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Business Structure: Implementing

Let's, talk about putting those peas into practice. First of all, I want to address the studio audience here. Ladies, you guys have been so amazing. Thank you so much for your feedback. Constructive feedback. I really appreciate it. I want to get better what I dio and you guys have been so instrumental in that, so I really appreciate it. And your questions have been amazing, and I really hope that you can take something out of this right away and implement it right away. And then we talked a little bit about it. Is there anything that's scaring you that you're like? Oh, I'm not sure I could do that. Let's talk about let's hash it out of it. What's making you nervous online, folks, is there anything that's making you nervous that maybe you're not sure you could do any ideas? Any thoughts? It's a little bit about it earlier, but I think marketing it's one of the things that I'm scared about, because but I'm a a little bit of that fear is alleviated because I think that once my price list...

is fully functioning and strong, that it'll be, it'll make it easier for me to talk to clients on the phone, I find that my phone consultations are I have not been great so I'm excited to put that into practice since my priceless is is in place maybe that'll bring in more customers but you know, also getting the word out to bring those clients into the door you know that makes me a little bit nervous too, you know? And I sarah petty once told me because you cannot build a strong brand on a week identity she's absolutely right you cannot build a strong brand on a week identity and what is an identity brand it's your why it's your why why do you do what you do your purpose? So when you can identify with who you are and really know and then your marketing and your branding speaks to everything that's why your identity that will become stronger and you'll become more confident in your marketing strategy's okay, so really find that purpose and I think that's why we're going to focus so much on it in this next segment but it is scary especially with pricing and I know you wanted to raise your prices didn't you a little bit and you were talking about that zoe um sometimes it's good to just take it a slow step at a time if that gives you confidence you know you don't have to do things right away just write I challenge all of you at home and here to write down a huge list of tasks just make a list sprain store make a list doesn't matter just spill it all over the page vomit as I like to call it just word vomit on your page and then start rearranging them in priority and don't think don't don't let george tell you that a word's not good to put down just tell him to go take a hike okay and and write down all the words that you think you need to do all the priorities list um and then start putting them into peace like purpose this is a purpose word this is a consultation task I need to do this is a pricing task I need to do and just separate them all out and then within those different piece start prioritizing them. What do I need to do first? What do I have to do before any of the others could get done and that will help you kind of keep your big circle organized you have these little strategic points on the outside of your circle as you focus in. So I charge you with all that task tomorrow sunday when you're home with your family, taken our two and brainstorm and make a list and that would really help you keep your mind organized because when you watch workshops like this and you take all these notes in your super inspired right the moment your colleague on the hand has to gay and then tonight, tomorrow morning, you will wake up, and I'm gonna be gone. I'm not gonna be there inspiring you. You're gonna have to pick up the flag and run. Okay, so having your list will help you stay organized in that and motivated and just, you know, make it a little white board or make it a point on pretty paper. That's silly, but really put it on a nice piece of paper so it looks elegant, and it looks like it's I need to do that. Okay, respected respect the list. So let's, talk about putting the final the putting the peas into practice and that last one of purpose and revisiting that for some or inspiration here at the end, you're gonna learn business structure, how systems will help you. Ok, we talked about sales system, the big picture sale system. Then we talk about the actual step by step process in the actual sales room. Now we're going to talk about other business system financial systems, client organization systems, of course. There's, image work, close systems, there's marketing systems, there's, employee systems, there's all kind of systems you can have in your studio to keep things organized, right? We're going to touch on a few communication with their clients. How you can communicate with them I showed you a couple ways in the past segment, but we'll talk about that a bit more we're gonna review of and how to implement the five piece of course, and recognizing and planning the big picture of your business. So recognizing the big picture of your business is the hardest part. Remember, as a business owner, you have to be the entrepreneur who seized the entire picture, you have to be the manager who oversees the details, you have to be the employee who makes those details happen, and you have to be the artist