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What is Your True Path?

Sue Bryce

Marketing and Promotion

Sue Bryce

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1. What is Your True Path?

Lesson Info

What is Your True Path?

I wanted teo really hit home with a couple of things today well more than a couple of things, but I want to really hit home this one thing here, I need to level you all up I watching you all introduce glamour photography is a brand and then I'm watching you all build your portrait in winning businesses because I did that marketing survey and it basically showed me that over half of you are also waiting photographers in fact, over half of us shooting multiple genres ninety eight percent of us shooting multiple genres in some of you up to seven, so it was really enlightening seeing that survey and I'm going, I'm going to really show I'm going to show you how amazing that civil iwas there twenty three shooting videos on twenty eight day, so a lot of the people that are watching have already started already doing have watched all of twenty eight days and are working through them so out of twenty eight days, I did twenty eight shooting videos on dh I know that I could do twenty eight more v...

ideos on business and marketing, so today is about leveling up that other areas because if you having any issues within your natural light studio go to that video, if you have any issues mapping your states, your outfits in your program, you go through your mapping and since you're one composition, five posters or something you just have to keep practicing over and over and over and over again is changing those hands I'm still seeing too many hands I'm coming through for critique on and bid was so that I agreed to it his hands that just don't need to be in there the flow posing was about giving you sixty three poses in a very small space with lots of flow and that's something again you just have to practice in master then I put up shooting videos that correlated marketing and promotion so I wanted you to show couples in your advertising so you could market two couples when we bring the boys into the show we make more money I wanted to show you how I get that incredible connection through the eyes because I needed you to know that that connection is more important than anything else that you can capture when you photograph somebody in a portrait interestingly enough, I saw a few comments on facebook that supervises sees connection first, but I also say focus and exposure don't I because let's get I can't fix an expression I can't fix a focus and I can play with an exposure within two stops on either side if it's in a raw file but let's face it if you screw those three things up you haven't got a very good photograph so I really want to see more shooting, more, more, more connection. I want to see this gratuitous hands more shooting and I want to see you starting teo well, you know my roles chin, shoulda hands hourglass body language connection, these air the rules I've always head the shooting curve section of twenty eight days is is also as good as the curves on my website. You know, I teach cares a lot. I want to see more curvy girls and you marketing I want to seymour real women in your marketing. I love the conversation I had with dorn nash. I'm going to talk about that later because I watched on really light up when she talked about what she loves to dio and dawn said, I love to photograph women like may I'm so dumb. Why I love to photograph women like me a woman my age woman older, the may woman cu vi you know I want to seymour riel riel, really in your marketing there's another shooting video, which was all about posing two threes and fours, but the reason I showed you how to pose two, three and four was so that you could do it so that you could market it so that you could successfully advertise and bring four women into a studio and one sitting because it's four separate sales okay, and I threw families, and they're so that you could entice the woman and then get the man in and get the other boy children and so that you could create a family portrait shoot because it bumps up your average. I showed you how to shoot before and afters so that you could market with before and afters, do you understand everything about every one of those shooting videos? It was to teach you how to market your business, so opposing teams was about seniors marketing and shooting family first demographic corporate he'd shot, introducing an entire new genre into a studio and then getting more peripheral marketing from that glamour on location was about not having a studio that's going to come back up again because it was a big one in the marketing survey, shooting outside mothers and daughters. Now, these were all the big marketing demographics mothers and daughters were my on my biggest pullen okay? And then I've got my fifty and fabulous also one of the biggest demographics in the world. I'm going to explore this aa lot more. I'm going to shoot a lot more fifty plus in the next month to show you how amazing I've come up with this really cool idea for a marketing campaign for my own shooting business, and I'm going tio. Executed and then to the public and then see how much I can get this fifty plus market. So I'll tell you about that later because it's really, really exciting I showed you how to shoot in the back light because that is my most requested image off my website. So when somebody comes to me and says, I really love her, you shoot, I want to shout like this. That image is being requested when something is being requested from your website, you know, you have a product that is you no good, because you know that you can just repeat it and then get repeat business, but this girl, this demographic was one of the biggest shooting demographic is that I'm seeing and she's the lower spending off the four demographics. So I want you to go back to those videos and just watching the the in six when we talk about marketing how we introduce other people to every one of those marketing demographics, how I shoot that beauty shop because the beauty shot is what I use in my advertising because the advertising then looks like commercial advertising, not like portrait photography, a case every single video had a reason to be shot had a reason on how I would market it, how I make money of it, how it's relevant in my business and how I represent my brand with these shooting videos so you can look at twenty three shooting videos and say, I want more marketing every one of those videos was about michael ng. So then I showed you all the demographics, so I showed you the younger girls, the fifty plaster, forty to fifty with no kids, and then I showed you about shooting means okay, so I covered every single genre that I could possibly shoot in my studio on how I built a business. I covered every single genre, and now I need to show you how to market with it, because I feel like I have shown this and every single key note I've ever done. And yet, interestingly enough, I still need to level you up because is your shooting comes up, your marketing comes up, is your shooting comes up, you start building your brand. I've never seen a brand that's not evolving. I've never seen a photographer that is not saying they hate the website and they want to do this and they want to do that because you get sick of looking at it, but the people who are looking at your website don't. And even though I've changed my website and my brand over the last ten years, there are images on my website that are still from back then that air my signature images that people still love to this day so I wouldn't just change out everything and this you were really growing you're in your new b phase I want to talk today also about heather level upon this area here because I threw in an interesting little thing on one of mapo anna's pds which is kind of a kind of cool to see production is about service and to never every single one of these it could be another