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Preparing For Weather

Alright, this is a question I get asked a lot, is what kind of weather can you fly drones in? And I've flown in upwards to about 25 mile an hour winds with drones. I've flown in upwards to 50 mile an hour winds with remote controlled sailplanes. Matter of fact, one of the things that I love to do is fly sailplanes off of ocean cliffs and do slope soaring, kinda like hang gliders do. And the more wind the better with that, it's great. But with drones, obviously you're trying to get smooth shots. So you want to make sure that that contingency day that you're planning for is not just for the weather, but the general sort of weather but in terms of rain and that sort of thing, but also your wind because if it gets too windy your shots could really suffer. So, what I'd say is, in all the way up to about 18 to you're probably okay especially if you have a larger bird like the, I mean, this one we flew in upwards to 25 gusts and we ended up taking that one out later, and whereas this one was...

fighting the wind coming back this one was like, it just didn't even notice the wind. The Inspire just had that much more power where it just, it didn't seem to phase it too much. So that is definitely something to consider as you're flying, getting experience flying. And what I'd say is don't just fly, when you're practicing, don't just fly when it's perfect out there, get out there when it's a little bit windier, once you're comfortable, once you have your skills up, get out there when it's windy and just, so that you can be prepared on the shoot days. But yeah, I mean, take steps to get more and more comfortable with wind, but at the same time, you may just have to call it on to a contingency day if it gets too tough. We almost had to call the second half of our shoot because it started raining and one thing that, and it wasn't looking good, there was just this huge system comin' and goin' over San Francisco. We happened to be just south of it and so what we did is we pulled up the satellite images over on Wunderground, just jumping over to the laptop here. There's a ton of weather services, I use Weather Underground, or Wunderground.com, of course they have a iPhone app as well, and I use this for pre-planning, they usually give a pretty accurate 10 day forecast but of course, the day of it really helps to just click on the day that you're at and then you'll kinda see the general, what the chance of rain is, the temp, and then of course precipitation, and often times the thing that I'm looking at to see if it's gonna be a potential good day or not is the wind. So today, I know we started off a little rainy but I think right now it's kinda cleared up, it's a little overcast, so maybe the lighting's not gonna be as poppin' so much but the wind is within range. So that's just, yeah, just don't forget to check the weather forecast. I mean if it's super windy it's gonna be tough, it's gonna be tough to get the shots that you're gonna wanna get. Now with still photography you can get away, just kick up your shutter speed a little bit and if the drones being kicked around, but for smooth kinda video moves, especially when you're doing orbits, if you're kinda orbiting around a subject, you can really, especially that barometer, I think I've found that when it's really sometimes it kinda, the vertical stability of the drones kinda tend to wander a little bit and you can really see that, especially the lower you are to the ground and to the subject you really start seeing the motion. When we were, we did two shoots when we did our pre-shoots, and we had our first shoot, and then we went, later we went to the farm, and did you mention the software that we were using to have that Doppler where we were looking at that? Yeah. 'Cause that was pretty amazing what we did. Yeah, I think we were, after the day, we were like, what was your favorite part of the day? And I think that was one of your favorite parts. It was, yeah. So we were just usin' Weather Underground for that, so currently if you click, go back to the laptop, yeah, you guys are on it. Let's see, oh yeah, up here where it says WunderMap, I think that's what we were doin'. And so you zoom in, yeah this is something I do quite a lot is you get your section goin' and then just hit play, and I don't know how our internet's doing in here, yeah, here we go. And you can kinda see the movement. Seems like it's moving, is it moving northeast? Northeast, yeah. And that's exactly what it was doing the other day. North, northeast. So we were just on the edge of the rain and were like I think, we were both like, I think in 20 to 40 minutes we may be in the clear and we kept having rain on the windshield, we're sittin' in the car and 20 minutes goes by and Jim's like, ah let's wait another 20 minutes, and then sure enough, another 20 minutes goes by and windshield's just clean, the wind actually calmed down a little bit, and then we went out and shot our next round of pre-production shots and then it was funny, when we packed up and we were driving off the property it started raining again. (laughing) So we were like, yes.

"To everyone out there wanting to learn how to fly a Drone and take incredible images and videos; I promise Blayne Chastain is your guy!" -Brooke, CreativeLive Student

Drones can be an expensive purchase, and without the proper knowledge, they can be dangerous and difficult to fly.Capturing the view from above can show perspective, creativity, and just look cool! But getting your camera into the air isn’t as simple as just grabbing a remote control. It takes knowledge, practice and patience to master your camera in the sky. In this class, Blayne Chastain will give you the tools you need to fly any drone and the techniques you’ll need to capture beautiful images and videos every time you go out.  After taking this class, you’ll feel confident in your purchase and in your footage. You’ll learn:

  • The basic components of a drone 
  • The safety tips and regulations everyone must follow when flying 
  • What to consider when flying in different weather conditions 
  • Simple flying techniques and advanced maneuvers to master 
  • How to capture beautiful media that you’re excited to share! 
 Blayne Chastain has over three decades of practice flying RC aircrafts. He is the co-founder of Cloudgate, a film company specializing in cinematic aerials. He's captured aerial footage everywhere, from the seat of a kayak in Iceland to chasing snowboarders down a mountain with his drone. With the teachings in this class, you’ll have the ability to maximize your flight hobby, and turn your images into a part of your business. 

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  • First, I wanna start off by saying thank you to Creative Live TEAM for giving me the opportunity to attend this class LIVE in-studio! The experience was everything and MORE I could have hoped for. The TEAM really makes you feel apart of the family and I can't wait to come back! As Far as the class goes: To everyone out there wanting to learn how to fly a Drone and feel confident in flying, take incredible images and videos and everything that comes with it; I promise Blayne Chastain is your guy! He covers all your questions and teaches you how to get started from Learning to actually fly and how to practice, to what would be the best drone for you, FAA regulations and certification, to editing and your finished product. AND MUCH MORE But in order to fully grasp all of this knowledge you must get this class! I promise you won't regret it and will only grow! Thank you Blayne, for opening this door for us and teach us that THE SKIES THE LIMIT!
  • The class was excellent in the information offered. Real info that can help someone starting out to get a feel for what they need to learn and practice. While the info was great, the presenter was not to the level of other professional speakers I've seen on CreativeLive. He didn't seem confident in the information he delivered, stuttered quite a bit and lost his train of thought quite often. The video cuts were poorly produced for the most part. Showing us how to fly a drone that is represented by a tiny speck on the screen was not all that helpful. It kind of felt like there was little planning in the production more of a "seat of the pants" lesson plan. However, with all of these presentation flaws, the content was great info, so I would recommend the class with the warning to be very patient with the presenter and the production quality - not normal for a CreativeLive class.
  • This course was amazing. Made me actually want to go out and buy my first drone. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn the ins-and-outs of operating a drone for aerial photos and video.