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Creative Photography Challenge

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Light Painting

CreativeLive Team

Creative Photography Challenge

CreativeLive Team

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9. Light Painting

Lesson Info

Light Painting

welcome to creative lives. Creative Stock Challenge. Money is Matt, and today's challenge is light painting. Light painting takes many forms anything from this or this, or even that it's basic principle is using a light to paint, draw or illuminate otherwise dark frame. For this challenge, you're gonna need a camera, a lens, a tripod and a source of light. Setting up for the shot could be really simple. Either you're gonna wait till it gets dark or you make it dark. Let's talk about settings. Your shutter speed is priority number one For this exercise, you want your shutter open for the amount of time that it takes adequately paint your scene. I just start with my shutter speed somewhere between six and 30 seconds, depending on the situation, things like ambient light and the strength of your light source will have an effect on how long your center will be open. As per usual. You want to keep your eyes so as low as you can, and that's just to keep sensor noise out of your final image. ...

Finding the right aperture may require a little bit of experimentation. I generally start right around F 16 as that'll produce thin, crisp lines while you're drawing on your scene to figure out my settings for this image, I took a couple practice shots and what I ended up with Waas a shutter speed of 30 seconds F 16 aperture in an eso of to 50. When I'm both pressing the shutter and lighting the scene, I'll generally put my camera on a 12th timer and that just gives me enough time to kind of get out there and start swinging lights around before the shutter drops. I'm gonna have my subject stand about right here as still as she possibly can while I'm behind her swing and lights around for seconds, which is gonna create a silhouette around her and separate her from the background when I hit my shutter and I've got 10 seconds to get in position. All right, we hit the lights back on its the moment of truth. Let's see, we got I like it. This turned out pretty cool. We're excited to see what you come up with. Please share your photos on Instagram using the hash tag created. Photo Challenge will feature some of our favorites if you haven't signed up to do it now at creativelive dot com slash CPC to get more of these challenges delivered straight to your inbox.

Class Description

Lacking ideas on what to shoot? Feeling uninspired behind the lens? Not sure what to do to flip the switch on your internal lightbulb? 

What if you had new, weekly creative photography ideas sent to you directly one a week?  "Assignments" that took you out of your daily grind, got you outside, and helped you break through your creative blocks? 

Join CreativeLive for a series of free photography challenges designed to bust you out of your comfort zone. You'll try new techniques, pick up new skills, and expand your photographic creativity. 

What is the Creative Photography Challenge?

As fellow photographers, we know exactly how you feel. We've all felt drained of ideas of what to shoot next. This is why our team got together and designed the Creative Photography Challenge: a series of short, snackable videos that will help you discover and harness new photography techniques.  You'll be inspired by our community of fellow photographers that are participating in this challenge right along with you. 

The challenges are simple; Each video is under five minutes long, so they won't take forever to watch, and you can complete each challenge in just a few minutes or take an entire day to really hone in on your new skills. 

Here are the episodes:

How it works

All you have to do to get started is click the free "Sign Up" button.

Once you take your photo, tag it on Instagram using the hashtag #creativephotochallenge.

Also, you can join the Creative Photography Challenge Facebook group to ask questions, and share your experiences with your fellow photographers. 

Start improving as a photographer today! 

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Tanya Lillie

I love the format of this class. Each challenge is presented in a quick, yet thorough manner. It is a great way to try new techniques. The best way for me to learn is by doing and the format of this class gives me the perfect opportunity to do so.

Aoife Lynch

Really love this idea and excited to take this challenge. Loved the live Facebook chat with Chase last night. Feeling inspired :D


I am more than happy to agree with other people here... this is a great idea and is really enjoyable. Thanks guys :)