ten days because the thing is is I've been in the studio for twenty three years twenty four on august the fifth aims so almost twenty four years there's nothing I haven't seen in a studio okay, I've bean from the lowest of low to the high end tine studio I've done one hundred one weddings I've done a seventeen thousand dollar wedding my highest single portrait shoot was nine thousand dollars I've bean at the bottom of the barrel I've gone up through the elitist to global financial crisis you know drama with staff drama with bosses changing studios an entire genre dying I have such a wealth of information in my career because I spent my life time doing it and during that lifetime I've spent my lifetime um learning about myself okay building myself because I didn't come from money I had to learn how to make it I didn't have a marketing degree I had to learn help to do it and I figured that I'm seeing a lot of well I'm doing this and nothing's happening well you can't be doing anything I bought to shoot on a delta flight from new york to phoenix with no makeup on mihir in a band with china's on why did she book with me not because I looked glamorous because I certainly didn't but because I told her so excitedly what I do you know I can book a shape amy where I go I can book a shoot at the gym I can book a shoot at the local store I can book you shoot when I go for a walk and I just love doing what I do and it's really easy to talk about it all right, sam you know, I mean, I've heard this a million times I've heard it a million times of people that talk about marketing and stuff like that but I'm going to go I want to get to the truth of that so what are you prepared to complain about? This is what are you prepared to master like I put up twenty three shooting videos that all have a relevance to marketing and promotion all of them will make money or have or do make money in my business and I just want to know, what are you prepared to off those eight things? What are you prepared to actually master? Because if you want to master the shooting but you don't want to master the business that's ok, but you must find a business partner now currently know a photographer here who is an extreme talent. I've been working with her for about a year and a half I cannot on block this woman. She is so blocked when it comes to business that I I see her business closing in the next two months. She hangs on by a thread month by month in the pain that she enjoys to get to each month is just too hard to watch. So I said to her six months ago, get a business partner, not a photographer, a business partner that only wants to make money and sell your work. And she said, I'm not going to give half my business away, and I said she turned head for personal business. You don't have one if you are struggling right now. Today is the day that you find out where the struggle is, because a lot of you filled out leaving hundred and seventy eight people filled out my marketing survey, and I asked you what your obstacles were in every one of your obstacles are personal blocks. And when you say it's, the industry it's over saturated there's, too many people doing what I do at those and they're not true the your blocks and I've talked about blocks, so I thought, haddaway fix their how do I take something that's worked for me and trust me, not everything has worked for me and by any street to imagine I have failed so epically that there is nothing you can't hit me with confront me question may ask me that I have not experienced on any level both personally business, you name it. So I just am so excited about seeing this christian era because when I saw this christian here, it's like your voice normally, when you listen to me talk, you listen to me tell you everything I do, and I'm tying to teach you to be like me, and they're aspects of what I do that you like and take on aspects that you don't expect that resonate with you and aspects that don't it all never will and that's fine, I'm just trying to tell you, my junie, so you can pick it up and say, this is what so did, and I'm learning this and it's worked for here. But today it was about what you guys need and me trying to answer your questions. Now, one of the hardest things is I cannot answer leave one hundred eighty five personal obstacles, and I'm trying to think of ways that I can cover that speak to him, so I think I I think I've nailed it. So it's going to be really neat to watch this unfold. The most powerful tool that you have is your website. We know this it's first place people go it's, your online gallery, it's, your online life, if I'm out jogging and I see somebody, I start talking to them because I'm not really jogging if I'm going shopping, and I like to say that I was dogging, but really, I was shopping so same thing, so it's, my cardio, so I'm out shopping and I see somebody, and then I say, you know, I start talking to them, and I don't have a business card, I still have an iphone, I've got a mouth, you know, I'm a walking, talking, marketing, you know, tall for myself, because I'm so excited about what I do, and then I tell people what I do, the first thing they do is go to my website, now I have written an address off my web site on a mick donald's napkin standing a mcdonald's with no makeup on in trainers looked at this girl and said, oh my god, you're so beautiful it should this amazing amazing here and I'd love to photograph you and I wrote may website on a napkin in mcdonald's and gave it to her and she probably thought I was the weirdest person on the planet and by the time I drove to the studio went home shower drove to work, she had looked at my website and emails may okay, so my might my website is my online gallery now today I have bought june bag I call them in it's funny I shouldn't refuse your gym bag because you blame christy I thought blair and christy from tomb bag to help with help you critique your own website this is going to blow you away, okay, nothing prepared me for this now I've built a very successful portrait business and I've worked in one twelve years before I built my own building my own was the biggest eye opener in the world and I did in my first four month's pay a business coach just like you win and got extra training for photography you did my workshop, you know I don't know what you did christy, but you know we always a paying for education and so much of their education is to be a bit of photographer but now that you're actually shooting, you actually need to start educating or consulting in your business, so I'm launching a new brand next month it's such an exciting new business for me, and I'm being planning this for about seven years, so I've written it out written it out, and now it's time to actually make it happen, and so I thought to myself, what do you do when you really want something? You go to people that already have it, okay, you go to people that are already doing it. So I went to christy and clear and asked them to consult me, so I've bean so blown away by what they've done for may that I bought them on the show today so they can consult for you. So joon burgers a lot, a luxury online magazine and it's actually obviously weeding driven, so I'm not a wedding photographer. Why would I go to a wedding consultants in order to build a business? They're not wedding consultants, their business consultants, okay, winning photographers fifteen years ago, they built june bag in two thousand six, and why did I choose them? Because they've done the work and they're doing the work all right now, best educators in the world of people who have done it and it's still doing it. Not the people that almost did it, and a bitter it teaching it not the people who want to do it and trying to teach it, but the people who have actually done it and are doing it still. So they created a a luxury online magazine brained in blob monetized it, and that is their business. They have staff, they have an incredibly successful business, and over half of the