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How many of you feel like you're just so overwhelmed with everything right everyone uh list off say one of the things that was the biggest like ah ha moment for you so far to say like I want each person go out and say one thing we like I had no clue about that or just really edified when I was thinking before um I'm gonna hear your thoughts because I know we've covered aton of information hopefully was really helpful for you guys but let's start so cnn and go around I'll tell you what I told you earlier because I think it really sums up you know, the weekend what's what's everyone stand up when you speak because I want to get the energy of a you had said earlier about enthusiasm kind of getting in the way and after a so much amazing information and just total overload I started to feel like okay, I've got to do this and you got to do that I gotta do this and then also there's got confused again and I was like, okay, where do I go and you are sitting there on the couch and I was like th...

at was the biggest ah ha moment for me because you were like, you know, you need to just focus and just focus straight and like let everything else just go away and that's that's a challenge for me and I'm sure a swells myself and you guys and a lot of people out there are like the same that's so much great information were like where do I start? How to implement this without getting lost in the noise? Okay, perfect that's exactly what they hear we'll go around the room and then we'll come back and make this full circle so I think the biggest ah ha is giving before you can get anything. I know the fact that you need to build your business by focussing on what your peers need in the community and just giving giving, giving as endlessly as you possibly can, just trusting that everything comes back, people reciprocate if you do something good for them, they're going, they're going to reciprocate and do something back for you. So that's been that's been the real iob was just tow just to give us much like what with the ideas that I gave you the other day about how to do that. What did I say? You remember? Oh, a soon as my software is created, create little explainer intro videos for people's website and send it to him and say, hey, I made this awesome little video that you could put on your on your production exactly just give like some cool people you think could help help him make a few yeah, so sales up to now I have to check I think was sixteen sixteen thousand doubled doubled it very excited about that. So the power of action doing things in the moment I have been afraid to make it perfect right now. Yeah, well, I've never been like that, teo years because I was in this kind of groove this was definitely my edge I felt like this was out there this was for the lewis house of the world and I was unable to to do that and so I was not really comfortable and so getting out of the comfort zone doing it in the moment now for me kind of going back to kristina was saying is continuing the momentum because now I have you know, this upcoming a virtual dukie you deliver the product now? Yeah that's no problem got people set up already all that but like what's going to be the next webinar in this whole j v thing you know you talk about james and the other people because there is this type but there's this circle of really powerful like gurus and andi I'm like really fearful to reach out to people and say oh, do you want to do weapon are with me while you fearful no because obviously have sales now I have conversion I have numbers because that's what you know I knew I was waiting for something biggest fear though you know what rejection absolutely I think it comes out and not being believing in you herself no, I think I can definitely if you believe in yourself then why wouldn't you have someone to promote you well that's a good point if you believe in yourself then why have you been waiting? What you waiting on you it's definitely save rejection is believing in yourself, right? That certainty that you knew that your product was great it was going to help their audience and why don't you just least ask if they want to promote they say no on to the next room or how can I help you? I'm gonna give you value and then maybe in six months you'll say yes yes and that's what? I definitely have learned from you today because you know obviously I don't know if you got any nose I mean when I wrote my book I got yeses all around I mean it was yes yes, yes, yes, yes, I don't know it's um it's definitely a mindset thing. So I definitely want toe continue the momentum and family was joint ventures and believe what you do with these people you wanted to join ventures with this what you do you know james, you say james he's got a book but you say james, I know you don't have a book he does james I knew him a book, but listen, I love to help you one on one it's a sixteen hundred hours service I'd love to help you create a book on weekend, pull free of charge and work, spend a weekend with one person or get five people to come together for free and do it for them. I think half of them, once they see the result and get a best seller, you think they'd be willing to promote you absolutely mad. This is unreal. My audience has to do this give them a reason to make them have to do it. I think if you were, like, reached out to five gurus or people you wanted to promote you, you said, I want to do this for you, I'll do one on one with you or they're doing a group session if you get him altogether, that might be challenging, but you do it one on one and used to spend the time and the energy to do it. You know, I mean, doing that you do that for me if I need to have a book and I was like, I'm not gonna do I've been trying to for years like, let me come to new york or l a where you are and I'm gonna do is free on a weekend we're to get done, we'll do it free, all they need to do is pay for the graphics or whatever right or cover that but do it for free for five people you're going to have him at least probably all five toe you okay? Be strategic about who you want to do it for yes and do it without expecting them to do