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The following presentation has been approved for photographers who give back the rating on this one is priceless you have to give back to community you're looking for your community to be good to you, you've got to be good to community and I'm not just talking about cause related marketing here I'm talking about giving back and charities now there's some things that obviously you can do that become terrific and we'll talk about cause related marketing in a minute and there it is. I jumped ahead, I did a fifteen second skippy before I was ready, but it's worth reading again, you're looking for the community to be good to you guys, you've got to be good back, you have to be involved and if you go a step further j conrad levinson no, we won't will make people crazy. G marketing dot com is j conrad levinson site I mentioned him yesterday he is the father of guerrilla marketing and he is quoted as saying something to the effect of people like buying products and services from companies they...

perceive is giving back that makes you feel good. I mean, think about how you guys feel every everybody's got maybe it's a restaurant in town, maybe it's, a retailer, maybe it's, a small hardware store that's privately owned but there's somebody that you really like purchasing from because of your perception of what they do in the community because of what they give back because of their persona because of some reputation that they built. And when you talk about who jake conrad levinson is because he's certainly one of my heroes, he is the father of guerrilla marketing. He is the one that coined the words. Um, I'm guessing oh, wow, twenty years ago, uh, there's a quote on his site where he actually says I've authored a co authored fifty eight books in sixty two languages. More than twenty one million copies have been sold. And when you go to g mark dot com, you're going to see a whole variety of things that are just free there's a tip of the day there's, a video and he's been around for a long time. I heard him for the first time at a what used to be called the eminem conference that people used to help, which stood for marketing and management. And he talked about the top one hundred guerrilla marketers things guerrilla marketers should do in the top one hundred was somewhere in there was giving back to the community. It's just so important, yes, I just want to shut out because I had never been to that website before. That he does have a guerrilla marketing weekly tip that you can sign up for, and you can sign up to receive a free copy of what is a grownup gorilla entrepreneur. So you go to the fascist state, he was really one of the first ones in terms of again, let's call it contemporary marketing people that that really started to talk about what you need to do to market yourself, and I love that. I mean, the term guerrilla marketing, we all know what it means today, but he was the first one out there to really get people to start thinking about, you know, what are you doing to make yourself different? What are you doing to make yourself special? Where you doing to get your name out there? And his website has a lot of great things, and once again I jumped ahead of myself. People like buying products from companies they perceive is giving back that's really important, so getting involved in the community is really important. We've got I've got four, five charities here, maybe there's six year of nonprofits that do give back that aren't necessarily local that might be a little more national, but they give you an opportunity to extend yourselves locally. The first one starts with now, I lay me down to sleep, and I love having these images in here that that sandy puts allowed me to show these air the images that kind of started it all where she was at, put together some images and do some things for sky ridge medical center and this one for swedish hospital. Now, if you don't know now I lay me down to sleep in, you're not familiar with him, it's now, eileen, lay me down to sleep dot com there's, their specialty is working with photographers to help photographers get the skills that they need to photograph. Most the time, um, babies, infants that air about toe that are about to die. And it's, not it's, not something that I can even imagine myself being able to do, and I'm willing to bet that of the thousands of photographers, they now have a cz part of their team, that there are thousands of photographers in there that also felt the same way. In the beginning, I had one guest post. One of my first guest posts was aurora homestead from connecticut, going back that's about two years ago, maybe a little longer, and she did a guest post on. Now I lay me down to sleep, and this is where networking comes in. I had met her because she had the booth across from us at at a convention in new york, so on we were talking and I knew sandy putsch and just start talking about it I mean allowing lay me down to sleep and she was staffing the booth, she wrote a guest post on photographing a baby that the mother the parents knew would only live one hour after being born and as a parent I can't identify I can identify with the pain the baby was born the parents I don't remember the name of the child, but the translation in korean translation in english was gift from god and a roar photograph the baby, she wrote this incredible blawg post that that still links through on skips photo network dot com all about the experience showing pictures of the baby talking about the family but what really made it incredible was the following day the mother of the baby commented and she commented about how important it was for the family to have a picture of of their daughter who they knew