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Create Your Dream Career

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The Importance of Dreaming

Michelle Ward

Create Your Dream Career

Michelle Ward

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Lesson Info

4. The Importance of Dreaming

Lesson Info

The Importance of Dreaming

We're going to talk today about the importance of dreaming, but before we get to that, I want to address a question we got from jennifer here in the audience because I think it's something that probably is in the minds of a lot of you and probably in the chat and that is what if my what I think is my dream career isn't like crazy out there, I've seen it exists before I've seen people do it, but I don't trust that the money is going to follow. Is that a good summer summer ization of your question? Okay, um, and it's it's interesting, we're not really focusing on money stuff in our time here together because and all the clients that I've worked with I've worked personally with almost three hundred clients in the past six years, we've never found the what and not the how ever have never had someone say, I really want to be an interior designer and we go great how do you do that? I don't know it's never gonna work went wow, ends of dream everyone's crying like never has happened, so we are...

going to talk about infield the career, fear and do it anyways, which is our first segment tomorrow session we are going to kind of address that, but I kind of hate to say it, it comes down to trust it comes down to trusting your own skill set your own passion, your own figure it out miss in order to make it work. And I think this is where working with the coach is so powerful and why coaching has taken off so much. Is that it's a really hard thing to do for yourself? Like, really hard and it's? Why I say life coaches have life coaches because we just get stuck in our own brains and normally we end up seeing things in extremes, so we're we're thinking, oh my gosh, you know, the only interior designer I know that successful makes millions of dollars that'll never be me or it's gonna be an absolute failure. We can't find the middle ground, so I encourage you to start brainstorming were all creative people, but if you know that's, not your forte, bring in the people in your life that you no are these sorts of people and say, how can I be an interior designer while still being able to live in san francisco on dh? How can I focus on it and do it small, right? We talked about baby steps in the last segment. This is about phase one. I talked about phase one with my client, so a lot of the times are brain goes to oh my gosh, but I don't have five thousand dollars to hired this website designer that I need, and I need to put an ad in this magazine and I know you don't need to any of that. You probably need a simple web site, probably needa balog if you want a facebook page you want and about me section somewhere but like think of phase one, how could I do this small and quickly to just start testing out this idea? And then you could build and build and build and grow and grow and grow? I was the one I grew up coach for two years until I hired a professional web designer to work on my sight. Until then, my sight and I have been trying to find a picture of this because I would I'd love to show it to all of you. It was just blew, it was plain. My husband is a copywriter he designed and developed the site he's wonderful but he's, not a website designer. It had flowers up top and said when I grow up, one of the first things that I invested in was just a professional logo and a block header, and so I had my my colors and my and my logo pretty quickly, but other than that it was basic my acting head shot was on the home page and hi, this is me this is what I do a page about what is coaching a page to work with me and my blogged the ends like that's it so so those are the things that you could start building up your trust we'll be talking about that and feel the career fear and do it anyways so I hope that that's helpful so every day we're here together we're gonna have a new theme and today's theme is dreaming and I made this image I'm so proud of it because I'm not even close to anyone who has this sort of talent, but if you if you go to flicker creative comment and you find your dream landscape, what do you think about like where you are when you find yourself daydreaming and it's been science again? I'm quoting science it's been proven that when we're in nature when we're in or around water, those are usually the best places for our dreams kind of activate um and I would love for you guys to write a reminder come up with your own image it's remind yourself to dream not on ly today, but for the next three four months however long you're going through this process because dreaming is something we're not encouraged to dio as grown ups and that needs to stop so I can't help but dream when I see a sky full of stars and on page fifteen of the workbook, you could write down what helps you dream, so, you know, and he could also say, what helps you day dream, right? You find that you have your best ideas were really dreaming for yourself when you're taking a bubble bath or sometimes for me on an airplane when I'm above the clouds, you know, activates night dreaming, so write it down in your workbook because that's the state I was, I want you to aim to be inasmuch as possible and even if you can't like, physically, get yourself on a plane, which you shouldn't a because we want you here, you could think about those clouds, you could think about those sorts of feelings because it'll be a great she cheat for when you need to get yourself into dream mode in the future. So I'd love to hear what you guys are writing down when when do you find yourself dreaming? Yes, please, jen okay, so I've started doing this recently because, um a coach suggestion, and I just find because I'm a writer, I guess it helps, but so I kind of get myself into a quiet place, and I just get sort of some sort of feeling inside or like, a vision of me. Somewhere recently it was sitting at a desk and I could hear the ocean, and then I'll ask myself, okay, let's, say, six months from now, why am I sitting at that desk? What am I doing? And what were some of the stuff that got me there? Like, what