anything in return just do it because you want to make them become a best seller and helped them brother business don't even ask them to promote you just do it and there at the end there'd be like, how can I help you? Like, well, I've got this course, I love to do a webinar to share this with your audience and there to say absolutely they don't I think he'll know what type of person it is when you're working with them if they'd be willing to do their not so yeah that's they don't get that's fine, at least you help someone have another case study and it's a huge thought leader so that's what I do, he doesn't make sense yeah, all right cool does that make sense? Everyone else so with that like just do stuff for free for people and don't expect him to do anything return I think the more you do that like that, just give creator videos to people but make him cool like really good on this site that they can actually use not like well here's something I kind of threw together that you could see that it works I can make it amazing below their mind give me a reason like I have to use this somewhere right awesome code man ah so the biggest ah ha moment was um knowing that actually have all this resource is when I'm sitting with you at the bar yesterday it's like you have all this you you researched everything you went through all the struggles you paid the amount of money you paid to get the source goes and hiring produced developers that was crap you know but and talking about virtual blue cap that you can literally set up a webinar we know product which I can put together in a few days or in a day less than twenty four hours seriously and seeing that happen without being perfect we're not being while making mistakes and still make money right? Yeah it's just that I was like fifteen sixteen thousand it's going up it's like I could do this just free money right now I mean just free money so that was the biggest offer me is like you know what I I am no expert as well yeah I might not be the best right now but you know what I know more than most people here you go find brother yeah, all right. Swimming team in our solo solo it back again you asked what our biggest ah ha moment was in before I before I tell it yesterday I was talking to james and I told him often times we all have a product and we spend so much time trying to convince people they need it you say oh, this twenty something needed this book writer needs it but we spend too much time china convinced the people that need it instead of going out the people that want it and so we overvalue the people that way think needs their products and undervalued people that want our products. So that was a really big thing I think you've been hinting at it for me trying to get the leeds and so really the people that want our products that's the people we need to be hugging and kissing and how did we get that? So yesterday everything of the leads, everything about the lease was my how moment? Because I want to appreciate those people and not try to spend too much time like he said focus on people that the nice there's no way I'm not gonna buy exactly your people with your hug paid, so I think my biggest ah ha moment was so we set up our blogged three days before we got on a plane to move out of the country not back here but before he left yeah before you left the police and it sucks and I hate it I hate everything about it but it was done and we did it and I've you know when I've been thinking to myself okay before we try to grow our business we've got to get all of that fixed we've got to go in and get a block that doesn't stock we've got to go and get a website that's like super flashy units got there capture page and all that and what you've been saying is make the money first so I go off to do the webinar create the boot you know do the weapon are then create the boot came back you've got money and so it's like take that money and then it reinvested into something that I'm proud of and that I like instead of investing all the money for something that people may or may not actually once and with the leads we have just been washing the leads pour in since we've been here from a really crappy well what'd you do to get the leeds here in tall, beautiful people on twitter followed up on with that school so yeah leads in ground it's not a perfect sight is it no it's I mean what's the what's the simplest no design site that you've seen the throughout the entire weekend terry harper so it was a simple fonz white why was it so don't worry about having fifty buttons all over your sight graphics and flash and videos like you don't need to have all that you can keep it so clean and simple and still get a lot of results like derek does so congrats guys my brain is fried yeah I'm like really tired right now ah I had a couple ah ha moments first was realizing the amount of these a small amount of content that I actually need to produce and you need to promote it more you know promoted in us in a smarter way yeah um before I came here I already had a product created and it was kind of refreshing to hear that maybe I don't need to have a well I do not need to create a product beforehand I just need to have have a yeah I mean I spent money creating the website and promoting it and in the end I'm not even sure if it's a it's a product that will move um but s so it's refreshing to hear that I could just have ah, vision and kind of promote the vision and then see if if if that would work yeah and help each of you you out um lewis I know you play handball I'm not sure if change is involved in sports you help me with my golf swing you swing kettlebells right? Yeah. And is that just primarily to staying in this is perfectly okay. So for louis for sports, I would love to show you how you could achieve like I know that you want to be a olympian, so I would love to show you how to be the best olympian on your kimble do it. So the magic words for louis I'm in all right? We're gonna love you show you howto swing kettle bill, you are already closed oh boy, I've had so many, you know, ha moments that I don't even know like the eighty twenty thing was a huge for me because we've like, oh, it's going take