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Resizing with Content-Aware Scale

When cs four came along we got a couple of other options that involve cropping ok, so we're gonna go ahead and look at those cropping to a certain extent re sizing and all that we got a new option and see us for called content aware scale and you know, every once in a while one of those a new feature snakes and photoshopped that you just can't believe you're like seriously can this be happening well content where phil and insidious five content where content where scale and see us for content where phil and see us five those or both really magical features that you just can't believe what they do so let's say for example that you want to print this image or you're going to use it in an ad or what have you but those people need to be closer together so let's say you're in a situation where you need the image to be a certain size but you can't crop it to get that size ok, so in other words, if I crop this image let's say that this is going to be too big for me, okay? I can't go that big ...

maybe I can only go that big, but I need all three of those people in the shot okay? I need to make them closer together okay? With a new content where scale option photoshopped actually analyzes your image and it looks for big patches of unimportant areas it looks for big patches the blue, which is going to assume a sky looks for big patches of green, which is going to assume is, you know, unimportant grass or ground area it's gonna hunt for people and it's going to try to remember that it shouldn't change the size of those people when you invoke this new command, it assigns a priority level, the all the different things that it finds in your image based on color and contrast. Ok, so let's, take a look at how to use this tool to get the image we need at the image that we have. The first thing I'm gonna do is we're going to duplicate our image layer because I want you to have a before and after and yes, I know we haven't and dive into layers yet we will so just bear with me for a little bit here, so I'm going to go up to the layer menu and she's duplicate layer that's just going to give me an extra copy of the layer are you have going on photo shops going to ask if I want to rename it something else? Go ahead and say ok, and in the layers panel over here, you can see that you've now got two layers with the same image on them okay, so what I want to do now with my duplicate copy activated I'm going to go up to the edit menu and we're going to go hunt for our content where scale option and again this is cs for or later so if you got see a story you won't see this so we're going to go ahead and click content where scale and we get what looks like a crop box without the grid ok, we've got re sizing handles all the way around the image so if we need to squish those people together I can grab this handle in the middle on the left hand side and I want to click and hold down my mouse button and I'm going to drag it in see how funny shop is deleting the background and not messing with the people now that's a fun effect right there it's kind of like magic in it this is a great way to make people be closer together within an image if you need that you're working with finite space it's also a great way tio make an image a little bit bigger or a little bit smaller without messing with the people let's say let's say you wanted to print this image of a certain size but to get that sign maybe the aspect ratio isn't just right and you needed to add a little bit of sky to get the aspect ratio that you need it would take you hours to clone in more sky to build that area back up but with this tool you can do it but it only works on really really really perfect images and buy a perp for damages I mean images that have it clearly defined background okay otherwise you will get crazy results ok so this is a good one to keep in your back pocket ok so if we with the resize and that I've done so far our people have not changed in their size at all however if you push this too far they will watch how our people will start running together and then we start getting all kinds of find a fix ok so you don't want to push it too far okay but on this image uh photoshopped does a really really great job so let's just go back over to here that looks pretty good and you can do it vertically as well okay so I can come down see that you gotta watch what's happening to your focal your subjects in there you know to make sure that you're not making a mall sloppy job which is a real word in texas actually two words with a hyphen in between floppy and god yeah so I can do it from the bottom to aiken grab that little re sizing handle and I could push that up. It does a really good job on the bottom of this part but that lets me take the image I have in turning into the image I need, but even so, if I push it too far, then I started getting really strange things going on here. There are two ways to help photo shop, protect your important areas, ok, so if you really have to push this farther than you want, you can't help it do a better job, okay? So I'm gonna go ahead and press escape here and we're gonna try it on another image just because we can it's fun to play with lots of different images let's say you wanted to frame this picture, but again, the aspect ratio is just off, so you need to scoot these two golfers together, but you need to keep you need to keep him. We need to keep the flag and you need to keep her, but the dang thing needs to be skinnier, so let's use content where scale again, so again, we're going to go up to the layer menu, we're gonna duplicate our layer just because we want to protect ourself in case things go horribly wrong in this time, I'm gonna go ahead and turn off the visibility. I have the background layer so we can see the size change that we're we're doing, says it's, going to temporarily hide that later. So now we've got our layer that we want to affect activated in the layers panel and we'll go back up to the edit menu and choose content aware scale and if he can remember that four key stroke