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Low-Risk, High-Opportunity Ways to Partner

One of the things we're going to talk about now of course is the lowest things to start which are easier as a starting place on I want you to think of words like intrigue or um burma shave signing remember burma shave signs they happened apparently I don't know when that happened actually because a boy gave me out of the book but out in that desert you used to drive by and there be a sequences signs for something which burma stays with some kind of menace products and it would be all in ryan so you wouldn't know the end of it to the punch line at the end so I'm saying is rather than being prosaic haven't element that's an aspect of the personality of your business whether it's dramatic without studying reliable whether it really is creative to certain sophisticated audience whether it's completely soothing and makes them feel it ease I got two people involved in that so when you're thinking of the first thing we're talking about display on site or an online sign tip sheets you khun do ...

the basic which is better than a lot of people in the window of your building if you have a window or on your site you can do a slogan or set of slogans that tie together that's really specific but it's catchy was something unusual about it or you can do an image together where your products are being used together or you can do a short video since you going to video on smartphones and like creative live, I'll believe in things being real and authentic, not super polished, the idea that you do short videos where they see you in action, oren vigorous conversation with each other, saying, you told me a tip yesterday that was so helpful to the people we serve well, yes, and then I thought of this something that's action pack that doesn't last longer than three minutes, so three minutes is the outer limit. You may get them to listen to a minute, but if you pull them in in the first three seconds, the watch longer, all I'm suggesting is do something that doesn't take much of your time but might have a facet the match of personality make it visible now think of the senses and maybe something they can see not here we something they get here, not see it could be something that happens in more than one place. Your goal is how do you multiply the times in ways and places that you're kind of mutual market sees it. So thinking out of the box a bit, for example, I actually did work with a person who had a series of fitness training gyms tried to convince them to work with misuse is he didn't, but he did have three other partners and those partners were all or in towards fitness people or more lucrative he found people that aspired to be fit and probably never would do the work but there were a larger market so had these banners created little many banners fit now fit now and then he had about nine other slogans and they were so strange and he asked his customers as did his partner that have that have a slogan on both sides is little banners could they please time onto the area and take a picture of them when they're driving around in this geographical area is served and could they show pictures of him that he could put up on the site with their car? And if you have an expression you want two shows that's not lewd as he said out your window waving so I thought well that's see they're going to die on the vine or it's gonna actually interesting but they both knew their market people it's kind of a flare to want to do something creative and show off they got three thousand people that did the banners put him up that one day driving around and then said if a police stop your something could you please get a photo of it? So the police stopped this one person said, what is this banner about and he tried to take a picture of me says I'll arrest you if you take my picture so that was still on audio, so there was all kinds of unexpected things that can happen later on where you had drama interesting nhis an action ability because it moved people to the two sites now I'm stating something that's extreme, but we think about co producing something that people can see and share the goal is making it share a ble now going to something that's a more reserved um ask three or four questions same what is your favorite way to questions a tie in or the answer relates to what you do what's the biggest thing you're missing in the bubble part of your home, your life or whatever, so get things where someone else is going to finish it and send it back and say we're going to post sees on our site again to share a bowl so thinking about where you do have visibility it's a valuable resource to be able to share with your partner say I have this blogged or have a site that's pretty trafficked or there's this event coming up and there is a calendar online of all the different special commemorative days people by the chance to have a day named after a particular person or practice or whatever, so look up online and just say calendar special holidays and find one that ties do what you and your partners business about and celebrate that holiday and commemorated that way again, it's visibility hearing, listening, making it share a bowl if you can now the next part is when you praise each other it's to get specific sooner about something you truly like, as you've noticed already were bitter about knowing her own business and someone else's. So if there's some specific detail you want them to praise you about, gets specific about a benefit ah, method something that they can see concrete lee in their mind's eye and, you know you've passed the test for compelling nous if people can get a word picture in their mind, they can actually see the site that you're saying. I wrote an article that's