were the steps I took that got me there? And then I just free, right? Howdy there, set a timer so that and I don't stop writing, I don't think I don't get it, I just kind of let it flow and whatever comes out comes out and then I kind of read it back to myself and a couple times I'll get some stuff where I just hear a yes, like you read it back, and you're like, uh, it kind of sounds like me, so then I keep reading it to myself over the next few days. Thank you for that suggestion. Just to get myself into the future of okay, I already know how to do this. I just don't understand right now that's a smart coach I love to that you're not censoring yourself you're not saying I'm not a person that sits in an office like why am I in this office new dream? You know, I think sometimes we're like no that's not us but instead if you approach it with curiosity you approach it with exploration and you approach it from a point of dreaming then you're able to at oh well why am I here? And it doesn't mean that you're then going after why you're sitting in that office but it's just a way to start exploring what it is you want and what you see for yourself it's a great example anything else coming into the chat with what helps people dream? Well, it's really interesting people are sharing their dreams etcetera, but they're also sharing what's holding their dreams back on money seems to be the big thing. We've got several people who talked about you know we got a twenty three year old here, he says I'm barely making it through my office except I'm it seems I want to follow yoga that's their dream that's their passion but everyone keeps telling them you won't make any money at it they feel stuck in that but again student debt is another thing I think spirit hearing a lot of people from holding back from their dreams uh, this is what I need you to dio I need you to number one, come back tomorrow for feel the career, fear and do it. Anyways, we're gonna talk about all of this. We're gonna have a nice amount of time for questions. We're going to address all of these fears both the common ones that I found with my clients. I have the top ten career fears that I keep hearing over and over again, and we're going to get to the heart of your own personalized fears and how we could work with it and how they help us because they are fears actually really do help us, but the other thing you have to do and this is another hippie dippy trust thing. Fourth today, just for today, suspend disbelief. You could hear those voices in your head, but I have student debt, but I'm barely making ends meet, but I live with forty seven roommates, but my parents can't support me, but I don't have a trust fund, but I don't have a rich husband all of those things, like let them in right thumb down on a separate sheet of paper. If you have the workbook, this is gonna be your homework for tonight, you could get a head start, you could write down, this is what I hear. That is telling me I can't do this, these are the things that it's telling me, and we're going to stay just for today, we're going to say thank you fear I hear you, I acknowledge you, and just for today, I'm moving on, so we're just we're going to try and this is like the key of dreaming too, right? It's suspending disbelief and just just for today saying, this can work, this can work, how can this work? We know I'm going to get into the how I take that back, but just saying this could work, this could work just for today. This could work, I'm going to pretend this could work, even if you don't believe it. That's the place to start. Sure, we've got a great comment here that I thought was fantastic, said hearing about other people's ideas, and their success helps with their own dreams. They realise that that can happen for them too. It's a method to my madness is real even that was a segment number one. I know it's like we're we've opened our eyes to see what's possible because a lot of us, you know, that grew up in very traditional households like I did, my dad went to a job that for a company that he owned, but he didn't just cause he was an entrepreneur, he didn't like what he did, and every day he would come home and say way would ask him how his day was and he was say, well, it's called work because it's not play, but I guess I have to go back tomorrow, and I've obviously rebelled against that with every fiber of my being, I don't think that has to be the truth, and if you're someone who thinks that doesn't have to be the truth, I have a feeling that's one hundred percent of the people who are in this room and out there otherwise you I wouldn't be here if there is that a sliver of you that thinks that that's the truth, that work can feel like play, then just let that little sliver of however much of you believes that in today, especially, uh, because we're going to get there, we're going to get there. So even though I talked all about how I wouldn't want people to associate me with being ah hippy dippy coach, we're going to start our first big exercise by doing a visual is ation, so everything is out the window because I've become his overly optimistic hippy dippy life coach, and I know how important this is kind of really set the foundation of what we want to be spending our time on day to day which we talked about briefly in the last segment so really give yourself this gift of the next five ten minutes to become really present and relaxed and expansive even if visualization is not your thing please just humor me it won't take that long you might even get a nap out of it who knows s so I want you guys to if you're a knicks share like we are here uh make sure that let's put your books down if you're at home let's put the books side feel free to step away from your computer make sure you could still hear me but you don't have to see me for this and if you are home or for you guys that I want to do this hit the floor rite you could like totally lie down on the floor and shit boston a or any other position that's comfortable for you just make sure I love the sprays you're in a comfortable but dignified position so you're not slouching and not hunched over you're like sitting up in your relaxed but you're still confident I love this I see rolling your shoulders right so we're going to close our eyes close your eyes I love this close your eyes