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Marketing with Video

Sue Bryce

Marketing and Promotion

Sue Bryce

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6. Marketing with Video

Lesson Info

Marketing with Video

This was the question that upset me the most this is the question that were nice when I read the results used today I went like this make a cup of tea do you have any videos online anything behind the scenes a show reel video a slide show video seventeen people do behind the scenes video and it's a real thing behind the scenes video slide show video inch aerial eighty five wow behind just a behind the scenes video just somebody standing behind you with the camera put a camera on a tripod record it record the chute put music on it by music you don't have to listen to yourself talking you'll get a whole lot of pictures of the becky bum um a slight show video two hundred and seven now that pleased me a little but seven hundred and seventy seven with none none in your photographer a photographer that has a camera that shoots digital slr and your own and I find so okay let's address it ah the whole workshop on it let's have a look at it you to business taken biggest search engine on the pla...

net they suit you on google they go to youtube they put in your name there it is the second biggest search engine in the world seven hundred and seventy seven of you do not exist on the biggest such ancient of the world and that's just the twelve hundred people that filled in the cia okay just a quick question about video what is the difference for you between the behind the scenes the show reels the all those different kind of categories that you were listening yes displaying it by how to make one okay, so uh a show reel for me is either it's just a slide show off either still images with footage in it that to show riel a show reel can exist justus footage so if you were videographer or a photographer you can just show footage going into footage going into footage going to footage to funky music and if you are an actor a videographer that she'll show reel you show people what you do with your video a slide show is just stills okay it's a slight show that is showing stills that you can do on inamoto you can make your own slideshow you can eat it in final cut pro but it essentially doesn't have any footage in it. No moving footage okay, so a fusion would be a mixture of both fusion when you few stills in motion together. Okay? One of the biggest mistakes photographers make is shooting vertically inputting that in with their footage nothing looks list cinematic than watching footage and then going to a vehicle frame yu lin when use creating behind the scenes that you have to shoot horizontally because cinema in motion in film is a vertical story in a horizontal frame so we got to get away from the look of slide shows, but we have to do that as a progression because right now we just photographers, so we have to learn how to maximize in utilize to off the largest search engines on the planet whilst we're learning a video component, so I've got to try and make it so easy that it's actionable in for proof, all right, you chipping the second biggest search engine on the world? Then along came pen trees, which now has a video she a component, so we used to be able to pin images and now we can pen videos now, interestingly enough, pinterest has now got the biggest referral traffic in the world ok, so it had add bigger video sheer last year than youtube, not a bigger upload, not a big out watch just a bigger sheer what does she do? It drives out search engine optimization up because every time you shear, you link every time you link that drives your suit, your ceo, we're going to talk about that when we do websites, and the thing is is now even if you're not on pinterest or you're not sharing your own videos on countries, so you're not sharing other's on video or you don't have a pinch is paige that is the one that you need to be on nell video is the professional suite that youtube is for the public? Let me oh exist for the industry, so you should be on both both as a photographer in the industry or a filmmaker you should be on video ends youtube so everything goes on my video first and then it goes on my youtube second now the best thing about youtube is its search engine okay? It has been most accurate suit engine on the planet so it's the first thing you're going to do when you put your video on youtube is tag it tag glamour shoot behind the scenes make up transformation makeover sue bryce you can take my name in your video there are other people do you know tag the satch e whoever you want in, they're just tag words the tag words that when somebody else searches for something, your video will pop up on the right hand side. What do you do when you watch youtube? You look down the list to see if there's anything else you wanna watch correct? Now what is the most hateful thing you can do on youtube is when you think you're going to get a video, you think you're gonna watch something and it's a ripoff illusion or you think you're going to get the song video and it's just a slide show so you have to manufacture and make actual advertising video and then use this because it is just a phenomenal product right now so how do we make it how do we make it easy how do we make it actionable I'm not gonna let you anymore on why you you do it you know why you should do it this is on the checklist you're going to create a video and a youtube channel you're going to subscribe to other people and you are going to get subscribers you're going to make a signature show reel video behind the scenes or slide show in the next month if you can't afford to do this I want you to swap fifty fifty with another photographer that can shoot you behind the scenes and then you go to the studio and you shoot them behind the stains I'm not a filmmaker I am very very rudimentary in my skill base I watch haley but it's just not something you can watch