keyboard shortcut go for it but I can't I max out at three so again we have re sizing handles and let's just see how good of a job this is going to do so we can, uh, push our left handle inward and I can see that it's really messing up the shrubbery here I've got a curve in my shrubs here that I really don't want to have and let's say I need to make it even smaller here in my lady's arm shrink a little bit in my flag shrunk a little bit well, I don't want that, but maybe I need this exact size so there's a couple of different things that you can do to help photoshopped out in this situation so I'm gonna go ahead and press escape to bail out of that, and one thing that you can do that will help is to turn on protect skin tones so that will alert photo shot would boo boo there are skin tones in my image don't mess with um ok, so back into the edit menu choose content aware scale and in the options bar the little stick figure is your protect skin tones button so turn him on and you know he's on because the button itself darkens tells him back out now when we resize our image from the top down notice how that lady's armed and not shorten it all I can go right next to her fist there and she didn't squish she did a little bit before so that is one way to protect the people in your image well as you can imagine, the people protect your isn't going to make a hill of beans difference with our shrubbery over here okay? So we need to figure out another way to protect that area and you can do that by painting on a selection of the area that you want to protect okay, so what we're going to do is we're going to use something called quick mask okay? So I just sprinkle in some really pro level stuff with it with the you know, needy greedy stuff because it's just fun and also to alleviate the fear of something called an alfa channel which is what you're about to make but it's much friendlier if you think you're going to paint on a selection right that's good pain on this election and deal okay, so the way you do that because we're going to go into what's called quick mask mode which lets you pay selections on which is very nice way to do it so I'm going to press the cuchi for the keyboard shortcut or you can press this little icon at the very bottom of your tools pale this is called the quick mask button, and if you give it a click the button then darkened so that you know that it's active and nothing else happens. But if you were to go grab the regular old brush tool by pressing, be sad just grabbed the main brush till right here, or you can just click it now if I come over here in my image with black as my foreground colored shiv case y press b to grab the brush tool, my foreground colored ship is black, and if it isn't black, you can like we said earlier. You can click this little button right here to set your color chips to the default of black and why, and then you can use the sole curved arrow to flip flop them. You can also press deed to set your color chips to the default black and white, see how, as I have her over that icon, I get that little yellow tool tip, and at the end of that till tip there was the d and parentheses that's the keyboard shortcut for activating man, the keyboard shortcut for flip flopping your color chips you just have her over the little curved arrow and you can see that it's, an ex so if let's say that why it was my further and colored ship in black was my background but I needed black on top you could his press x and they flip flop ok, so with black on top I can come over to my image and you simply paint across the thing that you want to protect and as you paint you're going to get a read overlay so just for grins while I'm painting I'm going to go ahead and paint over our lady so I'm doubly sure she won't get squished her squashed and now I'm gonna come over here and pain over our dude and I wanna paint over that row of shrubs that was given me trouble earlier okay? And we're gonna be using on quick mask a lot okay so that will be in to sink in so now if I popped back out of quick mask mode by clicking the button single click it I've got a selection okay, so now I can create thie alfa channel that I need to tell the content where scale tool not to mess with those areas basically you're marking areas that you don't want the program to mess with ok, so now you can come over to the channel's panel okay and it's probably open on the right hand side of your screen if it's not go up to the window menu and choose channels right here click the channel's panel and at the bottom of that panel, you're going to see an icon that looks like a circle within it I swear it's this guy right here, okay it's the second button at the very bottom of the channel's panel and I'll do this one again so everybody can see that okay, so you're going to click that button and photo shop is going to create an alfa channel, okay? It could not be more cryptically or frighteningly named okay alfa channel all that means is a is a selection that you've saved in a selection is your way of marking off areas in an image and it's your way of telling photo shop a father shot business thing I'm gonna do do it only to those areas, not the whole thing. So you're creating selection, you're marking off areas for something different to happen to you, okay? And if you save a selection is called an alfa channel, not nearly as scary as it sounds. Ok, so now if I go back to my content aware scale, so I'm gonna go back to my layers panel. Now, I don't need this selection anymore because I've saved it as an alfa channel, so I'm going to go up to the select menu inside d select okay, I'm gonna come back to my layers panel and now when I choose edit content where scale and I go up to the options bar. I'll zoom in so you can see from this protect poppet menu. Give it a click and you will see your alfa channel in there. Or you're saved selection or your the way you marked the areas that you don't want to be messed with. Okay, you can make a cz many alfa channels as you want, and they will just stack up here. And you can give them another name back in the channels panel if you want. Okay, so