whose creative that's, a lot of jobs sometimes seeing the big picture when you're in the midst of all that chaos of those details can sometimes be very challenging to see. So we're gonna talk about that putting the six final p purpose okay, a top ten list to inspire I'm hoping it will inspire, you know, I don't know for sure, but hopefully will give you a couple tips and ideas not not only for me, but from other people too, so okay system keeps you saying, and it keeps you consistent. This is a copy of a client folder that I have ok it's her order, its information about her it's, her wufu form that client information form that she filled out for me harp recount legation basically it's got receipts in there it's got information about every session I've ever done with her so I keep her information in a file folder and that helps me keep her information organized and backed up in case I lose it electronically so I'll talk about the different elektronik versus hardcopy systems I have which will which will help you guys but business systems like I said can be sales marketing image workflow client work full financial bookkeeping you could have marketing systems you know, you could have a marketing plan which is a system I mean, do you have a calendar that highlights? I mean, obviously this is this is actually my it's actually my november calendar from yeah, okay. That's money sessions I did. Wu ah marketing calendar will keep you on track so if you plan for things like holidays valentine's day great boudoir holiday who got planned for that but you got to be planning for it before christmas, which is sometimes the busiest time of year for families and it's really hard to put a marketing tactical strategic thing in the place when you are in the middle of your home could be very daunting but if you have a day a month where you set aside to work on marketing projects and you have a calendar that says okay it's valentine's is coming up I need to work on my valentine promo on this day you're going to keep yourself more organized so there's all kinds of events and things that you can market for wedding shows baby fair's valentine's day you know mothers a father's day back to school the fall leaves if you live in an area where there's lots of beautiful leaves there's that's a very popular portrait the let it snow a type of session many sessions restocking displays remember we talked about displays ladies? Earlier at lunch we talked about how displays are the number one area where photographers dropped the ball and I've done it several times you get a display you're all gung ho you've talked to the owner the owner of the business you can put me which is up in your in your store and then never gets done I've probably done that half a dozen times and it's like why am I doing that it's just so stupid oh why did I and then like three four months goes by and you're like ok, I really dropped the ball on that one I don't want to call them now and say I still want to install because I'll feel stupid just do it columns say hey I got caught up I'm busy I was busy I apologized and then follow through and actually get that display in place if you get the chance to get displays especially if they're strategic and target your market don't hurt him down and don't drop the ball okay, then restock those displays with brochures and stuff like that. We bring a big baked basket to like a baked goods basket to the nurses. When we go visit at the hospital, we endear them to us. We want them to be love us when we come in and tout our praises at the hospital, to the all mother mommy's having babies so personal visits are very, very important mailing campaigns, monthly emails, all these things are very, very critical to your marketing efforts, especially if you're on a budget charity events. We're going to plan those and seo search engine optimization for your website, you want to rank high, you know I had to recommend learning your ceo and it's not an easy thing to learn what you can, you can do it and learn how to control your own search engine optimization so that you rank high all the time. And that means updating your block. How many of you actually, after your book trying, I know good till right before christmas, I'm guilty too. I'm terrible about it, it's really hard to do on a consistent basis, but if you do it and that's why I hired sara, my social media manager, who's just amazing and she's growing our facebook page, she blog's for me she just takes care of all of it for me and that is so liberating sometimes if you have a weakness, you need to outsource it. If you're not a people person and you really super shy and introverted and you really really don't think that you could do in person sales, it might be time to hire somebody. It might be time to hire somebody on a commission basis very part time and, you know, sometimes that's not feasible, you do need to be making enough money to do that, but I promise you re sourcing out can sometimes be the weight lifted off your shoulders it's like you think that doesn't want to take care of that anymore it's such a blessing when it happens I have a white board at our studio I took a quick iphone picture of it before I left it has another left are all the clients we have two of these and so this is just one of them, and so it has the clients that are on the board and then it has the process that they're in, you know, the conveyor belt where are