robot but the more you just kind of say this and you get used to it in your mouth and like, you know, as an after andre you know to there say your lines over and over and over again like they just come out of your mouth without thinking that's kind of what we want to do so that when you get that question you're not who's so nervous so I know what about that thing with michelle but what does say like just just say it just say it every day yeah and I know you're saying the same thing but it's like I love what you said to about kind of putting yourself in that place before you even get there it's like say it now don't say I'm thinking about starting on and just be like this is what I do but I nobody says how many times have you done it no you made you do it full time lava blah blah blah blah for you darling thank you weight got a little bit of time how is this coming along here is anyone yesterday and he has a look of terror and look at mine I just keep crossing you know wait what do you have oh uh did you fill in the other blanks oh I did I'm sorry you came in the writers start from scratch then you're going to make your head explode no, I've put them in the wrong spots that's what I'm trying to make this as difficult as possible that's what I did I love over complicating things right off the bat right my brain goes yeah thank you so much for me as complicated as possible so in almost every square I wrote something about helping I have writing help help help s o I write I help and then I don't know I don't know that's your answer jenny I help what do you say I help help that won't be your answer I help give me me could I read what you wrote? You able to read the handwriting so you probably not only what you wrote okay uh tell me what you wrote made right? Okay, I'm sorry so I was writing that, um shoot now I can't do it anything can be sorry the answer teo that I really, really suck um I wrote helping others and um that would be the person to come to for fun quirky crush a products and education okay oh yeah why don't I just just a one time oh, sugar lost um yeah I'm the person to come to for fun quirky crush a products and education you could find me at johnny brown yeah hygienic dude, I should expand they and they and I just had to learn how to read yeah it's hard right? This is why life coaches need life coaches it's hard to put this all together but that's it and did you hear everyone when you said that sentence go way we all recognize that it wasn't just me and my you know, coaching years anyone else and duck yeah anyone else that cast a little bit stuck because I'm not exactly sure what this career looks like exactly that's ok let's go back to the to the questions that, like, are more about you and what's important to you and what you pride yourself on being known for on dh how you how you feel you made a difference what were answered it though, okay? I just thought, um three questions okay, so I pride myself on being known for negotiation skills, wisdom, you know, in a sense of humor mixed in with that and then ultimately I care most about integrity and honesty authenticity and then I feel like I've made a difference when life communicated effectively and authentically my ideas or whatever that person needs to know okay that's me eyes not a mish mosh it's because I think there's a lot of like values and skill sets and stuff and words here, but I think that this in the negotiation skills sense of humor I'm on jharia and I am a this is where we're stuck, right? Yeah because I don't have the exact job yet or whatever, huh clear yet so I don't know what you want people to know about you um that I'm fabulous no, I I'm good at people skills and communicating and you know that I love to make people laugh and I like to perform and I you know, I'm an ex actress or I'm a I don't know I mean, what do you call it when you're not professionally? I'm in and now I don't know, I don't know aspiring yeah, I've been aspiring already, so maybe it's more about what? What if you talked about the fact that you're on a journey right now and you haven't figured it out? So what if we just owned the fact like you haven't figured it out? What are you looking for right now? Okay? I'm I'm just I'm still figuring it out if someone says, what do you do? I'm still figuring out and I'm exploring the areas of maybe hosting public speaking, some kind of health coaching, huh? I love this I think that you could first say I really pride myself on my communication skills okay? I pride myself on the line trying todo in what I'm doing but I find myself on my communicate I'm still I love this so what do you do, andrea? Well, I'm still trying to figure it out but I have experience in acting and advertising oh good I pride myself on my communication skills um and I'm looking actually to pursue a potential career within acting, speaking health and wellness those air all my big interests and I'm figuring out how it all works together that will be on the tape way wellit's so so we first said like reminding, you know I'm still figuring it out right? We could just own that right? Isn't it nice to just be honest about that? I'm still figuring it out, which also means I'm open I'm open to what's an access code I have experience in so you don't have to discount or high the things that used to do especially with you. Andrea, you want to kind of bring that back into your life, right? Talking about that I think could be real k I'm I have experience and education in acting performing and I don't know if you want to say advertising or if you want to say communication communication because we don't you don't you want to get out of advertising we're talking about that too sorry to interrupt but we were talking about that too and it's like she doesn't like what she's selling necessarily with advertising but what she's good at is selling something I think that I have yeah so so you have education and experience and acting in uh in sales and luxury luxury, right? Right, right, right um and you're looking