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Marketing and Promotion

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Referral Voucher Systems

Sue Bryce

Marketing and Promotion

Sue Bryce

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3. Referral Voucher Systems

Lesson Info

Referral Voucher Systems

Do you have a referral voucher system currently in your business? You just hoping people will recommend you? Okay, so remember this lied that said if they're not sharing you on facebook, twitter, pinterest, they don't like you I like your work because their empathy, empathy there, if they if they have they're they're indifferent to you okay, because they neither love you enough to see you or hate you and after teo to publicly hate you, you're not you're in between if I do a photo shoot and they do not want to put it on facebook, I've done something wrong majorly wrong. Okay, so do you have a referral voucher system? I just think one of the most incredible things that you could do in your system for eyes to actually apply something that is sit in storm so we head a form that clients filled out in the studio when they walked in before they head the here make up a while they're in the makeup here. Name email details you know, do you want to hear more from us? How did you hear about us? Be...

cause we want to reward the person who's seen you here? Do you have any friends that would like to be photographed by us then underneath that sell it so you're doing a family portrait? Would you like to come back and do a glamis ishan maternity shoot engagements, ishan couple shoot and not based on multiple genres. So much is multiple demographics. So if a girl comes in with her three girlfriends fills out a form and then ticks yes, I would love to do a boudoir shoot on my own. I'm going to seemed her a voucher for another shoot. She just referred herself, becca's a client and I'm going to put money on it cause she's probably just spend money on her glamour shit. And so I'm also going to ask who she would like to refer to the shoot, because these two things she could do, she can give me the name and number of a friend that I concealed about two two or she can bring back other friends so she's there with her family and she seize the girls day out, shoot where all four girls bring wine and cheese and had this wonderful day, then she's referring those other three girls to me, and so it opens that conversation. Now the reason that happened in my business is because it was on that form and said that form exists and every client when they walk in the door, so it was foolproof, so how many of you were doing that well, two hundred eighty four doing something somebody wrote on the form that if they get forty likes on their facebook picture, then they give them a free six before I wouldn't monitor something like that because it sounds really difficult to may and I don't want to buy likes like like my picture like my picture, I would rather make a big deal about the shoot that I just did I would either rather feature it, block it, create a story around it, create an issue magazine around I would rather make dawn feel so special that inevitably she tells if free body about me that's my idea of a referral system but I can't expect that she's going to do it and I can't always please dawn, okay? Because there's always gonna be someone that you don't please but the truth is if you're magically hoping hoping, hoping if you magically hoping you're a feral system is active, then you're dreaming because the best thing you could do remember I wrote this on facebook and my blogged is did you enjoy that experience to you love your photographs? Yes, the best thing you can do is show me the best thing you can do for may thank you, thank you for loving of photographs it was incredible photographing you like I loved every minute of it the best thing you can do for me, donna, she meet with your friend it's the best thing you can do is see me on your social media, and the best thing you can do for me is talk about me and if you sincerely say that to someone you have serviced well, do you think in one they are going to fall over to do it? Okay? So what's happening is in member, we're all being accountable. Today is people aren't setting this up as a system so it's not happening, okay, let's say they've already bean photographed by you and you're sitting on eight hundred client database. I know most of you heaven. I wish one of the question was heavy built a client database and is it current? Because I know there's about ninety nine percent of people are going to say no. The truth is this how many of those clients could you email or call and say, I am restructuring my business? I'm growing to the next level. Would you fill out a critique form for me about my service with you and be honest with me? How many of those would you actually seen them? Two. Would you feel comfortable doing that to all your past clients? Like how many? How many? Maybe they're recent ones like in the beginning, but you gotta find out the older one's gonna find out what you were doing yeah, and you know what? The recent ones you'll be surprised because sometimes before you had a goal of money in mind when you arm or shoot focused, you were more friendly and the energy was differently. Mohr engaging it's one of those things you even flow when you're learning around, I need to make money from this, so you have that that smell of need and then that need of I'm just loving this so much that I could just do this in a twenty four seven and that's connected mess, so they're always going to be a bit of feedback, but the truth is, right now, we're going to give you a serious critique for my end of the day, which you are going to go and ask your clients to critic you, and it is going to be hard core, I think that's one of the hardest things to do it would be like bringing all your dates and like finding out what they didn't like about you in it, it would be kind of like, oh, uh, okay, so do you have a referral voucher system? And the next one is do you have a reward voucher system for past clients? So the best way to connect with your past clients right now is to send them a gift, okay is to send them a gift that will get them to come back to your studio and if you talk about how much it costs to get a lead you're all you're giving them is the opportunity