photographers that filled in the survey are winning photographers. So this doesn't just apply to winning photographers because I've applied the consulting to my brain, so this afternoon they've put their consulting website up and you guys are going to be shocked because I think there's about eighty things on the list, and I think I'm doing three of them may so be really interesting to see what you're doing, so my new business model was called my beauty evolution and it's so incredible it ties in with all of my highest values. It ties in with everything that I've wanted to do with glamour photography throughout the world, it's, an umbrella company for the top thousand glamour photography's and the photographers in the world so I can market them and create an umbrella for them to give women the gift that I've been giving for twenty three years that I love to do so you're going to hear more about that later. So I sent out a marketing survey. The marketing survey was just incredible. I got a live one hundred and seventy eight people fill it out. The first question I asked is, what do you shoot out of? Eleven hundred and seventy eight? Eighty three said they shoot one genre okay? And that ranged arranged from portrait to glamour, and then the rest one hundred ninety five shot multiple genres in some up to seven. Now the highest rated genre in there was family portrait. It's kid's wedding was dead. Newborn asari glamour was fourth. But why was fifth newborn? And then they trailed off fashion pits, you know? So I got to see what it wass thatyou're all shooting, so family family was right up there at the top, which is absolutely incredible because I really want to spend more time in another time talking about family portrait's and family racket because we don't have enough of that, we don't have enough education around it, okay, then I started to ask the question. When do you block? Three times a week. Thirty five people out of eleven hundred and seventy eight, thirty five people block three times a week, twice awake, sixty six okay, once a week, two hundred city once a month, two hundred and seventy six sometime last year one hundred and thirty eight too embarrassed to say four hundred and thirty three all right, one of the first things I said in my workshop was if you are not a blogger, don't blawg because if you can't write don't want to write down enjoy riding don't have the blogged and I realized that I wanted you to play to your strength and sir if you're not a blogger don't blogged but then I've learned something over the last year and I've realized you're actually doing yourself a disservice if you don't have a blogged you're doing yourself a greater disservice by not filling it in so I started to build my block in the first two years of my business and I got it up to seventy eight thousand hits a month from nothing in the first year then I built it and I built it and they built it and I started to break into the hundred thousands and I used that simple recipe right there okay, that was that I've showed it to you before forty percent knowledge forty percent positive opinion team present personnel of the ten percent self promotion block twice a week I consistently blood twice a week for one year and I just built this following I gave information I showed images I spoke from my heart so I wasn't always grammatically correct I have terrible spelling because I have typing dyslexics type too fast and you know, I spell chicken, I graham a chick and, you know, I think when I first at it, somebody said you're stupid, you can't even write probably are on our second year. Well, I like what I write like I speak, so look out and but what happens is that translates into real nous, right? Because I'm writing exactly it was I speaking, people connect with that, and then it comes through, and then everybody just sees the real me. So what? I then realized, as I started to build my facebook sicken so blogged fierce facebook's chicken, and as I started to build my facebook page, my business page got up into the thirty thousands and I stopped blogging because I was facebooking twice a day, and I was facebooking twice a day, twice a day, and then all of a sudden I started to get emails coming to the studio. Where was that video? Thank you were talking about where was their linked to creative life? Where was that thing like, where was their video? We was that ballet shoot where was there? You know? And I was like, oh my god, people everything's on facebook! And then I thought, no it's not on facebook, it's only on facebook for thirty seconds because a news feed is moving so fast that once everybody else gets on your home feed you gone at least you come and visit my page or you have notifications and let's face it. Most people have turned their notifications off. I've turned my notifications off a year and a half ago if I want to see what my friends are doing, I have to actively go to the pages, so if people are not actively coming to your page, they're not seeing what you're doing. Have you considered that you think you're advertising and the only people that are responding on your threads are people that happened to be on the harm thread when you post? So they happen to be online at the same time having a check with you? Well, if I've got thirty seven thousand friends on my facebook page, it stands to reason a hundred of them are talking to me at once, but it's only a hundred once they're gone, they have to actively come to my page to say, or what so bright up to so the question you have to ask is, why would anybody come to my page? So now I realize what I have to do is I have to put everything on my blogged and and I look at it as an archive, and so I facebook and then I block and immediately now I'm not talking about facebook, the link I'm actually writing pretty match the block, at least it's a long winded one you know how I get those long winded blood's on this it's a really long winded one? I'm pretty much putting the short version on facebook with the image and then archiving the longer vision on the block and if there is more to the short vision that I want people to raid, I'll say more on the block, but I used to just say go to the block and then people would bounce straight to the block, and then I stopped blogging at all and just facebooked and the people were confused, they're like, what is the information I need? And they were missing entire shoots. I know this because I would look at my best friends and I would say, did you like the shoot I did with the girl in the red dress? And they go on and see that I got I facebooked it and I I didn't read your pages and I'll say, and I realize not everybody is reading your feed not everybody is looking at your feet, and most people may have even turned it off, you know? So you need to consider that and you need to consider that you're talking to sonja or whoever's online at the time, which could be anywhere from three to one hundred people tops and once you're three days gone it's off the page and it's done and there's somebody is actively seeking you they will not see it so we're over using facebook and we've stopped logging but those statistics really are alarming because that's four hundred and thirty three people that want to market the business is that do not have a blogged and I believe your creative photographer which means you should be shooting something every week every week and if you need inspiration like if you've got no bookings and you're just starting out you want inspiration follow hayley bartholomew because hayley can do the most amazing instagram shoots she'll find anything to shoot she photographed her own children and the most incredible way like everything stimulates haley so who presents online is way bigger than her brand you know because everything she does just drives back to her brand cause she is a constant presence on instagram and twitter and facebook with her beautiful little iphone shots so she is constantly stimulating people with their and they make she