on the moving for me to we site called speak english like a taste good there's another one called compared to what we'll be talking about that later, but the goal is if you share with each other the vivid, compelling praise you want to be said about you, and it feels authentic to you both or all three of you. Then it added, as interesting this I look more interesting if I'm saying something interesting about you, so it's star mutual benefit and extend that your friends and allies. So for someone I actually have as of last week, first I said this out loud twitter is a client, and so I started looking I used twitter um I can't say what I'm hired for but it relates to partnering what's so strange is more people are starting to talk about themselves not other people and even cloud as as a k l a you see as a tool gives you more cloud if you just say hi blanket blake name blank blank blank blank blank name another words zero value you get rated higher and cloud which I think is stupid but that's the algorithm I made a friend of you dan so but what can happen is if you're talking to dan who's with cloud um what you can do is use all your social channels citing those specific things and ask your friends and colleagues to do the same thing say it's something I've been this day tomorrow can you do it? Because with the algorithm that many of the sites have all used the top three lincoln um facebook and twitter I mean there are other tools the more you cite other people and names something concrete the algorithms also on google plus are going to change so concrete ideas they're going to have more value which really plays into those of us who partner so that praise saying may we talk carefully let me give you something that is a specific benefit many of my customers cited can you use that praise about me and vice versa and so later on we might be practicing some of that because we know what that's like pulling a mailing list teaches you so much about someone it's sort of like when you say I love this apple pie it's better than my mother's or close to it and the rest of me there's something different would you give me the recipe and they do, but it turns out different and you don't think it's your cooking you think they didn't really want to give it to you? People do funny things with their mailing lists so it's an ideas the third party going to do it do you have access to? It is only gonna be one time it should be what if they were going to pull them list and do it themselves for the both of you and you suddenly find out they used it again so this is both valuable as an inexpensive way to see how other people are toe work with but also you learn ethics, you learn how specific they're willing to be about limiting it. So you focus on one specific thing. What I propose when you do this is the make some concrete offer and one kind of concrete offer could be when you buy this you can get a reduced price on this or it may be when you buy this you're going to get this digital project product for free so you can combine the sharing the pulling of the list and the praise so there's ways that these things can go together? Well, some definitely give you some more examples of I can praise also helped to become more attractive to the media's we're going to be talking about, if you say, for example, you're going to write on linked in in your own place or a lincoln group that you have could you could co set up a lincoln group that's moderated well, which is one of their weakest link so far, not giving advice to people about how to moderate to have less spam on their linked in, but if you did that, how becoming if eventually three, five, six people are giving saying here the four things I like about their business or hear the advice I'd give so there's a merger of it there, I believe in the future more than a pooled mailing list, there'll be things that people do on site, or they'll have a landing page that's just separate for that, but as we're moving away from freemium and a pay fee, which I think will always have a role of product but one versions for free and ones for pay, we're going also try toe I think that's going be a run for the next six years, by the way, to have those two versions if you're doing an on line one but I also believe rather and trying to get people to pay for something that's, contents to which they subscribe, it's and get harder and harder to do unless you have something that's produced, like creative lives or something else. That's in a way that they can watch it or do it any time. But where the future is going to be next is to have a big partner, I believe opportunity, which is a billy big client that's, a classy underwriter, not in any way in conflict. What your combined services. So for example, if you picked a large corporation that wants a human face to what they do and you see underwriters of public service are offering this blogged post, or in the special offers, then for them it's pennies for them to be offering something back to your people. So as long as there is not a conflict of interest and it goes back to situational cell, we sell in the same situation, they may want to serve the same kind of clients, but a whole whole different way than anything that relates to what you're doing. That would be the wave of the future. For people have conferences and meetings, they're not going to cannibalize the people they have a sponsors and exhibitors, but they step further away, like visa, american express or united airlines something they want to reach a large group. So just think in the future as you start in this low risk way, how you congrats, go your strength and have a real credible, credible joint offer or joint set of content, and I'm going away. You want to always be keeping an eye out for who, you know, that's