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So let's start with just talking about two thousand twelve by two thousand twelve is definitely it's a year of recovery I believe very strongly in diversity and we'll talk about that in a whole section later today in other words, if you did a great job and let's just start with the wedding I'm going to use weddings by the way is a great example today because wedding photography just lends itself to everybody understanding the components but virtually everything that I'm going to talk about applies to every aspect of marketing as a photographer in fact other businesses too so in terms of the year and what two thousand twelve is this is definitely a year a diversity if you did a great job at the wedding then why wouldn't you want to be there when the first child was born and as those kids grow, why wouldn't you want to be there and as they get pets to bill's point why would you want to be there when the puppy comes into the family there's so many opportunities for photographers to stay i...

nvolved with the family it's kind of the same way that we've latched on to doctors over the years and a lot of cases if you didn't relocate in your life and you stayed kind of in the same community you probably have the same doctor that you might have had even is a kid because that doctor depending on how old the doctor was his stayed with the family and as you've grown the needs of the family of change, so I'm suggesting the same thing and is the family's growing and the kids are getting older mom and dad are getting more established in their business and there might be an opportunity for commercial work table top work and it goes full circle right? About right around the time to win that baby becomes a senior and we all go back again and we'll talk about that later it's definitely year of potential growth there is one unique thing that I've noticed in fact it's not so unique, it's the common denominator any time I say to a photographer what kind of year you having how's it going if they say ok or good, the next words are but I've never worked so damn hard in my life and that's there is business out there we'll talk about where that businesses today as well and then it's a year's survival we have been through the perfect storm over the last well the last three years, the economy, technology changing so fast, new people jumping into photography left and right some of them unbelievably good, some of them unbelievably bad, but they think they can fix it later in photo shop and they're going to get there they've got their camera gear but they haven't paid attention to how to really present the images or how to capture the image is so it is the perfect storm and we're coming out of it and there's so much potential, and I'm so optimistic the bottom line is the year's going to be whatever we make it, every photographer has the potential to make it a really great year or all right, you know this didn't come together, you can sit back on excuses and you can come up with all the reasons why something didn't work. The reality is that the potential market is out there, but, boy, you gotta work to find it and that's, what I want to help you try and do over the next couple days is work to find it. So each of my sections, this the following presentation has been approved for photographers who just need a little help and is suitable for all ages. So the last section is maybe not all ages, but that's. The bottom line. This is about your business and one of the things that I heard a good buddy jerry g owners say last year in a workshop it's really backwards the way photographers start, you buy all your gear and you jump into business at the same time you're jumping into being an artist. So as you're trying to be more creative as you're trying to figure out how to capture the very best images, you've also got to sit there and worry about what about my business and you don't have that training and ideally if you think about it, everybody should start out working for somebody else doing an internship for a couple of years somebody that already has the business and then when you were ready and you had the operational side and you had that you had to creativity down now you're ready to jump in and worry about marketing and publicity and networking and all those components that helped to build your business and that's really it's kind of backwards because the way it's set up now you buy a camera, you decide I want to be a photographer here's what I'm going to do and at the same time you're supposed to be doing your marketing, you're also worrying on trying to understand it take workshops on how to get your skill set really up there. So that's the balance there's my mantra for the last three years I can't begin to tell you how many times I put up that slide just because the media says it's going to be a bad year doesn't mean it has to be we turn on the news every single night and we hear unemployment is is up, housing costs are down gas prices I'm blown away by what you're paying here, by the way, in seattle, I was so excited the other day actually excited that I called sheela from the pump to say it's down to three thirty five it's like let's get gallon cans and bring it down and buy it ahead of time, and you're it, they see for something up here for twenty four thirty? Yeah, if you want premium like four, sixty nine, too. Well, I guess the idea here is you don't want premium now, it's, just ridiculous. So you've got all those things going on that you watch every single night and you really get to a point where you believe it. I mean, I have stopped and this is this kind of absurd because I'm going to admit that I'm the most uninformed america in the united states, american and in the country right now, we just don't watch the news anymore. We pick up what we want to watch on the internet on yahoo. She brings up a computer every morning and we find what we want to listen to. If it's something really major, we're obviously gonna watch it on television, but the reality is I don't want all the local chat or any more, I don't want to hear how bad it is. Because