makes grid's out of them she puts them on her blogged and she's constantly finding things like that little project she's doing right now finding love hearts everywhere and now finding hot has become a hashtag and now I'm out finding hearts when I'm walking taking photos of little heart shaped things and has taking finding hearts that's smart business because that is constantly driving traffic to her whereas we won't shoot for two weeks and nothing and even worse you get stegman and your facebook will stagnate, your blood will stagnate you look stagnant and there is no work on there and the truth is the greatest marketing tool you have right now is your website and your ability to share it okay in the shearing is what social media is so everyone puts a lot of lot of lot a lot of um ernest on social media but the truth is it's just it's just a loud hailer cage everybody look at my website but if that's all it is it's not your brand that you can't personalize it there's nothing it just exists is a loud hailer toe announce things so we've really got to get you into blogging so we can talk about blogging later on because the block specialist we're heading over there now that went to may but I think what weeks may a lot of things were for me that don't work for a lot of people and there's one word in here well there's one line in here that makes me work more than most people in everything I do the bottom one because when I set my mind to something I am one of the most consistent people I know so what I did remember was I said an alarm on my iphone that it tina clark on monday morning I would I would see it often alarm and it would say right tomorrow's blawg and then on wednesday at ten a m alarm goes off and it's his right tomorrow's blogged for the first year and a half every time that alarm went off I go at this I've already written it because I like doing it that match I was already hit of my reminder that you cannot afford not to be blogging stop blogging fifty images three is enough tell a little story and this is my this is my theory I'm not a wedding photographer and yet this is so funny something old something new something borrowed something blue. Okay, I rotate four blog's I want to do for blog's the first one is something old because even guys what do you do? And you run out of stories and that amazes me who runs out of stories. I've never met anybody that runs our stories especially women we love talking so something old would be something I shot something I learned back then something I saw back then something that influenced me back then something that I loved back then something that made me a photographer something that made me shoot made me make a dress something vintage anything old that's come from my career now I'm lucky I have a long career that I can draw from but you can find something old something new is what I've just shot anything I've just shot is gonna go on my block so when a rotate pull up something old talk about how it's inspired me even show bad work whatever you want to do whoever your audiences just talk to them something new something borrowed could be any inspiration you find and any image you find in a magazine trying to recreate it it can come from somebody else my inspiration is supervise my inspiration is herb ritts my inspiration is something borrowed it could be a guest post a guest blogged it could be something you've read a book that you've read that has given you enlightenment or anything you want to share that part of yourself it anything you could borrow that comes from another source and then something blue that to me something blue is something true from your heart something that connects you to audiences person we are in the experience society now you know we're not loud hailer is we're not just shouting out who can shout the loudest gets work we've become experienced society all across the board everything we do in our lives is sheared online okay so really you have to share a part of yourself and if you don't want to share a pat of yourself she a part of one of your clients because I've never done a portrait shoot and not luhnd something incredible about the woman that I'm shooting and if she's happy to share that on my block then I can write a story around it and that connects may it connects her to more audience and more storytelling and the more you perfect this in home this the bigger the traffic is going to constantly be to your website so driving to the blogged instead ofthe facebook huge mistake now I've reversed it now I'm archiving back on my block and I am still sharing a lot on facebook there's a lot of times you might be at work you check your emails you see the news feeds who's written a long winded post in the market for later on right you might not sit there and read it but you know it's there you have a look the information might be relevant you like all suits written about that I'm going to read there and you might read it later but you might not get to it but then the next time my blood comes up I know that that's going to be three down and you're more likely to read three in one go then you add a jump in and read one straightaway really really important okay what social media do you promote your business used to promote your business one point eight percent of those people of the eleven hundred and seventy eight and do not use facebook a case it ended up being stephen right people are not on facebook now they might be somewhere in the world that doesn't they don't have excess access to facebook I don't know but facebook's about to hit one billion users I don't think you can afford not to be on facebook but we're gonna have a look at how you can at least utilize it because I don't think people utilizing it I think what's happening on facebook is we're building a community of friends and then we're building a community of photographers because that's what we do we look at other people in the industry we connect, we meet other photographers we follow photographers we like and we've seemed to have lost that middle component out of there which is the customer andi it's also really intriguing because when we talk about the website that applies to your blogged and if it applies to you blogged than an implies to facebook do you understand? I see facebook twitter and pinterest airs microbe logs it's micro blogging it's just a shorter version of blogging in it feeds off your block siphons so if that's the case then when these girls open up that website review from the consulting shape then obviously we can talk about how to excess blogged and facebook because I think that is just going to be absolutely mind blowing that we're not even utilizing it ninety eight percent of us are on facebook and twitter in ninety eight scene of us and not doing it properly now, again, how have I managed to build such a big facebook following and maintain it? Oh, I'm gonna come back to this because this is important pinterest had the largest was the largest shearing social network last year, larger than all of them a cape, more videos we shared because pinterest now his video shear you realize this so more videos we shed on pinterest then on youtube not uploaded or watched, but she hadn't tagged okay, and that is search engine, okay, anybody shearing and tagging is driving search engine, right? So six hundred seventy five people are not on countries make it six hundred and seventy six because I'm not either, okay, I have yet to even step into this arena, and I'm getting business from it. I'm getting people ringing me from all around the world saying I saw your chute penned and I have much to have a photo shoot with you, and I'm like, I'm not on pinterest but the people reading my blogger and the people reading your blogged or more likely pin an image they love. And dr went back to your website, okay? And that's why my whip guy put a pen tress pin on my blog's images, one of the smartest things he could do, I'd be there, it's one of your questions that I got right okay, so ninety