forever to do the videos and all this block content we have to do. So that was big, but I want to share my two minute conversation I've had with james and I said in a two minute conversation he basically read my soul because he said that on the crime, sorry, it was just be really oh, well, I have all these ideas that I could get this letter goes ideas are dangerous because when usually people that want to focus on too many things is because they're really afraid of failing one thing on that was like such a ha moment for me and I feel like I just have so much clarity I feel like this has been like so wonderful the key away too just reconnect with you guys next year december and hear about the half million dollars we've all got tio andi just clarity thank you so much james thank you, lewis think creative live come on cool all right now I'm crying uh okay, well here's what I wanna talk about we covered a lot a lot of ideas a lot of information a lot of good stuff uh some new stuff some stuff maybe already knew but all good stuff it was my job teo give you guys the best information that I know and bring the top talent in the world which is james, derek and amy my opinion they're amazing and they're really smart they know howto make things work for your business so hopefully we've done an ok job giving you a big picture of all the information but let's make it very simple and let's bring it toe one simple concept but everything we've given you guys today really comes down to this on this board right now this is the key this is the secret to building a successful business and everything we share with you guys that's really strategies to make it better and you can pick and choose what you want to do what you want strip away all the ideas and making them one simple thing so let's break this down with the magician james and this is you this is supposed to be me somebody so it all comes down to this traffic leaves and sales he focus on this system right here then you're going to be able to reach the financial goal that you want maybe you're not going to be happy in all areas of life but we're talking about launching an online business and building that business it comes down to this what you first need is traffic and we showed you a lot of ways to get that traffic by the contents you create now you don't necessarily have to have content on your own blawg amy share with you how you can create content on facebook where facebook ads or promoted post to get the traffic you need you can spend money to get on the ads to get the traffic okay it comes down to traffic this is where it starts you've gotta have the content first now you can write articles or have your own blawg where you're creating particles right that's what derek talked about writing these articles people connect with articles some people don't connect as well with articles they connect better with videos right? We learned differently we all learn differently I hardly ever read a full article hardly maybe one a month maybe from someone I really trusted a friend of mine but usually I'll read the headline and I'll skim through it really fast and I'll do anything youtube video I'll watch because I like to be entertained, so for me that works for me tow, learn so you can either create content in this way. You can also do podcasting and create audio interviews, any type of former content blogging, youtube or facebook it's mainly what we covered so far, so pick one and just do it one per week. Maximum content you can do two per month pieces of content, right? Derek does two point four articles a month. Whatever it is, you can do one a week like james does. Don't make it too complicated for yourself simple, easy create a plan to do one week or one every two weeks. It's gonna be an article or it's going to be a video if it's going to be an article followed derricks process, social triggers dot com if it's going to be youtube followed james process video traffic academy, dot com and outsource this. Okay, you're gonna have the ideas, you're going to be on camera, it's video, but you could have people outsourced the rest of the work for you make it very simple, but real quick. Why this is so important to and then we want to categorize it as traffic is that when three weeks from now, when you get some email for some new widget acne wasn't a jew you need to ask yourself will this help me get more traffic? Yes or no? You know the newest social networking site that comes out oh, you gotta learn the secret to this will this help me generate new product that's really cool marketing that I feel like after you get have to buy enough to go through this isn't gonna distract you or help you for me I don't really read other stuff online because I know I need to get traffic from the stuff and it works then you get people on the web and are because I know that's what I do best is closing on a webinar and educating my honest that way so I just repeat that over and over and figure a way to maximize it ramp it up right and confession time I don't have a facebook fan page thief give me the worst time for it yeah, and I'd like to go facebook stupid but you don't need to have you don't need to have everything. Amy mostly just does facebook and I mostly do you too and they're both successful derek mostly does youtube bones he does so again focused on what works for you one piece of content a week knock unless you want to do uh you could release your content out if you want to mortar times it once a week if you want to create it all in one time but really focus on cranial content from one day to go out the whole month okay simple then you get a promote, promote, promote, promote promote the rest of the time the next thing you need is leads and this is basically your fuel your your blood everything this is all comes from here if you don't have this and you can't sell anything in my opinion you can sell if they come to your website and they go there they could buy stuff but if you're not capturing leads you can't control the outcome for the sales so you want to create these landing pages these hug pages thes often forms you wanted makes you set them up all of your sight on facebook on other places