they on the conveyor belt and that really helps to keep everything organized? Have we sent them a welcome letter? Have we set up their their file folders? Have we gotten their pre consultation? Have we proof their images has the in person doing appointment occurred? I want to know where they are the process. So I could just look up at the white board and go. Oh, yeah, we got a deal with the smith family, the jones family and the such and such family. Today I got a place there. Order whatever you know. You can also create systems where you order product on specific days. So mondays and fridays, our product order days, sail session days or tuesday thursday my sister has the system set up. She has four kids, one of whom is three years old, and she has a ten years fan difference between her youngest and her seven year youngest youngest. So one, three and one's twelve, so on an arrest are older than that. And so she is dealing with a three year old at the time, so and she is in southern california, where daycare is ridiculously expensive and so she can on lee put him in daycare a couple days a week. So she has to plan her weak so that sale sessions and shooting sessions on ly occur on tuesdays and thursdays, she worked her butt off. On those two days and then one day the day she's at home proofing your doing, doing what she needs to do, and she does have a part time brother helps her out. But you see, I say you can plan things around how your schedule works for you so that things become systematic and that's what's important, and it starts this kind of organization and many systems, so to speak, start with the first phone call, okay, answer your phone, just do it. It's the first thing you khun dio I mean, just pick it up, you know, a photographer's don't pick up their phones, you know how many clients I have gotten because some other photographer didn't answer their phone? I mean, really, you know how many times I pick up the phone or go to wil images portrait design? Oh, you answered your phone. I've been calling all kinds of you're the only one who answered really, it shocks me, I get the session because I answered the phone for some reason, photographers don't like to answer the phone, they let it go to voice mail and then they call him back an hour or two later, sometimes two days later, us so well, if you do that because the other guy who's answering the phone is going to take your session it's getting back to them right away is like the single most reason and I book sessions more than other photographers in town because I simply pick up the phone and I used to be like that I didn't want to be oh so scary. Well, I'm gonna think about what I'm gonna say you know it is a little scary in the beginning, but just be really be yourself answer questions as honestly as you can if you do e mail them back, the response should be within twenty four hours I recall quest matter fact I require that when people inquire with me on my email form, they have to put their phone number and I never email with mac I call them so we looked at a little shocked she's like really yes, I don't email respond to my clients if I can help it if they just put like five, five, five one two one two in the slime then if they do that, then obviously I can't call them back and I have to kind of give him a candy male response, but I would much rather call them and start that initial pre consultation phone call on the phone with a personal response it's much people don't talk on the phone these days and it's same thing with snail mail if you send a little card in the mail, it makes it makes you stand out if you are stuck with an email sent a personalized but canned response email takes for ever I don't type very fast and so I always make mistakes the same mistakes every time I write the same word the is always th instead of t h e and try to be crazy I gotta backspace and fix it drives me nuts so writing out emails all the time is really challenging so create a canned response that explains who you are what you do you're wyatt purpose give a little branding to it but personalize it if you can if they've given you information the email respond back that says you know hi felisha thank you for inquiring with you limit is porsche design we'd be happy to photograph your two year old etcetera etcetera making little more person if you can an inquiry folder I used to do it this way now I use a program called studio cloud which I am just nuts bonanza is over they're amazing company and they have an amazing product but you can do it this way have an enquiry folder three and grinder tiffany always teased me she was three ring binders or so out julia because you're stuck in the dark ages well it works just like having a day planner that you write in instead of on your iphone mean from those that works for people you gotta you gotta do what works right. So any time anyone calls or inquires to email you can write it down or you know print out their email and staple it to the form and that at least keep track of your enquiries and you can have one section for enquiries who have booked one question one section for enquiries who have contact you you've content that you've contacted them back but you haven't heard back yet so those the ones you need to follow up with the hardest part about enquiries is following up with the ones that kind of dropped to the crux so they inquire you called him back you leave a message and