to hone in on your communication skills your your sales skills but for a company that you really belong even okay and uh and potentially a spokeswoman opportunity sales opportunity for a company really believe in or something in the health and wellness industry and you were exploring all of that? I said it better before, but I think that that's like that's the baby like I can summarize it, put it in your own words so I like this. So if we all in our things and we own the fact that we're figuring it out, that isn't that a reasonable thing to say? I think coming through on the attack take yo I feel like we've been neglecting the people don't know is good I mean they'd be sharing, you know, some of what they're they're suggesting shanti claire is saying a health and where health and wellness radio host andrea yeah right? I love this everyone at home is timing in the o we should in fact comedy gamble said earlier on the seventy five percent of what they learn from the course is actually comes from the interaction with the online audience on that is something to remember you know that's why we have this available to police always join in to share your comments because what what michelle is teaching then you you can bounce off your ideas yeah and if anyone has questions if you're really stuck at home you could ask a question like you're sitting in the audience here and I could do what I can to help kind of talking through it how's everyone else doing here anyone else stuck yes general oh good you want to buy a house you have yeah good I'm gonna do everyone by the way I want you to stand up oh you know what I want you to do I want you to stand up and you're going stand right here okay ready okay I'm empowering the next generation of women entrepreneurs to push past their fears and excuses and create a life more awesome bam bam bam bam jenny get up here right here okay hi I'm jenny brown of the person people come to for fun quirky croce products and education I think they get it up here okay I'm a multi passionate educator in jewelry designer who creates beautiful things that make people feel good oh jenna you know you're next I see you getting ready very slowly approach okay um I explore every aspect of swag your online video blawg how choose in social media people get experienced the joy of swag threw me and I say on trends and brainstorm as well this's where the noting to write you might have something that you say that is written down that might be a bit clunky coming out of your mouth right that wasn't just simply saying that it's totally ok but as you see said it you probably noticed this isn't how I talk yeah, that might be great for your website yeah, that might be great front about paige that might that reads I know really well but you might want to translate it into like jonah talk so that oh I'm a swag analyzer and I go to events and like analyze the swagger I get all the subscription boxes that everyone's signing up for and you know whatever it is in a more casual but I was on that day uh jen we already you want to stand right center stage and say it yeah do it there's power right here in this spot right here there's power that's the power spot it is it is a power spot own inn owner okay, I help people get their website and blog's started through writing and photography that captures their essence and allows their natural personality to shine through ah fantastic thank you okay neco so I'm still ok I have a little bit but I am still kind of stuck okay? Hotel so tell me what? What? Well I'll tell you what I have okay? I am an inspirational fitness coach helping women become fit both physically and mentally way perfect but you know what it's never going to be I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I knew high section apologetic sometimes you know it's not terrible it's just like how are we supposed to be confident with what you're doing in the or not? It was a kind of and I know this is all new, right? You're not actually doing this thing it's really hard and it's something to grow into right? But tell me again what you have and tell me why it's not working for you or why you think it's not very and you're stuck. Um well, I'm an inspirational fitness coach helping women become fit both physically and mentally it kind of sounds to me like I'm a personal trainer and I don't want to be a trainer I mean, so what do you want to be doing? And I said, okay, I'm not exactly sure let's start with I'm not exactly sure god, I'm looking into let's do it like so is but I'm looking into beat an inspirational fitness coach helping women become fit inside a now and physically and mentally ha ha yes sorry I'm just three years of marketing and like way have I manage support and we have something called word killer and word zapper and like it help zap out the extra words make stuff yeah, just listening to what she said her own words I would say something like um I what was what was your commuting time? Um inspirational coach helping moon become fit both physically mint yeah um I inspire women or I inspire women benefit for women you know, like I like this let's leading with I'm still figuring it out but what I'm exploring is inspiring women to feel beautiful inside and out as a health and fitness coach beautiful god said lifestyle because I said what's the difference between that and a personal trainer and you said it's boring about lifestyle so something to encompass that uh yeah I mean you know, I think it's not um I think that that's really tight and sink and still you know very much gets across what it is you're doing and I like the lifestyle that you know the distinction right if someone says oh, you mean personal training yeah no actually not through personal training you know, I'm thinking you know, it's more of a lifestyle piece and it's through writing or, you know, personal coaching were whatever for the package of eating healthy lifestyle, larger wellness and sounds like it's nutrition and so it's so so you could say that afterwards