in that large company? Um then again, I still believe ads have their own place, and I like the ads such as the ones that creative life does where they can follow people where you go, so you see certain things appear again and again, there's, like retargeting is what it's called it was one of the terms, so you think if we're going to pay for something it's really interesting doing the analytics wants to see who most response to to do it'll a b testing small, tip based ads, so in the tip, you may say one of ten tips get the rest at so you pull some people to your site, so in doing something like that, don't you think back now, just for a moment yourself and say ok, can I make myself more visible someone else in their window on their website, on their car, um on something they do for one hour during the day, another client we had they actually distributed arm bands that were glowing at night which was so helpful when you're out walking out in dark places but they were just gorgeous just gorgeous and one side of it is says walk with the light you know which is sort of a metaphorical meeting and it was for a hospital system that was in the holistic health and on the back of it says and walk over here so think of something that people be useful on their body in the car and a familiar place that they see multiple times think of something that as we use said loud and clear does not look sales e at its core it would be fun are interesting or share a ble for us was to go along and then think in your mind okay, I'm going to spend the next week because I do believe if you don't dive into think about some partnership beginning at the end of tomorrow you probably won't do it um it's starting it's not doing it fast it's doing it right and it's rocking down okay what's the lowest risk thing that I feel comfortable proposing to someone else what's the one that I can have it be the shortest in time so shortest sometime is one time it's an afternoon you do something together so another way to do that that's low risk two degree that there are some thriving stores still and there are including bookstores the notion is that three of you or two of you might saito bookstore you have eight books that we collectively really like that we think would matter to our mutual market we offered to do a brief twenty minute session and bring in the food afterwards a briefing on our topic time buddy wants and if you have those books exhibited for a month in advance and you have where they're on the shelves you have a one to two liner recommendation from both of us and the name of organizations then we're giving a spur to people to buy more of those books you just have to do that promotion and you already have a newsletter we'll do a twenty minute talk and a twenty minute q and a on let's just see how we pull if it's worthwhile so see how much you learn what it didn't cost too much and you're giving deep obvious value to the bookstore the same thing is true if you go into another kind of store ah friends of mine took over a pool ball pool table business in omaha it is about the size of seven times of this and so what they did is they got partners that had snack food they got the champion pool table player they gotta furniture restore they put the classic old fashioned pull table right in the middle and the less expensive ones on the way out and a prominent bruns decal that said the name of the pool table and where it came from to see if they had all those assets and the pool table pro want to be there because he needed a video done for his own promotions and they said, we're going to have an opening sciutto watch this world famous pool table pro pull what you got pull what would that be? Part? I can't remember tarver there's a word for it, and apparently there are a lot of really avid people. Oh, yeah, beer, I forgot it. People play pool, drink beer. So those were the partners and this lady said, this is my lotus. When I said low risk that many partners I got the pool table, we've got the space we could make it look pretty ourselves, and we already approached the guy and he's ready. We wants the video and my husband's going to learn how to video. So we said we'd only lead in the first hundred people and we borrowed from the movie theater this one of those velvet cord things, and we're going to offer snacks to that come in and we're literally going to cut him off, cut him off and she's five foot one, so I'm going to be the bouncer it's going to be a bouncer on my back so you can imagine they got coverage because it's a low threat thing, amount of food, the snacks next we're all branded, they literally had name of famous pool table players on the snacks, and the bear person was offering toasts, and he was really cherry in the side, and she almost didn't let in the local newspaper reporter he some reporters should prove it to me. Um, so if it is a different approaches, she considered that low risk because it costs little as a one time thing. So I'm saying there's, a range of things that we can dio, and you're thinking about your surrounding what your people walk by and where they go online and what quirky slogan or beginning this sentence you want them to end or there's six words stories, and you do a series of six words stories, but they relate to years like the six word memoirs you can come up, something brief, that's low cost the people wondered about it. So I must say one last part about this, and then I'd like to have some of you come up and say, ok, which this is the lowest one that I think would be good to try now I told you about the burma shave one, and I've had seven people try it overseas, mint nobody in the u s it's the idea that you go from one site the next night, the next site because you hear a piece of information, but it pulls you