it doesn't have to be and here's why I believe it doesn't have to be right off the bat there. Four million new bursts each year in the united states, one hundred thirty million each year worldwide. New babies, new babies. I'm going to talk later about the hierarchy of why people hire photographer it goes brides, babies, pets, that's the trifecta that's the top three. So four million and one hundred thirty million. And that boils down to eight new babies every minute in the u s which is eight second about every it's. Ok, ready up, there's. One there's. Another all right, every eight seconds in the u s there's, another baby. When you continue on that two point two million weddings each year, that number has been fairly stable. Now the amount spent has gone up and down. But if you look at the total number of weddings taking taking place each year in the u s two point, two million weddings that's a pretty solid number. Now, the pet number I love sixty three percent of u s households own a pet that's amazing. Sixty three percent. Seventy eight million dogs, eighty six million cats so let's, just round it off and call it almost two hundred million almost two hundred million pets. And I know you guys have all done done weddings or events where the pet was involved in the wedding jared smiling if you had one not yet, okay, you had you must have had one chicago tons okay, dog or cat that the dog give the bride away or was the dog just walked in there? People spend an incredible amount of money on their pets, and we're going to hit that number later to now the other number that I added here and you notice this is skips estimate thanks to google, I went online and asked the question, how many babies are born, how many pets there are there's some great sites to give you all kinds of numbers, and then I kind of average in amounts that are right. This is about the right number. If somebody wants to challenge me on that, knock yourself out sixteen a half million kids in secondary education the u s now the reason I put that in there because this is something to think about right now, depending on what your specialty is sixteen and a half million kids means a whole bunch of kids going to homecoming in the fall, it means a whole bunch of kids just went to prom, I'm tight putting together, I'm not just talking about high school senior work now I'm talking about event photography friday night football games there's so much going on homecoming is going to come in the fall, there will be different events that go on there's so many opportunities to go after that. Sixteen and a half million secondary education kids make sense, so in and out of this presentation, I've got what I'm calling fifteen seconds skip ease today, which is short components, some of them absolutely useless like this one. The most popular day for babies to make their entrances tuesday, followed by monday. Sunday is the slowest day with thirty five point one fewer burst on average. Now right away you think? Wow. So sunday has less bruce well, that's also because most doctors don't work on sunday so anybody, any woman having a baby that required induce labor is going to fall in on a weekday. So when you look at a lot of numbers, sometimes you have to think through all right what's that really telling me if a newspaper says, well, here's, what our demographics are and this is why you should advertise you really want to go back and we're gonna talk about advertise is in just a few minutes kind of do an ad one o one program real quick, so you want to think through what those numbers mean, no, that stalls thanks to babycenter dot com but it is interesting that most babies make their entrance on tuesday, followed by monday, so if you think about if you were a wedding photographer, for example, you really could keep a huge part of your calendar open for past clients when they're starting to build their family, and we'll talk about a photographer in utah that does just that with every bride to let her know that he'll be there when when they start their family and she has that first baby. So the challenge and this is really the foundation for my whole program the next two days, based on statistics that I've seen over and over again in different magazines, magazines like ad age, for example, you have to hit a consumer twelve to fifteen times for them to remember your name, and if you think about how much we delete ourselves, think about how much I mean, we've all got it now whether you've got a blackberry and iphone doesn't matter whatever you're watching, whatever you're taking your calls on how much information comes across our computers that we delete before we even get home, how many of us dvr a television show so that we can go through it quickly later on and not have to deal with the commercials? Our lives have changed, so when you're talking about trying to contact, you want to create top of mind awareness you want to know that when that client says while I need a photographer, uh, let's see, okay, I'm I know sherry's over on the other side of chicago, I want you, I want to I want to hire illusion photography I want to get to bill, I wanted to michael, I want to get to carlos or or jerry, you want that top of mind awareness you want to have planted the seed so many times that they're there. It's it's, planet it's taken root and they're going to think of you right away when they're thinking about what they need for photography, so let's, just do one of my typical days and think about how many things get in the way and we're walking on the beach and we've got shell and I on the beach in st petersburg, and I'm saying to myself, I can't remember if I set up my tweets today I used to just get up in the morning, have breakfast and have a normal day now I get up, I tweet, I check my blog's alright, that I set up my tweets, which I post about tomorrow. I'm thinking about we're having a nice walk on the beach, I can't believe I backed into sheila's car that's true here's talk about a double challenge. I'm doing her a favor early in the morning and I said I'm going to be a good guy going around get her car I backed her car out of the