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This is that time of year for some reason where everybody talks about the importance of getting published everybody wants to get published you guys look at magazines not you five specifically but at some point somebody will call me are used to call me when I was in range finder and say I don't like the cover okay? I'm sorry well my works better yeah, but here's the difference you didn't submit any and somebody else did so I wanted to just go through just some easy bullet points and I apologize for the fact that winning an award opinions, penmanship and third grade doesn't count anymore first issue right off the bat if you don't have great work, nobody wants to see it so your work's got to be outstanding if you're sending it into a magazine and you're saying the range finder let's say and that's the magazine I obviously know best I want you to see my work then you better make damn sure that your work is so good that it's a cz good is the best they've ever had because if it's not you kno...

w nobody's got an interest in publishing average work you've got to have consistency in your quality so right off the bat let's just take those two pieces if you're not great, your work isn't gonna get published now every now and then there's somebody's work that's not that great but they've got such an incredible story. It might be of hardship, it might be of something that they want. It might be about their family, and there might be something that becomes newsworthy for magazine to publish. But you better make sure that you you nailed the first to know if you nailed the first two what's unique about your work in your story right off the bat are you really? Is there something different about what it is you're trying to say? Did you take the images a certain way? Is there something about you personally that makes it so unique that every one of these images are just they have an incredible story behind them? So you need you need to think about what's unique about your work in your story next one and everybody seems to forget about this. Build a relationship with the magazine. You want to get to know the editor of the writers. If you go to w p p I, for example, because range finder is all part of the same company, you have an opportunity to meet a lot of the writers. You have a top opportunity to meet the editor, you have an opportunity, tio tracked down george, who is the publisher, you've got a great opportunity there to meet the people and again when you're meeting them. Do it in a way that you're not in their face once you realize who they are and where they are if you're going to meet him cold, then just wait your turn if they're talking to somebody and then introduce yourself do not hand them your portfolio do not say I want to show you my ipad and start flipping through pictures get him afterwards it w p p I everybody involved is totally stressed, but they're fine a week or two later people you used to ask me. So what do you do after w p p I is over and I'd say I walk around in a bathtub in a bathrobe for three days I don't talk, I don't brush my teeth, I don't shave, I don't shower it's it's like it's like cuckoo's nest because you're just you're ready for your lobotomy because you've you're totally stressed and then you get depressed because w p p I is over it's like postpartum depression and now what do I do? The baby's born and now I'm depressed and then you start counting the days to the next one and you keep saying to yourself, no, I'm not going to do it that way and then sure enough you get sucked into it again it's the most fun I used to say that I don't want to do again for another year build those relationships get to know the people involved because if you know the people involved that when you send images in they kind of know who you are tie in with the manufacturer you can have unbelievable images let's say you've got images taken with with a product out there that's just it's fun it's different and you want to show somebody those images in fact that's how the friendship with scott born started and I didn't even remember when he reminded me twenty years ago poll right introduced the polaroid expand or thereabouts maybe was less than twenty the panoramic camera scott sent me images showed me images while we were in a show and said you know what do you think and they were great but I didn't have any I didn't know what to do with him but I did get a call two days later from studio photography and design who we're looking for images taken with the expand from somebody that was relatively new I sent them scott's information and his images they contacted him and they want up doing a four page story on house of blood expand which helped me is the manufacturer it helps scott with the exposure and that led to a job in the middle east helping somebody open up one hundred thirty some studio portrait wedding studios so there were all these components that kind of fit together so when you tie in with the manufacturer and when you go one of that's one of the reasons to go toe all the major shows all the not so major shows skipped summer school and meet vendors you want to be able to show them your work? You want to be able to show them what you're doing with their products because they might go ahead and say put a little pressure on a magazine as an advertiser, but they won't they won't back you either if you haven't hit the nail on these two so even the greatest easiest going manufacturing the world won't jump on it if you work isn't great, so think about a manufacturer be patient be patient ought to be after every other one here don't submit work that's already been published and I recently had somebody asked for my help because they knew I still know a lot of people a range finder and I don't know what made me look. But it turns out this person's work had already been published in another magazine, so maybe what that really ought to say is don't the greedy you can't be everywhere certain people can be everywhere, but they've earned the right to be everywhere because their work is that great because they're that great because they are one of those rock stars that we idolize that's ok? They could be everywhere, but if you've got work that's already been published somewhere don't don't send it in or if it was published in just a little local magazine that's fine but let the other magazine no that that wanted to show you this here's where some of my work has been published pay attention to the format I can't tell you how many times people said my image would look better on it better on the range finder cover you have to lay the image out you have to remember that every magazine has a header it's got there it's got their title it's got the spot where the label goes it's got spot where the date goes and a lot of magazines have bullets to tell you what's in that issue you may have a great image and it might be a horizontal image and the magazine is a vertical format and your image even if they crop it is going to look terrible or your image is so good that it's stunning but in this case the range finder logo is going to overlap half the heads of the couple that are in this shot that you think is so wonderful or the scenic or the landscape whatever it is that you're sending in so you need to pay attention the format of the magazine's inter contests contest we talked about view bug before and I can't believe that I forgot you bug when I was asked the question had to be one like that you bug dot com look att pay attention to contests contest, help photographers get their work published their travel contest there's so many different contests out there where you have a chance to enter work and and maybe have it shown print competition is another good one print competition I think of is different is a contest because everybody that participates winds up being a winner in terms of getting feedback when you do well in print competition like w ppl, you've got an opportunity issue a press release your image has an opportunity to be hung as part of the exhibit of the at the show, so that's what makes it a little bit different than just a contest? And the later on it winds up being published in in the