me shoot the two years doesn't mean you're looking through the camera and learning what haley knows not what I know so I have been trying to shoot my own video it that really meant to live alone brought it to show you because I think even at my ah low skill level I think I'm still communicating you can decide you've seen I am gone if any of you have seen I am doing on my website then you understand that dawn's video although it was shot on a five team act, too, and it was shot by susan and myself. Susan edited it on elements not even on final cut pro war. Any of the big software was on element, which is like eighty four dollars. We recorded the voice on garrett's band with no microphone, just talking at holding the laptop. Didn't we do want holding the laptop and talking into it, but it's still communicate something incredibly beautiful. So I'm gonna show you how easy it is. So I made it one steep. Easier than that. I took the footage from I am dawn and sent it to re bicker and she throwed on any motor slideshow and has sent that back so I can show you both. I can show you how rebecca did in one hour. What a neat eater I paid four hundred dollars for now, if you can't afford the four hundred dollars, of editing, you have two choices. You either learn to do it yourself. Find another way to get an editor to do it for you. I'ii swap them for photographs. What for? Still swap them for one of your skills. You know that you have that they could maybe trade with advertised them as an editor through your business that there's a million ways to get people to work with you. And if you can't do all of that, then for the small price of months for enomoto, you can create unlimited high res slide shows in an hour that are going on youtube that are being shared on embedded on your blogged that it giving you search engine optimization that air giving you facebook, twitter, a reason to connect, to tell stories for your clients that it's constantly magnin your business so I've tried to make it as easy as I can I can't afford this I will make you a video you make me one, ok that's it simple you all no photographers, you all know somebody that would do that for you. The future ofthe marketing and promotion education and the future of the world right now is in video this company exists because you're watching me online and then I'll be archived is a training workshop no longer do you have to want to fly to l a and spent two and a half thousand dollars with me to do a workshop because I'm not doing there anyway? And even if I wass you know you have full access to me and it's archived and it's on youtube and it's incredible think about it your business now mast be advertising on these free mediums the free the more you give, the more you share, the more people want to come back okay the most into you are the more you hold back then well people won't want to so don't be afraid of giving their information and just because somebody watches you shoot behind the scenes doesn't mean they will then going copy you but if you have a really good idea for a shoot and you put it on youtube, expect to be copied it's the highest form of flattery okay beginner's guide to shooting and sharing your studio with video now is donal tell you when I shoot video I go into an extreme amount of stress for may I my stills brain my photographer brain just hate the new video person that's that's holding the camera it's like uh because my my comfort zone and shooting is so ingrained in may that when I pick up my film camera I'm just like I allowed my stress level just goes through the roof but I kind of like that it's kind of nice to be challenged don't you think it's nice to be challenged in a way that you just don't know everything again and you're starting again from that hungry or want a lude doesn't mean you like it either, but I'm starting to like it so when I did I am gone this is what the footage looks like in my find out so I had a really basic story line dawn's gotta before shot dawn's got a little makeup shot dawns and here in makeup she's putting your dream dress on she standing there she's in a dream dress and then I take a picture and then I show her the back of the camera I talked to doing about what she wanted to say we came out with I'm a door I'm my name is dawn I'm a wife and mother she said I haven't had my portrait taken since I was seventeen years old I like awesome say that and then we talked about all the other things we could say existing and photographs for your children being a woman who amazing weight loss journey we didn't need to say any of it we did not need to say anything about her being a mother or existing in photographs or losing weight or being important because that video sees everything so I shot it susan shot me shooting dawn okay so both of us are hand holding in freestyling so we've got no riggs no nothing susan's gotta fight him act two I've got a five team back to my footage is more stable because I'm on a mon apart because I'm actually shooting dawn and so I was head to keep really still where susan's floating ok so we put this together and we eat it to this little video we paid to have this eat it no sorry susan edited this video and then we paid for them to tweet the music into tweak the and what do you call that that grading when you grade it so when you grade the footage in the difference between an emoto and the grated footage you'll see the grated footage looks professional and enomoto just look straight at the camera so I don't know if in a motor congratulate but I want to know now because when when you see what rebecca made in an hour you're talking about juices fifteen hours of editing and paying an editor forty tear one hundred dollars an hour so have a look at this is the so called my name is don thirty seven years old I am a wife I'm a mother I'm a business owner I have not had my portrait taken since I was seventeen years e feel more beautiful today than I ever have in my entire life and today I want to celebrate