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OpenType Fonts

So now let's look at two more text formatting features, and then we're going to jump into adding text to your photographs. So this next one that I want to show you is a bit of a pro typesetting technique, and what I want to show you is the super secret alternate characters that may be built into some of your funds that you're using there's, a relatively new type font type format, or fought for man on the scene today, and it's called open type and open type fonts are really fabulous because they can contain a lot more information than other types of fonts, such as true type and post script and so on so forth, open type fonts are really amazing because they can include a whole bunch of ge lifts or special characters that you can turn on or off using the character panel okay, but the setting is really buried, and it will take you a little bit to get to it, but let me zoom in here so you can appreciate these letters. I've highlighted the letters in this exercise file that I've changed, but...

you can see the difference between them, so just take a moment and look at that a ok kind of make note of all the lif rinse swash is and swirlies that we've got going on in the a so compare that a to this, eh? It's the same font how on earth did I get different versions of the same letter within the same fun that's because this particular font is an open type font so it has easter eggs I'll call them easter eggs built into it that you can turn on and off so now zoom back out so here's another a down here that's different from the other two that we saw were still in the exact same fun so the little purple text that I've given you this exercise file is telling you which item I turned on inside that fun okay, so this was a when I chose contextual alternates this is the a I got when I chose discretionary ligatures which is the default a that I would have gotten had I not changed anything inside this font and here's the a I get when I choose stylistic alternates and then down here I've got some other things to point out here is three different peas so here's one p here's another p here's another p so it's all about flexibility and how you want that letter character toe look so here's a few different teas for you these are all lower case you can see this t appear has an extra extra swoosh on the left hand side this one is very plain in this one it's plain or still and last but not least look at these two different esses that's a heck of an ass is that an s made for a wedding invitation or what? So again the purple is is telling you which item I turned on so now we're going to go look at where you can turn those extra little goodies on at so I'm on my type player here and I'm gonna go ahead and highlight a word and when I double clicked to highlight that word you can see that I started out with a text box okay, so now we're going to open our character panel we're going to click that little icon in the options bar the top right to open our character panel and if I look at the font menu and notice how this frontman you got bigger team when I change that preview size and butter shops preferences so you can see a little icon to the left of each font c the o in the two teas if I scroll down see there's an a that is your indicator of what kind of font that isthe for this tip toe work he need to use a fine that has a little oh next to it because that stands for open type and open type fonts were the only ones that have these special easter eggs hidden inside of them so as soon as you have an open type font activated then you can come over here to the character panels fly out menu this little guy right here's four lines with a downward pointing triangle so we're going to give that a click and you're going to see a menu called open type and this is where you're going to see all of those extra formatting options if that particular font contains it, you're not going to see the same ones on every single open type font okay that's a that's left up to the fund designer and however many of them he or she builds into the fund is something you're not going to know unless you go poking around in this menu ok, so for example this particular fund old style and ordina lt's our great out so that means those air extra formatting features that this particular open type font doesn't have other open type fonts might have them in ordina lt's just changes the way numbers are laid out on the screen have you ever seen numbers where they they look like they kind of go up and down like the vertical like the baseline shift has been changed on the numbers, you'll see that on a fancy stationary so on and so forth so that's an option where you could turn that on it makes the numbers a little uneven on the baseline shift which allegedly reportedly makes them easier to read when they're in a block okay, so this particular font has several goodies in it you can see that there's to check marks here turned on so for this particular a I've got contextual alternates and orthe for the word I've got two different extra style is going on in here okay, so I'm just going to go ahead and get out of that first second and highlight just the a now when we come back in through the flyout menu in the open type menu let's see what this thing does so if I wanted to add in a with extra swoosh let's say for a drop cap like we did just a moment ago that I might turn on swash so watch what happens to our highlighted a when I click that nothing so maybe I can turn off the other ones and we'll see the change open types wash well that one didn't change ok, so let's try another one stylistic alternates there that one changed okay, so that's what you want to do highlight the letter that you want to effect and then go through that menu called open type and see what those things do all of them may not affect a change but some of them will okay so you can toggle them often on and that's how you get to these guys so we can come down here and let's highlight the word script by double clicking it will go back into that fly out many of the character panel back to our open type font and this time I'm gonna turn on swash and hopefully something will change in there so we can see it there we go now let's, zoom in and see what it did. So the tea on the end now has this extra little push on the lift in this big old curly tail it comes out on the right. Look