to be photographed again with a dollar value on that gift voucher now you can stay connected to the past client you could seem them the critique form as well you can send them the critique form and a gift voucher because if they didn't like you and they're going to fill out a bad critique and it's online the dirt of the post it they could just get on the computer and they probably think they're being anonymous but you know the survey comes out of who it wass and we're the emails from and they're going to tell you the truth because they're at home they feel safe they're gonna tick a box that says yeah, not so much who feels guilty filling out surveys I do I feel guilty like I if I go to complain on a survey form I feel like I'm I feel I think oh I'm being really main eye so I bump it up to maybe not so bad I have to be pretty angry to hit you know leave up will I go back there again? Okay, so do you have a reward voucher system? We kind of give you the public critique for that so I'm gonna give you a public photography critique for me, and we're going to give you a service critique form and that's gonna hurt because I think the service critique is going to hurt more than the public critique, because public don't know you there just looking at your work in your website, but the service is people you've actually serviced, so that's going to be the biggest eye opener. So what I've got is those vouchers, which can be designed in multiple different ways, I'm going to just ask questions about the multiple ways we can use gift vouchers to get shooting, to get complimentary shoots in to get shoots into a studio to get bums on seats to get numbers in, and there is no limit to the design and the creation and the words that you can create around this, and if you can't afford to print these, even though the high res they exist online, so the only excuse you have for not doing this is not actively making the time to sit down and design it. Once you design it, I need you to get critiqued you could either go on in bid was so people have been posting the vouchers and other people of good thing could taking them, or you can show it to family and friends or people you trust, but critique it before you set it in stone. So let's talk about how it works and then we'll go to our morning break because we have got so many slides to get through sounds amazing so maybe we could take a couple questions now and then we'll get mark to you afterwards all right, so this question came up in the chat room and this is from mira who says what do I do if I don't know exactly what I want um nobody knows what they don't want nobody nobody doesn't know what what I think there were quite a few questions that came in like that well, I tell you something I think they were kind of stuck on like, you know, you were very passionate because you know what you want you want to be a photographer and they're like, well we're not sure exactly what we want so how do you find that out then write what you done one because all you have to do is look at what you don't want because as soon as I write what I don't want I realize that I'm doing a whole lot of that like I don't want to sell my own way this one I wrote I write I write that remember the love and the hate list four years ago I hate selling my own work now I like it I hate marketing my own studio they hate doing my books and texas I wrote all the hate list and the truth is, is when it comes down to it, most of us are gonna write, I want to just shoot well, that's, where you need to deal with who's going to run the business around it then because you will not sustain an income or a business if you do not master the other seven levels and the most people are prepared to master photography but not photoshopped or photography and photo shop, but maybe not the other six components and if you're not, you're not going to sustain an income. So what is it that I want? You know exactly what you want you just don't know how to get it you either don't know how to get it don't believe you can get it. I don't know I can't see a path or don't think you deserve it you all know what you want and remember I said that at the end of twenty eight days what's the million dollar dream, okay, if you want it thiss write down what you don't want, then there's a million dollars here for you and you just have to tell me what you would do with it and it is not personal. This is a business investment, so you have to make a business out of it, doing what you love, how you love doing it with that million dollars write that list okay cause I'm going to show you something really cool about a friend of mine who was shooting babies and now she's shooting pits and she all she ever wanted was to shoot dogs and she used to shoot for someone else and now she self employed and she used to not be that driven or passionate about what she did she never saw that she could make any money being a dog photographer there was no money in it who woods and yet she would goto work and the only time she ever got excited I was when the family came in for shooting they hit a dog and I said did the family even look at you and go there were a lot of a lot of pictures of jinky but you know you didn't really get much of bobby it's like and she was like oh that's all quit yeah but he's so cute but seriously everybody knows what they want um okay there's a really big difference between what I want and what I love to do okay I love teo transform women and take that shot when you get it like I just love that get like that nailed it loved it got it kept it that for me is one of my big like whoa and then selling it not so much because for me a ll the years of my life hearing their critique off my work made me feel sick because I felt like it was a personal judgment to me and so I learned teo um, put that entice folio out, which softened the blowers to how they look in their photographs, which mean they came back more positive to the viewing, so that made a big difference about what I hated doing in how it was how I was doing it and in terms of you're shooting the wrong thing, I can only tell you you have to stop because nobody who shooting the wrong thing is successful everybody who is not shooting the right thing is struggling. If you're shooting the wrong thing, you're struggling anyway if you're struggling, you're not making money if you're not