eight percent of facebook and twitter six hundred seventy five not using pinterest year if I put up a pinterest challenge and start pinning will the other six hundred seventy five in all the other people who didn't fill out the cia, they do the same thing. Did you hear that? All right, let's do it. Microblogging etiquette, facebook daily connection tweet daily retweet pin weekly inspiration create boards you have to find a way to mark it on the periphery with countries because, you know, a lot of business boards. Well, you might be able to now, but you weren't allowed to six months ago, so I saw it. What? I can't have a business board, why would I have one? And then I realized, of course, there are ways for you to mark it constantly on the periphery without being a business board so instagram at least twice a week at least twice a week and hit the social media's consistently so again, connect all media archive to the blogged vigneault youtube interest monthly. Okay, because the blogger is your online presence that is constantly being updated and archived now I designed my website a year and a half ago haven't touched it since. I have eighty images to go on the galleries and haven't done it why don't you do it it's something you never get around to doing it until somebody has to look at your website publicly and then you're like oh, but I've finished my website because it's just something you don't get it is the most important part of your business and it's the one that you always let fall and then interestingly enough is number these are being connected in the right way okay, so what you need to create is a facebook media social media presence that actively participates to an audience not to friends okay? So it's something that gives back to people connects them to you and makes it work now I think what we're confused about is their personal facebook in our business and we're not building our business facebook we're spending more time in our personal facebook and I think it's really, really intriguing that you would spend all this time in the morning in the afternoon on your facebook when the feed's going to be gone and fifteen seconds and there's nothing else that exists for you the all day sit for someone coming in online and maybe seeing your status update you might get seven likes on a comment and you've spent an hour on facebook in the morning and it's not actively marketing your business, not butt in the street to the imagination so I recently got challenged on indeed with so none of my marketing's working nobody wants, you know nobody's calling from these vouchers, so the first thing I did was I went to all three girls that were complaining I went to the three of their facebook pages not one of them have uploaded a shoot in over a month one of them screamin ins are you a photographer? I don't think you are think you're lying to me, but one of them had advertised herself about four times on the special she currently has going on at the moment to who for what you know do you see me ever tie special bennett's on facebook but you never see that right now. What do I do? I post images so every time I post a shoe everybody likes it complements it talks about it, she is it and it just keeps going and going and going. I get more traffic to my facebook by posting my work than I do by talking about anything else except for when like I attacked my skill into my stockings and walk through seattle airport and I got like two thousand or when I had my head curly and I got like four thousand likes on something and I was like really it but it just shows you two things people want to connect visually and they want a laugh you know, people just wanna lighten up, and so if I can just be my quickie self and like when I took my sweater off and nordstrom and punch myself in the face and you know, I post it because it's me and it's really and it's stupid and funny and it connects you to me, but that's not what keeps you coming bear and then I will post the way work that I do and the work that I do is wit that I love, okay, and years people do not always give you the positive, you know, you could get a thousand likes and one really horrible comment, but it's, good to have equilibrium. Yeah, not everyone likes you, not even likes your work that's a good thing, embrace that. Don't be afraid of having your presence on there. Don't be afraid of joining imbued with so and putting your images out for critique, but understand if you're going to cry about it, then you're living in a fantasy world you're living in a fantasy world. If all of this connection putting it out, there is scary to you that you're not going to get negative feedback, the internet is trolling and it can be so cruel. Twitter is anonymous but I call them drive by shooting somebody can literally drive past you shoot you you don't know their name all the website you can't track it and next minute you're crying and eating a pound cake and drinking a bottle of wine and the truth is is that you can't have a thousand people tell you you're amazing and not have one tell you credit so those three photographers that were complaining about not getting work no one of them had posted a shoot one of them had posted a discount discount discount on what you're not showing me anything that have you had doing anything and if you are doing it, why aren't you showing it stopped telling me and trying to sell me what you do and show me what you do so I can get excited about it show me show me for god's sake and if you haven't gotten a book and go and shoot someone for free it costs you nothing but time and unless you're working full time and you're trying to build a business in the weekend but I'll tell you something about somebody who does there because I remember doing the same thing you are working full time and you are shooting part time in the weekend you're hungry you're hungry to do this because this part of your soul that knows that you clock in nine to five and hate your life and you know that on that saturday when you get to do that winning or that shoot all that portrait shirt that you are finally free so it's not that woman it's not that man that's doing that they're person is loving it it's the person who's sitting at home not doing it in complaining about not getting it so get up and do something there is no way I'm going to write you an action plan today with two hundred slides in it and not hold you accountable. Everything that ever ever did in my business is because I worked so freaking hard at it because I love doing it god, what part of that don't you get it? I reek of it you think I stand there and tell people what I hoped to be? You couldn't stop me from doing this even when they said I couldn't I have said that over and over and over again so what are you looking for? You looking for that passion today? You're hoping to get that because you're the only person that can tell me what spend your wheels you can't look at me and go, I'll have what she's having you can't do that that is ingrained in my desire to want to be something I want to be a photographer I want to be successful, I wanna photograph women I want to make them look beautiful I want to show them their true selves. I wantto experience that every single day like that's what I want, so if you can't write down what you want and if what you want it's more shapes at a discounted price of three hundred seventy five dollars, then what you want is three times three hundred seventy five dollars gone get a job, I get a job if you're not prepared to fall in love with what you're doing or actively do what you love doing, then you're in the wrong place for yourself right now and you need to loosen this every wake. I want to see shoots on facebook and I want to see it archived on your block. I don't care if you were giving away shoots don't give them for free, give them a gift voucher with a dollar amount remember then, when they show people their images and share them on facebook, you can say I won a gift voucher or I was