garage forgot I had left mine out and backed into my car obviously we didn't claim that one out of the insurance because I'm I'm both the victim and the and the criminal here and I did it wasn't a drive by so I confessed I can't remember if I said at my tweets that jumps in again I need to call the hotel for skipped summer school who's going to be my live audience for creative live that was going on around the same time that I'm walking on the beach what we're doing for dinner tonight I mean we all have stuff on our minds and I'm just doing it with a walk on the beach think about the interruptions when you're at home when you're sitting at your desk when you in your office when when you're any place we can't go anywhere without being interrupted which I get you a fur anniversary forgot about my article for resource magazine what kind of moron where's a long sleeve shirt to the beach what can I say that's what I was wearing that day there's there are all these things that jump in back to my tweets again there are all these things that jump in in our lives and that's why this is my this is my version of your target audience your target audience whatever your businesses and photography you're try actually whatever your businesses in general your target is right there in the center and in the center of that target that consumers being bombarded by everybody they're getting hit by every possible event they're getting in their mailbox they're getting it on tv they're seeing commercials they hear it on the radio they've got somebody knocking at the front door they've got a telemarketing call it's non stop bombardment so the challenge becomes how do you get through that and most of the areas that we're going to talk about over the next two days are on the top of all those spikes going in towards the target and one of them that I want to hit on right away is advertising well so I walked in front of camera and my about right now is that in the right spot yes yes sure yes it is ok so let's do let's dio let's do add one o one for photographers right off the bat is advertising at some point in everybody's career and everybody's and everybody's career as a business somebody's going approach you or you're going to get an idea that I want to do in this case I'm primarily talking about print advertising and you're going to think through god I really want to do a quarter page half page full page ad what is what's the chicago magazine calls just called chicago chicago bride okay there's there's one it's a local magazine it's a bride a book um boston has got the has got boston magazine with events and things going on almost every major city in the united states has their own local magazine to seattle have one what is it seattle bride, right seattle right? Ok, so the first issue with at seattle bride or maybe it's a more traditional lifestyle magazine? The first issue that you've got to think about is what the costs are because your ego gets in the way when you start thinking about wow, I just saw my competitors and they've got this beautiful ad in the magazine I need to spend money and I'm why obviously I need to be there don't let your ego drive your business so the first thing right off the bat when you ask yourself about costs first question is how much do I have to sell to break even? I don't care if it's how many eight by ten's or how many albums or how many clients or your or your ah local restaurant you're trying to figure out what you've got to make each month to pay for the ad or each day it's how much do I have to sell to break even then? The next question is how much do I need to sell to make money so based on what the cost is that's that's number one how will I get my money back? How is it going to inspire more business? How is it going to help more people come to get to know my business, my studio and hire me next one I'm I'll confess I have these on it's, my it's, my cheat sheet here because they didn't want to do this on slides um next one is your target audience um before today actually, this is the only time using the board can you guys see that? Can we get a better market at some point we get, um so who's your lose your target audience every publication has has demographics, but you have to decide who your audience is is my audience uh, am I going after brides or do I want to go after the mother of the bride? Thank you very much, but who is hard to believe? I got an a in penny in penmanship and fourth grade um who's your target audience and has to start with you clearly understanding who you're going after because if you don't understand who you're going after, then you can't possibly know whether or not you got him later on, I think I'm good uh next one we're going to hit is is the frequency how often my going to advertise I can't tell you how many times I've said to photographer would you ever advertise you have? We tried it once? If you tried it once, forget about it, you've got to run at least three times in a row for people to remember it. So it's three you can't run just one ad in one issue and then walk away from it, and this is why most publications will have a three x e x three x six x or twelve x ray chart, so the more you advertise, the more you save, and that helps you know what your frequency is now. The other thing you want to talk about when when we talk about frequency is we also want to get into fractional cz everybody thinks they've gotta have a full page yet you could do some great things with quarter page smaller adds eighth page ads aa lot of times, depending on what you're asking for. If you talk to the publication, sometimes you can ask you can work on let's assume that you've got enough money in your budget for a half page ad. You could talk to the publication and you could say, I want a half page ad and I want it right, reed let's say on the right side of the when, when the magazine is opened up and I want to be with editorial I don't want to be on a page with with two other companies, so if the page was just one big square here, I want the half page here and I don't want to more ads up top. I want to have half page by myself and run soul it's just