but if you don't really know how to say that now you don't have to say it right okay did we get the cerrone could you stand up here and say something close to it uh no so uh what you say I'm still figuring it out but I mean alluring how to inspire women to feel beautiful inside and out is that how you said it was me healthy inside him out he x well I said physically and mentally no half it so okay to inspire women to be physically and mentally fit through potentially being a health coach or through health coaching that right that like help coach who works with women on helps them to get more physically and mentally fit or so I put the health coach thing first I yes it doesn't matter the bottom line nicola's like it doesn't it doesn't matter at the end of the day it's just that you have to you you know yeah you know what's important and you know what you want a kind of convey um okay okay so it's really short right wait okay so don't apologize yeah what do you want teo what do you um I'm exploring some something we're not exploring to be an inspirational lifestyle coach to inspire women to be physically and mentally right and you said it loud and proud and still sweet and adorable like you kind of do okay, come in, follow me and stay right. Jab going on, like at work on ly managers have yelled at me about putting too many words and things and I know I do too. We have a joke about if it doesn't fit on an iphone screen and executives not gonna read it. Yeah, well, so I sprinkle fairy dust already ready? Ok, what I love about that is that you have to ask her about with me and you have to ask her a question about what that means. So you were allowed to go and do that. So what do you do? Oh, I sprinkle fairy. What does that? What does that mean? And then you're able to talk about anything you want to talk about this what I've exploring this is what you do during the day, but really, I do this and it's lava thank you love it. Just like I think. Especially with jenna's thing where jenna could be some sort of like swag. I'm the swag analyzer or whatever she calls herself that's kind of like that when I grew up, I could totally see you having something like that. Like I'm just sprinkler. Yeah, yeah, I want to talk to I'm getting something about teo joanne, come take the stage are we stuck to me anyhow I think I'm a bit stuck okay tells me is that because I'm not looking to be an entrepreneur at this point so I'm looking for a job this and great and um that as as we talked well I'll read it come on come on okay okay I'm joanne and I'm seeking a production management position that enables me to use my skills of bringing in products at high quality on time and on budget uh working on books or publications that I really care about and that would incorporate my passions of travel and photography there is nothing wrong with that nothing wrong with saying there's something wrong that's a great cover letter to that's a great start to an email for someone to be done this is what you're seeking this is what you're passionate about this is what matters to you it's like so specific and great does it feel good yeah yeah ok good ok ok come on all right well mine is still a little you know but I want to apologize okay? Okay so hi hi. What do you do? My gosh, I'm so glad you asked it's still figuring it out I have a background in sales and luxury marketing I've been I've been been an actress and I'm sort of looking to get into some sales for company with that I really care about that I really love and or j k o, I'm a television and what what am I? I'm a healthy wellness on air coach that's my next career, right? So I'm looking tio to get a sales market position and company I care about and get my get my acting, I still have my acting passion, right? I'm looking get that back looking, teo, I'm looking to get my reignite my acting skills. I love this anyone in the chat put how they answer the chronicle that haven't been answering the road they may have done because I'm not sure about this wannabe, fearless says I inspired women to feel good in their skinny jeans, but I thought that may have been a suggestion for somebody here, so clarify that for me, but we did get some suggestions. People for jen purple daze says I inspire women to be beautiful and strong as a wellness and vitality coach no, that that can't be for journey, says it's the gem, but I think I think so it does say it's for general think I'm maybe not oh she's corrected it. Yes, she says that was meant for nicole way actually put your own answer to the way the first one and a great from amanda sue, she says, I'm a man too how shall I know is I'm amanda how and I'm a cheeky visionary I specialize in helping other cheeky creatives take their multiple passions and their unique weirdness is on turn it into a business that sews their soul and their bank account okay, a man have to stop this right now. I know amanda from just being online and she's wonderful and after our first session here, she wrote online like now that I've been watching michelle ward, I'm thinking that I need an actual name for my business instead of just my name because I'm so quirky and like my friends always say you need something that that represents you. Amanda go by kiki visionary dot com right now that is the name of your business, the ends, the ends I hope it's not taken no one else buy it it's for amanda, big time great, I'm into school with an amanda how, but I can't believe it's the same thing I winter ball says if I go for the web design, it will be I helped sola preneurs and small businesses build their online presence by building them a professional pain free website and teach them how to use it properly. Fans yeah, go look up, jen andi, I think I want to be fearless is a bit of payback is saying, hi, I'm sharon coleman on I'm a gratitude geologist, which she says means creepy web stalker she's the one studi ologists. I love that word that's. A fun one again. You have to stop and ask, can't you very much, like, absolutely, absolutely.