then nothing ever happens because you forgot they called because you forgot they inquired when you start to get so many of these it's like keeping a ball straight is crazy studio cloud is a software where you can actually set up an email form like if you email me through my website it actually puts you into my studio cloud software as a as a prospective client and then your emails listed under the notes it has your dread has all the information I asked for I can call you back and then I can write notes in there that say or give a task follow up so then I can just you know go in and search for clients I need to follow up with and then one day a week I can just you know call all those people and say, you know, we called you left a message you were enquiring about portraiture, we left a message but didn't hear back we want to make sure we're following up with you and that you didn't have any more questions that you needed answered follow through okay, um, just keeping track of your enquiries in an organized, efficient ways really going to help you gain more clients just by simple steps alone? I mean, how many times it has an inquiry dropped through the cracks it's happened, hasn't it? And it drives you crazy and you just think back in your life o do that, you know? So it happens to the best of us just tried it's a simple way to try to avoid if you can avoid that one probably probably increase your bookings a few ok, so they looked. Now what will you send him a welcome kit? Is this what we do? You don't have to, but I'm just telling you what works for us. Like I said, take from me what you can steal and make better or use it for yourself, okay? So as I read that car to in the last in the last segment, it really does set the tone for the experience, and it gets your claim excited about the process of working with you and it also brands your studio it sets that tone for what kind of feeling they can expect, and it also helps you explain your why to your clients people don't buy what you're doing they buy what you believe, so if you communicate them what you believe in this first very benign, friendly relationship oriented note they're going to be excited and their hearts going toe open and the wall is going to come down and they're going to feel more enthusiastic and inspired to work with you, which is what you want an online questionnaire will help you gather information liu fu dot com allows you to create online forms I think I showed this to you guys yesterday and there's also or complete online form is in that downloads so you can kind of take it and use it how you like you'll have to create your own form but you know here's the resource is on how to do it and I basically just just kind of gave you a good starting point, so use it and make it your own and see what works for you okay the workflow board that client workflow board I was talking to you about ah white board that shows each step of the client process ours is just plain white board and what I did is I took automotive pin striping you can get any napa auto parts store and you could actually buy sticker it's a it's a thin tape tiny thin tape that's pin striping it's like two dollars for a huge packet of it. I buy two or three of them and then you just tape the lines on your white board so that your gonna race over and not a racer lines all the time so kind of a simple, quick easy way to create a white board and the things that are on that whiteboard are these we have have we sent him the welcome kit have we backed up their files? Have we proved them? Is the viewing appointment complete? Have we uploaded online? Because we do upload all are images that they buy online for them to order prints and product from remember that my zen folio thing has the album been designed? If there is one has been sent to the lab have we burn the disks and give him to them? Have we packaged the art products? Hasn't been picked up. Has the final card been sent and hasn't been facebooked are blocked that's a pretty good client workflow process. Okay, so go ahead and steal that if you feel like it could help you keep your system's organized, then what happens is we put all their information in a client folder that's kind of a backup hard copy of every piece of documentation that that kind of backs up there, they're order their client process who they are, etcetera, etcetera. All that paperwork has put in a folder, and then we have a filing system underneath our white board that again takes that file folder throughout the entire course of the client process as well. So not only do I have a white board up on the wall that has their name and all these different things that I get two x off, which is kind of fun. You know how you like to cross things off your list? It feels like you're like you're like me. You love to cross it's so fun accomplishment drop off my list. Well, it's the same thing with the with the whiteboard to kind of sense that feeling. But then the folder slot there you can get one of those file folder things. Staples, office supply stores carry him all the time. And then, as you mark off on the white board, you could just move there, file down the slot as well. And then, at the very end, the last law is needs to be filed. So they need to be put away permanently and archived until they decide to come back to you again. Like I said, I use pro select for sales management and studio clouds for studio management I actually