Day 1 Wrap-Up


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Day 1 Wrap-Up

Well, today has flown by can't believe that it's already the end of the day, but we have two more days to go, which is the exciting part before we wrap up the day just wanted to give a big, creative life. Thank you to all of you out there online, following along in the chat rooms we love that you're participating and we count on you being there, so thank you, thank you. Additionally, we have an amazing team of in studio participants today, so thank you to all of you. We appreciate all of your feedback and everything that you do to keep this course running on top of that, our creative live team behind the scenes are crew is fantastic. Thank you to our whole crew for making this possible. My co host, of course, and the biggest thank you of all for the day is to our instructor ireland didn't dare me and you'll out there in three online audiences like I'm really, you know, honored that you've taken the time to come and join me here via the online and of course, thank you for being here in ...

person. We've done day one. We've got two days to go, what are we doing tomorrow? Well, tomorrow is the meat and potatoes. And the british being bridge I like my meat and potatoes. So tomorrow is is an integrity. Tomorrow is the work photo painting work for tomorrow's what you've all been waiting for this was just like this is like to shake the body and get listen up, you know, let's let's get familiar with painter on dh now tomorrow, let's do something interesting with it. So the interpretive dance of painter we can't wait, that would be amazing, so I'd love to share something appreciation online really great t car. My goal is to allow the computer in the tablet to disappear and allow me to convert my photos into salable artistic pieces removes fantastic crew giving in the tools, love and photography. I'm very appreciative of jeremy covering the basics for someone without any carell experience as a professional photographer, I have advanced by the shop skills. However, carell's seems to be a delightful answer to the growing desire of my clients to have a piece pam passat that has been created just for them, and I'm always inspired by new ways to create it, and that reflects a lot of mean, you're even spied people greatly today and so on nancy l l I've not ever used painter, but I'm so ready to get started germans, syrians, fire

Class Description

Ready to explore the software program that’s changing the way photo art is created? Join creativeLIVE instructor Jeremy Sutton for an exploration of Corel Painter X3, a sophisticated tool for transforming photographs into fine art paintings. Drawing on his experience as a professional Painter artist, Jeremy will guide you step-by-step through the CorelPainter X3 interface and share his approach to painting from photo reference. Along the way, you’ll learn practical tips and shortcuts for using this powerful creative tool to its full potential in an efficient and empowering way. You’ll learn tips for choosing which of your images are best suited for photo painting and why. Jeremy will cover prepping images for painting, organizational systems that free you up to be creative, abstracting from the source, and resolving and refining your paintings. You’ll work with Painter’s brushes, paper textures, the new clone source and reference image panels, and more. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to enjoy painting with Corel Painter X3 and transforming your photographs into painterly artworks. All artwork samples shown are copyright 2013 Jeremy Sutton.



Excellent class, really loved watching and learning from Jeremy, only down side is the bonus material of a membership to Jeremy's Paint Box site and Creative Live ignoring my emails about my disappointment, so when you order this class, do not get your hope to high for the bonus material, other than that, Jeremy is a great teacher and his style of teaching is brilliant, lovely and pleasant to watch, highly recommended!