given an amazing gift voucher. I got three hundred dollars with the photographs, I got five hundred dollars with the photographs, they're telling people that they got the value with you and so if people here for four hundred dollars, five hundred dollars, twelve hundred dollars, whatever they here and then they like the product they're going to go, I want to do that I want to do that but at the pace and said, oh, I just did this reshaped for this friend of mine then clearly it's not building you what free shoots will do and we never called appreciate so what gives out total complimentary shoots? What does is get you of beautiful folio will connect your social media, market your business and keep you in love with photography the sick and your energy shifts around that you will attract clients and I want to see the work off the three folios off the three women that complained that they're not getting work that I looked at, which is the reason I wrote that are you good enough? Blawg I looked at the wig and I didn't like it, so maybe nobody else does either did you think about that? Maybe you're just not good enough so you're not in love with what you're doing because you're not showing me anything you want money for it but you're not that good at it you're not actively showing it off so you're either not doing it or you don't want to show it off or you too scared too and you're complaining about not getting anything there's a cycle here, right? Okay this is what I want to break I got to break this cycle everything we do right now is an experience society a billion people owned so about own iphones, smartphones, mohr two billion people in smartphones were now connected to the internet online everywhere we go your clients will shear every experience with you and everyone else every experience so now and I don't know how many times you have to tell this to people because this is the hardest one for me to grasp in terms of being a business aina this is where I dropped the ball I dropped the ball and my customer service in my experience service all the time it's the only place I dropped my ball I drop it I drop it I drop it and the problem is is the person you're sharing with is also sharing with everybody on here you get that good and bed okay if they like you but they don't think you were that good they're not gonna put it on any of the social media if they love you and they love the experience in the images they're going to put it across the board on every social media if they hate you they're going to put it across the board on every social media. So the only time people are not sharing with you via ticks pick skype facebook, twitter countries and email is if they're passive towards you like passive is near death experience at least height will bring you more traffic to your sight because they're posting about us he was going to go and take out your work uh, so, you know, there is differently bad press and being hated, but the truth is is if you are not getting referrals, you are not either actively seeking them or you're not doing the work to get them. If people are not actively sharing your entire life on facebook, twitter, countries and email, if they're not doing that, you're not doing anything to get that either good or bad. Okay, because of your clients are passive to you right now, then you're not doing a good enough job, and my job is to make you a bit of photographer so you can make more money, right? That's everything I've ever tried to teach you is for you, too. Define yourself, define your role, define what you love and make yourself a bit of photographers so you can make more money. All right, so this is really, really obvious to me right now, and you need to ask this question, so we've got a critique survey, not the website critique. We've got to critique surveys that the girls have written for you. One of them is a critique to go out to your clients that you've photographed toe ask about you was a good enough was a fast enough, it responding was I kind to you, did I make you feel important? Did you receive your images in time? Did I follow up my emails and phone calls quickly enough? You are going to be so shocked when you put that out because we're going to teach you this afternoon helped to create a private google doc survey like the one that you filled in for may that khun b e mailed directly to every one of the clients that you have photograph so you can ask those questions and get the hashes feedback you could possibly get to find out what you did wrong all right? Because if you're not getting work whose fault is that who's responsible for that you can get online and blame anybody alike but who is responsible alright so alone there is just this is shake up day this is challenge day I challenge you to twenty eight days you challenged me to market your business I got this all right you got to challenge me to market your business then you're going to challenge me to market your business that I've got this boy I'm going to use it sue asked us for that and we all got scared so you should be a cz well, just from reading the comments here in the lounge so you are definitely shaking it up, okay christy and they don't appreciate it just so you're um just so you're aware thank you so much um just so you're aware I have said everything on this keynote at some stage in the last three years when I speak to people either at a workshop on stage, this is the first time I've been able to pull it together as one power keynote to make you see across the board what's going wrong, and if this could be the biggest wake up call for you in your business right now, then this excites me like no other. Why do I feel like I'm so firm about this? Because I feel like what I'm dealing with and I know for a lot of people it's true is what I'm dealing with is a lot of empathy, a lot of people that are not taking action around this area, and I understand that I highlighted marketing my business, I like it now I learned to like it, but I'll tell you why I'll explain why? Because I lent to get excited about what I was creating, and I didn't value the marketing or selling portrait when I was in my portrait business because I didn't bury myself as you well know. And once I learned that, I also learned to value myself and given receive so there's a lot of personal components, I think that block you, but I need to get the perfect balance between an action plan with really good, actionable marketing tips. That you khun template and go and make and sorting out the personal self at the same time because I think they're in direct proportion have you designed a pdf email price list this is for the four hundred and ten people that heaven put out your hand you serious people seven hundred and seventy eight of you wow I've been saying this and every keynote for year and a half design and online emailed you hiding you hiding it now okay this is absolutely mind blowing to may okay seven hundred and seventy eight people have actually done it that means there's thousands of others that have actually done it and that this four hundred eighteen people just on the survey that happened so let's hit this first because even the people that have designed it I'm going to hit you to the next level okay you've designed it I'm impressed let's have a look at this this was mapple anas email process after who first creative life in march last year she designed it how many months did it take you to design it so even though I said it match it took you till august to do the first one okay black background white writing neither easy to read all of the girls exactly the same demographic same age same ethnicity same here color same body type okay so my plan is telling me no before and afters I photograph really hard how wine chicks in the story and that's called that's fine is that your market know your market is all women might wanna read photography here and make up class photo shoot well that's a bonus you by the hair and makeup and we'll throw in a photo shoot