Get The Most Out of Your Photos with Capture One Pro 10


Get The Most Out of Your Photos with Capture One Pro 10


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How to Set-Up Your Tethered Hardware

If we talk a little bit about connection, most cameras that, well actually all cameras that will tether into Capture One it's just a simple USB connection, so nothing, no more complex than that, you can see here that we're using this great cable, which is really designed for the job by Tether Tools, and also specifically also on the end cable, on this end, just for kind of a bit of safety net and protection is also another little gadget from Tether Tools just to help secure that connection 'cause you know USB connections are quite small, it doesn't go super deep into the camera there's always some clumsy guy like me on set who is gonna, you know, trip over the cable and so on so any sort of security like that is a good thing making a connection like this, the cable obviously is very important and also to observe, you know USB protocols so even if you can buy some, like 20 foot massive USB cable, it won't necessarily tether reliably, so the cables that Tether Tools sell, for example, co...

nform to those specifications so you should have a trouble free connection, USB connection into your laptop is just normal, if you're wondering what this funny little white thing is, 'cause my laptop is USB-C only, one of the new MacBook Pros, so I just need a small converter like that to convert it, otherwise straight into USB if you have any connection issues, 99.9% of the time it's related to USB power or the cables so switch out the cable, if you don't get a reliable connection, quite often you might find another USB port on the Mac gives you a better option, or failing that, a powered USB hub, plenty of those available from all different places, will give you that stable power connection on the USB connection, so just remember use a good quality cable, correct length for USB, try different ports on the Mac if you have an issue, use a powered USB hub for ultimate reliability

Class Description

Imagine if you could capture, tether, adjust color gradient, and manage files in one program? Enter Capture One and, David Grover, a Capture One educator and expert. In this class, you'll learn how to maximize every shot. Here's what you'll learn: 
  • The interface and tools, so you can customize a workflow suited to your needs 
  • Techniques to grow a searchable and automated image catalog  
  • Ways to simplify your workflow so you can tether and adjust your RAW files WHILE you shoot 
  • Tips on using the color management tools to get that cinematic crisp look
With Capture One, manage your photos and edit all-in-one program for a simple streamlined process. 

Software Used: Capture One Pro 10, Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.4 - 2015.8


2What's Possible with Capture One: Quick Edit
3Capture One Versions: Installation Basics
4Interface Introduction and Customization
5The Power of Keyboard Shortcuts
6Image Management Basics
7Organization Best Practices
8Building your First Catalog
9Image File Management Automation
10Advanced Catalog Organization
11How to Add Meta Data
12Searching and Filtering Techniques
13Further Catalog Strategies
14Basic Selecting, Rating and Culling Techniques
15Advanced Selecting, Rating and Culling Techniques
16Basic Composing Techniques: Cropping, Rotation, Straightening
17How to Correct for Perspective
18Basic Tool Behavior
19Tool Basics Part 1
20Tool Basics Part 2
21Converting to Black and White and Adding Grain
22How to Apply Image Adjustments Globally
23Sharpening and Noise Reduction
24How to Create and Save Styles and Presets
25Why Should You Shoot Tethered?
26How to Set-Up Your Tethered Hardware
27How To Set Up A Tethered Photoshoot Project
28Basic Session Workflow Organizing And Making Selects
29Basic Session Workflow Exporting
30Advanced Session Workflow
31Creating Selections With Smart Albums
32Advanced Exporting
33Saving Session Templates
34Collaborating On Set With Capture Pilot
35Using The Color Editor Basic Color Adjustment
36Skin Tone Adjustments
37Color Grading Using The Color Balance Tool
38Image Processing Demo Perfecting Color
39Create Masks for Local Adjustments using Brushes & Gradients
40Advanced Local Adjustments using Masks
41Dodging and Burning in Capture One
42Creating Local Adjustments with the Color Editor
43How to Use Local Adjustment Masks for Color Editing
44How to Remove Objects in your Image
45Image Processing Demo: Local Adjustments
46Exporting with File>Export
47Export Strategies and Proofing Previews with Process Recipes
48How to Export for Social Media
49More Clever Tricks with Capture One Pro 10
50Final Q&A