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Day 1 Review

Let's jump in again I've got some things that I want to hit from yesterday that her kind of let's just call him the laundry list here um oops sorry um as my first my first hopes from yesterday we talked about skipped summer school that was one of the prizes the website is emmy I five hundred dot com andi have some fun and watched the two videos they're really thief the last video at the bottom of the page was done by jeff medford and clay blackmore from last year's class but it really shows what happens in terms of the mix between still photography and video now and I also forgot yesterday speaking of jeff and ross, how crowd we've got is part of summer school this year two days of total immersion filmmaking and in fact share your you've got a videographer that's going to that um and even if you're not into the video side, think about the fact that if you can learn some of the features and some of the main points of being a good filmmaker, it absolutely is going to change the way you c...

an tell the story and still image ing it's just going to make you stronger is a storyteller yes, so I wanted to insert something in there too is that now a lot of folks are getting into the fusion business absolutely on dso their two days of learning the filmmaking aspect so many of us have the dea sell ours that well, I don't, but the dio do the filming as well. So it's a great thing, you don't have to know, how would you do it all? But if you better understand filmmaking, then yeah, and they're also going to spend a lot of time on the techniques you'd want to have if you were going to do in about video, of your own on your own business on your side. So it's got a real good practical applications green on the other thing. I there were a couple of tweets yesterday about asking about bruce berg. I talked about the first quarter promote promotion he does, which is the lane county children's contest that they there were three studios that have been actively working on that for twenty seven years, typically photographers that would compete, and you could find that if you go toe to toe one of my blog's skips photo network dot com and just put bruce berg into the search box, you will find three great posts that he did tour on customer service and another one is about the lane county children's contest, and bruce is very, very open and honest about um what he earns off of that what the excitement is how to keep it going and who the partners are and if you want to find out more about bruce, just go to bruce berg dot com so that was from yesterday and then this one came up last night bill made a comment to me about a we're sitting there and I'm just perfectly relaxed and I'm zoning and I'm having a really great dark beer don't know where were we taphouse in downtown seattle, great little place and bill said, hey, skip, I don't I don't buy in on the press release idea I live in a really small town so I want you think differently on the press release and we talked about this last night, so now you have to hear it again um but we've had a couple beers and you don't remember what I said anyway, so we're good we're good when you do the idea. The press release it doesn't mean that on every press release you've got to use a company like focus and do it formally through the through the internet. If you live in a really small town, then do a press release and get it sent out to everybody within your zip code or within a twenty mile radius let's say it doesn't mean that on every single press release you want to go national or go global in the same respect, if you live in I mean, if you live in new york city, the likelihood that the new york times is going to pick up or sherry you're in chicago, we have to work on the chicago tribune to pick up, you know, a press release about a particular event that you did that doesn't mean that you can't publish a press release and then be able to send that link hq to everybody that's in part of your database that's in your network um, in fact, let's, pull this over let's do that? Are we pretty much on camera with that? There was also the in terms of your network, when you're sending things out, your network kind of think of it is a target where the bull's eye are those family and really, really close friends, those of the people that are absolutely closest to you, those are the ones that take your keys away when you're not ready to drive, that you share things with those of the closest people in your life. Is that center the next circle out? Our close friends, associates and maybe key vendors your lab would fall in here, your frame company, your album company would be in here next one out would be your dream vendors, the ones that you'd love to be working with or you're considering along with a lot of your clients and maybe they're a few clothes clients that make it into a closer circle and then finally you've got potential clients and potential vendors and other people that are in the community and when you're sending out a press release and this is the same thing with politics cards I understand there was some chatter yesterday about people concerned over the cost of a holiday card for example is sending it out I'm not saying that you've got to send out thousands of cards and subtly blanket the whole area, but this is just good old fashioned grassroots marketing where that forty five cents you're gonna pent spend on postage not every single one of them is going to yield anything but it builds your brand to keep your name out there and every now and then if just one person out of let's say you spent the money on sending out five hundred colleague holiday cards if one contact suddenly became a new client it's already paid for the mailing. So when you're thinking about your holiday cards in your press release is just think of it is all right what's my network is this going to is this something that really is exclusively to these two rings here or do we want to branch out a little bit or is it something that's so good and so strong that I want to tell everybody about it yesterday, vicki to offer talked about girls night out in this promotion that she started doing temp was, I was, like, ten, twelve years ago in iran for five or six years. Where was a community event? They had a lot of vendors involved killing people know about that would be everybody across this loop. Jared, you had a thing on. I'm going to say it right? Snohomish. I got it. All right, snohomish. It took me fifteen years to be is able to say, ski jacket, expressway in buffalo. So now I've got to that. I can have this snohomish. Uh, that would be something that you'd send out to everybody in your community, because that's got interest, that whole thing that was going on with the with the wedding tour that was called, yes, enormous, went into her. Yeah, so the wedding tour would tie in with that and be a value to everybody.

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You know how to focus your camera, NOW focus your business. Professional photographers today have greater marketing capabilities and reach than at any time in the history of photography, but a winning strategy has to be aligned across all aspects of your business.

Skip Cohen will take you through a complete analysis of your business and give you tools for growth. Skip will focus on the art of a successful website, developing PR campaigns, planning your promotional calendar, networking, branding and time management, just to name a few.