by having their portrait taken I'm done life another way I'm laughing because you actually say I'm stoked crack sometime crying today can you actually say sorry six times in that video uh did you notice that you're like I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry do you like thai? I'm sorry in the beginning and you know what? I'm sorry were you out to the fighting I always I told one off the same sorry to match of nicole all right so um what was I going with it? I made it in two weeks we smile you need to understand how easy it was for us to do. Susan and I were so new really to doing video like that army, we'd never we still made that it's has so many it's so basic and unit tells a story, and if you can hit a story that is more important than anything that you've gotten wrong and tim's of communicating this group promotion let's have a look at the enomoto vision because this has been on my website movie mia and youtube for a few months now because it's head over eight thousand hits, so I know that people have seen it, so I know that you're more interested in the slideshow visions. Um, because they didn't have the voiceover, I sent more images because to me, what makes that video so powerful is what dawn sears uses her reaction to seeing herself in the back of the camera, but at the end, you only see three shots, so I what with an emoto I sent the same amount of footage, so I didn't know what part of that footage they would eat it. They got to see dawn's video, so they didn't get to see the sequence, and this is what they came up with wait, wait, looking at you right now, what really upsets meabout that video really hit it again you make advertising that makes you cries and they're just delirious I seen it fifty times I haven't had my portrait taken since I was seventeen years old or is somebody who sells portrait's and wants people to be photographed the idea that somebody would not put themselves in front of a camera to may you are so ever as a woman I see that and I need to find with that because I know what it's like to not want to be in front of the camera and I know what that feels like and that I think communicates really beautifully but it's not manufactured those adorns woods we didn't tell her to say them we're like what how would you describe yourself I'm a wife I'm a mother I'm a business owner okay cool you know I'm not having my porch taken since I was seventeen years old that shocking to me it shocks me but it is the perfect thing for you to say um you know don't lost ninety pounds ninety nine zero she's after like a person that was following her around on dh you don't have to tell that story it's all there you know your body is just perfect and your dress your dream dress and everything about it ah my god I love that did you like the enomoto it it did you feel any different it's still made me feel the same way who would agree with it? I want it, I want to hear if you dont online do you feel that enomoto slideshow in one hour that she made in an hour competed justice highly with the eat it the video it is yeah, so you and said that was just a powerful is the first one it wass you know why? Because we were so captivated by dawn you know, this is the problem with most photographers with my most photography is you're trying to take a picture what I'm just trying to get dawn I don't really care about the background, I could photograph every person from the rest of my life on a black background or brown background and just make it it's a signature sue brice thing, you know, because it doesn't matter to me what if it's a brick wall or a big building or an epic background or a skyline? All I care about is how that woman is looking at may and if I have accurately caught that I don't care really about the background or anything else that's going on in this shot the only thing that even consent may is her expression how beautiful she looks and the cool thing about video is you could look at this image and say, oh it's finish up and then you see the footage of her standing in there through my camera and you realize hell you know transparent that is it's like a live before shop ok have I talked you into creating slide shows? He it have you seen how easy that is? Can you please talk to me about this? I need to know what your problem here, what your blockers here because the truth is is that over two thirds of you are not on the world's second largest platform for marketing your business and you are creative photographers that have cameras that shoot digitally tele so I do not feel that I I do not fear I've made it that easy for you I'm gonna bet I'm about to make it even easier because I'm going to bypass that and goto iphone and I movie, which everybody owns either on their ipad or I mac okay, so before I goto iphone talked me doctor me so there has been a lot of reaction saying that they didn't miss the voice in the second one, okay, but that couldn't be easy I could have actually put in voice and I'm pretty sure I'd never seen them the voice and I actually need a thought about it, so yeah, you're right I did like her voice yeah it's a good one my whole comment just an editorial comment mind was like, so if the first one was better than the second one how does the second one compared to nothing? Which is what two thirds of the people, according to the survey, which is what's so good about seven hundred and seventy, even people who did fill in this if they don't have anything but yeah, so you're exactly right, russ. Uh, anything else? Um, there were some comments about the second one being too long. Yes. Okay. So we have a rule, right? Schism that were are one to two minutes, and most songs exist in the three to four minute range. Uh, it's. Very hard to cut a song off and fade the music. There was one of the biggest gifts to have to be able to eat it music and eat it. Image to sound. It is one of the most powerful gifts you can have its fear we had to do. You do have to fade out and cut off your music and cut