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Benefits of an Online Business

This is my first live kind of speaking in a studio I usually do a lot of webinars, so hopefully this will be a new experience for you guys, new experience for me and everyone out there watching and I'm excited to be here. So what? We're d'oh unless you guys tell me otherwise, I'm just gonna go ahead and take it away. We've got two amazing experts when I have come in in just a minute on that's, james widmore and derek halpern and these guys are kind of my go to guys. This is who I talked to on g chat every day, I'm always calling and getting their advice on specific things I want to have them come in here and kind of talk throughout the next three days as well about some specific things that they're really good at. I would say I'm really good at a lot of stuff, but I'm more than decathlete of online marketing, I'm got good skills and everything, but they are experts at specific things will bring them in just a minute to have them share their story. I want to tell a little bit about myse...

lf, for those who don't know, I think a lot of you guys probably do you know about my story, but I think people online. Maybe have no clue who I am or what I have come from, so a few years ago I was playing arena football and I got injured I was diving to catch a football, I dove into a wall and broke my wrist and uh I had to basically have surgery they took a bone out of my hip I remember seeing this huge bruise all down my leg after I had surgery and the doctor another doctor later told me that when they take a bone out of your hip they have to use a hammer and like basically hammering out of your hip so they're chipping bone because it's not easy to just cut a bone out of yourself, so there was this huge black and blue side of me I was in a cast from here to here for six months sleeping on my sister's couch I don't have any money there wasn't money coming from the arena football league for any like workmen's compensation, so I didn't have a college degree at the time so I didn't know what I was going to do next this was two thousand eight so a lot of you may remember two thousand eight when the economy is kind of taking a dip and I was at a loss for trying to figure out what to do next I knew I love sports I knew I love people but I knew that I don't want to work for someone else um ended up getting in involved in lincoln early on he is a good mentor said you should check it out there might be some great opportunities for you so I dove on leaked in for about six to eight hours a day for the next year laws on my sister's couch and I learned a lot I found some great mentors I started about online marketing I did a lot of research and I made autonomous steaks so my goal is to really kind of help you guys with next few days not make those mistakes and get you to creating a product that's really profitable and get you making money in no time with your business so that sounds cool you guys then uh I'm excited to go so I want to start today off actually the quote every day I want to do a quote I think is that cool all right, so I have it actually on my screen saver on my phone uh this is one that I really love that I have seen recently and I think it's gotta embody what what I want you guys to understand this weekend so I'm gonna start off with this and that's entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't and for me you guys are gonna have to work extremely hard with next three days in the next year basically to make this something that's going to be profitable it's not gonna be easy it all so you'd have to put a lot of work into this so I'm getting you prepared now they're just nothing will be easy about what you're gonna learn what you're gonna do you guys are all action takers that's why you're here so I know you're gonna be successful uh but everyone else out there watching you've got to make sure that you're taking lots of action so with that I'm gonna have our guests coming I'm going to start with james wed more and we'll let me share a brief story about how he got involved into his online business so james coming up theo james james I met a few years ago actually on a cruise ship and it was not a dating cruise ships, but it was actually a business mastermind we're both getting started basically in our business online. James was extremely talented and gifted right when I met him right when he opened his mouth I was just like in all not because he's kind of a nerdy guy but really because he's really interesting and just getting a little rough now, but he he really launched a business from out of necessity, I guess, because he got fired from a job that he was trying to make money right and I'll let you kind of tell the story so uh paying my way through college I was a bartender and uh I got fired mostly because I wasn't I didn't like being told what the deal so um but I still love bartending there's everything about being behind the bar, the energy, everyone coming to you having a good time so I decided to go out on my own like the entrepreneur did and and start my own business is what I called I think I made up the word mobile bartender or mobile mixologist and uh and that's where I started learning about marketing and figure out how to create a business myself and I really looked at that business is more of like my just experiment like everything I learned if I read a book if I took a course was like let's just try it and I don't care if I fail I don't care if you know if it works fantastic and so I went around all throughout southern california booking weddings, private party celebrity events as this mobile bartender and kind of started this uh this business this way, but the more I educated myself on market and everything I was realizing I don't want to do this for the rest of my life um but I was I saw how much people were the value of people teaching what they had already learned. So my got the brilliant idea someday some some night wass in the office and, uh, decided to package everything I knew about bartending and how to do what I just done and create a product on it. And I made my ah hole was two hundred twenty page book ah, with a dvd cds mean teaching people how to barton and everything like that and put it up on the internet and made my first sale. And I still remember the day, april eighteenth, two thousand eight it was like the most exciting, amazing experience in the world that really just launch it from a like once. Once I realized that someone was willing to oh, hand over money on the internet that I'd never met somewhere they were actually in austin, texas I was like, okay, I got I got something and it's just it actually sold for two hundred bucks. And so the whole premise was I can show you how to make five hundred fifty dollars a night in four hours having time of your life for two hundred bucks and teach him how to bartend on how to set up a business and get clients. Now I'll say it again, what was the title? Somehow what I teach you how to make five hundred dollars a night in tips and, you know, showing up for two hundred bucks basically we said something else. What did I say? He said teaching hundred five hundred dollars a night having the time of your life, your life as a bartender right when I was having the time of my life