something to think about when you're laying out your ad plan, and if you understand what it is you're asking for, then you've got a shot at getting a better return because you kind of have something in your mind about how it's all going to work, so we got the fractional cz um, let's, go back up for a minute here, let's, go back up to the costs I mentioned before about not letting your ego drive your business. I am a prime example. Nineteen eighty seven I take over as president, has a black eye inherit an advertising program that involved uh, top zip code editions of national geographic new york times new york times was the sunday new york times double page spread and time magazine top zip edition because you could sort it out by top zip codes. Hasselblad was expensive. We knew the profile of who bought it has the bladder and that's where we want a debate beautiful campaign, outstanding campaign, but I only had enough money in my budget to run those three adds one of them ran twice I don't remember which one and the other two just ran once and that was it now what I did I absolutely fed my ego I got the sunday new york times I opened up and there's this gorgeous double page spread we had a very high end at agency we had all this great stuff going on oh my god look at that this there it is there's our ad I had no money left to run any more ads I had to pull all my money from those magazines that supported the industry the best and the magazines like like range finder who I was past president of I didn't have any money left to feed them so suddenly my publicity stream was drying up because as much as everybody wants to think publicity is is totally impartial I'm sorry there's some things that are newsworthy that will always make a magazine or a story that will always run but this is business and the more you support a magazine the more likely you are that that some of the stories you've got are going to make it through and actually wind up being published it and it just makes sense. Well, what about what I done? I pulled I pulled on my advertising from all the photographic magazines so suddenly we'd send out a press release and it wouldn't get run anywhere and you can sit there all day long and say, well, that's not fair it's not newsworthy, it was newsworthy, it should have been run. No, this is we're talking about the realities of business here, so I let my ego feed the cost here we had enough money to do that, and then I had nothing left over, and the following year we changed our plan. We went with a new agency and a great little company and in new jersey, and I allowed to say that the name, camera, ad marketing love it was like the old tv show thirtysomething just a bunch of young people that understood photography and got into the business, and it was just a very cool relationship, and they really helped us a lot in terms of future ad campaigns and ideas because they weren't just about advertising, they were about marketing, so I'm a huge fan of keeping your costs in line, knowing your target audience you remember, you've got to go three times and don't be afraid of fractional cz now when that's all done, if you're the point now where you've actually talked to the rep from the magazine or a newspaper now it's time to go back to them again and talk to them about costs, I don't think that you can't negotiate just like anything that we buy today. Now they may not be able to give you a better rate, and they may be restricted to whatever their rate card states, and they'll stay with that, but there may be other things they could do to help you in your business. They may be able to match you up with another vendor so that suddenly you've got an ad going out, maybe it's you and a florist together, they're going to split the cost, or if your pet photographer it's you and a local vet it's you and the local pet shop in town, so there may be other things that they could do to help, so if they can't move on costs, don't get too concerned about, and then the last thing use a professional when I say use a professional, and we tried to do this that has so glad I had somebody that knew advertising cold. He had read every book that david ogilvy of a road who is one of the genius kings of advertising over the years, or some great books out there. When we did our own ads, it looked like we did our own ads. It looked like like we created ourselves them ourselves, and every now and then I'll see an ad, and I know that that business or that photographer, his god, a kid in high school that just took an art class and really knows what they're doing with illustrator with photo shop with something that let them go ahead and put together an ad don't do that it's the same way it's the same way you wouldn't be your own attorney what's your line only a fool hires himself for his attorney to represent him don't don't try and do yourself find yourself it doesn't have to be you don't have to work with with the number one company in town if you can't afford it but look for somebody get a professional and they get somebody that's got a graphic design background that has some art qualities some some some background some proven track record asked to see their work the same way clients ask you guys can I see can I see one of your albums? How many times have you shown a bride all clients a past album sherry all every time if you go to gerry g onus is website you will see he's got full albums he's got entire albums that he posts online so his client's khun see what he does and how he tells the story so trust ah professional to help put that ad together now the last thing that it's kind of fun here and I started to hit on it does this turnover no it doesn't well does but there's stuff on the back so let's how about this let's assume that you've got this great magazine in town and you want to run, you want to be part of it, you don't have enough money for a full page ad, you've maybe got enough money for a third or a quarter? Well, why not go out and let's? Do the half page ad let's? Put it together with two other companies, let's, bring in two partners to non competing companies to non compete e so if your wedding