online you can capture the leads you can have webinar registration pages right get people toe opt in you need the emails because then you can sell your products or services your events, other people's products, physical stuff everything like that so leads your blogged and webinars that's the simplest things that's all you need your blawg I have places often get a pop up and webinar registration pages try to do at least one weapon are a month at least at starters but get to a place reeking due to whether it be through your own list or through getting other people to promote you leads over to sales so once you get people on your list you're getting subscribers you need to promote things you could do this in many different formats, but we covered the live webinar option again. One live webinar and you're selling your product you can sell in a boot camp for matt and sell the membership site christina has you sell info products consulting if you're a service right here if your photographer you can just sell a service and physical products you can sell anything on a live weapon are have yet to see a product that you can't sell on a live weapon are except for maybe like a hundred canceling airplane maybe or something on the women are maybe good if you have the right audience, you can sell them anything then after you sell on the web in are you do a follow up campaign so some people don't even do webinars they just send emails out with offers all the biggest clothing companies that you know there's no, they're sending a gap and uh all these other clothing companies are sending you offers every week they don't do webinars they just sell you on our emails so you follow up you can just sell the emails if you don't want to webinars okay, this is it I mean, we talked about a lot when you look at this it's actually very simple content one thing a week or two times a month the format you like the best to drive traffic, opt in people on landing pages or through alvin ours, and they're selling people on a webinar your products and services. So when you look at the whole weekend, this looks pretty easy, doesn't it? Yeah, so don't overcomplicate things and just focus on the basics and stay true to like your goal you want from the end of the year, you want to have one hundred fifty thousand dollars in sales, all you gotta do is focus on doing one webinar month and getting five hundred people on each webinar that's the only thing you should focus on don't focus on all the other widgets instead, but mother that just focus on that. You know, you two make the amount of income you want for your business. Anything you wanna add is I feel that when people say they created their e book or that created a product that where they're promised was going to do all these incredible things for them. And they said it's not working is because they forgot this middle step, and I think this is what we talked about so much this weekend is people go traffic to the sale, not even to the webinar to the sea. You understand that we're not even going leads to a sale. We're really going leads to eleven are to a sale number. This is a sixty minute webinar more content and value most people go, I got my product send my traffic to sales page and sell itself starts showing they're not educating, not helping and I think people are just so fixate on that immediate gratification it's got to be now it's got to be instant and quick and fast and press button results, but you can still make it quick the way we did with alicia well is sure you educated him first absolutely it since it's investing in your customers first before they decide to invest in you. And if you're willing to look at the big picture in the long term strategy, this is the best long term strategy because this has been working for us for years and it hasn't changed and a lot of other stuff has I love it any questions on how simple this is? Yes, if both of you are, one of you could walk us through what your typical day looks like, where you're implementing one or some or all of these I give so tomorrow is monday, what are you going to dio when you wake up? Can I do it or you want to go ahead first? Because I know unless you want to you hear about this cross fit on, you know, also keeping mind that, you know, of you outsource a lot of what you do, but so what? It doesn't mean I don't done work what you do. Yeah, okay, so I'm actually doing a big weapon are for my list next week. I think it's next week either that or not, I haven't even put the date, and I just know I want to do it before christmas. So what I do have already on on autopilot except for not at this exact moment because I'm gearing up for a two thousand thirteen uh, is having a weekly youtube video come out and that never stops, okay, so right now, actually, what I'm doing if you were to come follow me and shadow me around for the next week, what I've been doing is having several filming days where I have ah, my good friend who's, a writer and a very creative person come into the studio with me and and we have a lot of fun just like we've been having here to create my content, and we're literally mapping out the next six months of of content, which is a lot of videos and you've done all your key word research, so you're writing the scripts, you know exactly what you're going to say before you shoot it, right and a lot of it is still impromptu like we get in front of camera we have fun but so right now you would see us building a new system putting all the content in the bin to get ready but there's a video for me always coming out a week and what I do is I put that video out on youtube and I put it on my block just like derek does as well you'll see that as well um and so that's doing every week and then like we said for me in my own list and I'll break it in half I have I have me and then I have j b so me is what everyone who's a subscriber of myself and what they kind of experience throughout the week they're going to get a youtube video on your email right on a monday I'm going to e mail them and it's going to say my new video of the week is out here's more free content that's gonna help you start your week it's going to entertain you