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The next christian on the survey wass what printed material d have how many off the twelve hundred stephen yes sir even hundred seventy eight photographers hit a small business card in only six hundred eighty three did so that's just over halfway mark by about thirty two so only half of you have a business card which means only half of you are in business and you know this is something that we really need to action right now so this is on the action list now christy I want to go back to christie for one second she went to move him oh oh overnight that girl ordered a series of cards that are the highest quality business cards I have eva same with the funkiest design for a really reasonable cost I don't even look at the website I'm telling you because I looked at the product I went are you serious it's like five times the thickness of a normal business card and she was like so easy to do so easy to design so affordable I still haven't looked at the website I'll do my next business cards ...

on move because I give away so many cards when I talk and think that I need to get a thousand even quarter so um the thing is is this is standard practice for everyone in business I went to a workshop one day isn't indie maybe eight years ago nine years ago the year before I started my business and this guy said right, everybody put your business card on the table and this dude beside me pulled out this laminated inch it I've still see them people hand me eliminated inch it's even though business cards of cheap he puts out this laminated think it and I was like this I instantly went I got such a bad design like I could design better than that and that with eight years ago and the guy said to me with yours and it's like I haven't done mine yet and he goes well then he's doing better than you because clearly he could see the look on my face but I wanted to put this in because it's really intriguing after I speak anywhere I get a thousand email saying where did you get that fold out brochure from? And I repeatedly say I went to a printer, I looked at a ll the different fold outs you can get you get pamphlets and fold outs and brushes and booklets and I went, oh, I want my business card to be a cantilever fold out every printer I've ever been to offers it and you know I constantly see people saying they can't find them they don't know what a source then they don't know where you didn't goto a printer, not a photographic print I go to an actual printer where you get business cards done, like, you know, the old fashioned way when you actually have something that you hold in your hand. So what I was looking at is how many people actually had something that they carried in their bag. Remember, I always carry the gold purse because my business is gold to me. It represents gold to may seventy four people had none of the above eight had a brochure eight eight out of eleven hundred and seventy eight that's eleven hundred and seventy people that have no printed brochure that I know why, because it costs money. And now your marketing exists online. You don't have to pay for printing, do you? Because teen years ago five years ago, l businesses head to have printed brushes we spent, I think it wass two thousand dollars for ten thousand brushes and it for me, stephen, eight years ago, two thousand dollars on printed material spun me out like I remember thinking it was more than I could afford. I couldn't believe I was doing it, but I got teen thousand brushes and I gave them away over four years took to give them away ten thousand in my business just grew and grew and grew and grew within that space of time in that voucher. I was with its twenty cents or whatever it was because the every single person that did come into my studio that about to pay for itself in terms of, you know, booking me clients anyway, this is really intriguing. I want by the end ofthe your cheek list as you're going through it in the next two months to get on mo, get on vista, get on any printing company you can and at least have one hundred dollars for five hundred cads off a cheap business card that is a quality that people were holed in. Keep when they meet you and you can hand it out to everybody. If that's the best thing you can give anybody or the fastest thing, you can give everybody do it, do it and then get smacked. Put an image on it that's not a generic photographic image, but an image that people would actually keep. So in the past, I've done a couple of things like, I always put my poem on the cat because I feel like people would keep that because it's such a beautiful palm, you can put a beautiful quote on there as long as you quote the source and you could do a beautiful poem on there some things you can quote the poem I love, what haley bartholomew did haley, so clever, she when I took this amazing shot of green grass up close like necro beautiful green grass and then she did that quote and laid it over with beautiful fun about the grass is greener the grass is always greener will you water it or something like that and she's quoted the guy who's saying it is and then she started as a double side card and it exists is her business card because your name's on any website on it and it's straight away the first thing went on my fridge and it's still there it's something I'll keep so thinks matt created business card that people will keep I sit to christy you need thio create a card with dogs on it like a poor a poor print or something that is really meet that's really net like I'm r that's so cute like the dinosaur haven't seen you since dinosaurs were extinct but if you put a picture of your child on there and isn't it a beautiful child that's your child I'm not going to keep it you know think about it what would make me keep your card and even if you can't think of something that would make me keep it at least put your bloody website on it make sure you spell ticket triple quadruple spell chicken I once had two thousand vouchers printed with the word photographer wrong photography er and teen people spell ticket but photographer is such a generic wood and a long one. When the mind sees it, it just skimmed it because it knows it's photographer species. When it says su bryce for ta gregor two thousand cars. And I was horrified by it, you know, and it's it's something that I really want you to take off.

Class Description

Sue Bryce is going to select marketing challenges from some of you and show you how to solve them with products created using the selected photographers' images and brands.

During this special one-day class, Sue is going to present the problems and solutions and teach you to use them to get more clients and bookings by effectively marketing and promoting your photography business. By using submitted images and brands, she's going to show how these techniques can be applied to any studio - no more excuses!



Love her energy. Loving the lessons and the down to earth manner in which she teaches. Sue Bryce and CreativeLive, you are inspiring me to move forward w/ my passion. Thank you