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Marketing and Promotion

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BONUS VIDEO: Marketing Template - Design

Sue Bryce

Marketing and Promotion

Sue Bryce

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14. BONUS VIDEO: Marketing Template - Design

Lesson Info

BONUS VIDEO: Marketing Template - Design

The biggest mistake we make is shooting vertically and then wanted to use a horizontal frame I have differently learned to shoot more horizontally. So what I'm gonna do is extend the campus so you go image canvas size and you are extending the width, and then you choose which way you're going to extend a very easy thing to do. Now what I'm gonna do is go to my brush tool, and I'm gonna select the darkest area that I want to extend this background. Then I'm going to go to my less suitable and mark, it'll infer, marquis, I am going to go get it, phil. And because I selected with the brush tool that color, it will now fill that space. Now, the image on the right has a grady int in the background, and now the block on the left is dark grey, and it doesn't blend in. So what I'm gonna have to do is put a little bit of a grainy in in here, so what I'm gonna do is go to my brush tool, select the little grady in't lightness, and then I'm going to actually brush on with the brush tall, a light, ...

radiant. Now, there's two ways to do this you can use the grady in tall, but I find that people really struggled learning with the great intel, so I'm just going to get the brush toe, and I'm gonna lightly brush in here and create a light, radiant sickle that matches the background. Now, this is actually this there's so many ways to do this, but this this one works for me, and it is quite quick when I accept that. Now what I have to do is make sure that when I turned that mikey off that the block on the lift blends in with the block on the right and I'll be close, but it won't be perfect because that mark here's down the middle and I need that to change the color, and I know that when I turn it off, there will be a little line somewhere because it's not a dak one color behind him, so it will go to here, and I'm just gonna change the color a little bit. I'm just kind of give it a little bit more grain. I feel like it. Some warm it's picked up the warm tone from their highlight and go to my color balance to ten it mikey off d sixty that line there, I can see a little wee lines I go to my clientele. And at one hundred percent of pasty and thirty percent flow I'm just going to quickly brush very lightly over the edge being careful not to touch your white dress with each of my soft brush up and down and it blames it on nicely but it still looks at official to may I constituency a line so sometimes I can get this like absolutely first pop I can just get it matched the color but the darker backgrounds are actually had to make some the lighter ones because you definitely get some banding and the information on the shop but we're not teaching you in design we're teaching you how to do your own d I y marketing design on photo shop so to get around it to get around that banding and I can see the circular banding on their dark background I'm going to open another image now I shot this it's an oil background that I painted and what I've done is I've put it into black and white and then from black and white I am going to pick it out and I'm actually just kind of drop it on top ofthe this image and make a mask us there saudis they put on and then I'm going to stretch it out so command t gives me the free transformed points I'm going to stretch it right out and then I'm going to accept that and I'm going to go to my layers because now it's a layer that exists over the top of my photograph and what it's going to do is it has such a strong oil painting, texture and kevin's teacher when I drop it down, it puts a canvas texture on the wall behind and it covers up both the banding and it also covers up the the artificial look off a dark block and as I raced back very gently around this age. Okay, I feel like of a respect too much, so I'm going to go down and try that just touch on the dress just so feeders the soft brush into the background it starts to blend beautifully into the background. Now what I'm gonna do is I've extended the background and it looks like she's been shot on a really beautiful backdrop and I was gonna get to my race. It told us to do that. It makes you clean it up easy, just like that. This takes a bit of practice, but once you get it right absolutely perfect. It's gonna respect that light bit nice and simple blended them, touch, touch, touch twenty percent flow on your race told nice and easy until you have a beautiful blended background from here in a flat in their image now I always wanna design make it look like a magazine because that's my brand so what I'm gonna do from now as I'm going to go over my logo, I'm gonna pick it up I'm gonna drop my logo on there I can drop the opacity bag and change the color of my logo exactly the same way I do it all the other videos with tics and I can change the api city sorts it's and they nicely then I can go t for ticks, goto the ticks told t on the tow bar or tea on your short cut and I am going tio right with you, I can write my name, I can write glamour icon, right beauty I can write whatever my promotion is, but what I'm trying to do is to create simple, easy, beautifully designed visual marketing for my client. One of the hardest things to do in marketing when you start your business or even run your business is to pay a designer and I have paid designers and hated what they've done this way I can make it more about may more about my style, I can do it fast, I could do it any time. Make sure you export see m y k at three hundred d p I if you are going to get it professionally printed except the moves it and I can go back to my tics layer as soon as you have tea. T's. A shortcut. You can create a whole new layer, and then you can write more words. And then the words can be butted up against each other. Capitals used differently and marketing, and here move them around. Design she's a different formed something that sets the word. I have multiple funds if they go together. And then I started to create magazine style design that I use on my web site, that I use for emails that I used to my clients to market my business. Very easy to do, just like that. D I y marketing.

Class Description

Sue Bryce is going to select marketing challenges from some of you and show you how to solve them with products created using the selected photographers' images and brands.

During this special one-day class, Sue is going to present the problems and solutions and teach you to use them to get more clients and bookings by effectively marketing and promoting your photography business. By using submitted images and brands, she's going to show how these techniques can be applied to any studio - no more excuses!

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a Creativelive Student

A huge thanks to Sue for all the information you have given on this workshop. Your enthusiasm and passion is infectious and I only wish it could be bottled. To have the opportunity to watch for FREE is amazing, thank you CreativeLIVE. You can take notes during the live feed and pay nothing if you so choose, you will still be allowed to keep your notes. However I must also point out that for the price, the amount of information given out makes this even at the full price $79 a very cost effective business investment. There must be plenty of things Sue mentioned that we could all be putting in to effect whilst we wait Patiently for the Templates!


Love her energy. Loving the lessons and the down to earth manner in which she teaches. Sue Bryce and CreativeLive, you are inspiring me to move forward w/ my passion. Thank you

Nicole Gramlich

Sue Bryce is always a win for me. She speaks to not only your skills, but your heart. There are many times I can't believe that someone is willing to give so much. Excellent course, just like the others of her's that I've taken.