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How long have you show hands believe that you are an authority okay half of you so you're not going to be able to get the sails does you want unless you believe that first that's your authority and I remember because the authorities in the industry make the most money can charge the most get in front of biggest audiences get the most press she got to become known as authority you have to believe within yourself that you are the authority now remember when I was twenty five and trying to jump into this space and talking about linked in I didn't believe I was an authority at first I didn't think anyone would listen to me I don't have a degree of those two young did have an experience that made a lot of excuses for myself the more people really said you know what? I love what you're doing I started to start believe that I was the authority and there's some things that you can do to become known as the authority even if you don't think you are an authority yourself you can make it so other...

s perceive you to be the authority so we'll talk about that and how to get press to make you an even mormon authority so you can continue to charge more, get more customers, get more traffic we talked about be relevant so we talked about some of these points yesterday I want to cover that more in detail so first is fine mentors that inspire you and you just remember what I talked about when it comes to finding mentions yesterday what's what is someone things I mentioned what's thea let's get the mic out here. Go ahead they keep you accountable to be accountable to anyone else they can inspire you ok one more anyone ah offer to be a case study. Okay, cool. So the reason why it's important to find mentors that inspire you? Uh not just mentors but just influential people in general, you want to surround yourself with the biggest thought leaders and authorities in your industry or in other industries because do you think you're going to be an authority if you're hanging out people who have no clue what they're doing if you surround yourself with the circle of friends who are trying to figure it out just like you are you gonna be known as an authority? No, but if you're hanging out with all the top authors in the world, they're going to think of you as the authority because you're hanging out with him, right? So you say your authority to your authority and we're all authorities and something. So what your authority know what they say if you want to soar with the eagles, you gotta stuff hanging with the tickets so nice yeah, exactly so one of the things I did early on I was like, man, how do I get in touch with these authorities? Thes influencers who can make decisions? Who, khun just push a button and things happen because I didn't have that leverage early on. So I said, how could I do this? What things I did is I started going to remember reading bloggers from the top people that I wanted to emulate online. We're doing online marketing, and they would say, I'm to be speaking at this conference blood world, our affiliate summoner these different conferences that air in the industry was like, remember not having any money, and there was a sports congress I wanted to go to because there's a lot of sports thought leaders at this conference, I took a bus greyhound from columbus to philadelphia, and I stayed, and I'll never forget this. I stayed in a hostel, I just when I was broke on my sister's couch still, I stayed in a hostel, and you'd think that you stay in somewhere ah, hostile in your country that there'd be americans, but was only europeans, and so I get it. I remember this so vividly I am, um I'm staying that way go out late the first night every night I'm going out later after parties this is where you really connect with the influencers right? It's not during the conference but everyone's coming up to and say hey, what do you want you can you help me? Can you help me can have I love what you're doing that's not what I want to connect to the influence would be friends with them I say business happens at two a m this's what really happens in business when you find out where they're going the after parties and then you hang out with him there and you don't talk about business or anything about the day you talk about just what's going on their kids another passion things like that become friends with the influences because then they'll do anything for you if you're just an acquaintance or a business contact, they won't necessarily do anything for you but you'll do anything for your friends you'll take a bat to the head for your friends, right? You'll do anything now I'm being a little aggressive there, but when your friends these influencers and thought leaders then you can really leverage that relationship and I remember it was the last the first night going into this hostile I get back at three a m or something and I walk into my bunk bed with a room for twenty snoring europeans and as I go in, I slip is the lights are out and I slip like something wet and I get my phone out. I think that a flipped one of time and I put it down there and there's puke all over the floor. So I go to the bathroom trying to wash it off, right and there's puke all over the door. There's puke in the bathroom, so I was like, this is miserable, right? Thiss is miserable. There was puke right next to my bed. I was on the bottom bunk there's puke right next to me. So I to smell this throughout most like this is disgusting, but I made some amazing connections, right? And those relationships I've leverage over the last four years, and I suck. I went through the pane to really connect with people. I'm saying, my point of this is you really want to do whatever it takes to get in front of people who are the influencers in the authority leaders and make sure you hang with him late at night, even if you have tio deal with throw from hostile. I have a couple of stories from that experience, but all are going to the next thing basically surround yourself with the most influential people in your industry, and you're going to become the authority figure out your unique opportunity we've all been talking about what your