you at home close your eyes I can't see you I'm just gonna trust you uh and take really deep breath let it out if you could do it audibly if you're in a place where you could you audibly another one in and out and we're gonna do a body scan and see where the stress is right so let's just start at our feet for any place that you feel stress you want to move it around you want to pay attention in it and then released it do what you have to try to bring the stress out so notice your feet are your feet ten stop they hurt rolling around wiggle your toes go up to your knees is their stress there is their tank shin there move up to your thighs and your hips your index share it's kind of hard to get this out but you could just kind of rock sides aside do some isolation moves if you did that and dance when you were five like I did go up your stomach sometimes their stomachs air tight we might be really nervous about doing this sort of work if you can't really get that release it's hard to do that for your stomach you could even kind of just like massage massage that area up to your chest it might be really tight become massage that too or just focus your breath to that area and then if you are me you keep your stress on your shoulders one hundred percent of the time they want a roll all those shoulder a lot of shoulders rolling here in the audience or you could shrug him all the way up all the way down go down your arms or your fingers your wrists how's it all feeling you could see direction on release that go up to your head and sometimes I really love making a really big face so you're ah you're opening your mouth almost like you're screaming you won't look silly you will look silly but here in the audience were all looking silly here at home hopefully there's no one to see you looking silly open that mouth real wide and scrunch your face up well right well around other I really live you might wanna massage your shaw smiles there's a lot of tension there he want might want to give yourself a little head massage that's always so nice I take one more cleansing breath so now we want to see our anxieties and our frustrations which might still be physical right I know there's still some stress in our bodies but it's probably also mental and emotional too so all those fears that are coming up all of that resistance to this work on anything that has hindered your day today maybe you got cut off on your way to work baby you someone got your starbucks order wrong anything that is put you in a bad mood we are imagining that that's going into a balloon and it's being trapped in a balloon and when you see all of your stress and your frustration and your anxieties anything that's affecting you in the here and now you see it all traps in that balloon and you tied up and you released it into the sky and you walk shit float away and what is left is the goodness of you and everything that makes up who you are so we're now in a purely positive space those fears those anxieties those frustrations of stressors are gone in this visualization so now I hope that wherever you see yourself you're probably in a landscape somewhere, right? So you might be seeing the star from the sky full of stars like is on this picture maybe you're on the beach and you're just enveloped by the sun maybe you're in a forest full of trees maybe you're in a plane with clouds we want to have whatever it is in the sky come down and see it surround you see it envelope you this's getting so hippie dippy and I love it right so see the stars the sunlight the trees come calm around env elop you warmly lovingly in a little bubble and it's giving you what that's giving you is the feeling that you could do anything with the magic of those stars are that sunshine it's giving you all that you could wish for for the next three minutes? I want you just like jen said to just see what comes up when you think of yourself surrounded by this the life that is full of magic and stardust and sunshine and notice what comes up you don't have to search for the why you no reasoning around it just notice it and then whenever it needs to be let go you've let it go notice who you're wef notice where you are noticed the thing or things that you're doing I'm gonna give you some background music because I hate quiet for the next three minutes so that you could just see that streaming wait wait wait wait wait start wrapping your drill up really acknowledge whatever it is you're seeing what you're doing here with how you feel how do you feel is a big no no how you're feeling okay keep your eyes closed and we're gonna come back to reality I apologize but it's still gonna be fun so do another quick body scan see if there's anything to shake out release see in your mind the stardust leaving the sunshine leaving a picture yourself back wherever you are open here I and right might take a while to kind of a just right it's like the light could be a little blinding again if you need to shake anything out or maybe like uh open your mouth real high okay before we get to what you guys saw it cannot wait I need to remind everyone this is so important ready dreaming is a muscle it is one that we don't get to flex often as adults, so if you are someone that didn't see much of anything or you really frustrated with what you saw or maybe what you didn't see this was so hard for you then please be kind to yourself because it might have been months and might have been years it might have been decades since you've last allowed yourself to dream so just know we're gonna talk about how you could expand on this at home and on your own time but know that just continuing to do visualizations like this even for five minutes a day uh we'll get you to that place where you will start noticing it's gonna get easier keys here easier and tapping into your daydreams also without you know the ukulele and that hippy dippy visualizations just noticing where your brain wanders teo that's all part of the training piece, so go to page sixteen of your workbook there's plenty of space there too, right? What you saw when you allowed yourself it's a dream and while you're writing, I want to hear from anyone here or online that is already shared I know it'll take a while and I didn't leave a big space in the workbook on purpose, so I love jen's idea like you could free form this it was stream