tow, wanting to learn the next and other people did it on the same block where there'd be a message in one store than the mexican, the nests and the message on the next and inside that be something unique only to that store for that day. And so you drive. If you drive along or you'd be walking, you want to know the rest of it. So it's just a sign ege and other people did something or they had someone who's, a talk artists do chalk along the sidewalk and the chalk representation cz were often online disease or people who want to say their businesses out of pull people into the front door of your store. So they were literally showing it off for free with a block of stores that agreed to partner with it. So you can think, how do I build on someone else's? Biggest need? How can we as a bundle do a demo so that they actually get a chance of seen it in the reaction, how can we video it? How can we ask people what was the thing you most liked about the experience? So we're turning back to our partners a bunch of fun little thirty second vignettes to say, well, I've never seen this looks so bizarre we're gonna walk on by but my kid wouldn't so there's all kinds of juicy little things you can get out of that when you get people sparked to say something because when you're doing these low risk you wanna leverages many purposes out of whatever you do is you can customer comments, prospect comments and you want them to have some emotional and our specific quality, quirky, humorous, inspiring, unexpected two people walking together I must confess some people set up people to come do things and be video than it and why you would not do that but some of them were not even the most interesting from what happened in her life. So thank you this I want you just think for a moment which one's what I dio going back um display praise share flyers one time offers and I want to proceed to with the things we talked about earlier pinterest is still going to grow instagram's going to grow stitch, which is bike lab lab I can take a moment on that is a past planets not now, that was one where you do a six to twelve second video and then you can write your own text, imagine doing that with partners of each other and getting tips from each other you can put in your own music, and you consented to people imagine if you had a contest and said let's, both ask our mutual market one of the things you most like about our products and sharing each other's sight, so they just partnered last week with hallmark so hallmarks building an apple looking store in kansas city where people can walk in and make their own cards printed, or they can pick from the selection of hallmark and do it. So I was members say, piggybacking, I have nothing to do with that. They could leverage even more if they partnered beyond just the two of them, but since a lot of people gonna be hearing about that and I probably put a lot of marketing money in it, then you're thinking about it's called stitch. You might want to have a contest involves it, and you might just do it with all of the different means vine, ge looped and so on. Anything where other people are pulled into a story. Peter guber wrote a brilliant book called tell to win most celebrities when they tell stories he sounds self serving, but his anecdotes were so specific they'll give you a lot of ideas. His core belief is you tell a story that's relevant when people see a role they want to play in it and they can't help themselves to be pulled in to want to share it repeated and reshape it and he gave great examples one of which was when he was the youngest president sony he worked his way up from the bottom he had a bulletin board downstairs and since nothing was online he said there was no place where people go to figure out when they're just planning a movie what producers actors directors were available suite of these different columns so people kept going down to his funny little office that were from on the top to find out who was available he pulled them in then he realized I get partners well that versions of this bulletin board in several different places that's how everybody knew him is the go to person when they're finalizing a deal of course, now that we have digital that changes that a lot going back to the concrete how do you become a sought after person because of some format you do that becomes your hallmark a crowd source contest where they get it finished something a ritual now if peabody hotel can have people walking across the lobby floor with a set of ducks walking behind them and get international visibility and do it for nine years and the most that happens someone imitated their ritual at arrival hotel then we can come up with the ritual that doesn't cost much money, that people take picture of that they do their own captions and that they brag about, so those are the hallmarks of it. They brag about being a part of our story. The last book all recommend in this section before I come back to you, is this it's called contagious by jonah berger? And I wrote that about that book on, uh, the forbes column so you can get some points on it. I believe seventy five percent of the research on it is accurate from the research models, but he gives you a lot of ideas about what makes a message contagious, some of which are much leverage by having partners to multiply the exposures and the credibility because you're not selling yourself your time, that situation and one of the things he did, which was saying, you know, it's one thing to have people a peculiar gets celebrities that costs money, but if you really want to get into people's minds, you want to reach associate, your product was something they often d'oh. And so the one he cited was kitkat, which you can't lose the candy bar and coffee, so kit kat and coffee