ok? And they we've got a cd with print rights which is just fusing because nobody knows what print rights are all portrait state by teen through five images teen images fifteen images black box which I don't even know what's in the black box so I don't know that I'd want to buy it and all that you think that that's a great little representation of your business and so then she had this which was information that you needed it was badly designed, you know, pink fund and it was important information to remember for your chute and my all time favorite was no alcohol allowed in the studio and please come sober okay? It was too wordy it didn't make sense none of that sold the experience to may so what it wasit wass essentially what everybody's done they've gone and designed in information pdf with your information on it but people don'tjust buy information they don't want information what people want is what am I going to get like what's in it? For me I'm the client I'm paying so you're giving me all these numbers for what and what happens if I don't look like any of them? Because that means I can't go there. And what is it ought to hear? Makeup. Okay, so it doesn't even accurately communicate what she does or what she's giving or what she's selling. So we challenged my iguana in the cool thing about my plan. A is we actually challenged here on dh. I did the critique of it. So this is the critique and it's actually on my blog's. So if you want to listen to it, listen to it will keep the sound off for this. Basically, I showed her fierce too, and I told him up. Wanna what? I would critique. I did not do it for her and I did not write her list. I just critiqued it. She went away, she came back and she gave me the second round in the second round. She designed on issue. Okay. And I recorded the screen and I recorded my critique. And then I put it up on the block and I think it's at such a neat critique to see, because you get to see the evolution off her designing, going to the next level now she still head some communication issues. You know, like it's far as I was saying we were laughing about this and how this didn't work and we were laughing about the paint can that and no alcohol? And then when she went to the issue magazine it was still missing, it looked more slide showing than magazine it was definitely looked like low budget design it didn't accurately communicate a product that was with twelve hundred fifty dollars yeah, because remember the old story in two thousand and he had two thousand I was in paris and I got approached you know, when you're young and stupid by this guy to go into louisville thanh and spain three thousand dollars on a hamburger french francs on a handbag for probably chinese underground with something with anyway, so I did it because it was such an amazing experience and I got five hundred dollars for it, and I remembered thinking in that moment I was a photographer back then and my average sale was eighteen hundred fifty dollars and that was what it cost in new zealand dollars to buy this handbag and I didn't get I don't treat my clients the way I got traded in louis vuitton and on the shops lisa in paris, and so it occurred to me that obviously if you're not treating your clients that for what you're worth, then obviously you need to have a look att relative product so if my average sailors three thousand dollars, then clearly I'm the price of a prada handbag and I need to treat my clients like that so she went to issue and she designed this which looks to me like a photography album which is fine your photographer this is l go to this is they'll go to it's missy, none of it's aligned design wise nightmare but you know, in terms of visual component, I bet you your family wouldn't have noticed any difference because and it's their designers would be like our mother that's great work well done, pet pet pet but you're competing in a market with thousands of other photographers were your visual display is everywhere and it's competing immediately with other people's with juices, design experience and what it's giving? And so I had to go through watch the critique because you can hear what I what I do and what I don't like about it it's all my blog's so you can just go down and find it and I can update it if you want, because what I really love is this this is where my po is now, so this is her third design it's the third design and she's been doing this she produced the first one for me in february, the second one on march and this one in april for a rematch rematch table sir in three months she's now here again she listened to that critique that was online and this is what she's come up with she's cleaned up all of her line she's gone full page blade and she's using her before and after she simplified so who? First two pages and now not that missy album, but now full bleed and it looks more magazine right? Who would look stunning? It's really easy to see what she does and why she does it. Why she does it. Okay, then this she's linked videos she's got behind the scenes pictures and she's showing multiple demographics because that's good marketing that tells me more than one woman will come into my studio and it looks incredible. I absolutely love this. I love this good for plage bleeding and I love this. I love that at all features in there and that tells me a story. This petey if no longer needs words but you can click here for behind the scenes video. Right? So it's informative it's beautiful it's attractive tells a story. You proud of this? Yeah. Okay, you get to hear, be beautiful and celebrate you and then the price list so much better she's no longer selling a makeover with a bonus photo shoot she's now selling a photoshoot which happens to include here and makeup, which is really wonderful she's got her digital for orient folio it's, not print rights or anything like that. It's a simple digital folio war portrait in an album a five by five album because the public understand that word. And then we've got the ultimate glamour collection and that two biggest price, biggest package, highest price line right there. So she's educating she's enticing, she simplified it and it says, call me for a personal consultation and before it had something about women in mirror. So to me, the evolution off this design is absolutely phenomenal when I go back and species, when I see the secret, could take the one that I put on my block because I think the evolution of this is incredible, especially when I look at this girl here and also she's gone with an issue magazine, which I'm going to talk about soon, so just hold tight. And so the one thing that took me by surprise when I looked at it as like I loved it and I was really impressed when I looked at this image, I looked at the retouching on the face. Now I'm no longer looking at you work like a client, I'm looking at your work like a photographer. And I'm like a little bit over retouch for me in terms ofthe um I see what I see what I call when you even you watch my father's shop videos is bruising okay so I can see a ripple in the cloning on the face and so what I did was I thought to myself I'm going to show you how close you are to may because it's really important that you understand how close you are to may because if you put me up on a pedestal off being so far away from you in terms of what you're creating then you're really missile lining your own capability so I asked my planet has seen made thie image and reattached and I was going to retouch it in design that pity of paige okay just to see how different I would do it just using my skills now I've got mad for the shop skills because I've been doing it for years way before the computer was invented and I had a paintbrush and then I mastered photo shot when I got it and I think in the first three years of photo shop maybe vision three and four and five six was my favorite um big man that I probably could do I could pull anywhere from twelve to fifteen hours a day unfairly shop I loved it that match