business idea is so far a lot of you have a business and somebody online are trying to figure out what your business is going to be for me I remember was just like okay, what I'm gonna do so this mean down applied all of you guys but I remember thinking what am I gonna do too make money and to build a business? We got these ideas in his passions I realized that my up unique opportunity was linked in and teaching people this even though it wasn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life was like this is an opportunity to come in and become an authority on the topic by teaching others how to grow their business using lengthen and again I had a lot of fears and excuses I'm not old enough, I don't have the experience on a college degree yet, but I think if you could get past that and just take the action, you need to get somewhere. So what I started doing was really taking a lot of action I create I wrote a book about linked in which we'll talk about it in a second I just started talking about it left and right guess posting everything so fine you're not unique opportunity and really take action on it remember, remember the I talked about yesterday the moment I did my first webinar with my business partner where we did twelve thousand five hundred dollars selling our products that we hadn't even created yet and I remember my first weapon ours actually six months prior to this first time ever gonna women are and I had the opportunity another thought leader in the space that guy named joel calm has anyone ever heard of this name joel calm big internet marketing name he was doing a boot camp at the time actually he's sold a solo boot camp and he had me come on and talk about linked in I met him at one of first conferences I went to it and if on affiliate marketing I met him and I went up to her and said, you know, I know you have a book on twitter however, did you know lincoln's ten times about more effective than twitter for business professionals? He was like really he's like who are you? You're young punk you know it's like I prove it to me right? So right then I have like a thirty second pitch to mom why lincoln was more effective than twitter he said all right, cool, I like it and then you basically went off and did his other thing he was speaking is doing whatever he emails me a few weeks later and says you know what no one is talking about linked in I know you got a book on this because you mentioned it, I love to have you come, and I'm doing a social media boot camp where you we talk about this, this is kind of my big break, having someone like of this level put me in front of their audience and think of me as a leader on the top, my unique opportunity remember being terrified as well in this weapon, armed and talking about twenty minutes actually get into my mind, my tips, my training and joel was like, okay, you know, let's, let's, get into the contest cause I was just stumbling the whole first twenty minutes and at the end of the weapon, our same experience from the previous weapon I talked about yesterday, we had sixty three hundred dollars, in sales, and it was because I kind of put myself out there and took action on my unique opportunity, which is being a linked in expert whatever even though I would generally feel like I was yet, but I went out there and connect with the right people and was able to leverage his audience for my benefit, so find unique opportunity and all you guys have this, we've got the modeling, we've got the book we've got, you know, sports performance, stuff like that, so you guys all have that create your hub and create comment compelling content so, again, this is kind of like the formula for building authority for yourself or your brand and getting press. This is what we've been talking about today. James had been talking about this. Derek talked about this yesterday. Uh, but you've gotta have a hub. So james has a website. Derek has a website, I website you guys, all websites, but for people are online, if you don't have a website yet, you need to have your own place. It can't just be social media sites, you need your own place, you control where you can put the content out there and it's got to be compelling. We've talked about the content can be written, it could be videocam the audio, it doesn't matter, but you gotta have your own place and there's some reasons why you want to have your own place besides just having the content on there, which I'll talk about in a second. But this is this is, do you know any thought leaders who don't have their own website? I don't know any or anyone, it was an authority, and the reason you're going get presses because they had the press is going to find your website and there's some things you're gonna do, the website is going to allow you to get that press so guess post on other niche bloggers and news sites. This is a way to again become mortar for authority and to, um, get more press by guest posting. And again, we briefly talked about guest post another day with derek, but a couple of years ago I said, okay, how can I get my name out there about being like the lincoln guy? And I want to control the space because there's more people coming out there and talking about length in so I said, how can I dominated? So no one else can touch what I know and so I reached out to at these events, I would meet the writers for mashable, for pro blogger, for social examiner, for all the popular sites in the social media space in my industry, and I become friends with the owners of the sites or the writers for the sights. Let's say I'd love to do a guest post on there. You guys aren't writing that much about length, and yet I love to give you my top ten ways to use lengthen marketing to build your business or whatever their pitch would be, and I would already have the articles written and I would just give it to them. I would just send it to him. I say this is done it's in the exact format that you follow on your blawg and I want to give it to you I've already got another site who's interested but I wanted you to have it first if you use that as a leverage point so I'm gonna mashable and say hey mashable dot com I've got this article top ten ways