break. So they didn't even call brand with the coffee maker. They just had the kit kat and the coffee that steaming what sounds good in a steaming coffee just coming up. So whenever people saw their coughing coffee break, they think of it. So when I'm doing a talk about how to be more quotable, I relate the points to parts of your body. And one of the unexpected partnerships was when a gentleman went on overseas to add more points to mind pointing delude parts of the body, which got me more visibility than I'd wanted. But the idea was, you know, you look at your hand, you look at your knees, so when you think of a cut something that's, low risk, think of parts of the body, think of something that people do is an action frequently, or whenever they think when they look down it's something that they think of you so it could be a daily situation, a practice ah place they go on their house, something there, there, you're contest or your message ties to it, I think that's way enough of my talking right now. So I want you to think for a moment and then just have you come up and just tell me one of the ones that came up for you of these different things again, looking back at it and say you don't have to say what you would have is your theme unless you just sparked in your mind but which one of them seems to be the easiest are the more comfortable for you the customer friendly in this one I just want to say you want to know that their if they have employees that there's approachable is you want yours to be yes, angela which one occurred you first? Well, I was thinking of just saying positive things about other people products or pop form visible compelling visible. So, um jim keane is one of the most innovative, knowledgeable men I've ever met he founded wellness affects a blood diagnosis founded wellness affects yes uh huh. It's a well it's a blood diagnostics company where you can personalize your own blood markers and then get consulates from physicians or nutrition. Wow, great company. I thought of thinking positively about that company and it does have through the body body not as visible. However, I thought how great for, um mind balance or massage therapist to come and sponsor or provide free services to some of these clients who may have hi corners all stress hormone markers on but that is kind of it's not visible but it's something that everybody can feel eso provide that for the wellness affects customers and it would resonate would help your business. It would help wellness and so you started with the one about praise and so the praise specifically about something people can do for themselves. Say, imagine an x number. How long takes you got to find out whether you're prone to get that a dead or not? Where they need to go to dead ita missa specifics. So saying it that concrete li is a good start. You also pull him towards you when you praise because actually knows who you are, perhaps, or some people just don't notice ever. Yeah, so the praise is probably one of the most comfortable ones, especially for us women. But goal is is to have them here about it, too. And it shines well in us. Um, I ve heartily endorsed that approach. So what's. Another one? Yes. Yeah. One of the things that just popped up for me, it's. Not specifically for one partner, but kind of the idea of creating a campaign like the gnome that's traveling the world, you know, people taking pictures of a gnome wherever taking a picture of a doll wherever they go or what isthe. And it might be an interesting idea to pull people to me, to take pictures of my pillows and other people's places, because then their share and only asset, they share it and only what that they share. That photo or that content or something about that saying you want to think of your partners as possible places you suggest so they're welcomed in to do it right there's bragging rights for them because you say send it to us because we're gonna put it on our wall and if you have a caption to go with it but how you felt as a consequence so s so just a one sentence that's not hard, but I get a break about how I felt like I thought so cool I realized I put it an angle it's much better than this and I saw anything that the more action people take on behalf of belief the more deeply they feel it defend it and share it so I thought about it going it could go in high end homes which could be potential customers but it could also go into like homes or environments of influencers like there's a woman in san jose who does all these little sort of martha stewart e tips on dh, which she responded having mohr exposure by having just a couple of my pillows mixed on her beautiful sofa which she's always showing people how to decorate so some could be residents, potential clients something be influencers and some could be shops that maybe don't sell pillows or wouldn't mind having their store promoted by having my pillow next to theirs or something like that I like that idea. I think it it's a higher risk of higher amount of time perceived maybe some of the people in upscale homes don't want have their interior done. They might. But you also might think of hotels that wanna have show outfits in their context. So then they would move up, say, having shown in their rooms and do it because you might then move them up towards money to buy them for certain rooms. So, yes, I think the celebrity idea is great because celebrities want to show off their tips and content by it. When you do that, to think of people that unexpected going back to our wrestlers and you have a champion wrestler is saying on this, so I put mine, um, because they're obviously some of them are very wealthy, but ads and things, and I thought, like did that way and, uh and then say that martha stewart person, I think she's absolutely