of consciousness for like, you know, when we're done and you could write a short story and you could do all these things, but right now just hone in on the essence of what you saw, what was important to you. Where were you? What were you doing? Who were you with? How did you feel? Sucks a big one? Anything that really stood out to you so I want to know not only what you saw when you saw yourself when you allowed yourself to dream, but what what's stuck with you and maybe what was surprising what don't you understand about your dream? Anything in the chat yet, but we're definitely a chance for them to rest. It's interesting what we have had so far fresh start says I saw a clean house sora sexy yard man andi, I saw a full bank account manservant stuck dot coms I think that's amazing that's fantastic comedy gumball machine I think it's highly influenced by the ukulele they say they saw a dreamy clouds all around them, but they saw themselves as don ho as what don ho, I love it when we're not talking about the why we're not trying to tie this into what our dream career is, we're just simply talk about what we saw there is a no wrong answer here at all and carlin was saying I was drifting on a paddleboard in the middle of some random water body with my best friend who's my boyfriend making k was saying I saw a tour bus with the band I manage eyes told yes oh my god extremes getting clearer and clearer and clearer and clearer fantastic what about you guys he wants to share? I know it's I know it's personal and vulnerable stacy so I'm a big daydreamer so I think it was interesting that the things that I had a dream about the kind of like came into the visualization that we just did so all of it was a lot of it was with my daughter there and being able to spend time with her like volunteering at school that's something I haven't been able to do just because of full time work and so that was one of the pieces just in on my couch and drinking someone yeah, yeah watching television so that and again it was a clean house sting too, because I feel like, you know, especially as a creative creative person like my space is always a miss and I spent a lot of time trying to organize it and get it together so and the interesting thing is that none of it money didn't come up at all during my visualization, but when in any other time that's the number one thing that like, well, how do I make money if I do this or how is like and so it was interesting that during the visualization like money did not come up at oh, thank you for that, I feel like that's the difference between, like, fear based daydreams, I was actually thinking that the word like day maris need to needs to exist, right? It's what we dream about during the day, but usually it's coming from a place of like, oh, no, you know, I took a cross country flight yesterday, it was like, this is the flight that's just gonna kill me and, like it's going to crash and I'm going to die and I just can't read jenny's like the grass replayed although different one, but it was just like, should I get on this plane? I don't know, and I and that's, I think what kind of happens when we don't we don't take that out of the equation and give ourselves the hippy dippy nous of the visualization and seeing it as a positive space and seeing it being magical that I think to what you brought up for me that I wantto my dress quickly, and then we'll kind of talk about it just as a whole is that our dirty little secret here is that I think society tells us our dream careers are based around, like our experience and our education on our skill set are transferable skills, but really, what I worked on with my clients is building their dream career around their lifestyle and that's what it is in twenty fourteen so it doesn't surprise me that you just, quote unquote saw spending time with your daughter, having your downtime, having your me time and having a clean house, and I think that that gives us as much insight to her dream career as any other tests or any other thing that we're being told about. So, you know, if you are, someone will talk about this tomorrow who doesn't equate themselves with being passionate with having a passion or there's nothing that, like, lights you up so much that you're like, oh my god, dude, this thing uh, and you hear that? That piece of advice follow your bliss, you know, I don't know what my bliss is, you don't have to you could throw that all out, you want to follow your own lifestyle of dreams, that's, what's, important love that okay, the next thing we need to answer and you could write this in the workbook on pages sixteen seventeen what's your big scary dream now you might not have seen your big scary dream in the daydream because it's possibly so big and scary that you won't even let yourself see it but you might have seen a window into it there might have been a fleeting moment where you saw yourself writing a book and then maybe stop yourself from sin yourself writing I could never write a book that's not me and we're shoving that somewhere or you're listening to the little voice that has brought you here that you I think oh maybe this is what I'm going to next but I don't know if it's gonna work so like for you for instance jennifer you're big scary tree might be like oh I'm gonna be a life coach and I'm gonna make a million dollars and I'm gonna be the next o I mean the next oprah she's on a life coach but first person that pops into my head if that's your big scary dream because you feel like I'm never gonna make enough money and no one believed me and blah blah blah then that's what we want to write down so sharing in the shot you could share it on twitter or facebook with the hashtag dream career live I cannot wait tonight to go through everything that's been shared online as well as here are there big scary dreams coming through the shot? I know this is such a scary place to start, right, but we're getting it all out of feeling great at the top. I think they're actually still sharing some of their really positive dreams rate comedy gumball machine is saying they're scary dreams is actually getting too famous on not having anonymity anymore. Okay, I love this, right? I'm stopping right there, I'm pointing to I don't mean to be rude, I just when I get excited, I think I have a client who told me she calls it the