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Publishing with Issuu Magazine

Lesson 2 from: Marketing and Promotion

Sue Bryce

Publishing with Issuu Magazine

Lesson 2 from: Marketing and Promotion

Sue Bryce

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Lesson Info

2. Publishing with Issuu Magazine

Lesson Info

Publishing with Issuu Magazine

Have you designed an issue magazine now? I'm not sponsored by an issue by any stretch of the imagination. If you have bean to my website and watch deals video, then you'll see jill's video comes with a magazine now why did I do that? It's a plug in which dustin, when he designed the page he just plugged it in is a invaded, pregnant and my on jill's page two is I felt like the documentary was about chill, but the issue magazine is about may being a photographer it's my story and in a texas to the video. So in tombs of multi media, you can watch the documentary and you can read the magazine I designed it so quickly overnight that I could go in and plant that up. I could tell more stories about jill about nikki about paris, about giving jill's shoot to hear about the experience that we all head personally and I should go in and make that magazine better because it's something that for twenty dollars a month, twenty dollars a mounts, you can do unlimited publications, I'm limited publicati...

ons and the size of a magazine is not based on how many pages you have it's based on the size of the magazine, so if you're putting really high res files and there you will not get I think it's two hundred thirty six mig is that overall size so if you're saving your images in a lower j p did not fit in the beautifully but why is this working for a lot of people you've done it and it looks really good on line you can be on private you can also upload a magazine you can upload a design to issue and click it his privates and nobody will see it upload it save it and get it printed and sent to you as a bound book which a lot of people were doing with twenty eight days workbook they were putting it online is a private um private magazine getting it printed so that they could use it as opposing guide and workbook while they're shooting okay and it really works do not put it as a public file other people will have access to it if you were doing something with a copyright on it make sure it's private very very important okay the issue magazine the template I did to make it look magazine had nothing to do with issue it I was just like ripping off the little black shadow I was like oh I can make that on fetish shop and I made it on a shelf and I used it like magazine star when I did any of my advertising but issue magazine was specifically for jill so now in my new site I'm featuring about five other pages with five video stories like jill's and every single one of those videos is gonna have a magazine style aboutthe shoot, so you're gonna watch a behind the scenes videos and then you're going to read about it. You're going to read about the experience from my client's point of view because heavy noticed my advertising behind the scenes videos. I don't have anything from my client's speaking, talking about their experience, telling what they enjoyed showing the final images, you get to see three images flesh up at the end and so it's like an album that you can flip through an entire shoot. You khun get words from the person that you just photographed, you can get this story, the journey, why they came to you for a shoot, what they got out of it, what they love the favorite infante images this is my husband's favorite image. This is my favorite image. This is my son's favorite image. You can write stories about them on issue and put us many of those magazines online. You can have an issue magazine gallery on your website that features shoot of every person, and you could have the before and after on the cover. So if you want to read mohr seymour learnmore, connect more, you can read about it, and how exciting is that? And that opens a world of opportunity also ever since. Jill's video went up and issue went online I started to get followers on issue because people follow you on issue and now I have something like eight hundred followers on issue and so whenever he published anything on issue that's going to go to those subscribers just like youtube and romeo so twenty dollars a month unlimited publications that's a pretty good deal all right this was the issue magazine that I designed and you don't need to design it with the line in the shadow in the middle because when you drop it onto issue that is all the a four year what you need to do is just choose your speaks and you can pretty much twos any size you can have a shorter wider magazine that suits your website or you can have a longer skinny away and it's up to you so they make it based on the size and I tell the story just like a magazine and it sits just above deals video so if you haven't seen it I've designed it just like that it was really neat fun design I showed the shoot and lenny process uh she danced under the eiffel terror dawn you know that's a double page spread and ijust featured my work like an album like a wedding album now what is the one thing all people love to do when you're in an expo and you have albums on the table is flipped through them you know people love to see ah whole shoot the whole story they really love it they kept debated by it and they'll spend more time looking at photographs