he is linked in to build your business um I've got social in examining who really wants this but I wanted to come to you guys first are you interested? Of course I'd be interested in someone else wants it already right? But if you're like yeah, I've got this article we check it out maybe we'll check it out maybe we won't but use leverage on another site don't necessarily lie about it talk to both of them so yeah, I'm showing this to mashable on showing this whichever side uh but the more I started guest posting on other sites I started get a lot of traffic a lot of leads and then once they see you on another site I would get picked up from other media because, you know, the media is reading these popular industry sites as well, so its importance in my opinion to do guess posting for that reason so this is an importance uh does anyone know the concept of social proof? Has everyone heard that concept? Basically and this has talked a lot about in robert child in his book influence is leveraging soldier proof and this is probably the most powerful thing that I learned on getting media attention and becoming the authority, and whenever you want to be, you can basically manufacturer becoming an authority and getting more press if you want to, even if you're not in authority, you can have the perceived value that you are that authority, obviously you don't want to do that it's not that genuine, but you can do it and there's ways to do it. Even if you are the authority to ramp up this social proof so given example, two thousand nine again, I'm still pretty much beginning stages have really done that much have really made that much money yet, but I was hustling and was out there. I got my name out there, and I remember I got a call from details magazine, this is two thousand nine I got started in late two thousand eight, right two thousand and late, and I, uh I got an email from a writer of details magazine said, hey lewis looking to do a feature article in details magazine abouts internet marketing gurus that can make you rich I was like he's like I want to do, we don't want to interview you, we've got tim ferriss, we've got seth good and gary vaynerchuk and a couple other number one new york times bestsellers, we're thinking of interviewing I said I called him right away because he had his number then I said, yeah, you know, I'm happy to do it any time try to be all like, relax minute I can fit you in my schedule maybe next week, yeah, but let me know no again, but I'm like this's first year basically, I'm like a new guy in the scene I'm trying to, like, make a name for myself, and they approached me, they emailed me and said, hey, we want to do this article so they're flying me out to times square we do, you know, this is the beauty of not being smart, but being tall is in your advantage. So there's, like five of us in times square and this, like, you know, six cameras and like people with lights and everything holding it up against us huge crew, the cops are surrounding us in the middle of times square. People are taking pictures and, like, trying to like, you were doing so, we're like we have these we're doing this photo's shooting were probably walking around in a circle about this big, and we have these microphones for we're doing like this megaphone thing or something, we're walking around and taking pictures kind of in a circle, and we're supposed to like, how these weird, interesting poses like we're talking or something right? And we're supposed to walk like this letter like this in a circle for like twenty minutes while they like take pictures of us and as this is happening I noticed the guy would always take pictures right when I was in the middle so it kind of pause a little bit like keep going right when I was in the middle he would take him either right there or in the back in the middle because everyone else is like down to here right? And the magazine comes out like a month or two later and I opened up it's a two page full spread picture in the middle, the magazine details magazine and just so happened that I'm standing right in the middle like this right was like gary vaynerchuk and seth building like off to the side just like you know, looking over here or back here and I'm just like front and center and I'm like all right, I'll take it you know you're much smarter than me but hey, I'll take the height advantage now I got a lot of exposure from this I got a lot of press I got I was able to leverage it and get other magazines and news sites and things talk about mia's in the title was five internet gurus that can make you rich and again I was just starting out I've made a little bit of money, but it wasn't I didn't know what I was doing still it doesn't matter because you can leverage in somewhat manipulate the media ryan holidays really good at this and I think he already taught a class is teaching one soon he's gonna be here in february february so ryan holiday make sure sign up for that class uh, kind of had a hack and manipulate the media even if you're not really that credible, not do anything cause they approached me and they just gave me that title, which was fine because then people believed it, I believe that even more and it came true right now emailed the writer a month after or maybe was a couple weeks after I got the mags and I just said, thanks so much for you know, it was a great article I'm getting like e mails left and right, I'm getting a ton of sales, I really appreciate this just curious. How did you find me and why me? I don't want to say this in the beginning because I was like, yeah, of course you found me right was like, how did you find me and why'd you choose me over like all the other people online? And he replied back was in like a half hour and I'll never forget this, he said I found some influencer that I was looking at retweeted you on twitter on article of yours about linked in I solid your profile on twitter would looked interesting, so I clicked on your website went back to your website and right away I saw that you right? It had already been featured in time and fast company in business week, and I figured if you were good enough for them to write about you than you were