photographer you d'oh, you're going to put it together so you throw yourself in the middle, you're going to get the florist in a limo company, you're going to get the local venue in town that's known to host weddings, and you're going to get a bridal salon, you're going to get a travel agent and all them and a music company whoever's doing whoever is big in the area, who's got the band's and you're in the middle, you're going to pull it together, so you get to pick the spot. Although in all honesty, I know there's a lot of data out there that says that that a right read of a magazine is stronger and being in the center might be stronger, but the point is, by the way, I'm not sure that I really believe it if the ad really grabs you, the headline of this it is going to be something like best of all worlds or depending on where you are in the community few in vegas, you'd call it, you know, the tri effect of for your wedding or something like that. I mean, come up with something that's cute, but the point is, when you do this, you've now you've now cut your cost by a factor of three you're now going to spend one third the money you were going to spend to run a run that ad if you had done it all by yourself, so we're going to talk a lot. I can't remember if it's later today or in tomorrow's section, but we're going to talk a lot about all the different partners you confined. When you start to do your marketing plan, you don't have to do it alone. So right off the bat, you had enough money for a third of the page ad, let's say, but you wound up getting the exposure of a half page and your other two partners, all three of you become ambassadors for each other, you all start working with each other. We're going to talk about networking later and something that dawn shields has done in missouri that's very cool. You're networking, you've got your network, you've got two more partners. Somebody comes into the florist let's say and says, you know, this is what I'd like to get the florist happens to say if you picked your photographer yet. No, I haven't you know who should I get? It just becomes another component of your marketing efforts making sense. Are we getting questions on that on that stuff while they will push this away? Let's, take a let's skip. So a question from mary in costa rica, who is a regular? Hi, mary. How about if you do have a graphic design or advertising background? Should you still hire somebody else to get a fresh view? Boy, I don't know if I'd hire somebody else, but I definitely find out where all those designers go for lunch once in a while, and I'd maybe even set up a networking line, which is what dawn is done in missouri with people in the wedding industry s so that you could sit and talk to them. I the challenges there's a piece of me that says, absolutely, you should always get somebody else because you're too close to your own work and that's the challenge with all of us in fact there's a slide coming up in just a few minutes. That says just that were too close to our own businesses so one side of me says you absolutely should the other side of me says well, if you've got the skill set and if you're designing an ad for yourself then I would go ahead and I tweet my skill set and make it work on my own ad but I would first spend a little time just getting to know other designers in the community makes sense ok have a question from lisa half who asked with the explosion of social media which makes advertising easier and more readily available has that hurt the print publication industry? How much can we rely on advertising via social media? Wow, first of all there's no question that it's hurt print media print media all you have to do is pick up most magazines and see how how much thinner they are today so there's no question that things were changing remember when I'm talking about this? I'm talking about advertising as one of those spokes being used in conjunction with social media it's tied in with everything so you've got you've got advertising at the same time you're doing email blast you're on facebook you're active in your community we're taking every single one of those components is part of it so there's no question that social media has had a huge impact on advertising I just believe that you've got a hit your consumer, your target audience you need to be in their face in a good way all the time in every aspect that I answer that a diary forget the last half of the questions you answer. Okay, we only want take another one for you, michael. So with all these options, I'm sure everyone here and not in the audience feels this also how do you address all those subjects? Uh, and manage your time? Yeah, stay focused. I mean, you can you can start doing twitter thing, and that could take three or four hours of your day. And you forgot what the most important one was that day. Um, we'll see if we have that answer, but tomorrow I'll be honest with you. I don't know, I have not found it yet from my own business, I get going in the morning and the first thing I check is my email. Is there anything? I've got an answer right away and I've got a routine and my wife sheila tries to help may stay on point and what will happen is alright. I went to my email and something grabbed me. And now it's screwed up all the rest of the morning because now I'm chasing down something that somebody needed on an email when I need to get my tweet stream up I mean, I love hoot suite because I can load in aa lot of the things that a routine things that I know I want to get out there, but I can also keep track of them all day long, and I love the way the calendar comes up, and it gives me my schedule for the day of everything that I've tweeted and everything that it put out there. I haven't found the exact it's it's discipline, and if somebody has the answer, if they'll if they'll tweeted in over there on any ideas there, this would be a great one because it is hard to stay focused, and this is especially this is to jerry's point about how it's backwards the way we start out as photographers because you're also working on building your skill set and being an artist, but then