making money, stop doing it and go and do what you do love because then you actually make money fantastic, but it was a long answer sorry, that was a good one bg photo says eyes it okay to send clients a link to your pricing list on your website, which is password protected they don't currently have an email. Pdf. Yes, well, the thing is is if you have it online and technically do because you had to design that page and the page could even be screenshot that still and email pds I don't know that I liked the idea that you can see how much I cost but there's a password because it's a secret because it's a secret could this private because if people found out how much they charge so only the people that I can say can look in that password I don't like that at all what's the first thing people ask you when they bring out the book awaiting they ask you how much you cost before they ask you if you're available on the day how much so it's like well I can send you a link to a private password somebody will hand you an envelope while you're standing on the corner of ninth and back I want you to take that envelope walked fifteen paces to the right go up this elevator we will then put a bag on your head we're going to spend it around eight times push you off walk over this bridge we will reveal the price of the winning tio but you are not allowed to reveal that to anybody else they keep with that. What do you afraid ofthe? Imagine if every photographer in the world put the priceless on the website right now imagine if we all said well, we're studying it four hundred dollars and we range from four hundred too nine thousand depending on how good you are, my name is sue bryce I sit very comfortably in the three thousand three hundred dollar range and this is my bull folio and I don't think it's something I'm afraid of I'm not afraid of telling people when I'm with you know when people say what what is that gonna cost is three thousand three hundred dollars see ultimate promotion, isn't it be never say your price and feel okay about it and know that you have a product that backs it up that's that confidence in the product you have confidence in yourself confidence in your product competition your value confidence in your ability received confidence in your ability to put yourself out there that somebody's going to go wall that's pricing and I'm like yes, I was standing at a bar in seattle and this guy walked up to me and I was standing waiting for a friend texting on my phone as you do and he stopped and he looked at me and he said, oh, you high maintenance on and I looked him and I said like a ferrari and uh they were often also and that man will never own a ferrari it's okay, I mean, people will tell you your if one's going to tell your expensive if I was gonna tell you something everybody's going to say oh you're explained tio it's the point is you don't cry about it, you just develop your product until you're worth what you say you are and develop yourself into you're worth what you say you are okay did you say you had a couple more slides before we go to break now we can go to bright perfect then we will and you want to recap just really quick what we're going to come back yes so for the next weird question number I think they were eighteen questions on the marketing survey and we've gotten through six of them and say as the questions went on and by the way the feedback on the marketing survey was fantastic just filling out the survey made me realize what I'm not doing was the best feedback that I got on facebook, eh? So we're just going to keep working our way through the net and then we've got an amazing section on visual communication they were going to get a public critique we're going to go to service critiqued we're gonna get a website critique but we can talk more about vouchers I still feel like vouchers is a big bone of contention I can give you all of these templates and give you a million different designs but at least you're really reconciling how you're gifting them how you're educating your client with them I don't think it will work for you if you don't get it um some people are telling me that they're putting vouches out they're not getting any response and I'm like a voucher doesn't just go out there on email it'll be zero point zero one response it needs a leader with it. It needs to be seen, preferably it needs to be seen in the post. You know, if you can give it in person, talk about it, you need to promote the voucher. Don't let the doubt to promote you. You need to promote the voucher yourself. So you are the promoter. The voucher is just what they take home with an incentive on it. Stop thinking that the voucher is going to grow leagues, a voice and a whole lot of passion about your business, and then go out there and make it work for you while you sit at home on facebook telling me it's not working.

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Sue Bryce is going to select marketing challenges from some of you and show you how to solve them with products created using the selected photographers' images and brands.

During this special one-day class, Sue is going to present the problems and solutions and teach you to use them to get more clients and bookings by effectively marketing and promoting your photography business. By using submitted images and brands, she's going to show how these techniques can be applied to any studio - no more excuses!

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A huge thanks to Sue for all the information you have given on this workshop. Your enthusiasm and passion is infectious and I only wish it could be bottled. To have the opportunity to watch for FREE is amazing, thank you CreativeLIVE. You can take notes during the live feed and pay nothing if you so choose, you will still be allowed to keep your notes. However I must also point out that for the price, the amount of information given out makes this even at the full price $79 a very cost effective business investment. There must be plenty of things Sue mentioned that we could all be putting in to effect whilst we wait Patiently for the Templates!


Love her energy. Loving the lessons and the down to earth manner in which she teaches. Sue Bryce and CreativeLive, you are inspiring me to move forward w/ my passion. Thank you

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