good enough for details magazine and it's, just like what I was like, it's that simple and all I had was a couple of low goes, you know, you see this all the time on websites, just different social, social proof of other media logo's on your website and it's, a very simple concept and, you know, it's extremely well, but just posting the social proof that you've already gotten on your site is gonna allow you to leverage that to get more media and more attention to become the authority you can leverage someone else's authority, especially a news. Uh then it's going to make you an authority, it's very simple. A lot of people do is I know a lot of guys already have this in your sights. Uh but it's important for everyone out there watching to do this and to add these logos to your site. Yeah, just add to that because producers and writers and journalists, the easier you make their job, the better. So if you just deliver to them a segment written piece as you said, it's it's just a matter of them saying yes, and they will if you position it that way yeah, and I'll give you another quick example. It happened a couple weeks ago now I'm writing for entrepreneur and forbes and I wrote an article five hundred word article on entrepreneur three weeks ago or something, and somehow it went viral, I guess went viral. We've got a ton of shares a couple thousand shares in a few days, it was about how entrepreneurs can leverage twitter to grow their business and don't even talk about twitter really ever it's not even my subject it's not I'm not an authority in it, but within three days you got so much exposure out there online that fox business, the producer from their emails me and says, hey, we saw this article, we want you to come into studio in new york and do a segment with us and talk about how entrepreneurs converge twitter and I'm not the authority on it, but I leveraged other media to get more media and that video is going to get me more media, and now they want to come back on even more so it's like, you're just leveraging one thing off the other, but you've got to make sure you add this somewhere prominent on your site for me. I just had, like a few logo since just make it look clean and simple. Do you have to have on your side if you do not have them in sight? No one's gonna think you're credible if you do not have, uh, the branding the social proof from other media sites, no matter how cool your site looks, if you do not add this it's one of the proven points and robert child dean's influence book, which is sold over a million or five million copies or something it's what all marketers use, um, that they leverage social proof. It's the same concept is, as you know, it's the same idea as if you are at the mall and you're at starbucks or you're at another coffee shop and you see everyone at this other coffee shop there's a huge line out of this other coffee shop and no one at starbucks, what is going to attract your attention more? The long line right? And you're going to go see and what people are doing here to go over this long line, I'm gonna look around, you see what's happening, you gotta wait in line to see what's happening because other people are talking about it. So you want to talk about it? You want to check it out, right? It's going to make you more important than starbucks? So it's that idea of social proof and it's for me, it was the most powerful things leveraging other influencers. So what? Derek has another thing on social proof. We'll go back to that really quickly. Another thing on social proof is testimonials and know a lot of you're really good at this, but derek, right on his site, social triggers dot com he's got a little testimonial from a guy named chris broken, whose considered a top thought leader in the social media blogging world on again that just adds credibility. If you can attach your name your brand to other experts, other authorities giving credibility. This is why book sorry they're successful or not successful. In a general sense, if you've got a huge person endorsing the book, you get more sales or it's gonna look more credible, if you have no endorsements, why would I buy the book? That's the idea simple concept you guys all know this, but I think a lot of us missed a mistake make the mistake of not doing it now writing a book, this was a huge opportunity for me, and alicia knows this the best we're doing a webinar improving on the half hour about how to write a best selling a weekend she's doing it, and I will be there, but this was the turning point for me on really becoming owning my authority as a linked in guy, right is when I came out with a book on late and there is no other but there's one other book at the time, it was so, so kind of outdated, and when I came out my book, everyone started talking about it because I was promoting it, right? It created one thing that I promoted, promoted, promoted, and then I got mohr interviews from having a book before not having a book, right? You know this if you don't have a book it's hard to get in the media, right, you can do it, but but it's really hard and it's much easier. If you're like one author of such a sum on the author of linked in marketing book whatever they're talking about linked, then they're going to find the top expert on that topic who's written a book that's what they want to find right proves my credibility yeah they're gonna attach themselves with someone who's influential on his authority just like you could do the same for writing a book was huge for me and there's a lot easier ways to write a book right now and for everyone is online you can watch how to do in a weekend through lisa's weapon aren't a little bit but for me the first one I found someone who is already an author again I almost flunked out of high school english I was terrified too right? I was just horrible at it I'm still pretty average I consider myself but I can get the content done and that's the most important thing you can always find someone to edit this and make it better but I found someone one of my mentors frank hagen he had written a few books and I said he approached me he said you should write a book about linked and you already teaching