magazine when they published the winner's check the editorial counter. Every magazine in the world has an editorial counter if you go to that magazine and you click on media kit or something like that that you'll find in the information on the magazine, you can usually find a media kid and in there will usually be an editorial counter. So if for example, you're a senior photographer and you look at the editorial counter and you see that well range finders senior theme issue is coming up and I don't know let's just say august I don't know when it is then you know that if you are senior shooter and you've got great shots it's logical that you want to interim around that so in time for the august issue you want to pay attention because the august issue is going to go toe print approximately sixty days earlier so you'd want to submit work submitting in august is too late july is too late you want to send stuff in for april may for the august issue and give yourself and every magazine is a little bit different and then last on the list of getting published last on the list relates to it's not just about magazines look at brochures look att calendars I actually had worked years ago and remember I'm not a photographer but I had some work that I was really proud of of animals done on a wildlife shoot and there's some really there was some good shots there and the local printer that we used it has a bladder did their annual calendar and wound up using two of my images in their calendar so their opportunities to get your name out there the one thing you want whenever somebody's going to use your images whether you're making a lot of money for it or not you want to always trying get that tag line you want the copyright you want the by line that gets your name out there it might be something is is what you think is insignificant as ah I don't know a brochure for a local hotel a restaurant that you've worked with and you just you know you're willing you might be willing to give them the images because there's somebody in your community you've worked with them they like you you like them? The question came out before about giving images away for free I'm not suggesting given away for free just make sure that if you do give them away for free and whatever your reasoning is you work on getting that by light that don't make sense absolutely I mean we could do this we could do this all day except I don't want to have a question yeah so when we go to skip scammers summer school we should have a night pad full of our favorite images that we can show you're the vendors that will be presenting yeah, I know yes and no actually summer school is an easy one because they do have time if you views some of their products or or for example white house and bay photo are both exhibiting you've got two labs there and you want to show some of the work that would make sense I would always first of all I would never go anywhere without having some images with you should always have them summer school is a good example because it is easy you do get that contact time um, the staff from re so the senior staff, a resource magazine is going to be there. I mentioned orly, alex and and adam will all be there so it's a good opportunity to be able to show them some of your work and be able to just talk with them. Um and take your time. I wouldn't bring dozens of images. I would also if you do spend time with a vendor, do what I said yesterday sentiment it says, hey, thanks for the time I would have if you had time um, not necessarily before summer school, but before going to any major convention, I would always have a card printed up or something that shows some of your images or princeton images up that looks like a more commercial piece, so it's got your contact information on the back or on the front, but you've got something to be able to leave with somebody. But again, remember what I said when you're working a show, especially like photo plus expo and w p p I unbelievably busy buried people coming at you every five minutes. A lot of times when you give somebody something it's going to disappear, they're not going to remember it, so you're almost better to make the intro talked to him, show him some work if they're taking the time learn to read the body language if you're talking to somebody and they keep backing up like this it's a sign let it go and then send them something to look at after the fact this is you know be treat treat them and any of the icons you meet the same way you want to be treated you know don't get it just don't get in their face have a question from el rent water I'm not thinking anymore from ho brent watkins and I know this is getting published one on one so you've covered this but I want to ask this anyway he asked I have never understood how getting published leads in the more business it is great for the ego but how does it help the bottom line break bread bread frank is in akron, ohio by the way I just had lunch with brand six months ago so bread but it's still a good question so I'm going to get even with bread I'll have to figure out why the issue getting published in all honesty it's getting published is just building your brand doesn't lead directly to more sales right away abs probably not but it gets your name out there and it builds your brand it gives you credibility it's like it's it's like advertising only different it's getting your name out there it's being able to say and you see this all the time on wedding clients if you look at katherine hall site and wedding it will say published images published in great sermon it will say and I'm not sure if I get the right ones but I'll say published in you know as seen in martha stewart weddings if you look at bambi it'll say images as published in now that becomes that's a big carrot I mentioned and when we've talked about websites that it doesn't it doesn't accomplish anything for you to talk about all your accolades but when you have an accolade that your images have been published in a major bridal magazine or image just any major magazine it does give you a certain level of credibility but prince absolutely right and I'm only kidding about getting even brad bread is one of my favorite people the issue getting published just helps you build your brand that salt doesn't lead directly to sales absolutely not is it we're spending a fortune on no but if you had a magazine cover I mean it's very cool last month's cover of range finder was roberto valenzuela's image it's a stunning image roberto adds that to his but he won't call it to his resume to what he can show a client he can have that magazine out on the coffee table when a client comes in it just gives him a different level of credibility but it's true it doesn't just being published in having images out there really are it's it does. May it makes you feel good that's all that's the first part, but the biggest issue is that it does build your brand, skip the summer school community and levi, they want to know what would sheila as ah, a powerful part of your team, tell photographers, what advice does she have? Sheila, you hear her laughing back there? What would she say? Yeah, I hear that talk to her in summer school, but realistically, what would what she would say she has met so many photographers and she's been sitting at her desk in in our office at home when I'm doing website reviews, so I think she would say, pay attention to your business plan, get organized. One of the most fun things about being married to sheila is the fact that she doesn't come out of the photo industry, she has no background in photo, and I used to love it when she would come home with frustrating stories that just reminded me of the fact that our challenges in our industry is no different than hers were at akron children's hospital, that business is business and communication is communication and that's kind of a cool thing when things the same, we all have the same frustrations, we all are too close to our own businesses, we all don't see things that are out there. And she was going to beat me up later and it's all because of you and levi and the rest of the summer school crowd. But that's, ok.

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