you're gonna have some fun and it's three minutes of your life you gotta learn to love it and then usually what happens is tuesday so they're getting an e mail that's an out sign like an email on monday for my youtube video they're getting I give him an email on tuesday letting them know that there is a webinar coming this thursday, okay it's just a female to the registration page boom wednesday, I probably don't even do any emails to them. Let him let it simmer down notice there's about a forty eight hour response time. Some people take them a day or two to get to their email, so I use social media to have some fun on there. Maybe it's an infographic promoted post some tweets, maybe it's, another video? Maybe I do something where I'm about to take my new gopro camera and jump off a cliff with it, and I go hey, guys, I'm so excited about this thursday webinar I could jump off a cliff and then I jumped into the water, so make sure to sign up, and then I put that to youtube shared on social media, etcetera, etcetera. Then I'll send in the morning this outside for email, another email saying we've got a webinar today at six p m get ready for it, here's the link again. So all week, I've been kind of preparing for this, getting them excited to be a part of this live event and then boom six pm thursday what happens? Webinar starts so we're here okay now remember when this when my youtube video went out on monday, we'll get to jay b's in a second because that's a whole nother experience so my youtube video goes out monday my entire list, which is building and growing every single day who become my biggest fans, and I love you guys are now sharing my video liking it, commenting that spreads and that video is going up in the rankings and more more people are finding me continues to build the list over here, it's continuing to add that's people adding to my must so thursday comes around six pm we do the webinar, we have a blast, I sell the product, people purchase on webinar and then we start a follow up campaign and I will do a follow campaign the entire next week. So now we're actually going into friday, saturday, sunday, monday tuesday and I will do it for the campaign for that whole next week to get people excited and I want to another webinar for another month to my list. Okay, so they're actually having this two week experience and then I take about two weeks off from selling and go back to having fun making youtube videos, networking, connecting on social media, relaxing or not doing anything, however that's me and that's my side, then when we realized what louis talked about about affiliates and joint venture partners, I, while I'm doing that, I am approaching all these other davies in philly it's insane let's do eleven or so I could have eleven are with one guy on monday I could have one with a guy on tuesday wednesday thursday but these are all different people and my list doesn't even experience that so I'm making sales here these could be automated as well you don't have to be up live for all these bright but I love doing live because it's just so much fun um so for me personally I think just the experience um and they do too pretty well so does that did that help? Where did I was just rambling on that absolutely that helped so much. Okay call your questions yeah about this throughout this week and I realized it just came across is that you haven't mentioned anything about the product launch formula and I always thought that's what internetworking was about and I prefer this because its simpler and because the product launch completely overwhelms me with video sales letters and all of that stuff is that so people know what a moron comments questions? You won't explain what that is a little people don't oh meet e no it's just in a sentence what she's referring to a product launch formula is basically where over maybe of three months period you get union joint ventures together and you're gonna launch a product over like three, three days to a week and you basically, during that week, the product is available and then after that we part is no longer available, right? Yeah, I don't like that we've got friends to do. It is for me had never sent seemed I never wanted to just make money from one month and then not make money the rest of the year from one product, so we do. We'll do a product launch, we'll get people excited to promote in three weeks, period through webinars and then keep it open for people to keep promoting an ongoing lee. So my lincoln course launched a few years ago and if I would have closed it down are part of the loss of two hundred thousand dollars because we have affiliates who just drive tractors to it constantly to the sales page or two eleven are paid and we get sales every day about a thousand dollars a day. It comes in something I did a couple years ago, so I don't like that other formula is making a lot of money, and I'm not making any money afterwards, just just my personal preference. Yeah, and it's, it is a personal preference, you can make the decision. Do I want to spend two or three months so I could do one hundred thousand dollar launch, or do I want to do ten webinars at ten thousand dollars? Spread out over the same amount of time it's up to you it's really up to you it's a different model similar in a lot of ways in different a lot of ways and I don't like stressing out that much we're already very high strung people's way don't need any more stress. So any other questions on this or questions in general? So I I thought about another ah ha that I wanted to share because it was, you know, super, super useful I started the weekend well, you started the weekend with unexamined ll like give us your twenty thirteen money goal for the year and you were talking about you put something up right on the mirror see it every morning super helpful and I love that I use that like that's that's such a great technique, but I started the weekend having this disconnect of being able to set personal goals and have an achievement or an accomplishment or something that I wanted to create and being able to follow through and achieve that. But the disconnect was I couldn't do the same thing with business