going to hollywood fear and I love it because based in positivity and success, which is always great. So she's like michelle, I can't write my book because if I write my book and I get it published, it becomes a bestseller, then I'm there's gonna have to be a screenplay because it's going to be options into a movie and I'm gonna have to move to hollywood and I don't want to move to hollywood, so I'm not going to start writing my book right? Like like in a bloom and again, I love that trajectory because it was all based on like super enormous success, but at the end of the day, it's still stops her from just starting to write her book. Big hang up on winterbourne is saying my scary dreams I want to write and create my own mangus theories but every time I dream it I end up as an anime girl in the dream oh that's interesting feel like we need a dream book for that well and are like a therapist or something just say what that means, right ms maki saying my big scary dream is having to be creative on demand a lot of time sounds like more of a reality yes, very dreams yes, yes and I think that that's a fear a lot of people have rights so if you turn your passion into your business do you lose your passion for it? Um you know, and I think that the answer varies I don't think that there's a one size fits all answer I think you have to know yourself well enough to know whether that's a really fear or one that's just trying to stop you from doing the work you're supposed to be doing. Yes cover one thing that jenny and I were talking about that I really liked is that it can morph yeah, like it's totally okay if you start with one idea and that's your first step and it grows into something else or changes direction a little bit like you were saying to bringing in some more podcast letting something else go you know it's going to evolve absolutely, I think, and again, I'm just gonna keep saying over and over, we'll talk about this tomorrow in the field of career fear segment, but it's times you just released that crystal ball that we feel we need to have all the time, and we need to release the fact that we need to know where we're gonna land before we start. So actually, what I've found in what you spoke to so well is that if we get clear on what we want, we start telling people about it, the doors they're going to open, if it's the thing that we're supposed to be doing and that's going to lead us somewhere that we cannot plan like I have to tell you I'm all about I'm a structured, detailed, organized person, and the one time that I planned my entire business here in advance, ha! The universe thought it was hilarious. So now I don't plan any more than, like, four, five, six months in advance, and I know it's so loose and it's so flexible, because there's, you're going to meet someone from creative live when you're speaking at craft cation and they're gonna offer you a chance to deeks here dream thing to all of the people, and you're gonna have to say oh okay I have three months to put that to get eighteen hours of content and one hundred twenty two page workbook okay, I guess I'm not doing all those things in your putting it aside so leaving yourself open to these opportunities and possibilities while still being just focused its thie f word but still being let's not use the word focused honed in on doing your work if you keep doing your work the opera and putting it out there the opportunities will come amen and hallelujah a lot more scary than anyone in the studio audience who hasn't really scary dream yeah, well I had a few one of them is that I'm a successful actress a secure you know roll something ongoing not necessarily movie that's in indonesia but like something here that safe hard when you're acting but safe a spy because anything could be st nowadays even people who are you know finance pete corporate people are not safe but that's a great big scary james was seeing yourself it sounds like on a tv show that becomes a hit that yes for a few seasons something leaving so barbara would be good amazing amazing anyone else have expiry james yeah uh fitness model oh cool they have always want to do but the idea of putting myself out there and being analyzed like that way could talkto leslie about that in the third session because she uh she decided like I've had the stream for ten years I'm gonna be a model I don't care that I'm twenty eight years old yeah, she submitted herself to a contest in, um a mall and she won and that contract didn't work out and she found new representation. And now she's modeling all over boston and doing her other stuff. That's great. Really good. Thanks. Yeah. Think ofthe jedi during the federalization I kept seeing myself in groups of people, which is not how I work now at all, huh? And it started making me think like I need to be working with people. I mean, I'm gonna have a job, right? Teach people help people still doing croce but having more people in my life I don't know I never thought that, huh? I love that and that's such a great insight, right? Not to put the pressure on us to how we're connecting us to your dream career so don't necessarily want to do that yet. But it's really interesting that it's it's shown that a surprising value I guess, of you or is that like, okay, probably still want a crow, shay but maybe you want to find a co working space or maybe you want a studio outside of your house that has other people there, maybe just even you know I started in brooklyn I put my entrepreneurial girlfriends together and I made them all meet each other because I'm bossy and we now meet every month and we host each other for brunch and we call ourselves the brooklyn brunch business babes and like that's my you know brainstorming session and that's that's my thing and for me once a month that's like perfect get out there and talk about my business and gap with my girlfriends and have that excuse and for you it might be something more regular my feet so it's it's just all about hanging sanctions so what we need more big scary dreams shelly s o I think is joining us in canada she was saying she has that she wants to be a writer she has the dream of scary dream of getting a book out there's got a name on it's in the stores but nobody's buying it uh scary you know I think that in that being the scariest scream for people that gets to a