down. Now, there is a life span on footage, and I see it all the time. You're going to see it again. This there's a couple of shots that come up that you will see. And I look at it like this. If you're going to film me, walking over to the air and doing a turn on dh, the scene opens and I start to walk and then I had to in this way, the one thing that always amazes me is haley would have picked up that eat it as you're already walking that she would have picked it up in about via and cut it off right before I complete the ten but most people start the footage, they do the idiot where and walk and turn and stop that to me is just like a second on either side that you can shave off and then she start to shave off a second here in a second here in a second here you shave off thirty seconds and then forty seconds and its dead weight. The first video accurately accurately shows the story in a very small space of time. The second one, though, head more stills, which would have made it longer fading inn fading out. Where is the first one didn't even need stills? Susan edited the first one who first draft when she showed me I was like, take it out, take that out, take that out and she was on days like just take it out too long! It doesn't need to be near you showed two sweeps over the makeup table we only need to get the idea she's in here and make up you don't need to go this is the makeup table and then this is the makeup table with a slider and then this is the makeup table with a glider now this is a makeup table from up here and this is a makeup table from nice and love because we just need one good makeup shot but haley told me to shoot those five things so I can see the beast one and then just pick the best one one thing I learned from that exercise is if I'm bored looking at the footage or if I'm turning to look at something else while playing then it's too long and that you're gone I actually think he summed it up if I check my phone or I find myself taixing before the video's finished it's too long and you do it's not because yeah because it's kept fighting just a couple more points to people sarah great photography and sherry p both pointed out that the impact and all that matters in both those videos is the moment of don saying her pictures yes that one moment was what really connected with a lot of people so photographer you do know one thing you're looking at the back of the camera and you know when you're looking at the back of the camera and you're like ok, I'm getting this but she's gonna need some photo shop so you're not going to show their client but when you're looking at the back of the camera going holy shit she is going to freak out I could see what I was getting from here so I see it just stay on me susan I want to show due on one of your pictures and you see the one sitting there and then she goes and she walks up and as soon as she sees the back the camera her whole face cannot contain how she feels about the back of the camera and two here that's not a lie because it's unretouched straight off the back of the camera as she is who she is right there and then the most beautiful that she is and she is resplendent and then she cries ruin to makeup wrinkles up your whole face is okay s o one final question about this nicole ever seen photography says I would love to do this but I am so self conscious how do we get past my body issues? I know that there's a lot of people out there who are photographers in part because they like to be behind the camera instead of in front how do you promote yourself in a show reel while being self conscious go and get it going get um somebody to grab the camera doesn't matter what it is whether it's an iphone our thing and I want you teo um film yourself full links sustaining against a war full length and for one minute I want you to talk to the camera okay, so I want you to stand in front of the camera and just tell me about your business it can't be something men affected where you're trying to tell something to the audience I want you to just flow so we'll be like, tell me about your children or tell me about your high school or tell me something that you just now was a memory that you can just talk and be inside yourself not something that you are worried about your outer self and while you're on that camera and walk around a little wee bit okay, so have a look like this have look and if you want do this it's very liberating, okay, because that's, what you're gonna get a lot off and you behind the scenes video and you really need to see what's behind you your favorite shots? Yeah, because you're going to see it a lot and we don't often look at what's behind us and that is one of the most confronting things you can do because when you look back at that video you it hurts, ok? It is one of the hardest things to confront is there full length? Everybody does it doesn't matter how skinny you are, help what you think you are, it is hard, you know, looking at yourself and you're like, oh, force yourself to watch it and you know what happens? It's really weird after about a minute, you start thinking I'm kind of funny or I'm kind of connected I look kind of cute. Why am I talking like that with my mouth? But why am I holding my mouth? I didn't hold my mouth that that oh, look at my double chin oh, I didn't realize my arms together there and then you just relax and you start seeing yourself and what happens is you stop seeing yourself as an image and you start seeing yourself as a person just like you do another person and all of a sudden you start, you get this warm feeling and you start to really like what you see and you know what? I force myself to watch it. When I first sort of came up on the stage, somebody posted a shot of me from low on the stage on guy was twenty pounds heavier than I am now, and I'm going like this and the light is horrendous and I actually went past the fighter and didn't recognize it as may and I nearly threw up because it's on social media and I look