what happened to our p the p from script now has this huge, swirling looping tale that goes all the way back around up under the word to the first letter, so those could be a lot of fun to experiment with, especially if you're doing a little bit of graphic design here in photo shop. So I just wanted to make you where that if you've chosen an open type fund that there's some extra formatting goodies that you can get teo by using the character panels fly out menu and again, this little icon right there yes wear t o find some of these ones that you like where you confined open type fonts, thoughts dot com there's a good resource, my phones dot com it's also another good resource um but the best resource in my opinion is designed tools monthly because they feature a whole section on funds every single month and you can learn about the new ones that are coming out and really interesting ones you also get some free funds with that subscriptions so that's the newsletter that I pay attention to you to stay up on funds and learn about front resource is but fonts dot com in my funds dot com are also good resource is, of course, adobe sells a slew of flights as well. If, um, I noticed when he had that fly out, you had several checked at once. You shouldn't you just have one checked at once? That's a good question. So in the file man either several, uh, turned on that's up to you, you can experiment with having more than one turned on than the other, so I'm not sure that it would really make a change if I turn those off it's probably an override situation, you know where they will override each other and not let more than one really be turned on even though you've got check boxes on? Yes, um, I keep getting in your message that particular fun isn't available and so on is because I just have photo shop and not the sweet or is there something that I haven't opened up for? No. So even though I've given you this file, if you don't have this particular fund, then it's going to change that fun when you double click to highlight it, okay, this particular fund is called audio script pro so what you can do to play around with this feature at home if you don't have this particular font is to find another fund in the final family list that has an o next to it okay and play around with that but once again you may not see the exact same options that you're seeing here in this exercise file but I just want you to be aware that that's a fun little thing to poke around into and see what kind of interesting characters might be built into the fund that you're using that you just don't know about ok now the last little text formatting thing I want to share with you is really, really persnickety it is a nit pick of mind that drives me crazy when I see it in the wild can anybody in the studio audience tell me what is wrong with the left edge of this text? Kenna well, I'm not sure if this is correct, but is it that the two isn't the word too is not lined up with the f yeah looks funny yes, I think it would actually it it's exactly it so because this is a quote this is one of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite scifi authors robert highland to enjoy the flavor of life take big bites so what's going on here is because it's a quote and I've got thes currently quotes going on the quote ought to be just outside the left margin so that like kevin wisely pointed out so that the tea in the first line lines that perfectly with the rest of the letters going down that left edge okay drives me s so if there's any persnickety typographer cz in the audience you will appreciate what I'm about about sees me show you and photo shop here if you turn on a formatting feature called roman hanging hanging punctuation excuse me if he turned on a feature called roman heading punctuation photo shop will scoot that quote just outside of that left edge so that all of your letters perfectly line up and that's what we're going to do but let me tell you, even if you knew the option existed he had never find it because it doesn't even live in the character panel can you even believe that it lives in the paragraph panel because in photo shocks little brain it thinks that alignment is more on a paragraph leveled in a character of a letter level it's right? But it's still kind of throws because you think, well, I just want to form at this character what hasn't in the character panel okay, so what you want to do, you don't even have to highlight anything ok? So we're going to come over here to the paragraph panel and you'll see the paragraph panel nested with the character panel so you can click its tab to activate it, and then you want to click its fly out menu. This guy right here given a single click and your first option, is roman hanging punctuation. And when I choose that, see how it scooted that quote just outside that edge. Now, if I click on another layer, just tow high that text box outline. Now I can enjoy the quote and I won't be driven crazy for the fact that the letters don't align up, so once again, all I did was click to activate the layer you want to open the paragraph panel. And if the paragraph panel isn't open anywhere you can while you have the title active, click this little icon in the options bar, and that will open that panel group came. I'm calling it a painful group because there's two panels inside that same little area, so you want to click paragraph and then you want to click the paragraph pain will fly out menu, and from there choose hanging punctuation, roman hanging punctuation, and that way your punctuation will appear outside the margin so that your letters line it.

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In this special photoshop tutorial, you'll dig into Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 with Lesa Snider, author of Photoshop® CS5: The Missing Manual. There is so much to cover in Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 that we need almost a week to cover everything. In this special 4-day workshop you'll dig into Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 with Lesa Snider, internationally acclaimed instructor and author. Lesa is informative yet entertaining with a unique way of explaining difficult concepts so you understand the "why" behind the "how". Get ready to spend a fun, high-energy week digging into the power of Photoshop.

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