had some guy somebody on facebook asked me about this, he said can you talk about what you used to keep track of your clients and stuff? Studio um studio cloud is a studio management service it basically it's a software and it's free that was like really yeah it's free especially if you're a single owner studio and you just need one license you get to use it I mean there's certain features you can't use but you can start using and see if you like it and then as you grow bigger you can add on the things that you need to add on but basically it manages your financials that manages your bookings that manages your projects and your workflow on your orders. It manages where everybody is in the system so basically that whiteboard all in a dot data it addresses emails you can send out blanket emails to everybody I mean it's just magnificent software for that purpose and then on top of that integrate seamlessly with pro select so I can now link a pro select album to studio cloud and the order that I placed in improv select goes to their studio cloud database and I could swipe their credit card through studio cloud with a swipe transaction which is much more secure and everything is seamless data and its blood backed up studio cloud is a cloud based service plus they have an iphone app and an ipad app so if I have to be on vacation somebody calls I need to book their session I just go into my little iphone opens new cloud and book them right there okay? And it all sinks and backs up with every single computer I have studio cloud on so you can see why like this it's pretty slick okay so in the fact that the two work together is phenomenal and trust me I did a lot of research on studio management systems I used to be with an old company that I was having huge prop truck trouble with just because the software wasn't doing what I needed to do when I found studio cloud I was very, very excited about that so I have done a lot of research if you master communication you put yourself heads and shoulders above every other photographer out there communicate well you can make or break a session with just one or the lack of a phone call show your professionalism answer your phone answer your phone in a professional way if you don't answer your phone get back to people within the hour I promise you your bookings will go up if you do this not by much but enough to notice okay so pick up the phone it's so easy she is. We'll take high to limoges. Porterson, I and how can I help you? Hi. I'm interested in the session. Great. Can I talk about what your goals are for your session? Who re photographing? Oh, I've got a newborn baby he's doing such and such date and really love you're part of a team on the internet, but you know how the conversation goes that's just it just starts right there. And pretty soon if you write a script and have it all laid out eventually you get so good at it will become like clockwork. You'll feel like a broken record in your head and that's a good thing. Okay, that's a good thing. Very few photographers pick up the phone. You will differentiate yourself. I've been actually call clients. Email should be a last resort. Plus it takes too much time to do my time is valuable. Really? Think about your time in your time savings hand written correspondents at key points in the process also differentiates you. Just do it at the beginning and the end just do it at the beginning. If you have to start somewhere, do it at the beginning. First the minute they book a session the first thing you should do make a file folder, send them the welcome email whatever it is get out when you're welcome card sign it put an envelope on it put an envelope put it in an envelope stamped etcetera and sent it off that's just the system that's how it works we put him on the board we check the boxes and off we go it should be systematic every single time somebody books a session it's not that hard it's just a matter of getting in the habit of doing it and I really had to train myself to get into the habit and it takes three weeks of consistently doing something develop the habit okay all right those hand written notes it really shows that you still care creates a final idea in the client's mind the studio tio send off that hand written note at the at the very end and it sends a message of good customer service you have questions before I move on I've got a question your mom of a little and I'm a mom of littles and I wondered how you managed phone calls with little surround since I tend to have screamers when I'm on the phone and I'm reluctant to take phone calls when I have my children at home understand because it's just it seems unprofessional when there's somebody screaming bloody murder in the background teo u want to sleep my son I feel a little guilty admitting this but he goes to school every day he's in day care and he goes from you know ate the morning until five at night well, I run my studio I'm a full time working mom so he is not there when I'm when I'm answering phone pam the phone um yeah there's a little mommy guilt there but he's also very happy in place and has good friends and stuff like that so when he's learning a ton he can actually like write his name so you know how to teo braga if I could read the name michael trivial thing anyway I uh if you can separate an area of your home and actually keep office hours I would do it um are you so your homes to do at this point