and they will reading your words and if you haven't seen it on jill's page you just go to my website and have a look under the light that shines a documentary for all and sitting above the video is a little icon that says read the story watch the video so I've made it really people really easy for the public to understand read the story watch the video okay there's no mystery like dropbox yeah no mystery it's like you know what you could work it out on your own it's like read the story watch the movie and you know why I did that it's di ironic not just because I've been swearing it dropbox awake but because when I designed my first website I didn't put anything on the front page but three images in my name and when you scroll over the image it changes color and then obviously it's a lead in to go gallery and the word gallery popped up I watched my four best girlfriends none of them photographers opened my website and go oh it's really good I was like you didn't go into any of the galleries and that like I had no idea that and they leave attached they just opened it and were like there's no menu this now and so I literally went like, click here I put it back and era because I think you know it's not always obvious to everybody make it obvious what you want people to do read it, watch the movie and it's a beautiful story and it's a beautiful book and it's a beautiful vision and effect we took that design and we put it into an album and celtics who make my folio boxes with nao printed two beautiful big winning likely the albums and send them to jail for her in her mom. So jill has that whole thing in an album just like that and there isn't a client alive that doesn't want to see this story like that. So this is using two major components here behind the scenes telling stories and connecting but the person who's most connected to the show is the girl that's in it and not because it's jill because I could do this with any shoot and I would get this reaction said that tells may that if you were to create a behind the scenes and you would've feature an issue magazine um ofyou door and your incredible journey which you are about to share with in your business and brand which one's going to hear about this afternoon they wouldn't it stand to reason that that would have teens of thousands of she is is that not good marketing my friends? Okay, so it's the one thing you never thought you would do it is the one thing you thought was your weakness that's now your greatest strength and it is the greatest connection that you on and you can tell that story and she that story and a magazine like this oh, I'll do the pictures for it you just write the words you know that would give me the greatest joy to capture that right now telling the story telling the story, telling the story wrap it up with ways of bean I'm I'm maura about telling the story and then finishing this here I'm telling the story with images sorry and then finishing it with words you don't have to bay an amazing photographer in order to sustain and income I've seen people who are average photographers that sustaining and come but you need to stand out in some way now I'm I'm probably I've probably reconciling myself to the fact that I'm not going to get a lot better at what I do because I have been photographing three years and years and I'm always learning new technology and finding new things that I like but the thing is is I don't know how much better I can get within my own genre because it does have a ceiling on it and I will keep working in that genre until they don't love it anymore but the truth is, is if you want to stand out from a oversaturated market, your words, not mine, I don't think it's over saturated. I don't see many people that are like me at all. So, if you're oversaturated, you're talking about other people that shoot like you better or worse, for less money. And I choose not to see that, so I would rather you define yourself, connect your marketing, connect your story with what you love to do and how you love to do it and bring it all together. And then just constantly work at it. So you can level up on all eight series of your business and stop going. This is not happening over here and start telling me what you're doing wrong.

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A huge thanks to Sue for all the information you have given on this workshop. Your enthusiasm and passion is infectious and I only wish it could be bottled. To have the opportunity to watch for FREE is amazing, thank you CreativeLIVE. You can take notes during the live feed and pay nothing if you so choose, you will still be allowed to keep your notes. However I must also point out that for the price, the amount of information given out makes this even at the full price $79 a very cost effective business investment. There must be plenty of things Sue mentioned that we could all be putting in to effect whilst we wait Patiently for the Templates!


Love her energy. Loving the lessons and the down to earth manner in which she teaches. Sue Bryce and CreativeLive, you are inspiring me to move forward w/ my passion. Thank you

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Sue Bryce is always a win for me. She speaks to not only your skills, but your heart. There are many times I can't believe that someone is willing to give so much. Excellent course, just like the others of her's that I've taken.

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