this topic but you need to write a book about it so that you can you're speaking fees will go up you can sell more your products and services for a higher value right to teach people how to increase your prices once you have the book so I was lucky to have my first book some one help me write it with me and it took us ten months from concept to publish and after that, it was just a lot easier to get anything I wanted from the media or from other people. The second book I wrote, which is the weapon, our marketing book. It took me like a couple weeks and it's much easier, and I published it just on kindle, and I promoted it. I got to like the top ten and kindle number one in a couple different categories, but top ten overall for a day. And it's. Easy to do that as well. So you can publish you khun self published. You can do kindle so easy to get a book out there. It doesn't matter. James had the book about youtube marketing now, eh? So he can. He can say that he transcribed a part of the training that he's done and turn it into a book. Packaged it done now, he's, an author of the youtube marketing guide. Right, so it gives him more credibility, and people want to get his advice even more now. So, writing a book is gonna help you get that authority and get more press. This is interesting. I mentioned this. I kind of skipped ahead and talked about the second ago, but this is, uh this is just like the game the game of life has got to be ready when your number's called right? You just got to be ready to show up when your number's called, so you gotta put the work in experience and time in to know what you're talking about that way when when someone comes to you to do an interview you're like I know everything that I'm gonna answer supposed to like wavering around not sure what to answer if you gave a bad interview, they're probably not gonna publish it right they may not they may keep looking for another expert, so be ready when your number is called and I had studied link my ass off on linked in for a year and a half like six to eight hours a day teaching people doing it myself so I knew everything about the site I knew everything about how to leverage it from anyone's position because I had worked with people and so when I got that first opportunity to my webinar there six hundred people on live when joel calm promoted me and again I was a little nervous kind of just getting started but once he said, okay, let's, get into the content I was like a machine and you could not stop me and I felt like it was in the zone I just had so much flow going through my body and everything I said was like you were seeing responses in the common section just like oh my god, this is amazing so it's just like built off with that right and then uh made sixty three hundred dollars an hour now is more money than I'd ever made probably in a year before that that never really worked I was just playing pro football in like hanging out um so be ready when your number is called so this is again when you when you are connecting with these other influencers and authority figures all I do when I'm meeting them is saying how can I promote you how can I help you that's it and I'm never asking for advice on anything I'm never saying can you help me? Can you promote me ever and I have some really good friends who are you know tim farriss I just did a webinar for him and I promoted his last book but I've never asked him for anything guys like that I'm never gonna ask for anything unless there comes a moment where I really need something right but all I'm trying to do is just give value constantly and make them money again if you help other people like zig said if you help other people get what they want you're gonna get what you want in return but don't ask for help don't ask for promotion don't ask for any of these things first, give and give and give when you do that the law of reciprocity would be in your favor and people will want to return and say, how can I help you in return? So all I would do is literally I built up a big following on twitter and facebook and link dan and so every time I meet when he's influencers, I just be like, okay, I'll just promote them right there on my social networks they would see, like a big jump in subscribers and following and they didn't take notice and whenever they promote something out promoted for him as well, right? So you want to do that you wanna promote, not value. My next point is this is another way to kind of diet to them is be the champion by making introductions and you could be you could become a champion of anyone's network by simply making introductions. I feel like this is something again, I bringing in james and derek because there's much smarter than me and specific topics, I can talk about all those things, but they really know it and they really get it. Uh, but the goal is to become the champion for all these influencers, so when you meet someone there like, you know what, I'm really looking for someone to help me who can do more video work I've got the perfect guy what I usually do is I get on the phone and I call him right there and connect them or I'll do a quick e mail on my phone and connect them I'll do whatever I can to make sure that I'm connecting with the people that can help them solve their biggest problems like we did with your your list the other day you asked them what your biggest challenge when you ask your audience what's your biggest challenge to do the same thing with influencers and when they say my biggest challenge is I can't find the right person teo manage my business I can't find the right person to do this then you have to be the champion makes your connecting with people so you can introduce them and if you solve their biggest problems they're going to make you rich basically they're gonna do whatever it takes to help you out in return uh another way to become an authority and get more press is to speak at events and again I was terrified of speaking and I took toastmasters for year and really practises every week I was like james I would I was I would be terrified not for the day before I to speak, but for a week before it consumed my mind and all of my energy I was so