are you and I my son also goes to preschool is there until three o'clock and then I pick up my kids I'd go home and I'm at home for the rest of the day and so I am on lee working at the studio until about one, forty five years and you just have shorter hours shorter hours yeah, you are gonna have to respond during those studio hours and perhaps I respond to people on the weekends if somebody calls me and leaves the message are particularly if someone emails and inquires not necessarily fits a client who's calling about something but if I have an email inquiry come in over the weekend I will call them on a saturday night I got your email I didn't want a weekend to go by without calling you in contacting you I knew you know you might have some questions and I'm really trying to show that customer service so with new increase all column it off hours but you know current clients who you call me on the weekend they get the studio phone line in the end and the voicemail and now I'm in sessions to cancel the phone all the time I just try to get back to them is absolutely quickly his posse well, I think what I'm trying to and you need to do that with in your studio hours you know my sister's studio our she's at the studio tuesday wednesday thursday she's not at the studio monday and friday people call much imprint and thirty in sunday she was saying so she only responds to people on tuesdays and thursdays which works for her I happen to think that the phone is a valuable tool to book sessions and if you're if you're the sooner you can answer the phone that the better it's gonna be for you jenny made it work I don't know how she does it but she made it work you have to just say okay my studio hours heir this time and you do want to respect those hours I mean you don't want to work yourself to death you do have tio keep yourself sane, I guess what I'm just saying when I say this is if you're sitting there in your studio on the phone rings, answer it so many favors, don't do that and that's all I guess I'm saying so and you and I do respect your hours, your business, but I would try not to pick up the phone when your kids are screaming the background. Yeah, so any other questions there's been quite a few question came up from jake home who wanted to know how do you market things without emotion? How do you market food or architecture? Er or something like that with no emotion, not using any emotion? That's a good question? I'm not sure I can answer it. Sadly, I'm not a commercial photographer, so I don't have that skill and expertise that I would. I would definitely brand myself on the ability to get a message across on ability to capture images that speak to a community, yeah, I'm saying I think you could still do it with some emotion. I think you can still create a message that implies your photography breaks through to that consumer barrier and I feel bad that I can't answer this question, but I don't want to try to answer something that I'm not qualified to answer, so in my specialty is in commercial work. And I don't really have a lot of experience marketing commercial work so we know you were talking about this earlier she wants to try to do find our commercial stuff and we're talking about galleries and things like that she needs to kind of get into galleries and stuff but I feel so bad I'm not sure I can find a way I can answer that that's, right? We have no other questions. Questions so needs a two eight one would like to know. Could you talk about little bit more about what should be included in the welcome packet? Well, I try to be somewhat judicious about saving trees, but I send that one little car and I show you guys earlier and that's the only snail mail thing they get. Okay? And then they get an email with a link to our client information website instructions on how to prepare their baby it's all electronic, and they have to fill out that questionnaire and that's the welcome packet. So it's, elektronik and it's just a simple, sweet it's not here anymore. Ah, simple sweet card that has a sweet message in it that they get via snail mail a not so great. Thank you. Okay, can we ask you couple more? There are quite a few cia love wanted to know how many times will you do a follow up call until you just will not try again if you never hear back from the kind like a prophet extend dotolo twice ok there is a point where usually not worth your time I mean you're really going to be one of the head to try to get in to come in if they don't want to come in so I'd probably called me twice and from laura p what advice would you give shooting burner photographers that are about to start in person sales? How do you address existing clients and then robin are said I totally failed in this transition so any advice you have for that with how well I mean first of all to you label yourself as this industry shooting burner that'll be looks down upon and ask for help is a huge and very brave thing to do number one so there are so many shooting burners out there who are transitioning and I'm so proud of them for doing it and that's what my goal is in teaching and kind of spilling my heart out everyone is is to try to help people get through that process and it is a scary one I would send the message that I am growing my business into something with better customer service ah higher level of design ah higher level of quality to serve the people I love and cherish in a more beautiful