you've also got to take the time to get your name out there. So what I found works best for me is just trying to be incredibly disciplined. I have stretches during the day where I absolutely will not take a call, and I'm just going to focus this. This is what I want to try and get done, and if she were sitting here right now, she'd be laughing because she knows that only works if it only works twenty percent of the time and the rest of time I get distracted and I go off and do something else. But if you look a tw things that take time here, I mean, some of them, some of them start with direct mail at the top direct mail is something that I believe is still very much alive. We're going to talk about it later. There are a lot of photographers that and a lot of marketing people, they're saying now direct mails, dead postcards don't work by themselves, I don't believe they do, but if you're doing a great postcard mailer at the same time you're active in your community and there's a story on you in the local paper at the same time you're sending out holiday cards at the same time you're doing something on facebook and twitter and a place else and shows from social media together, they work business cards. Once you've designed them, you're done that doesn't take a lot of time email blasts same thing again, once you put together a good email blast and you're going to send it out. It's done it's out there and now you're going to see the results of it or you're not going to see any results if he didn't do a good job advertising once you've decided what you want to do it's done I mean, for example in just a little while today we're going to talk about holiday cards now this is june even though it doesn't feel like it here in seattle uh the sun is out, by the way so I can see that that's you guys said please bring us son it's what we did and yet I still have do you still have a turtleneck on that's right? Holiday cards? Now is the time to be thinking about what you're going to send out for holiday card what are you going to send out in november for your holiday cards? No photographers should ever use their own photos excuse me while I was at a slip no photographer ship is a store bought card you should always use your own photos on your stationary on your nope note cards on your holiday cards always let people know what you do so now would be the time to plan that and then you'd have it out of the way so I guess if I were going to work my way all the way around there what I'd be looking at was each spoke would have a different timetable some of our ongoing facebook twitter social media is something that's ongoing every single day where building your network might be a weekly luncheon in the community editorial would be working on getting things published in the magazine your website in fact one of the first things everybody needs to check and we'll talk about that a lot later today and tomorrow is checking website every day to make sure that it's working the way it should then you've got linked in publicity I mentioned holiday cards already sponsored events and things that you're involved in so back to my original answer I don't know I'm doing the best I can it takes it takes being very disciplined I also have one thing that helps me is stupid is this sounds I'm not big on all the elektronik notifications but I've got this big four by six foot white board on the wall of my office I use that all the time it helps me think through my ideas I've also find out found that if I write something out I remember better than a fight then I typed it or tried to text it to myself or did something on yes I do still have a blackberry I'm sorry I've promised a number of friends that I will switch from my blackberry this year but I do still have one you just remember more yes sherry question on the editorial part of it I spent a major amount of money on editorial publishing last year, and it did nothing for me, I'm not even to clients. Um, it did not break even, and my big question is because it just came up for a time for renewal, and they wanted me to renew they negotiated a price that was ok, but my question is, would that beast still good to do just for recognition? Eyes that's something we're too. There are two ways you look at an ad one is that it build brand recognition, which is what you just asked, and the other is, did it produce sales now without seeing what the editorial was there without seeing what you were doing? Um, I can't make enough of a comment you're gonna be it's summer school in august, bring the stuff along and let's, look at it. One thing you can do, there isn't any rep in the country that hasn't had to deal with, at one point or another, a client coming back and saying, hey, this is what I spent last year, and I can't find that I got any results. What else can you bring to the party? So I would definitely go back and negotiate? It might be a bad investment to do it the same way, obviously, if you don't feel it worked at all. But there might be parts of it that did work that just need fine tuning and maybe there's something else you needed to do at the same time. Maybe at the same time. Was it in the paper magazine? It was a full page magazine ad. Ok, well, first thing I would do right off the bat I'm not I would cut back your full page. I would look at doing multiple fractional cz years ago. A very good friend in the industry who passed away, unfortunately was the king of fractional cz um and bruce landau would book these things unbelievable one after another after another and you'd see three, four pages in a row. Um, of his company and you just you catch him on every single page you might want to look at what your execution wass you might want to look at what was in the ad, could you be stronger? Could you put something in this more time sensitive that is going to drive business more so if if whether your budgets limit or not, you want to spend your money wisely, so you have to kind of look at the whole plan. It might not have been. It might have been other things that have happened at the same time or the fact that you did that, and like most photographers, most companies