nervous when I first started out I started out and what I did is I went to five different toastmasters clubs in one week and I visited them all and I said I need to find the best one of the best speakers if I want to be the best I can be and I went to one with all these guys who like mid thirties forties who were like professional speakers who had one guy had a book on oprah and they're like speaking over the world making my professional money speaking and on this twenty four or twenty five year old punk with a cut off shirt in my cast and I walk up from like behind a podium like trembling like they're all in suits some like my name is lewis and I'm like looking down the whole time and I was terrified but I remember thinking that an order be an authority and get my message across so people take action I've got to be able to speak in front of an audience so once I started to learn how to speak without trembling and able to look at people in the eye and I wrote off my first four speeches I wrote right types like five pages word for word exactly I was going to say and when I would get behind the podium I would stand there put it on the podium and I would never not look up once I would look down and I read off my entire speech just read it off and then I would go sit down but for me that was a big deal it was a big first step and I'd at least did it got in front of an audience and they were so supportive toastmasters is a great way to be around a supportive group of people we're not going to criticize you eventually I got to the point where I was behind a podium reading down behind the podium with just no cards behind the podium with no notes in front of the podium with no cars in front of the podium, no podium at all no note cards my tent speech I got a standing ovation because I just practice little by little he got better and I focused on one thing each time so you can get better at this and what I did after that is I started e mailing and calling everyone who had a local business chamber event or rotary club and said I want to talk about how you can grow your business using linked in I've got a great thirty minute speech I love to share with your audience I spoke for free for the first year and a half on this topic anywhere I could go anyone that offered I would fly and do it for free I would drive a new in for free it didn't matter where it was I was there and again, it's this whole taking action, this hustle mentality is that if you want to come that authority, then you've got to do this, you've got to speak in front of people, you can also do this with webinars, so you don't have to leave the home if you don't want to, uh, they don't have to speak, but I think it adds the valium, the credibility does this any of this make sense to you guys? I know a lot of you guys already doing some of this here in the studio, but maybe online, you guys may have some questions. Are there any questions about any of these topics so far, either online or here? Swim right there, mike. Thank you, lewis. So for speaking it at events, it's okay to contact these groups directly and ask for their permission to go towards them as long as you're solving their problem. It's like a question, the second question. So what I did is I would go to these events, and I say so I would go to all the social media and blogging events, and I was like, okay, I want to talk about linked in, and so I notice, I wouldn't even notice that they're not talking about the subject, so I talked, the person organizing events say I know you just event twice a year would you be open to be doing a session on how to make money for bloggers on linked in or whatever? So I'd see the idea of the person you can also email them and say, look, I saw the speaker line up when I saw the agenda, and I know you're not topping on this specific thing. I really think it could add value, by the way, ever in a book about this here's my articles and all these different sites about this, if you're curious, so what? I'm gonna be talking about it so you would approach it that way? And, uh, I'll tell you a story off there was a cousin event that I really wanted to speak at, and it was actually tim farriss is bookmarking event last year was, like, ten thousand dollars ticket, really exclusive room of about two hundred people and remember him announcing it and putting out on a log, and he was like, we've got all these great speakers, you know, big names in the industry, no more new york times best selling authors were meat safe, he was speaking, they're a bunch of other people are speaking there I was like, man, if I could be on this list and speak, this would be baller, right? So I didn't actually reached out to tim the new he's too busy prior respond and I didn't ask him for anything but I reached out to his right hand man who was organizing the event who I knew pretty well I said, hey, I know you guys are already full of speakers but I feel like you're missing something so important that's gonna help all these authors learn how to market their book better and that's with virtual book signings there's just something made up it's called a virtual book signings but basically it's how to run ten webinars in a week a supposed doing ten webinar ten live events book signings in a month like an author would do wasting all their time and energy going toe to events right? And I said I sent him an email I said this is what it be and howto sell you know how to sell books in bulk through a virtual book signing tour and I listed five points I'll probably spend a couple hours crafting these bullet points I made them like the most influential bullet points that I could send it off to him I said again I know you're probably already booked with speakers but if there's a someone that's going to be not gonna make it let me know I'm happy to fill in last minute he said well this is the best bullets have ever seen in my life way are full but let me pass it or it's him and if someone drops out I'll let you know so at least I put it out there I was like, okay, and uh few days later I just called up and said, you know, again I know you're probably booked or whatever and the events coming up in like a week and a half, but