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Layer Alignment Tools

So cruising on with layers here, a couple more things that I want to show you, we have looked at moving layers around right within the same document. There is another handy tool and that's called the layer alignment tool so let's say you've created this ad it's fake I made it up all these edgy cr made up so let's say that I need my guitars all to be perfectly, even on their bottom images. Well, there is an alignment, tolman photoshopped that can help you with that it's a long as the guitars or whatever it is that you want to align lives on separate layers and you can see I've got three guitars over here on separate layers so I can grab the move tool and I can click to activate all of the layers that I want to align as soon as you have activated more than one layer, so I've already got one guitar activated so I can shift click the other one to catch these two because they're consecutive. So now I've got all three layers activated as soon as you have more than one layer active and you ha...

ve the move tool active in your tools panel, you are going to see photo shops, alignment tools and again with the pictographs that's what these guys are these air your alignment tools and the bar shows you what method of alignment each one will use? So if I want all the bottom edges of my guitars to be perfectly even, I simply click this button right here and I'll zoom out so you can see it happen. I give it a single click and all of my guitars are aligned with their body image is ok, so that can be very helpful. Of course, if I click the left line and they're all going appear on top of each other and saying with the ride a line, okay, so that can be really help awful when you're dealing with aligning layers, but you're only going to see these icons if two criteria are present, the move tool is active and you have more than one layer activated in the layers panel else see how they just grayed out when I only have one layer active scene now they're back now they're right out, so you do have to have more than one layer active now, let's, look at another thing that we haven't looked at yet what we're going to do is we're going to drag one layer from one document into another photo shop document. This is one of many ways where you can combine images into one photo shop document to make collages, okay, so I'm gonna open up another document over here. I love I start photo so much so much fun I get such a charge out of picking images to use for these classes obviously I have a lot of fun with it okay so in order to drag a layer from one document into another open photoshopped document you got to be able to see the other document and in cs foreign cs five along with that new application frame that we talked about the top of the class we got a new little icon called arrange documents and if you give it a click it opens a poppet menu of all different ways you can arrange your documents so what we're going to do is we're going to click on the two up preview which is going toe arrange my windows so that I can see both open documents at the same time so I'm gonna give that a click see how it resized both windows before I could see both my documents but only that tab of the other one because this one's covering it up as soon as I click that arrange documents icon and then I clicked to up then it shows me both images so if I want to let's say drag a layer from this doc in it I can click to activate that document so I can see all the layers that are inside that image and I actually want to make one little change there we go okay, so now I'm in the document that has the layers and let's, say, I want to drag this guitar into that other image. I'm gonna click and hold out my mouse button on the thumbnail of the layer. That's this thing right here, click and drag all the way across my screen, and it gives you a little bit of a preview, a ghosted image of what you're dragging. And as soon as that other document gets that little black bar that just appeared on its inner edges, see how that black bars changing the show me. Which document is in focus when I release my mouse button? That image, that layer appears in the other document. So that's. How you can move, document or move layers around between documents, and combined more than one image into a single photo shot document, which is what you want in a collage.

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Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1


Introduction: Nitty Gritty Basics + Layers
Workspace Overview
Q&A: Workspace
The Truth About Resolution and File Formats
Changing Resolution Without Changing Quality
Q&A: Resolution and File Formats
Resizing with the Crop Tool
Cropping with the Ruler Tool
Resizing with Content-Aware Scale
Resizing for Print/Web
Layers and Layer Types
Duplicating, Moving, and and Aligning Layers
Q&A: Layers
Creating Reflections
Layer Alignment Tools
Simple Slimming Technique (Resizing Layers)
Colorizing a Black and White Image
Creating a Solid Color Fade with Fill Layers
Layer Masks: Hand Painted Image Collage
Layer Masks: Gradient Mask Collage
Layer Blend Mode Collage (Include Load Images as Stack)
Using Selections Part 1
Using Selections Part 2
Q&A: Selection Tools
Color Selections: Fixing Animal White Eyes
Tightening Up Layer Masks
Painting Selections with QuickMasks
Using Vector Drawing Tools
Vector Shapes: Creating an Oval Vignette
Vector Shapes: Rounded Edges to Photo
Use Channels to Create Selections
Tough Selections Around Hair & Fur
Refine Edges Part 1
Refine Edges Part 2
Creative Edges on Photos
Embellishing with Vector Art
Creative Vector Photo Frames
Editing Smart Objects
Smart Objects Template: Creating Dark Edge Vignette
Smart Objects: Selective Blurring
Smart Objects: Selective Sharpening
Sharpening with the High Pass Filter
Q&A: Sharpening
Auto Color Adjustments
Shadows and Highlights
Using Levels
When to Use Smart Objects
Using Curves
Lightening and Darkening with Blend Modes
Enhancing Eyes and Teeth
Changing Colors with Hue/Saturation
Changing Colors by Hand Painting
Faux Dodge/Burn: Reduce Wrinkle
Color to Black and White
Healing Brush
Content Aware Fill
Using Text in Photoshop
Designing with Baseline Shift
OpenType Fonts
Placing Text Behind an Object
Barely There Text: Faded and Hollow Text
Pushing Photos Through Text
Adding Texture to Your Text
Convert Text to Paths
Combine Images using Advanced Blending
Realistic Photo Aging
Faking HDR
Wrapping Texture Around an Object


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