and I mastered it like photoshopped to me was something I needed in love to do so I'm just gonna bounce from marketing just to further shop just to show you can finish up, enhance your marketing so can photo shop and design give you a better online presence? If you can't afford to pay a designer in a foolish abba now I need to do it myself because I couldn't afford to pay anybody else I could not afford to pay anybody else. So it was one of those things on twenty eight days, there is a, uh, retouching video for the backlight to show you how to get that really amazing back like that again and finish it if I show you how to slim curves and do all that and I also show you how to do the two minute body contouring in two minute face rule that's already on your twenty eight days, I need you to perfect this because it makes such a difference to your final product. All right, so the first thing I need to teach you and that's what I'm going to do today is how to extend those backgrounds because all design is for blade, not boxing, and once you learn how to do this photo shop does this in seconds, you can do this on photo shop so easily it's not funny, you select that color, you select that color, you swap over your background foreground you less so in the new usual radiant tool you play with it takes a little while and then you clone it together then you can create any professional advertising on finish up yourself vouches anything you want that's not boxed in an album looking and then you're creating really basic things like this that put you ahead of everybody else and is a fighter shopper you can learn this you can outsource and pay a design it yes so he were with you are pity if and I noticed that bruising a little bit and your highlights of quite strong there's a little bit going on in the background and you sent me the image and then I retouched that image on the right and so the only difference really between you and mei was ahead a little bit more even this on the face I'd took off the boon of the highlights and I pretty much took off the been through the whole image and I just gave it a slightly softer tone so there wasn't so much rid in my contrast but as soon as I did it so that's the before and that's the after just retouching so it's slim to your arm and I slim to league because who lead is pointing towards the camera sir it looks bigger than it is she's not going to buy a photograph of the league looks big and then I slim to arm so that you and then that's, may and it's a very subtle difference. But it's a more polished difference, but it's very subtle and so that's how close you are, you know? And I think that's really, really important. I really want people to understand I can then think of fifty things to ride in that top corner, you know, like I can think of fifty ways to write it and all it was was a bit of font and less highlights bent out and a little bit better retouching on the face, but just with a slight polish of more photoshopped, a little bit more distance, you could take your designs to the next level. So what we've done is we've put templates and here let's, look at them, we're going template, voucher! We're going template. Pds were template. The priceless riff urals rewards we've got every single type of template could possibly be made from these. You could make a hundred templates from nice. Okay, so I want to talk about how we can make all of these gift vouchers were causes so much confusion around it because all I hear is feedback is how do I give this away? How will I get paid? Because you're under the illusion that if you give this away that you will not get paid but the gift voucher is to get them into the shoot it is not to give them photographs you're giving the money to spend on photographs so what you're giving them is an incentive to come to your studio now you personalize this in any way that you like all of these templates here can be changed the trilling can be taken off the woods can be changed the font it can be changed if free single one can be changed in a least twenty thirty forty different ways okay these are the templates that we started with was show reels ok if you've got them you've got these tim plants I've added on also uh here we go here we go okay so just to show you this here this here this here same template okay all I did was change the image change the color of the font changed the font that's all I did so the options I think I endless there's just hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of ways you can do this did you get these templates might wanna yes yeah did you use them have you created a gift voucher with them? I used them but I I changed it up a little bit so it's a dollar value yeah that's okay, not how you use it but you did use yeah yeah okay so then I've got video's recording off how I did them including how to extend backgrounds so every video shows you how to do it, how to extend backgrounds, how to change each template, how I designed each template from each design and then how you can make it entirely around. Okay, so I have to make it so easy for you that you will go and do this right? Then we have to talk about how you're going to use them. There are fold out multiple fold outs pages you can use brushes, pds I showed you how to create a grid, how to make like my website headed, create multiple images, the ideas and endless and because they're in layered, photoshopped files, you can turn off any layer you want. So if there's a design in the background, you don't want to get off, just turn it off, but what you're doing is you're creating dynamic visual marketing for your brand that is going out via email and email is still the strongest way to market and connect the audience. All right, there is heat ings, pages have pages, there are so many different ways in those four videos there is the magazine page that I use in all of my design, okay, it's simple, I created it, I put the shadow, I put the line down the middle, I put highlight so that when you drop an image on it looks like an open magazine I just wanted to do that just to create a little bit of a modern, different spin, too. How is presenting my images online? It really went crazy and everyone took off with it, and it was a really cool thing to do. So that team puts in there as well.

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Sue Bryce is going to select marketing challenges from some of you and show you how to solve them with products created using the selected photographers' images and brands.

During this special one-day class, Sue is going to present the problems and solutions and teach you to use them to get more clients and bookings by effectively marketing and promoting your photography business. By using submitted images and brands, she's going to show how these techniques can be applied to any studio - no more excuses!

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a Creativelive Student

A huge thanks to Sue for all the information you have given on this workshop. Your enthusiasm and passion is infectious and I only wish it could be bottled. To have the opportunity to watch for FREE is amazing, thank you CreativeLIVE. You can take notes during the live feed and pay nothing if you so choose, you will still be allowed to keep your notes. However I must also point out that for the price, the amount of information given out makes this even at the full price $79 a very cost effective business investment. There must be plenty of things Sue mentioned that we could all be putting in to effect whilst we wait Patiently for the Templates!


Love her energy. Loving the lessons and the down to earth manner in which she teaches. Sue Bryce and CreativeLive, you are inspiring me to move forward w/ my passion. Thank you

Nicole Gramlich

Sue Bryce is always a win for me. She speaks to not only your skills, but your heart. There are many times I can't believe that someone is willing to give so much. Excellent course, just like the others of her's that I've taken.