wrong should be like that. So another word you can and get having element of engaging conversation. But again, the starting simple. I think your idea about reaching out to people who are well known, who are also trying to give that value and saying have that is part of your image is a great idea, but the person who had hats years ago this outdoor hats used to take pictures and put him in the catalog it's a sign that can't member's name but it was very successful I think that has legs to it what's another simple one that makes you feel comfortable trying out yes not going on the wrestlers but now that you mention that just because I was kind of thinking of a different tangent but that actually would work perfectly like teacher appreciation day right and there's a lot out there right now about the shaming of the teacher and you know bad teachers this book that's come out that unfortunately with kids not doing well in school a lot of the guys going falling on the teacher and so to turn this around and for teachers or you know let's say these wrestlers were to say this teacher was the biggest influence on my success this teacher got me through a really tough exam period or you know they really saw me through on a personal level that no friend or parent could have and and for you interview these wrestlers and for them to talk about they wouldn't be where they are today without this teacher in their life without this really positive experience in their education this one individual that really made a difference the partners would be the partners would be the wrestling group and uh wrestling group and hallmark teacher appreciation day right like hallmark would be huge for teacher appreciation day it could especially they had a line of cards they want to do to support it so that's two more to me in the second levels much but I want to drill down to think I'm trying to go simple and this is so just imagine if you would that you asked people to say what teacher most help them in their life yeah just one question they were and say don't you want to do it now before it's too late very clear very simple having emotional and don't you want to share it so a lot of people can see it we have is our co sponsors the pita then association of school business administrators for the ones that might tie so and the y w c a o I am seeing or whatever so think of somewhere it's it's no brainer for them to do that and tow ask people to do it themselves to speak about the person say it clear say what person what school what was the thing so it's simple because you wanted to scale the more people right send that makes it easy for all the partners say what the heck I can do that that's cool and pick a day one school starting once back to school so you say we want kids and parents to start with the right mindset for the fourth of the teachers and it's a mutually free enforcing spiral so remember it's easier for me to work on something than to say something so when you say something triggers it and that would be two with assault that goes back to having people give us feedback um so I'll say what makes it simpler less time less money and more scale more scale there's a wonderful nonprofit I just heard about from deloitte called first generation and it's saying you look at your employees much differently or your partners if you realize they're the first one on their generation and their cohort though into college so people that dressed elegantly expensive likely went to private schools and all this and there's only one of their five hundred percent court of their relatives that did so there's a real poignant thing and when I look at each other differently so I'm just saying, what do you do to reach deep into their heart and soul with something that's easy for them to respond to that just makes him feel in act better? How simple can we make it? Because there's this a couple of questions that way that do it and I actually believe that goes that things is very does color or as I love the title of course and because it had the two phrase I don't remember now say it again there's such a rhythm to that making art making money making aren't making money and then she said making dot dot dot and let other people fill in about the third part they wanted, um, making joy if you make art make money. Yeah, but then they just s so you could see when we get started, you all consider to do it. But let's, some males completed so the two of your doing it together and I concluded several things like she might work with charles schwab, who knows? Um, it's just thinking who else wants to reach that group? Or if you want to go to the belly of the beast? I'm not sure I do what I'm about to say what's inside, I really still feel angry about bankers, and we have a lot of the big banks have done and what went on in the mortgage crisis, and but I'm making a lot of friends on this they really need to look at and so just one of them is a partner, the host, a contest make it easy, you know, you're not aligning yourself to say you like their banking, you there just on this thing, so no, I just talk myself out of that one. I would just go to the one about a regional you have sponsors for banks, and they're great sponsors. They sure are, and they still spend a lot of money. Yeah, but they have money, so I'm going back again because I want to turn back to you. Well, it's it's, once you get one trigger, you're going to treat everybody else and me. So give me another one that one of you thought of. You don't have to have what the model ways or whatever, but which of these methods sort of struck you as yes star had one there's a high end garden store on, and they have a very extreme, exclusive, exclusive she she clientele um and I thought making a design from their plants to co create