that's, one way, you could do it now, I will tell you that when I only go ahead and escape out of this when I went over here to my channels panel, I'm gonna zoom in so you can see. I can see that just from the look of this little thumbnail of the thing that photoshopped created when I click that little circle within a square button, I can tell you that I got the opposite of what I wanted. Ok? So when youre painting on or marking areas with the quick mass tool like we did a moment ago, you need to take a minute to think about what you really want the program to assume when you paint so when I painted I have seemed I was meaning to paint the area I wanted to select ok flower shop did the opposite of what I expected, and I can tell by looking at this mask, and we're going to talk a little bit more about that when we get into layer masks, but I'll zoom back out, so now I'm gonna go ahead and come back over to the quick mask button at the bottom of the tools pale, and I'm going to give it a quick double click and that's going to bring up options for that particular mode. Okay, so now that I have these quick mask options activated, I can see that well, when I'm in quick mask mode and I'm using a paintbrush set to paint with black, then I can have that black either mark areas that are masked or hidden, or I can have it marked areas that are selected, so I want to change that to selected, ok, now I'm going to click ok, and you can watch what happens on this, so I'm still in quick mass mode. I know I am, because that icon down the bottom of the tools panel is darkened, so now I can come over here and my paint still looks the same, but instead of what really happened was photoshopped was selecting the opposite of what I was painting so it's like my selection needed to be flip flopped ok so now I'm going to paint the same areas but when we create our alfa channel or are save selection rather it's going to look a little bit different here we go we'll call that done so now I'm gonna pop back out of quick mass mode by clicking the quick mass button so now I actually have the area I painted on selected last time when we did that photo shop had marching ants running all the way around the edge of the document so basically it was selecting the opposite it was marking the opposite of what I was painting over okay so now I can go back to my channels panel and I can click that little circle within a square icon again and it did the same thing okay delete that channel okay so now what I'm gonna do I'm gonna flip flop my selection to see if it worked that way so money to select inverse and now when I click it now I got what I wanted ok so let me zoom in and explain that to you here we go see how this alfa chain or this safe selection everywhere I painted his black well I wanted everywhere I painted to be actually white ok so I'm gonna do this real quick and hope I haven't confused everybody will do it again one more time without without the confusion so now I don't need my selection anymore because I've saved it over here in my channels panel so we're gonna go back up to the select menu choose d select that just gets rid of those marching ants everywhere. Now we're going to come back into our layers panel and now I'm going to invoke free the content aware scale so edit content aware scale and now from the protect menu I'm gonna choose um let's go ahead and choose alfa one and we'll see what happens so as I drag yeah that's what I thought when I start dragging over that first area that I marked because it was doing the opposite of what I selected, I basically am telling photo shop hey don't miss with everything else but mess with those areas I painted with that's why they're disappearing and that's the opposite of what I wanted, so I'm gonna go ahead and dragged that back over and now I'm going to tell it to protect alfa two, which was where we flip flopped our selection before we saved it. So now when I click and drag, see how it's not messing with those people and see how my shrubbery cz over here are staying straight ok, so let's do that one more time okay, so we started out with quick mask and evidently on this one it doesn't really look to see of these options okay, so don't worry about that part so we want to go into quick mask then you want to press b to grab the brush tool and you want to set your foreground colored ship to paint with black okay? And again if your colors or anything else you can press the deaky to set them to the default to black and white and then if black is not on top you compress the ex key so that it is on top now you want a mouse over to the areas you want to protect and you just want to roughly paint over and we do not have to be precise on this now you don't wantto paint huge honkin areas, ok ellen, do you just want to paint the small areas? Okay, so I'm painting while you're painting with the color black you're adding that overlay okay, if you mess up and you paint across something he didn't mean to let's say this area right here to erase the red marking that you're putting on the photo you can simply flip flop your color chips so that you're painting with white and then paint back over that area and it goes away this is how you can hand paint selections very, very handy, so now I'm gonna press x against on painting with black we're going to come over here and paint are our happy happy lady she got a hole in one okay now gonna come out a quick mass mode by pressing that quick mass button again or by pressing q q for quick mask and that shows me a selection of the areas that I painted, so now I'm going to flip flop my selection by choosing select inverse, so watch the marching its when I do this right now, there are only a running around the places that I painted, but as I do this, they're going to flip flop and then be running around everything. Here we go now come over to your channels panel go down to the bottom of it and click that circle within a square button see how the alfa channels is keep stacking up and again that's merely a saved selection you marked an area and you're saving your markings that's it so now I'm done with my marching