certain level of success right so uh it's the fear of failure once you found the thing that you want to be doing on I think that's one of the biggest pieces of resistance that holds people back that when they finally pinpoint this is what I want to dio this is either my passion or this is you know why I had those twenty jobs in seven years which it's me, I actually job in seven years. This is the culmination what brought me here? The thought of that take it being taken away from us is like the scariest thing of all I know for me that's my big scary dream eyes that this is all going disappear but that's again a fear based dream as opposed to one that's a bit more fulfilling a pass. And amanda elizabeth is more or less saying the same thing she's saying my big scary dream is to follow my dream to be a great designer and then finding out that it's not the right path for me after all, but it's too late to start over? Yes, you know, and again we'll talk about this tomorrow. I won't say it with me and feel the career fear and do it anyway, but and I have to use alexandra as an example, and I'm still bummed that you all didn't get to hear this from her mouth. Uh, but she's such a great example of going with the idea that not only kind of makes sense and excites you, but I talk a lot about things being an almost equal amount of fear and excitement, so if you follow the thing that gives you almost an equal amount of fear and excitement, that is no matter what going to be the right a path for you you might not end up doing that thing forever. You might end up pivoting like alexandra started as I'm going to be do branding and copyrighting for creative job seekers. Mom, lindsay, that so much anymore. I'm goingto pearly that into copyrighting, and then I'm going to parlay that into being a teacher and a speaker and an author and all the other things that she's doing guru she's a guru and she was able to just kind of pivot, but she talks herself about how if she didn't take that first step by doing branding and copyrighting for creative job seekers, she never would have found her way to this and there's a post that you guys need to google, where she just lays out, like all of her offerings and the money that it's brought in, and she has a multi six figure business. So I've never heard from someone, and it happens often enough. Where, um, now that I've been doing this work for six years, I hear from clients two years, three years, four years, five years later, and they'll say, I'm not doing what we worked on, but by pursuing that and exploring that, it brought me to where I am, and there was no regrets there was never any regrets, it's everything is a lesson everything has brought you to this place and you could usually take all that you've learned and bring it into whatever the next thing is for you to do whether it's something totally different or whether it's just a pivot into something related but just a little different yeah, I I have to say I have a very real struggle with something just like that right now um because on the other side of the spectrum, so I've been toying with this idea of being a medical writer and I have no science background and to be honest, all the voices in my head my whole life has been like you can't decide the math that's not you stay with the creative, touchy feeling relationship you don't mean you stay with that stuff where you can do some business that's okay? But you're not a science person and I just happened to get recommended for a job that required a science background and I took it and the writing was great she loved my writing, but to be honest, I couldn't do what they needed because I didn't have the science background I couldn't turn it over quick enough, so I'm kind of struggling actually just this week with this idea of okay, maybe that's an outdated voice in my head has thank you taking a science class in high school how do I know and that's and if we're talking about baby steps and we're talking about phase one, you might not want to sign yourself up tio science degree tomorrow, but you might want to take one class about medical writing and just to see if it's something you'd be interested in or medicine whatever you feel, you need to kind of supplement that if you want to move in that space or have that space be supplementary so it's such a great example and I think it is all about exploration and just leaving yourself open and and realizing oh, who I used to be when I was especially when I was a kid in elementary school, but I was being told my identity it's not who I am however many years later, and I feel like it goes back to what you're saying about trust, right? Because actually this is an exploration about trusting ourselves. Yes, so many people told me for a lot of years oh no, you're not a science and math person and you know, either it runs in the family or my teachers told me that or whatever the deal is, and now that I actually need teo generate some real income doing something that they told me I could dio and it needs a real background and I'm like, okay, well, maybe that like what? Why is that true that wasn't why is why is actually could you come up with any reasons as to why it's you other than this is what you've been told by other people right now? The only thing I came up with this you probably need to take a class because the last one you took was in high school. So how does that tell you anything? You know, right and that's and that's the truth and again, well, this well will be talking about this more, but I find that the best way to really kind of figure out whether your ideas are outdated on whether your own reliefs are true is by talking to someone that's doing that thing right talking to someone it's so easy to find the person that's doing something similar to what you're doing, it always amazes me just like I haven't worked with client where we found the what and not found how haven't worked with a client that wanted information about a certain career and couldn't go firsthand or second hand, they didn't know someone doing that thing or knew someone that I knew someone doing that thing, I'm getting that sort of feedback if you need to get that from a class from an introductory class that could work out really well too, so it's a great great place and really good points thank you for sharing all that with us