so we're gonna get back to that a second but it's really about packaging he think it a great package right there is supposed to learn how to bartend which I think a lot of us made a mistake make mistakes early on, like learn howto model right or learn howto get faster or stronger but there's a certain ways you could package it to make it so sexy and interesting that people are like hanging on every word and they have to buy it they have to learn maura least so it's your job to deliver them the right information and just like luis, I made a lot of mistakes as well. And I worked. I worked really, really hard, like there's, like a time were like there was, like, a year of my life in order to go like you just gonna wake up and you've been in front of a computer um and but the most exciting thing e want that year of my life back um however uh that product four years ago almost five years ago and it's still on there on the internet I don't don't touch him do anything too and it's still making me money on bits I still get testimonials people that are like come back to me and tell me that like I started this business and it's working like what you said works and it's it's an incredible thing but that was really a launching point of continuing to go down a road to see the more I learn, the more I figure out what's working more I can, uh, teach others how to do that and that's really what that journey's been no that's, everyone what's the best part about having an online business? Um that's probable I mean, the best the best part for me really is the freedom and I think that's what we're all after anyways, um not I mean, I'm a really stubborn person and I hated being told what to do. I hated having a college degree and being working in a bar and having someone tell me what to do like I had to go cut more limes and lemons for them because I didn't cut him good enough and I was just like, this is not how I'm gonna live my life, so you know you're kind of out of that frustration and pain you khun push yourself through and that's you know, when it's you know we can call it passion we can call it just you know determination, persistence but you could make something work so cool yeah, awesome thanks. James and james is gonna come back in about an hour and a half two hours, right? Yes and talk about how to create a sellable product get him out a probable sell the product so it could be some interesting stuff comes back so let's bring out uh derek halpern calling out so so I have a nickname for derek and he told me not to say it so I'm not going to say I want to give him the new knick game uh and it's the mighty mutants the mighty eyes another word I'm not thank the mighty mutants and derek is a guy that I met three years ago at a conference that we're both speaking out in chicago and right away I realize besides him being short of me he was much smarter than me and I basically I became obsessed with learning about the information that he knew. Now this is a guy that reads every book out there on business marketing, psychology, influence, persuasion, everything he is like a human dictionary I don't know I'm not actually but just a nice library exactly he does the most information I know of anyone if I ever ever questioned he's got the answer when it comes to those topics very bright and has an amazing sight. Social triggers dot com to talk about your experience of why you got into putting an online business. It's actually interesting used maybe early two thousand five, I stumbled on the site called tucker max dot com anyone know tucker max and he was making money, talking about his funny dating stories, and I found this by ax, and I was reading one of the stories I laughed, I clicked on his advertise here, linc and it's time he was getting, like, five hundred dollars a week for an ad on his site. Me, like a few of them was like, wait a second, this guy's just being an idiot and writing about it, I'm an idiot all the time, so I try to do that, and that was kind of like the initial push. I failed at that first website because I wasn't it's funny if he waas, that was kind of the first little push into it. After I failed building a tucker max like site, I went back to his site. I notice he's linked to and entertainment blob clicked over there, did the same thing. I was like, you know what? I'm going to read this when we go click the advertise here like and then we get a thousand dollars a week for as I was like wait a second I am not that funny but celebrities do dumb things all the time so then I started celebrity gossip website that was kind of like my first foray into blogging as they say and it was great how much traveling we're getting on that site yes so when I first launched that that site by the end of the second year there's two thousand seven I did like forty million hits or so okay, he was writing about like makeup and celebrity makeup in fashion websites. Tio it's pretty funny seeing derek try on different makeup testing it out hey ali wore dressed wife prettier pantyhose like it's a really snug couldn't review it right? I prefer the fish nets right? So okay tell about talk about um the best part about having an on line business for you is not having to leave the house I like being able to just wake up and not leave the house for three days because you know whether you're sick or just you know you don't have to go anywhere on if you want to you can you know when I first started doing it I decided to not leave the house for thirty days ordered food every day of the week it was great got sick of that real place, but now I have that option as opposed to fifty going to an office, you don't have that option. Cool, thanks there, and dared to come back and talk about building a platform and lead generation, getting people to your websites so you can sell them some stuff. So if we're talking about a little bit later today, so let's give a round of applause for both on again. Both these guys worked extremely hard, for they still worked really hard, so dark talks about. He doesn't want to leave the house, but he could take a month off. It wants to james the same way. They're both james lives by the beach, have the time in the air, so it's like it's, kind of a work hard, play, hard type of mentality for, I think, all three of us.

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A strong online business strategy is vital for every business to grow its revenue and reach. Learn the step-by-step process of launching a profitable online business in this class.

Podcast host and business entrepreneur Lewis Howes along with James Wedmore and Derek Halpern, will show you how to turn your passion project into a successful online brand.

You’ll learn about:

  • How to develop a product that sells
  • Strategies for developing lead magnets
  • Tools for online marketing 
  • Methods for growing your email lists
Lewis along with his guest instructors will also share his experience and proven strategies for building authority, gaining online media, attracting industry influencers, and leveraging social media communities to increase brand awareness and generate more sales.

This class is your comprehensive guide to jump-starting your next great business idea and getting your online business off the ground. 

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