would live more than an hour. Now when you think of that and I get kind of goose bumps, you can't help but tear up, especially whether your parent or not you can't help but identify with the parents, but as a photographer think about the power think about what it means to a photographer to get a compliment like that to be thanked I mean this there is no it is priceless like my first light show there isn't anything that compares with a client saying to you you have no idea what your photographs meant to us and this goes back if I keep digging back farther, this goes back to why I keep saying you've gotta have the skill set you've got to create images that air while never compromise on your quality never compromise on exceeding expectations to a client and if you're lucky like aurora you'll get that that that comment that stays with you and keeps you charged forever and it was really exciting swedish hospital and that led to sam and a few other people involved and some help she had engaging now I lay me down to sleep started it's now I lay me down to sleep dot com they are an amazing organization with thousands of photographers around the country they typically have a booth at every photographic show and and saying their creative live connection coming up sandy did a a credible I've already go, which was her babies belize and babies workshop and she does talk a lot about now I lay me down to sleep a swell so she's a phenomenal person in an a phenomenal marketer she and then she just she's just a great person with an amazing organization and what happens in fact with a lot of these nonprofits they get started because something touches somebody's life and that person has a choice to make like a lot of us, they can just sit back and say, wow, that was amazing. I'd love to doom or and then you procrastinate and you get busy and you forget about it or every now and then there's is one out of a few thousand people that actually steps up steps up to the plate and says, I want to do this let's get something going, which is leah hoskins at the film project, um, family images for lasting memories. Now it's interesting about leah. Leah had a friend that she lost to cancer at a very young age, and she wanted to do something and recognized the need to create portraiture in the same way. Now I lay me down to sleep, is working with very, very young children and newborns, and that side of the spectrum for the film project works with adults fighting the battle. And there was there was a clip that we wanted to show you, which we unfortunately couldn't get the new station to release. But there was a photographer in the in the phoenix area that that did a news piece that actually wound up being picked up by one of the local stations in phoenix, and the whole issue was the mother is fighting and dying, is terminally ill with cancer and wanted images with her and her family that her family could always share and there's one side of me that once again it's just it's got wrenching you say he's god how can you do that and yet when you see the interview from the statement from from mom who was who's fighting the battle this was so into her she's got three kids her husband she's got a family she knows she's going to lose it and here's the ability of a photographer toe work the magic to create poor traits of that day with the family that the kids will have the rest of their lives long after she's gone and it's really I every one of these charities are are typically charities that I know somebody's involved with I don't want to just put him up and not give you some of the background on them so the film project is ah whole lot younger than now I lay me down to sleep I think they're probably up to around six or seven hundred photographers around the country uh I'm trying to remember is that the film can you check over there is that the film project dot com it's dot net dot net okay any punctuation there was no punctuation is there just that film project at the film project project dot net another good one great one to get involved in but same thing again make sure that you are images have the quality that the clients deserve with any client so you've got to make sure don't sign up to help the film project or line eight nami lay me down to sleep or hearts apart that's going to come up in a second if you're not dead on as a photographer and providing terrific work, this one is kind of fun uh fact, they're all they're all they're all fun in a way what I love about hearts apart dot org's they're helping families with members of the military that are about to be deployed and one of their actual products that they produce after the portrait session is that portrait that's on a special laminated product so that it literally khun go into that military members pocket and they can be in the rain they could be in the mud, they could be out in the trenches and that that picture stays with him it will not damage you can tear it, cut it, rip it, soak in the ocean whatever and it's going to be out there there's still going to have the picture, the family and there's a very cool video on there that in fact they're probably two videos on there that show the quality of their work and what they're doing and it's a very, very cool group and that's hearts apart dot org's first relief thirst relief is I believe has been around for a long time jim hix is the one that I know best in terms of mounting the campaign, the reality is that for very little effort and money, water can be supplied to an entire family and it's something outrageous. I want to say that that they can build the filtration system and they'll have clean water in a third world country for I want to say it's like a year, I probably being wrong and jim's going to roll his eyes now, I just