a design of the plants. Yeah, I don't know to what end use, but something that would serve them, um so just off the top of my head and I want you guys to build on this. It could be the isle of you, design and it's, not a heart or something that hackneyed, but you do something to say, this is a theme of I love you, or better yet, you might say, because you're you're doing it with the garden stores say what's the caption for this, what does it mean for you? If this was a cartoon of some else, what is the meaning of this? So again, you get the involvement, you get a bit of intrigue and then you say, you know, we're going to share with everybody betty, what the response was she got something that's innate lee visual and interesting um and you might say, does it remind you of another situation or emotion that you want to talk about? It could be my new grandchild. So just so what else would you add to your idea of co designing something that was really unusual using her artistry with an upscale garden center? Anything come to mind, so valentine's day would be a good a good use of that, um, which would include hearts, but it might not with heart shaped need there's a heart shape believe that this couple to draw people to their shops, but then they get, um, exposure to your here's another idea. I believed a lot of people are downsizing or can't afford more and they do really maybe not your group, but well, a lot of the residents is there really up scale? Um, people are renting owning there's micro spaces that I'm saying so I think you might have a siri's that for specific situations and say if they don't have much space but they want to have something inside as well as outside, how could they do it and you have your ten favorite ways and he asked people for their other ideas on it so you can take something simple and only add more reasons to it that make it something that's a magnet for the media is we'll talk about later coming here from some of the others of you about what he came up with. Yes, I was just reading over number six up there, coaching staff and customer friendliness, and I thought about two companies that have worked together in one way or another. Ah, well, this affects the company I'm just talking about, um, and then, um is one of the cost fits the gym crossfit, not international? I won't say that I won't put them there, but, um, wellness has worked with some different crossfit gyms on dh wellness. Fx has top of the notch customer service on friendliness, and they're very they're always notarized for having that, and so they kind of work together and shared feedback on how you could really, um, beat the customer, be it the athlete or the general see here she got to the concrete nugget shared feedback about how to be more customer centric. So then when you get to that nugget, then feedback from each other because that's in the mind's eye there might then you say I noticed when it came in, what you did was great so it's like giving feedback the people doing as well saying here's what we dio it also builds the spree decor and the bonding among them because it gets personal so you always wants it I know I'm saying specific again but I love the idea of taking two companies have great services service customer service and sharing comparing and also highlighting others yes because that then reinforces for them to act that way that's a really powerful one so betsy you had one I like the idea of using video like something that you shoot on your phone for my partner and maybe I could push it on my facebook and they do the same something short that's not to time in our labor intensive just as a beginning to see if our perspective clients respond to what we put about our partner although probably respond it's also just interesting to see how many and about what right? Yeah and the funny thing is I noticed some people freeze when they're doing something like that creative and other people diving have done six of them I don't know and the video would be about how I enjoyed their service or something about them so how you enjoy the service or a demo of my actually doing it? Yeah or two people in conversation this just remind him is something I meant to say earlier a remarkable number of people still watch that tv show friends and so a variety of a multi client survey they feared on how we're asking you questions about a whole lot of stuff, not just why you still watching friends? They figured out that a lot of people miss the camaraderie of having an hour gang they don't say it directly, but they say I really like the way they kid around, they play together and so on there's a longing for camaraderie so when I'm what I'm saying back is you can get three people in a short video kidding each other laughing or saying, how about this? Yes, and you could do that and that and don't over rehearse it, but you just see people enjoying themselves I mean it's like those two people over there, they seem to be enjoying themselves and and there's a back and forth between them and engagement. So our it's more natural it isn't staged it's just yeah, you didn't todo eso I'm saying this, engage with each other on dh have something behind you have a prop do anything that sort of focus it yeah, so what's another one that you thought was yes, well, I was thinking of even, like, well, there's, a lot of around positive psychology and gratitude helping and I'm thinking of the the neuro feedback and everything and, you know, overcoming like farm oh pharmaceuticals and everything and thinking about, you know, ways to change life and along with the plans that what if you were to do something as a partnership there and do gratitude plan and you could create a plant that was escaped, you just tell you give gratitude to the plant every day for a month, and