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Finding Music For Your Edit

So here we are with media. And here's our piece by Daniel. We'll play some of that. Get some audio with the switcher in the studio. (upbeat music) Oh, yeah! So, I actually-- Quick question, do you like to bring in your audio early on when you have a track like that and edit-- Oh, yeah. --to the beats? Big time. As opposed to doing your edit, and then ... Yeah, so what I like to do, first off I like to just listen to a lot of different music to see whether or not I feel like it fits the vibe of the footage. So is that kind of the question? Exactly right. So for that purpose, I'm actually going to ... Is it okay if I just load up iTunes with it going, playing a little bit? Yeah, cool. And then what you can do is just set up ... (upbeat music) Actually I'll bring that down in the application here. So we can keep our levels up on the overall. And then I've got it set for just a single play. You can see I've got it toggled. So we can just have that in the background as we're...

going through the footage. It'll be the soundtrack to our next hour and a half. (laughs) You guys are gonna know this piece really well. So I'll stop it occasionally. But so we got the music going. We're getting our project kind of organized. We've got all our footage imported. So, again, just to do that, all we did was drag the footage in, and it automatically imported it. It also remembered our folder structure. Premiere calls these bins. So if you wanted to create another bin, you just go down here and create new bin. So got music going, and then we're gonna start just looking through footage. That was some camera tests I was doing the other day. And actually, one thing that's handy to know is if you hold down Shift key, the Shift key and one, two, three, and four. Do you see how it highlights the different windows? So I learned this actually on my flight back from Iceland. I was sitting right next to a video editor, that's all she does is just crank out edits. And she was showing me some little shortcuts on how to stay quicker. And so say you pop on over to the project assets window there, and then so once you're in there, you can just use your arrow keys, up and down arrow keys to toggle through. And then you can hit Shift + O for open. And then the space bar to play. And when you're working on a little laptop screen like this, that's what I was gonna say, is you want to have the little squiggly. It's the top left, you call that-- Is that like a tilde or the ...? What do you call that key, anybody? Tilde. Tilde? Yeah, you just click that. I'm constantly doing this on a laptop, so that you can really see your footage. So, all right. So we're going through here. I'm just gonna scrub through, see if there's anything worth keeping, okay.

Class Description

"To everyone out there wanting to learn how to fly a Drone and take incredible images and videos; I promise Blayne Chastain is your guy!" -Brooke, CreativeLive Student

Drones can be an expensive purchase, and without the proper knowledge, they can be dangerous and difficult to fly.Capturing the view from above can show perspective, creativity, and just look cool! But getting your camera into the air isn’t as simple as just grabbing a remote control. It takes knowledge, practice and patience to master your camera in the sky. In this class, Blayne Chastain will give you the tools you need to fly any drone and the techniques you’ll need to capture beautiful images and videos every time you go out.  After taking this class, you’ll feel confident in your purchase and in your footage. You’ll learn:

  • The basic components of a drone 
  • The safety tips and regulations everyone must follow when flying 
  • What to consider when flying in different weather conditions 
  • Simple flying techniques and advanced maneuvers to master 
  • How to capture beautiful media that you’re excited to share! 
 Blayne Chastain has over three decades of practice flying RC aircrafts. He is the co-founder of Cloudgate, a film company specializing in cinematic aerials. He's captured aerial footage everywhere, from the seat of a kayak in Iceland to chasing snowboarders down a mountain with his drone. With the teachings in this class, you’ll have the ability to maximize your flight hobby, and turn your images into a part of your business. 

Don’t know which drone to buy? Be sure to download Blayne’s “Drone Buyer’s Guide” to find out which gear is right for you!