so horrendous and I was like, nah, it's, just a bad shot, I don't look at other people's bad shot to go oh, you know, I just think I don't even think I'm just that you just don't really think about a deed and look at it and to go, so I lent that you just have to accept it who you are, you can't hide it, you can't just take photos of this part of your face put that on facebook and and pretend you're not self conscious or you're not overweight or you're not a suit in a way and you just gotta accept it and move on it's not about you it's about the person in front of your camera again get out of your own way because you're making it about you and it's, not about you, so the first time it used to make me the first time the first year I used to see myself, I'd hate it and now I can watch my videos I can watch the creative life commercials and stuff and laugh and I just have a little chuckle about what I'm wearing and, you know, I see things like muffin top and I think, oh gosh, I could lose a few pounds of it, you know? I like nap on myself, I just go, I shut your face, you know, it's like you're helping people for god's sake and that's bigger than how I look and if you're worried about how you look, you're not listening to me talk so this yeah acceptance acceptance in all areas of your life all I've got so many sides I've got to get through I've got to stop talking so I could watch that again thank you inamoto you prove something to me today because I'm the anti slide show girl I'm the girl that got on linda dot com and gathered her way through seven and a half hours of video tutorial to try and learn something so basic that I could compete in a market that I felt was where I needed to bay and you've done that for so much faster and cheaper than I could have done that and I see that ultimately is a solution that is far greater for all off the people out there and it's affordable and it's fast and you need to get going now. Thank you, enomoto thank you for giving a whole year away. Ah, susan edited dawn's video shoot on garrett men sound eat it on premiere elements I am now off the business evolution that I will pay a professional editor, but I'm happy to shoot it myself. Um, so I'm not a filmmaker and I don't want to make my behind the scenes and advertising's to advance that people think that you know, it's beyond what I'm capable of is a photographer, but like you said, if you've got good footage and somebody that just good at picking up sound you don't have to have sound, you can buy music, but the point is is I'm happy to pay an editor if I was three years ago, four years ago, five years ago I would be eating all night myself. I am so I am so committed to evolving my business that I would drag myself three editing in orderto have something like that on youtube before everybody else. Now I am happy to commit that income because I now have it it's in the bank and I'm happy to pay somebody else who specializes in there because I do not want to sit up all night doing that. But that's, my evolution would even level your et decide and that in a motor was a pretty good option. By the way, can I just say in rebecca's defense she had no sound so I did not give your voice over and I seen to that staff at ten o'clock yesterday morning. So it's not like she's refined it, tweaked it got my feet bit come back, she just did it. It seemed to me and I was like, oh, how you know we went through how many idiots to get to that one? Yeah, at least three yeah, maybe four five yeah, okay, so I took an I'm some more forage myself I gave it to an editor uh I asked him if he would eat it something so I can show you I'm so now addicted to this I want to do it for every single shoot I do I'm doing seven shoots in the next nine days and I am videoing seven of them ah and I don't mean for you guys to lin I mean like a behind the stains issue magazine story I look at it now is a life feature of kind of so intrigued by it my clients love it for status and it's the ultimate marketing tool for me as a photographer. So I did this beautiful shoot off the bell arena so I shot this girl in new york and I shot her on video and stills right now I sell the stills to here but the video and I'll give you the video I'm not going to sell the video to hear because the video is like a advertising behind the saints video now I didn't have time to eat it the photographs in it so you're seeing grated footage with unedited photographs normally the other way around okay, you know we see eat it'd photographs with I'm graded footage, but I want to show you what I've captured so I tried to be a channel my inner haley bartholomew I did not write a shoot list how many times do I have to do that if you do not write a shoot list you will screw it up every time but this is what I got so I can't wait to share it so even though they're stills are not edited I'm sorry about that this is what might editor has edited and just see me this morning uh okay okay wait wait, wait, wait, wait. I gotta tell you something before I do that again that's what I'm gonna do this is going on all my social media my video page on my website my blogged video youtube now building my subscribers both on video and youtube and they getting up into the thousands I'm going to take and feature this on other blog's in links and I'm going to try and think of ways I can get this featured on other blog's and lengths okay, I shot this video it's gonna have to tell you on my iphone and my digital estella and the stills so that's why I miss some things because I had three mediums that I was thinking off and no shoot list so it didn't hold me accountable so cheap this out so what I did was I got the epa eight millimeter now it does a hole of a different little features in it a funky little old fashion style video camera this is solely not for your client this is solely for you to eat it and my movie and put up on your social media now what I did, wass didn't have time. I shot this, downloaded it and drop boxed it to