at the end, you pass it to someone else. It must have died because you're getting possibly what's that there's a whole business one way plant, you have to keep it for thirty days, and every day you give gratitude to the plant, you tell the plant everything you're thankful for, and it creates this posit feeling for you until it's time to give it to someone else that needs to give gratitude and you pass it on that is it. And we're gonna video to, right? Yeah, it would be interesting to add to that where you have a plant that's just whoever started it, it stays there and it gets ignored and to compare the one that got all this ground to because it would be different, it would they've been proven that actually answer that's. Why I brought it up because this friend of mine was some, um, your dad loved that idea and talkto plant every day, but for cut o just not what happened let's see what happens when you sparked a couple of ideas that so I hope some of you think of doing that five person group will you actually try out ideas on each other and and see where you can take it because it's usually the third or fourth one along the line you say well you could pair this up with that I love the gratitude plant idea it's your version of paying it forward you get a piggyback on that book and that movement so there is a group that I think still exists that's for that association so you're giving them a new story for them to put on their site as well and probably can't afford cats and dogs or they don't want them yes well that's good it's like when you go to three different things that air payoff so does anything else come up and I know it's hard because you've got such imagine of minds to think simple e I mean to think that low risks sort thing but that really goes toe low risk because you're using your resource is your knowledge on it did one come to mind for you I'm having a tough tough time with this one I think I think guys that came up were really good well just don't do five him when you're driving home yeah no I will hold over I well I think when I run so that yeah yeah yeah um any others on that part I can't take this a little further, but I want to just ties some things together around that because this has been a full day on this part and that's to think, um there's a book called the love subtraction and it's how you think of your idea and keep taking pieces out it's like a well done japanese room where the whole thing is is there any extra stuff with the proportions? So when you're thinking about how you want to do this simple thing later on when you're all joyous and you're in a multiple partnership and so on you want to spark and add on you don't want to freak people out so it's, what is the most basic short brief stuff and their last three have just really fit that very well and if you pare it down, you probably do if something even less so um when you're thinking that way um think of the number of actions that takes for them to do it literally the number of actions can they use resource is or do they have to use cash because it's different to use resource is a number of actions amount of time, how long they have to tend to it and then think, um how many actions does it take for someone to respond so we know whether it's successful if it has no compelling reason to respond to it then you got a problem like I want to talk even about ads I says the tip get the rest the tips or it's a limited offer is something that's by its nature it's not institutional advertising you're suggesting a shared action of some kind so the way to pare down going through that list helped to think of the most elemental way and then you can say in effect there's a person about the paradox of choice and he said when people have more than three choices fewer likely to choose anything and those who do are less happy with their choice. So if you give them three options, you might say I had three ideas they're pretty simple, which I think is very good to start out none of them may be right, but some of them might so I'll just finish this but yet no go ahead, do it good, good so and when you're already done partnerships and you along, you want three where this one is over the top everything bells and whistles they can do includes, you know, periodic checkups anything that keeps some his clients for a while this is a no brainer take someone simple action it's embarrassed bone thing and this one's in between three packages three things you say here things we could d'oh it's more likely, more people will do something and more people by the second or act on the second thing than the first that's mice extreme summary of his book but it's worth reading it. So when you're thinking about making that initial suggestion you say there's three fairly simple things and you say the simplest one first the most involved one second among your low risk and the middle one last say, does this spark any other ideas from you? Or does you lean towards any of these to explore more again, you're really trying to set up things on the table? This is this is the thing we're talking about our partnership there's you and may that's not me telling you what to do I'm laying out things because it's easier to act towards or against a specific than not so and comment a question if this from that book or not but I think the phrase is a confused from mind says no yes so I know if it is but should be yeah, so you can read it remember that I can't use the mind says no and a confused mine so there many reason be confused but when you have too many choices staring at this, you freeze up that the platform apple used to sell their products I think that's a great example of it a really good one you think more people have learned by now

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