Photo Week 2018 In Focus: Finding Your Photographic Voice


Photo Week 2018 In Focus: Finding Your Photographic Voice


Class Description

What is your photographic perspective and voice? Taking the time to craft your point of view is not only necessary in today’s world of photography, it’s also extremely important. But how do you begin? It’s not easy, but learning from an industry veteran is an important first step.

Join photographer, author, mentor and industry icon David Alan Harvey for this insightful presentation, followed by a Q & A, on what it takes to learn about who you are as a photographer. He believes that it’s through your photography that you can begin to express your point of view and what you have to say about the world around you. This means that you need to look in the mirror and out the window simultaneously.


user 7eba51

excellent!!! away to get insight from this exceptional photographer I was hanging on every word -thank you for making this available to those who can't afford a workshop at this time. thank you David Alan Harvey for your time wisdom and talent much so very grateful.

María Tomillo Ch

It was genial. I saw the photograph to other perspective. I loved

a Creativelive Student

Looked forward to the David Harvey hour. But, the hoops I had to jump thru in order for it not to even work is something I found to be disappointing. Make access simpler.