susan, and I said, susan, would you eat it this on my movie like on your ipads? Just I movie just like there, and she was like, sweet, so she picked a song from triple scoop, so triple scoop is the music I always buy, so I did classical was a search and pick twelve songs, and then I picked two that I like that we're kind of music, but x, because she's a ballerina, I shot this on my iphone on the eight millimeter ep since then, I'm so intrigued by this, but I know that the ight mila made of hairs limits I went and bought filmic pro, so filmic pro is an iphone video ep, which is on my block, and on my facebook right now on sale for half price until midnight that's what they did for us because I'm going to shout out right now, you can expose in, focus their different areas so you can shoot into the backlight and focus for your client, but exposed for the window light instead of being all the other iphone aps would just expose where you focus s so it's like miniature I find filmmaking now the only reason you would do this is to get it up in the social media with a day they could have you can then put this on everything facebook video paid blood, the youtube send it to your client and this this is what season edited for may on my way, okay? And it's not going to be high ridges on a really big scream that there because it's something I find so our than I on a facebook feed it's absolutely perfecto watch perfect sized, but just how instantaneous is and how the iphone can eat it like they're all so you can shoot and filmic pro so you can shoot it like and and your proper video, and then you can export into a male maid and still eating all of the film looks so you can do film the wire and eight other looks on it that's like an instagram for video. Okay, let's, just get it on any movie I know twelve year olds can eat it on my movie you twelve year old to do it, pay them three dollars an hour again, so I shot this in high res I tried to channel my inner haley, and this is the one with the stills and it'd weigh it's, not a dance video it's a shoot video so the idea is that I show you the power of what I'm experiencing and my shoe like I'm seeing this girl move, but she's not dancing for me, it's not for dancers, it's for anybody who wants to be photographed by me and the cool thing wasa so I asked a friend in new york just to shoot behind the scenes, and she spent the whole two hours walking on behind me, the shooting, the scene and so I don't have footage, but I have behind the scenes photos and they fit in there. They'll look better when they're graded as good as the footage, anything but it's enough to just show now there was just unbind me while I'm shooting and who is behind the saint is just coming through some behind the scenes shots for may so it's easy and then I paid an editor to put that together couldn't animo to create that? Yes, they probably could quite easily exactly the same way, you know, and I just feel like in terms of being out with a sheer even if you do one a month, you are banking on the second biggest search engine on the planet you are banking, work and links and you know in traffic your banking it your banking at your building, it you're building subscribers and you are competing in today's market so the difference between the two videos the first one is one that like you said you would post kind of the same day and then the second one is a bigger deal right? So how would you exactly use those two different types of videos I think it's the end of the day the iphone is only going to be good for little clips what is stronger than that it it was I took a eight millimeter sooty seconds off her up on point and she is just doing a very simple movement with their hands in tuning on point and I put there are just the clips so I loaded it straight off my iphone loaded it straight up onto facebook and said thirty seconds of what I'm doing today and that got easy three thousand watchers and it was just something I instantly facebook and tweeted now obviously that's not going to last long because that's going to go on my feed really fast so species if it's a busy feed time is consume sure is gonna fly by but I've got a big traffic audience at the moment on facebook so I kind of utilized it and I re posted it and then I posted that night I posted so this is what I did which is really cool I got the eight millimeter playback I priest pours when I liked the shot I screenshot it on my iphone and then uploaded this still and c, go to the video file on facebook and check out this theory. Sick and clip of this dancer. So I drove traffic back to it. And it was all instantaneous on the fly while I was out in new york. So that more so than the eat it. But I just feel like for the people who don't have digital slr for the people that do have an iphone. Or do you have a smartphone that shoots video that the options are there?

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A huge thanks to Sue for all the information you have given on this workshop. Your enthusiasm and passion is infectious and I only wish it could be bottled. To have the opportunity to watch for FREE is amazing, thank you CreativeLIVE. You can take notes during the live feed and pay nothing if you so choose, you will still be allowed to keep your notes. However I must also point out that for the price, the amount of information given out makes this even at the full price $79 a very cost effective business investment. There must be plenty of things Sue mentioned that we could all be putting in to effect whilst we wait Patiently for the Templates!


Love her energy. Loving the lessons and the down to earth manner in which she teaches. Sue Bryce and CreativeLive, you are inspiring me to move forward w/ my passion. Thank you

Nicole Gramlich

Sue Bryce is always a win for me. She speaks to not only your skills, but your heart. There are many times I can't believe that someone is willing to give so much. Excellent course, just like the others of her's that I've taken.