got told, skip it's, we do it for this and that the whole issue is photographers they've gotten involved in helping outside the united states. This is about fresh water in third world countries building these filtration systems, going in for a couple weeks at the tie at a time, and being able to work with the community and help them develop a system that they can then maintain and sustain freshwater. Because freshwater is we take it totally for granted. We turn on the tap, and I mean, we think it tastes funny because who knows the floor and the water's up a little bit, or the chlorine, whatever. We totally take it for granted, the privilege that we can turn on any tap at any time and just get fresh water. They only do that, but we pay three bucks a bottle for fresh water, which is, if you think about it also a little bizarre, but again thirst relief, dot com there's. Some cool things that thirst relief. Does that have tied directly in the photo? They do a fundraiser every year. That's an auction and it's more of a mentor auction. And this goes back to networking. I I volunteered a couple hours of marketing support as a product two years ago. The photographer that bid on it was general by the name of terry clark, who is based over near it was near pittsburgh. Um, I went out because he was close enough. It was supposed to be two hours of marketing support. We would have done it on the phone kind of thing. He was close enough that it was a couple hours drive. I drove over and wound up spending the whole day there. Terry has become a very good friend. And just as recently as last week, I had a guest post on the site from terry who has been involved in photography. He's been a picture editor he's been a wedding photographer. He does a lot of, um, commercial portrait work now and annual report kind of work, but it all came out of that. It all came out of the it all came out of networking. Um and the last one in this group is help portrait help, dash portrayed dot com ok I think it might be dot org's, but it probably sends you well, well, well, there we'll check in very following that portrait is what I said search help dot portrait that's right? When in doubt I mean if anyone searching but help portrait was started by jeremy cower and the whole idea behind how portrait is providing poor trades to families that couldn't afford a portrait and is recently as w p p I sheila and I caught him in the hallway at one of the one of the programs and we're talking to him about it, and he told me the most amazing story about about photograph offing three prostitutes as for their poor traits and it absolutely he talked about how the experience changed their lives because they had never been photographed in a way that they were just being respected as people for their portrait for their families, for friends not as a transaction, not as they're they're being a prostitute just as as people getting their portrait done and remember jeremy saying that one of them actually decided to get off the street and get out of the profession, but it had an incredible impact because of the respect that they had and felt from the photographer in terms of jeremy doing that shoot and it really is everybody takes it for granted we all take for granted and you guys take it for granted what your skill set really means to the outside world, and this is where I get really sappy and I've said this about a thousand times and other programs, but with the exception of modern medicine, I don't believe there's a single career field that gives back to the world what photographers do, and I don't care where you are in the system, you could be on my side on the marketing you, khun b on you could be a technician on the line in canon, putting lenses together. Everybody plays in this image ing universe, everybody plays in the photographic industry and whatever your role is within that industry, you've got the ability to make the world a different. I mean, think about what a newspaper would look like without photographs. Think about what a wedding album would be, stick figures you'd have somebody drawing a little picture of the cake. In fact, every wedding album would probably look like the sketches from the o j trial. They'd be no emotion, you wouldn't see, you know, uncle harry and aunt jane, and you wouldn't see the tear in grandma's eyes, and if you think about what you guys do is photographers, you take it for granted, you don't realize, and this is why I love the fact that I'm not a photographer, because I am absolutely I am your biggest grouping. Not just the five of you here, but the other however many thousands of people we've got watching today or maybe it's, only two we know it's, not my dad, because he couldn't figure out how to get into the system, but so they're not too many family members out there this morning, but what you guys provide the magic that you're able to provide a consumer? You guys were literally able to take a moment in time and stop it and freeze it, and they've got that memory forever and that's the magic of what you do because you guys are really you really are magicians, nobody can do what you can do, and I don't care how many uncle harry is there are that go out and buy the same gear you have, they don't know how to use it the same way they don't have the same access to album companies toe labs to frames, they don't have the same access, they don't have the same access to two product software, the light room to the all the filters that you can do to the way you can create an image. They don't know any of the papers, they go to staples, and they buy a box of fine art paper, they don't have access to the incredible printing process that you have the ability to do.

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