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Interview with Dixie Dixon

We are going to be learning her fashion a lighting tips and she is an amazingly wonderful person her name is dixie dixon dixie how are you doing under great how are you doing? I am fantastic it's so great to have you here good to see you again. How have you been since for the week? Oh my gosh. So busy but really, really great good super crazy this year that's hey that's the goal, right that's exactly what you want. So tell us a little bit about your fashion letting tip segment from photo week yeah, basically and I go over some of my all time baber lighted from strictly window light. So adding constant light in there and then really kind of how to get into the studio and start using strobes basically one light at a time. Then I interject a little bit on how to really work with people, how to create environment to create really great images and really get a great connection with your clients. Fantastic. Yeah I was able to host that one and I really enjoyed it. I really learned a lot. Act...

ually I love the way that you broke it down and we're able to build on each segment so I'm really excited I hope people will enjoy it as they watch it let's talk a little bit about your kind of background when you first started what are some things that you would have liked to have heard things that you've learned along the way that would have helped you out a lot early on yeah absolutely I think I didn't realize when I first started just how much time I would spend in the business side of things I kind of thought I would be shooting every day and that's just not the case in the commercial industry like so much goes into the pre production of all these shoots s o I kind of wish I had been four words that I would be able to shoot every single day but andi also I think just to not force developing your style a lot of people think that your style is really something that you have to go out like in search of defined but really your style is something that just happens organically shoot after shoot so in other words like the more issue the more you're getting close developing your style and see common elements developing as you grow your business and grow in your photography eso it just don't force it and and really have just allowed time in order for you to experiment and figure out what it is you really love shooting and your style will just unfold beautiful aided and really organically think of the two main things that I wish I know really interesting especially that's like the first one we've been hearing about that focus on a business treat it like a business we've been here that's actually been kind of a theme with a lot of the instructors that I've been talking to this week but the second one I really like the that idea that style is not something you need to force it something that can organically grow. So do you recommend them that people just shoot? You said the type of shooting that you do is what kind of you're gonna be known for that's going to become your style? So do you recommend that people do like personal shoots in the type of thing that they want or just let it happen? Naturally I would say I mean, all of us kind of start out shooting everything on dh then eventually you find something that you really love shooting just start shooting that constantly like personal work setting up shoots under that type of being in that type of person that you really look shooting and then eventually you'll develop this whole body of work focused on that style of shooting that's really kind of how you gotta focus and really just show the type of work you want to be shooting that's really cool I like that idea that's something that because I've been thinking about that a lot of my own personal work recently just what is my style? What do I want to shoot and that gives me a lot to consider so thank you I really appreciate that on a personal level that's helpful s o I'm sure you give you a lot of people asking you questions as established fashion photographer commercial photographer what are some of the biggest questions that you hear from people I would say two questions is how do you break into the industry and how do you find an agent I get asked a lot and the fashion commercial industry it takes a while to break into once you kind of honed in on um and mastered you know photography and mastered your style it's going to take a couple of years for you to really get out to the clients that you want to get out tio so I would say after you you know I found your style that that happened organically start showing that portfolio to your dream clients I use a site called agency access dot com and it has listed on there all the different companies throughout the world actually I go in and all the google whatever company it is using that database and usually will come up with a couple art directors will send them an email call them, try to set up a meeting with them and hopes to eventually like shoot for them so it's kind of this graduate will networking and just showing your work to as many people as you can it's just a constant got constantly pounding the pavement basically to break into the fashion industry well, it goes back to what you said about the breakdown between whether how much time spent shooting versus other business stuff and pounding the pavement, sending e mails making calls that falls firmly into the business side love zack take so much time that's great! So um let's see what about finding an age? Yes, yes, perfect. Yeah, so my agent was introduced to me through a makeup artist on dh that's usually how it happens is it's usually through word of mouth some sort of connection, so you really want to make it good on good impression on every single person you work with, whether it be a makeup artist it's a model wherever it is on dh really? If you want to go out and search for someone you can munch of developed your portfolio, go to a site it's called I think an agent, the agent list dot com and there's the list of all of photo agents so you can look at their site and see if your style would complement that agency and then try to set up a meeting with them on you just got to keep doing that you gotta keep pounding the pavement on eventually I think usually when it's meant to be, you'll find that agent usually what it's a and said a certain part of your career that you are ready for that and that's usually when you end up getting in a jet, how do you know that the agent you found is the right one for you? How do you know that if it is going to work? That's the other thing is it's really kind of like a marriage? Um, not that I've been in a marriage, but it really is your energies have to be aligned, so I think the more you mesh, the better and you'll you'll see it on full to see it is going to be something that's gonna work out, and sometimes you just don't know till you try it. It's fantastic. I love it. All right, so we are coming close to the end of our time here. Question for you. What? What is new in dixie land? What are the things I think that's actually a place, uh, what's what's new in your world. What do you what ares some projects you're excited about. Something that yeah, I just strapped a huge, huge shoot. I can't. We talk about that when yet? But you'll see it come out soon. I'm showing an album cover soon as boot company shoots. Um, a couple other things here in there, so a lot going on, a lot going on, kind of everything is in our mixed together, and that I'm actually doing a really cool workshop with the f stoppers in the bahamas into may, which will be my very first workshops, so super excited, so busy. Congratulations on that that's. Really cool. So where can people find your work and and information about you online? Absolutely. Dixie dixon and dot com, all of my imposing their easy, easy, breezy you could've fall well, awesome dixie, thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and especially, thank you for coming during photo weak and and teaching it's been really great to talk to you today. I miss you guys like likewise will. Hopefully, we will see you again soon. Good luck with everything, and again, thank you for joining us. Sweet mix.

Class Description

Lighting is integral to successful fashion photography. It’s not the props or the clothes that make fashion editorials pop; it’s the placement, quality, and quantity of the light illuminating your subject. Learn fashion lighting basics from GraphiStudio’s 2013 Emerging Photographer of the Year, Dixie Dixon.

In this 90-minute workshop, Dixie will cover how to work with natural light, constant light, strobe light, and how to experiment to find your distinct style. You will understand the basics of making your images pop, placing hair or rim lights, and using beauty dishes to create Mad Men-esque mood fashion lighting.