if someone drops out, just let me know I'm happy to talk about this by the way, I just did a webinar recently for another guy, gary vaynerchuk we sold eight hundred fifty copies of his book in an hour with five hundred people on, so again, I'm going to show you guys exactly how to do this in the presentation and hand out that explains it. So I replied with the scene now and he's like, okay, you're in that's what he replied back right was like sweet so there's ways you can approach it that way find something they're lacking that you can add a lot of value and tell exactly what the value is that they're going to get from that that makes sense. Okay, any other questions? Yeah, but one of the first things you talked about was finding your unique opportunity so that you conform your expertise around here and this is my single biggest challenge because I have a million and a half passions and it kind of all surrounds you're kind of a similar topic twentysomethings but there's so many different ways to go into it so good you speak on you know how to narrow down your unique thanks you guys had something going yesterday when we covered the weapon our title topic what was that? What you guys were in our title? That was true. Yeah, but what was I think it's I think you gotta figure out you guys love to talk about travel for young people and how to like save money when you travel basically right have a living amazing life so I think you want to focus around that idea of travel hacking for young people so becoming the authorities on how to travel the world live your dream on a tight budget on a college budget right or whatever it is so then you become the authority on like how young people can travel the world have an amazing time without spending a lot of money that's once you're the authority on now you're creating content that surrounds that you could write a book about it through the product about it speak about it and that's what you talk about so you go to all these younger youth conferences and you're talking about here is you here's how you can live your dream travelling doing what you want thousand most month or whatever it may be that makes sense yeah this is a little off topic, but you had written an article about how enthusiasm can, you know, ruin entrepreneurship I can't remember exactly the the title entrepreneur dot com, but in remembering that article, I'm wondering all of these tactics that were learning, you know, in this weekend again, like I explained, I feel like I'm spending a bunch of plates and are you going to help us kind of create a plan that is doable? And I know we have to work hard and I know that we're gonna have to spin plates and it's going to be you know, you know, lots of work, but how do you create that weekly plan that's can be followed through on so tomorrow james's covering outsourcing and really kind of mapping all this out because again, we started in the beginning with the goal you know how much one hundred fifty thousand dollars you want to make? By two thousand thirteen, seven twenty fifth, you've got the gold and now hopefully we were ever share with you some of the ways to, like, make these things happen, but tomorrow james will be because I don't want you to do all the work yourself, I want you to have a detailed plan, so james, you like talking about outsourcing a lot of this stuff, so we're gonna be covering that tomorrow and stew chris really quick in the back yeah, in order to leverage some social proof should we use some information that we learned yesterday when it comes to drafting yeah, you could do as well, and the easiest way to get media is to write for the media so I'm featured in forms an entrepreneur because I write for them so I can put those logos on my site right? So start guest posting for media you start with a site like for the sports world, you could start with sports networker dot com, which is site that I own that has one hundred thousand sports professionals for subscribers. So you put down your site, then you get that in tow yard barker in tow, sportsnation into it and it grows into bigger media sites. So writing desk posing for media threaded with mashable it's like a big news site online. So I started writing from nashville for free leverage that to get the other media no, I mean, was it right for them and you're covered by them. So for starting out it's as easy as just maybe contacting contact and say, I've got an article for the site, okay, that this top I would like to see exclusive how the article already written done you wantto right if you share for them exclusively and say, I'm also talking with this other competitors sight okay what you want to email both um okay, yeah, cool so when you do that someone's gonna take it if they don't a smaller site will and you can build off of that to leverage it for bigger sites I mean yeah yeah, well that's ah insightful because I have write tons of articles for my blog's I never thought about going to mashable it was like they're not gonna want me on my way. Yeah, well, you know anyways that's good esso I wanted teo christina, what you were talking about in terms of I think it will lewis's kind of has taught us how to make how to make money and to put this going through there like the boot camp what they're talking about yesterday because really is a business order our focuses his sales and it sounds like you have a list of one hundred thousand people really you don't need any more leads, you have the right there, they just need to be engaged and, you know, and getting them engaged with you writing e book having a webinar it's I think we just and me included we distract ourselves like I was like, I need more leads I don't need any where leaves is only the truth and burn those I need to convert the leads I have like five thousand people on my website every month so because through blocks have been blogging for three years and I'm really on dh so I think it's a matter of more action and having having a product exactly there's talking about later today in the afternoon session how to convert these leads in the sales our subscribers right and they were then basically once you have the list you're set up right now to