you run the ad and then you sit back and wait, okay? All right, no phone hello now didn't ring yet and that's that's one of the that that's just the wrong way to do it, it's one of the wrong ways to jump on it. You want to have you really want to have let's assume that? And I don't know if I'm right on this or not the way I'm gonna put up let's assume that you always wanted to take and haven't least three or four spokes on that target going at the same time, so you're not just relying on advertising or editorial or you're not just relying on what you're doing on twitter and facebook, but you've got all these components that are working together that kind of answer it okay, so here's the basic present premise for everything you do this is from a marketing motivational speaker by the name of ed foreman, who came to a polaroid program at least twenty five years ago and it's so cool because this is such a small industry. I recently spoke to him I had no I hadn't talked to him in twenty five years, at least, and he was just a speaker I was just one of one hundred people in the room at the time and he's still writing he's, still teaching, and he lives in texas if I can see the world through my client's eyes than I can sell, my client will. My client buys everybody's, always telling us where you got a walk in their shoes. No, you don't you don't need to walk in their shoes. If you walk in their shoes, your feet are going to hurt because they're not the same size. You don't want to be in their shoes. You want to see the world the way they see it. You want the bride to know that you understand why she's so stressed you want that dog owner to understand? Yeah, thiss dog means everything to me. This is my puppy, the puppy's been with me all these years you want you want them to know that you're seeing the world through their eyes and I'm going to say it again. If I can see the world through my client's eyes, then I can sell my client what my client buys it's absolutely critical that you think that way, so that when you're sitting down with a new client, they know that you're empathizing, they know that you understand what they're up to, they know that you understand their concerns, you want to be able to relate, we're going to talk about a big temper has spent a lot of time today on about sections. You're about section your website that's your chance to open up your heart and show who you are you're blogging if you're if if you're doing a blogger that's your chance to open up your heart it's not just about you sharing pictures that you took last week in an event it's not just about you sharing an opinion about something this is about you every time you post being able to share who you are and when you sit there with your clients and this includes trends fashions, the economy, demographics, photographers constantly forget about demographics and let me give a good example that ties back to advertising before if you're a wedding photographer and your advertising and guns and ammo it's the wrong book women make the decisions on on purchase on on hiring a professional photographer on purchasing photography in the portrayed social sectors now in the commercial business that can absolutely change it could be a product manager if you were shooting oh, I don't know car's tires, components of vehicles, anything tabletop work it can change but in the portrait social sector which is which is really where certainly all of you are and probably most of our listeners are or watchers are they listeners or watchers both wow ok listeners and why actually listening okay there can be listening and watching and doing something else where they are is the portrait social sector so you want to make sure that when you're advertising you're paying attention to your demographics you want to pay attention to I mean, for example, since women make most of the purchase decisions to hire a professional photographer in those situations you also want a position a lot of your marketing materials to be the right way you want your office, your studio tohave a certain environment if it looks like a very guy thing and a gun club when they come into the studio it might work in some markets but for ninety percent of the audience it's not gonna work so again it's back to seeing the world through your client's eyes I can't stress that enough on everything you do if I can see the world through skip size I can sell skip with skip buys just keep that in the back your mind because it's been in value to me invaluable to me over the last twenty five years and I was like I said I was one of one hundred people and in an audience on a program that had did for polaroid's customer service group and at that time the issue wass the problems we were having with some of the products that have been introduced and the number of angry calls you would get so is a customer service rep when you took that call his whole point was you need to understand what they're feeling and there's. So many things, especially when you get to an angry customer and we'll talk about some of those over the next two days. Two and you'll have one. Sooner or later, you're gonna have somebody that just isn't happy. Well, how do you defuse them sometimes, it's just azizi, it's, so easy just to say, well, I can't blame me for being upset, let's, see if I can fix it or the buck stops here, let's, see if I can help you make sense questions. We had a question, skip, that was just an overall question of what is the diff prince between advertising and marketing and that's from images of his and takes ok, what? Well, advertising the way I'm using it. Advertising is a component of marketing. Your marketing plan is everything to do to get your name out there. Advertising is that vehicle that gets it out there.

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You know how to focus your camera, NOW focus your business. Professional photographers today have greater marketing capabilities and reach than at any time in the history of photography, but a winning strategy has to be aligned across all aspects of your business.

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