goals I wasn't achieving, I couldn't see how someone would pay me money just teo you know, to give me money for something and what I'm seeing now through all of this is your providing value through the whole process the content is something that someone actually wants to see the e mails that you send out people actually want to hear when you have something valuable to say let's, solve their problems, the one hour webinar is useful and the end product that I'm creating is a useful product that people can use. So, um, I finally I'm sort of making this connection or it's like e I can add value like I can add value the whole way through and that's that's, that's, that's, that's how I like me achieving business goals occurs is is through that process and it's and it's and it's not completely disjointed from personal gulf setting. Yeah, okay, cool the questions from there, or do we want to know? I think I think we're doing pretty great here any final thoughts from you and james before we start wrapping it up it's up to you, though? Yeah, just throw it on me for some time to think, um, I don't have final thoughts this this is what I want to leave you with that we gave you a bunch to overwhelm you intentionally, because there is always an endless supply of of what you could do, what you can learn and you can go out there to see what's possible, um, but it can also be extremely simple at the same time, and when lewis found me I was doing I was doing way too much you were I was completely unfocused and today I'm very clear that the opposite of focus is fear and when you get focused and you get certain like magical things can happen for you and in your business and you even just saying, you know, you have a hard time seeing people paying you for something like that something that if I know you're now over that like that's gone and we'll have to deal with that anymore that's a magical thing in itself because for a lot of people would isn't stuff about how do I get traffic or how I make my first youtube video it's really about how do I actually a grasp? The idea of someone is going to give me money and I am going you know I'm going to sell something on dh make my living this way and it was hard for me at first when my first few sales came in for my bartending product I almost was like nervous like oh my gosh like what if they find me out finding out on it's and it's and it's it's hard because that's what a lot of people experience so it's much more mindset and where your head's at and I think also all hanging out together and absorbing all this information last three days it allows you to kind of look at things a different way so it's my little stick that's cool yeah and I'm not from speaking to the internet world into you guys here, but for me, I think just growing up I really learned and have the mindset that you don't win or be successful on accidents you win or you're successful on purpose and you choose what you want based on how you believe in yourself, I think and I've gone through many doubts and fears like my entire life, for a lot of things sports I was always made fun off for being too tall and goofy and lanky remember in third grade I was picked dead last for recess dodgeball game from our from our, uh, class there was like twenty girls they got picked before me and I remember thinking to myself, I'm worthless, right? How are they gonna pick no offense to the girls but it's? Like how much of a pig last over girls and I felt like so worthless remember having that feeling all through like high school, college? It was always the back of my head like don't get picked last ever, and I think I just got over the fear of rejection of being picked last and I said, I'm gonna do whatever it takes to be the best and to take action so that I had died two people, so I'm not picked last right and for me, winning definitely became something I had to train myself how to do over and over. I had to put myself out there and I had to lose a lot and fail a lot in order to get results, and I was so blessed and grateful that I had the opportunity to play sports and learned that habit and I was able to kind of jump in it took me a couple of years I made any money in business was ever jumping imply the same stuff that I used in the business from sports. So for me, it's just a matter of figuring out what works like this works everyone I know that uses it, it works for them once they figure out a few things and unable to put it together, keep it very simple and just take the action over and over it's ok to be afraid, but just go with the fear and take action, so before we send it back to these guys, I want everyone to come up here and wants to put your stuff down. We're gonna d'oh a jumping hug circle so we're all gonna get in a big, big circle here at farms around each other, arms around each other in a circle on top and we're gonna jump up and we're gonna scream really loud, then we'll do a circle already scream like you just reached your goal for next year. So, it's december twenty first, two thousand thirteen you just made the exact same amount of money that you wanted to make. What's the noise, you make ready.

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A strong online business strategy is vital for every business to grow its revenue and reach. Learn the step-by-step process of launching a profitable online business in this class.

Podcast host and business entrepreneur Lewis Howes along with James Wedmore and Derek Halpern, will show you how to turn your passion project into a successful online brand.

You’ll learn about:

  • How to develop a product that sells
  • Strategies for developing lead magnets
  • Tools for online marketing 
  • Methods for growing your email lists
Lewis along with his guest instructors will also share his experience and proven strategies for building authority, gaining online media, attracting industry influencers, and leveraging social media communities to increase brand awareness and generate more sales.

This class is your comprehensive guide to jump-starting your next great business idea and getting your online business off the ground. 

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