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Does your work feel soul-sucking instead of fulfilling? Are you ready to transition into a career that excites you? Join Michelle Ward for an exploration in uncovering the skills, passions, and strengths that will help you create the life you’ve always aspired to live.

In this course you’ll learn how play can (and should) inform your career choice and steer you towards a career you love. You’ll explore how personality and lifestyle can guide you towards the career that’s right for you. Michelle will help you identify the fears holding you back and devise strategies to prevent them from stifling you in the future. You’ll identify the core skills you already have and target opportunities for cultivating new strengths.

Whether you’re unclear about what your true passion is, feel like you could never pick just one thing, or are simply unsure of where to start, this course will put you on right track to creating your dream career.



This class was sooo incredibly fun and inspiring. It was wonderful to meet Michelle and interact with her in person. She is warm, kind, approachable and genuinely passionate about helping creatives find a career they can love. Having been raised to believe that the only route to a secure retirement was to find a job with a pension or, at least, a good 401k, this class gave me the courage to believe that I could do work I love and still finance a fabulous life in retirement. It also put things in perspective because it helped me to see that I deserve to be happy as much as anyone else who has carved a successful niche for themselves doing work they feel good about. And, it reminded me that if I try something and discover it isn't the right fit, the worse that can happen is that I go find that job with a pension at that point. So what? Why not me? Amen! xoxo, Jen


My dad used to tell me, "You don't get to do what you love. You just learn to love what you do." For years and years, I've been wandering from job to job wondering why I just wasn't feeling the love, no matter how much I learned to be good at what I do. Although, I tried to resign myself to the idea that work would always be something to dread day in and day out, I couldn't help but day dream about the elusive "perfect" job! I searched for years for tests or counselors who could help give me some direction as to what I would be good at and just before I lost hope, I found this class. I snuck it in during work on my cellphone (shh don't tell lol) and was running back to my desk when I had to be pulled away. It's nice to know someone understands what I've been going through and Michelle's energy is just so positive and motivating that I know that I can make things happen! I watched the free live broadcast but even before the end of day 1 I knew this class was a resource I'll gladly pay for! I would and have recommended this class to many people I know feel the same way I do! Changed my life! We're not made to fit into a mold so why not create your dream career! My review in one word? Amazeballs!


I purchased this course and made sure to finish it before 2015 started. It was so easy to go through the course and I made sure to be diligent in actually doing the activities and homework. I never knew there were other MULTI-PASSIONATE out there like me! I thought I was just a confused human being who needs to figure out her life! Haha! Michelle's energy and passion to help others are so eminent in the way she presents and guides us. I love the setting of Creative Live as well because I felt involved with the studio audience despite having to watch these sessions by myself. :) I learned so much about myself, about how I can incorporate my multiple interests into a unique ball of career perfectly molded for me, by me. All thanks to the help and wisdom of Michelle's experiences and talents. What a great end of 2014 and a great way to start 2015! THIS COURSE IS WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY. :)