way does that make sense? Like if I was a shooting burger and just doing this and say, hey, I would fully admit that I was starting out and that I'm growing this to a place where it will be a better, brighter, more beautiful business that will serve you in a much more intricate, detailed way. So to switch from online sales or shooting burned too and in person system it's really a matter of just leaping in, doing it, getting everything in place and the next client who calls you simply say, I'd love to talk to you on the phone about your session, we're going to be scheduling three appointments for you, one for the pre consultation, one fear session and one for your in person preview in awarding appointment. What are they going to say? No, they want your word. They want the process. Where you're gonna have trouble is if you are shooting burner and you're cheap and you gotta raise your prices in order, make a living that's where it's gonna be more of a challenge, okay? Because and this is what would happen to me. I was thinking about, you know, all these rock star photographer's start out really cheap, and they get all these clients really quickly, and they're good, and the word of mouth spreads like crazy and then all of a sudden they realize that they're working till two a m for pennies less than minimum wage, and they've gotta raise their prices in order to survive, and they're super afraid of losing all those clients, and they do lose all those plants because those aren't their clients anymore because they can't afford this level, and so they fade off, and you feel like you have to mark it all over again to a new segment of clientele rebrand you have a look different, everything to command that kind of dollar. So, um, my kind of trying to analyze and think about it going, okay, how can I make this? How could make this work for me and get my cake and eat it too? Well, I started to lines when I moved to ben because I needed to be known quickly, a gem's line and my platinum line, okay? The gems line was still that shooting burned type of mentality, it wasn't that, but I'm just using that as an example. It was still the cheap, inexpensive way to get the images, but I reduced what they got, so for example, if they used to get all the images instead they just got to pick five then there was the platinum line, which is the way I wanted most people to go, so that the clients who were still doing the shoot and burn could get that at the same price they just got less for their money but there was more value in doing the higher in session you got more for your money if you just spent a little bit more you could have this patton obsession only would you get all your files but you get a beautiful art piece I'm saying so you still have people who love you and adore you they're just not getting quite as much for their money they're still having to pay the same amount but then you can educate them and show them that the other line is a better way to go on the way we're taking our business if you want to stay with me wonderful I'd love to have you if you don't and can't afford this then I'll go to new clients it's hard sometimes because you get really attached to your clients and you hate to see them go but sometimes that has to be done well I really appreciate you taking the time to talk about that because we always encourage people to stop shooting and burning so people that want a transition it's great to give them and it is this way to do it slowly without shocking yourself or because it is a shock I mean it's a needle in the arm so it's scary, incredibly scary to dio I mean it's like, oh my gosh, you totally feel like you're starting all over again, and when you start, when you're first starting, you don't realize how hard it's gonna be. You always dreams of sugarplums and fairies or collins could be great business could be paid to do what I love, and you realize how hard it is as you do it. And then all of a sudden, when you realize, oh my gosh, I got a double my prices in order, make a living. You think about the fact of how much work it was to get this far, and it makes you even more scared than you ever been in your business before, because back in la la land over here, you were just in lonely like this is great. I'm being paid to do what I love and that's all that mattered. Do you see that's? Why it's so scary? So just know you're. Why know your purpose, get a system in place and try to do it slowly like that would probably make you feel better.

Class Description

In order to make money as a photographer, you have to know how to price, package, and sell your work. In this 3-day course, small business owner and award-winning photographer Julia Kelleher will teach you how to create a strategic sales system — without relying on over-the-top, hard-selling sales techniques.

Julia will help you identify new product and sales opportunities, including the importance of in-person and projection sales. You will learn powerful selling techniques by watching Julia conduct an actual sales session live, right before your eyes. Julia will also give you a comprehensive pricing overview — including how to create packages that encourage your customers to spend more purely by adding the right value.

By the end of this course, you will know how to predict your sales averages, forecast growth, and go from thinking about the next single sale to thinking about the next year of sales.