make a million dollars next year if you want to if you have a hundred thousand people that are actually engaged and will open your e mail there's no reason why you shouldn't make a million dollars you want to give it to me I'll make a million dollars there's no think when I started and I think that's what a lot of people out there that you know start internet businesses think is you need traffic traffic traffic so way were going for for originally major amounts of traffic and we were getting a million views a month and all I could think but I got so busy in you know all the other stuff that I wasn't focus here is the thing that I feel like one of my greatest strengths that could be a weakness for me my great strength is that I don't deal with any of the b s all the busy stuff right I deal with give me on a webinar I'm going to sell the crap out of this weapon are going to make people love the content I'm going to get a lot out of it and even if they don't buy it, they can still use the information to take action and help them with whatever those were trying to do other business. So I stopped focusing on all the other stuff started outsourcing the stuff that it didn't work for me and I just started focusing on all I need to do is build my list and get people in a webinar and sell, and I know I'm gonna reach my financial goal for me, it's that simple and we're providing this information for you not so you do all of it, but so you have access to this information so that you can take action on it when you want to. So let's say you've got a new product and you know that if you get it in mainstream press, you're going to be able to sell more of it because it's been featured in press. So when people see that on the sales page while it's a credible product when this site covers it, when this details magazine talks about this is the hottest product of the year, you're gonna get more sales so it's all a way to help you increase conversions and get more sales you don't have to do any of this that we talked about, you don't do anything we talk about tomorrow all you need to do is set the boot camp, do a webinar and focus on getting people to the webinar because then you can continue to promote and sell products those people as you have them on your list that makes sense so you can strip away all this media stuff you want all the traffic stuff you want the free travel stuff and just by traffic get it to your email list and then sell your products to make the money do you want to make you make a hundred thousand dollars very easily just by doing that and you really have the list you don't have to do any of this. All you did was take action what we said last night create a webinar creative product and then sell that product all year to your audience you need to get a thousand people to buy it for a few hundred bucks actually the prime example of somebody that like I started this company and focus mostly on the content and building the website and I think a lot of people do that out there you know with you know your good intentions and then the business fails or it goes out of business you ever have a goal? What was your goal starting? I want to help people share my it was michael yeah original like it's not working for me because you never knew what your goal was right but now you're like I want to be a hundred fifty thousand dollars in a year it's so simple once you know exactly what to focus on and the funniest thing I realized yesterday is that I'm the one that's standing in the way of course we all way overthink way have far think it's it's not working or is that I haven't connected with this person I haven't gotten here and I'm the one that's keeping is that I do it's still I should have made ten million this year right? But I didn't and because I get my own way I get distracted I'm get lazy sometimes but all you need do is focus on the financial goal that you one if this is amount of building a business if this is the whole topic is building a business you've gotta have some type of financial goal otherwise just building a hobby if you don't want to make money business needs to make money to stay alive right? So amen so just want to stay focused on the goal and maybe that's why I feel like I can reach my goals because I had to sports background and we always focused on every day was the goal for the season it was like how we got to get to the end result when we work backwards okay were to do this when we focus on this I'm going to focus my free throws whatever maybe and that's what was not like let's play to have fun like we're doing right now right? We're playing to have fun let's plato I want to swear here has played a win right let's play the win and reach our goals so it's just time to step it up, step it up a notch and just focus on the stuff again this is just an extra tool resource to help you improve your product improve your brand becoming authorities so you can make more money that's what this is so it's not like day one you know guess post for this side day too like you can create a step by step plan for lee engineering this but really it's just organic thing that happens over time and you can say ok I'm going to write five articles ah month for these guests sites and then I'm going to focus on doing some pr and reaching out for the people to get more mainstream press you could do that but you want to focus more on you've got the list, get him on a weapon all right now get them into a boot camp package that and then distributed how you want to that's what you want to focus on right now don't worry about youtube videos you've already got used to you is don't worry about it once you make some money then you can have someone go back and edit those videos for you the headlines, the put the lincoln there, and then get more traffic here to see that you're going to be under fifty thousand dollars a lot quicker than in the year. We've just got it just a weapon or once a month, and you'll make that. Then you can screw around and having a hobby if you want to. And just be inside yourself and try to mess around with everything. But just make the sales that's what you need.

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