and stone with my selection she's select diesel it or press command or control d that was kind of easy to remember t so you've gotten rid of your marching ants go back to the layers panel let's go up to the edit menu, we're gonna choose content where scale again actually like repeating these things over here because it does help it sink in if you see it two, three or four times least that works for me ok, so now we have our box, so now we need to trot up to the options bar, and we news tell it that we have created that we've marked an area, so now we're going to cruise down and select alfa three, and if you want, you can just leave that protect skin tones on, you don't really have to worry about turning that off and on, you can believe it gives you a little double protection there, and so now, when we click and drag to resize, the areas that I'm marked are not being affected at all, and I can even get down pretty close to her hand here and even delete a little bit of the bottom mary of the grass and everywhere that I marked off did not change at all, so I've got no flag squishes going on. I've got no people who are being stretched and deformed or anything so that's two ways that you can help the content where scaled who'll do a better job. But let me tell you, it is a fabulous little trick to have appear sleeve when you need to delete a little bit of background, but not your subjects. Questions on that? Have a question from jeremy grief? Could you just select the original alfa one to make the selection and just go to select inverse? Would that be easier? You could have okay, yeah, you could have done that. Thank you. Yes? Is there a reason you major layer from the layers menu instead of either dragging it to the icahn or doing command? J is there a specific because you can rename it or that the reason I use the layers many is because we haven't yet really defined what layers are in the functionality of that panel so I was doing the easy way, but you're right there there are many different ways tio duplicate that layer which we'll look at a little bit they said question from teegan how do I use the content aware tool to enlarge the image you just drag the handles in the opposite direction yeah, you would need to resize your campus a little bit first and actually we can do that real quick so let's say that I want to make this photo bigger so I'm going to zoom out a little bit so you can see the whole image okay? So now I'm going to give myself more canvas space I'm going give myself more room to work, okay? So I'm going to use the crop tool for that another great use for the crop tool so I press see to activate the crop tool I'm not going to type anything into my options bar can it's going to give myself extra room toward I'm gonna draw crop box around the image and now I'm gonna drag that handles outward ok, now you can drag the handles outward one at a time which is a bit of that pain or you can hold down a modifier key and make the handles all resize at the same time ok, so if I hold down the option chiana mac are also on the pc and I dragged my handles outward see how I'm affecting all four corners instead of this one at a time so now my canvas is about to be is large as my craw box okay, so as I press return, I've got more canvas space and those gray and white checked boxes you're seeing is just photo shops way of telling you ain't no pixels here that area's empty okay, so now that I've got a little bit more room to work, I'm on the layer that I want to effect. I can come up here to the edit menu choose content aware one more time and if I need to make that picture bigger, I can simply drag my handles upward see how I'm getting more more sky and more grass and where everything now with expanding it my people are getting farther apart never been able to say my people before have people my people are getting farther apart so you destroyed the handles outward so you could make the campus eyes exact size that you needed for your print and then you could just draw the sizing handles out to the size of that document to get that I'm not sure if you can answer this questions are kind of flying in ash can would like to know is alfa wanted temporary channel murders it saved into the document it's temporary while the document is open and a question from no no it's yes is temporary until you save it and then once you say that you will see those channels there italy, they stay until you delete them, but you do have to say the document they won't just be there if you don't say that question from cantor while using the content aware size, what does the spot handle in the center do oh, that just changes your center point if you want. So remember the trick I showed you with the crops will second ago that you could hold on option or alter and you could basically resized from the center out so that off for hamels air moving at the same you can do that with this one as well so they will all if you're holding an option or all, then you are in effect re sizing from the inside out and that not in the center lets you change where that center point is question from rodney bensel he's, a friend of ours here. A crate of life he would like to know when checking to insert insure selection is correct. Should the selected portions be black or white on the quick mask this, like two portions should be white. Ok, are the areas that you want to protect? Should be white? Yeah, just wanted tio shout out a comment from evelyn evelina monroe. I've seen content aware, but not in this light. Thanks for that. No, seriously, you know both this is really, really great. You're most welcome. You most people don't dig into the how do you protect with an outfit was soon as you say, alfa channel people go, oh my gosh, what is that very scary? Just a way for you to paint on markings and marking is a selection and photoshopped in an alfa table. This lets you save it, and when she have saved it, then you can tell the content where scale tool that it exists, and then a look at that. Oh, ok, I'm really not going to mess with these with these areas.

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