Fashion Lighting Tips


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Interview with Dixie Dixon

Lighting is integral to successful fashion photography. It’s not the props or the clothes that make fashion editorials pop; it’s the placement, quality, and quantity of the light illuminating your subject. Learn fashion lighting basics from GraphiStudio’s 2013 Emerging Photographer of the Year, Dixie Dixon.

In this 90-minute workshop, Dixie will cover how to work with natural light, constant light, strobe light, and how to experiment to find your distinct style. You will understand the basics of making your images pop, placing hair or rim lights, and using beauty dishes to create Mad Men-esque mood fashion lighting.



  • I bought the whole Photo Week, I don't think this and some other Workshops from the "collection" are at the level we're used to on CreativeLive. Some people might be good at their job but not everyone is a good teacher. For me this course was a bout Dixie Dixon having fun and us watching, non educational nor inspirational. The only thing I "took home" was the Vaseline on the filter. Answers to public or attendees question were non-sufficient. Sorry for the bad review, I would'not usually write like this, but i am a big Creative Live fan, and this was way below it standards.
  • I'm a big fan of Creative Live! But this course is watching Dixie having fun... and its not that fun overall. This course is below the standards of Creative Live. Bad way to answer questions from viewers and attendees.
  • <p>Dixie&#39;s material was spot on to my interests. I will be using her light set-ups and poses on my next personal project. Everything she did can be done without an assistant. I&#39;ve been doing two strobes on the paper sweep on location for the past year and just getting ready to buy my third strobe. I&#39;m looking forward to lighting the face from the front with the beauty dish and body from behind. This course was extremely helpful to me. Thanks CreativeLive.</p>