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This class was sooo incredibly fun and inspiring. It was wonderful to meet Michelle and interact with her in person. She is warm, kind, approachable and genuinely passionate about helping creatives find a career they can love. Having been raised to believe that the only route to a secure retirement was to find a job with a pension or, at least, a good 401k, this class gave me the courage to believe that I could do work I love and still finance a fabulous life in retirement. It also put things in perspective because it helped me to see that I deserve to be happy as much as anyone else who has carved a successful niche for themselves doing work they feel good about. And, it reminded me that if I try something and discover it isn't the right fit, the worse that can happen is that I go find that job with a pension at that point. So what? Why not me? Amen! xoxo, Jen


My dad used to tell me, "You don't get to do what you love. You just learn to love what you do." For years and years, I've been wandering from job to job wondering why I just wasn't feeling the love, no matter how much I learned to be good at what I do. Although, I tried to resign myself to the idea that work would always be something to dread day in and day out, I couldn't help but day dream about the elusive "perfect" job! I searched for years for tests or counselors who could help give me some direction as to what I would be good at and just before I lost hope, I found this class. I snuck it in during work on my cellphone (shh don't tell lol) and was running back to my desk when I had to be pulled away. It's nice to know someone understands what I've been going through and Michelle's energy is just so positive and motivating that I know that I can make things happen! I watched the free live broadcast but even before the end of day 1 I knew this class was a resource I'll gladly pay for! I would and have recommended this class to many people I know feel the same way I do! Changed my life! We're not made to fit into a mold so why not create your dream career! My review in one word? Amazeballs!


I purchased this course and made sure to finish it before 2015 started. It was so easy to go through the course and I made sure to be diligent in actually doing the activities and homework. I never knew there were other MULTI-PASSIONATE out there like me! I thought I was just a confused human being who needs to figure out her life! Haha! Michelle's energy and passion to help others are so eminent in the way she presents and guides us. I love the setting of Creative Live as well because I felt involved with the studio audience despite having to watch these sessions by myself. :) I learned so much about myself, about how I can incorporate my multiple interests into a unique ball of career perfectly molded for me, by me. All thanks to the help and wisdom of Michelle's experiences and talents. What a great end of 2014 and a great way to start 2015! THIS COURSE IS WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY. :)